2 Valuable Principles of Success in Blogging!

How to succeed in blogging is one of the most difficult questions faced by bloggers these days. While beginners strive to achieve success, pro bloggers burn their fingers on ways to maintain current success and even add more to it.

Blogging is a lucrative activity on the Internet today. While different users blog for different reasons, everyone’s pushing on to the mark of success. Success is the results of hard work and principles. Blogging has its own principles that must be followed if growth is what we desire daily. Here are 2 valuable principles of success in blogging:

1 – Live in the blogging community.
success in blogging

There is a difference between living and existing. Living things live while non-living things exist. While most bloggers only exist on the blogosphere, it’s important to underline the fact that there is life in blogging. One of the main things we do in life is interact with each other. How therefore do we live and interact in blogging?

  1. Join other bloggers and be active in blog communities and platforms like Blog Engage, Bloggers, BizSugar, Blokube, Facebook groups, etc. Most bloggers have accounts on these and more platforms but seldom login. I consider that existing not living.
  2. Commenting on related blogs: This has recently become an interesting way to connect with other bloggers in the community. The more useful comments you make, the more renowned you become in the blogging society.
  3. Guest Posting: Like commenting, guest posting is a hot way to interact and quickly get noticed. Publishing exciting content on other blogs is like putting food on the table for both parties. Everyone enjoys the meal.
  4. Attending live event: Blogging is not only about writing articles online and sharing on social media. More is added to it when bloggers meet, shake hands, share a meal and experiences. Live events are very powerful ways to grow relationships and influence.
  5. Organizing contests and giveaways: Whether you like it or not, blogging contests and giveaways are unavoidably a killer way to interact in the community and grow your brand. Technology has made it so simple to organize and host these events as bloggers. I can tell you without any doubt that this is a perfect way to interact and get noticed in the blogging society.
  6. Helping each other: No one is an island. The blogging community is an ecosystem where helping each other is an eminent feature. In any community where help does not exist, life is absent. Helping other bloggers is a way of life in blogging. Remember to share other blogger’s content on Twitter and curation platforms like Scoop.it Can you think of ways you can help others?
  7. Connect with the pros: This is a crucial way to live the blogging life. At any one moment, there are always others ahead of us from whom we can get one or more things. Creating connections with them is a recommended activity.


2 – Balance up between SEO and Human readers

For any blog to succeed and stand the forces of time Search Engines and Human readers are a necessity. While we write for human readers, search engines help drive these readers to our writings. If search engines are unable to drive readers to our blogs (because of poor SEO), then something’s missing. On the other hand, if search engines send readers to our articles and they are unable to read and understand our writings, then something is missing. To succeed in blogging, you must be able to balance up.

Share your thoughts with me in the comment box. I’m excited to read your contribution. Also share this with friends on social media using the available buttons on the left.

Happy New Year and happy blogging!

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  1. The one thing I have learnt in the last 6 months of blogging is write for the reader and not for SEO. SEO is mainly off page. So include your keywords etc but not dont go over the top. The only issue I have found is finding blogs relating to the Car Detailing and Car Valeting industry which are dofollow

    • Hey Richard,
      Good to see you here and thanks for your comment and contribution.

      Have you tried dropmylink.com? That might be one small tool to try .

      Good luck with it

    • But the fact remain that you can’t do without SEO because the traffic they generate are unique and ready to stay with your site for long time and even can turn out to be your subscriber. SEO is very important when it comes to quality and unique traffic.

  2. Yes, you really have to be part of blogging communities, as you say. There are many benefits from doing this.

    However there is a bit of a paradox here. The act of writing a blog is a solitary activity, and so it often attracts people who aren’t naturally sociable. While much of this socializing can be done online, making it a bit easier for such people, I suspect many of them still find it a big challenge.

    • Hey Matt,
      Thanks for your comment and contribution.
      Every activity naturally has an unavoidable learning curve. It was not easy for many of us who are getting our feet on the ground. One pointer to success is when we face challenges. Running away from them only indicates failure.

      Hope to see you here again!

  3. Being a successful blogger is not impossible but it really required a lot of work and passion. There are many techniques to promote our blog, but from my opinion, only motivated bloggers can succeed. If we are driven just by money, it is hard to be successful on the long run.

    • Hi Julian,
      Thanks for your comment and contribution.
      Hard work and passion are two strong requirements in blogging. You need passion to work hard and be active on the surface.

      Hope to see you again on BasicBlogTips and even on my blog for more engagement

      Have a splendid weekend

  4. Just landed on your page, and feel jelious as mine PR is not so good because I have just started blogging and hope to get same PR as your’s. Such articles are valuable for new bloggers like me. Thank you


  5. Your point about “living” in the blogging community are very good ones. I tried my best to do most of the things you have mention but find it hard to find the time to do them all. I think it is hard for me because I do not yet make a full time living at blogging. I am only able to work on my blog in the evening s and on weekends because I still have a day time job :-(

    • Hi Larry,
      Good to see you here this weekend.
      I have read some of your posts and can add that you are on a good footing. I also can understand how hard it is to strike a balance between your blogging schedule and your day time job. This becomes even more hard if your day time job is more demanding. Nevertheless, I can encourage you keep pushing on. Never be discouraged. One day, your blog will start paying really big.

      One other way is to open up to guest bloggers. That helps a bunch to keep things moving when you are away.

      Hope to see you here again one evening. Will also appreciate your visit to my blog too.

      Have a splendid weekend

  6. I agree with you. I´ve been blogging for almost 3 years and I always try to get better. Blogging and becoming a good blogger is learning process so I appreciate every single tip or advice .

  7. need to maintain my blog, interact with people, got my own life too, there is just not much time to stick to blogging forum, though as much as i dont like it and its affecting me but do i have a choice????

  8. Living means our presence for others and it may be possible only when we actively with keen attention participate in blogging.I like the most important point for success blogging carrier is Living in the blogging community.

    • Hey Akhtar,
      There is no way forward without quality in what we offer. That’s part of living the lif.

      Thanks for your comment and contribution.

      Hope to see you here again and on my blog for more engagement

  9. “The blogging community is an ecosystem…”

    Nicely put. Running a successful blog requires the same principles as running any other type of business successfully. Engaging with the community is essential to building relationship and finding different ways to serve and understand what exactly people need. I think that bloggers that have a hard time getting the ball rolling don’t understand that the same underlying business principles apply and if you work according to sound principles then you have to get result eventually. That’s the great thing about principles, they are changeless like the law of gravity.

  10. Hi Enstine,
    Obviously the most difficult thing in the blogging (and business world) is the beginning. The first year is the hardest part! I’ve experienced it, and I’m sure everyone will feel the same.

    I strongly agree with the points 6 and 7.
    Compared to self-taught learning (in my first year), I feel a lot easier having friends who are experts in their fields. Since then I have always wanted to get acquainted with pros and learned a lot from them about blogging business.

    Thanks for the inspiring share. I hope somebody can benefit!

    • Hey Hendry,
      Good to see you here and thanks for leaving a comment.
      Like you said, the beginning is always tough. That explains why most beginners drop shortly after. However, starting with guides from expert friends will always serve as a boost.

      Hope you have a wonderful week

  11. Do you have any suggestions of live events? This is very nice list and I am sure there are several things that I have tried, a few that I am working on, and a few that I will be trying in the near future thanks for your post!

    I would be interested in hearing some your personal experience in blog contests or giveaway?

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Hey Eric,
      Have you checked the social media examiner’s content success summit: http://basicblogtips.com/CSS13 to begin with

      Also, I have run a couple of giveaways on my blog and co-hosted some contests with friends. The results of such have always been great. You can get to me through my blog so we can talk more on that.

      Hope to see you again here.

  12. Hi Enstine, most newbie bloggers usually write for Google instead of their readers. And in blogging, staying in the crowd is important. I didn’t join the community very much well this year, I’d love to join everything.

    Thanks – Ferb

  13. Adopt new trends like video blogging and create articles with the help of info graphics. Make the best bloggers write on your blog.

  14. Fahad

    “Balance up between SEO and Human readers” is an important point. If the content is created for the search engine only then all points mentioned in this blog post are worthless.

    Content must be written for readers and then it should be optimized for search engine.

  15. Becoming a successful blogger is a difficult job to do but i you got passion and work hard then its not that difficult, anyway nice points Enstine Muki but i really liked the idea of Balancing things up between SEO and Human readers, i think this should be the core to become successful in blogging…

  16. Hi Enstine,
    Living in the blogging world is definitely important for one’s online success. It enables you to connect with other people, learn from their experiences, stay updated on the latest happenings and trends in the ever changing world of blogging and also creates a sense of belonging!

  17. Hi Enstine,

    I think you’re right. If you live in community only then people would care about you. If you only exist nobody would be interested to know what’s happening with you.

  18. Enstine, a really interesting post.

    One that I plan to focus on more in the future is live events.

    Your point on helping each other is something that I’ve noticed since I started my new blog just over a month ago. The blogging community is unlike any other, the important thing is spreading the love and not just taking good will without giving any back. This is why I love to share other bloggers content and link out to other bloggers in my weekly roundups.

  19. Hey Adam,
    I just checked the Weekly Roundups tab on your blog and must add that you are doing fabulous job. Keep it up.

    BTW, thanks for reading this post and commenting it. I hope to see you again here on BasicBlogTips.com and on my blog EmFastIncome.com


  20. Good stuff and particularly agree with your point on finding the right balance between search engines and human visitors. In order to have a successful blog, its elements (the content, in particular) should be aimed at both: search engines and humans, like your point illustrates very well. Doing so however and maintaining this balance can be a tricky game though.

    • Hey KevRyan,
      That perfect balance is what makes a difference. You get search bots and human readers satisfied.

      Thanks for your beautiful comment. Hope to see you again here and on my blog!

  21. Blog Commenting and guest post do helps in building Good optimized blogs……But still writing good content matters…..just like yours…..:)
    So thanks for the Post……..!!

    • Hey shivam,
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment
      That’s quite true! If you interact without providing valuable content, you may not get good results

      Hope to see you again as you have a wonderful week

  22. Number 2. Hats off. You can just go blindly behind SEO…You have to think about readers because they are the reason you earn if you earn and they are the reason you are popular and your blog is still alive and active….That shows what kind of man someone is ….A Greedy person who wants money and just money…Or the one who loves to help people.

  23. Well your Listed two strategies are indeed Basic and Necessary ones but one should first look forward for Content Developing rather than just marketing. Thank You

  24. Wade Harman

    I agree with you Enstine, you basically have to live in the blogging community in order to succeed in blogging. Its with the relationships that you create is what make you successful.

    • Hi Wade,
      Nice seeing you here today and thanks for your contribution.
      Your recent success is as a result of your being active in the community. Good luck as I expect to see you again here and on my blog

  25. Initially I thought this post was going to be weak with only two tips. Suffice to say, they are two power-packed tips. The blog community is tremendous, even if you’re just starting out. (Well for me, it’s been touch and go with numerous blogs). I’m really pushing to brand myself and get back into the community with some guest blogging, commenting, and writing great content. Great article, Enstine!

    • Hi Michael,
      Branding is important and I’ll be excited to see you guest post and comment more here on BasicBlogTips and while not on my blog at EmFastIncome.com

      Have a splendid week!

    • Hey Tom,
      That’s right! It’s often not easy to strike that balance but that’s required in blogging

      Thanks for your comment and hope to see you here again

  26. One of my dream is becoming successful blogger. This posting is really awesome because gives many insights to becoming success in blogging. I will implement these tips above and i’m sure it will work well. Thanks Enstine for sharing this information

  27. Hadley

    Makes a lot of sense, this biggest thing I think is investing time, people never get results over night. But if the blog is overly promotional it’s not going to be use to anybody.

  28. I do pretty much everything you have mentioned in the post, apart from attend live events as I was not aware of any in the UK. The wonderful Gail Gardner from GrowMap set me straight on that though. :)

  29. Hi Dean,
    Good you came across someone who pointed out the way to you and I hope that will bring you more success.

    Good luck and thanks for your presence and comment

  30. I think guest posting and commenting has more power and easy than participating in groups.
    Yes it`s good to have on both, commenting is the first step to start connection then guest posts. Then you can easily get approved to their personal groups.
    This way you can easily connect with so called pros in blogging.
    When it comes to optimizing content to Search engines, if you`re in blogging or make money niche then I`m sure that only search traffic is not enough.
    Yes, if you have only social traffic then it`s enough. You content need to concentrate impress users. Anyway if you can satisfy both then it`s well and good.


    • Hey Khaja,
      Thanks for reading and leaving your opinion. It’s beautiful to read this from you. I do really appreciate your contribution.

      Hope to see you again here and on my blog 😉

  31. Great post Enstine, basically we need to stay connected and by that I mean to the right community, the one that share the same passion like you.

    You will succeed if you give value back to that same community.

    thanks for sharing :)

    • That’s correct James. It’s important to link up with the right people. It’s not just about connecting but hooking up with like-minded bloggers.

      thanks for your comment

  32. Enstine,

    Yes yes yes! Community first! I love that you said “live the community”. So true! As bloggers we need community. Without it we literally will shrink away.

    I tried to simply make it on my own, no community, just blogging and SEO. My numbers stayed the same in every aspect, they never grew. As soon as I embraced the blogging community and my niche community doors opened and people started to pay attention to me and my blog. It was great!


    • Hey Allie,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for sharing your testimony. That’s the importance of hooking up with people. Your experience is an inspiration.

      Hope to see you here again. Why not also visit my blog? 😉

  33. When I first started out (too long ago to remember) I didn’t get blogging. Every post was like a site page, informative but a little boring! But the more I wrote, the more the shackles came off. Tip: write exactly what you think, make it interesting and add a couple of drops of humour, cook in a Google oven for a couple of days and you will be surprised at the results…

  34. I think persistence is the key factor to determine the success in Blogging. Without persistence, we will never win in any situation. We cannot depend to the luck. We need to put efforts on what we are doing.

    • Hey Aldenir,
      Thanks for your bright contribution!
      Persistence is really key and while being persistent, we have to be calm and encouraged.

      Hope you have a nice week

  35. I agree with your second point completely. While SEO is important for search engines, we have to remember that HUMANS will be reading our blogs and sites, so it still has to connect with them and be easy to read and understand.

  36. I loved going through this post…If a new blogger needs to get success he needs to not only understand SEO but he also needs to connect with other bloggers…New bloggers fail because they don’t connect with other bloggers and they don’t even try to understand the concept of blogging…

  37. Thanks for these tips and points.No blogger can achieve meaninful sucess by existing alone.Joining and interacting with other bloggers works magic

      • This is unbelivable.I never thought you could have time to reply to my post considering the huge number of comments here.Thanks for that i appreciate it

  38. Hi Enstine Muki, Great Principles!! Most of the bloggers fail because of lack of the first principle which you have listed above. Every blogger should connect to fellow bloggers and also stay connected in blogging communities to be successful. Thanks for the awesome post :)

    • Hey bro, that’s right. No one can stand alone. We need to join hands in order to move forward

      Thanks for the comment and hope to see you around soon

  39. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a blogger, it’s that you need to do as much work outside of your blog as you do on your actual website. Commenting on other blogs in your niche, forging relationships with other bloggers, and posting on forums is just as important as having lots of quality content on your blog. Every affiliate marketer should realize this.

    • Hi Jacob,
      That’s a perfect way to live in the blogging world. A lot has to be done outside our blogs. This will bring untold traffic

      Thanks for your comment and hope to see you on my blog for more tips 😉

  40. The term SEO can scare many new blog owners/site owners, if there was any advice I could give it would be to allways use on page basics such as H tags, Alt tags, title, unique meta descriptions for every article and if needed rel these on there own are extremely important.

    One more thing I would say is don’t fixate over keywords, this can lead to over stuffing articles and negating there usefulness, write naturally and for your readers!

    • Hi Darren,
      Generally, there are two sources of traffic : Referral and SEO. To get SEO traffic, you must pay attention to it and balancing it up with human brains. There is a way to flow in writing and still be SEO friendly 😉

  41. Yes, I agree that being active on the blog by interacting with other bloggers can be one of the best ways to achieve success in the online businesss. We as a blogger need to be visible to our readers as well as other bloggers and also write some attractive content for them to notice our presence.

  42. Hey Enstine,
    Nice post with great information. I really enjoyed this post while reading and according to me for a successful blogging we need to regular update our blog and also make relationship with other bloggers via guest posting or by commenting on theirs blog. Thanks for sharing this post.

  43. Hi Mr. Richards,
    I strongly agree with everything you said above, but until now, I have never tried be the Guest Posting and I’m sure if I did it, it will definitely be better than now. Thanks Mr. Richards for your tips and post.

  44. Yes its necessary to balance between SEO and human readers. We should make our reader, daily visitors. And joining other blogs or blogging community is an important part of blogging.