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Are You Too Lazy To Be A Successful Blogger?

It is possible you know, being too lazy to be a successful blogger.

It happens to many people, the reality of managing a blog is very overwhelming and can weigh negatively on the blog owner. This creates less interest in actually blogging online and fully running the site.

You can tell when you’re starting to get lazy.Are you a lazy blogger

Sometimes you won’t post as much, or you won’t research an article as hard as you normally do. In the end the side affects of being a lazy blogger is a slow or no growth blog. Being the owner of a large social network I’ve seen this type of blog decay happen very often.

When I first started the Blog Engage community I thought I could handle the site, it’s blog, forums and my personal blog without issue. The overwhelming amount of work made each site suffer in different area’s.

The end result was a lack of updating the personal blog and deciding to work with Blog Engage full time. Sometimes in life we have to give up one thing we love to help another thing we love in order to achieve success.

You Know You’re a Lazy Blogger When…

Reply to Comments

When you don’t reply to your blog comments, you may be a lazy blogger.

It’s rather funny to see people that don’t have time, to reply to the readers leaving comments on their blog. As you all know it’s important to engage with your blog readers to keep them returning and enjoying your blog. Blog commenting is a two-way street and it’s all about taking the conversation to the next level. A successful blogger values the interaction in the comment section just as much as he or she values the content in the actual blog post.

Research Your Articles

When you write a new post and you fail to do valid research you may be a lazy blogger.

If you’re writing a post about a specific topic it’s always good to research and try the product so you can fully understand what you’re even writing about. Take the time to develop some level of expertise on your topic so that you can speak from experience. When a blogger tries to cut corners, the quality of their articles begins to go downhill and readers pick up on that right away.

Engage in Social Media

If you login and submit your posts to a social network and don’t engage with other users in discussion and voting you may be a lazy blogger.

When I login to Blog Engage I make sure to engage with the community. I take my time to vote on other articles, engage in community conversation and try to build my online brand nice and strong with the community members. I notice that the most successful members of Blog Engage are those that take to time to engage and build relationships with the other bloggers.

Moderate your Comments

If you take two or three days to moderate your blog readers comments you may be a lazy blogger.

Don’t make your blog readers wait days for you to approve their comments. This is such an insult to anyone who is taking the time to read your articles and leave quality comments. Sure I can imagine at times this may happen during a holiday but it’s not something you can do weekly or on a regular basis.

Are you too lazy to be a successful blogger?

Let me know! Share some of the things you have done in that past that may qualify you temporarily as a lazy blogger.

I will admit I’m terrible at engaging with my blog readers. 2013 is my year to improve and if you have been on my blog I’ve been doing a way better job. But hey; at times I was a lazy guy and didn’t always reply to my blog readers comments. Share with me something you have done in the past that made you look like a lazy blogger.


Hi There my name is Brian, I'm the owner of Blog Engage. I own a personal blog about SEO and Marketing. Make sure to follow blogengage on twitter @blogengage and like us on facebook.


  1. I`m too lazy for guest blogging and writing posts on my blog, this happens to me once in 2 weeks, anyway I make my mind to do the task.

    Like I`m going to start my guest posting now, decided I will do atleast 4 per month.


    • Hello Khaja moin, I like the idea that you are actually creating goals to meet and reach. If you don’t create a goal then you will never get anywhere!

  2. Hi Brian… thanks for such a great post…

    yes sometime i am a bit lazy to reply my reader comment on my blog…
    cause plenty of them are off topic…

    can you share how to attract reader make a relevant comment..?(sorry for my bad englis :( )

    • The best way to find people that may be interested in your blog is to go to blog engage, look under your category and go start commenting on sites just like yours! This sill drive traffic back toy our site with people that have interest in what your doing.

  3. Uhmm, Brian I don’t think I’ve fallen into that category yet and hope I don’t. I don’t always get to answer comments quickly as I have a day job but I try to within 24 hours. I was lazy once on a business blog when I used the same image from the site for the blog. I’m wondering now if that would be considered duplicate content too.
    When I go on vacation I have a few guest bloggers to fill in. It really helps keep the blog flowing too :)

    • Having a job and getting to moderate comments within 24 hours is 100% acceptable Lisa. I know you work hard on your blog as I’ve watched your blog grow for a year or more. Keep up the great work and thanks for everything you do over on blog engage.

  4. I’ll admit it… I’m a lazy blogger.

    In fact, I’m so lazy I don’t even write anything anymore! I just make videos instead. To me, it’s much easier, takes less time, and makes a better connection than written content. Of course, written content is important as well, which I still do, but not as much. I’m lazy, remember? lol

    Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Gabe, that’s great how you managed to get into the videos! I remember there was a time I did a few but never really enjoyed it. I think I would enjoy it more if I knew how to do my videos better with editing and more. Thanks for sharing your comment here on my article.

  5. I often delay for guest blogging and writing posts on my blog. And I admit that I am a lazy blogger. Also I don’t reply to my blog comments. Awesome article! Your article has really inspired me. Next time I’ll make sure to complete my assigned tasks.

    • Well you will most likely fall back into old habits, you know the saying? Old habits die hard! But if you keep trying to make a difference it’s all that matters!

  6. Let me tell you my story, A sad story from the experience with my old blog, which is almost closer to deal line. 2 Years back I started a technology blog, I did a lot of hard work for that site in different ways. As return for my hard work, my blog got good Page rank and adsense earnings. You know how page rank and adsense changed my working style? My posting frequency is down to 2 posts per week from 6 posts a week. I stopped working on link building and start enjoying with money. Started accepting guest posts on my blog. That’s a stupid thing I did, some spam guest posts killed my blog, I noticed my ranking and earnings are going down gradually.

    So after that experienced, I realized we should work hard even after making thousand of dollars every month. However, Everything is fine now in my new blog. I hope new bloggers will read your post and don;t repeat the stupid thing which I did in past.

    Thanks for your share bro, Keep contributing for Basic blog tips.

    • Hello Sai Krishna, sorry to hear about your bad experience with the guest blogging. I know it’s hard to manage a guest blog and at times it’s even harder to tell what is good or bad content. Thanks for reading my post and sharing your personal experience with us.

  7. Hadley

    I keep on top of my comments, unfortunately I get quite a lot of spam so it’s def’ required. I think social media is the most important part of it these days though and if you aren’t engaging your audience properly you’re missing out.

    • Hi Hadley you are right, when bloggers don’t engage their audience they are missing out. I’ve been working really hard to not miss out on this anymore. I am trying harder to engage with my readers!

  8. Once I watched a newstory on CNN about a laziest husband of the world; while reading your post I recalled that. Though there is no similarity between the two but the ultimate end of both laziest husband and lazy blogger is same. they both have to become loser

  9. heyy..
    nice is original..I usually see this problem around a lot..I myself sometimes get lazy but I am working on this habbit..:-)

  10. Although I am managing quite a few blogs but when it comes to really successful blogger I am lazy. If I conquer the points you mention Brian than I will also join the list of elite bloggers.

    • You know Mohsin Ali sometimes all we need is a little taste of success to encourage us t work hard. I hope you get your taste soon and the motivation you need to become a pro blogger.

  11. I can vouche for this one! I know that I’ve been a lazy blogger because I haven’t written any blog posts in a while but I’m like Gabe I think it’s much, much easier and simplier to just create video’s plus it saves a ton of time!

    • Hey Toshiba Burton if you are doing videos and not posting I don’t think that’s lazy. I just think your focusing time in other productive areas! Keep up the great work.

  12. As i have said many times before..engaging with your readers and community will make a great impact and a key reason of you being successful. Ileane shall agree with me on this point.

  13. Hi Brian,
    I would like to say that I hope not. I have another blog that I consciously decided to leave alone so that I could focus on these others…and that one went up in page rank (go figure) In any case, it’s tough sometimes and I think burnout is a reality we all have to face. I find myself now taking breaks and reading something that has nothing to do with social media. Now that the Australian open is on, I’m clocking out to check that out also. When I find that I’m not blogging as much, I take a break and unplug. That really helps. Thanks and see you on BlogEngage!

    • Hi D. Dixon, you made an excellent decision to move your attention to your other blogs. I”m sure you found that to be a lot easier while it was happening. It’s also nice to unplug lie you said it gives you a nice break to collect your thoughts.

  14. Nice article Brian!
    By the way, it true you’re looks lazy when ignoring the points above.
    Actually (reply comments, moderate comments, engaging) are too fun to get missed.

    • Hi Deny Saputra you are lucky to think that is fun, for many bloggers that entire social aspect is a huge challenge. Consider yourself a lucky blogger.

  15. Hello BBriano,
    This is a nice article, i really did love reading it. atimes i do get tired to update and but hey! i have already set a goal and that goal is what keeping me moving and till focus and beside i do love to blog. thanks

    • Hi babanature. we all get tired now and then, but the fact that you have taken the time to set goals and to engage your audience. Setting goals helps bring you one step closer to success my friend!

  16. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the heads up. I usually don’t have the time to do much of the above. I have to schedule it and take the time. The catch is that the four elements mentioned in your article are too important to forgotten.
    By writing bad articles and by not responding to comments or not being available on social media might earn you a few hours on the couch. But you are actually destroying your chances of creating a succesful blog.

    • I agree, social media is a big deal in order to have a popular blog these days. We all want to hang out on the couch LOL heck I want to do it right now but instead I’m right here commenting and engaging with you.

  17. For me, leaning too heavily on guest bloggers has been my lazy blogging factor. It’s easy to not write a post when a dozen people have articles ready for you. While it’s great to have the occasional guest blogger, there needs to be balance. Thanks for the reminder, cheers

    • Hello Gary Shouldis, taking the time to guest blog is really awesome, but also making sure an even mix of guest blogging and personal writing still takes place is also important you are right.

  18. Seriously,I am too lazy in replying comments but after reading your post and seeing you that replying to each and every comments,has encourage me to do the same and from now there will be reply from me to every comment on my blog.

  19. Personally speaking, managing a personal blog while working a 9-5 (or a 9-6 in my case) becomes a bit of a problem. However the simple fact is that plenty of authority bloggers are running and managing successful blogs along with their day jobs, and with a little time management, so can anyone!

    Insightful stuff Brian, thanks

    • Hi KevRyan your welcome, I also enjoyed your motivating speech in your comment and it’s right. If they can do it, so can we. Keep pushing forward.

  20. It’s a Fact when Starting the BLogging carrier a Blogger usually Gets Lazy but best way to Keep un-Lazy is to Compete. The competitive Feeling and Watching results for your Set goals can Demote the laziness

    • Yeah personal competition works but when you see your leaving the crowd I bet it gets pretty boring. Then again there’s always someone out there that will challenge you.

  21. i’m a lazy blogger! But I have an excuse! I run a car detailing business and blog on my site when i have time. I do though answer all my comments although a lot are spam.

  22. I do not believe I am a lazy blogger but there is definitely room for improvement, especially when it comes to producing more articles for my blogs. :)

    I’m not completely hopeless though, I always reply to any comments left on my blogs and always remove spam ones as quickly as I can.

    • Hi Dean Saliba, I agree your engagement with your readers grants you a non lazy blogger. You know I lost my hard drive and 8 sites I won went down over the last 24 hours. I’m here engaging with you still. I think I’m getting tired however lol. Thanks for the great comment and feedback.

  23. I took a little mini quiz and thankfully I passed, therefore am not a lazy blogger :) I do have my share of distractions which puts me behind schedule, which explains why I’ve been reading and commenting on posts so late in the evening.

    If anything makes me lazy it’s the research but I do it because I know the success of my blog depends on it, I just put if off as long as I can but I end up paying for that too :)

    Great post Brian!

    • Hi Corina Ramos thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you do research this means you have a well respected blog from a SE standpoint and reader base stand point. Well done and hats off to you, keep up the good work,

  24. Hi Brain,

    People wants to be successful but they are just too lazy to be it.

    Reply to comments, Research articles and engage on Social Media are most favorite things to do and never want to be lazy on these. Not smart people can really help but lazy people… don’t know what to do. But they gotta learn how not to be lazy first.

    Thannk – Ferb

    • Yeah but it’s so hard sometimes. We get into a new TV show, or perhaps we like to watch sports. But you are right, with hard work and commitment we can learn not to be lazy.

  25. I see this with so many blogs that people just don’t have the passion to continue. Just look around all over the web from every platform. So many one post and even that one post is welcome world which is automatic blog post created when you sign up for a blog.

    I think you have the passion you have the drive to push through the struggles that comes with blogging.

    • Hi Eric, you’re right man and it even happened to me as I shared here today. I no longer blog on multiple blogs I can barely do 1 and engage the readers with the time I have.

  26. hey brian, great post. I think we have all fallen into that trap. However, sometimes it isn’t laziness, its that we are so busy running our business that we forget to utilize all our tools.

    I have had some lazy times, but I have also had times I didn’t do some of these things because I had more mission critical tasks (like helping a client through a crisis) that took time away from my other less mission critical, although still important tasks like responding to comments.

    I try to balance my schedule, but it doesn’t always work out, especially having a pregnant fiance with a high risk pregnancy that requires frequent dr visits (3 this week, at 2-3 hours each)

    • Hey James this is great it’s nice to see so many blog engage members here commenting. Thanks for taking the time and reading my guest post. Ironic with everything that happened over the last 48 hours. This has been an extremely long day. I also wanted to say thanks for the support in the Facebook group. It’s nice to have someone there with you in real time to talk with. Overall I lost about 20 hours of data and 30 hours of downtime. Not too bad but still hurts a bit.

    • Hey Samuel I don’t see you much anymore what happened? Well I hope to see more of you now we all need to stick together us bloggers, engage at blog engage.

  27. @Brian Dear , I am to much lazy in doing Guest Posts for the promotion and writing frequent stuff on my blog . Now I will concentrate on your Tips .

    • Hi Narender I’m glad my post is going to help you work harder and to even set goals maybe! I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment.

  28. Hello Brian..nice one
    Actually your schedule and timing decides how you shall behave with your blog and readers, because sometime you got an auspicious information and u get active immediately rather than if the information or comment whatever is it, is not contain enough value you just ignore that.
    But the great bloggers keeps themselves busy and work for their blog without a cat sleep.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi ranjan, oh boy do I know what it’s like to not have sleep lol. Blog Engage takes a ton of my time and the last 48 hours was a nightmare! But we just have to work hard and not give up.

  29. Well Sometimes i get lazy but not always if someone choose a Niche that excite him then he won’t get bored or lazy by his blog or writing so every blogger must choose what the most excite them…

    • Hi jawad zaib we all get lazy, in fact I’m pretty lazy right now but I just have to make myself come here to basic blog tips and to engage with you guys. I have to make that effort.

  30. Hey Brian,
    Good to see you here brother…
    My interest is burning and I don’t think I can stand being lazy at the moment. However, these are really signs of laziness.

    Replying to comments, social media engagements, article research, etc are just some of the things I burn my fingers on every day. I hope this continues so I don’t get lazy

    • Hi Enstine Muki thanks for visiting the article and leaving a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my article as I also enjoy posting here with the members on basic blog tips.

  31. hi Brian,
    I don’t think I have fallen into the lazy category yet but it is indeed a hard and long work but to respond to and sort out good and bad comments, post new articles, ideas or theme pictures… But I personaly think it only has to become a part of our life!
    And when I say this I mean to avoid laziness it has to be an every-day work and routine!
    Once you get use to it, it is almost hard to miss a day ^^
    Thank you for the tips!
    Keep up the good work on your blog,
    Best regards,
    Lola K.

    • Hi Lola good for you and keep working hard! I’m glad you en joyed my post. I’ve seen this lazy behavior happen to so many people I’m glad you are holding strong.

      • thank you,
        people must just understand that if you adopt this lazy attitude, blogging is just going to be lonnng and tidious and you will never see the end of it! (there is no real “end” of course but I mean making a little money and having a substantial human traffic).
        Thank you for your quite answer.
        Please keep up you awesome work taking good care of your blog :)
        Best regards!

  32. I think with a lot of people they start blogging and then have no idea how time consuming it can be, specially as your blog gets more and more popular 😉

    • Hi Karen, another blog engage member over here thanks so much for taking the time to comment and read my guest post. I love your new theme and I’ve watched you grow your blog so much in 2012. Keep up the great work.

      • My pleasure and thank you Brian for being one of the great supporters of my blog and the work I do with it, here’s looking forward to an awesome 2013 of blogging 😉

        • You know I promised my self 2013 I would blog more and so far so good. I hope I can keep the energy. Seeing we are not doing any guest blog contests I foresee a lot more spare time

  33. Thats a very nice post. In the past I have got great success with one of my blogs but more my blog grew, the more lazy i started becoming in answering the comments and emails but i Soon realized my mistake. After reading this post now I know that being consistent is the key to being a successful blogger.

    • Hi saurabh, I’m glad my article has made you want to work harder on your own blog and habits. It’s okay to be lazy once in a while but we have to work hard at not letting ti happen all the time.

  34. Blogging takes a lot of work! Producing awesome content on a regular basis takes it’s toll. You also need to be regularly commenting and guest blogging to help build your audience. It’s worth it though.

    • Hi Matt Brennan I agree it’s so worth the effort. I’ve built so many relationships while blogging online and I wouldn’t change them for anything. It’s hard work but in the end it pays off so well.

  35. No. I’m never lazy to do such things. I regularly research articles, read new things and also reply to all my contents. I regularly update my blog with new contents. I enjoy blogging.

    • Hi Thejas sounds like you are pretty dedicated blogger.With that type of attitude I’m sure you are going to do very well. In fact I just went to check out your blog and ti’s fantastic!

  36. I was never lazy but i was disappointed when my hard work did not get valued at google. I have learnt some great things here at this site and at many others and i have come out of it. I have recently worked for one of the site and i am glad that it is doing well. The only thing that i can mention from my experience is that you should never give up and you should continue your work with blogging. Expecting some minute results in the first 2 days or a week will bring disappointment, dissatisfaction and obviously laziness that build up an attitude like- why should i blog? and so on… which leads to destruction of your blogging career by yourself. Thank you BBRIAN for mentioning everything in such a simple way that I can understand,

    • Hi Rakesh I just checked out your blog and ti’s great! I’m glad you took some good info from my post. You know SEO can be such a pain but we cannot ignore it. If we just add a little attention to it and it will work out well.

  37. Hi Brian,

    Great points, I agree with all. Especially from my experience important is “Engage in Social Media”. Without this and bloggers communities it would be much harder to reach readers. I see on my traffic stats when I’m getting lazy. It’s hard to produce each time top quality content but as you write if we are getting lazy our posts won’t interest much readers.

    Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Kamil, I agree man social media is so important. In fact ti’s even changed a lot since I’ve been online marketing. In 2007 it was all forums and now it’s all blogs and social media.

  38. Hey Brian and Ileane,

    This is a great article and something I struggle with from time to time. I am pretty lazy about interacting with other bloggers on some of the media sites like Twitter and Stumbleupon. I could do so much better on those sites and probably get more consistent readers.

    It is so hard to decide which media sites to give your attention to. Any suggestions? Sally

    • Hi Sally, I’ve watched you engage on blog engage so well and if you keep doing that I’m sure you will have more and more readers. It’s hard to get readers as a blogger as many bloggers are to busy blogging and marketing to read other blogs. You just have to keep trying hard and to not give up. It’s nice to see so many blog engage members commenting here :)

  39. There should be some sort of application that nags you and follows your progress in your blog. You could the parameters that adjust better to your needs/goals, and it would be named for example bossnagger widget.

    • Hey Javier that would be so funny. I wonder what the minimum would be before we started getting warnings LOL. excuse me sire you are not on twitter enough to have a successful blog, please visit twitter more.

  40. I don’t think that I am a lazy blogger. I know I don’t spend enough time creating content as i should, but it is difficult because I also have a full time job. I am starting to get some really good comments on my blog thanks to the Blog Engage community. I try to respond to comments as quickly as I can.

    • Hi Larry, that’s great Blog Engage is working so well for you. As you know it takes hard work from us to really get engaged on blog engage. I always tell the users you get out what your willing to put into it. Many people don’t understand the concept behind hard work.

  41. Hi! Great article by the way! I have exhibited signs of being a lazy blogger in the past and ended up losing lots of traffic by doing so. I was specifically lazy about doing my keyword research and adding alt tags to my images. The result was my traffic went down, down, down!
    Have since learned my lesson! Happy blogging!


    • HI Lisa, it’s great that you managed to see where you started being lazy and fixed it. most people would continue with that behavior. As long as we notice these things and adjust our attitude it’s all that matters. Thanks for sharing your story Lisa :)

  42. Hi Brian,

    you have made a great post. I agree with you that the above points all constitute to a lazy blogger. I think while it is easy to create a blog, it is really difficult to maintain it as it really requires alot of effort and time to come up with interesting articles and also to interact with your readers. In fact to save effort i have even disabled the comment buttons for my articles. I guess i have been wrong all the while. I shall change my approach and learn from u. Anw thanks for sharing:) Your tips have been really helpful.

    • oh yeah Joseph don’t stop comments. That is such a great way to convert new visitors into loyal reader and perhaps evens ales of products you’re selling. I really don’t know if I would even blog if I wasn’t allowing comments it’s probably my favorite aspect of blogging.

  43. Hey Brian, I’m a very enthusiast blogger and cant live even a day without it. I cant be lazy at this point because I’m having a great success. :-)
    By the way nice post. I always wait to see your content at basic blog tips.

    • Hi Rudraksh, I have had a few posts here on Basic Blog Tips but so far I think this is the most popular post, But don’t let that fool you have a look I posted some really great posts.

  44. Hi! Useful post. I am not feeling lazy to say this that I am lazy only sometimes but in real I am a smart worker. Enjoyed reading article, thanks!

    • Hey thanks Jamie I’m really glad you enjoyed the article as I enjoyed writing it here on basic blog tips. Bet of luck blogging and remember, don’t get too lazy.

  45. Thanks Brian for the cool one. Your points make sense. I love to reply all comments to create a positive impact among commenters. I also love to research the article, find appropriate keyword in it and implement as well as engage in social media.

  46. I don’t think so am a lazy blogger but I say am lazy replying to comments and this is where am failing to be successful. Thanks Brian, thanks for the valuable post.

    • Hey kevin try and get to those comments. I swear man ti’s the best way to market your blog. In fact it’s better to comment reply them to comment on other blogs. Obviously a combo of these elements are needed.

  47. Luis Gonzalez

    You have to learn on how not to be lazy. E.g. improving your productivity in all these tasks also helps on success and motivation!

    • Well Tammy you are not the only one, many people do not see value in replaying to all their blog connects. I hope you try it and be dedicated to see if it helps with traffic.

  48. Mubashir

    Yes I agreed with you, Your research about lazy bloggers is very close to the actual facts. I am among them of lazy bloggers. I will surely follow your findings to boost up my Blog. Thanks Brian

  49. Well Sometimes i get lazy but not always if someone choose a Niche that excite him then he won’t get bored or lazy by his blog or writing so every blogger must choose what the most excite them…

    • Hi krishna you know I’ve said it before ti’s okay to be lazy once in a while it’s only human. We just have to know when ti’s time to work hard or be lazy, separating the two i so important.

  50. Hi Brian,

    You can’t say it laziness, as you could be too busy to perform all important task. In this scenario you should sincerely look for an honest partner who can manage your burden.

    • Hey that’s a great idea to have a partner Pankaj. But it’s hard to find one that wants to work as hard as you and loves your blog as much. You know what they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

  51. Ha ha, great title! I am NOT a lazy blogger- and I’m a busy blogger. I love the many aspects of blogging, the writing, the research, the photography AND I love the engagement with my readers. Unlike a book, or magazine article, my blog posts are more like a long running dialogue with others who share my interests. I feel lucky, and also dedicated to blogging, and am very grateful for its benefits!

    • Just from your comment Bella Q I can tell your going to be a success. I love your positive attitude you must seriously love this stuff. When people show this kind of dedication to blogging ti really shows on their blog.

  52. With a big community like Blogengage, then you’ve really decided to commit to a more tedious effort.
    The truth of the matter is that many become lazy when things don’t go according to their plans but the real problem is that they mostly set short term goals.

    • Yeah hear ya Kabenlah. When I meet challenges that make my plans change it can be deterring. We just have to find a way to adapt and work though it. I’ve been doing this since 2007 and sometimes I ask myself why I kept going haha!

    • Hi Ngan I hope you can maybe find time to start using it. It’s such a great resource to meet new people and to engage with other bloggers. You are missing out!

  53. I’m sure this post received an exceptionally large readership. I know when I read the title, I had to read the article. I think, at least for me, that being lazy is a sometimes thing. Not being lazy all the time, otherwise, why even have a blog? But we all have those lazy days. Just get through them and move on.

    • Hi Steve, you are right a ton of people engaged this article, seems to be pretty popular. I think ti’s because at one point we all experience being lazy and the title really hits home for most of us.

  54. hahaha..awesome article..after reading this, i realize that i am too lazy. but i do reply to comments because i don’t get too many comments ,,,LOL
    thanks for this article

    • lol prabhat that’s so funny. You know I’ve said a few times in this article at some point we are all lazy bloggers. We need rest too. Most people work full time and also have a part time blog. Some people deserve to be lazy.

  55. Thanks for the article) I suspect I’m getting lazy overall., actually. Mostly it is connected with writing articles but when it comes to moderating comments or answering them, I don’t think it is about laziness. Sometimes you just don’t feel like answering half fake comments like “Thanks, you are great” or “I like you”, a bit selfish maybe, but when the person really writes something to the point of your articles topic, then it makes sense to answer!

    • Hi Evan, I don’t think it’s not being selfish, in fact I don’t even approve small comments like that. What your saying here is spam I think. Don’t waste time on those comments. But you are right, not all comments need a reply.

  56. Not lazy but loosing out hope at some point of blogging will slowly lose the momentum and begin to feel the pressure. That’s what happening with more bloggers.

    • I think blogging has just started getting popular. Wait until everyone has a blog in Hollywood and all families members have blogs it’s going to be amazing!

  57. This is a great blog post Brian, but I think that bloggers can’t be lazy, they just get stuck in the situation unfamiliar to them.

    Because if someone decides to become a blogger, that person is hard working by nature, I’m sure in that, because blogging is a hard game to play.

    thanks for sharing :)

    • Hi JamesW very true but on the same note people also try blogging because they think it’s easy lol… and they get lazy and eventually quit.

  58. I think i am too lazy to research the topic properly,This is the main reason i am right now not writing regularly on my blog regularly. A well researched article always brings a lots of targeted traffic and major search engine keeps on traffic to your site. Am i right Brian?

    • Well for the most part yes, but with that said I’ve seen the smallest articles that require no research do amazing as well rakesh kumar. I guess it all matters what the reader wants to read that day.

  59. I am lazy in doing Guest Posting. I know its very important to achieve better PR and backlinks. However when I write post for Guest posting I get selfish to post it on my blog. :-(

    • Hi Amit , guest posting can be a lot of fun if you don’t think about what you need to do or why you need to do it. Just do it because you actually want to.

  60. Blogging is not for the faint of heart at all. Running a successful blog is time consuming and difficult. But it can be very rewarding at the same time. Connecting with so many people about a topic or issue is a great life experience and can open your eyes to others views.

  61. yeah,
    Blogging is an art of expressing our inner views with some passion towards it :)
    if you are passionate enough towards blogging then laziness can’t stop you from becoming a successful blogger

  62. I’m sure we have all been a lazy blogger at some point or another. It takes experience to understand all the points in your blog post. True engagement is not easy to accomplish without taking the time to get to know your readers. My 2013 resolutions include putting more effort into engagement.

    • Hi Suzanne I have the same goal for 2013 and that is to engage my blog a lot more as well. I have a ton of traffic on the main site so the blog should do very well.

  63. I am sure everyone now and then go through that lazy patch when they feel that whatever they are writing in the article is more than good or feel the articles they have already written is more than enough. But bloggers who really stop themselves or get out of it right away are the one’s who become successful than others.

    • Yeah lol you’re right Balaji. We all get lazy either blogging or in life generally. I guess the goal here is to engage as often as we can. Thanks for leaving the comment Balaji.

  64. Hi Brian
    What i hate about blogging is, my motivation keeps on fluctuating with traffic. If my traffic keeps on growing, i motivated to do better and work more, while if it is decreasing, i feel like quitting it finding it of no use.

    i want to ask you how to regularize it, how to be stable ?

    many thanks

  65. This is probably the main reason why there are many bloggers who don’t last long in this business. I admit I become lazy at times too, but with replying comments, I never get tired of doing it.

  66. I want to be a successful blogger. And i would with my head up say that by reading and following your tips am definitely going to be able to fulfill my dreams. Thanks Brian

  67. the environment where you work it’s too important, make sure it’s clean because your mind feels free. And never it’s Too Lazy To Be A Successful Blogger.

  68. Kapil

    Hey Brian, you’ve definitely hit the nail in the head with these lazy blogger attributes. I’ll throw one more in the mix – ‘not engaging with your fellow bloggers”…like off-line methods, bloggers should also network and stay active by engaging with owners in the same niche.

  69. Hey…Brian…
    really,step by step you really tell us the conditions of lazy blogger
    but one thing for the 4th step i would like to add is that we can add
    comment plugin to make readers more interested in reading our article
    what say..???

  70. I think the social media part is the one that I have to be better about. It really takes so much of my time to work all the different ones there are out there. You’re building interaction, engagement and ultimately relationships. This is where it starts to feel more like full-time around the clock job for me. Would you recommend outsourcing?

  71. Well, it’s kinda true, before i used to research the whole night in order to come up with a good blog that my audience would be interesting but as time goes by, I am no longer consistent to what I used to do. This article helps me think though, it’s never too late to be passionate again.

  72. I become really lazy at blogging when I suffer from writer’s block. I don’t want to sit in front of the screen and bang my head against it. I’ve discovered that when the creative juices are flowing, jotting down fresh ideas that are original/brilliant/interesting/unusual/funny for future blog posts is extremely helpful. Once you put them down, they simmer in your subconscious and write themselves. Blogging becomes fun!

  73. Uh Oh… I think I definitely qualify to be a lazy blogger… besides doing the research on the articles which I do plenty of I don’t spend much time on eithe social media (although our FB page has over 5000 fans now!) and definitely not enough time replying to comments.. I guess that’s the peril of being a hobby blogger.

  74. Good article Brian. I think sometimes we can become lazy. For instance, we can’t be bothered to reply to comments or even moderate them. There is no doubt, it happens like this all the time.

  75. I think I’m going through blog decay! lol. It’s not motivating when after so much hard work writing articles and then google doesn’t crawl squidoo or ezine! Sucks! I guess that’s how laziness starts!

  76. Blogging isn’t for the weak hearted! Something you got to be 100% in. I get lazy with it all the time but I still manage to do something.

  77. Good points, and I totally agree. Especially from my experience important is “Engage in Social Media”. Without this and bloggers communities it would be much harder to reach readers. I see on my traffic stats when I’m getting lazy. It’s hard to produce each time top quality content but as you write if we are getting lazy our posts won’t interest much readers.

  78. Not any longer, Brian. I am not lazy now but I was and I suffered a lot. My blog was penalised for that. If a blog is in dormancy for quite some time, it is the end. Thanks for the post!

  79. I am too much lazy that still I have not written a single guest post …many times I didn’t reply to comments …I don’t no how to become more active..

  80. i think you pull lazy blogger to come here
    here i am
    i am so lazy because sometimes when i see a good post i did’t make a comment
    but not this time

  81. Hi Brain bro,I’m very lazy for writing post on my blog what now I’ve made my mind to do some work,This is an Awesome post and great stuff buddy.THANKS for sharing transparent thoughts with us.

  82. sonu

    Hai brian! nice post.
    I am a lazy blogger. In the beggining, i was not able to make research on my articles. But now i have improved a lot in that aspect. In order to have quality content we should make research.

  83. Hi Bbrian,
    I agree with your explanation. It all just like me, but it was in the past. because I realized that being a lazy blogger will not get the best and in accordance with what is expected.
    Thanks for the post.

  84. I am agree the tip. I start blogging around a years and half but I did not make my blog better yet perhaps because I am busy with off line business. That okay! Now I learnt from you tips and I try to arrange my tips for blog engagement. I try social media but not yet gust post. I don’t social media engagement included guest post or not..
    Anyway, thanks for make me sense about lazy blogger.

  85. Sometimes I am not lazy but then I am out of ideas on what to blog about or maybe sometimes I am just not focused on what to do next. Infact sometimes I do want to do everything but then I finally find myself doing nothing.

  86. I just started blogging a month everything is new and exciting. And I hope I don’t turn into a lazy blogger as time passes.

  87. What I have experienced is that bloggers simple tend to stay away from the research part. Writing the article is easy, provided you are good at english. The toughest is the research part. That’s why some blogger try copying content from other blogs and that’s horrible!

  88. Interesting topic Brian. One way to reduce the laziness is to start out cyber mingling with the different bloggers. This could really boost your morale with a great extent and enable you to get back in your authentic shape. Joining different forums and bloggers’ groups will provide you with the opportunity to connect with people of similar passions.

  89. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day! I’m constantly jumping between three sites trying to write content and market them at the same time.

    Scheduling and keeping focus is incredibly important.