Promote Your Guest Posts The CommentLuv Way [Video]

Your most prolific writing can be found in guest posts that appear on blogs more popular than your own and now you can find out how to use CommentLuv to promote it. If you’re smart, you’ve already created some backlinks to the guest post on your own blog, and maybe you even went so far as to add banners on your sidebar or in your footer to show off your guest blogging accomplishments!

But there’s another way you can get backlinks for your guest post and judging by the title of this post, you probably figured out already that I’m talking about using CommentLuv. Watch the video called Tricks, Tips, and Techniques For Promoting Guest Posts with CommentLuv Premium and I’ll show you how it’s done.

This video is enhanced by ViewBix and I demonstrate how to:

  • Get the feed URL for your guest posts
  • Get a CommentLuv link to your brilliant guest post
  • Get a choice of 15 different links from your CommentLuv Premium Enabled blog
  • Get a CommentLuv link for a YouTube Video
  • Get a second link – this one goes back to your very own fabulous blog!
Ok so there is one thing that I didn’t show you (actually two things). I didn’t show you where you can find CommentLuv blogs to leave your stellar, value packed comment. I’ll make it up to you now by giving you four fantastic places to find them.

Where to find CommentLuv Blogs

  1. Hesham from Famous Bloggers (he’s also the genius behind Thesis Awesome theme that I use here on Basic Blog Tips) put together a short list of the Top 10 CommentLuv Premium Blogs for Daily Engagement
  2. Ana Hoffman has maintains a listing of CommentLuv Enabled blogs – She has gone through the trouble to list each blog according to page rank and she notes if the blog is DoFollow and allows KeywordLuv
  3. Gail Gardener from GrowMap compiled a of list of those of us who had the pleasure of beta-testing and reviewing CommentLuv Premium during the development stages. Check out her post DoFollow CommentLuv Lists Being Updated
  4. Andy Bailey (you didn’t think I was going to get through an entire blog post about CommentLuv without mentioning about Andy Bailey did you? You must be new around here…) the guy who invented CommentLuv and developed it into the most awesome WordPress plugin on the planet – yeah that’s him. Oh I almost forgot where I was going with that. Let’s start again. Andy Bailey has launched CommentLuv Premium to the masses and along with that he cooked up a CommentLuv Enabled Site Search Engine!!

Get CommentLuv Premium Now!

I hope you’re ready, because now is the time to get your hands on this plugin so you can join the rest of us in getting massive amounts of comments and engagement on your blog. Click the image below to get CommentLuv Premium on your blogs today!

The CommentLuv Plugin

One last tip!  In the video I mentioned using the feed from my YouTube videos and burning that feed to FeedBurner. Here’s what my YouTube feed looks like and your feed should be the same – replace my user name with yours. If you’re not sure how to burn a feed, check out my FeedBurner tutorial where you can learn more about RSS feeds and how to burn your feed with FeedBurner.

Well, now you know how to promote your guest posts AND your YouTube videos “The CommentLuv Way” – Any questions?


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  1. Great tips Ileane. I have never thought about promoting my guest posts using the CommentLuv plugin.

    I think this is a great way to get more comments as well on our guest posts. Thanks for the tips! :)

  2. Great tips Ileane, I didn’t know that with premium we can select additional posts of our choosing. Sometimes I want to link to an article that is related to the one I’m commenting on but couldn’t because it was further down the list beyond 10. I’m thinking about upgrading to premium now especially with all these benefits and bonuses.
    I just wish I didn’t miss the awesome sale price Andy had before. :(

    Thanks for sharing Ileane. :)

    • Sayed – the beauty of CommentLuv Premium is the power and flexibility that Andy built into it. You and pick ANY posts or pages from your blog for those five additional links AND you can change them whenever you want. So what it boils down to is this – you can promote any post you’ve ever written!

  3. Hi, Ileane:

    Tried to figure out what you meant by “feed URL”.

    Looks like you just need your author URL to pull up your guest posts. However, for YT, you need an actual RSS feed URL – any idea where it’s located before I start digging around?

    Great tips, Ileane; it’s amazing what a plugin can do, isn’t it?

  4. Nice list of links on where to find commentluv blogs. There are a lot of them out there. I occasionally stumble across one that I never heard of that is using it. So I think there are much more of them using it than we think. Commentluv is one of my favorite wordpress plugins.

    • Hi Ray! I think we could search Andy’s CommentLuv Site Search Engine for hours finding new blogs if we wanted to. Thanks for being part of the movement. Can you believe some blogger don’t get it and they would rather use another plugin? Oh well, I guess they have their reasons and circumstances, but that’s just more CommentLuv for us :)

  5. Great article, which teaches you how to get full benefit of your guest post from CommentLuv blogs. I really like the quality of articles published here every time and I really can’t miss them at all.

    • Thanks so much for being a loyal subscriber. Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel yet? Please stop by and say Hi over there too when you get a chance. Thanks!

  6. Hey Ileane,
    After reading your headline, I am so eager to read it’s intro until the end of your article. It really helped me a lot it is because, after having a knowledge about commntluv’s benefits, I directly download it and it is very useful in making our traffic goes up. Thanks for the article and I am gonna sneaking for your future posts.

    • Hi Five!

      I see that you have a carpet business, you might want to check out the Blog Engage RSS service too. That’s another excellent way to get traffic and new customers too. I left the link in CommentLuv.

  7. Heya Ileane, thanks for spreading the word about commentluv, the more people who use this on their blogs the better. It encourages quality comments, adding to the site’s original content. Really good post.

  8. Great share Ileane…..

    Thanks for the great video providing tips on promoting guest posts via commentluv and special thanks for providing the sources to list of comment luv and comluv premium enabled blogs

    • Kate, Just to be clear, only CommentLuv Premium comes with GASP built-in, but if you’re using the free version then you need to install GASP – GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin too.

  9. Hi Ileane,
    Thanks for sharing these great tips, since I am really new to blogging I don’t have any guest post yet, I will try to write few articles and submit them to some blogs. I read a lot about the benefits of guest blogging and I think I should give it a try.


  10. Hi Ileane,

    Amazing tips and tricks, I must admit that I was not aware of such benefits which we can easily get from our guest posts by publishing them on commentluv blogs. thanks for great article.

  11. Telling something with the video is very convenient for your readers, that’s what I feel today while watching your video, you make it so simple to understand all your points. Really Great sharing. Keep it up!!! :)

    • Riya, thanks so much for saying that. I know that many people get confused when they hear the term RSS feed – well at least I got confused at first. :)

  12. Hi Ileane,

    Great post again. I must look into some of my previous guest posts and see this in action.

    The way I had been promoting my guest posts was to be building links to my post/page and getting it out there as well. So thanks for the extra tip!

    • Chris, have you done a lot of guest posting? You should think about guest posting here as well. Just use my contact form if you want to give it a try.

  13. Wow Ileane! Thank you for sharing this education. I had no idea that this was even possible. CommentLuv Premium seems amazing. I guess I had better go back and read all the emails I’ve received from Andy and make myself more familiar with this product (lol). Beautiful tips and thanks again for sharing these skills.

    • Hi Leigh, CommentLuv Premium is extremely customizable. There are more options and features then can imagine. All of Andy’s YouTube videos are well worth the investment of time it takes to watch them. Thanks for visiting Leigh. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Danny

    That is a great feature. Commentluv owners get even more value from other commentluv blogs, I like that concept.

    Commentluv premium is really on fire. Everywhere I go I see blog posts about it.

    • Hi Danny, I know you can’t see the YouTube version but I hope you were able to see the video on one of my other video channels, like Vimeo, Viddler, Meta Cafe etc. I can’t remember if which service you said you had access to. Let me know.

        • Danny, thanks for making me aware of the fact that some users around the world can’t see my videos on YouTube! I should think about adding the Viddler link in the posts. What other popular video sites do you watch in China?

      • Danny

        There are ways to see youtube videos as well. I can pay for a vpn and then I can see it. But I don’t want to spend my money on that now. It is actually a blessing in disguise because I can’t waste my time watching funny videos on youtube anymore.

        China has it’s own version for everything it blocks. For Youtube we have Youku. For Facebook we have renren and for twitter we have micro blogs.

  15. Comment Luv Premium is killer. I’m definitely going to be picking it up and implementing it on my blogs. I love its flexibility and the commentluv search engine by Andy Bailey is extremely useful as well.

    Ileane, this is my first time to your blog, but I’ll be stopping by again to pick up some more tips. I’m sure this won’t be the last commentluv goodie you’ll throw our way. :)

  16. great to know these tips. these Things are very new to me. I am just planning to start blogging too along with my image website. I hope I will keep learning from you guys.

    Thanks For sharing tips and tricks

    • Mart, with an image website you will have plenty to blog about and I’m sure that adding CommentLuv Premium to your blog will be a winner.

  17. Saikat


    Another awesome post! Honestly, I never realised the power of comment luv untill I got enaged with your blog. I am loving it!

    • Saikat, I’m happy to introduce you to the power of a plugin so valuable. It’s great to see you are taking advantage of it here when you respond to comments on your guest post and more.

  18. CommentLuv is leaving visible footprints and with few advanced search operators is fairly easy to find those blogs. One thing about CommentLuv premium is that if blogger have paid for this plugin, most likely blog is high quality one and probably good blog to post comment on.

    • Kal, you make an excellent point! Only high quality blogs would make the investment in CommentLuv Premium. Scaper sites and spammers wouldn’t get in anyway :)
      Thanks for the wise comment Kal.

  19. Azhar, CommentLuv is a very unique concept and CommentLuv Premium is revolutionary. Andy has raised the bar to a level were other plugin developers realize that they need to step up their game and offer WordPress users more benefits than we can imagine. He has started a wonderful trend.

  20. Hey Ileane! Your getting really better at this youtube videos tutorials! Really nice.
    CommentLuv Premium is a great tool, I wasn’t a big fan of this plugin at first but you turned me around over time and now I’m using it on one of my wordpress blogs.

    • Woot!! I’d better make sure that Andy knows about this!! Just kidding, he already knows how much I support his CommentLuv plugin. Good for you on installing CommentLuv on one of your blogs – and thanks for the compliment about my video making skills. I listened to one of my old one’s the other day and the sound was awful! But hey, it’s still a very popular video because the content is still relevant and you gotta start somewhere right?

  21. There’s so much evidence that CommentLuv is a revolution in community. Their support is awesome. Beyond awesome. Mine stopped working for awhile but CL support fixed my site!

    • AstroGremlin – Andy is really keen when it comes to support.
      Funny story – during the beta-testing of CommentLuv Premium some of the beta-testers (including me) would post in the forums some things they had on their wish list for the full release. Andy would say – that’s gonna be really hard and I’ll try to get to it after the full launch. Then about twenty minutes later he would figure out a work-around or something and it would be done – I think he even surprised himself at how good he is!
      The man was just born to code WordPress plugins – it’s his destiny, don’t you think? :)

      • Ileane, Andy deserves every bit of success he has earned and, yes, his destiny is to work both ends of the spectrum — helping clueless WP users like me, all the way up to being a programming genius. I really tried to fix it myself, even adding RSS autofeed coding in two spots in my WP Header based on some tips CL provided. Andy did the troubleshooting and fixed MY problem. Including the full story again below.

  22. It’s a good thing to do this. I regularly forget about guest posts that I’ve written and really ignore them when it comes to building backlinks towards them.

    I must try and remember to do this from now on!

    • Hi Robert! Yes, please don’t forget to promote your guest posts! The blog owner will invite you back and link out to you more often too. If you even want to guest post here, just use the contact form and I’ll hook you up with a password.

    • Sanjeev, I found it by mistake. They call that serendipity when you find something totally awesome that you weren’t even looking for. I’m so glad you can make use of it.

  23. Thanks for a great post.

    Very useful. is new in the industry and even a few Danish niche sites.

    I’ll try something more with guest posts and see what they do with my small business.

  24. Hi Ileane! Another fabulous and so very helpful post. I also believe that CommentLuv Premium rocks! Andy Bailey true give us an excellent tool to develop and promote our websites. And you Ileane gave us some great tips to maximize the benefits gained through the use of CommentLuv Premium to guest blogging. Thank you very much.

  25. There has been some buzz lately from bloggers worried that CommentLuv leaks link juice. Researching this question became more than just an academic question for me, as I have been seriously considering about adding CommentLuv to my blog, Internet Marketing Remarks.

    • Hi Robert, you can set CommentLuv Premium links as NoFollow. That should take care of your concerns over link juice. I don’t bother worrying about stuff like that. My blog is DoFollow and the only time I NoFollow a link is if I think someone’s link might be a little dubious. But I have to be in a really awful mood to Nofollow – the other alternative is TRASH! LOL

  26. Radu

    Basically what you’re doing here is known as a linkwheel, in a different stage but the principle is the same. Anyway it proved its value.

  27. Guest Posting is really a very effective part of SEO to bring more traffic on site! i am use to make Guest Posting of my site, n using different resoruse of this! while comentluv also a huge website, i have nice review of it, i mail them to create my account for guest posting,
    thanks for aware form this new n huge site :)

    • Nora, I’m not trying to offend you, but you should get more help with your English spelling and grammar if you want to guest post on the Comluv blog. Keep working at it though. I will come with time.

  28. Awesome idea to commenting in the way of Commentluv. I much appreciate for getting aware about it and i am now always commenting on the Commentluv support blogs. Its really effective way to generate backlinks to leave your latest trackbacks of your website.

  29. Thanks Ileane for the great video tutorial 😀 I haven’t thought about promoting guest posts via the CommentLuv plugin. It really is a good idea!

  30. There are such ways we can do to market our services and stuffs online and I think the advancement and innovations in our system nowadays can offer us enough information we need to make this happen.

  31. Always had a confusion which guest postings are best to comment on it but Commentluv make it easy to keep a trust on a blog which had a option of it and it looks great to get a strong replies with it.

    • Sai, I don’t know what you mean that CommentLuv Premium blogs are less in count. This tip works with any CommentLuv blog – not just the premium ones.

  32. Hi Ileane.

    Sure enough. This trick really works. Thank you. I’ve used it here. :)

    PS: Go see my post about the CommentLuv search engine. You are featured there. Hope you like it. :)


  33. Nice article Ileane. I always read your articles as they are interesting. It is good to see all the major professional bloggers in web are now promoting comment luv premium seriously.

    • Hi Sriram – thanks for calling me a “professional blogger” :) Just for the record, I was promoting CommentLuv when I was a small-fry too :)

  34. Ben Jackson

    Hey Ileane, I never really thought about using other feeds for the commentluv links, but now I realize you can really link to anything you want 😛

    I’m actually linking to a Tweet posted on my Facebook page in this post lol. Let’s see how this goes…

    • Ben,
      FYI – the Facebook link didn’t work for me. I think it was because I wasn’t logged in at the time and at the time I hadn’t liked your page. Facebook is so buggy it’s hard to tell if that was the real problem though.

  35. I have a very special guest post that is perfect for this page! I found this page because I already thought that this is such a great idea. Commentluv is perfect for promoting guest posts. You might like this one. 😛

    • Hi there Adam! I watched that video the other day and good for you on getting Andy to guest post on your blog. He did a guest post here on Basic Blog Tips a few months ago too.

      Btw – I wanted to leave a comment but the background on your blog is too dark, so I couldn’t see what I was typing…

    • Clean Cut Media – that’s great news. I’d like to make another suggestion to you. Now that you’re using CommentLuv, you should check out the Global CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search to find blogs in your niche to comment on. One thing that will make a huge difference in the participation and feedback you get is if you use your real name in the comments that you leave.

      It will certainly get my attention and make me stop by and visit your blog. That’s for sure :)

    • Hi Noel, thanks for saying that. I agree 100% – CommentLuv is awesome and so is guest posting. Nice to find a way to bring them together :)

  36. Hi Ileane,

    Great video! Thanks for the tip. As a side note, I love the intro music.

    I’m experimenting with the tip here on Basic Blog Tips. I have a post on Problogger now (Charles Darwin’s 12 Rules of Blogging Survival). I don’t have an author feed but I figured it would work because it’s recent (within the last 10 posts – still on front page). I have premium Comment Luv. When I put my own blog URL or Feed URL I get 10 options. When I put probloggers feed URL I only get the most recent. I also tried to click the “tweet to show 10 posts” and “like to show 10 posts) but kept getting the latest post only.

    Let me know what you think!


  37. Tom, it’s a shame that the ProBlogger blog doesn’t provide their guest bloggers with a feed. Primarily because they don’t let their guests have an author bio. You might consider guest posting on blogs that provide more benefits to their guests like I do here at Basic Blog Tips and like some of the examples I used in the video: FamousBloggers, ComLuv and Blog Engage.

    In the meantime – I did some snooping around over there and here are the two feeds you could use to create a CommentLuv link for now:
    Category feed for “Guest Blogger”
    Category feed for “Miscellaneous Blog Tips”

    You’d better use them soon though, before you get move too far down the list :)

    • Awesome Ileane! Funny but I think I have a problem with my settings. Comment Luv only recognizes me as premium when I put my own web site (or at least it’s not giving me the 10 options for Problogger). I even tried on one other site.

      I think it’s something in my configuration but I’ll let you know what I find out..

      Yes, I’m doing a lot more Guest Posting and will definitely look at blogs that have author accounts as well!

      • Tom, just to clarify – there’s nothing wrong with your CommentLuv Premium settings. CommentLuv will only show 15 choices for links from your own blog and that’s exactly how it was designed to work.

        This is just a little hack I created mostly to promote my YouTube videos and a few of my guest posts. With this trick the most you can get is 10 posts – no matter what :)

        Any other plugin developer would come up with a way to block this type of thing but I don’t think Andy minds because he knows I promote the heck out of CommentLuv. In fact I was making YouTube videos and tutorials for it even before there was a premium version.

        In other words – I’m “special” :) LOL

  38. Thanks for this post! I am just now starting to figure this commentluv thing out. Based on this post, seems like it could be very useful to use! I appreciate the information and look forward to seeing what that does to the guests posts.

  39. Thanks Ileane. Got the premium commentluv package this weekend. Have been enjoyed learning and ready about all the little tools and tips should keep me busy for a while.. When it comes to the @ anchor text after your name what is your philosophy?

    • Congratulations on getting CommentLuv Premium. It feels good to get 15 posts/pages to choose from on any CL blog doesn’t it? In CLP KeywordLuv is known as Keyword Name. You can set it for as many approved comments as you want and as many words after the @ as you want. Who could ask for more!?

  40. Pheww… I was looking for this trick from a long, Ileane. Thank you very much. Now I realized, I could have made thousands of backlinks to my blog when I was linking to my guest post.

    Thanks once again.

  41. Goodness, I can’t believe I’m just learning about this post now; no one told me until Holly today, and that’s a shame. And no one came by; sniff! lol Interesting tutorial; I guess I’m going to have to figure out how I’d like to use something like this myself.

    • Hi Mitch,
      Vernessa and I discovered that there are some blogs where it can be a little tricky to find the correct RSS feed so if you have that problem just give me a shout and I’ll try to help. You really should use this if you want to promote some of your YouTube videos. I know it’s worked for me when I’m promoting a video that I don’t have a blog post for yet. I can see the traffic in my YouTube Analytics coming from different sites where I left the YouTube link in CommentLuv.

  42. Aha! I’ve been using CommenLuv since the dawn of time, but FINALLY decided to upgrade to the premium developer’s license. Wanted to send you some affiliate love, so I just clicked through. :)

    Keep up the good work, my friend!

  43. Great tips as always. Way to think outside of the box! It has me thinking what other feeds can be picked up with CommentLuv!

  44. after switching from default commenting of wordpress to premium comment luv i am noticing huge traffic on my blog…thanks for the nice explanation :)

    Read more: Commentluv Premium – A Bloggers ToolBox You Won’t Want To Miss!

  45. Interesting article and i appreciate the link to the premium plugin from what i understand there is also a free version available. Do you have any comments on that? maybe some pros and cons. Just wondering if i should use the free one or jump right into the premium.

  46. Till now i thought that only personal blog posts can be prommoted.Its really good to know this new technique of using a different URL and then changing back to own blog URL for more validity.

  47. Commentluv is indeed a great plugin every blogger should have, commentluv drastically reduced the spam on my blog and visitors also loves to drop comments when they see commentluv on a blog.

  48. Hello,
    Great tips Ileane, I didn’t understand that with premium we are able to choose extra posts of our selecting. generally i would like to link to an editorial that’s associated with the one I’m commenting on however couldn’t as a result of it absolutely was more down the list on the far side ten. I’m considering upgrading to premium currently particularly with of these edges and bonuses.

  49. Commentluv is one of the best ways to increase your visibility online for traffic reasons and SEO reason. Commenting on others blogs and even commenting on your own is a great way to spread traffic around on the internet in order to get your PR up. Commentluv is one of my favorite tools in my arsenal as a web designer!