How To Promote Your Content on YouTube

If you signed up for a YouTube account but you haven’t figured out what to do with it, here’s your answer – start promoting your content! I know, I know…you have a list of excuses for why you didn’t make a video yet, but I’m prepared to address each one of your fears so you can get started with promoting your blog, your website and even your ebooks on YouTube!

Excuses For Not Using YouTube

  1. I don’t look good on camera
  2. I don’t have a webcam (use my affiliate link to get the webcam I use)
  3. I don’t know how to make a video
  4. I don’t speak English clearly

My Response To Your Excuses

  1. You don’t need to get in front of the camera (see #2 below)
  2. You don’t need a webcam you can use free screen capture software like Screenr or Screencast-o-matic
  3. You can watch my Screenr tutorial and all you need to do is push the record button
  4. You can use a website like XtraNormal they say “if you can type you can make movies” and they do all the talking for you
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Build Links with YouTube

Now that all your excuses are out of the way, let’s get started (if you have more excuses, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list along with my response). Here’s a great example from one of my favorite YouTube superstars SoldierKnowsBest.

SoldierKnowsBest on YouTube

Mark (that’s his real name) has links to his affiliate products and his smart phone apps, not to mention over 66,000 views in just under one week! Let’s look at another example. Have you ever checked out DeStorm? He’s the man on YouTube!

DeStorm on YouTube

DeStorm has links to his products and his Facebook page too and if you were impressed with 66,000 views in a week, what do you have to say about 195,000 views in a week? Notice that he also used a cool annotation feature in the top right hand side of the video to link to another YouTube video he wants you to watch. I like how he added some other call-outs for his social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

I’m not trying to convince you that you can become a YouTube star like DeStorm or SoldierKnowsBest, I just want to you see how you should use YouTube to promote your blog, your business and yes even your products by adding links to your descriptions. Don’t worry about dofollow or nofollow, just be sure to add links in your description. Don’t get carried away, but at least link to your blog, Twitter and Facebook.

UPDATE: I put all of my SEO Tips for YouTube into an episode on my podcast. You can listen to The Ultimate Video YouTube SEO Checklist here 

Get started with YouTube

YouTube is a great way to expand your audience and build your authority. You don’t have to be a professional to upload videos, all you need to do is get started. I put together a playlist of videos that I recorded called YouTube Training Tutorials. So far there are three seven videos in the playlist that show you How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel and Market Your Videos on YouTube.

Recommended reading and additional resources:30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel by Tim Schmoyer

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  1. nice tips ileane…these days i dono how to promote in youtube….your post clearly explained…..gonna start from now….. does promotion on youtube really works?

    • kurukshetran, what are your goals for promoting on YouTube? If you want to get links, traffic and build authority, then for me I would say yes.

    • Hey, so you know how it asks you how much money would you like to promote daily? well what does that mean exactly? Like am I paying that money for my video to be up? Or do I get paid because the ads are using my video? So guess what Im trying to ask here is, am I charging someone and getting money, or am I being charged and losing money! get back to me asap

  2. Guilty… I’ve said one of those excuses mentioned above and more! To add to that list… No time to create a video being my favorite :-0)
    Should get around to it. You post actually inspired me to come up with a list of tasks that I need to get done, to upload one video..
    Thanks you!

  3. Do you really recommend XtraNormal? I always find the weird robot voices very off putting, and the animation isn’t great. Also, a disproportionately high number of XtraNormal videos on youtube seem to be either predicting the end times or trying to prove that global warming is a hoax, so it may not be great to throw your lot in with them.

    • bathroom accessories, one thing I don’t recommend is using bathroom accessories as my name when I’m commenting on blogs, but then again you could make a really funny video with XtraNormal about them :)

  4. Nice article and good tips. Yes, promotion on youtube works. Here’s another tips: Make video our of your articles. There are lots of cheap softwares out there to help you. Maybe not a revolutionary tips, but it could be a quick start if you’re not sure what to do on Youtube. Just take an article you’ve already published, make a video out of it, post it to Youtube and also post it on your own blog if you have one.

      • Hi Ileane! Nice of you to mention Ana Hoffman. I have been reading her posts on Traffic generation cafe for a long time and she is an excellent marketer, exactly like you:-). I’m using a cheap software from Incansoft for turning my articles into (youtube) videos. Think i paid around $7-8 for this software and i still use it. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done.

    • Exactly! Rick has a really good point. There are lots of ways you can make easy little videos to promote your blog, your ebook, your program, product, etc… Some are free. Animoto has some really nice video ‘templates’ that you can add your own images and text to to create nice ones and you can export your videos straight from your Animoto to Youtube. But just be careful with commercial-type videos, as they aren’t very fond of them sometimes. There are lots of others too, but just can’t think of them off the top of my head.
      ~David Walker

  5. There are definitely many ways to create a video and promote it on YouTube and of course other video sharing websites. Cam or web cam are not really necessary as there are many ways to create a video.

    • Kal, that’s so true. I use TubeMogul to track and distribute my videos across several other networks too including:
      Meta Cafe
      Daily Motion
      and Vimeo

  6. Thanks for putting the series together, I would agree it is really easy to create a YouTube video, sometime it may be less than writing a post. I will check the promotion strategies as that’s what I was looking for…

  7. I got an aged youtube account but its not more on tips or tutorials etc etc, its more on music slideshows which I made and so far, most of my videos get a lot of hits. :) If I will be good enough on giving out tips, perhaps I will expose myself at the camera :) . . I also agree that you dont need to be on the camera just to share stuff, there are a lot of ways :)

  8. The last time I had myself recording on the camera was during my cousin’s birthday which many of my friends says that I look and deliver good at the camera. Well, you need not to expose your face just to come up with a video, there are still a lot of ways :)

  9. Chadrack

    Hi Ileane,

    You’ve just got me going wow with those facts you popped up there! Frankly, I just did a video yesterday after a long time of holding myself back. Ok, it was not much of a video but I’m not yet ready to compete with the like you have on the post. I created a channel for my blog and I’m planning on doing more of videos in the days to come. I hope to grab some of that traffic also!

    • Hi Chadrack! I idolize those guys @SoldierKnowBest and @DeStorm are way ahead of the pack and they do really professional high quality videos. It’s nice to their success.

      Please feel free to share a link to your video when you post it. I’ll be sure to take a look.

  10. Yes, YouTube can be a great source of traffic. Creating some viral videos that everyone will like and designing a channel that almost look like the actual website will create exposure ultimately bring some quality traffic.

    • Imtiaj, I need to improve the design of my YouTube channel and I like your idea of making it mimic the website. Nice branding tip! Thanks.

  11. We have been doing videos for a while and have experienced some success but the example of ‘destorm’ offers a great motivational tool to start using YouTube and earning money from it. Thanks for the info!

  12. I’ve already read “Kristi” post and find out many correct ways to create your social media profiles which really helps you get do follow links. I know video marketing is a great way of online marketing but I haven’t tried it yet. First I’ll see your three videos and then certainly try to create my first video ever. 😉

  13. Riya

    Well, I got coupons site and I really don’t know what kind of video I can create for marketing purpose. If you have any idea please let me know I’ll certainly try it. Thanks!!

    • Oh man Riya, that is way TOO easy. I bet you can make a quick video to feature hundreds of products that you have coupons for. That should keep you busy :)

      • Riya

        Sorry Ileane, Couldn’t reply you earlier. Thanks for your suggestion and now I’m going to try it. 😀

  14. I’ve gained good amounts of traffic from YouTube but not with making videos of myself. Instead, I created instructional videos and slideshows with iMovie – really simple stuff. A lot of people underestimate just how much traffic you can get from YouTube so this is a nice heads up

    • Sandip, does that mean you’re an Apple Fanboy?? I bet you are :)
      I haven’t tried iMovie yet, but one day I’ll get my hands on a Mac. My daughter uses it all the time. Thanks for your encouragement.

  15. Ben Jackson

    Lots of good tips and resources here Ileane, thanks. I’m juust starting to get into youtube and video marketing so this is a really timely post for me.

  16. Thank you for linking to such cool tools and websites Ileane. I especially love ExtraNormal. I had no idea such a site even existed.

    I have to admit, I haven’t been using youtube at all. I tried a few times and I even bought a “article to video” converter and I did create a few videos and posted, but I didn’t really work on promoting them and I just kind of gave up.

    Reading your post, makes me want to get back in the game. Thank you.

  17. We have been looking into starting to add content on YouTube but the reasons you list have kept us from doing it. Now you have taken those excuses away. Great tutorial post.

  18. While I agree with you that Youtube is a brilliant method for promoting your content, I still don’t believe that it’s for everyone. Of course feel free to argue with me, but some people just aren’t comfortable with making public appearances, or even hearing their own voice on the web. It’s just not for everyone and I don’t think it’s always the best method for promoting certain types of blogs.

    For example, a tech news blog would be fairly tricky to constantly keep updating with videos , but then again you could publish weekly round up videos? Why am I counter-arguing myself!?

    • Hi Robert, you just reminded me of something that’s unique about YouTube. You don’t need to keep your YouTube channel updated with fresh content like you do on a blog. In fact some of my old – out dated – videos still get lots of views. YouTube has a totally different search engine than Google – YouTube even has it’s own keyword tool. So through some of your SEO rules out the window when it comes to YouTube. Old content, as long as people are looking for it on YouTube (not Google search) will continue to bring lots of traffic.

  19. I have never used the free video sites or software mentioned. I did use some free downloadable software people used to talk about camstudio. I spent more time trying to get the thing to work right than making an actual video. It constantly messed up for me. So I downloaded the free Microsoft movie maker, I think they call it Microsoft live movie maker now. It is not the most awesome movie creator in the world, but it is pretty easy to use and has some decent features.

    Video has always been time-consuming in my opinion. If you mess up you almost have to start all over. Where text you just backup and make a correction. Youtube certainly remains popular and will for a long time. Where else can you market something to millions of people, and they even provide the bandwidth.

    • Ray, I felt the same way when I tried to use camstudio before I found Screencast-o-matic and Screenr. But keep in mind the video doesn’t have to be perfect in order to get attention. As long as the content is valuable and it’s something that people are searching for, you can still accomplish your goals of getting traffic and backlinks. But you’re right, developing any kind of quality content takes time, even a blog post :)

  20. Nice Points! Youtube can bring great traffic as long as you give out great content, and for other screen capture softwares you can try Camstasia Studio.

  21. There are lots of cheap softwares out there to help you. Maybe not a revolutionary tips, but it could be a quick start if you’re not sure what to do on Youtube.

  22. Great tips ileane, thank you for sharing. My opinion though is that a static video using screencast, needs very-very valuable material in order to gain viewers and your blog gain visitors. If you just put mediocre material you will get less than 100 views and maybe less than 50 visits. If you use the same material but in front of the camera the results will be better.

    • Hmerologio, I agree about not using static videos just because I think they are boring. But I’ve seen some very boring videos get lots of traffic if the title contains words that people are searching for. My point is that a boring, low quality video is better than no video at all.

  23. Hello Ileane. As you know, I’ve done some Youtube videos before, but from your examples here I can see that if you focus on doing it properly, you can leverage Youtube to be a great traffic driver and could even afford you some sales. I have to get that done and dusted, quickly. What I would like to read is how to get Youtube Views. Do these guys get their views mainly from having a lot of subscribers?

  24. Probably you are right that we all have to promote our business or content on YouTube. This site is really very popular and almost everyone who practices blogging, gives links to this site on their posts. A number of people who visits it every day is really very high, and it’s also very important that there are people from different countries and continents

    • YouTube is a universal trend that’s for sure (except in the countries where it’s banned or they have slow internet connections).

  25. Hey Ileane. I have an awesome case study I could do for you with getting a thousand views by simply implementing one major blogging key. And, this method will have you get views on basically autopilot. It’s MUCH easier than blogging.

  26. I have tried to market some products on youtube and it worked quite well, I got about 50people from you tube first month! That was a good number for me.

  27. This is a timely post for us Ileane. We are in the process of creating some YouTube videos which will be posted on our blog. We are going to be using screen capture software so we can educate our users on how to navigate our website and show them how to find information on Company Directors, and other critical information on company accounts etc. I appreciate your tips on how we can optimize our YouTube channel and videos for SEO purposes.

    • Andrew, that’s an excellent idea. Give your customers and your staff a grand tour of your services so that everyone knows what’s available to them. I need to do that to help out my coworkers on my day job because some of them are lost…
      Thanks for the comment.

  28. I had been contemplating doing a quick short video for my newest venture, and I failed to do so because of excuse #1. I guess I’ll just ditch that and make it happen after this post. As usual, very timely information.

    • Marcie, when you’re doing your Live Blogging just pull out your smart phone and turn the camera on you! I know you’ll enjoy it and your readers will love to see more of that beautiful smile of yours. Tweet me when it’s ready!

  29. Ileane,

    Good post on YouTube. I don’t know what it is about videos but I do not do them like I should. I am not afraid to do them but just procrastinate I guess.

    I like the instructional videos you did. That is great. Will definitely be using them.


    Dee Ann Rice

  30. Joshua

    Great Article Ileane! I love youtube to get traffic to my site. One thing I will recommend is to NOT break youtubes rules.

    Ive been able to built up some great views on youtube and did a few small things to bend the guidelines and have gotten not 1 but 2 accounts shut down.

    But i have learned my lesson. It feels horrible to build up a ton of momentum on Youtbe to only have it taken away at the click of a button.

    • Josh, would you mind sharing what went wrong with your YouTube accounts and why they got banned. Most of us never really read the TOS and it would be great to know what “not” to do. Thanks!

    • Ok Salah, I’m going to hold your hand now cause I know how it is when your desktop get’s all out of control and it looks like a hot mess.
      First you can make a new folder and call it “All the crap on my desktop that I don’t really need to have there” then you carefully select each item that you know is messy! Then just drag and drop all of your messiness into that folder and
      Voila! Problem solved.

      NEXT !!! LOL

  31. Hey Ileane,

    Totally agree with your answer to the excuses. Having said that, I have not produced a few dozens screen captured videos yet but I think it is extremely powerful to demonstrate a tutorial in some cases comparing to crafting out thousands words + screen shots.

    The other great thing about Youtube video is that you it is a lot easier to rank video than a site, on top of the fact that youtube is a super high traffic site.

    Jing is another free site that is very easy to use that allow us to make a 5 min sreen captured video.

    • Hi Ming, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I tried Jing but it doesn’t record audio. But if you have Jing installed already makes perfect sense to use it.

  32. I agree with you, Ileane. Youtube is a great way to promote content. I tested it on a video that got nearly a million views and the results are promising.

    • Cheolsu, please share the link to the video with us. I’m sure everyone would like to add to your view count and see if we can mimic your results. Thanks.

  33. Kimberly

    There are many ways to create a video and promote it on YouTube and to other video sharing websites. For now, I used Windows Movie Maker to create video and upload it in YouTube. WMM is easy for me to use.

    • Hi Kimberly, I plan to experiment with Windows Movie maker one day. I don’t want to miss out on any of the good features they have. Thanks for the recommendation.

  34. @Ileane: The old blog is still active and Im also working out this new blog and see if I can get through the obstacles :)

    Try to listen to the music while doing exercise :)

  35. Hi Ileane!

    I love the excuses that you have pointed out! That’s really true somehow..

    I myself so far doing screencast by screen capturing my desktop, and have not yet talking in front of web cam.

    I think I really have to take at least one of myself on the video..

    Have a good weekend girlfriend


  36. Hey Kimi! You can use the still image like I do. That way people get to see your face and they can connect your face to your voice. But the bottom line is just keep making those videos. You do a great job.

  37. How can we zoom in? And how to came back to the normal resolution??? pls tell me I want to create a video which contains lot of texts!!

  38. I so LOVE the idea about “if you can write you can make movies”. Never heard of this company before, but i will definitely use it in the near future, because i have to admit it, i am shy in front of the camera and i don’t speak very good English :)

    Thanks for this post :)

    • Mihai, since you have a fashion blog, it will be easy for you to create videos without getting in front of the camera. With Xtranormal you can create some fun vids that show what’s hot and what’s not in fashion. :)

  39. Youtube has the second largest search engine available, you’d be stupid to pass it up. I have learned a couple killer techniques for increasing views all white hat. Take a look at my site and e-mail me for tips.

  40. I still think youtube is not for everyone!
    Don’t get me wrong I agree with you in most cases and I have to thanks you for suggesting a service like XtraNormal, I didn’t know about it.

    But still, for developing a good subscriber base on youtube you need to film yourself and be charismatic, no matter the niche.

  41. Love this post! Not just because those are two great videos *grin* but because it’s inspired me to get over my nervousness and use YouTube more. I’ve only put up 2 vids and haven’t monetized it at all yet.

    I hadn’t thought of NOT being on cam, or using my blog posts as base for vids. I think that’s a great idea! I’ve got to find my stride and use every tool at my disposal.

    I linked to this post from my blog today, ffrom the post featured down below in CommentLuv. Also got you for Follow Friday on Twitter, because I think this site is the Bees Knees, and I love your total lack of inhibition, and your professionalism!

    Thanks for this post Ileane!


    • Hi Jenny, thanks so much for stopping by and for spreading the link luv! If I can help you get more videos posted let me know. I’m heading over to your blog now!

  42. I have created 5 videos so far. but just put background music instead of speak(my voice is not good). now i am going to use the movie maker to speak my text as you said in the post. Thank you very much .

    • Hi John, it’s so rewarding to see the finished video come together. When you’re done, send me the link so I can share it with my networks.

  43. Hi Ileane,
    This is my first time reading your article, it’s great by the way! I just started posting some videos for my business but didn’t realized about linking my Facebook and Twitter page on there. After this comment, I’ll be editing my videos. Thank you so much.

    • Ron le, you’re welcome.

      I always add my Twitter account link to all of my videos descriptions on YouTube, but I think I should start using my Google+ link too.

  44. Terje Sannarnes

    I would like to say that YouTube can become a powerful source of traffic to a website if you select an effective strategy of promotion. So, YouTube can be perfectly used by entrepreneurs to attract targeted audience to a website.

  45. Hi Ileane,

    Thank you for sharing your insights and giving us more knowledge on YouTube as a marketing channel…

    As a passionate Twitter lover, it’s hard to think of other channels to build relationship.. YouTube seems like a great way to market your biz, and there are some great tips here…


    • Sharel, I wish there were more hours in the day so I could record more videos and audio podcasts! Don’t get me wrong – I can spend all day writing blog posts too. I pretty much sit at the helm all day creating and/or sharing content.
      But at the end of the day, what makes it all worthwhile is meeting awesome people like you!
      Thanks so much for all you do my friend and I’m sure we will be chatting more about video as it relates to in the near future.

      • Hi Ileane,

        Thank you for the quick and personal reply :) i really appreciate it.

        We will be super honored to give value to your community :)

        Excited for your followup:)

  46. wow. I had an evening click the link to check it out yet. But from the sounds of it, it sounds as if I don’t even need a digital camera anymore to make YouTube videos of myself. Is this correct? And if so, can we also add special effects to our videos using that service you recommended? :-)

  47. sorry in the above comment. I made a typo by mistake. where it says:

    “I had an evening click the link”

    I meant to say:

    “I hadn’t even clicked the link”

    my apologies :-)

  48. good morning,

    I have a question about using you to for making money with affiliate marketing. As a “YouTube partner”, are you allowed to insert “affiliate links” inside the video description of” uploaded YouTube videos”? I know that without the “YouTube partnership”, anyone can put affiliate links in the video description of their [uploaded YouTube videos]. But, does anyone know if it is okay to do so, with a [YouTube partnership] ?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated in answering this question :-)

  49. Peter

    I never thought of it before to use youtube to promote my content. I always used it for other things. Thanks for sharing this great idea I will definitely try it out. Thanks!

  50. Great Post Ileane.
    Youtube marketing is very powerful indeed.
    You can add commenting and subscribing to other popular channel in you niche which basically ads a link to your own account.
    Doing so will raise your own channel’s ranking which lead to more views, and ads a powerful backlink to your main blog you chose to promote from your channel.

  51. Hi Ileane, excellent post, thank you.

    I do create videos and find them quite easy to make. Once we get over the fear factor we’re soon up and running. I am now able to create all 3 types of video, screen capture, Powerpoint slides and Face the camera.

    Each one was a fear to start with but like I said once we start we’re up and running.

    Thanks for the links to your playlist, I have of course shared it so i can come back and watch them all at my leisure. Then, as the saying goes “Learn and Apply”.

    I never thought of adding my Social Media links, to be honest I didn’t think it was ok to do so. I knew I could add a link to my blog, which I do in every video, but not the other links….. That’ll cjhange now 😉

    Those fella have an amazing amount of views, more than my complete channel and they’ve achieved it per video Excellent result for them. I’ll look them up and learn some more :)

    Thanks Ileane, have a great day my friend,

  52. To be honest, I used to make one of the excuses above. But now, I am just collecting information to get started with Youtube and after a few, I’ll be in there. Actually, I have few videos but it’s of my phone working on another firmware.

    This complete post is collection of so many tutorials and tips, that’s really helpful.

    • Hey Abhi, How is your YouTube channel coming along these days. Have you posted any new videos lately? I hope you keep at it.

  53. I am happy and humbled to say that I love YouTube. I just recently became a partner with my third YouTube channel, and thankful they are all monetized to generate

    $ gUaP $

    By way of uploading videos to my channel. This will keep me motivated in uploading videos regularly to my YouTube channel, and always creating unique and meaningful video content :-)

  54. I never thought of it before to use youtube to promote my content. I always used it for other things. Thanks for sharing this great idea I will definitely try it out. Thanks

  55. Great tips here Ileane, we’ve already started using YouTube for instructional videos and been getting some great responses

  56. I’m wondering if anyone here on basic blog tips is benefiting from YouTube annotations. If so, what steps are you using for adding annotations to YouTube videos to increase your search engine optimization efforts? :-)

    • Drewry,

      Annotations don’t have any impact on the SEO of your video in search engines.

      They are used to add “call outs” to videos and only the person watching the video at that time can see the call out. They are not something that the search engines can see and they are not intended to work that way.

  57. Drewry

    great job on your newest YouTube video, Ms. Ileane. I made a post about it on the site. Check it out :-)

  58. Drewry

    great job once again that YouTube video. I’m going to apply some of what you mentioned in the video to my personal online marketing tactics. Keep up the good work :-)

    • Drewry, thanks so much! btw – which one of the videos are you referring to? Can you do me a favor and leave a comment over on YouTube. Thanks!

  59. Well, youtube gives nofollow backlinks. .I find youtube very very good for getting few sales for me.. I get video reviews for my affiliate products with link to my website in description.
    Video Reviews work for sure as people want to see things more often rather than reading content.

  60. There are many ways to create a video and promote it on YouTube and to other video sharing websites. we’ve already started using YouTube for instructional videos and been getting some great response.Thanks lot of shearing your great post .

  61. You just read my mind! I have been thinking of promoting my blogs using videos – vblogging. YouTube is actually a very good platform to do so.I will follow the tips and make the most of it.

  62. A relatively new business that is promotion VIA youtube channel…but isnt it very much time consuming…what ever it be I will surely promote my blogs through it from now onwards…thanks for sharing

  63. I am always scared to go in front of camera. I have made some video with on window movie maker using pictures and partner created music for me. I’ll definitely try to create review video after reading your post. There is unlimited potential with Youtube partner program as well. Thanks for inspiration.

  64. Thanks for the tips, I shared my way of doing it in a recent post of mine. I didn’t know about those free screen recording software’s. So I better check them out!

  65. Ileanne Thank you for the tips. I have to laugh at myself many excuses. I have put my toes in the water and used screencast to make a video. Only nine takes lol. I will be buying the webcam you recommened I was uncertain which to try. Happy Holiday!

    • Hi Lydia, I have heard all of the excuses and I only listed a few of the most frequent ones here. Just think back to when you first got online and you were too shy to post some things that you don’t give a second thought to now. I remember when I used to spend 5 minutes making sure my Tweets were perfect. Goodness knows I hardly take 5 seconds these days.

      The only way to get past the first time nerves is to just go for it and even if it’s not that great I’ll be there to cheer you on. :)

      Happy Thanksgiving!!

  66. I do just put links under each of my youtube videos. I mean in the description. I have seen several visitors came from youtube. Youtube helps a lot.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Good for you on taking advantage of the links YouTube allows us to add to our descriptions. They really work.


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