Video Marketing – How To Get Views On YouTube

Video marketing, appeals to so many who are trying to build their social profile and get more views on YouTube. Many people get into video marketing because they are tired of writing article after article.

You could spend all day writing articles and at the end of the day, week, or month just not feel like you’ve accomplished that much.

Maybe you are an outsourcer and are looking for another way to help improve traffic to your site or gain exposure to your niche.Blog Engage RSS Syndication It can be another tool you add to your arsenal. Along, with social networking, which is another topic.

For whatever reason you have chosen to dive into video marketing this article should provide you with a lot of resources to get your video marketing on track.

It’s quite obvious that video marketing appeals to the visual stimulated crowd, and in my opinion people would much rather watch something, rather than just reading a 3,000 word article (please bloggers don’t hate me for that comment).

Don’t, get me wrong I am not saying people will not read them, but there is a lot better chance that your video will go viral vs your article. Don’t get me wrong though, there is nothing wrong with your article marketing campaigns, just please keep reading if you are interested on getting more exposure to your YouTube Videos.
Get More views on YouTube

What I commonly see when I talk to people is they’ll try a couple videos, but they don’t get any hits. A lot of people will just give up. That is the problem though; affiliate marketers have to be persistent if they want to get things done. Your probably wondering, How To Get Views On YouTube. Seriously, it isn’t that hard and you might even have some fun doing it.

Getting More Views on YouTube

Wondering how to get more views – the best answer to that question is – by using correct SEO. This is the most important step to making it big in video marketing or possibly going viral on YouTube. You have to have your videos done correctly (SEO wise).

Make sure you put your keywords in your title (the closer to beginning the better, but don’t make it sound weird.). What I typically do is have my keywords “How To Get Views On YouTube” and then a dash and a call for action phrase; something like “The Secret is Finally Revealed“. The full title would be “How To Get Views On YouTube – The Secret Is Finally Revealed“. That might be a tad long, but you get the general idea :).

Now you need to have your keywords in the tags and in the description, as well. Don’t ever do it with the tags though. Only three variations of your keywords or it might look like SPAM, according to YouTube. You don’t want your hard work going to waste. That and keyword stuffing is really getting cracked down on YouTube (and SEO and general).

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Also, have your URL in the description box, and as close to the beginning as humanly possible. Your goal is to have people watch the video, but leave it open ended. You have to click on the link in order to get more information. Another thing people are commonly doing is have a banner at the bottom of a YouTube view or a clickable button during the video and at the end of the video.

Using video annotations is another powerful way you can be sure to get the most views on YouTube. You can add links to other videos, get people to subscribe to your channel and add calls to action for your audience with this strategy.

Final steps for getting views On YouTube

The last step is the most important if you really want to learn how to get views on YouTube. Just because you put up a video doesn’t mean anyone is going to see it. In fact, chances are unless you have tons of friends or subscribers no one is going to discover you video until your get out and become active. I am sure a lot of bloggers know what I am talking about in this area, just because you have a blog doesn’t mean people are going to magically come to your blog and interact with you.

You need to use social networks in order to get your videos out there. This could be anything from Facebook, Google+ and StumbleUpon to Twitter and all the other million places where people talk and discuss different topics. Then you are going to want to interlink all your social networking accounts together in order to build strong authority backlinks to your videos. Don’t forget that you can also join the partner program and earn from showing advertising on your videos too.

It goes a couple steps further than just using social networks, though. You also want to use ezinearticles, buzzle, goarticles, etc. to write some keyword dense articles with a backlink attached to your YouTube video and channel.

Furthermore, if you want to build more variety backlinks to your videos and actually get people to them you need to participate on blogs by guest posting which is a nice way to get free online video advertising and instantly boost your view count. Just remember when you blog comment to add value to the conversation and leave a url to your video if it is on topic and actually adds value to the conversation. No video link dropping!

BONUS! Here’s a tutorial video from Mitz from WordPress Website Builder called SEO Tutorial – Finding the right Youtube video title for SEO


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Can you think of anything else? What other ideas do you have to get views on YouTube free?



Garen Arnold, is a graphic designer out of Kansas City, Missouri. Garen provides people with The Best Web Hosting Service by using his expertise to help people choose the best web hosting service for their business.


  1. Hi Garen and Ms. Ileane,

    This is some really awesome information. I’ve been thinking about video marketing and the advice above is very valuable to me. I’ve bookmarked this post to have it ready when I need it.

    Thank you for sharing your valuable insight!


  2. I would add something else.

    You can find a video that is similar in topic as yours is and make your video a video response to it. Now, make sure it is related because you don’t want to spam anyone and if you are doing this, find a video that has a lot of views!

    Also, you can offer people to subscribe to your YouTube channel RSS so they will be informed every time you upload a new video.
    I have this subscription link in my sidebar.

    Great tips, Garen, I knew you need to do a good SEO on the videos but hte hardest part is promoting your videos as you promote your blog. So much to do!

  3. Dana

    Thanks for this clear-crystal tips about video marketing on YouTube. I am still looking the best way to make my tutorial video but after find it, I surely keep in my mind these tips.

  4. Video marketing is only going to continue to grow, and how it is managed will determine the level of success using this channel.

    You’re right, using YouTube alone will not drive big traffic to your videos. It really must be used with your other networks.

  5. Great advice, Garen.

    Once again I am reminded to create more videos and the benefits of doing so. I really have no excuses, I’m all set on software and equipment, I just need to make the time to do more.

    With all of the mobile devices in circulation today, video content is becoming even more important.

    “Only three variations of your keywords or it might look like SPAM, according to YouTube.” This is a really critical point, thanks for pointing that out.

    Very timely post, which I both enjoyed and appreciate.

    • I am with you; I need to start developing a video presence. I am going to look around and see if I can outsource some good quality videos :).

  6. Having youtube videos is very beneficial to bloggers since most people are off with reading materials and feel more comfortable in watching videos. It’s easily to handle. Like any other social networking sites, you need to maintain decent # of followers in order to be popular so once you’ve build a community, you can encourage them to look for you too in youtube.

  7. Glad to see your guest post here.

    Awesome post gerald on getting youtube views.
    You’ve made some great points.

    Social media sites are great way to get views..!

    Thanks for sharing.

    PS. Seeing you after a very long time. How’s everything going gerald?

  8. Dennis Edell

    Awesome. An article destined for my resource file as I have definite video marketing/vlogging plans.

    You raised a question in my mind in the beginning…..if you place a blog post in an article directory, does the video in that post go with it?

    • I would make my articles similar to the video, but not the exact same, as that might look a little weird. Also, use your video on you squidoo lenses, hubs, wikis, ect.

      • I dunno, there’s an old blogging buddy of mone that did both on every post…the text almost matched the video word for word and it was kinda cool.

        I’m still wondering, if you place a blog post in an article directory, does the video in that post go with it?

  9. Videos can certainly help with your page rank. To get the views is the difficult part, you’re right. Keyword searches are usually 3-6 words long. I have found, if you have a list, that your page title should be something close to what people would search for, then a semi-colon with “top 10 list”, for example. Other than that, I will definitely take advantage of your great advise. Thanks!

  10. Yes,titles are very important. Just like seo they can be the deciding factor on whether people click on your site or not. People love top ten list to, same thing applys to video marketing.

  11. Thanks for this valuable information!

    In the past I haven’t taken my title/tags very seriously until now. My goal is to be a YouTube partner and I appreciate the SEO tips.

    I recently made my first clip using iMovie 11 and attached it to a very popular video as a response, but I do believe the key is to have the right keywords and having a general idea of what people could be searching for when it comes to your niche

    I have a lot to learn, but I will get there.

    Thanks for these helpful tips!


    • My first year of SEO I didn’t put my keywords in my title tag..hehe.

      It’s actually noted now that people search more in YouTube than they do in Yahoo.

  12. Hi,

    You have listed some good ways to promote but to be honest it is hard for you to do something with videos. I have tried all these way back in 2008, when i was an affiliate. It needs loads of efforts to create an appealing video and promote it. Definitely not worth if you are promoting a blog, but still a good share :)

    This will be useful for all those looking to promote their products

  13. I myself have been pretty disappointed in the results of article marketing. It’s like, you spend all this time writing an article and you send it out into the world. . . for what? Usually for one measly backlink. I keep wondering about video marketing and whether it’s easier to get hits that way, so thanks for this post.

    I wonder if you can get caught in a vicious cycle of creating and promoting YouTube videos that do nothing to promote your main site? Or maybe linking to the video creates a link-wheel effect that would at least give you an SEO benefit for the keywords you’re targeting. Thoughts?

    • I would highly recommend outsourcing your articles (I wouldn’t just quit doing them), which I commonly do. There is only so much I can write on web hosting and I am just targeting big articles sites like ezineartiles, buzzle, ect. Mix that in with social networking, blog comments, PR’s, link building, ect and you sites traffic will thank you :)

  14. Vivek Parmar

    have to admit, video marketing is the new way to drive traffic on any blog. just create one video and upload it on several video sharing site. you will increase your traffic within no time

  15. Hi Garen,
    Some top tips there. Another couple for you. Use Tube Mogul to put your video out to another 15 sites such as Daily Motion,Vimeo etc.
    Also if you do “How To” videos there are some excellent how to sites where you can share your videos.
    Of course back link and share them all.

    • Hey Pete,

      Yes Tube Mongul is pretty good. I have used them a couple times. No way you can get in trouble for duplicate content with videos :)


  16. A creative video (plus a mix of humor) makes a viral video and of course the message it sends to the viewers. But a video will never receive much hits if it does not get posted on Social Networking sites, because this is where people converse and most spend their time.

  17. if you look through many of those softwares available online, you can see some softwares for increasing the youtube views. even if some may not actually work, there are some that actually work. so having large views does not guarantee that people are actually viewing it.

    • True, there is a lot of YouTube software that is pure garbage. But YTSEO is very complex, in fact 5 times as complex as regular SEO. You want Want a combo of views, comments, subscribers, ect.

  18. If you want to get YouTube views,you will have to work for it.Produce quality content and spend a little time each day promoting it online and via word of mouth.

    In time, your hard work just might pay off.Just be patient,

  19. I do post some video articles on youtube but I don’t know how to market them as I am a newbie but this writeup should definitely help me how, thanks for sharing!!..

  20. Video marketing is one of the newest and effective ways to get traffic to your website. Thus reading more posts on this theme and share our information with others helps us to improve our knowledge and get more success with doing this.

  21. Titles and keywords are the most important. Also, you must be ‘clean’ (ok copyright), like you said – no keyword stuffing (that junk just destroys your chances of getting views). Also, it’s easier to get a lot of views if you have (a lot of) subscribers, you also could post your YT video on Twitter, Facebook, tell your friends on Yahoo Messenger or other kind of stuff. I also recommend having a simple YouTube username (not something with a lot of numbers and letters). Great article, learned a few things myself, cheers!

  22. Video blogging will play a major role in 2011 blogosphere. Adding any viral element in video can increase the video views.

    Sintel – a short movie for an open source software become popular overnight and got million views becaue of the good story and mainly the viral element.

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  23. I have never used Youtube to post video until now. But I am thinking in doing some videos on posting them. Fore sure I will use some of this this like for instance making use of social networks to get more visitors. Thanks for the tips.

  24. MQL

    Great article, Garen. Very helpful. However, I would like to provide a bit of constructive criticism regarding your excessive use of commas. The commas made your otherwise fantastic article extremely difficult for me to read… Ditto on your bio.

  25. The more creative and useful information will get the more viewers will visit it. It is the way to get more traffic on your website.
    Although YouTube can really help you, still your hard work can make it possible.

  26. Some great tips there… I find that if you just publish it everywhere you can once it’s live it can really help rake in the traffic.

    Promote it on Facebook, Tweet about it, embed it on your website/blog, email people about it. Maximum publicity means maximum views :-)

    New here, and really like your blog, good range of articles, I hope to read more when I have some more time.

    Thanks :-)

  27. Hey Garen, your post is revealing and helpful. It’s great to embed a video in a post. I once had known a code which makes the video of your post unclickable so you don’t lose visitors when they click on the video. It was very useful cause once your visitor is redirected to YouTube you’ve lost them so it’s better to avoid having them click there. Are you aware of this code?
    Your commas are great man, don’t even worry:)

  28. Hi Ileane,
    One way to start getting views is to link your video as a video response to another more popular video on youtube. You just go through your related videos and find one that has a lot of views. Then when you go to that video, look in the comments section. You’ll have the option to create a video response. Hit that and link your video. Some of them you have to wait for user approval. Others are just automatic. That way when people go to see the popular video, they will also see yours in the comment section.

    • Hey Rich – I like that idea. I always hesitated to send video responses in the past because it seemed spammy. When you think about out, most people commenting on YouTube would be glad to see a great video, especially if it helps them by filling a need or solving a problem. Great idea!

  29. I hate to be critical of you Ileane, but this video explains pretty thoroughly how YouTube ratings really occur and can be had.

    How many views the video gets

    How many comments it gets

    How many likes it gets

    And 7 other indicators of quality….

    True getting the SEO right the first time is key, but with out what that video explains, the SEO is useless, you will be at the bottom of results.

    We just pulled 17,000 views in 6 days by targeting the social algorithm on YouTube and Google. Hope this helps….- Chris

    • Hey Chris, thanks so much for sharing the video. I tried to embed the video so my visitors can have a look, but it didn’t work. One of the key points from the video is to be sure to target keyword phrases with high traffic! And I agree with using the free adwords tool. I also recommend using Market Samurai for researching keywords. It’s one of the tools that I find very easy to use and it turns what I find to be a very boring task (SEO) into something I can live with. If anyone wants a free trail they can use my affiliate link for a test drive.

      • Thanks Ileane, the bottom line here is you have to get views on a YouTube video, but more importantly you have to get comments and likes.

        So if you embed a video, great, that will get it views, and from the number of comments here, your list and following is very responsive. The trick is it to turn that responsive following into a following that will leave you comments on the YouTube video single page…..

  30. Hi Chris,

    Great Blog, video marketing is increasing in importance by each day! Apart from social network websites, where else would you recommend submitting videos to, to increase hits?


  31. Hi Ileane,

    Great blog, I have seen your videos on youtube a number of times now and it is clear that you understand the importance of online video marketing. How long have you been making videos for now?


  32. this is an article i was looking for a long time. was much confused about driving traffic from youtube etc like sites through video marketing strategies. awesome post done here.

  33. Video marketing is one of the best medium to promote anything over the Internet.There are so many video sharing websites over the Internet.But You tube has a so many importance than others.As per my personal experience you tube video always get high rank In SE.But to get high ranking for our you tube video,we have to need more views and reviews by visitors.Now question is how to do that?
    the simple answer is “Read this blog post and get answer.”
    Anyways,Thanks for a very helpful article for those who are doing or want to do video marketing work for their online promotion.

  34. Yes video marketing has very importance in online marketing.One more thing ,quality videos always get high rank in SE.Thanks for sharing a very helpful article.

  35. I definitely agree on you guys. Video Marketing should always be consider to a success of your business. That’s why people are asking on how to get lots of YouTube views. One way how to do it is by buying YouTube views. At first, it’s really normal you might doubt on this kind of strategy, but believe me, I’ve been using this strategy to help grow my business. It boost my website Traffic and I got lots of sale on my Sales Page by viewing my Product Review videos. Hope this help you too!

  36. Interesting insight, my own feeling is YouTube is really the beginning of video marketing. Well promoted, keyworded and focused video landing pages will get you more traffic than YouTube.

  37. Great article, SEO on any level let alone video is very tricky to get right. An extra tip is the expanding use of Closed Captions (CC) on YouTube. By inputting your own TXT subtitle document, annotations and transcript you can pick up extra organic SEO points by YouTube & Google Video. It’s a really unused tool and many SEO sites are really pushing the necessity of using Closed Captions in video productions, so it’s worth keeping in mind. Good luck guys.

    Skeleton Productions.

  38. I don’t know — video marketing seems like such a long shot unless you bag the elusive viral vid somehow. I do make videos and I do put them on YouTube and I do promote them but I’ve given up expecting any boost from YouTube. It seems like all noise, all the time.

  39. this is an article i was looking for a long time. was much confused about driving traffic from youtube etc like sites through video marketing strategies. awesome post done here.
    You are superb, thanks
    -Sara Angel

  40. YouTube marketing is what I’m getting into right now. It seems that YouTube is so much easier to SEO than regular websites.

  41. There a few services that will help you get views from real users from different ips. Check out Vagex or EnhanceViews. Keep in mind, however, that these will likely contribute to your VSEO but will not bring you any real value in terms of branding.

  42. Using youtube video promotion sites such as realutubeviews (which charges a small fee) or tubeexposure (free) is also a good way to increase your views and to get your video content out to the public.

  43. Unfortunately, almost 99% of video clips that are downloaded onto YouTube go completely undetected. This is because hundreds of video clips are published there on a regular time frame. Many people try to advertise their video clips personally but this is an incredibly time-consuming and boring endeavor. And it hardly ever works. There are just too many video clips to contend against.

    • Reagan, I have a better way for you to leave your video links on CommentLuv blogs. You need to burn your YouTube feed with Feedburner and then you can use the technique I demonstrate in this tutorial and video.
      Be careful though! You need to leave valuable comments on post otherwise you will be labeled as a spammer. I’m being nice and letting it go this time. Good luck with your YouTube success.

  44. My site helps with marketing on youtube and bringing in new subscibers, its a free service, not here to spam, just posting related content 😀

    check out – link removed – use CommentLuv if you want to leave links. If you don’t know how to use CommentLuv click here
    Helps build networks / subscribers for free, promise 😀

  45. Yashodhan

    I want to know a way in which I can get maximum views and likes on a video. I have currently worked on a project in which I & my friends have shot a short film. Any way other than Facebook… please recommend. Thank-you.

  46. Yes video marketing has very importance in online marketing.One more thing ,quality videos always get high rank in SE.Thanks for sharing a very helpful article.

  47. Hi Garen,

    Nice article first.

    However, I am new here (video marketing) and just looking for fresh tips or techniques. I have one video uploaded on YouTube, and I think it’s been SEO optimized, using the keywords in title, and appropriate description with keywords included too.
    I am wondering, there’s no more than 20 views until now (about 2 weeks) and even my video didn’t show up on the search result of YouTube search engine.
    Yeah, really, didn’t show up even I’ve type the main keywords (that I use as my video title)

    I do commenting on famous video in my niche, but only a few I got viewers.
    Any idea or advice for these cases? Especially, how can my video didn’t come up on the search result of YouTube SE, even I’ve typed the targeted keywords that I used for the title of my video as well.
    Wondering, when another video that not related was show up, but my video is not.

    All suggest and advice would greatly appreciate it! 😉
    Thank you!

  48. Great article. Video content is great for social media, and for embedding on web pages. It makes everything so much more engaging, because I think people are automatically turned off by a wall of text.

    For YouTube, I think the more useful the information, the better. We recently made a pro-consumer educational video for a auto body shop, and multiple other body shops ended up embedding the video on their websites. It’s led to very high quality natural backlinks.


  1. Video Marketing – How To Get Views On YouTube…

    Video marketing, why does it appeal to so many people? Many people get into video marketing because they are tired of writing article after article….