SEOPressor Version 5 – The Baddest Little WordPress Plugin on the Planet

SEOPressor helped me get over one of the biggest challenges I faced when I started blogging.

I know it sounds strange to refer to an inanimate object that way. But alas, I must admit, a digital product has become one of my dearest online friends.

Sure, other plugins tried to step-in and take my attention away from SEOPressor.

They tried to lure me away with fancy-schmancy features and high-fluting options that I couldn’t begin to wrap my brain around. There’s even one of the free WordPress Plugins for SEO that is so complicated the developer charges big bucks for a webinar to explains how to use it properly. (I don’t know about you, but something about that business model seems a little backwards….)

But I hung in there. I waited for the updated SEOPressor Version 5. And boy, oh boy am I glad I did!

(By the way, if you use my affiliate link above to buy the SEOPressor WordPress plugin I thank you in advance. It doesn’t effect the price you pay and here’s more about the results I’m getting).

SEOPressor Gets Results

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let me ask you this: How many of you have received a message like this when you logged into Google Webmaster Tools:

GWT Alert all thanks to SEOPressor

No, I’m not talking about one of those warning messages from Webmaster Tools that warns you about having an unnatural link profile or excessive use of anchor text.

I’m talking about the happy kind of message that makes you skip around the room for 15 minutes.

Google is telling me that they love the content on this blog so much that they are rewarding me with more traffic! Significantly more traffic! Talk about connecting with influencers – SEO Pressor connected my blog to the biggest traffic influencer around. Meet my new best friend.


Updates to Version 5 of the Baddest Little WordPress SEO Plugin on the Planet

SEOPressor Version 5

So how did such an awesome plugin get even better? If you know me well, you know that I can show you better than I can tell you. Feast your eyes on my video review and tutorial for SEOPressor Version 5.

SEOPressor Version 5 – Tutorial and Review

One thing I need to you know about our new friend Google is that they like to keep the relationship between us fresh and exciting. They never want things to be stale and boring so they like to mix it up make sure we stay on our toes. I know this can be annoying at times, which is why we need help. Thank goodness that WordPress Plugins for SEO can point us in the right direction so we’re on top of the situation.

The latest game changing features that were introduced by Google are Google Authorship and Author Rank. In order to tweak our blogs and get a preview of how our Google Authorship appears in search results, they also introduced something called Rich Snippets and the Rich Snippet Testing Tool. Take a look at one of my listings from Google search.

Rich Snippet from SEOPressor

One of the biggest updates to this plugin is the Rich Snippets settings panel. This provides an area for us to tweak the content that will appear in the snippet in the search engine results page (SERP) listing. We can add additional information about reviews, products, events, people and even recipes that make our search listing more attractive to users and increases our click through rates.

LSI Keywords? What’s that…

Another important option that’s now integrated with SEOPressor is known as LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing:

“These are essentially keywords related to the keywords that you are searching for, and Google does this by using a system known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). In a nutshell, it is based on user search patterns and behavior, how one keyword search is usually linked to another keyword search.

Google has confirmed that by using more LSI keywords, your page typically ranks better…”

In the video I show you exactly how to use the LSI panel on the WordPress Blog post editor – so don’t worry if you find the terminology confusing. It’s really simple once you follow my step-by-step instructions.

One step you need to take in order to make the LSI keywords appear is to sign up for a Bing API key. This is another simple process that you need to do only once. Hopefully you have an account with Bing already and you’re using their Webmaster Tools as well (let me know if you need help setting up Bing Webmaster Tools and if necessary I’ll record a tutorial for that also).  

SEOPressor Is One of the Must Have Plugins for WordPress Blogs with Guest Authors

Managing a blog with multiple authors can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Back in 2011 I realized that I needed a plugin that would help conquer the overwhelm and that’s when I found SEO Pressor. Andy Bailey introduced me to it when I did a guest post on the CommentLuv blog and I was hooked ever since.

It still does all the things I loved about it when I did my first review back in August of 2011 when I listed these features:

  1. Highlight keywords in your post
  2. Add keywords in your post title
  3. Check for keywords in H1, H2 and H3 tags
  4. Check for Alt Image tag and add one if it’s missing
  5. Verify that you have internal links (for on-page SEO)
  6. Calculate Keyword Density
  7. Remind you to add rel=nofollow on external links (although this blog is DoFollow)

Now it does so much more and based on the feedback that I get from my guest authors it helps them become better writers too. In the end we all want to deliver better content to our readers and stay up on the top of search results so we can keep getting new ones right? I definitely include this one on my list of Top 10 WordPress Plugins for making that happen.

Have you tried SEOPressor – let me know what you think of it in the comments below.


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  1. Hey Ileane,

    SEOpressor looks very awesome to me and I have really seen it work only when I guest post for Basicblogtips.

    I still need, to this day (yes believe it lol), a very solid SEO plugin but just don’t have the funds yet unfortunately.

    I do a lot of manual SEO which is fine indeed.

    This update looks amazing and thanks for writing about it :)

    • Yes Samuel, you’re right. I think SEOPressor Plugin is really the best SEO plugin in the market. One time paying for the plugin is better than paying monthly to an seo consultant.

      The version 5 really rocks, the features like 3 keyword optimization, LSI and over optimiztion check are mind blowing… :)

      • Avi,

        Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you were in contact with Daniel Tan and suggested the updates for the title duplication problem when posting to Google+.

        It seems like he added a simple fix to allow us to turn off the Facebook Open Graph. Seems like a small tweak but I think it makes a big difference.

        Chat soon!

        • Neha

          hi Ileane, SeoPressor’s new version is very effective and i really love it because many features includes in one plugin like google rich snippets, and 3 keywords targeting and many more thanks for this great review.

      • I’ve been away from blogging while in school, I knew when I came back to it that your blog was a must visit to update myself to current trends.. Thanks for a great post and thanks for talking about this SEO optimizer. I was looking at the one I currently have installed and agree, paying a monthy fee doesn’t interest me at all.

  2. Thanks Ileane for such a detailed post.

    It was first time I spend time to understand the real functions of SEO pressor. I really liked all the functions specially Post scoring & LSI keywords.

    Right now I would like about the real difference between SEO pressor and Yoast plugin? Like If someone is willing to do things manually like keyword density, scoring etc; so how much worth this investment will be for that person?

    Moreover if someone goes for seopressor and the other uses any free plugin so howmuch will be a time difference to get a good rank for a particular keyword (let’s say for any low competition keyword)???

    Thanks a lot once again

    • Hi Adil,

      I got to be honest with you, I didn’t pay too much attention to the LSI keywords before either. But it super simple now because SEOPressor makes it so you don’t need to leave the dashboard and use the Google AdWords Tool or Market Samurai.

      I also haven’t been paying much attention to Bing like I should and now at least I have the API key. I have a feeling I will upgrade my plan for more searches too.

      I’ve never used the Yoast plugin so I can’t give you a real fair comparison. One thing I noticed is the I hear a lot of complaints in my Facebook Group about the Yoast generated Sitemap.

      Let me know if you want to join the group on Facebook. Lots of great SEO discussions there and you can get more information about the Yoast plugin from some of our more experienced members.

      Just let me know and I’ll add you.

    • This looks like a great plugin to have. I’m currently using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin and I think it does a good job. I’d be curious, though, to try this other one, then compare performance.

    • Hi Richard,

      Do you ever watch my videos?

      I know this one is kind of long but I mention in the article that the plugin needs to be purchased. :)

  3. I have been using SEOpressor for my Blog and I must say it is a lot better than my Previous Plugin EasyWPSEO, customer support is awesome and they are everyday to help. New Version has impressed me a lot.

  4. Seo is more important for a website because we can get PR rank and come to top on search engine nice topic cover in this video very helpful thanks for sharing..

  5. Hi Ileane,
    Mouth watering features!
    No, I didn`t tried SEO processor plugin. And I feel bad for that :(
    Very soon will take this master piece with me.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • That’s interesting because I don’t write a script beforehand when I record videos or podcasts. There is one point in the video when I am reading the description of LSI keywords on the SEOPressor website…..

      I hope I didn’t bore you!

    • So you are here Mr Greg ?
      Do you make comments your self ?
      Let me tell every one that you are the biggest scammer of this century :)

  6. No doubt that its a good plugin and it does what it says on the tin. I have used an alternative and now using Yoast. However, SEOpressure goes 10 steps further and provides the check-list and provides LSI keywords along with many other things. Although not using it, its on my wish list.

    • The checklist saves me countless hours of editing work too! If someone does a guest post here I can see right away if they have added the proper tagging.

      You should try to enter Avi’s contest Shalu. You might just win SEOPressor for yourself.

  7. Excellent timing on this post,

    I wanted to ask you about SeoPressor I knew that you had discussed it in the past.

    This is a very impressive review. Now I see why you use this tool.

    To answer your question NO, I’ve never seen that message when I log into webmaster tools, but I sure would like to.

    • Darnell I turned SEOPressor off when they made the update because I knew I needed to update my tutorials. I didn’t want my guest author trying to figure out what they needed to do – so I had to figure it out myself first. :) It wasn’t hard to do, there is just so many hours in a day…..

  8. I too purchased SEOPressor in 2011. I removed it after reading several posts about how another WordPressor SEO plugin was the best. I have since switched back to SEOPressor because the other plugin did not deliver the goods. The LSI feature is what I like best about SEOPressor 5.

    • Hi Larry,

      Thanks for all your support, retweets and comments here on the blog.

      And an extra special thanks for helping some of the newbie bloggers in my Facebook group!

      You’re an awesome guy.


  9. Hi Ileane,

    So weird that you and Mitz did the review at the same time, not only that I really have been thinking about purchasing this. I just haven’t seen anything that is making me pull the trigger. Anything that blows your socks off about it??

    • Hey Justin, it’s not weird at all.

      Mitz and I are best buds and she just did a guest post here the other day. I asked her if she checked out the new features of SEOPressor yet and BAM! She’s quick isn’t she :)

      We both love this plugin and what’s even more important we are BOTH getting RESULTS!!! It’s not just “another” affiliate product that we’re trying to push. This is a really powerful tool that we want to shout from the rooftops and tell all our friends about!

      Dude, just get it.

      Seriously. :)

      • Good Morning :-) ,

        Not weird in a bad way, not at all.
        I do like a few things about it, the only concern I have is with the integration of the other SEO Plugins I have. Actually, I am going to send Daniel a message and ask about that. Idk why I didn’t think of that earlier.
        I sent you a message on FBook..hope you got it..

  10. Andy Bailey

    Hey great review Ileane! I just bout the unlimited license thru your link 😉

    I have been wanting to get it back for the guest bloggers on my site. Those hits from searches are great, well done!

  11. That really is a cool message to receive from gwt.
    Thanks for the review, seopressor certainly looks interesting.
    I am using Yoast at the moment.

  12. I already purchased it. Its very effectively check density up to 3 keywords. Webmaster seo supports only 1 keyword.after using seopresssor my traffic boost like rocket. thx 2 seo processor

  13. Hi, I have been using All in one SEO for meta tags, and with so many posts in our blog should I use SEOpressor too. Can they work simultaneously. If they work then I ll buy it right now.

    • Hi Bishwajeet,

      To be honest I don’t think you need to have both plugins installed at the same time. I would get SEOPressor and disable All In One.

      The reason I say disable before you delete it – just make sure you have all your settings transferred over to the SEOPressor modules before you get rid of All in One completely.

      For example – take your top ten or twenty posts that you are getting a ton of organic traffic for and make sure you copy all the meta data and any rich snippet data (if they have it) over to SEOPressor. Then you can remove All in one and use SEOPressor to tweak all of your low performing posts.

      Keep me posted….

  14. Hey Ileane,

    Great review on SEOPressor. You changed my mind.
    I am using All in one SEO now but now thinking to switch to SEOPressor 5.

    Thank You


  15. SEOpressor V5 is really awesome and I’m sure in no time, they will become stand alone plugin for WordPress SEO. They should add few features like importing SEO settings from existing SEO plugins and theme framework…

    • OMG! Hi Harsh!

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I just told Bishwajeet that he should do that on his blog and I promise I didn’t see your comment when I said that.

      That is so weird. They say great minds think alike so I’m not surprised.

      Harsh, I’m so lucky that I never used any other SEO plugins (I had one before I didn’t have it set up properly) so I don’t have any meta data to transfer. One less boring task for me :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your insights. Can’t wait to see you guest posting here 😉

  16. I haven’t tried SEOpressor V5, but as I read your post, I think I have to used it now. its awesome.. I want my site to rank too.. thanks for thing informative post..

  17. HI Ileane,

    Great information!

    I’m very new to blogging so was not aware of details of this great plugin. The way you have explained here made all the difference and now it comes on to my wishlist for

    Thanks for sharing this.


  18. SEOPressor was god sent, you know I could do everything that is supposed to be done to impress mother Google and get to the top of Google. I created back links, made sure the keywords were in the title, first sentence, & last sentence. I linked to YouTube videos, linked videos to my blog post, carried out keyword research only to find some other human has literally knocked me off.
    Wth SEOPressor the system actually tells me what I need to do so that I can rank on top.

  19. Hi Ileane,

    this plugin looks like “must have”, only price is little high. Maybe later I will invest into it. I woud like to see case study, how this plugins helps. Compare few posts made with and without using it.

  20. I am sorry but I did not like SEOPressor plugin. If you satisfy this plugin to get 100% score, your article flow becomes unnatural.
    After buying this plugin, I checked some of my posts which ranked #1 on first page of Google & I found their score the lowest by SEOPressor.
    I don’t think, we need any of SEO plugin like this. Write your articles naturally & do a little on-page manually & that’s enough.

    • Hi Priya,

      The important thing is that you are getting good rankings. Are you getting a good amount of traffic also?

      Why were you trying to get a 100% score? Did you ever try to get a lesser score than that? I don’t shoot for a 100% score – but as long as it’s above 85 I’m pretty happy with that.

      Now that you can add up to 3 keywords, it should be pretty easy to reach that goal.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  21. I’ve seen how SEOPressor works when I got into the WP Dashboard of a friend. It takes all the manual seo labor out of the way and leaves you to focus on better content.

    But it’s glowing reviews like this that make its creators increase its price every few months, making it even unreachable to a lot of us who are just starting out. :) But hey, joking aside, I’m definitely putting this plugin in my wish list for this year. If you big guys are using it, then it makes sense for the rest of us to follow suit.

    • Hey – who you callin’ BIG? Just kidding.

      I don’t really invest money into a lot of plugins, but this is one investment that is well worth it.
      Besides all the value the plugin offers, joining the affiliate program has paid for the cost several times over.

      No more BIG comments ok James. :)

  22. Hey Ileane mam,
    SEOPressor 5 is the best SEO plugin. I am using it on my blog.
    You might have saw that I removed SEOPressor’s previous version from my blog due to some reasons. But after installing the version 5, I now take back my words and I say that its the best SEO plugin out there. Worth every single dime :)

    Daniel has made all the tweaks and added every feature that wasn’t present in the previous versions. Like, the previous version didn’t allow to add meta description which it now does. And the best part – you can optimize your post for up to 3 keywords.

    A must have SEO plugin for any blog.
    Cheers :)

    • Arbaz, I agree with you 100%
      I always hear bloggers bragging about different plugins but I needed something that makes SEO dead simple and even if you don’t use all of the modules you can still get results from this plugin. I give it a 10.

  23. Ileane,
    Been using Version 5 since it hit the streets and the previous version as well. Love the changes to Ver 5, especially the multiple keyword that the previous version did not have. Makes it easy to get you posts ranked well. We have multiple blogs so we just went all out and got the unlimited use version. I’m not yet fully up to speed on LSI but will watch your video to learn more.
    Thanks and keep up the good info.


    • Harold, the LSI keywords sound really intimating and I never could understand what they were.

      Now that I can actually SEE the LSI keywords inside of SEOPressor, it’s much easier for me to understand. I really made the connection by looking at Google Webmaster tools and the searches that are coming in for specific blog posts. Finally it all clicked and now I get it!

  24. Hello Ilean,
    A great post and a powerful image to go with it. The plugin is so tempting but i’d like to know just one thing; does the seo plugin offer a trial period (like a week trial) ? just asking 😉

    • Babanature, to put is bluntly the answer is no.

      There’s no trial version of SEOPressor. You might want to visit the support forum to see if they have a money back guarantee. I’m sure they do, but I don’t know what the terms are, so get in touch with them before you make a purchase.

  25. I was willing to use this plugin but as you mentioned in your review i would surely add this to my blog so that i could also get benifits from it , thanks for your review so are always being an inspiration.

  26. I have this plug in and i can also recommend it for those who have no idea how to have a good on page optimized post, how ever as someone who already have good SEO experience i strongly suggest studying the topic and write naturally knowing all the tips. don’t make a plugin change your writing and content. But that’s only me :)

    • Good points Jossef,

      You would think that after all this time I’ve been using SEOPressor I wouldn’t feel like I needed help – but I still do.

      This way I don’t need to think about doing SEO (which I find boring).

  27. I have got this plugin recently and I am extremely satisfied with it. I advise all to purchase the multi site offer. Initially I had to count words manually and still I had no idea if my posts are properly optimized. With SEOPresser version 5, I am getting all the benefits which will help in securing good traffic and Google rank. Nice review for this awesome plugin.

    • Hi Vicky,

      I think I was reluctant to get the multi-site option of the plugin at first, but I changed my mind. Glad I did too.

      Thanks for making that point.

  28. This is looking good, so many helpful points regarding SEO. For getting good results through Search engine one should try SeoPressor.
    Thanks for this post…….

  29. Hey Ileane,
    It was by guest posting on your blog that I discovered the wonders behind this plugin. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it’s completely amazing. I encourage bloggers to go for it

  30. The best SEO plugin is now needed by any webmaster or blogger to optimize any web site or blog in increasing ranks in the search engine. And this SEOPressor Version 5 seems to be able to fulfill the desires of webmasters to optimeze their webs. This is really an awesome SEO plugin I’ve ever found. Thank you for sharing this nice information.

  31. I have purchased SEO Presser version5 after reading its reviews and it is working awesome for me. I feel it is the best SEO plugin to this date.

  32. Have to update old posts with the new version of seopressor to get the 100% using LSI keywords. It’s like seo can be fun with this plugin 😉

  33. Wow Ileane… what an awesome message to receive when you log in to Google webmaster tools (especially when most of us are getting HTML and 404 errors!) I wish I had known about this plugin option before I migrated from All-in-one to Yoast – it looks like it has some great features… will try it out on some of our other sites :) Thanks

    • Wonkie,

      That message in Google Webmaster Tool is still sitting there because most likely I will never delete it! lol

      Unless I get of few more of them this coming year I’m keeping that one.

  34. I have always been a fan of SEO Pressor and used it some last year. I was impressed with what it could do over its competitor. After using it, it quickly become a tool that I want to add to my websites, but haven’t gotten the chance to purchase it.

    As for this new version, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, this version looks even more powerful than the last one. Thanks for sharing Ileane.

    • Hey Lisa!

      Thanks so much for saying that :)

      If you are like me, you’ll find this plugin is a life saver when it come to SEO.

  35. Ms. Ileane, I have heard of SEOPressor during my travels through the blogosphere but never really checked into it. Hearing that you use it and that you first heard about from Andy Bailey has piqued my interest. In my experience, some plugins really are worth the investment. :)

    • Hey Astro!
      Nice to see you learning more about SEOPressor. I know that some bloggers are hesitant to make an investment when it comes to plugins.

      But it’s important to weed through all of the junk and take recommendations from those we trust. I think everyone who visits this blog knows that I don’t endorse products unless I use them and get results from them.

      Thanks for your vote of confidence. Let me know how you make out if you end up giving the plugin a whirl!

  36. thanks Ileane, I am looking a great plugin as such SEOpressor. It sound so wonderful plugin for search engine optimization. I am worry about the keyword density whenever I wort the articles. Ok, I try this plugin some ..

  37. Ileane, I bought SEOPressor because of your tutorial. i found it on youtube, you were very helpful as I was sceptical on purchasing this. I really want more traffic on my blog and you explain things in such an easy way for us to understand. A very BIG thank you.

  38. Every pro-blogger recommend SEOPressor, and yes they should coz it really helps to generate nice traffic, with proper settings a blog can achieve huge traffic.

    So my eyes are open for any sale or giveaway, just need it anyhow.

    • Hi Devagya,
      Be sure to sign up for my email list. I already did one giveaway and if I ever do any in the future, they will be offered as an exclusive for my subscribers. Good Luck!

  39. SEOPressor seems like a great plugin, but I think I stick with “SEO by Yoast” because I’ve had great results with it so far. Don’t see the need to switch if I’m ranking well in search results already 😛

    • Joshua, I agree! I think bloggers should always test things out and stick with what works for them.

      I appreciate that you came by and read the post anyway.

      Hope to see you again soon! Btw – I interviewed Yoast last year and you might want to take a look at the interview next time you stop by.

  40. SEO Pressor is the best used online tools to optimize WordPress site. It is found to be very beneficial to optimize webpage and improve search engine rankings

  41. Hi Ileane,
    Before reading this article, i thought that SEOPressor is same like free wordpress seo plugin “Yoast”. But your review has cleared everything related to this plugin. Thanks for clearing the things up :)

  42. I agree Elaine. I love how SEOPressor reminds me to do certain tasks which lets my mind focus on writing the content.

  43. Hello Ileane, Great Review about Seopressor V5. Seopressor is really an awesome SEO plugin which worth spending each and every penny. Thanks for sharing this great review :)

    • K.H. Tan

      Easy wp is nothing close to SEOPressor. SEOPressor is the leader in On-page SEO. There are others who just copied SEOPressor, but they did a bad job in compatibility, research, customer service and features. I’ve heard Easy WP is no longer maintained, the developer Chris is abandoning the project, you really want to uninstall plugins that are not being maintained, as it will pose security risks to your WP site.

      Stick with SEOPressor, 3 years of track record, from version one to now version five, I am confident it will continue to lead the market and the benefit is ours to enjoy. It’s important that we support developers we like so they are in business and keep the good things coming our way.

      • I’m not familiar with the history about this plugin and I have no idea who Chris (the developer you mentioned) is. But one thing I noticed right away when I just visited the website is that you need to belong to Warrior Forum in order to become an affiliate. I think that explains why I never bothered with the plugin to begin with. I’m not a member of that forum, and I certainly don’t plan on joining just to become an affiliate.

        Thanks for all the info and I totally agree that if plugins aren’t being updated we should run in the opposite direction!

    • Hi Chetan, I have not tried Easy WP SEO because once I installed SEOPressor, I was hooked. You might know that old saying – If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.
      So I’m sticking with what works and gives me great results.

  44. Really great video, I have been waiting for a video like this to go into a little more detail than what was originally provided.

    You did a really good job explaining some of the settings, and the on page SEO scoring. I have been using SEOpressor for awhile now and have had some really good luck, just upgraded to the newest version and now have some adjustments to make.

    I personally target a keyword density of 1-2 percent (closer to the 1%), but have never went after two keywords in one post, but it is something that I can do quite easily.

    Thank you so much for providing this!

    • Hi Robert!

      Nice to hear that you enjoyed the YouTube video.

      I agree, adding the extra keyword makes it easier to include more LSI keywords and gives you more flexibility. Using the LSI keywords will often give you ideas to add just a sentence or two more of content that will help the article flow naturally for readers too.

      Dan really put a lot of thought into this upgrade.

      Thanks for the comment and for the social shares too.

  45. I agree SEopresor is the best, but the new version 5 consumes lot of CPU usuage and coz of this i have received a warning from my hosting provider and hence deletd ther plugin, But simply Writing Quality content with 0.50 keyword density and related images and heading will rank higher on google without any plugins

    • Max

      Hello Aliakbar,

      Just out of curiosity, how many sites did you have that caused this CPU drain?

      I’m in the process of replicating more of my sites, and I may run into the same problem.

      To me, the old SEOPressor seems more simpler to use.

      • yes excatly The V4 was more simpler and even Lighter, i have installed SEOPressor 5 on my 4 blogs, but on my two of the blogs the CPU Usage is increased and when it try to delete the SEopressor 5, the CPU usage was back to normal,
        i think the SEOpressor team should release a update for solving this issue.

  46. Excellent post, very informative. We have been using SEO Processor for a few months now and it is just fantastic. Wasn’t aware of the Google Authorship part of it so will be implementing that today.

    Thanks again for a great post!

  47. Good info and video. I’ve been using SEOpressor for a couple years and love the new features. Now I just need to dial it in and not over optimize.

  48. Hi Ileane,
    Excellent video tutorial on Seopressor V5.I was earlier using Easy Wp Seo, But after installing Seopressor V5 I am getting amazing Serp results. I also got to learn fantastic new strategies on how to exactly use SeoPressor for social seo and rich Snippets.Keep Up the Good Work.

    Thanks and Regards,

  49. Thank you Ileane for such a helpful video on how to set up SEOPressor v 5.
    Although I’ve been using SEOPressor for quite a while, I just wouldn’t have known where to start with some of the new features in this version, but your video has made them really easy to understand.

    Unfortunately, I am getting the message that my Bing API key is invalid but hopefully this will resolve itself in time.

    Once again, many thanks!

    • Hey Valerie,

      Sorry for the late reply. Did you ever get the Bing API key issue resolved? Let me know if you tried to post on the SEOPressor support desk.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  50. Hey,

    Sorry if this is too much to ask, but could you write an article specifically on Google Author and such? I want to learn more about it and how to use it to my advantage.

  51. nice article basic blogging tips..,
    presently I am using SEO Yoast for genesis frame work and its seems good. but the article you’ve mentioned here explains how much good the seopressor will be.., seems like its time to move to seopressor.
    thanks for suggesting me seopressor :)

    • Rohit, just for the record this is Basic Blog Tips even though we do have tons of blogging tips around here too. I don’t understand how to set up most of the modules in Yoast. Maybe one day I’ll get around to it.

    • Hello Rohit
      Currently I am using SEO by yoast plugin too for SEO .But As Ms.Ileane said about SEOpressor,I will also go for this plugin.This plugin really seems good and have many more features than Yoast.

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    • Lei, what are some of the limitations you are referring to? I think that SEO covers everything — accept for the XML sitemap. But I think it’s made to address individual blog posts more so than overall website concepts.

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