10 Basic Blog Tips To Increase Your Traffic Instantly

In blogging, you need to follow some basic blog tips to increase your blog traffic.

Being a blogger, I know how much blog traffic means to each and every blogger. Blog traffic plays an important role for our blogs. Through this, we get to know what are we actually doing and how to create content for improving blog traffic.

Blog traffic helps in boosting your blog’s ranking in the search engines and makes search engine optimization a breeze to boot. Let me introduce you to 10 valuable blogging basics for beginners that will help achieve this goal.

My Top 10 Basic Blog Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic are –Website Traffic Tips

1. Use WordPress –

When you are starting to blog, you should go for the best blogging platform that is WordPress. Why I am recommending WordPress to you is because of its many brilliant qualities.

WordPress is an open source blogging tool and content management system that is easy to use for building websites. It is not like HTML Coding and Dreamweaver in which one has to practice a lot for building a blog. Also, WordPress blogs fetch higher rankings on search engines than Tumblr, Google Blogger and other platforms which leads to more traffic for your content.

2. Use Good SEO Plugins –

WordPress is SEO-friendly, easy to use and is the best platform for building informative portals. It has so many plug-ins that help you in easy optimization of your blog. You can use WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin for doing SEO. You can even buy a premium SEOPressor plugin for better optimization of your blog. SEOPressor is the best plugin for knowing the exact SEO score of your blog post. This will help you in getting good rankings for a particular keyword on Search Engine.

3. Use of fast loading theme –

Another blog tip that you need to follow is adding a professional theme on your WordPress blog. There are lots of themes available in WordPress. You can go for Swift Basic which is free, or you can go for Thesis or Genesis Frameworks which are paid. I am suggesting you to go with these themes because they have more features and they take less time to load the page. People and search engines love sites that loads quicker than others.

4. Customize 404 Error Pages –

You should customize 404 error pages in such a way that it looks appealing to your blog visitor in case your visitor gets it. If a person gets a 404 error page then he/she should click on another link in your blog instead of closing your blog’s window and searching for other site. This will help in decreasing the bounce rate of your blog and prevent you from losing precious traffic.

5. Add Share buttons to your blog post –

There are so many social sharing plugins available on WordPress. Currently, I am using AddToAny Plugin on my blog. Your blog readers will never share the blog posts on social networks if you don’t add social sharing buttons on your blog. Social sharing buttons improve blog traffic and they can even increase your blog’s search ranking.

Bonus Tip: Ms. Ileane can help you Install the Digg Digg Plugin [Video] which she uses here on Basic Blog Tips

You should also join and become active on social sharing sites like Triberr, Social Buzz Club or Viral Content Buzz.

6. Install Google Analytics to track blog traffic –

When you start to blog, you should install Google Analytics to see the performance of your blog stats. You can sign in easily on Google Analytics using your Gmail ID. Through your Google Analytics reports, you can see where visitors are landing on your blog and also from where they are coming. You can see which keywords are doing good for your blog and you can target that particular audience.

Google Analytics has so many features and is considered as the best tool for getting to know more about the source of traffic coming to your blog and you can also track conversions. So, you should see the flow of your blog’s traffic in detail and schedule blog posts accordingly. Connect your Google Analytic account to Google Webmaster Tools for even more insights about your traffic.

7. Content is king  –

Blogging 101: without content, you can’t do anything in blogging. If you want to make your blog popular, then you need to produce quality content every time you publish the post. When you are new to blogging basics you’ll find that, writing quality blog posts is not an easy task. It requires good writing skills and you must have good knowledge and expertise on a particular topic.

This will help your readers to gain a better understanding of your topic. And people will be coming back to your blog which is a positive sign and a sure way to increase traffic. Don’t forget to create content in various formats outside of blogging. Make use of sites like YouTube to build your authority and your email list too.

8. Keyword Research –

Keyword research is one of the most essential technique in the search engine marketing. This can help your blog to gain more organic traffic from search engines. People do search for those terms that comes first in the “Google Search Suggestion”. If you add those keywords for your blog posts, then you can get more blog traffic than normal. You can check the keyword popularity on the Google AdWords Keyword Planner: http://adwords.google.com/keywordplanner

These tools will give information about monthly searches of each and every term and you can put accordingly. This will help you in getting right kind of visitors or targeted traffic on your site.

9. Guest Posting –

Guest posting is the most brilliant way to drive traffic from other blogs. You can write on some popular blogs for increasing your blog traffic. In real estate, location matters a lot to a buyer. Similarly, the location of your content matters as well. If your blog post gets accepted on a popular blog, then you will be getting familiar with new people. This will help you gain authority and thus your blog traffic will increase.

Same way, you should also accept guest posts on your blog. The writer will be sharing that blog post on his/her social networks and you will be meeting new blog visitors.

10. Blog Commenting –

The last but not least, it is blog commenting. There are lots of benefits of daily blog commenting. You should comment on different blogs of the same niche for getting more blog visitors. Also, try to leave the first comment on other’s blog posts. People do check out the blog of the first commentator. This is what I have experienced personally and helps me get lots more traffic.

These are a few the basic blog tips I use to increase blog traffic, can you think of any?

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Video Transcript for the Digg Digg Plugin Tutorial:

Hey guys it’s Ileane from Basic Blog Tips.com

We’re going to talk about a plugin today and this one is a plugin for WordPress that’s called Digg Digg
Let me just show you and this is a hugely popular post friend Ryan Hanley at RyanHanley.com
and it was called Share Button Versus Like Button for Best Facebook Exposure.

I gotta admit i’m showing off a little bit here because this is the Digg Digg share bar and I just so happen to have
I’d say a few hundred shares and likes on this particular posts. So I wanted to show you how to install this plugin and how to have that sharing bar float.

The reason why I like to have it float is because I get a lot of comments on my blog. For example in this particular post I have a hundred thirty comments. So if someone has to add a new comment when they’re all the way here at the bottom of this post
they will still be able to share it, Tweet it or give it a +1 on Google.

I wanted to do this tutorial for quite some time but today it got… my memory was jogged because someone asked me to take a look at their blog and actually I think this is a very nice-looking blog. Only one problem this toolbar the sharing toolbar for Digg Digg is WAY over too far on top of their content and their featured post. So I said hey your website looks great but your Digg Digg Share bar needs to be moved over. Just go to your settings page and tada!

He did it! Now I’m gonna show you how to do that as [well].

Okay let’s swing over, now we’re on the back end of my blog and before i go any further i have to give a shout out to our friends who actually uh…took ownership of this plugin and that’s Leo and Joel they are the owners of Buffer. And they purchased Digg Digg earlier this year, and since they’ve been behind the helm they’ve made a lot of changes that are really really positive. Once you install the plugin you’ll find it over on your menu on the side and you’re going to see different modules and the first one is the Global Configuration.

It’s pretty simple – the number one thing you have to do on this page is to add to your twitter name, and add your Buffer name okay if you have these other services like Flattr or if you’re gonna use Tweet meme (which we’re not going to) or Topsy – then you want to go ahead and put your username in there as well!

Now Normal Display let me explain the difference – Normal Display just means that your sharing buttons will be spread out horizontally across the page as opposed to the vertical floating bar which I showed you I’m using.

So we’re gonna skip the normal display because you don’t need to have both normal and floating setup. You only need to decide which one you’re going to use and then you’ll do the settings accordingly. Okay,so we’re going to use the floating displaying some let’s go and to that okay the very first thing – DON’T skip this box ’cause it’s very important! It’s the status you’re going to let the plugin know that –

Yes – you are using the floating display you must check this box. Then you can decide here whether you want it to be on posts, pages categories so forth. Personally I just like for to be on posts but if you wanted to show up on your home page, just like the example I showed you it is showing up on his home page.

Personally I didn’t want them on my home page so I left that off. I only want it to show up on posts I really don’t want people to share my home page I’d rather for them to share specific posts. You can alyways test things if you say to yourself “No I want them to share my home page.” Then go ahead, check it off you know it’s up to you. So, this is the part that I explained to my friend that he needed to change.

How far from the left is the Digg Digg placed.

Well if we go back over to my blog you’ll see here’s the left and this is thirty-nine pixels from the left. The next setting has to do with how far from the top do you want the floating bar to start floating. Now let’s take this back up to the top of the page and it looks like the top of the post starts probably right around underneath where it says this is a guest post.

And then it starts to float. And as you can see if floats all the way down as I mentioned earlier we want to make sure that when people are leaving comments that they have those sharing tools handy. So that’s the next setting, let the Digg Digg bar float past the end of the post and yes we want that. Now, here’s where you’re going to choose which sharing options you want to appear on that bar and all the weight means is the one with the highest number is it going to be on top.

So therefore I have GOOGLE PLUS there and if you look at the bar the first thing there is the Google plus one! And then I have Facebook Like next see I have it checked but it also has to be checked off and then I have Twitter and then I have Blog Engage.

Ok you have a whole host of other options here. I’ve actually tested some of those you can have the Digg sharing bar there you can have Buffer – and right now I’m testing it with Buffer being off but I’ve toggled back-and-forth. Sometimes if you give people too many options they don’t do anything so these are the core ones I them to do. I’d rather them go ahead and Tweet it now and it’s been effective in some cases. I know other people like to Buffer but my feeling is this:

I’m a Buffer user I love Buffer so what I to is I have the Buffer extension install up in my toolbar. So when I’m on people’s blogs I’d probably would rarely every use the Buffer sharing over and the Digg Digg toolbar.

That’s just me. So like I said, you have to test, you have to know your audience, and know|which one will get the most use. And you’ll know because you’ll see the numbers you’ll see the counts. For example here’s another more recent post this was actually just published yesterday. And so I have a fair number of Tweets and Likes. So you know, like I said you will test to see what works for your audience.

Any of these other buttons, if you don’t have, because of your theme, it doesn’t displaythe number of comments you have maybe
this is the opportunity where you want to display that as well. Now I don’t do the lazy loading and I’m not going to cover that in this video – you could go ahead and test it. The main things that I wanted to go over with you is your options for whether it’s going to appear on the posts or pages and also whether you’re going to float, how far you’re gonna float it, if you can use the normal display
or at the floating display. Now if you have feedback these guys Joel and Leo they’re very responsive you see that they even have a feedback button there.

So go ahead I urge any blogger, even if you are not personally active on social media, people will come to your blog especially when it comes to Facebook. If they have that option there they can just click that and give that post a like this is also going to share it for you. You can post that right on Facebook. I’ll do it now just to show you how quickly it works and you always want to have to sharing options available for any visitors that come to your blog or your website So that’s it for today.

And, hey do me a favor and you’re over on my YouTube channel hit, that subscribe button right up on the top right now we are so close to eight hundred subscribers we have seven hundred seventy eight subscribers and we’re almost as seventy thousand views thanks to everyone who has been supporting and watching the videos and giving the thumbs up Okay I’ll talk to you guys soon. Once again it’s Ileane BasicBlogTips.com

Talk to you soon.



Dhruv Bhagat is a prolific blogger who is learning more about Internet Marketing everyday.


  1. Lots of good tips here! Its very true that Google, and probably other search engines as well, prefers fast loading websites and WordPress are unfortunately not loading very fast. I use WP for all my sites so i have experienced this. There are also a few good and free tools (for instance pingdom) that let you check your site speed and many WP users will probably be surprised when they actually see how slow their sites are. Stay away from the free themes and always go for quality themes with good support.

    • Hi Rick!

      Well, there are lots of reasons why your WordPress site is not loading fast. May be you don’t have any cache plugin, or you should try changing your theme. Many people also use unnecessary plugins in their site which slows down the site..

      You must check these things and see the results. Your site will be loading fast in few seconds..

      Good Luck!

      • Hi Dhruv! That’s true. Plugins like Total Cache and Super Cache could help loading a WP site faster, and too many plugins could drag it even more down. In addition, some hosts are notorious for overloading their servers with tons of domains that compete for bandwidth.

      • Dhruv Bro Nice Article . Blog Commenting and Guest Posting always works .But Dhruv bro How to know which plugins are making site slow and which one needs to be removed .

    • Hi Rick,
      1. Avoid Unnecessary Plugin. Delete deactivated plugin.
      2. Use Image Compression plugin (EWWW Image Optimizer)
      3. Don’t upload many images.
      4. Use fast loading theme.
      5. Use Wp super cache plugin.
      6. Check your Host. I highly recommended Hostgator and bluehost.
      7. Use google fonts.
      8. Use ping optimizer plugin.
      Then finally check your site with google Page speed insights. If your blog is above 80 then it is good.

  2. 11. Simple and Clean design: The first impression is always last impression, so your blog should load fast and you must have simple and clean design to encourage first time visitors to stay on your blog. Too many ads and widgets will kill a blog design.
    12. Communicating: You must communicate with your blog readers and other bloggers on social media sites and build long term relationships with them to grow your blog.

    Nice post Dhruv, nice to see you here at BBT.

    • Hi Ehsan,

      I am glad you liked my post. And thanks a lot for sharing 2 brilliant tips with the readers.. You always put value in the comment section.. Thanks :)

      Happy Blogging!

      • 13. Email marketing: Email marketing is the king to both market your business and to turn normal visitors (traffic) into customers.

        14: Podcasting: Want to get more visibility? Try this..

        15: Video marketing: Ileane Smith is doing a wonderful job over here (http://www.youtube.com/user/MsIleaneSpeaks). I suggest everyone subscribing to her videos – who wants to learn “basic blog tips”

        Great share Dhruv, smart title to land on this blog btw 😉

        • 16. Give away some premium stuffs!

          Thank you so much for your opinion. I think the king – content is the best way to get fresh traffic

        • Hi Rahul Kuntala,

          Email Marketing is really brilliant. You can get in touch with your subscribers at a single time.. :)

          Podcasting and Video Marketing are also good. But they are not basic 😛

          They are just for pro! :)

          firstly I was thinking of Top 10 Tips or 10 Blogging Tips. Then, I thought of 10 Basic Blog Tips..

          And yeah, Ileane posted my article in just 10 days. :) 😛

  3. Aasma

    Hi Dhruv,

    Really useful points, It’s important to make your blog or website to load fast so that visitors don’t get frustrate and search engine too like your site.

    Then focus on building links for your site and do promotion on social networking sites so that you can reach maximum number of people.

    • Hi Aasma,

      Yeah!! Also, one must not involve in buying links from other blogs. The link should be natural by guest posting or by blog commenting. One more thing that everyone should concentrate on – QUALITY CONTENT. If you don’t write full information, then you will not be going to satisfy your readers. :)

  4. I think most important thing is your 7 point. CONTENT IS THE KING. Without content, bloggers can’t do anything as you have said. And another important thing is using clean theme. :-)

  5. Hi Dhruv
    Just imagine when u have all the necessary elements to make your blog successful but one doesn’t have a simple and user friendly layout then I bet visitors will come but will never come back again….
    NIce post brother

    • Hi SHitij,

      Theme of blog should be clean and simple. It is the most preferred by Google and even visitors. Previously, I was using Swift Theme and many people was asking about why I changed the theme. Now, I am using JustBlue. Hope, it is liked by my readers or I will be installing Swift Theme again.. :)

      Thanks for sharing your views here.

      Have a nice day!

  6. Hi,
    These tips are really great. Things such as blog commenting, guest posting and keyword research do helps a lot. Thanks for the share!!

    • Hi Aditi,

      Thanks for the appreciation. You must follow these tips if you want to improve your blog stats. In case, you find any problem, you can contact me.

      Good Luck!

  7. quite awesome to know all these tactics, i am using all of these on my blog and generating a lot more traffic for my blog.
    I just wanted to ask one important thing that why you had recommended “Dig dig video”.
    Why this is used for and why should i use?

    • Hi Mudasir,

      Well, this is just a social sharing plugin. You must use this plugin for make your blog social friendly.

      It’s all your choice!

      Have a nice day :)

  8. Hi Ravi,

    Yeah, I do find these tips very useful in driving traffic.. I have recently started guest blogging. And its the best way to increase your blog traffic.. :)

  9. I really think that all your tips are really good, as I have applied them on by blogs. Nevertheless, I use blog commenting to create a relationship with others in my niches and to increase the brand name image. I consider that using blog commenting for driving in traffic is just a short term strategy, so I prefer to invest in quality content.

    • Hi Julian King,

      I really love the way you think! I appreciate your words. I do comment on different blogs just to build relationship with fellow bloggers. But, this is really a good way to improve your blog stats.. You have to agree with this..

      Thanks for sharing your views with us!

      Happy Blogging! :)

  10. Hi Bhagat,
    Really helpful your 10 points for beginners. Your all points are most important but I think “Add Share buttons to your blog post -” and “Guest Posting -” are vital for generating traffic. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

  11. Hi Dhruv,

    you have outlined all the basic blogging tips here, which every beginner blogger must know or aware of them. The thing I like in your list, is the mention of “WordPress” maybe many people may not agree with this point. But, a pure WP user can understand.

  12. Hi Hamza Sheikh,

    I am glad that you liked all the points that I discussed here. Talking about the blogging platforms, no other platform can compete with WordPress. It’s amazing!

    • Yeah Dhruv!

      WordPress is love! Almost majority of bloggers now in love with WordPress. The WordPress has totally changed the way we used to handle things on the web in 2007, they have introduced many new things.

  13. Hey Stella,

    When all traffic generation techniques fails to work for you, it means you have to recheck your plans, techniques. Maybe you have been doing multi-tasking!

    Multi-tasking in SEO means, doing everything thing at all times to get the same result others were claiming of good results from the same activity.But you didn’t take few moment to strategies on the right plan for your blog promotion.

    Cite for an example, a technology blogger may prefer socializing on Facebook and Twitter for traffic while someone else blogging about seasoned niche would prefer only guest posting for traffic. As you can see, using social media will work best for a tech site along with few guest posting better than a blog about seasoned events.

    So, try to think about what you do yesterday, last month that doesn’t brings result, pause it, and do other methods in the list until you get result (and never try to leave one for other, choose one and succeed at it before adding the second technique).

    Doing all of these at a time won’t help.

    Success is yours

    • You are right. I am having the same issue as @Stella by not having load of traffic to my blog and believe me I have been multi-tasking. I have to slow down now and concentrate on other things that will yield traffic to my blog.

    • Hi Stella,

      All you need to promote your ecommerce site is – Guest Posting. You should start guest posting and improve your blog stats!!

      You should guest post on fashion blogs for getting more exposure!

      Also, you should make a blog @ your site where you should tell readers about your t shirts..

      You can also make YouTube videos..

      All The Best :)

  14. All the basic rules to get traffic in one article. I agree to your all points except the 1st one. No doubt WordPress is the best blogging platform, but I have seen even some good blogs on other platforms. Other than that guest blogging, commenting and using plugin like SEOPressor help to attract good traffic.

    • Hi Kunal,

      Well, there is a topper in each class. There are many bloggers who are blogging since long and are using Google Blogger. And even earning a good amount of income.. But, most successful bloggers are using WordPress.

      Do think of this!

      Good Luck! :)

      • Yes agree very much to you on this. WP is the most handy tool for blogging with plenty of plugin, premium themes and other paid softwares.

  15. I see one of your recommendations is using the DiggDigg plugin from Buffer. I’m a huge Buffer fan, but unfortunately I’ve come to the decision of not using it. The big problem is that it doesn’t include the tracking code for Google Analytics. This means you can’t track Facebook likes and Twitter follows from the plugin. I’ve had to resort to creating my own, which far from as good as DiggDigg at least does what I want. Do you know any more about this, and whether there are any workarounds or another plugin that tracks social actions? Thanks.

  16. Vivek

    Great tips. Speeding a website can be really easy. You can use cache plugin, you can use free cdns like cloudflare, cdnjs.com, google drive, dropbox ( thought its not, but still faster that your shared hosting ).

    • Hi Vivek,

      If you know how to use W3 Total Cache properly, then its sufficient for improving speed.. Also, you should not use HD pictures on blog posts.. They take lot of time to load.. Don’t forget to use a simple and clean theme :)

      • Vivek

        Hey I personally don’t feel that using clean themes can help to improve your website speed. It actually depends on the plugin you use. Say you are using digg digg, just check source of the page, you will see one more new css file liked. Similarly, the more plugins you use, the more time it will take to load the website.

  17. WordPress is best blogging platform. I recently moved from Blogger to WordPress and now I am gaining good traffic. I have also tried guest posting but didn’t got much traffic. In my opinion blog commenting is the best way to get traffic on your blog.

    • Hi Usama Siddiqui,

      First of all, Welcome to the WordPress. Guest Posting and Blog commenting has different benefits.. Each of them has its own importance.. You should try on blogs with good amount readership like BBT, Blogging Tips, ComLuv and all. This will help you in gaining confidence and even traffic! :)

  18. Fantastic list and completely easy to incorporate these steps in every blog. Thanks for sharing and I appreciate the links – makes hunting down the themes and plugins much easier :)


  19. Hi,
    Nice post. I am haven’t yet customized 404 page. Can you recommend some good plugins that can make my task easy (that could help customizing of 404 pages)?
    And, I also agree with some of the fellow commenters. Video marketing is a good source of traffic. Ms. Ileane is too good at that. We can drive some traffic from youtube to our blog :-)

    • Hi Jakes,

      If you are using Swift Themes, it is pre-installed feature.. I loved that theme.. Now, As I have changed the theme and I will be customizing it soon. You can use “Custom 404” plugin to customize it. :)

      Good Luck!

  20. And also from blog commenting you get benefits in backlinks, more backlinks = more traffic… So i often spend 1-2 hour a day on blog commenting in my niche or in SEO tips, and i’m getting links and learning in same time…

    • Hi Eric,

      Blog Commenting has lots of benefits.. When I started blogging, I thought that commenting on blogs is just a waste of time. But, after few months I get to know about some real and good advantages.. And now, I used to read blog posts and comment accordingly on those posts.. I am building relationship with bloggers all around the world, getting traffic, getting knowledge and lot more things! :)

  21. Great tips on how to utilise the best platforms to get the maximum benefit. The use of keyword research is vital to maximise the potential. Also the basics of onsite SEO cannot be stressed enough, once done, half the work is done. The 404 page is something that I have not done yet, thanks for mentioning that.

  22. God tips. But I disagree with you on the context of WordPress – get your facts right – I don’t even think it beats weebly in the eyes of search engines

  23. Increasing your blog traffic immediately could be done through guest posting.

    If you are actually looking to increase it by alot, guest posting is the way to go…

  24. Very good list — thanks!

    I would add that you make sure your posts have a good page title and description. A paid service, like scribeseo, can be used to check this.

    Good stuff,

  25. Hi Dhuv, Thanks for explaining the basic tips in such a simple way. Most of the time people tend to ignore these basic things ending up with unpromising results from their blogs..

    Thanks again for sharing this..

    • Hi George,

      There are many bloggers who just believe in getting traffic by spamming. And still they are earning a good amount of income… But, seriously no one subscribe to their blogs..

  26. Wade Harman

    Customizing your 404 pages is a great idea. Although most premium themes already come this way, it’s definitely worth buying them for that!

  27. This is a great post Dhruv. You’ve shared some great tips. I especially like the 404 error page customization. I’ll definitely be looking into doing that for my website as well.

    I completely agree with you about blog commenting. This is a killer way to get more traffic to your blog posts. I currently do quite a bit of blog commenting to drive traffic to my blog and it’s been working wonders for me. It’s also helping me get even more comments on my blog posts as well.

    I agree that you’ll definitely get more traffic if your’re in the first 5 comments. You can also get in the first 5 comments by actually replying to a top comment. Of course, you want to make sure that your comment is relevant and you’re actually adding value to the conversation, but this works just as well for getting your comment seen and getting more traffic.

    Thanks for sharing your tips with us. I appreciate it!


    • Hi Ti Roberts,

      Thanks a lot for sharing some brilliant benefits of blog commenting here!

      I have also written about – How to make your comment accepted by the author.?

  28. Dhruv,
    You have discussed all most every important topic in this article. The most important things for any blog is Keyword Research & link building. Please share some do-follow directories to comment on.

  29. These 10 tips says everything about boosting your site traffic. But I didn’t know about few tips like the site loading speed. Thanks for these awesome tips, I will sfkurely implement those which I heard for the first time!

    • Hi ANurag,

      I am glad that this blog post is successful. One should always concentrate on loading speed of blog.. This helps in driving more traffic as followed :)

  30. Abuzar

    I agree with all your points. I just need your help that what should we do for blog based on blogger platform? Because there is no SEO plugins that we can use there? and as you know that google is facing the problem of 404 Redirection problem so what should we do for that also? And is it ok to migrate the blog from blogger platfrom to wordpress?

    • Hi Abuzar,

      I recommend you to migrate your website to WordPress as soon as possible. There are lots of things that you can have in WordPress. For everything, there is a plugin which makes your work much easier.

      All The Best :)

  31. Very helpful tips and valuable comments from your readers. I agree with you that all of these elements are equally important for creating a successful blog and increasing its traffic. Even though content is always king, we’d better create favorable conditions, so that potential readers could find and appreciate it.

  32. Hi Dhruv, these are great tips to get instant traffic to my blog. Every time I publish a new post, I just go around leave comments on blog especially at BasicBlogTips by Ileane, I’ll definitely get comments on the next day. That’s great!

    Guest Posting on other blogs are also great. I’d definitely get even more great traffic if I’m going to guest post on BasicBlogTips.

    Thank you, Ferb

    • Hi Ferb,

      Basic Blog Tips is one great site where you can find huge number of blog readers… You can get involved in building relationship and get more traffic :)

    • Hi Bishwajeet,

      People using Google Blogger are not getting that much traffic that one who is getting from his WordPress blog. You can ask many people about this.. Also, WordPress is having so many benefits as compared to other blogging platforms.

      Have a nice day!

  33. Very useful tips for beginners. Each and every point is clearly explained and hope you continue the same with your upcoming articles Dhruv.

  34. I totally agree with the list, Dhruv. Except that you forgot one: choosing a good webhosting service. This is essential, as websites hosted on webhost offering cheap packages suffer frequent downtimes and slow load-up speeds. This adversely affects your ability to increase traffic. You lose out on business and revenue in the process.

    • Agreed with Javi i have also suffering a cheap web hosting program which give me domain name + hosting for just $23 per year charges. the server is so slow and also speed up time, if you want to compete with high rated blogger then you have to buy any fame or fast web hosting domain for your current url.

  35. Thanks for the valuable tips and information. Generating traffic is probably the most difficult part of running a blog, and so your information will help me and others as well.

  36. Hi Dhruv,
    It is very useful tip for new bloggers like me…I like your way of writing simple and good every one can catch content easily..
    I have a doubt Why blogger is not good for getting more traffic and is that simple to use a wordpress site ,a new blogger like me..

    Any way thanks for a great post…

    • Hi Akhil,

      Well, I will go with WordPress because it is simple to use and you can see out of 100 blogs, above 60 are made on WordPress. It has many benefits like improved SEO, dynamic themes, lots of plugins, easy to manage and the list goes on!

  37. i think keyword research clubbed with on page seo is a good way of getting organic traffic. Guest posts and commenting can yield great results. Cache plugins like WP cache along with cloudflare and pingdom can significantly improve page load speeds which is critical for user experience and seo. thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.

    • Hi Akhilendra,

      Thanks for the appreciation. There are so many ways that can help you in gaining lots of blog traffic. If you want to improve your PR, you must target on guest posting :)

  38. Nice Tips on blogging growth. But the trick of the trade would be to keep the consistency and a lot of patience till the blog finally takes off. This is where a lot of them fail

    • Hi Mazhar,

      I have seen many people stops their blogging journey when they are one step closer to success. One should never stop blogging. It has so many advantages! :)

  39. These tips may be geared toward beginners, but they are the building blocks of a good blog. Better we keep at the basics then get caught up on the frivolous.

  40. I totally agree with this post, especially with the guest posting part.
    For me guest posting has been the most effective promoting tool for my blog, and is my main strategy for getting links. Of course being consistent in your efforts is what counts the most. Thanks for this wonderful post

    • Hi Philip,

      Guest blogging is really brilliant ! I love to write on other blogs. It gives you confidence to write more professionally. I have listed the 10 tips to improve your Search Engine Ranking.. You must follow these tips too. :)

  41. When somebody ask me which site should be used when blogging, I always – like ALWAYS – refer them to wordpress. I like how user friendly wordpress is, like it’s really built for blogging. Also, you can easily incorporate significant plugins when you want to. SEO is much easier with wordpress as well. I like how you’ve enumerated the top necessary info as others usually make a really long list that you get tired of reading the entire posting. My favorite though are these parts: wordpress, keyword research, and content is king!

    • Hi Novie,

      I do the same like you.. WordPress is the best and the easiest way to create blog. Many people do thinks that WordPress is not useful.. But, in my case 1st step is WordPress…

      Thanks for the appreciation Novie.. I will be writing more here.. Stay tuned for my blog posts :)

      • Hi Dhruv! It’s great to hear from you. I’ll be looking forward to more of your writings then. :)

        “Many people do thinks that WordPress is not useful” – that’s just ridiculous! When it comes to blogging, wordpress is at the top of the list.

  42. Great list of tips! I started using the SEO plugin by Yoast for WordPress, but I found the All in One SEO Pack Plugin a better fit for myself. Check it out if you are looking for a good alternative to Yoast’s plugin.

    • Hi Justine,

      Previously I was using All In One SEO Pack.. But I left using it because I found WordPress SEO By Yoast better.. You can check the seo rating in this plugin which is not present in All In One SEO Pack. :)

  43. Kuldeep

    Hi Dhruv,

    You’ve mentioned all the necessary thing which every blog needs. But the most important thing in this post i’ve noticed is quality content and good or quality backlinks which helps in SERPS. However guest posting and blog commenting is the best way to generate good amount of quality backlinks.

    thanks for wonderful points.

  44. 8th and 10th point make some sense for getting more traffic. And loading time is also the factor for reducing our visitors but we can ignore all other points…And Rahul Kuntala raised some important points also, these are really nice………….

  45. Dhruv Bhagat, You have done a great by publishing this article. I m agree will your points but i hv no money to buy premium processor plugin. How i can get this pluhin free. Plz reply me

  46. i always follow these rules and yes it works but i have never done a guest post and everybody talks about it. may be i should write some guest posts. thanks for the article

  47. I started using wordpress a year and a half ago. Given my knowledge of web dev, it’s a bit shocking that it’s relaly taken me so long to start using it. However, you’re spot on with listing it here, it’s a really good platform. Unlike other web devs, I would state that it’s a CMS (Content Management System) and I’ve hacked it to pieces to develop original themes that showcase content in an original way. Google analytics is great, but if you haven’t tried webmaster tools, it may be time you did: google.com/webmaster/tools

  48. Digg Digg is my favorite plugin too :) I love the simplicity and how the social sharing buttons float nicely on my website. Beside, I am a huge fan of wordpress themes, so I really believe that design and themes play a very important role in increasing your traffic in terms of SEO boost and user experience

  49. Nice article but you’ve forgotten the most important tip and this is the reason that people who blog (not for money but because they really love blogging) blog at all: Interaction.

    When you post your article you crave interaction. Always include contact information and ways for your readers to comment. If I go to a blog that does not supply me with interaction, why do I want to bother? It comes of as the author being a pompous egotist.

    • Hi Jack Bushell,

      Thanks for mentioning this point.. Blog Commenting is the best way to interact :)

      You can later follow them on social networks and enjoy introducing to them. Also, sending a personal mail is the most brilliant way :)

  50. Hi, this is a good collection of tips to begin your blogging carrer. To start with wordpress is a very good tip, because it is very user-friendly and google likes it too, as you have mentioned.
    i like that you recommend a free theme as well as a paid one. As a beginner it’s certainly better to start with a free one and see after a few month if you’re still around and than maybe pay for a better one. Thesis is a good recommendation!

  51. Some very good tips there Dhruv, I think blog commenting and guest posting are my two favourite methods, I have yet to get social media to pay off for me yet. :)

  52. Instead of having 404 pages I have the link Juice Keeper plugin installed that redirects all bad page requests to the home so the link juice flows. Seems like a great plugin.

  53. Hello. Very useful tips. They are basically the “gist” if you want to really increase your traffic. I would add to the list two more items: Social Bookmarking sites and Social Networking sites. There are some people who generate great amounts of traffic thanks to these two. Which one of these is the most important one? I would still say it’s CONTENT.

  54. Your blog is brilliant! I am going to take you up on the tip to move my blog to WordPress as soon as I can. I also love the fact that you do not need to ping a wordpress blog everytime you finish each post. That on its own tells of how much favour WordPress has with google.

  55. I am using Swift Basic Theme for my blog and i like all the features of this theme.As of now I have written 600 posts but i am getting only 500 to 600 visitors daily.please help me how to increase blog traffic.

    • Hi Mohan,

      Its all depend upon your SEO. Improve your blog commenting, social shares and participate in forums in your niche.. This will help you a lot.. You must check if your site is hit by any Google update .. You can check here : http://panguintool.com


  56. Hi Dhruv,

    Thanks for the recommendation of the thesis themes. I did see several that I liked and would consider for one of the new blogs I’m starting.

    • Hi Hamid,

      I know its really bad when you get less visitors and others are doing well.. Things that are doing well for me is : Pinterest, Google+..

      You must comment on blogs like BasicBlogTips, Problogger.net, HellBoundBloggers, SmartPassiveIncome, Aha-now.com, AdrienneSmith.net, johnchow.com, shoutmeloud, and many other blogs which have brilliant community.. Try to read, learn and give views accordingly by adding your comment on the post. Always be the first to comment on it..

      This will surely work..

      All The Best..!!

  57. Danny

    Some nice tips, Dhruv.

    In recent times there has been a lot of debate over which traffic generation methods are the most viable, presently…

    Some methods go in and out of favor, whilst others tend to be more stable…..

    There is a lot of discussion over the viability of traffic(both quality and quantity) coming in from social sites like twitter, Facebook, etc….

    Also, though Google has clamped down on ” Unnatural link building” I have seen a few sites that “stood out like a sore thumb”…..they were loaded with links(hundreds of thousands), great Alexa rank, etc….yet, they ranked for “nada, zilch, none” Keywords……and they did not have any “big sign” showing off their subscriber numbers(may also have been zero)……….

  58. I think, the most important thing is keyword research. So that, it should be on the number 1. Anyway, this is full information about SEO. Just take action and get the cool results

  59. Hi Dhruv!
    I see one of your recommendations is using the DiggDigg plugin from Buffer. I’m a huge Buffer fan, but unfortunately I’ve come to the decision of not using it. The big problem is that it doesn’t include the tracking code for Google Analytics.
    This means you can’t track Facebook likes and Twitter follows from the plugin. I’ve had to resort to creating my own, which far from as good as DiggDigg at least does what I want.
    Above all it’s a Great Post!!

  60. Hi Dhruv, Thanks for the sharing the tips, Adding social sharing button to the blogpost is really important because it gives option to reader to share the content with others.

  61. Simple stuff, but it works. For any new bloggers out there, don’t throw in the towel after 3 months. It takes a while. Any site I start, I don’t expect any serious traffic (500 to 1000 daily visitors) for at least 6 months. The thing with traffic is it’s hard to get coming initially, but grows exponentially if you do much of the above.

    I’ve had good success with YouTube as well.

    • I would say that you should transfer to WordPress now.. Blogspot doesn’t give you so much features like WordPress.

      All The Best..!!

  62. Great pointers! I will definitely agree with great content, guest blogging and blog commenting are all effective ways to increase traffic your traffic. Apparently, hiring an SEO consultant is phasing out because Google keeps updating its terms and conditions. So it is better to say patient and network with other bloggers to the best of your ability that would eventually get you higher page rankings

  63. I am using Blogger for my blog because i have just started blogging and want to remain as a part time blogger. but can you tell after how many months should i start using wordpress for my blog

    • Hi Sajjan,

      WordPress is so easy.. You can start blogging seriously from today.. Do experiments and earn through your blog.. You will love blogging when you will earn daily 500$.

      You can achieve this target by working hard and it will take 500 days.. :)

      All The Best..!!

  64. Great Post and some awesome tips! Yoast is by far the easiest SEO plugin to use on WordPress. In addition, I recommend to use WPsupercache (instead of Totalw3) as it is more convenient and easy to use! Also, people need to clean up their directories occasionally since WordPress saves all the drafts/ autosaves. (plus, I suggest the use of tools.pingdom.com to check the speed of your website!)


  65. I have just started a blog (less than a month old) and I am interested in guest posting on other blogs and having others guest post on my blog. Should I wait awhile or should I start trying to guest post now?

    • Start now, without thinking.. Write 5 guest posts each month on a blog that has good community..

      Well, you can start from iTechCode.. But make sure, you don’t disappoint him..

      Good Luck..

  66. This post is certainly helping drive traffic to your blog! Thank you for the tips, I will definitely apply this advice to my own posts, where I can anyway.

  67. Hi Dhruv,
    nice collection of traffic generating tips, but somehow I can’t see why you (I mean not you specifically, but “you” in general) would want/need to use WordPress for traffic generation. I my opinion this subject is not depend on the website technology. It may be more relevant in search queries in comparison to the other platforms you mention, but there are many more systems people like to use for buidling websites. And they do get (or can at least) a lot of quality traffic.

    So lets make this really a personal tip for beginners who are short of money (for setting up something “individual”) or time (hell yeah, WP is up and running in 5 minutes!). But it should be a matter-of-fact.

    Your other tips are great. I like the 404 hint – a dead end can turn away the best visitors/customers and should not be ignored.

    • Hey Robert,

      I know there are lots of people who still prefer to use Blogspot or Tumblr or other platforms.. But, you can’t deny WordPress is SEO friendly and Google loves blogs built on WordPress platform..

      Hope you understand what I mean..

      Thanks for commenting by..

  68. irfanali

    I really believe guest posting has been the most effective promoting tool

    also we should not only pay attention to external link building but pay attention to internal link building

  69. Increase traffic to your site or blog is always possible, but it takes patience and dedication. So do not give up: you should work daily for this purpose. You will see that the internet will repay you for the efforts made.

  70. irfanali

    ohh my god amazing and simple tips for increasing the website traffic.Hey Dhruv Bhagat,can you tell me how to increase the visitors through social bookmarking?Like Reditt,stumble upon etc?

    • Well, u can increase blog traffic through social bookmarking sites by sharing latest trends.. These things are most preferred by people..

      But, I am doing pretty well with Pinterest and Google Plus these days..

      Pinterest : share amazing pictures, repin other pins, comment, like and follow other people, use hashtags.

      Google Plus : join communities, share, comment, +1, communicate with other people in community, be regular, post valuable things..

      Good Luck :)

  71. Hi Dhruv… Nice to get in touch with you… really very helpful to know about these details. I am going to implement these details over my blog. Thanks a lot

  72. YAY! I’m happy to say I’m doing all of these and then some. I just started figuring out how to repurpose my blog and even in the short time I’ve been doing it, I’m seeing a bit of traffic trickle in. Great points, Dhuruv!

  73. Content is King is my favorite of all. No matter what your blogging platform or CMS is, your blog will increase traffic. Writing killer contents is a must. :-)

    Great tips here on this blog. Kudos! :-)

  74. Thanks so much Ileane, I’ve recently crafted an article on self developement and wanted to know how in crease traffic to it and you have definitely put fair points to fo that. Thanks so much for helping me out.

  75. Increasing traffic is hard job according to my opinion. Need to work hard, focus and patient. So, what you described about increasing traffic is useful. Yes, it is really useful for me as a beginner. Thank you.

  76. Adam

    Hello Dhruv Bhagat,

    Great tips! I like to give some more tips to get traffic from YouTube. Make a video version of every post your publish in your blog and upload it to YouTube with good keyword rich titles, you can use (ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool) to deep research about keyword.

    Now share it in your blog and create some backlinks to it. This practice will surely drive huge amount of traffic from search as well as youtube.

  77. This is a great post. I use a lot of these same strategies with my clients to help them get traffic and top ranks. Thanks for the great content!

  78. Hi Dhruv, You’ve dont well. Guest blogging and blog commenting are great ways to increase a blog’s comment. Making your site dofollow and building a better rank are also good too.

  79. Hey great article. Would you be able to write an article or elaborate about how to go about doing a guest post. So many well known bloggers recommend guest posting, however if you are starting out, not many bloggers with high traffic encourage guest posting.

    I would love to do some guest posting, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

    • Hi R. Gokarn,

      I know it is really hard for a person to write for any other blog. But, it gives you a satisfaction that you are writing good content if it gets published.

      Also, you get a free backlink, new people to interact with, some traffic, and the most important thing – CONFIDENCE within yourself. :)

  80. These are always the same tips and everyone wants to follow them. You can follow all, but quality post. I can’t get the hang of it. Am i writing quality or not.

  81. I have gone through all these tactics so far.I think a better commenting system like Disqus,Commentluv helps to get more traffic.Writing a good content is always a keys to traffic and search engine ranking.These days Google has changed it algorithm so content matters the most for Google bots now.Overall you have discussed all aspects nicely.

    • Thanks Seher for the appreciation! Have you checked the John Chow’s new program ?
      If not, you can read the review on my blog.. IM John Chow – Internet Marketer John Chow 😀

  82. Great tips, Dhruv. This post contains some great tips.

    But, I’m sorry to say, it has a misleading title. These tips won’t increase your traffic INSTANTLY (except the last two), neither are they ‘traffic’ tips; they are make-your-site-better tips, which gives you more traffic, but not directly.

    But great tips nonetheless. If only they were suited to a more relevant title.

    • Yeah!!

      I know these tips won’t flood your blog with traffic!

      But, you will always get some extra traffic in short time when you follow these tips!

      Thanks for the appreciation anyways :)

  83. thanks for your words to increase traffic,i think there are a lot of other ways like directory submission,yahoo question answers….I think we should focus on Content because it is the thing that will bring organic traffic for us.

  84. You did give some useful info. I have only 30 visitors daily. I really want to increase my visitor. I know it is not that simple. Please help me with some more. That will a real help..

  85. Thanks Dhruv for sharing Such valuable information with us. Nowday Bogging is a good way to Increase your Presence Online. so we should know the all details about that. here you have covered a basic as well as important point that every Blogger should know. I really appreciate your post. Thanks.

  86. Lots of good tips here and thank you for sharing. The problem comes with buying a premium them. Many blogger until established can not afford to buy a premium theme and for an Indian blogger, its again double the problem for payments. Don’t know why free themes shouldn’t do well ? Any idea which could be the best free theme, other than Swift basic ?

  87. Hi Dhruv, There is really a nice collection of tips… Hope to get help from these tips… Thanx for such a nyc tips.. Please also update about how to increase blog CPC

  88. Excellent. All the points stated above are very essential in increasing the traffic of a blog. However, the fact that the same points can be found on more than 1000 blogs that are labeled to help anyone increase their traffic is quite disappointing. By the outlines of this post, it is easily recognizable that the sole reason this writer wrote this post is to get a link. That too with some mediocre content. I guess Ileane that you are taking it too light. Although this was informative, but this is kind of stuff is present everywhere. This is mediocrity.
    The first point of using WordPress is purely biased. You can clearly see in his language that he is just ignoring a majority of web that doesn’t use WordPress. Many sites use custom CMS, which is not in any case based on WordPress, so the point no.1 is wrong.

    And, if you are going to delete this comment, please reply me with your thoughts about this.
    I am a regular reader of your blog.

  89. I am big fan of your blog and follow you like anything. I already use these tips on my blog except one. I have not customize 404 error page yet. I know I must do it and will be doing it shortly. Thanks again for these wonderful tips..

  90. Thanks Dhruv for such nice tips..!! Still am newbie in blogging and i use the Blogger platform, by reading your article am thinking about to move on wordPress.But am totally Unknown about WordPress and which hosting is useful for WordPress?

  91. Nice tips on increasing blog traffic. Me thinks pay per click will get you on top of search engines though these methods can be used for long term gains

  92. Very practical tips for blogging. Among all the tips, I still believe the “content is king” . Be persistent to work on quality content that will help others, traffic will come eventually.

  93. I am trying the majority of the list, but one short fall I keep running into is nobody comments on my page.

    I have asked questions, I have offered answers… not one comment. I almost think that I have my wordpress setting wrong.

  94. Thanks for sharing this Dhurv …I am going to try this tips on my blog….
    I will love to build relationship with bloggers like you…
    What’s your say?…
    We can do link exchange…
    Just anything to make us connected…

  95. Thank you for this wonderful post. I am trying to build my blog like you have! I am just starting. These tips will really help me. Keep up the good work. Hope you will visit my blog to suggest some ideas.

  96. I am surprised seeing your are replying everyone. That’s fantastic. And thanks for the cool post. I am also going to follow the tips for my blog.

  97. thanks for the practical tips..i think anchor text plays an important role in bringing organic search results for the blog and hence increase traffic.one question are the backlinks too important.i have seen many blogs who have few backlinks but their ranks are too higher.so what is the secret of their success..

  98. Hello Dhruv,
    Some great tips you have shared here. I wish, I could go back and choose WordPress instead of Blogger. How can I migrate from Blogger to WordPress without loosing the backlinks? Is it possible to do so?

  99. Hey Dhruv Bhagat !!!
    I am using wordpress seo by yoast as you are suggesting.
    I am using free wordpress theme. can you please explain me how to determine that which theme will load fast???

  100. Great post, thanks for sharing. I’ll follow all the steps on my blog to improve my traffic.

    You can check this product below to how to increase traffic more and more

  101. Nice tips. I will try them.
    You can also submit your articles to blog carnivals and join forums in order to increase traffic.

  102. Everyone must agree that no CMS is as flexible as WordPress. Everything is handy. The ready made plugins and themes will make a blog look like pro blog without any coding knowledge..
    i am also gonna to move on wp world.
    thanks for this useful article.