How To Get Your First 2,000 Twitter Followers

Twitter FollowersWhen getting started on Twitter one of the main questions that users ask is how do I get more Twitter followers?

When you first start using Twitter you’ll find that you don’t know anyone and no one follows you. You start to follow famous people; an artist, a journalist, a writer, even a politician etc… but you realize that they don’t follow you back.

You start to get into conversations and follow people related to you and suddenly you have 10, then 20, then 30, 40 and Yeah! Reaching 50! and with a little luck and hard work and patience and you have 100! But basically you have the desire to have more followers. How do you get more followers? It is not by chance, here we give a simple methodology and without getting into the complications of automated following tools.

Perhaps some would say to me, “I prefer quality over quantity” and that’s fine, but if you really want to see that your words, your thoughts, and your tweets go as far as possible, you need to have a good audience to take you as far as possible. It is a matter of strategy to position your username. If you just want to find and read, Ok! you do not need many fans. You just need to follow your sources of information but if you want to go there, I have this for you.

The steps to get your first 2,000 twitter followers.

1. Define your areas of interest and write a compelling Twitter bio.Write a compelling Twitter bio

2. Try to find users who are influential in your area of interest and look if they are on Twitter whether a writer, consultant, marketer, a technology expert, an architect, designer, community manager or a blogger like me… you know well who they are.

3. Now we come to the next step. Users who follow you should have powerful statistics, experience and a bit of good human behavior. I would like to share the fact that between 25% -30% users will be reciprocal and follow you back. The interesting thing is that you’re connecting with people who are related to your preferences and not just fans who’ll be random but they are more selective and segmented. Twitter does not limit the number of followers you can have. However, they monitor how aggressively users follow other users. They try to make sure that none of their limits restrain reasonable usage and will not affect most Twitter users.

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4. In addition, every user can follow 2,000 people total. Once you’ve followed 2,000 users, there are limits to the number of additional users you can follow: this limit is different for every user and is based on your ratio of Twitter followers to your following. When you hit this limit, they’ll tell you by showing an error message in your browser. You’ll need to wait until you have more Twitter followers in order to follow more users—basically, you can’t follow 10,000 people if only 100 people follow you.

5. Once you have followed 2,000 users, lets say few days a week.

  •  During this week you will find how you and your community gradually begins to grow. Some will welcome you with either a tweet or direct message (DM), return the message since this gives you the opportunity to exercise your first connection with these new Twitter followers.
  • Start talking to people you are following (it really helps), give a kind reply to their comments and retweet their publications. This will be integrated into the dynamics of Twitter.
  • Begin to share content that you liked and you consider useful to your Twitter followers (articles, video, photos, etc.)
  • You can start building your own blog and create content. I agree that a blog + your Twitter Profile = powerful magical combination.

6. After a week you will probably have about 500 followers but once you’ve followed 2000 users there are limits to the number of additional users you can follow. Now how do I keep it longer if no one is following me back? Well it is relatively easy. Here I will show you the most basic way to do it without any tools.

  • Sign in to to your account.
  • Go to  “Following” or “Followers”.
  • Enter one of the users you follow, right next to their Twitter handle you will see the words [Follows You] if you don’t see that, they are not reciprocating.
  • Unfollow users who are not Following you back on Twitter
  • Do not do it aggressively because to Twitter this can be considered spam. You can review the rules and best practices for Twitter -following-on-twitter-limits-and-best-practices

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I’ve passed the 2,000 Twitter followers mark. Now what?

Well if you’ve arrived at the 2,000 fans, the story changes and you realize that you have developed a good community. Your community will begin to heat up and when you talk to them they recognize you and gradually they will read your Tweets, and other news that you publish on a regular basis. You’re building a personal brand and people recognize you for your words for your ideas, you are doing your part to make a name for yourself on the network. Now the task of managing your Twitter followers has become more complicated and you might want to use some Twitter management tools.

I hope this article will be useful and hopefully I can comment on how it went after applying this.

I love to have your comments and your opinion on your first 2,000 twitter followers.

I hope this article has been of interest and utility. If you like to share it with your friends or colleagues do it by clicking the button Tweet (Twitter), I like / Like (Facebook), Share (Delicious).

If you want to contact me It will be a pleasure interacting with you.

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Amrik Virdi is a professional blogger.


  1. This does work. I did the same, by following the people who followed my competition, those I associated with or were similar to me, about 30% followed me back.

    • Matt,

      I love the fact that Twitter helps people not only build their businesses, but respectively build their twitter following free of charge. One method I’m using today in building my twitter following is including a link to my twitter profile in the author’s resource signatures section of articles I submit to be published. This way, I can actually build followers from twitter to the profile for years to come, in addition to building natural back links back to my website. It’s like a [Batman and Robin operation], as article marketing and including a link to the twitter profile in the author resource section works hand-in-hand :-)

    • I just started following people yesterday for my blog, and I followed about 70 people and I have about 25 people following me so I have to agree with this.

    • hello matthew

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  2. Thank you so much for this post. It came at a great time for me. I just started a new blog and I’m starting from scratch with all my social media accounts. I havent started from scratch in a while and I needed a referesher on this stuff. Thank you so much!!! Great post!

    • Amrik Virdi

      Thank you for reading my article. I will look forward to publish more useful content in future. So stay tune.

    • Amazing Chic Renegade,

      I hope you’ll achieved the goals about your blog you desired! No, can say the was not useful. Especially when Amrik describe about Just Retweet, I also use just retweet, It being a great traffic secret for me.

  3. Yes, following others is a good way of getting their attention and getting them following you back. I woould actually recommend doing a blog and creating content first and sharing your content on twitter for a bit before you start aggressively building up your following. Also, create a custom twitter page and profile so that when people look at your twitter page, they can see some of your content and get an idea of whether to follow you back or notl

    • Amrik Virdi

      I like your point but remember users who follow you should have powerful statistics, experience and a bit of good human behavior.

    • Amrik Virdi

      I appreciate your feedback. Once you have followed 2,000 users you can continue repeating these steps to gain more followers. But don’t do it aggressively because to Twitter this can be considered spam.

  4. Hey Amrik,

    You have great tips here to get more followers. When I did it. I used automatic services like Twiends (I really regret that I did it). Because now I understand that it is better to build your follower base slowly and through your blog (I value Quality over Quantity; I realize that many of the people that I follow really don’t offer me anything). Thanks to your article; it is a reminder for me to cleanup my twitter account.

    Thanks for the article Amrit!

    • Amrik Virdi

      Hello Jeevan,

      I am glad you like my tips. I am not against “Twiends” but I would like to share some disadvantages of “Twiends ” which I feel everyone should know.

      The amount of limitations twiends has in place are plainly ridiculous, they say its to stop spam, but personally I believe they just don’t want you to get lots of free seeds and instead buy them from twiends. These limits the most amount of followers your likely to get WITHOUT paying a penny to around 10K, and one of these limitations is that you cannot connect more than one Twitter account to twiends, which means that once the followers limit is up, YOUR OUT OF FREE SEEDS.

      The other disadvantage is the support team are very slow to respond and have no means of a private support ticket, so you have to share your problem with the entire community which is a little embarrassing if your issue is a delicate one such as your account being suspended. Often the support team don’t even fully read you question, and in turn respond with a bad answer.

      • Yeah they do have severe disadvantages, I agree. I don’t care much about those nowadays. I try more to retain my followers and build trust and a strong positive relationship with them by networking and having casual conversations 😀 And I like them. Especially because it is also my blogging niche.

        Thanks for the immediate reply!

  5. Some people you want to follow regardless of whether they will follow you back or not. If you see someone that has 1000+ followers, but only follows 50 people chances are they are not going to follow you. If you really want to follow them because you want to keep up to date with what they have to say or offer no big deal go for it. But, if you are trying to build followers these folks are most likely not going to follow you back. People that have both a lot of followers and also follow a lot of other people are more likely to follow you back.

    • There are a wide variety of strategies. Because of that, some people have more than one account, so they can use strategies for engaging with small groups that they follow from one account, and extract the benefits of larger groups on other accounts.

  6. Mark

    For me the first thing to know is how to be interesting then everything follows. Like any book if the readers are interested with it they will buy it if they arent they dont.

  7. I am one of those who will say quality is more important then quantity but also initial numbers make some difference. Once hit a magical mark then go for quality. Nice article.

    • Amrik Virdi

      Thanks sanjeev.
      I believe twitter is a medium which can significantly benefit YOU and enhance your life in many ways – however when you talk to most successful Twitter users you find that they’ve discovered one thing: “Ttwitter becomes more benficial to you when you give value to others”.

  8. Maybe I should start using my twitter account right now because of the information you have shared.easiest way to gain followers in twitter , I think I should follow them back.

    • Amrik Virdi

      Yes, you should start using twitter right from today.

      The more you use it, the more you realize the relationships that you make on Twitter are no different than the relationships you have cultivated off-line. Each follower has his or her own agenda for using the service — one you recognize their particular need, you can design your approach accordingly. While some of my followers are casual and playful and our tweets reflect that, others may be more of a networking resource for learning and the tweets back and forth tend to be more direct and informational. That’s not to say a follower can’t be multi-faceted, but the key is figuring out what the relationship is at the onset and gear your initial tweets in that manner. Then you can adjust as the relationship broadens, if applicable.

  9. Thanks bud! I am having trouble getting into this social micro-blogging thing., much less get a high number of followers. I will like to use twitter to provide information and not just useless updates. thanks again.

    • Amrik Virdi

      There are so many things you can do on twitter you can offer support and encouragement. You can give feedback, you can cheer lead, you can pass on a link and in general be as friendly and helpful to people in Twitter. You don’t have to be a well known expert in any field to be a valuable contributor.

      Good Luck.

  10. Good points. I’ve always prefered quality before quantity, but these steps actually combines the two. If you go for the right category of followers, you can get away with a very large number of followers. Tips to get rid of nonfollowers: There’s a service called (free) that you can use to remove people who dont follow you back.

  11. Great tips but I dont think it should just be a numbers game – following 2-300 people a day is hard work and you’ll be missing a lot or almost all of the important conversations in your stream.

    Once you start connecting with people and providing value your twitter count automatically increases

  12. Wow that’s the great for the the followers of your site like me because i am searching about these types of sites and topics now a days so your post really helps me.Actually i like the way you describe this post about to get twitter followers.Thanks for sharing this incredible post.Keep it up.I am waiting for your more post like this.Good luck.

  13. I’ve always preferred quality to quantity, but, as others mentioned before, you have to gain a number of twitter followers at first to be part of a small community and then you can focus more on quality, and the easiest way is to follow your competition and to limit your following to people who follow more people than their followers. Thanks for the tips, Amrik!

  14. That’s funny, but also true. I did the same when I started twitter, like you said, following popular people, suggested by Twitter itself.

    Nice trick you got there. I have 300 only. I am going to make it 2000 and will try to come back here to tell you the story.

    I’d be so grateful if you’d read the post linked below and, if you enjoyed it, leave a comment to let me know!

  15. when you follow other ones, 1 of 3 follows you back, so it’s very important to follow and don’t close your account like a hedgehog :) you are not so famous so people will follow you even if you don’t follow anyone!

    and of course, try to follow related blogs, articles, pages etc etc

  16. That’s a great tips to increase Twitter Followers in a short period of time. According to this F2rbL twitter account, I determined it as my main user name in Twitter.

    I’ll create a separate Twitter usernames to following along your tips to get 2000 followers.

    Ultimately, use it as another account of Twitter to promote my blog.

    P.S: if you see this tip is helpfull please follow me on twitter.

    In my new account or the original, I’ll call my new account as FerBlog.

    Before I’m going to follow, I will find people who are minded in the same topic as I do.

  17. The trick ive used which ive found to be useful is to ask people to give you a shoutout, as you need more followers from the UK etc.

    List your businesses services also this seems to help others who have similar interests to follow you too!

  18. I have started with following some of great Bloggers and Internet Marketing experts, SEO experts and moreover my friends and mostly all of them Followed me back ,but still I have only 600 followers and I am almost at my 2000 limit for following…..
    This post will help me to reconsider whom I am following ,great work and Good post..

    • Amrik Virdi

      Yes! Start to get into conversations and follow people related to you and your interest and you will find that they will follow you back.

  19. Thank you. I hate automatic following tools, because they just mean that you follow too many people to be able to actually follow anybody.

  20. Thank you for great strategies. I find that getting not just twitter followers but people who actually care about what you have to say incredibly difficult and as of yet – see much return on time I invest into building following. I will have to see how you tips will work.

  21. Its good to unfollow those person who are not following back. but also at the time of following we should make sure that the people we are following must have interst what we are tweeting.

  22. I never thought of this concept. Follow and be followed. I’m going to start working on this ASAP! Thanks for sharing this simple yet effective tip.

  23. Hello, I just updated my blog design and accepting Guest posting. I will feature the Guest Posts at the top of my Blog. So if you are interested, please contact me with an email, thanks :)

  24. Excellent tips and insights here. The key thing is to have a specific audience you wish to reach in mind and then to follow people in that audience. It is much more important that the followers you have interested in what you share than how many followers you have.

    Here are some posts that readers will find useful:

    Understanding Twitter Limits

    My Twitter Best Practices contains everything from how to get started videos and posts to advanced strategies for social-media savvy influential bloggers.

  25. There are a lot of tools when it comes to twitter. I personally used one who helped me unfollow in mass all the users who didn’t followed me back.

    But what is you opinion in buying followers? I’ve seen such services around and they actually work, some are inactive people and some are bots, but nevertheless they can rise up your ratio and let you follow some more.

  26. It’s always hard to get those first few hundred followers, not to mention thousands! But I find once you start to collect a few, it starts to pick up pace and eventually takes off and you don’t have to worry about it half as much anymore!

  27. I have to disagree with this strategy Amrik, reaching 2000 followers on Twitter is not something you should aim to accomplish in a week.

    Can you really connect and develop a relationship with all these new followers?

    What I recommend to people who are just get started on Twitter is to focus on creating 5 meaningful connections per day. This will allow anyone the opportunity to not only grow their followers but actually meat people who will in turn RT your content. Isn’t that the whole point of Twitter?

    I speak from experience as I used this technique when I first jumped onto Twitter and it really didn’t do anything to help develop traffic to my blog. Now I go at a much slower pace and provide value to the people I network with.

    Sorry to be a downer, but I had to speak the truth :)

  28. You can actually organize some games or contest in Twitter. That’s how I do it and people who followed us will always stay and remain with us because they know they stand a chance to win freebies.

  29. Thanks for the reply you have given Amrik, at first I don’t know what’s the sense of using Twitter account but now, I should try it for my self , to create a good relationship to other users.

  30. Sharon

    I have just started, now I know that following people with similar interest as mine can benefit me as well. 200 to 300 follows a day would take some of my time, but I am determined to give it a try and finally master doing marketing in twitter.

  31. Yes, its very simple strategy yet effective. At first its hard to get those followers but as you go on, the result will be positive.

    Thank you Amrik, very informative.

  32. Sarah

    I like learning that there are people confirming that your tactics are effective. I am looking forward to increase my followers and finally see some good results in my social media marketing.

  33. As stalwart in the “quality over quantity” camp within this ongoing discussion, I wasn’t sure that I really wanted 2000 Twitter followers. It is reasonable for me to reconsider that.

  34. have you ever considered including a link to your twitter profile in the author resource section of articles you submit to article directories, in gaining twitter followers that way? :-)

  35. Amrik,

    This is exactly how I build my Twitter. I only had about 300 people and build it to about 4000 in three months. Not using any tools. This is a great way to get people in your niche market.

    One thing, I saw people were falling off. they were adding themselves as follower, but I was not following them back. I could not follow back because followers to following ratio was out of balance. I used a tool call Tweepi to flush out those who did not follow me back. It free just go to Great little tool.

    Mike Cleveland

  36. Mike,

    good looking out on that link for the twitter stuff. I never knew of that site until now. I’ll check it out momentarily. Thanks again :-)

  37. I am on Twitter but I don’t follow a lot of people. It dawned on me, after reading this post, how I lack interaction in Twitter. Your suggestion of following 200-300 people a day seems good to me. I’ll be allotting some time one of this days to implement this strategy. Thanks for another great post Ms. Ileane.

    • Amrik Virdi

      Yes but remember It’s not mandatory to add 200-300 people everyday if you are busy in your daily life. It’s all depend on your time available.

    • Amrik Virdi

      I recommend for using twitter in daily basis. Keep updating your tweets and make your voice high.


  38. Amrik,

    Excellent information! I am brand new to blogging. Just built my first blog this week. I am looking to build a huge following by tweeting and creating great content. Goal is to build a subscription list. I look forward to implementing your techniques. Thanks a million.

    • Amrik Virdi

      Thanks Jacob for reading this article. I am going to reveal more hidden technique in future which I am currently experimenting on.

      Best regards,
      Amrik Virdi

  39. This method works perfectly. I also have an advice do follow to much on twitter it will just suspend your account. Patients and a good well connection the others is very important.

  40. Interesting stuff Amrik,

    I know that many people hates automated ways, I was thinking the same, but then I just changed my mind, I think a little of automation won’t hurt! Actually it could be a good idea if done carefully!

  41. Arjee

    Until now, I can’t find good way on how to get into Twitter. for me it’s so complicating! But anyway, thank you for the tips on how to get there.

  42. I have a few famous people following me back and quite a lot of other people. The thing I find though is that most of those people don’t really care about what I have to say :(

  43. do you know what I would do if I were you and I had famous people following me on Twitter? I would “write a thank you blog post” and post that on my blog, and write every other individual blog post thanking every famous celebrity on twitter, for being my twitter follower. This way, that would add to your blog site content, while being thankful to someone else for following you on Twitter. This may sound dumb to some folk, but it does add up, especially if you have contextual advertising in your blog :-)

  44. Thanks for sharing these wise thoughts. However, I still believe that there is no specific rule in getting 2,000 followers or more. Getting such number requires dynamic strategies since you are not the only one who is fighting to get followers.

  45. Good information Amrik. I just started a new Twitter account and was curious about the process for building my network. I hadn’t really thought about making sure that the people I am following are connected to the general niche for my blog. It makes sense though. I am excited to get to a point where my tweets are actually going somewhere and not just broadcasting into an empty pit. :)

  46. have you ever tried including a link to twitter profile in your articles and press releases to get extra twitter followers that way? :-)

  47. Amrik – That was a well thought out and very detailed post. I appreciate the information. I didn’t know that twitter had a limit of 2000 for people you can follow on one account. It’s funny but it took me a while to get the whole follow people within my area of interest. Once i got that it all seemed to click as to how great Twitter really is. I’m going to try to get my 200-300 per day now! Thanks!

  48. though this method is great, and I’ve employed some aspects of it, let’s all be mindful about who you are following and who is following you. numbers isn’t everything (though a critical mass is important). at a certain point you really need to start thinking about quality as well as utilizing your “lists” so all the updates make sense!

  49. Hello Amrik. I’m gonna be a stick in the mud and say that your methods are strenuous and takes WAAAY too much time. There are easier (free) ways – especially with your follow/unfollow tools.

    On that last point, you can use the following platforms to make it easier. Better your ratio by using that unfollows those that doesn’t follow you (cleans up your account) and then going to and using it will unfollow those inactive twitter users that haven’t tweeted in 30 days – no use having those around.

    Hope it helps. Cheers to saved time!

  50. Chris

    I’ve tried this strategy to get Twitter followers and it’s working GREAT so far! Thanks so much for this!

    PS. The iUnfollow is also awesome. Highly recommended.

  51. I have did those things long back and got nearly 1500 followers. At that time i am unable to see who is following back, now we can see who is not following. some of the sites I had used to get 1000 more followers, but most followers are not active.

      • Now I am not concentrating on twitter followers or facebook likes, but I am doing with some real friend’s those are active on facebook and finding them on twitter too. This is hard thing to find and get fans but they are woth it than bot fans.

  52. I have followed all the steps which you stated above. Followed over 900+ people in 1 day. The result was pretty good (Got 150+ followers within a day!!!) That’s really amazing for me.

    But the thing is, now I am unable to follow others. (It’s showing an error message as – “you have hit a following limit”).

    What can I do now?? As you said one can follow until he reaches 2000 digit. As of now, I’ve not even crossed 1000 mark.

    I am waiting for your reply…

  53. be careful with using Facebook bots to get Facebook fans to your Facebook fan page, because you don’t want your account to be disabled :-)

  54. I am not active on twitter and dont know why everything is looks spammy on twitter. But from today i will try to give time to be active on Twitter. Hope i can able to get good Traffice for my blog form Twitter like Stumble upon.

  55. Hi everyone,

    Drewry here. Been working a lot on the website and cranking out unique content. A while back, I stopped my this blog to comment on a few blog posts, but it was asking me for my WordPress username and password, as if I was admin. There was no way for me to comment. I’m glad to see the comment system is back. Maybe there was something with my computer at the time. Unsure, but still happy to be here and contribute meaningfully to the basic blog tips community :-)

  56. Now I am not concentrating on twitter followers or facebook likes, but I am doing with some real friend’s those are active on facebook and finding them on twitter too. This is hard thing to find and get fans but they are woth it than bot fans.

  57. Great tips, finding the influential people in your area of interest and engaging with them can help lead to more followers

  58. Amrik, I tried doing this a while back but didn’t turn out well for me. Probably because I followed celebs that hardly even have time to look at their own mails. I will try following random people and friends, hoping things turn out well. Thanks for sharing the info.

  59. Simply superb, Amrik. I came to this post from google. I was searching for the ways to increase twitter followers. And your this post has answered my all questions. These tips will help me a lot to grow my twitter profile. Thanks Amrik.

  60. I love the fact that Twitter helps people not only build their businesses, but respectively build their twitter following free of charge. One method I’m using today in building my twitter following is including a link to my twitter profile in the author’s resource signatures section of articles I submit to be published. This way, I can actually build followers from twitter to the profile for years to come, in addition to building natural back links back to my website. It’s like a [Batman and Robin operation], as article marketing and including a link to the twitter profile in the author resource section works hand-in-hand

  61. I totally dig your post on how you manually work Twitter. But I’m always so super busy and sometimes get so distracted with so many to do’s. Are you utilizing any type of automation software like Tweet Adder? cause that’s what I just started using it’s working pretty well, just following an unfollowing people on Twitter. BTW, nice clean blog!

  62. Thanks for this. Some useful stuff here on developing a good Twitter following. I am just starting out on the social media side of thnigs (yes, well behind the curve) but am learning lots everyday, really interesting!

  63. hello amrik,
    nice article. i have 500 followers on twitter and i’d like to add one can also use twiends for the same purpose.

  64. This is a really helpful article so I have retweeted it and I followed your tips by following some more people who write about my topic. Building a good twitter following is one of my goals because I post my new content to twitter and I want it to be seen and discussed. Thanks for that post.

  65. Hi Amrik,

    These are really great tips to get twitter followers while following twitter policies and guidelines and without been marked as a spam. When of the things that I have done to grow one of my Twitter accounts followers is to follow people that share interest or have similar niche like me and after they follow me I will search within their followers for people that are active and have good follow to followers ratio and follow them, these people will most likely follow you for two reasons, first being that they followed the person that shares you interest meaning they are interested in the same thing, second their follow to followers ratio are good meaning they tend to follow the people that follow them.

  66. I am followiing 110 users and i have only 40 followers.
    whats the issue? can someone help?
    Or you can also follow me.
    would greatly appreciate.
    And Ileane, thanks for this article, i will do as you have said and see the difference

  67. Great stuff as usual! I think a big part of Twitter is focusing on quality vs quantity. There are so many bots and one-way-Tweeters out there that inflated numbers can be deceiving. Talk about what you love and the folks will follow!

  68. There is certainly no doubt many newbies twitters are eager for new follower. I certainly like the way you went about this post. It was well written.

  69. It’s possible to do this without getting banned it you’re careful, but you’ll do much better by simply being the type of person that others are interested in and focusing your efforts on your body of work.