12 Steps You Must Take to Quickly Become a Successful Blogger

You might be a frustrated blogger. I feel you.

Steps to become a successful blogger

I wrote for an audience of crickets, for many, many years.

I wondered why nobody read my blog and why I received no comments and like many of you, I found myself asking the question, “How Can I Be Successful?” I feel your pain. Do not give up!

Do not throw in the towel, because you can become a wildly successful blogger in your own right.

Becoming a Successful Blogger

I returned home a few weeks ago from a 2 year working holiday of Southeast Asia. I have conquered my frustrations and more importantly I am helping an increasing number of bloggers do the same thing.

Decide to become successful now. Become so excited about living your blogging dreams that you cannot possibly think of quitting your blogging exploits. You can do it. You can succeed.

I believe in you and I’ll share with you 12 steps you must take to get the ball rolling and become one of the most successful bloggers in your niche.

1 – Commit

Imagine yourself opening a corner store. I visited “warungs” in Bali to pick up a cool drink or a sweet snack. The lady running the warung works 7 days each week. She toils for 6 to 10 hours daily.

Why? You get what you put out there. You need to commit to the point that you treat your blog like an offline, brick and mortar business. Work at least 4, 6 or 10 hours daily on your blog if you want to become wildly successful.

2 – Learn from the Best

Follow leaders from the blogging niche. Coaches need coaches. This is why Tiger Woods receives coaching and why Lebron James receives coaching and why Lionel Messi receives coaching. Bloggers possess blind spots. Coaches can reveal these blind spots to you.

Once you see where you need to improve you can improve. You can hire an accountability partner or simply learn from the best and most successful blogs in your niche. Monetizing your blog becomes simple if you follow the advice of authority bloggers.

3 – Do Your Best Each Time You Publish a Blog Post

Stop forcing out blog posts. Force negates. Stop trying to push out a hastily-written 300 word post. Write a keyword-rich, 600 to 800 to 1200 word post each time you decide to write.

Change your habits. Post your best work each time you write a post. Post once every 2 to 3 days if it takes you this long to write a keyword-rich, 1000 word blog post since you might work long hours on your full time job.

Think long term; a search-engine topping post beats 3 poorly-written posts.

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4 – Seize Guest Posting Opportunities Immediately

Write a guest post the moment you learn of the guest posting opportunities. Do not hesitate or delay for you talk yourself out of writing and publishing the post.

Your ego plays tricks on you, grabbing for every low energy excuse in the book to keep your comfortable and failing as a blogger. Guard against this tendency. Write guest posts from a prolific space. Branch out, make friends, have fun and make money online.

5 – Spend 30 Minutes or More on Personal Development Daily

This tip is far and away the most important thing you can do on a daily basis. You only become aware of your negative thoughts if you meditate, visualize, affirm or pray on a daily basis. Example: I churn out 1200 word blog posts fairly easily but I refrained from writing these style posts because I viewed the strategy as a time waster.

If I saw little feedback from individuals after writing 1 or 2 1200 word, keyword-rich, quality posts, I bailed on the strategy. Massive mistake here, and I only learned the mistake I made by meditating, quieting my mind and tuning in to the destructive head games I played with myself.

6 – Make Your Goals Bigger than Making Money

You want to make money online. Excellent. Make sure to build a bigger, grander goal, tied to something larger than yourself or bank account. Setting up only monetary goals ties you to outcomes, meaning that you quit fast if you do not make a set amount of money within 3 days, 1 week, or 1 month.

Think about providing a valuable service to people on the internet. Observe the awesome blog here, run by Ms. Ileane. She provides a valuable service to humanity by publishing valuable, in depth blog posts. Remember this each time you sit down to create a post and you cannot help but to inspire individuals.

7 – Monetize Your Blog

I want to share a silly mistake I made with you. I only monetized my blog recently. Sure, I ran a cash gifting team and linked up to my capture page through my blogs but I never signed up for Adsense, or offered my consulting services until a few months ago. I did not monetize my blog to its full potential.

By ignoring monetization I neglected to use keywords or key phrases, and of course this mistake made it difficult for me to target my market.

Monetize your blog from Day 1. Gain clarity in whom you wish to attract. Your Adsense ads and of course overall results quickly reflect if you are targeting effectively.

If you need some help with installing AdSense, watch this video from Ms. Ileane How To Show AdSense Units Inside a Blog Post

8 – Go Above and Beyond Word Count

This tip ties into Tip 3. Right now I sit at 836 words. I intend to write a helpful manual each time I publish a guest post or publish to my own blog.

Never stretch out a post of course but always go above and beyond word count to set an overachieving precedent. Once you adopt this mindset of stretching yourself you can become a successful blogger.

9 – Post Double Digit Tips Titles

Look up top. “12 Tips.” These posts usually become amazingly popular because readers seek numerous, practical tips to apply to their problems. I see many bloggers struggle and I wish to help them, to share my success secrets, because struggling in the area of monetizing your blog is not necessary.

Use numbers to create order in the minds of your readers. Receive more clicks.

10 – Become a Comment Lounge Lizard

Scroll up and down the comments section to connect with like-minded bloggers.

I found massive tribes by becoming friends through the comments field. Stop by a blog. Read the post. Create an insightful comment. Become introduced to prospering opportunities.

11 – Take a Deep Breath

I am taking a deep breath now. Bloggers tend to get stressed, worrying about making money online or generating leads or receiving more comments. Take a deep breath to relax, slow down your thoughts and become present.

OK, are you back in the here and now? Great. Proceed, stress free, and stop blocking the creative ideas which can build a blogging breakthrough for you.

12 – Let Posts Marinate

Stop rushing. I immediately hopped on this guest posting opportunity but I am taking a break after wrapping up the post in 5 minutes. Revisit posts about 1o to 15 minutes after writing your first draft.

Think through your title. Does it make an impact? Yes? Good. If not though, think through a more intriguing title to grab the attention of your readers.

Your Turn – Let’s hear your tips for becoming a successful blogger!

What tips can you add to this list?

How did you become a successful blogger?

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Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. Receive simple tips for generating cash online at his blog. Click Here


  1. Hi Ryan, I do agree with you on all the above steps. I think the most important one is “Patience”, mostly bloggers fails because they want an instant response, so they never can survive with that thoughts.

      • Patience is a must. But also, bloggers must learn how to write 800 word key word rich articles before they post. Most blogs I read, consist of 200 words and a lot of images which is wrong.

        • I do totally agree Wilfred. I too am taking this as Mantra and moving forward. But nevertheless, RYAN, this is one amazing post I have read in recent time.
          I too am applying many tricks mentioned here.
          Commenting is really a huge huge opportunity for any blogger but many are taking the root of short term interest i.e. just leaving a link :).
          As of now, not thinking much about making money. Just trying to be around people like you to learn. (Said that before :)).
          Keeping the honest approach is yet another mantra, I feel.

        • What? Really? Always write articles for real people and not search engine. A article containing 10 words and which solves my problem is lot better than a pointless 800 word blog post.

          AND images convey words a lot better than words, so select whatever is working for your blog.

          And there is nothing called “wrong” in blogging!
          Happy Learning!

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I like the way you mentioned that you were at 836 words. The post didn’t feel like it was 800 words. When I get to 600, I cut off because I’m afraid they will not read anymore. You really gave some good points. For me the two best points were blog for something other than money and take time to clear your mind. Again thanks.

    • Kimsea

      I am agree! Don’t always just think about money but be sure money is one mission of internet blogging business. I attended blogging because I have two goal, first I want to be a famous blogger and other have long holiday with my wife. I blogging could give these to me

  3. Irfan Siddiqui

    For me being a successful blogger means the one who is getting hundred and fifty comment in his each blog post. The moment I receive such a mass comments on my blog posts I’ll find myself successful. There are many who are getting, and I believe one day I too will receive such appreciation.

    I like all 12 tips you have written in your article but you didn’t mentioned anything about being social, I mean if someone practice all your tips properly still he will need to be social to get tremendous exposure. Without it, it usefully is of no use.

  4. I agree with you that we must make it an effort to do our best for each post. I always try to write a masterpiece whenever I publish a new blog post. This way I can be assured that everything on my blog is worthy to be read, bookmarked, shared and being used as reference. That means more backlinks. :)

  5. hello ryan
    you have written a great post and i agree with you on most of the points but i have a question regarding the points which says “double digit tips title”. is it more effective?

  6. every blogger starts with above mentioned things but what happens later that if he does not get expected results he drops all the actions one by one which he was doing when first time he started blog.and this is the difference between successful blogger and dumb blogger.

    Successful bloggers continuously do all the above actions does not matter getting traffic or not and in the end google bless them .

    Thanks for sharing .

  7. Nice post Ryan, and Yes, all the points you mentioned above are the must point for successful blogger. I really like the point of keep patience, guest posting and try our best to each post. Thanks for sharing these important tips.

  8. a very nice article Ryan…
    giving up is not a solution of the problem..,yo need to get up and apply your whole power for the accomplishment of the task.., then only one can be successful one day…
    you’ve given very nice points here, thanks for the article.., :)

  9. Good points despite that the topic itself if not red hot at all.. But I like your ideas and structure of the post) Good job)

  10. Tips are great but working on them would really be very great; so the need is to follow them religiously but we must not expect them a sort of magic want that soon after following them we would be having miraculous results. We have to wait and also not these tips alone but a comprehensive strategy would work a lot. My point of view is that don’t make haste to start a blog first make your extensive homework and then start blog with zero mistake.

  11. Hey Ryan,

    What an awesome guest post man :)

    Every guest post one writes should have the essence and qualities this posts exhibits.

    Being successful is going to require you to try so many opportunities, till you are sick of them.

    Successful people practically just work hard to “create” these opportunities, then be successful because of them.

    You got me thinking there a bit Ryan :)

  12. Thank you for this great list. I am new to web blogging and looking for valuable content. Also a friend of mine needs some motivation with her niche blog. I will pass it to her!

  13. Hi Ryan, great points here.
    I totally agree with you on your last tip – a blogger should let his/hers post just to “be” a bit. If possible, then no need to rush it but better take time and perfect it. It is way better to write and revise the text sometime later, even if it will be in 2-3 days. First draft, second draft… until it feels just right.


  14. great tips, Ryan. much has been said about being a successful blogger but not many people become one. personally i think i would go for consistent blogging, staying positive and guest posting.

  15. Yes, the first point is the one which struck my heart..Getting a coach is so important..

    And I found a simple typo error in one of your paragraphs.

    Think about providing a valuable service to people on the internet. Observe the awesome blog here, run by Ileane. He provides a valuable service to humanity by publishing valuable, in depth blog posts.

    I believe, it should have been “she” instead of “he”. I am pertaining to Ileane.


  16. One of the biggest mistakes that I want to mention is when a blogger blogs only for money and doesn’t care about the readers or the search engines , I used to make this mistake when I was a super newbie to this blogosphere
    Ryan thanks for sharing this awesome post with us have a great day ahead 😀

  17. Hi Ryan… thanks for the post. Expanding on point 8, I’m curious to know what you consider to be a good length for blog post. Some of our blogs face the challenge that they are photo or cartoon blogs and this results in little text for the accompanying image (which can incidentally take a long time to produce!)… how much text would you recommend in such instances?

    • Hi Steve, The impact behind each word is key. 600 is good for search engines but photo or cartoon blogs might want to churn out at least 100 or 200 per post. In any case avoid stretching out posts to hit a minimum, because your images will speak 1000 words, I am sure 😉 Thanks!

  18. Hi Ryan i just enjoyed reading all points seize guest post opportunity really interesting stuff and i feel great when my post gets frequent comments

  19. Ritul Gangwar

    Hi Ryan
    First of all I am very much satisfied with your all experience you shared .I am also facing same situation for some time . Right now I am feeling good after reading your post. Thanks for sharing

  20. Corey Frankosky

    Love this. My favorite 2 are these:
    Do Your Best Each Time You Publish a Blog Post
    Make Your Goals Bigger than Making Money

    My goal right now is to create a following to my blog, social networks, email list, etc. and then I think the money should be much easier to come by. If I can create quality content then people will be more inclined to buy from me.

    • Nope Leslie, this is a limiting belief that many newbies face. NEVER feel bad about making money. Ever! Post Ads from Day 1, and create content. Get comfortable with the idea of making money, from the start. Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Ryan, If I could slow myself down a bit and commit myself to even just your #5 here…I know I’d be healthier, more productive…and probably just a better person over all.
    Thanks for your fresh perspective.

  22. Another great post Ryan. It looks you are certainly for some big these days. :)

    I do agree with your tips here. Comment section can be used efficiently to target different objectives. It is not just a link building strategy. You really have an opportunity to build immediate relationship with like minded people. I see it as a directory of same-niche-people.

  23. Great post. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in everything that goes into running our blogs that we forget to slow down and pay attention to the important things that will make our blogs successful. This was a great article to help me refocus my priorities.

  24. I love your tip about spending the time on personal development. It is very important for bloggers and entrepreneurs to have personal development time – the time when they pamper, relax, reflect and improvise.

    Great steps by the way!

  25. I think this post is come with ray of hope for those blogger who wants to achieve success in less time in blogging on other hand it could be prove harmful as well because there is a one more thing which is also very important in online marketing it’s “”PATIENCE””.

  26. Hey Ryan, is it only me or others also find your writing uniquely “fresh”?
    And your guest-post in Ileane awesome blog means gold along with diamond!
    Things I liked most are- #3 Do your best for each post- instead of publishing any crap. Visitors would never love such content.
    #5 Spending on personal development, #6 Blogging is bigger than money.
    Great ideas! Keep it up.

  27. So glad to see you listed commitment as the first step. I had no idea how much work it would require to keep up with even the simplest blog. It really is all about committing to what you’re trying to accomplish. Great read thanks.

  28. Hi Ryan ,I think patience is the crucial thing for becoming a successful blogger. Ya many newbie give up when they are not getting their desirable result on blogging.In my opinion blogging is most competitive proffesion to start with.But when you learn and start enjoying it ,there is no profession as interesting as much the blogging is. Thanks for nice sharing.

  29. Tim Shirley

    Hey Ryan,
    This is quite a list!
    I love tip #6 Make your goals bigger than making money. I feel this is imperative because if you do not do this you will quit way before any money is made.

    Thanks for the info!

  30. There is one point I have a problem when comes to somebody new blog post, all I do is leave a comment giving opinion to that post. But when trying to interact with other commentors , it make me feel like I’m spamming.

    Thanks – Ferb

  31. The Article is really good and have lot of useful information. I like all the point but the 6th point you have provided i love that.. Grt Work..

  32. these are great tips I always talk myself out of guest post oppurtinities .I also believe that instead of posting alot of okay post its better to post small amounts of great post.For a begginer I think take a deep breath and commit is most important

  33. Great tips..Can really connect with what you’ve mentioned here…A couple of years back i used to post 2-3, 500 word articles a day…I used to take around 1 hr to do research and another 1 hour to write…But nowadays i am finding it difficult to post 3 articles a week as i am now involved in a full time job…I guess it is better to post a few good articles than a crowd of poor posts.

  34. Amazing tips. I really find this post motivating. Consistency is the only area that I should concentrate more and I feel success will follow. Humor is another element which can create fun. Hence I am working on this too.

  35. Good Tips Ryan…I would definitely follow all these steps.I am just a hatchling blogger now and wanted to be a successful blogger.Hope these above tips would help me reach my goal..:)

  36. That is a highly valuable post Ryan….

    Becoming a blogger is sometime very stressful task.. Writing a worthy post always makes me a little worried… I like the 11th Tip… Taking a deep breath always helps me..

    For myself … I always look up to the nature for inspiration.. If you can’t think of anything while writing a blog post.. Get out of there and look into the nature.. Always Helps me..

  37. Getting thousands of traffic daily does not have any rocket science formula. It’s about the efforts and your time devotion. Just like the famous saying “Rome wasn’t build over night” and just like any profession, being successful does not happen over night, it’s a process.

  38. Amazing tips. I really find this post motivating. Consistency is the only area that I should concentrate more and I feel success will follow. Humor is another element which can create fun. Hence I am working on this too. Thanks for sharing.

  39. jean Lawrance

    If anyone wants to be a successful blogs these shared tips are very essential and helpful in this scenario. All shared points are very worth but these two points are more important than others “Learn from the Best” and “Seize Guest Posting Opportunities Immediately”. Learn from best is very important point and guest posting is the most effective source to get good figure of traffic as well as business.

  40. First of all Ryan, I just loved your writing style. It was a very fluent and lovely read!
    You’re right… Commitment plays the biggest role followed by the ‘reason’. Setting up better reasons than just making money is quite motivating.

  41. Hi Ryan,

    I loved your writing style. Its so encouraging and refreshing. I agree with you that we have to work hard and smart to make our blog a success. Writing catchy tiltes is the key to grabbing attention of readers. All your points are very practical and useful. Thanks for sharing with us your views.

  42. I am a fan of #11 and #12. We all can get so caught in putting out blog posts, doing this and doing that without taking a break to sit back and see how you are really doing. I think its a great way to really look at your website and pay attention to the small details.

    What I liked most about this post is #12 and really looking at your blog posts itself. I can remember not doing that and when I really got serious, I would ask myself after reading it, does it add value or am I just posting for the sake of posting? There were times when I thought, “why did you post that?”, but thankfully it was when I first started out. Now I can honestly say, that I am more careful and I give myself time to think about the purpose behind each post I put out.

  43. Hey Ryan, your post is fantastic. I liked the point of posting double digit tips titles. I’ve never concentrated on this point. I will definitely try this…….. Thanks dude for such an informative article.

  44. Hi Ryan, the way you present your views in the post are excellent. I really like the way you write, it is very encouraging and awesome. Keep going!

  45. Hi,

    I really enjoy your blog . I like your blog to share our personal experience with us .
    And give us something useful thought and advice.

    thanks for share with me!!

  46. your first tips remind me of someone told me that
    if you want to success in Internet Marketing
    you should in front of your computer 12 hours every day until your eye bleeding
    since then i commit to be success in IM

    thanks for great tips

  47. Great article mate. I agree that people should spend everyday some time focusing on personal development. Aiming big can be a great motivationa and if you invest time and passion in your blog, you can be sure that money will come soon. You need to find what you like and commit to it. Thanks for sharing all this with us. Cheers!

  48. These 12 ways are really amazing to become a successful blogger. One should do the best and guest posting is very necessary for this. We should always think beyond the money making and commenting is a must thing. Thanks for your great ideas.

  49. Really really well defined and clear written steps for becoming a good blogger.I really liked it.Thanks for providing such good insights for the topic.

  50. Vivek

    I liked the idea of spending time on personal development. I mean until and unless your are fit, how can you make your blog fit.
    Well then I didn’t liked the idea of monetization with adsense. Rather than this, the new bloggers should start writing new reviews on latest ebooks or tool in his niche. This will give his/her site more exposer, more organic traffic and most probably more revenue.

  51. Hey Ryan,

    Thank you for those tips. Will surely follow all of them, who knows 2-3 years from now I will excel in this venture. If that happen, will surely remember you as my mentor. Thanks a lot for this post. This will help me a lot in starting this endeavor. Wish me luck.

  52. The 12 points you listed are really close to any successful online Blogger. Surely even I will try to follow most of them……..Thanks !!

  53. Hi,
    What an amazing article you’ve written man, the short the useful one. I really liked step #8 word count, this is very important for analyzing the keywords.

    Anyways, great content are coming on BBT now a days.

  54. Miguel Duran

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for all the helpful information, I am a newbie at this and have been reading lots of blogs and articles out there to wrap my head around so many good idea so I can try and start on the right track. But as everyone knows you don’t ever start on the right track you have to start from the bottom to get to the top.
    You mentioned to blog at least every 2-3 days that is very true, if you can just blog about anything everyday for just 10 minutes of your day blog about anything and as time goes by your wording skills will start to increase on a daily basis. Also always go back to your own blog and read it as if you were a visitor on your blog and read it carefully to find your own mistakes and learn from your own mistakes. Besides this good job here on these steps.

  55. great post and very useful and helpful information .i read the whole article and i founds all the tips and suggestions mention above really amazing and very helpful to became a successful blogger. thanks for these useful and important tips and suggestion

  56. hello ryan awesome post anyone can becomes a successful blogger if he write post regular and give a creative idea’s to readers. The quality of content should be effective and don’t need a bigger article, article should be short but has quality in it .
    thanks for sharing it

  57. Agree, those tips are indeed useful! That double digit tips title is indeed great! As you said people indeed love reading more tips and related stuff.

  58. It is very true, Ryan that the readers visit to the sites containing the numbers…such as 10 tips for so on and so for…
    also we should work on the proper promotion of the articles as social presence of our article is something of a vital importance.

  59. Hi Ryan,

    I have seen the ups and downs of blogging and we need to stay committed to become a successful blogger. Learning from the best in the industry gives us guidance and lessons that we should follow to avoid committing their mistakes. Monetizing should be done at an early stage as you suggested. Nice points to follow to become a successful blogger.

  60. Hamza

    Hi Ryan, you have mentioned marvelous tips here to improve the newbie blogging. However, I believe if one start putting faith into his work, he/she will get more out of from it than a regular person. 30 to 1 hours are just not enough for developing the personal reputation in the market.

    I believe we always be ready to help, and interact with community members. It will help us in earning their trust, and reaching out more opportunities.

  61. Being a blogger would really require commitment like you said in your first tip. One cannot become a successful blogger overnight. Although if you want to earn a substantial amount from your blogging, you must really learn from the best. Make sure you are always updated on the different internet marketing activities that will help make your blog very popular.

  62. I do agree with you on all the above steps and i will suggest that you must follow these step you will definitely become a successful blogger but with this we must have an patients.

  63. Hanna

    I totally agree with all of the tips. I guess, the biggest one in becoming successful blogger is a commitment, and of course a bigger goal or picture. A good enough “why”!

  64. Hi Ryan,
    I have just started blogging. I am developing my blog with the help of WordPress.
    This is very useful article for me.
    When we post an article on blog it should be unique. The uniqueness of article determines quality of article or blog. we have to attract the readers by using images, videos or other graphics.

  65. What a great post run for anyone who starting to think of blogging this year and as a helpful checklist for anyone who has recently started blogging to build their platform. Good work. Keep it up.

  66. hey rayn – thank you for sharing an other great post here. I alway love to read these type of tips. I have recently started my blogging future. Keep it work

  67. Thanks for these tips on becoming successful. I can relate to not giving up. Not every single success is made over night. Having the patience to ride the tough times will benefit in the long run. My blog has just reached it’s 1st month “anniversary” and it’s sharing it with the almost 3000 hits in that short time frame. How? It’s down to reading and taking action on wonderful tips and ideas shared in articles like your’s!!!

  68. I just wonder how many people actually think about the first point you mentioned! Personally, even I usually tend to optimize my post for the search engines about the audience!

    As for keywords, we should definitely do some research! Google Trends is a brilliant tool in my view, but the problem is that if I keep the focus keyword which Trends suggest as popular among users, then Yoast lowers the level of SEO from Good to Ok. So, it’s difficult to maintain a balance between the two!

  69. I think you covered almost all the points which are indeed needed to become a successful blogger. Innovation can be added to the list. Write something unique and get more traffic. The chances are less if blogger is giving information which is already present on other blogs.

  70. Barbara McKinney

    A blogger should always be ready to learn. Surround yourself with people who can help you improve your skills.Even you achieve few goals and get initial success,don’t quit reading.It is an essential requirement which will help you stay updated with latest information.Great article Ryan!


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