How To Curate Content and Build Authority With

I first encountered months ago when I clicked on a Tweet from my friend Anise At that time, I’d never heard of and I was so amazed with the design and the interactive features of the service, that I contacted her right away for an invite. Immediately I became addicted to and started telling my friends about it and sending them invites. DiTesco from iBlogZone was equally impressed with and even months later continued to thank me for introducing him to this gem of a curation tool.

The reason bloggers and marketers like Anise, DiTesco and me enjoy using is that it allows us to keep a visual collection of those stories that hold our interest. You might compare it to Pinterest in some ways but for me, it’s so much more. You get to shine the spotlight on your favorite images but more importantly – you can gather snippets of information in an organized collection based on your topic of interests. Curating a topic helps build your authority and helps keep you focused. There are some added benefits that you’ll learn more about in this post (and in the video). – No Longer in Beta completed that last round of private beta testing late last year and became open to the public so you no longer need an invite. You can head over to the site and set up your account right now if you want. The free account allows you to curate five topics and you can post your scoops to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and WordPress. let’s you show off your best content or content you’ve curated from the web. Before I go any further, let me show you what you can do with Please watch: Tutorial – Curate Content, Build Backlinks and Track Engagement

In the video you’ll see the 5 topics I’m curating with now are:

After you scoop an article you’ll find additional options for sharing to Google+, Pinterest and StumbleUpon on your topics page. I think your friends and followers will be just as impressed as I was the first I laid eyes on a scoop from Anise. There is a handy Extension for Google Chrome that I use to quickly grab snippets from stories I want to curate on my topic pages and you can download! for Chrome here. The community aspect of adds another dimension to the platform and you’ll quickly learn how easy it is to follow your friends topic boards and suggest stories for them to curate.

Advanced features offers pro and business plans and in the video I demonstrate how to set up Google Analytics for those of you who may want to upgrade to those options. Special pricing and terms are available for educators and students who really seem to embrace the platform and enjoy using it much as I do. is one of my favorite curation tools and I use it basically everyday. What about you, do you think you’ll give a try?

UPDATE: I was featured in the “Scoopit Spotlight”. Read the feature and how I leverage the platform and community in How Ms. Ileane Spreads Interesting Ideas to Strengthen and Embrace Her Community.

Watch a followup video I did in response to a question about how to “Put on Your WordPress Blog, Blogger or Website.”



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      • hi Ileane, thanks for information about This sounds like a very useful service that will come in handy. I am definitely going to check this out. I appreciate the very thorough and clear explanation.

      • Neha

        hi Ileane, ya i recently started using scoop to my sites and i really like it because it’s gives me much more traffic and all are targeted to my sites.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing some great resources with us.I think its very helpful for my blog .I am just going too creating scoop it account. Once again thank you for sharing great post.

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Ileane,

    Excellent. Another power-packed tool here.

    I might use it soon, definitely warrants some due diligence. Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph

    • Ryan, I know you have at least 5 topics you want to curate! You’ll love how you can customize the background on your page and pick a cover image for your topic too.

  3. Its been a few days since I joined the service when I saw a tweet from Ileane sharing some posts from I find the service interesting and still learning to use it efficiently.

    • Hey Suresh, I got an email notification when you joined and I’m going to see what topics you start curating. I can show you how to suggests posts for other users to add to their topic pages too. That’s another feature that I love.

    • Hi Sharon, how many topics have you started so far. My YouTube topic has over 1,300 views (it’s amazing how that one is taking off) and I have over 130 articles there. I love how I can send them right over to my Tumblr blog or Facebook page if I want. Really good stuff!

      • Ileane, I have one main topic (called Get Paid to Write Online) and I’m using another digest to collate my guest posts on other sites. That’s it for now, but I’m loving the ability to share on multiple platforms.

  4. Hi Ileane,

    This is actually the first time I’ve heard of Your video was awesome, and I might give it a try soon. I can truly understand why this is a powerful service, and it looks like it’s very easy to share and curate posts.. and the way you’re using it looks very powerful. How much time do you use on a day? It feels like it might take awhile to set up, but it gets easier once you’ve used it a few times?

    • Hi Jens – Guillaume here (one of the founders) I’ll let Ileane answer for herself but to give you an idea, set-up can be really quick and take just a few minutes.

      All you need to do is create an account (you can use FB or Twitter to sign up), give a name to your topic, drag and drop our bookmarklet in your browser and there you go!

      The rest is pretty straight-forward and doesn’t much overhead to what you probably already do every day: most of us have a daily routine of regularly reading great content about what we love or care about. So just do what you normally do and whenever an article, a post or a video you saw was great, click the button in your browser to publish it and share it.

      It’s as easy as that :-)

    • Hi Jens, nope. It doesn’t take long to set up at all. You do need to fill out a profile and pick a name for your topic. I think you could set up a topic in about 8 minutes. LOL Even less than that if you check for the name first and make sure it’s not already taken.

      I Scoop stories throughout the day and it actually saves me time because I can send the article or video to Tumblr and my Facebook Page at the same time. So it you’re doing any type of content curation already, in the long run is going to save you time over most of the alternatives.

      I hope that answers your question Jens. I’d be happy to help lend you a hand if you need it, just let me know.

    • Hi Justin, I wouldn’t compare to randomly generates your paper and you have a chance to alter the content after it’s been generated. is also temporary. We used to be able to go back into the archives but that option is gone now. The other point is that with you can only share the content on Twitter.
      On the other hand is hand crafted by you and there is no algorithm involved. Only you get to add the articles you want and your collection is permanent. I can go back to stories that I scooped back in August of 2011 and they are still there. I think Storify might be a better comparison, but I need to dig into Storify more before I give you details. I’m not sure if you can share to Facebook, blogs, Pinterest and StumbleUpon but I’m so addicted to I didn’t have time to explore all the features of Storify.

  5. Looks like an interesting tool to check out, Ileane. Seems like it has more features than some other curation tools I’ve learned about. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Grady, I agree that has more features than some paid curation tools. I was looking into some of them when I found and I was a little surprised to learn that. Thanks for your feedback Grady.

  6. Thanks, Ileane. This sounds like a very useful service that will come in handy. I am definitely going to check this out. I appreciate the very thorough and clear explanation.

    • Hi Carolyn, you’re welcome. I think will integrate nicely with the other tools you’re using. Thank you for stopping by.

      • Hi Ileane, I think so too. Does it integrate with Zite at all? I saw this article at the top of page one of Zite this morning and if I were using Scoop.It, I would have loved to add this article.

        Are you going to be at Philly Tech week next week at all? I’d love to meet up with you!

        • Carolyn, does Zite give you a link to the original story? I’m not sure how Zite works because I don’t have an iDevice.
          When is PhillyTech and where? I sounds like fun.

          • Yes, you can read the story on Safari or on the web from within Zite. This article was front and center on Zite yesterday. You’re a Zite star, Ileane!

            Philly Tech Week is next week. Here is the link: Let me know if you’re going to be at any of the events. I’d love to meet up!

        • Hi Carolyn – Guillaume from here.

          We don’t have any integration with Zite for now but a workaround would be to install the bookmarklet on your iPad(o iPhone) as it fully supports Safari Mobile. You can install it by going to from your iPad.

          Once you’ve done that, it’s simply a matter of using the “open in safari” feature of Zite on the article you found interesting to curate and clicking on the bookmarklet.

          (Of course, I’m not suggesting an integration wouldn’t make things even simpler and fluid but a lot of our users have found this workaround useful when reading from iPad news readers such as Zite or Flipboard).

  7. Wow, this looks amazing Ileane. I’ve never heard of it before, but I’m heading over there to check it out as soon as I’m done commenting!

    This is why I love coming to your blog… I always find something useful that can help me keep organized or become a better marketer, and many times these are things I haven’t heard of before, like

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    • Bob, is a great tool to keep all your favorite articles organized. Please let me know what topics you decide to curate.

  8. Ileane,

    Great breakdown on I didn’t know about this tool. I’ve been using Pinterest to do this sort of thing but it seems by using Pinterest I’m missing out on some serious functionality…


    Ryan H.

    • Ryan, tops Pinterest in many ways. Don’t get me wrong I think Pinterest is cool and I like images just as much as the next gal, but I like information even more. And that is something the provides, that Pinterest is lacking. also has tons more sharing options.

      Let’s use LinkedIn as an example. If you’re trying to build your network there which tool makes more sense to use. integrates directly with LinkedIn – on the other hand, most likely you wouldn’t want to share your latest Pins with your LinkedIn community. Make sense?
      Thanks for your comment Ryan.

  9. What can I say, Ileane. I love and will never stop thanking you for getting me in there. You really have done a great tutorial and explained IMO very well what people can do with this awesome curation tool. I think that there are still some that compare with other supposedly curation sites, but once they get the feel of how it works, it can be addictive :) Thanks for the mention, BTW

    • LOL!! DiTesco you and I think alike in a lot of ways so way back when was in beta and I only had 5 invites yours was the very first one I sent out. I appreciate you and mention you and your blog every chance I get :)

    • Hi Nicko, did you see that I gave you a little shout out in the video too? I hope you saw that one :) I’m glad we got connected over on Thank you.

  10. Ooo, a new tool that I have yet to use. Thank you for introducing me and everyone else to this tool. It looks very successful and I will sign up right now!

  11. Hi Ileane and all! Guillaume here from Thanks very much for the great post: really appreciate you introducing to your very engaged community.

    Welcome to for all of you eager to try! Don’t hesitate to send us feedback on : negative or positive, we love to hear everything!

    • Guillaume, you and your team have done an awesome job of creating and I love that you keep adding new features to the free versions so that we can all take advantage. I wish you all the best and thanks for sharing the feedback url with us too. I’ll be sure to let you know if I anything comes up. Chat soon!

  12. Scoop it looks like a very interesting resource. Thanks for pointing it out to your readers. Another great post here Ileane!

  13. Cool, never tried this one but have since signed up and started scooping :) It seems like a takeoff on but maybe more visual. Thanks for sharing a fun new tooll and your insights on setting it up!

    • Hi Carol Lynn, good for you! I think you’ll like it and I bet you end up reviewing soon over on your blog. It has more dimensions than and if you get a change, check out the response I gave to Justin about the comparison of the two services.

      Thanks for signing up Carol Lynn, I’ll be on the look out for your scoops.

  14. Hmm very interesting, you know I hear of Scoop it before and a bunch of my articles got linked there, but I never took the time to explore the site, well maybe now it’s time :)

    • Hi Aliosha, if you started seeing traffic from that is certainly a great reason to start exploring the service. Cheers!

  15. Hi Ileane,

    Here we go, another tool that we can spend some time on. I had never heard of Scoop it before. I agree it’s like Pinterest for text instead of pictures.

    I like your new logo. What a great marketing strategy this guy pulled. I’m sure he gets a lot of business this way. Smart move :)

    • Hi Sylviane, thanks for your positive feedback about the logo! I’m really excited about it and now Ifham has more design work that he knows what to do with. Have a great weekend and I hope to chat with you again soon.

  16. Aasma

    That’s seems to be an interesting service, even small businesses can utilize it for their promotion purposes.

  17. Some of my posts were scooped not long ago but I didn’t bother much. Now only I know excatly what it is after reading this article of yours Ileane. Just registered with them and it’s definitely an interesting site that worth spending some time on.

  18. Thanks for let us know, Ileane.

    Great social tool to share interesting resources and content !

    I have heard about it before, I have now signed up and take a look at !

  19. Excellent post and video tutorial! thanks for the share. I believe this technique
    works well on your blog. i will try

  20. Great insight into Ileane, I watched your video over on your YouTube channel and immediately went to check it out. Still playing around with it, looks great. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

    • Hi Fabrizio, that was really nice of you to leave a comment over on YouTube. I love getting comments over there and interactions on YouTube boost rankings. Hope you enjoy – I see you picked out a great topic already and I’m surprised that the title “Blog Traffic Tips” was available for you. Cheers!

  21. Ileane, you never let me down when I come and visit you my friend. I have never heard of Scoop It, but will jump over to it as soon as possible. I am a social media coach and need to keep my followers up on the latest and greatest. Being on Social Media, we need to connect on every platform. This looks like a good one to me.
    Again, Thank you for being a leader once again and keeping me posted on useful information.
    You Rock,

    • Hi Donna, I know what you mean about keeping up with the latest and greatest! It’s so important especially when you have clients because you don’t want them to be the one’s telling you about stuff, you want to be the one to tell them! That is one reason why I explore these tools and share them with you guys after I test them out. Let me know what you think about or if you need a hand with it. Thanks for coming by Donna. :)

  22. I have only been using for a few months and whilst I’m not a raving fan, it’s growing on me. It might grow even more now that I know I can share it on G+ as well – thanks for that :)

    • Hi Sarah, I would have guessed that the Pinterest sharing might peak your interest, but the Google+ sharing is pretty hot too. Thanks for your comment Sarah.

  23. Thanks for the superb post, although I use some paid tools for curation, I must say this tool is actually a better tool then the tool that I am using presently.

    Can’t wait to really dig in this tool.

    • Hi Devon, nice to meet you! I’m glad I introduced you to The basic version which is free, has more features that many of the paid tools out there.

  24. Jack Sander

    I have heard about but I haven’t use it. From your description I see that it has great potential, therefore I will give it a try and see how it works for me.

  25. Hi Ileane – I should admit, this is the first time I heard about Scoop-it, and i am very much impressed by your video and how you have put it to use in such an effective manner.

    I am heading over and starting off curating now….Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Praveen, thanks for the kind words about my Scoopit video. You can keep up to date with all the videos I upload to YouTube by subscribing to my channel. If you get a chance, please leave a comment over on YouTube too. Cheers!

  26. These types of accounts confuse me Ileane, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t really see the need accept to maybe “keep up” with certain information all in one place. Am I understanding that correctly?

    I guess it’s kind of like all these new sites coming out and everyone wanting you to join everything. I don’t have the time or the desire in all honesty to put aside to learn about all of them. I think it’s the same thing about studying certain marketing methods and not diving into trying to learn them all and do them all at the same time.

    You just have to pick the ones you want to learn and run with them.

    But I do appreciate you giving us the heads up. I can’t say I didn’t know about it now right!

    • Hi Adrienne, I know what you mean about being short on time. If you are already curating content with another service and you’re happy with it, stick with it. I tried a lot of different curation tools before I decided to stick with Here’s what I tried:
      Storify (I still use this one but not as much)
      There were a few others but they’re gone now and I can’t remember the names. is by far the most comprehensive and includes every sharing option I can think of. And I just love the layout.
      Thanks for your comment Adrienne and have a wonderful weekend.

  27. Hi Ileane!

    I saw that you’ve been using a lot and while I’ve seen it around in use by a few other people, I didn’t really understand it so much. And guess what? I was hoping you’d write up a piece about it. If you didn’t, then I was going to ask directly, but you beat me to it. :)

    This is superb info! I’m really going to have to investigate this further and experiment how I can use it to my advantage as well.

    Thanks! :)

    • Goodie! I’m glad I beat you to it girlfriend.
      I’m not sure if you have a Tumblr blog yet, and in my case posting to Tumblr is one of the big benefits I find with Facebook page posting is really a super benefit too and I bet half of my posts over there go through
      If you get a chance, be sure to check out my YouTube scoops, I’ve built up a really great collection of articles there.
      Happy Scooping!

  28. Hi Ileane,

    I’ve never heard of before but it definitely looks like something worth checking out, so long as it doesn’t take me long to get the hang of! Now that Guillaume has told us you can use it on the iPad I’m far more interested. I tend to do my reading on there, rather than sitting at my desk, so it’s essential to be able to share.

    Do you know if there’s a way to scoop articles through Reeder on the iPad? Sometimes I find that easier to scroll through than Flipboard. I like to review sites that I’m subscribed to before going through a search, which I wouldn’t always have time for.

    Also, can you share something just to a Facebook page vs. profile? I hate it when apps or plugins only give you the option to share to your profile. There are plenty of things I share that my friends would have no interest in.

    Anyway, this definitely looks like it’s worth exploring. You definitely manage to dig up the gems out there!

    – Sharyn

  29. Now this is a cool tool. I have never heard of Scoop it, but I love the whole set up. From what you described it reminded of Pinterest and I love that format. I think readers look to images within the post also as a deciding factor if they want to click through to read a post as well. Probably why I love Pinterest so much. You have convinced me to check this out. Still loving the review on Viewbox…now that was cool!

    • Hi Sonia, will grab some images from the article you’re scooping and let you choose the one you like – but there’s also the option to upload your own image to go along with the story. I’ve used this feature on my STEM scoops because some of the educational articles don’t have images in them.
      I started to run this video through Viewbix, but I didn’t have time yet. I’m sure I’ll add some Viewbix apps later, maybe this weekend.
      Thanks for stopping by Sonia!

  30. Hi Ileane,
    I just saw this article via JustRetweet and decided to go through it :) , I have never heard of but the first time I came across it was through Google search when I was making more inquiries about JustRetweet and saw that this person @ditesco added one of your YouTube video you mentioned about JustRetweet but didn’t bother to check the site as of then.

    I just registered now after watching your awesome video :)


  31. Well of course I am going to get going with this as I got this idea that it could be a great way of testing different niches;ie, if one particular curated topic starts to spark in authority then it’s a winner!

    However my biggest question as I asked on you GooglePlus page is do they allow us to monetize our ScoopIt pages in any way? I mean do they allow links to our money pages or html coding to place an optin form or any type of ads ❓

    • Hi Caleb – we don’t integrate any Ad platforms yet but we’re happy for you to include sponsored links or posts in your pages. Some users have used the advanced customization of Business to include HTML Ads for instance. We’re fine with that.

      • Guillaume, this is great to know. I was concerned if there would be any violation of the TOS. I’m sure other people are looking for ways they can monetize their Scoops. Thanks!

  32. Ammara Wasim

    Hi Ileane!
    You post aware me from and now i have open my account on and start to use this service. Really i feel its very useful service for anyone who want to take benefit from it. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Wow, looks like a really great tool. I’m glad you shared this, I hadn’t heard of it before. After reading your post I’m going to have to check out.

  34. I’m a new blogger and saw the word Scoop it before had no idea what it meant. Thank you for sharing. So many years I promise myself to start blogging and have a presence somewhere else than Facebook, and finally, I did it. Thanks for so many information on youtube channel. I joined Pinterest about a month ago and enjoying it. This look like a better version to Pinterest. Excellent post and video tutorial! Thanks for sharing and giving great tips. I need it! I wish you God Blessing and success. You’re a truly a Blessing.

  35. I saw a lot of scoop It uses everywhere but i wan’t motivated enough to try it. After reading this article, i think i will look into it a bit. Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

  36. Ileane,

    This is great. I have barely started with, but I do see great potential. Thanks for sharing this. It got me re-energized and excited about

  37. Hey Ilene mam,

    Very honestly I open more than 5-10 time based bookmarked links from my Facebook timeline but I didn’t know about it’s important 😛 no doubt it’s better idea for getting traffic and I also try to signup and follow my bloggers friend on it.

    • Sherryl, once you install the extension, you’ll be scooping away in no time at all. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a great week ahead Sherryl.

  38. I guess the secret to being a great blogger is to have a lot of powerful tools that you can use for free, “” is no exception. Thanks for posting this Ileane. And thank you for sharing every little secret other successful bloggers like you would rather keep hidden.

    • Hi John, thanks so much for saying that and I will be floating on a cloud for the rest of the day thanks to you :) stuff like this makes it all worth while for me.

  39. No Problem :) I am happy to praise people who deserve it. Anyways, can you tell me how students will be able to use Google Analytics in collaboration with Will they be able to use it on projects and other academic stuff like research?

  40. Hi Iliane,
    I have created an account in that site before, but never used it. Thank for review about scoop to know its features.

  41. Mario M.

    Hey Ileane. Its another great post from you. I am looking forward to join to make the most of its benefits. Thank you for sharing this article.

  42. After the penguin update, I’ve been really cautious of how I manage my content. I guess content curation and syndication won’t be a good idea to build backlinks as it can raise duplicate content red flag in Google. But that’s just my opinion, I might be completely wrong.

    • Hi Karan – I understand your concern but we’ve only seen positive impact so far of these Google Search adjustments. Search (mainly through Google) brings overall 35%+ of the visits to pages and we’ve seen a 50% increase when Panda was released as we were precisely able to measure it. It’s too soon to tell for Penguin but we haven’t seen any drop at this point.

      Fundamentally, Google is trying to fight webspam generated by algorithms and prioritize the social signal in their rankings. When people share content, it means something. It means it’s useful for others to read or react upon. It’s a signal for quality and the more people do that on a piece of content, the higher it should come up in search rankings – all other things being equal.

      And that’s typically what the community of users do :-)

      • Well, I guess that’s good news.

        I was running an experiment on how content curation affects my site’s ranking after the penguin, but it was too soon to infer anything.

        Thanks for the heads up on the same… :)

        I’ve got some more similar concepts, I guess I can start implementing them now..haha…

      • Thanks for the headsup guillame.I was resistant on using these curating services fearing a slap from google.But now would implement them going by your experience.

  43. You think you know everything and then you find a useful tool like this. I run an entertainment website with lots and lots of pictures so scoop-it is a perfect medium to promote my website. On top of that the website ranks 1567 on Alexa! It already gets tons of traffic!!!

  44. Thanks for this info, I’ve had a couple of my articles “scooped” and really couldn’t figure out what was going on! I’m glad my content wasn’t just stolen after all lol.
    Is it ok to scoop your own articles, or would that be frowned upon?

    • Hi Lisa,

      It’s perfectly fine to scoop your own articles from time to time but in the long run you will make about better if you mix things up. The whole point is to put together a collection of articles from different sources, not just put up links to your own content. You want other people to follow your scoops and rescoop them so remember, you’re trying to brand yourself as an authority. If you constantly scoop your own stuff, it looks spammy and that will defeat the purpose.

  45. As many of you were inspired to try by Ileane’s great post and tutorial, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we’ve released a brand new version of today. We’re introducing the new visual dashboard which makes it super easy to follow all of your interests, connect with other curators and be inspired by their work. Making your content curation process even easier, more effective and more social. Don’t hesitate to send feedback as always! Thanks.

    • Guillaume, you and your team at have done a wonderful job revamping the visual dashboard and I know that everyone is going to love it as much as I do. It’s visually appealing and much easier to curate suggested content directly from your site. Thanks so much for this!

  46. Interesting post Ileane,

    I have joined Scoop.It 2 days ago and I found it awesome. I really like It’s features, really a great service for bloggers.

    Question: Is it ok to accept trackbacks on my blog from Scoop.It?

    • Hi Ehsan,

      I just saw this comment! I hope you decided what you wanted to do with the trackbacks? I think GASP is blocking them here, because I don’t ever see any. It’s perfectly fine to accept them if you want though.

      Let me know if you still have a question.

  47. Scoop it is sure a traffic puller. Got no personal account though, but my blog readers have been sharing my contents on it and the result in terms of backlinks and traffic is simply amazing.

  48. How do I control the tweets scoopit generates? I want my posts tweeted, but scoopit is generating tweets from sources outside my network, which is content that isn’t suitable for me. Thanks!

    • Hi Tarah! I’m Ally from the team. I’m wondering what is happening with your tweets! What types of tweets are being generated for you? This certainly shouldn’t be happening. I’ll shoot you an email to follow up on this. :-) Thanks for using!

  49. Hi Ileane,

    I just signed up for today. I can’t believe I didn’t use this tool sooner. I appreciate your valuable advice. Your blog has me hooked:)!

    Keep on inspiring and many blessings,
    Stacie Walker

    • Hi Stacie, I’m glad I got the chance to introduce you to They added Buffer integration so the possibilities for social integration are almost limitless.

      • Ileane,

        Thanks for the update about the Buffer integration. Buffer has been my most used tool for blog promotions. I will touch base with you later. Have an awesome weekend.

        Many Blessings,
        Stacie Walker

  50. hello ileane,
    nice post. found this post by your newsletters, i really don’t know much about scoop but i am thinking to give it a try. thanks for guiding me

    • Hi Prabhat, thanks for being a subscriber and I’ll be curious to see what kind of content you plan on scooping. Keep me posted ok?

  51. Thanks for this guide Ileane, I didn’t knew about, but I will use it from now on.
    I honestly need all the exposure I can get to my blog since is fairly new, i launched it about 2 months ago.

    Really enjoyed reading your post and I’m looking forward to future posts from you on this topic.


  52. I just joined and find to be very different and helpful. Your video was absolutely professional. You point out all of the benefits, which are amazing. Thank you for exposing this information and being a go-giver. :)

    • Hi Margarita,

      Sorry for the delayed response! So glad you decided to start using and I really appreciate when you rescoop my posts.


    • Harshit, people who use Scoopit love to consume the very best content on the web so there is no doubt they will be visiting your blog. :)

    • Harsha, they work well for me and it is built into the blogskin. I get lots of clicks on the red links. Thanks for your suggestion though. :) btw – I’m not a dude.

  53. Thank you very much, Ileane, for this post. I had never heard of and I went right there to check it out. I was in the middle of adding social media sites to my marketing plan when I came across your post. has turned out to be a not only a great resource but a lot of fun.

    • Graywolf, Scoopit is the perfect platform for you to curate survival related content because most of it is so visual. Keep me posted on your progress with it.

  54. You are the first one to tell me about this website…I just signed up and design and features and looking pretty attractive and interesting…Thanks for your guidance…

  55. I’ve just started using and have noticed that the sites that I’ve linked to have slipped down the rankings. I hope this is only temporary and not a permanent slap.

    • James, any slip in ranking wouldn’t be the fault of Scoopit. However, you might want to try adding content from other sources to your Scoopit pages so they can gain more traction and visibility.

  56. Hi Ileane,
    I’ve just discovered and it looks like a winner. I’ve signed up and looking forward to using it.
    Thanks for the video. It was very helpful.

  57. is the best resource for content cu-ration. helps your content to go viral among the various user. Thanks for sharing grate article

  58. Hi Ileane,

    I’ve first heard of from your blog actually. You mention it in several of your blog posts.

    I think it’s the best content curation platform. I didn’t use it as much when I started but now it’s on my daily browse list. Over time it also started to climb in my referral traffic sources for my blog.

    The only thing that people should remember is to not only curate their own content but any useful piece of information they can find.

    Have a great day Ileaner, cheers.


  59. I was also thinking about Scoop for last couple of days but didn’t have the exact idea how it works. Thanks Ileane for mentioning this. I am going to check it now.

    • Peter,

      The goal isn’t to monetize directly but you can do it indirectly through affiliate links and by building trust with your audience.

      You can also add a link to your email signup form at the top of your topic page.

      The newest feature of is integration with MailChimp for creating a newsletter.

  60. Good Post and video.

    Scoopit looks very cool. However Ileane I would be interested to asky a small question. Ileane how sites like scoopit helps? Is scoopit can be called a part of socia bookmarking sites? What benefit it has beside improving social signals?

    Last question, as we seen in the video that you got 2nd higher number links from scoopit and one can also get higher visibility using those sites, however there are many such sites, So how do i know which social sites are best for me??? Like I am managing social media blog. So is scoopit for me or not? What points to be considered before choosing the right platform

    Sorry question became too long 😀 Hahaha


  61. Thanks for the share Ileane, from what I hear blog curation has been around since people have been creating content online, I’ll definitely get the free account, great tutorial by the way.

  62. Hi,
    thanks for your post, I came across your blog while researching into Content Curation.
    Can you advise, do you know a curation platform that might allow me to use my own domain name for Curation without fees.

    thank you

  63. Hi,

    I just started with Scoopit and linked my accounts, but I haven’t been able to get Google+ linked? Can you supply a tutorial on how to do that easier. Otherwise Scoopit works great.

  64. Hello Ileane is totally new to me.I first heard about it just few min ago when I start reading your this post. Thanks for sharing this with us.I just checked it out.It seems really catchy up to some manner.

  65. Hi Ileane,

    I’m not sure if I’ve already left you a comment on this post, but I’ve been using for a while now and I’ve gotten the hang of it, although I can’t seem to grow my community there.

    I just wanted to ask you if you would give me some pointers on how I could increase traffic to my scoops and reach more people. I must confess that I haven’t been that active there, but I really want to make it work.

    Also want to thank you since you were the person who first introduced this platform to me. Hope to hear from you, cheers.


  66. This is sooo useful. I’ve tried just about all the social media and curration tools and thought I knew them all but hadn’t come across ’till reading this so thanks for for sharing.

    Love the comparision to pintrest btw, great analogy.

    Andy @

    • Aditi, automatically generates content for your paper based on who you follow and topics you provide. is curated manually. So nothing gets posted to your topic without your approval. You also have control to edit the blurb that gets posted and add your own take (which you cannot do with Paperli).

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