Review of the SEOPressor Plugin For WordPress [Version 5 Video]

I think SEO research is boring and I often need a reminder to use keywords in my blog posts, that’s why I decided to purchase SEOPressor. This is a premium plugin for WordPress blogs which I find extremely easy to use. As you are composing your post SEOPressor provides a checklist on the right of your post editor. Each point in the checklist guides you to optimize your post with information that is vital to the health and success of your blog. SEOPressor helps you manage your keyword density and monitors your content so that the finished product is attractive to search engines and humans alike.

To tell you the truth, I just decided that going forward it will be mandatory for all guest bloggers here on Basic Blog Tips from now on to sign into the dashboard and use the SEOPressor plugin.

SEOPressor Now Required for Guest Bloggers on Basic Blog Tips

Let me tell you what I like about this plugin and how simple it is to use. After you enter your keywords, SEOPressor will:SEOPressor Plugin affiliate link

  1. Highlight keywords in your post
  2. Add keywords in your post title
  3. Check for keywords in H1, H2 and H3 tags
  4. Check for Alt Image tag and add one if it’s missing
  5. Verify that you have internal links (for on-page SEO)
  6. Calculate Keyword Density
  7. Remind you to add rel=nofollow on external links (although this blog is DoFollow)
Using keywords effectively is critical to the success of your blog and getting your post ranked well by the search engines. Using SEOPressor, helps you learn SEO by instructing you to add the appropriate amount of keywords, in just the right places. For a busy blogger like myself, who has over 50 guest bloggers contributing to this blog, it’s the perfect solution to help ensure that we all get good SE position for our posts. Here’s a video demonstration of how to configure and use this plugin:
UPDATE: SEOPressor was updated to Version 5

SEOPressor VERSION 5 Tutorial

Every one of my guest bloggers gets the chance to see this plugin in action, and learn some vital SEO tips that they can take back to their own blogs. And anyone who has decided to purchase SEOPressor for yourself, please feel free to use my affiliate link.

Now is a good time for me to provide a few requirements for guest posting on Basic Blog Tips. If you’re interested you can use my contact page to get in touch with me. In your email give me 2 or 3 links to samples of your writing. This is what else you need:

  • Gravatars are mandatory (this post shows why you need to have a Gravatar)
  • Topic must be related to the categories here on the blog
  • Writing samples must be provided (provide links)
  • Original, well written content
  • Follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+
  • Sign up to get Ileane’s tips by email
  • Respond to comments in an appropriate time and manner
There are many benefits to guest posting on Basic Blog Tips including great exposure and backlinks, not to mention how having access to a premium plugin like SEOPressor adds to your personal portfolio of WordPress skills.

Here is an audio podcast about guest posting on Basic Blog Tips!

Your thoughts on SEOPressor

Many bloggers are using this plugin and I’d like to hear from you, what do you think about it? Are you finding it easy to use? I hope you got an email from Daniel Tan the developer. He has updated the plugin with some enhancements that will make life even easier for us. Take a look in your dashboard and make sure you’re using SEOPressor Version 5.

UPDATE: I’m getting real-world results since I started using SEOPressor and something amazing happened to me recently. I started to rank alongside top bloggers like Darren Rowse of ProBlogger for keywords like “blog tips” on the first page of Google. My friend Kiesha Easley from WeBlogBetter wrote about it in SEO: Answers To Your Questions and she even included the screenshot to prove it. The real proof lies in the fact that (because I have my Google Authorship in place), I’m getting a steady stream of traffic for those keywords coming to this blog. This is a goal I never even thought I could obtain until I started using SEOPressor.

Seo Pressor Review

Ranking for “SEO Pressor Review”


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  1. It’s almost as if SEOPressor took those features from my checklist. :) I guess I’m old school but I have a checklist that I use when writing new posts. It’s pretty cool that SEOPressor helps automate some of those tasks and the check/remind feature is very nice. As usual I love your presentation.

    • Yeah, SEO pressor is the best onpage SEO plugin ever. If anyone wants to try a free plugin like this, go to blogger high. But I think you should consider to have the paid version of SEO Pressor

  2. Joe Rugger

    SEOPressor is really helpful. And the author here greatly emphasizes the good points if one does use this tool. Awesome presentation.

  3. This is a really good review of SEOPressor, Ileane. It is a great tool to help you remember everything you need to do to optimize your posts.

    • Hi Ana, thanks for stopping by. There are a few settings that on this plugin that I wanted to ask you about. Do you think it’s necessary to underline and bold your keyword. The other option is italics. Three different ways to bring attention to keywords, sounds like too many, so at this point I’m using bold and italics. What’s your opinion on this?
      Chat soon my friend!

      • Chris

        I would recommend bolding only. Good form would be to bold the keywords, but only one time per reference in a paragraph. Enough to show users and search engines that the terms are important without impacting the way the reader perceives your content.

        Underline is not necessary for SEO and neither is italic. Just go w/the bold!

    • Steve, from our conversation earlier, I’m glad you are one of those who knows about the update to SEOPressor V4. It will be nice to make the updates right from the dashboard from now on. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. this plugin is very useful for guest bloggers. fully agree with you. the points you mentioned as advantages of these plugins are authentic and very true and keyword high lightning is very very useful advantage that every blogger wants.

    • Hi Reeha, make sure you grab this plugin because it’s a great tool for niche bloggers too! Btw – check out my CommentLuv link to the Thesis Product Skin post. It’s another winner for setting up sales pages for your products.

  5. A good tool for laze SEO promoters. May be I am a bit strict, but the tool really makes life easier, when it should always keep us in tonus to create cool posts. I will try the tool just to know how it works. I hope I won’t be addicted to it.

  6. Nice review Ileane. I use SEOPressor and I like it very much. While I think after time one gets familiar with what needs to be done to optimize a blog post (title tags, alt, h1, etc..), there is always one thing that SEOPressor does for me that is extremely helpful, and that is the calculation of “keyword density”. This is probably one of the features that I use most because it is difficult to assess how that % is going to end. I must admit that it is a great time saver as despite already knowing what I need to do, there is always a chance that I will forget something :)

  7. Excellent point DiTesco! SEOPressor will also warn you if you don’t have enough words in your post, I forgot to mention that in the video, but maybe you can see the example in the early part of the demonstration. Thanks for adding that tip my friend!

  8. Hi Ileane, I agree with you. I bought SEOPressor couple days ago and it really helps. looking forward for reading more plugins you use

  9. I use WordPres SEO by Yoast which is free and pretty much provides all the functions you have mentioned. It also have some additional features like readability score, indexation with check boxes , RSS signatures and sitemap building.

    • Hi Barry,

      This plugin doesn’t perform the same tasks as All-in-one SEO, therefore I would not replace that one with SEOPressor. However, because I’m using Thesis Theme with Thesis Awesome blogskin, I don’t need All-in-one SEO. The bottom line is I don’t recommend having more than one plugin for SEO, so if you really depend on AIO for your Webmaster tools and Google Analytics coding, stick with it.

  10. Hi Illeane!

    Great review of SEOpressor, I am also using this plugin.

    It is on the v. now, however I have found some issues after the update..
    One of them is my videos are not displayed :(

    Do you have it too? or just me?

    Thanks and have a good week ahead


    • Kimi, they updated the plugin again after I did this post. The current version I have is 4.3.03. Try updating again and let me know if your videos come back. Good luck with it!

      • Illeane!

        Firstly, thank you so much for the reply.

        I have just now, installed a new fresh wordpress, and downloaded the fresh version of it, and somehow the issue is still there..

        What version are you using for this blog?

        I am now still using the older one, and wait until the newer comes without any bugs :)

        Best wishes


        • Kimi,

          I’m using the version of SEOPressor I mentioned above 4.3.03
          Also, when I embed videos here I use the Viper Video Quicktag plugin or sometimes I use the Old Embed Code from YouTube. I don’t use the code to play in HD, since it really doesn’t make that much difference for tutorials I create. That might be the difference. If that doesn’t help you should contact Daniel Tan’s support desk. Keep me posted, because it’s always best to use the updated versions of plugins and you should be getting your money’s worth with the new version!

          • Illeane,

            Absolutely right, best is to use the updated version, this is why I am curious with my issues.

            Will post this to Daniel.

            Will keep you posted too!



      • Hi Nasif,

        Thanks for the advice, heard about Clickbump SEO plugin for a while..

        But I have paid for seopressor for multisite almost $100, so it is alot of money LOL..

        And I think SP is really great plugin, apart of already paid that amount of money :)



  11. I brought it when I became a guest blogger here for the first time, and had been using it since then, just recently they had got a new update but their automatic update since to have a fetal error, and in the end I had to delete the plugin and reinstall the latest version and now is working perfectly, it’s a great tool to remind what we need to get the best SEO, though I’m not an expert in SEO, but still this plugin is easy to use, so I do highly recommend this plugin for any blogger in any niche, great plugin!

    • Peter, I’m not really going to answer that question. Here’s why, you should always use the latest version of WordPress. It’s free so why wouldn’t you?

  12. Hi Wong, I’m happy to hear that your experience as a guest blogger here lead you to purchase SEOPressor. The best way to do the update is to download the zip file. I’m not sure why they say we can update from the dashboard now, but I had to do it the same as you. Works beautifully now.
    Did you notice that Chris Burns mentioned that it’s best to b0ld the keywords and not bother with underline or italics? I hope you saw that comment earlier.
    Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  13. Sire

    Hey Ileane, as a guest blogger I had first hand experience of SEO Pressor and I was more than impressed. I had to change my post a little to take full advantage of it and although I was a little worried about using it I didn’t need to be.

    I was so impressed I am considering buying it but I think I will hang back a bit to see if they may put it on special or something. If I do buy it I can assure you I will be using your affiliate link.

    • Hi Sire, in the past year since I purchased SEOPressor, I’ve never seen them have a special. But one never knows for sure, just don’t forget me when the time comes :) Thanks for letting me know that you got interested after using it here. Have a great day Sire!

  14. Lionel

    Nice review of this plugin, and I like the video walk-through of the features. I have to go through my SEO checklist of things for each post. It would be nice to save some time not having to worry about forgetting things, and going back to double check. I’ll definitely consider using this plugin. Thanks :)

    • Hi Dear Irene First Thanks For the review witch was there is another plug-in like this one called seojacking they have really impressing results on search engine i will give it a try

  15. I’ve tried this plugin may be about a year ago. It is doing a good job, if you are not experienced, but honestly it is better to make a competitor review and double check the suggestions of SEO Pressor. One more thing, Google doesn’t like over optimized pages and on-page optimization is not really powerful factor.

  16. Hi Ileane!
    About yesterday, I found a threat in a forum which has exact problem that I have.

    I am recently in contact with SEOpressor support, they have great support, and now they are checking my other site which has the problem.

    Will keep you posted about the result! Have a great weekend :)


    • Kimi, I’m glad to learn that SEOPressor support is working to resolve the issue. It can be scary when this type of threat occurs. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  17. Hi Ileane
    I have just bought the SEOPressor plugin today. In fact it is the first plugin I have ever bought. I have tried it on a blog where I wrote a guest post and really liked it but…!
    Yes there is a but :-(
    The second it enables the plugin it starts making some changes to my old posts and not for the good. In fact I have disabled the plugin and reverted more than 30 posts back to older versions before the plugin started to make changes. Have you any idea of how this can happen? Is there some kind of setting that I have missed?
    I am using the new version 4.3.03 and have created a support case, but then I found this post and thought you or some of your readers maybe had an idea to solve my problem :-)

    • Thomas, here’s what I can come up with:
      1. You might have checked off the option to “Allow SEOPressor to automatically add the Keyword in Posts titles ” in SEOPressor (I don’t use that feature)
      2. You might have another SEO plugin installed that is telling SEOPressor what you keywords are
      Either way, I hope the Support team from SEOPressor responds to you quickly, in the mean time can you be more specific about exactly what is being changed in your posts?

      • Hi Ileane
        Thank you for the answer. I have just been contacted by a supporter asking me send in some information about WordPress, PHP and SEOPressor version and active plugins in order to help solving the issue. Pretty cool that they answer on a Saturday I think. What happen with my post is pretty weird I think. It is like it is adding scripts from my other plugins inside the post with make it break and give some very odd posts. It all start the minute I active the plugin and my blog is also getting very slow like something big is running in the background.
        I will keep you informed what support come up with for a solution and reply here in this post. Maybe someone else can use the experience in the future.

        • Thomas, the support crew at SEOPressor is awesome! It’s great to hear that they responded so quickly. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and hope the conflict is resolved soon.

        • Hi Ileane
          I just want to give you an update of my issues with SEOPressor. I gave it a last try when support asked me to try and upgrade to version 4.3.05 of SEOPressor. Unfortunately the same things happened to my blog. It started to mess up all my old blog posts and my site became very slow. It might be a conflict with some of my other plugins or an issue with my host provider I don’t know.
          I don’t want to use any more time on this and SEOPressor has already invoked a refund of my buy.
          I guess some times a plugin are just not working on all blogs.

  18. Ileane, you know I’m just so goofy. I’m pretty tech, yet when I wrote that one guest post for you I couldn’t get the plugin to work for me until I saved the post as a draft. If I’m writing on my own blog I want to do everything up front and don’t want to wait for a draft, especially since it’s rare that I put anything to draft. It probably doesn’t work that way for everyone but it decided to pick on me that day. lol

    • Hey Mitch,

      I missed this comment earlier. SEOPressor was switching on and off and most likely it was misbehaving that day. I think that is one of the reasons they put a lot of work into updating it because I’m guessing they were getting lots of complaints. Since the update is appears to be much more stable and I haven’t had any issues with it like before. Thanks for letting me know. Come back and try it again soon!

  19. MegB

    SEOPressor is really a good and effective one as it can do small small magic like highlighting keyword, adding keyword, checking H1,H2…tags, checking alt image tag etc..

    These are small but very important thing which can really proves helpful for our site.

    And second important reason is as you said for busy bloggers this is just like “Blessing”

    Thanks a lot for sharing review of this important plugin.

    • Meg,

      I admit that I wasn’t giving those tags much thought until I started using SEOPressor. One day I’m going to go back and optimize my older posts and see if they move up in the rankings.

  20. Thank you for that info about SEOPressor plugin. I haven’t use this plugin, it seems like a very good tool. It’s a great tool to help everything we need to do to optimize our posts.

  21. Hi Christian, I don’t think they have a free version of SEOPressor. But if you want to try it out for yourself you can contact me about doing a guest post here. Just use my contact form and I’ll get an email. Cheers!

  22. Optimizing posts for the keywords is the most boring part for most bloggers but it is vital at the same time . I have already heard about this plug in but never used it.

  23. Hi Illeane,

    I have promised to keep my post updated with SP plugin support.

    I have been about a month now in contact with the support; this is what we have done:

    1. I made an exact copy site of my main blog, blog.web6 to another dummy blog, if anyone interested: is the test site we have.
    2. The support has been great so far, but it seems they couldn’t fix the issues until now.

    So still wait if it would be fixed :)


  24. nice review Ileane. Btw I already used its competitor called easy wp seo, and I already love it, so I thought i do not need to buy another similar plugin like seopressor which use similar method.

  25. Kevin

    Hi, Kevin Stacey here..

    First off, this post is extremely thorough! I don’t see too many bloggers going into detail like you have…

      • That comment was a very clever spam. I got exactly same comment (every word). The comment looks perfectly genuine but it is just to pull a relevant link from within the text (not as author’s link or keywordLink). Very smart!

        94 blogs were deceived (including me) and it went clear through every moderation. You can see the list of blogs who approved this comment at

  26. Thanks for your detailed post about the SEOPressor plugin. It gives all the perfect reasons to have the plugin installed for a blog to get more traffic.

  27. Jym

    This is a great overview Ileane, and (in my opinion) the situation you’re using SEOPressor in is one of the only ones where it is really justified.

    Personally I found it useful as a ‘crutch’ for getting my head around on-page SEO basics in my early days of SEO blogging, but I’ve since found other free tools that do a similar job – that said, it is helpful for beginners.

    Also – in the case of Basic Blog Tips – it’s handy for checking on the overall optimization state of guest post submissions.

    I don’t want to get too down on it here on your blog, but my final thought is that (as with anything) interested bloggers should try it to for themselves, compare it to other similar tools, ignore everything in the sales letter, and make up their own minds.

    • Hi Jym, Thanks for sharing your feedback about the SEOPressor Plugin. I’ll pop over to your blog to check out your review!
      It does help save me so much time when reviewing guest post entries and at this point I am getting some great search results with it too.

  28. Thanks for the review Ileane. I have been mulling over seopressor or easy seo. I am still undecided but it was great to watch your breakdown of seopressor. Thank You.


  29. I started using SEOPressor recently on one of my blogs. And I really loved it as it helped me a lot in improving my on-page optimization skills. Now, my blog post ranks well with minimum efforts so I really find it good.

  30. @Ileane,

    SEO Pressor is reat plugin for WP sites no doubt. But for being a student of Dr.Ken Evoy and owning a SBI website it is not new to analyze the on page optimization before publising a page. I do not want to create a controversy if I say that the SEO pressor guys copied the whole concept from SBI [sitesell (dot) com].


  31. Mason Stoller

    Thanks for the guest blog opportunity Ileane, very kind of ya. SEOPressor is a great tool, especially if you don’t like adding the HTML/Meta manually, makes it very fast and efficient with the plugin.

    • Mason, It’s great to have that kind of feedback from one of my guest authors about using SEOPressor for the first time. Thanks!

  32. Hi Ileane,

    I’m been using SEOPressor for some time, ever since Kimberley recommended. I asked her to pick two best SEO Plugins she recommends and they were PrettyLink Pro and SEOPressor.

    Its a nice plugin that handles the technical aspect of SEO. This plugin serves as a basic checklist before you hit Publish for your posts. The interesting part is its scoring system. It turns into green from red with a number and % symbol.

    What I felt not sufficient in SEOPressor is analysis of long tail keywords. Say I am writing about ‘Best WordPress Plugins’, I can’t keep repeating this same phrase throughout the post and SEOPressor scores looking at the keyword density. It does not count the synonyms and so the density is always much less than it is on post.

    After using it for some time, what I learned was, this is nothing miracle and won’t assure you that you’ll be in #1 position in Google SERP just because you published a post which scored 100%. There are lot more factors to decide and analyzing competition is very crucial (this plugin does not do that). So having this plugin with some common sense and a bit of keyword research however will help anyone achieve desired position.

    For a blog that offers guest post, the plugin can be handy, at least to assure SEO quality before you accept it for review. Its good!

    • Hi Suresh, thanks for giving so much information and your insights to using SEOPressor. I use it to ensure the proper structure and deep linking is done by my guest authors. Many of them are not as experienced with SEO as you are. Thanks for your comment.

      • Hello, Ileane I am regular visitor of your blog but probably this is my first comment.Pretty good discussion is running over here and I would also like to add mine. Yes I totally agree with the Suresh “this is nothing miracle and won’t assure you that you’ll be in #1 position in Google SERP just because you published a post which scored 100%. ” once we figured out how seo pressor works I guess anybody can optimize their post without using this plugin.
        I would like to add few more things here yes we can’t be assured that after using seo pressor our post will get in the top of Google. So in this case I what i think is SEO plugin by yoast would be the best preferences for title link and description optimization. Yoast plugin doesn’t provide the score as SEO pressor does but it can guide us how our link will be displayed in Google after the post gets indexed.Good this about this plugin is it guides us how to use keyword in description title for better SERP results. So in summary we can say that combine use of SEO pressor and Yoast plugin really can make huge difference in SERP, few of my posts are dancing in Google after the combined use of them !
        Anyways Ileane thanks for the post …cheers!

  33. Hi Ileane,

    This is my first time on the blog. Thanks for the opportunity to guest post on your blog and learn about SEOPressor, too.

    I think it’s a handy plugin, and it’s a smart way to make it available on a site that offers guest posting opportunities.

    I’ll read through more of your posts here and be back often!

    Lastly, I’m interested in submitting a guest post and will contact you through the Contact page.

    Have a nice day!


    • Hey Janus, You’ve done a great job with learning how to use SEOPressor and your guest post here is a real hit. I’m glad you’re part of the team now. Have a great weekend Janus.

    • Hi Sally, thanks so much for buying SEOPressor. I’m glad you like it and if you ever have any questions about the settings just let me know. I’m going to send you some more information about exactly how I have my settings configured. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that this weekend.


  34. Blog Lady

    I’ve used SEOPressor before while guest posting. It’s convenient but not worth the price they are charging, IMHO. I think it’s $47 for single-use and over $90 for unlimited use. After a while, you’ll have the checklist memorized. Among the things you can’t do on your own, of course, is calculating keyword density. Give it a try while you are guest blogging at a site that uses it.

    • Hi Blog Lady, how are you?
      I’m happy to offer SEOPressor as a benefit to my guest authors here. It’s very helpful for me when I want to review their posts before publishing. You might be surprised at how many people can’t remember those steps because they have so many other things on their minds when writing a good blog post. SEOPressor has paid for itself over and over again here at Basic Blog Tips.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  35. I think after time one gets familiar with what needs to be done to optimize a blog post, there is always one thing that SEOPressor does for me that is extremely helpful, and that is the calculation of keyword density. Very helpful overall.

  36. you reviewed very nice app mate :) really SEOPressor plugin is have almost all of options . its very suitable for me .. i will try to use this plugin soon as possible .

  37. Thanks for sharing this great review about SEO processor. However, I think that SEO processor is the one of the best premium plugins related to SEO. I personally used and analysed this tool and conduct it really great. Thanks for the share.

  38. Thanks for sharing this great review about SEO processor. I really dont know about this plugin. I would like to try this for my new blog. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Hey IIeane,

    Mam Nice SeoPressor reviews mostly I avoid plugins on my WordPress sites because it degrade the loading speed by the way that one is second plugin that looks really necessary like Commentluv premium.

  40. I have been using this SEO Pressor plugin for long and I think its the best Premium SEO plugin. Its worth having for every Blog.

  41. I really like your video review.I’ve told on another blog that I’m interested in creating a review for SEOPressor and you’ve sent me here.You’ve explained a lot of details there and I see that you’re 100% devoted to your blog.

    Good job ! :)

    • Thanks for coming by and checking out the video! SEOPressor makes it easier for both me and my guest bloggers to focus on keywords without going overboard and create those precious internal links. Chat soon!

      • I’m using SEOKiller for finding pages to get some quality backlinks, but I see that SEOProcessor is doing a little bit more that my plugin.It’s a little bit more developed.I hope I will use it on my blog soon…

  42. Hi Ileane,
    I haven’t used seopressor since I use the Thesis theme and it has most of the necessary features to optimize its post for search engines but I have heard many good things about it in many blogs so it seems to be a great plugin, thanks for this review…

    • Hi Kostas, I use Thesis theme and the features of SEOPressor plugin are completely different from what comes along with Thesis. It has more to do with the actual content of a specific post and Thesis covers more general aspects of SEO. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  43. very interesting post thank you for sharing it with us i am sure a lot of people are going to enjoy reading this post like me, great post.

  44. SEOPressor are similar like another premium plugin EasyWPSeo. Currently I am using EasyWPSeo, it’s good for on-page SEO. SO, I think SEOPressor will be a nice plugin for you. Try it.

  45. Hey Mam,

    Today I’ve won the SEOPressor plugin with Genesis and some child themes from a giveaway. I was searching for the review of SEOPressor and I thought to search on BBT, I was sure that I will find a review and see! I find it:D

    Thanks for the review, now I can use SEOPressor more better.

    • Hi Ehsan! Congratulations on winning the SEOPressor Plugin in a giveaway! That’s great!

      There is a slight difference in the latest version of the plugin from when I recorded this video. Now the plugin asks for the first word of each post to be the keyword. It’s up to you if you want do that, but I just ignore that one.

      OK best wishes for better rankings for your blog!

  46. Thanks for the article. I’m new to article writing and SEO, so each time I read I gather new tips. I like the idea of having a checklist to review my articles as I’m writing them. Not sure if I’m quite ready to splash out on a plugin to do this for me, however if I find myself writing multiple articles then this plugin would offer great support. No free version with less features in the WP repository?

  47. Vivek Kumar Poddar

    Hey nice review. I think Its the only best seo plugin you will need for your blog optimization. Thanks

  48. That’s great plugin to have. I can see the real time benefits of that plugin. I am thinking of purchasing it now for my wordpress blogs.

  49. I got a problem when using SEOPressor! Here is it

    – On each post, this plugin highly recommend having H1 tag and I do this
    – On the main site, I received report from Google webmaster tool that show me my website has two H1 tags. And this report told me that’s not good.

    So that I remove the H1 tag on each post. However the SEO point (of SEO Pressor) is not good…

    Can you help me to fix it?

  50. Hey love your blog! Gave me a bit of inspiration to continue working on two blogs that I have. Definitely have to get SEOPressor later down the road to help with the onpage SEO on those blogs as well.

    Thanks :)

  51. My articles are already ranking much better, and my new articles appear higher, faster. I love how this plugin takes the guesswork out of SEO! In fact, I’d say that’s one of the most useful features of this software: It reduces my writing time significantly. I no longer have to read & re-read articles, wondering if I’ve optimized my articles “well enough.” The numbers tell me if I’m in the right range for my SEO goals. When I reach the score I’m aiming for, I know that I can move on to my next article. As the commercial says: Time saved – priceless! Thank you, thank you!

  52. i actually find seo ultimate plugin to be better than seopressor, i think it delivers the same functionality for free !!, i don’t need to pay someone to remind me what my niche or keywords are :) … Thank you very much for the article

  53. There are many plugins who perform similarly as SEOPressor i.e. WP SEO and SEO Ultimate . I have used SEOPressor on some of my blogs and it really delivers but i get the same functionality from WP SEO plugin by Yoast. So, I am now using WP SEO by Yoast on majority of my blogs.

    Thanks for the review and Happy Birthday.

    • Thanks for the birthday wish Asif.

      Do you have guest authors on your blogs? If so, how to you instruct them on using SEO by Yoast or do you do it all yourself? I asked this because I see so many people (including myself) who don’t know how to make the best use of the plugin when they are writing a post. I’m not talking about the set-up, I just mean that they don’t understand how to fill out the blog post options.

      I’m really curious, so please let me know how you handle this.

      • I had guest authors on only one blog but now i have disabled guest posting for a while. It was making me lazy to write any post.

        For the SEO, i ask them to fill up all the options provided by WP SEO with their target keyword. And when i review the post, i also check the SEO. If i find it necessary to make changes i do that. As you know, not everyone knows how to do SEO.

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    • Hi Chuck (sorry for the late reply). I’m so glad I could help you understand the settings on SEOPressor version 5. Please subscribe so you can keep up with any new changes on the SEO scene. Thanks.


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