How To Become A Professional Blogger – Change Your Habits

Professional Blogger

This is a tag which every blogger wants to get attached with. If you are one of such numerous bloggers, you have landed on a right page my friend.

How to become a professional blogger? This is the question which often pops up in every blogger’s mind but the accurate answer to this question is quite uncertain.

Everyone has its own and different tips on becoming a professional blogger and so do I.

If you ask me, I think there are a few work habits that you need to change in order to become a professional blogger. Now, when I say work habits it is not just about your work but a tint of your nature also effects this. Changing of a few work habits might work well for you in giving you the answer of this age old question “How to become a professional blogger”

Work Habits Needed To Become A Professional Blogger

SEO tips and tricks are posted in millions of websites and if you are blogger you might be implementing them all in your blog as well. But are you getting satisfying results? Don’t you often get this question in your mind How do I become a professional blogger? I mean are your ad brackets generating a good revenue for you? Are you gaining enough email subscribers? Do your readers interact and engage with one another in the comment section?

If the answer is NO, then you need to ponder upon your way of blogging. There might be something which is not correct. It might be your working style or even some of your habits. Yes, I mean it. Professional BloggerIf you are working really hard on your blog but still not getting worthwhile results, your work habits might be the reason of your unsuccessful blog.

If you want to check if some of your habit are dragging you backwards check your profile as a blogger in the blogosphere. Your profile as a professional blogger is something which you cannot buy, you need to create it. Your profile as a blogger will play a huge part in to determining your blog’s worth. With a great profile in the blogosphere your readers will begin to trust you.

There are millions of blogs running on every topic and you need to create a reason to attract visitors away from those millions of blogs and drive them to yours.

In this piece of writing I am mentioning some of the habits which may help you in making your blog successful and creating your professional blogger profile or solving your query of ‘How to become a professional blogger’ and moreover to survive as a successful blogger.

Your Nature Matters the Most 

Being polite and communicative is very important to be successful in every field and when it is about blogging you need to be very well-mannered and friendly if you want to become a professional blogger . You should make it a habit of listening to others patiently and also learn to accept any kind of criticism, especially when you plan to promote your blog internationally.

Never ever make a mistake to answer anyone aggressively even if you feel like it. You first need to win the hearts of bloggers and readers around you, which plays a major role in creating a good profile in Blogosphere.

Business Cards Help

If you are worried about becoming a professional blogger first start behaving like a professional and for that you need a business card for you as well as for your blog so that people, can contact you easily when they are ready to buy your services. Business cards will help you in building trust among your readers when you meet them in the offline world too.

Make it a habit to keep a well designed business card with you always so that you can pass it to people you meet at events and conferences who want to know about you and your blog. You’ll be amazed at the number of small businesses who are in the market for professional bloggers for hire. Having an impressive business card will keep you “top of mind” when the time comes.

Add a signature in your email settings 

Adding a signature in your email is a good idea to help boost your reputation as a professional blogger. In your signature, add your name and your blog title and don’t forget to link your blog title with the URL of your blog. Email signatures serve as a digital business card and the best part is that it creates a direct impact as a professional blogger on anyone reading your emails. Adding the signature in emails can be done from ‘Settings’ option in your mail inbox.

Using Google Chrome on your PC, install the WiseStamp extension, to create an awesome email signature << watch Ms. Ileane’s video tutorial. 

Quality matters

Having a good nature, getting business cards and using an email signature are very important aspects of being professional but having good quality content in your blog is most important point while looking for an answer to ‘How to become a professional blogger’. If you have all the above aspects but your blog does not have good quality content you cannot become a successful and professional blogger. If you started to become lazy in your blogging efforts, change your habits and turn your blogging career around.  Make sure that your blog posts are thoroughly researched and understandable. On top of that, your content should always be useful for readers.

I guess my tips would help you to know How to become a professional blogger This is my random list of such habits you need to be a successful and professional blogger and if you have some more of them, you are most welcome to add them in my list. You can add your points in the comment-form below.



Amit Shaw is a simple ordinary guy from India. He is Founder of iTechCode.


  1. Good article Amit.

    Professional blogging has to require professional character of a blogger.

    Quality matters a ton when it comes to building your blog’s credibility.

    You have mentioned to add a good signature with your info. Good thing, cause that shows some credibility.

      • Hi Amit,

        You have a good point in your write up, I really appreciate some of your points especially when you were talking about quality, we all know people tends to go for quality things, so that point is useful. Keep up the good work, you rock!

    • Amit @ Good analysis about blogger but most important thing to become professional blog is that it is needed a creative mind,which will manage all the other factors in day by day.

  2. Great tips Amit! It’s hard to become a professional blogger if you aren’t sure where to start, but luckily there are plenty of online resources to help one find their way.

  3. Good Post Amit, Bringing the quality and sticking to it in the initial period is really important, this can be a great basis of building a authority in your niche.

  4. Very good tips on how to become a professional blogger. Most if not all bloggers dream of becoming a pro but the reality is that many of them will fail. Only a fraction of them will ever succeed in becoming a professional blogger and leaving that day job. As you say, quality of the blog is of immense significance along with consistency. That is what will differentiate the professional from the amateur. Thank you for these quality tips on how to strive towards in becoming a professional blogger.

    • Thanks Shalu for your valuable comments. BTW i have found Shalu Sharma in most of the blogs i have visited. How can you manage so much of time ? I must say you are really hard working and a professional too :) Good to see you here too :)

  5. Hi Amit,
    I thought you are going to write some thing special in this post but seriously only first of your point is good. Making a list building or Email or subscriber is really important for a blog. You can not make visitors your daily readers till you have a large list of Email subscribers.

    I hope you will write some more quality posts in future.



    • Hello Saif Ullah Butt,

      Thanks for spending your valuable time in reading my post. Can you please add some points you think i have missed? I am sure readers will surely benefit from it. Feel free to share :)

  6. This is right on time for me. I am in the first full month of running my Auto Detailing Blog and I am looking to take things to another level. These are great tips and I will use them on my journey.

  7. professional life is quite different from student life and routine work.. It increases our responsibilities and we become more active than normal.. I think professional life is very different from others. All points are very imp.

  8. In addition to the things listed above, I think staying focused is a major key to becoming a professional blogger.

    And thank you for linking to my post, Amit. You are appreciated.

  9. Hi Amit!

    Great post and tips and certainly every blogger wants to get the professional tag sooner and for me it is not the easy to get as its requires lots of research and knowledge and hard work.

    For me, discipline matters a lot and you have to work like an professional i.e on time, scheduling and planning out your future tasks helps great for the cause.

    Thanks for sharing great points !

  10. One thing I love about blogging is that it creates a friendly approach between clients and yourself–they get to know you and your personality and that helps you convert a lot easily.

    Also, adding information in the signature of emails add to your credibility and the ability to be reached easily by many methods. It works well on our end too.

    Thanks Amit for writing this awesome article!

  11. Wow, Amit Bro, the post is great in case of becoming a professional blogger. And no doubt, we need to create connections with others bloggers, and always keep your readers be satisfied with you. I really liked when you said:

    Never ever make a mistake to answer anyone aggressively even if you feel like.

    Yeah! first you need to win your readers hearts, by helping them. Thanks, Amit for your views towards becoming a pro-blogger.

  12. Hi Amit,

    Some good points raised there. I like the idea of a business card for my blog, that is a great idea for meeting fellow bloggers in person. And the email signature is something that I am going to implement as well.

    Instead of advertising stuff in your email signature it is much more profesional to send people to your blog instead. I agree that you have to do everything possible to make yourself stand out from the huge competition out there.

  13. Hi Amit,

    Yes – I do agree. The habits (good and bad) that you have in life reflects on the work you do and the type of person you are and perceived by others. Changing some of these bad habits might just make you a better blogger than what you originally would think.

  14. Amrik Virdi

    Professional blogging demands great deal of commitment and hard work on your side. Therefore for professional blogging, first of all ensure yourself from immediate and ongoing expenses then quit your job. Not surprisingly you’ll need a substantial amount of help and support from your friends and family especially. Develop your online community and then sit back and watch.

    Best regards,
    Amrik Virdi

  15. Awesome tips Amit.

    I agree with the last point. Having a good business card and using an email signature is just to show yourself to others, but if your blog doesn’t have a good quality content than no one will believe in you.

    Thanks for the post Amit.

    Ehsan U.

  16. Hello Amit – Nicely written post. Yes, it does take all these to prove to be a professional writer and a blogger. Not everyone can keep up with the strong pace of the blogging world.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Nice Post Amit, Today I have read your two posts, both are very cool.

    You are right that one has to create personal signature, as it gives unique identity to the blogger. Moreover the Idea of getting the professional blogger is very cool, but during last six months of my blogging career I felt that becoming a professional blogger is not a simple task. One has to really scarify many things and has to manage different tasks at the same time, while keeping the face with fast moving blogging world..

  18. Hi Amit and nice to see you here at Ileane,

    You are so right, being professional when you want to call yourself an online entrepreneur is really important and we have more than enough of not so professional looking blogs and not so professional behaving bloggers out there.

    It’s true that if we do the right thing 😉 we can still readers and followers from those people who are not doing a good job.

  19. I blog once a week but I ensure that I maintain the consistency all the time. For me its very important to deliver a informative blog post every week since my readers expect the same and rather than blogging at a erratic pace.

  20. To change an old and already long practised bad habit is tough. But oftentimes, it’s this “change” that matters. Change of habits is indeed difficult and nobody likes that because that first step towards changing really sucks! But success doesn’t come easily, one has to be willing to sacrifice in order to be successful. Maybe that’s why we don’t see many successful bloggers around because not everyone is willing to change. Nice article, Amit!

  21. Offpage SEO and offline marketing techniques are useful for getting the word out about you and your blog. But for me, it still boils down to your blog itself. No matter how great you do your marketing, if you give them a blog that has a bad layout and design and poorly written content, the pointers you’ve shared here will not help you and your blog as much as you’re hoping and wishing.

  22. Hi Amit,
    Very interesting and nice to see you on “basicblogtips”.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome info which you openly share. Something that bloggers need to realize that before strat earning and making backlinks bloggers should deliever first what people want and serve that.
    thanks for your tips which you shared with us.

  23. Some good points raised there. I like the idea of a business card for my blog, that is a great idea for meeting fellow bloggers in person

  24. I also aspire to be a future professional blogger and I don’t mean the near future, I mean now. I do my best to get good results in my blog and I’m very happy with the results of my efforts. Thanks for the additional tips Amit!

  25. yes i do agree . specially with a part email signature you mentioned . eventhough quality matters can be more important in my idea . because it takes a constant traffic to your blog. thanks for article

  26. I definitely agree with the email signature idea, it helps let everyone know who you are. Actually, I agree with everything. Email lists are my weakness though. I don’t like asking people to subscribe because I know I personally get too much email and rarely subscribe to lists myself. Thank you for the tips!

  27. Amit excellent tips to behave has a professional blogger!
    thanks for sharing these tips, after redesigning my blog will make business card :)

  28. The major obstacle that stands in my way is trying to make myself sit at the laptop long enough to get work done. :) I suffer from ADHD so I get restless if I am sitting down for long periods of time.

  29. Hi Amit, there are some really good ideas in your post.

    I agree it is important to always present a professional image both on and off the web in order to build strong relationships. The idea of a well designed email signature is also a great tip and will over time help to increase the number of visitors to your blog.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the information on the Google Chrome extension for creating signatures, I will definitely take a closer look at that.

  30. Hi Amit,
    To be a Professional blogger is not an easy thing.One has to write more and more every day or two and provide the content which is informative and yet short but to the point.

  31. Thank for information bro..
    I had just added signature to my mail box that seems to really work.
    This are good tips for being a professional blogger.
    Thank you once again !!

  32. Excellent tips…i relle liked it. I am still trying to be a professional blogger. I don’t have a business card for my blog. But surely very soon i gonna get it. Thanxx for improving our thoughts…:)

  33. Awesome post Amit!
    These are the key points of being a “professional blogger” Content must be good…that’s the first rule of thumb. But if you are not capturing people’s information, you are getting off base.
    An opt-in, newsletter, or anything to stay in touch is a MUST.
    Amit, here you have given us a wonderful overview and I appreciate that.
    But you always have great advice!
    Thank you,

  34. Hi Amit,

    Excellent post Amit. Very good nuggets that I will definitely pick up on and try to implement. I do agree that striving to become a professional blogger requires discipline and a high level of standards. One always has to remember the reader i.e. the targeted audience.

    I got a great piece of advice the other day which I’d like to share: Write blog post for content and not for keywords! Simple but highly relevant and not to mention that the SE’s will definitely also award you at some point in time. It may take time but you will be rewarded with this approach.

    Thanks again. Just tweeted this!

  35. shey

    Hi Amit!

    This post is great it really captivates me and understand the meaning of professional blogger! Thanks for the tips you had given. This would really help someone like me who are just newbie in blogging..

  36. Hi Amit,

    Great tips. I absolutely agree with you. One of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about is changing the mind set, and understanding your true value and understanding that you can make an impact. Believe in yourself and work hard to become a professional.

    I am using to-do lists to get things done every single day. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Saturday or Sunday. We need to keep hustling, but if we’re not passionate about it, and it’s no fun, well, it’s going to be hard to become successful (that’s what I’ve experienced in various niches).

  37. You’re absloutely right Quality always matters wheather you’re commenting on blog or writing content for web site ! Blog Commenting has become a important part of online marketing & Quality always matters on marketing !

  38. Yes I agree change is inevitable thing in this world. If you face failure on one track you must change your track for the success that is your right.

  39. Great tips Amit. You are right about conducting oneself well especially when dealing with others. Having a signature in your email also helps in giving it a professional touch.

  40. If you want to be a professional bloggers then you should have
    1.Social Networking Account like twitter,facebook fan page.
    2.Google Author profile.

  41. I am a Freelance Writer and a member of The Association of Freelance Writers my speciality is computers because computers has always been apart of my life and that I recently done an NCFE in computers at Wigan Technology College UK.

    I am now a Professional Blogger with many computer related articles and ideas to post onto my Blog this is the start of a professional blogger.

  42. Thank Amit Shaw. Its necessary to be a professional for a good blogging. I guess you are right that being polite and communicative is very important to be successful in every field. To become a professional blogger he need to be very well mannered and friendly eyes. I just trying to make a list building or email subscriber for my blog.

  43. Hi,

    Your professional blogging tips were great! I especially liked the tip about the business card. I’d been thinking of doing that, so I guess I’m on the right track.

    I’m only just starting out as a blogger myself, but something I’m sure adds to your professionalism as a blogger is regular posts. Compare the blog of someone who posts once or twice a week on any given day to someone who posts twice a week on a Monday and Friday consistently.