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Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. Receive simple tips for generating cash online at his blog. Click Here

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1 Terribly Uncomfortable Blogging Challenge and How to Overcome It

Criticism the uncomfortable blogging challenge

Most people will offer you constructive, helpful, supportive and nurturing feedback but a few sarcastic, critical, miserable people can ruin your day, or week, if you allow these leeches into your mind. The challenge lies in creating new, fresh, interest content, on a daily basis, while dealing with mean-spirited critics who try to knock you down with their unhappy, miserable projections….aka, nasty criticism. In this post, we’ll take a look at the challenge of turning criticism into something positive.

You Must Avoid this Calamitous Guest Posting Mistake

Guest blogging Mistake

I thought back to the 30 or more guest posts I churned out entirely unrelated to making money online. I covered a variety of topics. Great. I showed my range. But making money online focuses on hyper targeting prospects. I get no bonus points for displaying my range. I do not build my list by covering topics outside of my niche. I find the spare opt in or 2 but rarely do these folks join my gifting team or ask for my consultation services. Nope. I screwed up. Big time…

12 Steps You Must Take to Quickly Become a Successful Blogger

BasicBlogTips 125x125

I returned home a few weeks ago from a 2 year working holiday of Southeast Asia. I have conquered my frustrations and more importantly I am helping an increasing number of bloggers do the same thing. Decide to become successful now. Become so excited about living your blogging dreams that you cannot possibly think of quitting your blogging exploits. You can do it. You can succeed. I believe in you and I’ll share with you 12 steps you must take to get the ball rolling and become one of the most successful bloggers in your niche.

3 Tips to Write List Building Guest Posts

List Building Guest Posts

Guest posts should generate you a ton of extra traffic. If not, you’re doing something wrong. When I publish a guest post here on Basic Blog Tips, or on Famous Bloggers, or Pro Blogger, I see a jump in my opt-ins. Sometimes the spike is stunning, as I receive 5 times the opt-ins I would see on a normal day. This is how it should be, too. I mean, of course I am here to add massive value, and draw readers to this blog, but I would also like to draw readers to my blog so that I can build my list.

How Can An Army General Teach You a Lesson in Blogging?

Blogging Generals

Blogging newbies and vets! Attention all you blogging grunts out there, I have a message for you. You run a blog for one reason. Yes, you want to share value and help people. But you really want to tell people to do something. So they take the call to action and both parties prosper. Most bloggers fear being “salesy”, or too promotional. I remember before I joined a tribe, I heard from a particular blogger that I was too promotional. This was simply his lack of faith, in his opportunity, being projected on me. I laughed. I knew better. So I ignored him, and continued promoting myself, and my opportunity, barking calls to action like a blogging general, and growing my team, and readership.