3 Tips to Write List Building Guest Posts

Guest posts should generate you a ton of extra traffic.

If not, you’re doing something wrong.

When I publish a guest post here on Basic Blog Tips, or on Famous Bloggers, or Pro Blogger, I see a jump in my opt-ins.

Sometimes the spike is stunning, as I receive 5 times the opt-ins I would see on a normal day. This is how it should be, too. I mean, of course I am here to add massive value, and draw readers to this blog, but I would also like to draw readers to my blog so that I can build my list.

Guest Posts MasteryList Building Guest Posts

If you want to GET leads you must GIVE your best effort. No way around this one, no matter how you cut it. It is always a sowing and reaping thing. You generate serious list numbers if you give away serious value through your guest posts. This takes great care, and paying great attention to detail, at least if you want to grow your list and make money online via guest posting.

Take Your Time as Patience Is Prospering

A funny thing happens as I slow down when writing guest posts, or any posts for that matter: I target my post with keywords, I write better copy, I craft more compelling titles.

It is simple, and quite easy, when you carefully take your time to churn out meaningful, targeted and helpful blog posts. Be patient and persistent, and you will have no problems generating leads with your guest posts.

Guest Posts Insight

Patience is a most prospering state of mind. When you slow down and calm down all the prospering, lead generating ideas flow to you. You grow your list with ease through your guest posts, because you are coming from a calm, confident place, and building a guest post masterpiece is the natural results. Be patient, be persistent, and you will create a work of art.

Never Save Your Best Go All Out

One mistake that poverty conscious bloggers make? Holding back, saving their best posts for their own blog. What makes more sense: writing your best post for your 100 readers or writing your best post for 15,000 readers of the blog you are guest posting on?

Trick question, as the answer is BOTH!

Always do your best and never make the foolish mistake of holding back and putting out substandard work when you submit a guest post. You have one chance to make a firm impression on the minds of the blog’s readers. Do not squander this chance, always do your best each time you sit down to write a post, guest or not.

It is a strange tendency indeed to hold back any time you write a post. This mindset is indicative of someone who is accustomed to failure, and of course, until you change this mindset you will have a tough time generating lead driving guest posts, because when you hold back, success will be held back from you.

Do Not Forget to Hyper Target

Another key point: target each one of your guest posts with SEO. Of course, you must tailor the guest blog post to the blog you are posting on but work in your keywords too, as long as the blog vibes with these keywords. Of course, if you did your homework beforehand you would be well aware if your keyword usage would vibe with the theme of the blog. Do your research and pepper your keywords in appropriate places throughout the blog post. Be disciplined in taking this approach and you can more easily generate leads and make money online with your guest posts.

Target every single piece of content you ever create if you truly want to rake it in online. Your guest posts need to fall within your targeting strategy. Yes, you want to drive readers to the blog but you also want to grow your blog audience too. Target, target and target some more, and remember to aggressively promote the guest posts, just as you would promote one of your own blog posts.

Guest Posts Summary

Persistently use these tips to put our list building guest posts on overdrive.

What tips can you add?


Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. Receive simple tips for generating cash online at his blog. Click Here


  1. Hey Ryan,

    I’m seeing you everywhere! Lol

    Anyways, great tips for sure and I especially agree with putting your best content out there all the time. If you’re creating information products, then of course keep that content’s value up by not spilling all the beans in your guest posts. However like you said, even that is no excuse to submit substandard content.

    Thanks for the awesome post!
    -Gabe Johansson

  2. Bravo!

    What makes more sense: writing your best post for your 100 readers or writing your best post for 15,000 readers of the blog you are guest posting on?

    Thanks Ryan.

  3. Excellent tips, and I’m sure that it helps that you’ve been guest blogging on some of the biggest, authority blogs in this niche as well. These blogs get a ton of traffic, which means more exposure for you!

  4. list building guest posts

    that’s what i’m talking about

    Good post Ryan

    It’s interesting how many guest posts seem like they were just mailed in.

    I’m not sure who to blame more when that happens the writer or the blog owner.

  5. Great post, Ryan. Guest posting is definitely a surefire way to grow your list incredibly fast. The first guest post I ever did was on Lisa Irby’s blog and I was floored by the number of optins I got in one day. It’s was awe inspiring, lol.

    I’m definitely putting it in my calendar to do a lot more guest posting the rest of this month and in the first quarter of 2013. I’ll also be adding video marketing to my arsenal and I think that the two should produce a lethal traffic combo.

    Thanks for sharing your guest posting insights with us. I appreciate it!


  6. Hi Ryan,

    I can’t really describe the power of guest posting and every time I do a guest post the number of email list increase by 3 – 4 opt-in each day and that’s so great. There are a lot of benefits of guest posting and I really got to spend more time on it.

    If anyone hasn’t tried out guest posting yet. You should definitely try out and the result may even be better than he said.

    Thanks – Ferb

  7. Great post, looks like you didn’t hold anything back. I think that is really a good point, when writing for a guest post or your own blog you really do need to make a good impression, or the chance of getting repeat traffic diminishes greatly, of course that is something that nobody wants to happen. So as you say target your traffic and put forth a great effort all of the time.

  8. Hi Ryan,
    thanks for answering these tricky questions (I was racking my brains trying to answer them too))). It seems that you can read minds and give me solutions to the most bothering problems. That was a tremendous post

  9. Very good post Ryan, some great tips also. I have been wanting to start guest posting and this really helps. Thanks. Where is the best place to find some guest posting available? (other than this blog haha)

  10. You are very right about using quality posts as guest posts. Some people regurgitate content for the sole purpose for guest posting but this is very bad idea. If a blogger writes quality content as gues posts, then other bloggers will beg you to write for them.

  11. Guest posting is really a great way to get maximum benefits. We get backlinks, traffic and is also SEO-beneficial. Now, you’ve told us a great way to build lists using guest posting.
    Thank You

  12. i really agree with you about “Guest posts should generate you a ton of extra traffic”. But sometimes, i just need guest post only to make my blog keep it up with the latest post and active always

  13. All you have written are real, not all people are very patient to read posts (and follow your link) if a post is totally garbage and fluff. If you want traffic, offer something: start with a great (error free article).

  14. The only problem with guest blogging is that it requires more in-depth research than regular blog post which requires considerable amount of time. But guest posts really build credibility online and build relation with the bloggers. I believe I should concentrate more on it.

  15. Excellent tips on guest blogging. I especially learned from the part about key words and doing research on the blog before you post. I have a lot of work to do to learn more about key words and how to work them into my posts. Warmly, Susan

  16. Great tips Ryan. I haven’t yet started building a list but I’ll be looking to do that soon. I liked your first point quite a lot since most people tend to save their best for their own blogs while submitting mediocre posts to other blogs. This is obviously not correct and needs to be reversed if one wants conversions from their guest post.

  17. Hi Ryan,

    Very useful tips, you’ve shared here. I thinking of starting my guest posting campaign too, I’ve put this on hold long enough, and I always see people say that every blogger big or small had done guest posting at one time.

    I think for every guest post you should write a post on your own blog that complements it, this ways you can enhance the result of your guest posts.

    Have a great day Ryan, thanks for posting this, cheers.


  18. Great tips on how to write list building guest posts. I will use your advice next time when I write one. I should remember targeting them with SEO. Thanks a lot for your insight!

  19. Aasma

    If you’re really looking to take full advantage of your blog post then you must use your best article for this purpose. As if you can impress the audience of other blog only then you can expect them to become your loyal readers.

  20. Everyone who has asked me where I get most of my traffic from, I’ll say guest posting. It’s THE best way to get high quality, targetted leads on your list. Not to mention, when you have awesome content, everything fits into place.

  21. yes thanks for sharing after all guest posting is very useful and get huge amount of traffic through apply this tactics and gain a lot of revenue in our website.

  22. Joseph

    Ugh, I hate seeing people who write fluff guest posts. The goal is to write with the same level of quality that you do in your own content. Creating a focused backlink shouldn’t be your only goal, especially since google can change algorithms and potentially flatten your rankings. By writing an informative post, you in turn give yourself longevity by not only getting a backlink, but potential human clicks as well. Great article man, I agree all around.

  23. One thing about guest posting to remember is that you MUST be immune to rejection, because no matter how good you are, you’ll get rejected more than you get accepted, and you’ll see results only a incrementally during the beginning, so it’s crucial you stick with it.

  24. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for providing this insight. I appreciate the fact that you underscore the importance of patience when formulating ideas and writing relevant content that will be presented on another’s blog.

    Too many Internet marketers deliver the message that writing posts or articles should be an extremely quick process — one that could or should be done within minutes. But for the vast majority, writing is a thoughtful, labor-intensive endeavor, particularly if the writer is invested in the quality of the end result.

    Providing one’s best work will not only build one’s list and traffic, but trust and credibility — and help establish one as an expert in a given niche.

    Thanks so much for posting this information. Guest blogging is becoming more important, and it’s definitely on my ‘to do’ list for the coming year.

  25. Thank you Ryan for the very helpful tips here. It’s great help to blog newbies and would serve as a great reminder for seasoned bloggers as well. I’ve learned something new today :)

  26. Imran Khan

    Can you please share some green link building tips which are working with current Google algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin). I read lots of blog posts describing negative responses on guest blogging.

  27. Keyword analysis for guest posts, I think this is not much practiced by many bloggers. Just 2 days back I was thinking about this. (Even thought to write a post about it.)
    Anyways this is important, as when a guest post ranks your site and profile are more exposed and it indirectly helps you.


  28. As others have said this is a very good insight into something that a lot of us probably had little knowledge of.

    I would be interested in reading a post about this subject but aimed at people who wish to receive guest posts on their blogs. I have plenty of people submitting guest posts but they refuse to follow the basic rules I set up, no matter how many times I email them about them.

    How hard can it be to put a picture with their post? 😛

  29. there is a lot of buzz going around about back-links being counted against you with the new Penguin update. does guest posting also come under this new Google policy?

  30. Ryan, a great post!

    You’re so right about not saving your best – some bloggers have build themselves into an authority thanks to not holding anything back.

    I think we should give our all no matter what; some people save it for their own blog and if it’s big enough then fine but it won’t give the best impression to readers on other blogs.

    Those that go all out; like yourself will go far.

  31. If we really think about the word GUEST it helps. Follow your excellent suggestions for researching who to contact and of course present a clean well written post. Your tips on links are very helpful. Thanks

  32. hello ryan – This is rather timely, considering I’m writing several guest posts for several blogs (I am still seeing if I can add one or two others, especially an authority in the writing niche). This is all basic stuff I just read in an e-book, but it is good to have a reminder of sorts.

  33. Actually it’s a helpful blog. Guest posting is the way to get maximum benefit. I’m sure it helps to increase traffic on my site. I will try guest posting on a popular blog which you describe in a mean point.

  34. Hi Ryan,
    Writing on hot topics would automatically give you an edge over your competitors. Always try to be the first on writing about something new. Because that way your article will be given more preference by the search engines. Also, it will provide you with more authority since you’re the first to provide that information. The good thing about this is that you’re readers and visitors will look up to you in the future for more such information and some of them are bound to become your loyal readers.

  35. Hi Ryan,
    Excellent post. Well I do believe that Guest Blogging has become very important now-a-days and the advices that you have shared are definitely helpful for all guest bloggers. I like the tips that you have shared and specially the first point of reply to comments. This is infact necessary to increase interaction with your visitors. Thanks for the share!!

  36. Sai Kumar

    Hi Ryan, Guest Posting is the great way to get Maximum benefits to our blog. I recently started guest posting where am getting some good benefits like backlinks, Traffic, etc. Thanks for Sharing!

  37. Yeah, I agree with you Ryan when you say that you should not hold back when guest posting. I personally believe that your guest posts should be better than your own posts for the simple reason that you get just one chance to impress your audience as a guest blogger.

  38. Thanks for helping us with this article on guest posting. I recently start guest posting and it does work. I found a site that accept guestpost and its free check my link.

  39. I haven’t done many guest posts, but one thing I have learned from doing the few guest posts I have done already is to always send an offer first. When I first started guest posting I would study the blog, write and article, and then send it to them. Many times they just didn’t reply and I wasted all that time writing an article. If I would have sent them an email first and waited for their reply, I would have saved a lot of time.

  40. I like the point about not holding back great posts for your own site. I’m looking at doing guest blogs right now and even a magazine article about prepping and was just thinking about that.

  41. I have many guest posts published around the web but I’m still scared to Guest Blog on blogs when it’s my first time…I don’t know why it happens….But after seeing these 3 ideas by you, I think the fear my go away.

  42. I have just guest posting Initially I was only thinking of guest blogging to build backlinks but after reading this article I can now see there be far more benefit than just that. Shaun you should try my guest blog as this is a great way to find willing blog owners who are in need of guest bloggers.

  43. wow Ryan great tips for building guest post.Hope to see more post like this.Good job man.THANKS for sharing transparent thoughts ….

  44. Wow great post Ryan sir.But please tell me is there any more way to get traffic for a new blog.I’m a new blogger and i want guest posting alternatives.Thanx

  45. I am agree with you Guest posting is definitely a surefire way to grow your list incredibly fast.I think I should start to post guest posts on other blogs, Thanx Ryan for your great article.

  46. Hey Ryan,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these important tips with us. Yes, guest blogging is the best way to promote our blog and also make links with other blog and drives traffic to our blog.

  47. Whooa, guest post – that exaclly i want to talking about. Thank you so much guys :) I will follow these to my mail list project.
    By the ways, can you show me somethings like ” how to build list fast ” ?