How to Get More Traffic from YouTube

Each day, YouTube gets massive amounts of traffic on the internet, but what I’d like to share with you in this post, are a few tips that I’ve used to get traffic from YouTubecoming back to my blog.

With a few simple steps you can get traffic coming to your blog from YouTube also and best of all, each and every one of these techniques is absolutely 100% free.

The key to getting traffic from YouTube

How to get traffic from YouTubeIt’s no secret that video marketing is one of the best ways to promote your blog and your brand. Create a video that’s educational, artistic, funny, entertaining or interesting enough to capture the attention of your audience, and you’ve just made a new fan who can’t wait to subscribe to your YouTube channel or share your video on social networks with family and friends.

You might even be the next YouTube sensation like my friend Lisa Irby, but at the end of the day, what you really want is for people to take enough of an interest in you that they take the time to subscribe to your channel and eventually visit your website or blog.

The simplest way to get those adoring fans from YouTube back over to your site is by asking. I know you might think that goes without saying, but there are lots of people who post videos on YouTube and never even mention their blogs and in some cases they don’t even have a blog. So don’t think people will go searching for your website on Google. At some point during the video tell them exactly where to go.

The other word of advice is to add an annotation link to your blog inside the video. Watch this video, and I’ll show you how easy it is to do this.

In the video I show you:YouTube Traffic

  • YouTube’s annotation interface
  • Various types of YouTube annotations
  • Strategies to make annotations more effective
  • YouTube’s Associated Website account settings

But before you go, please share your advice or tips for how you get traffic from YouTube!

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  1. Hi Ileane!

    Very interesting video, thank you for this. I personally don’t use the wordpress stat, but I 200% agree with you that we can get massive traffic from YouTube videos.

    Especially now, when Google seems to change its algo often we must get backlinks and traffic source from different sources, including YouTube, considering it’s one of the biggest video search engines out there.

    Keep the good informations comes up

    Best wishes


    • Hi Kimi, I have the JetPack Lite plugin installed which is much better the the full blown version of JetPack for my needs. It also helps with a chrome extension that I use called WordPress Stats that will let me know how many visits I have right from my toolbar at any point during the day, without even logging into the blog.

      I know you have some great videos on YouTube and I hope you are adding those links to your descriptions!

      Thanks for your comment Kimi.

  2. Vlogging or even simple video marketing is certainly the new trend to get tons of traffic. The catch here is, those readers are gonna end up on your video and hence on your blog based on the specific niche which increases a chance of them being converted to subscribers too. Once again superb post Ileane.

    • Hi Nimsrules,

      Thanks for your kind words. Let me know if you have a YouTube channel. You are perfectly welcome to link to it here so we can take a look.

        • Now you make me feel really special that you take the time to visit Basic Blog Tips! Thanks for your support and best wishes with your web development projects.

  3. Megan R. Stinson

    Hi Ileane,

    Honestly I haven’t tried video marketing yet. Maybe I stay in the cave for too long. I guess I need to give it a try. Based on this article I know I will benefit if I try. Thanks for this post.

    • Megan – get a glove and get in the game girlfriend! LOL!
      Don’t take offense, that’s just a saying and I hope your are familiar with it. :)

      • I’ve never tried video marketing before but I like to watch videos on YouTube. I think you’re right, videos are a great way to better communicate with readers as people tend to like watching videos more than reading.

  4. Hi Ileane, I’ve actually been looking for more information on this topic lately, I am so glad that you are posting on it. I want to learn how to do better with video. Thanks for providing this info. you have a great voice by the way – very pleasant to listen too.

  5. Hi Ileane,

    Thanks for taking part in the video blog challenge I’m currently holding. Thanks also for telling people about it and linking to it, that’s very much appreciated.

    Your videos are always so educating and this one is no exception. I have been adding my blog URL to the start of my descriptions ever since I started creating videos but I have never thought of adding extra URL’s to my Social Media accounts, nice tip :)

    I have started adding additional links in the descriptions to the posts that I am placing the videos on but since doing so haven’t been into my stats to check on the results.

    One Question: How do you get the call out boxes to be clickable in your videos? That’s really cool and I’d love to be able to do that .

    Thanks again for taking part in the challenge Ileane, I’ve added your details to the video blog challenge page on my blog :)

    Have a great weekend,

    • Hi Barry, the video challenge is an absolutely BRILLIANT idea and you are doing a fantastic job of getting everyone to join in the friendly competition. :)
      I need to get working on my next video later today and I’m really looking forward to learning from my fellow video bloggers. Thanks Barry!

  6. Hi Ileane

    Thanks for this video, I’ve recently realised just how easily I can make videos by syndicating content I’ve already written and make slideshows and voice overs. It can be a great way to get a top 10 ranking in a competitive niche. Louisa

  7. Ah yes, another great video from the lovely Ileane…

    I’ve been adding my URL ever since I’ve been making videos and when I do have other links I share in the video itself I make sure to include them in the description.

    I love that social/blog tip so how do we locate our own do you know? I went to that link and just put my information in but get absolutely nothing. I would think that page is set up since I do put almost all of my videos on my blog. Huh!

    Thanks Ileane, you’ve come through once again and am so glad you are participating in Barry’s challenge.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      This video challenge is so much fun!
      I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out how YouTube decides if they will create a social page for us or not but I need to investigate to see if I can find out more. When I do, I’ll be sure to give you a shout out.

      Thanks for stopping by my friend.

      • Thanks Ileane, I would LOVE to know that. Can you believe they don’t have a social page for me? The nerve of them. lol… How they figure this out is beyond me but if anyone can figure it out, you can.

        Looking forward to your next video girl.


  8. That’s so amazing I never knew anyone was making a living from doing you tube videos hehe. Hey FYI it was also so cool to see blog engage in your top referees that’s awesome Ileane! I love you so much you just made me laugh, I bet your ready to subscribe and give a thumbs up oh no? Wait a minute that’s fine I got more! haha that was so perfect. Ileane do you have a video specially how to add the links and that set up process? I have tons of videos and I’ve never added a link once that is so sad. Is that just in the description during uploading?

    • Hi Brian!

      I’m so glad you liked the video. I know that Blog Engage is always at the top of my list when it comes to traffic sources. That’s why I’m so supportive of your awesome blogging community.

      I didn’t do a video yet to show you how to add the links but all you need to do is make sure you add the “http://” in front of the link and you’re good to go. You have a ton of video descriptions that you need to add links to, so you’d better get started :)
      Thanks buddy!

  9. I enjoyed watching this video, Ileane. One of my near-future projects is to start doing videos. Thanks for the information and encouragement.

  10. Awesome post Ileane, love the video, I’m working on YouTube videos right now and its a good thing to learn this now and apply it to each video before publishing then having to re-edit everything, gonna put a link in both the description and the videos.

    Thanks again. 😀

    • Hi Sayed, how are you? I’m looking forward to your videos! When are you planning to post the first “real” one?

      • Hey Ileane, I’m good thanks 😀 I know things are a bit slow on my blog at the moment, I should post more often and upload some videos, just too busy with mid-term exams right now, but hopefully I’ll get back to blogging like I used to soon. :)

  11. Hello Ileane,

    What a simple but useful tip… I’ve started working with Youtube, yeah, a little. But I haven’t included link to my homepage in the description (I’ve included in may be, 1 out of 6, my total videos count).

    But thank you very much. I’m gonna keep this in mind when I’ll create another video. I was willing to ask some questions about creating videos and stuff from you. I think, email would be better option for this.

    • Hi Mitch,

      You don’t need anyone watching your videos in order to get backlinks :)

      On the other hand, you do need some views in order to get traffic from YouTube. Are you doing any keyword research to for your video titles before you upload them? Check out The Ultimate YouTube SEO Checklist podcast I recorded yesterday (I left a link in CommentLuv) and lets see if we can work on getting you some eyeballs on your videos before this year is out!

      • No, I’m not doing any of that stuff. My videos aren’t training videos so I pretty much create tags based on what I’m talking about. For me, the videos I do are more to add content to my blog posts than necessarily acting as standalone videos hoping to drive traffic. The idea is to get people watching one video on a blog post, then going to watch other videos.

        What I did have to try to remember to do was tell people which website I was talking about in the video; didn’t even think of that until November. lol

  12. Hello Ms Ileane,

    I’ve come to your blog from Barry’s list of video challengers and am glad I did. I don’t actually use YouTube much and since they gave the site a bit of a face-lift, even less. But you’ve given a great introduction here to the features the site has, so next time I’m there, I’ll take note of what you’ve shown here.

    Thanks Ileane, top video and I look forward to your next one
    Take Care

    • Hi Julie.

      I watched your challenge video yesterday as well and subscribed to your channel too. Barry’s challenge is helping us expand our horizons already and it’s only day 4. Woot!

      Chat soon.

  13. Hello Ileane,

    Awesome and informative article about video marketing.

    Really nice video, I’ve learned something new about video marketing. And soon going to give it a try to see what it can do for me…

    • Hi Romy,
      I’m glad you like the video. If you get a chance can you stop by YouTube and subscribe to my channel or add the video to your favorites? That would be a big help. Thanks!

  14. Thanks Ileane for sharing this. I am impressed with your video on how you are getting high backlinks from you tube. thanks for sharing.

  15. Great post Ileane!

    I am just about gathering all the information I possibly can on videos and audios and how to get about doing them! I am seeing YouTube just about everywhere and Adrienne recently posted a wonderful video about how to put up the widget on the blog- so it’s all working up within me to start up with videos soon.

    And of course, you have been into videos and podcasts also I think for such a long time. Subscribing to your YouTube videos as well, as I sure do need to learn more and all that I can from all this!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • Harleena,
      I really appreciate you for subscribing to my YouTube Channel. YouTube likes it when we have more subscribers and then they show our videos higher in the search results. I’ll be sure to return the favor when you start uploading your vids.

      Chat soon!

  16. Hi Ileane,
    I liked the video here and for me youtube is a great source of traffic. I have been experimenting with different kinds of youtube videos and I found that sock puppet videos and talking head videos(a video with face of person explaining something) are a hit these days. Sock puppet videos sound funny but believe me they have bought me good amount of unexpected traffic.

  17. Well we all know that you tube is the second biggest site on the internet. According to me, You Tube can be a significant source of traffic for any site or blog. Thanks for this informative post, it will be a great help especially for me.

  18. I still haven’t taken the plunge to make the most out of YouTube, yes I know it would be great to use it for perhaps my film reviews, but I’ve always been better behind the camera than in front of it.

    May be I should just go for it one day 😉

    • Hey Karen,

      You never need to get in front of the camera to make videos! You’ve got a ton of techie tips to share that you can do with screen capture like Screencast-o-matic. I was making videos for 2 years before Lisa Irby finally challenged me to get in front of the camera. Now here comes Barry with another challenge, I guess I’m just a sucker for challenges :)

      Anyway Karen, just go for it!


    Hello i want to ask you some thing,before 1 week i am getting 200-300 traffic per day but now i am getting only 35-40 traffic per day

    • Hey problogger,

      Your blog must have been affected by Google Panda. You should concern regarding this issue on webmaster forum. Try this asap or you will loose your readers.

      Hi Ileane,

      One should have to focus on keyword of the Title/description before we upload any video on youTube?

      • Irfan, first I want to say that I appreciate you for giving a response to the comment about losing traffic.

        We can look at keywords and I have a few more tips that I added in the podcast episode for the YouTube SEO Checklist. Check out the link in CommentLuv.

        Thank you!!

    • Irfan is right. May be, it’s because of Google panda’s latest update. What is you #1 traffic source? If it was Google, then yes Panda could be the reason.

        • Abhi Balani

          LOL!! Oh come on, forget about it now. Even I’m still laughing. 😀 But hope you liked my entry.

    • Before I can answer that question I need more information.

      First let me say that this post is about getting traffic from YouTube and you didn’t even mention video in your comment so the question is somewhat off topic. However, I’ll attempt to help you, but I need to know more.

      How old is your blog and where was the traffic coming from?

      Here’s what you need to look at.

      Are you using Google Analytics? What are the top 5 referrers in GA and what are the top 5 pages that are being viewed?

      I know some of my friends have already responded to this question and perhaps they know more about your blog than I do. But I would not assume that your drop in traffic is a result of Panda unless most of your traffic was coming Google in the first place and now you don’t have any. Also, maybe there was one or two posts that ranked high, but now the traffic is falling off naturally.

      There is a lot to consider – but on the other hand most likely my friends are correct and your blog was affected by a Panda update.

      In that case you need help with building up your other referral traffic so that this won’t happen to you again. Are you a member of Blog Engage?

  20. Hey Ileane

    What a fab video and if people aren’t on You Tube I think they definitely will be after watching this.

    I do put my blog url right at the beginning of my video but didn’t realize you could add other links and ask people to sign up to your mailing list aswell.

    I luv that new social blog page you was on about in the video so can’t wait for you to do a video on that.

    What a great entry into the video challenge and I look forward to your next one.

    Take care


    • Hi Dawn, I’m glad you enjoyed the video.
      YouTube is pretty liberal with links in the descriptions as long as they are relevant to the topic. Here’s what they say in the YouTube creators playbook about the links you can add:

      “Links to related content or to sites/videos/channels/users referenced in the video”

      That pretty much lets us link to anything we want if we mention it during the video. So even if you had a basket weaving site and you said “by the way I also have a basket weaving site that you should check out…” LOL!

      Very kind of Google to let us do that on YouTube isn’t it :-)

      Thanks for stopping by Dawn! I’m really enjoying this challenge too.

  21. Awesome Ileane. I actually saw this one already on YouTube and the information you are providing is indeed something that “everyone” should be doing. I for one have to create more videos and take the advantage of the “power” it has to bring traffic and get backlinks. BTW, I meant to ask you if you have a “sitemap” for the videos you have here on BBT. It is different from that of your “other” content. My speedlink this week talks a bit about it :)

    • Hi DiTesco, I visited your speed link and left a comment with my thoughts about the video sitemap and why I don’t have one.

      I still need to be convinced otherwise and there is a post on SEOMoz that I’d like you to take a look at. After reading this I’m not really convinced that having the video sitemap is going to send more traffic to the blog anyway.

      Let me know your thoughts on the article. I’m still mulling the whole thing over and I’ll let you know if I change my mind.

      Thanks Francisco!

      • Thanks Ileane for the link. That was a good read and it actually shed a bit more light about how to “embed” videos better.

  22. Hi Ileane,
    Video Marketing is definitely the fastest and most efficient method of advertising. People love to watch videos and it can bes used as a great source of traffic.
    Thanks for the tips.

  23. Hi Illeane,

    Very interesting articles over here. Tweeted it to our loyal readers as well. This will definitely provide an insights to our readers.

  24. Hi Ileane,

    recent studies has showed that tops brands were able to build there brand names through Video digital marketing more than they were able to build it on social medias, even famous actors and singers have massive traffic and views coming from Videos specially on Youtube, so indeed Youtube is a great source of traffic, thanks for showing us how to get the most traffic out of Youtube.

  25. laureen

    Thanks for the tips I agree with your post that video marketing generate more traffic for your site but I don’t know how do I made the video of my services ? Can you please guide me ?

  26. Hey Ileane,
    what an excellent and informative video very well presented with a very relaxed style, this is gold dust and will be of great value. Will subscribe to your channel just as soon as I hve done the rounds of the first video in Barry’s video challenge.

    Well done.


  27. Andrew Walker

    Hi there Ileane.
    Thanks a lot for this info. I think when you want to get more traffic from YouTube, you’ll simply need to post a very interesting video, along with interesting title too. If the title itself is not interesting enough, I don’t think people will want to come and visit our site.

  28. As always some great resources you share with us. I really love the video your share in this post. It is so awesome.thanks for sharing wonderful post.

  29. hey really a healthy topic…..theres no doubt we get massive traffic for our website by doing video blogging.& the video which you put in your this blog post.reaaly a fantastic video..& i think this video is also help for increase the traffic of your this post.:D…i will sure subscribe to your channel..& one more thing with the help of video blogging you can describe very well or brief …what you want to tell to user……………

  30. Hi Ileane,
    You are right,Youtube is having PR 9 value and getting backlink from our video tutorial to our blog is very good idea to get traffic from youtube and youtube offers adsense revenue sharing too.So both way we will have advantage.
    Thanks for sharing!:D

    • Hi Bhavesh!
      Great to see you here after a full day of following you around on all of your networks. It’s been a lot of fun. I hope you get the chance to subscribe to my YouTube channel soon too. Thanks for your comment.

  31. Ileane,

    As always top notch info here. I need to go back and enter my info for each video I have on YouTube. That is one thing I always forget. I bet I will get more traffic coming my way. I mean, it makes sense that you need to tell people you have a blog otherwise they just don’t know, right?

    Also, thanks for the tool tips, I will be checking those out also.


    • Hi Allie, for sure you will get traffic that way because you have some fantastic videos on YouTube. I really like those award winning vids. (Scavenger Hunt award winning that is) :)
      Your daughter is adorable and so is your doggie.
      Thanks for stopping by Allie.

  32. You should be charging people for this video! Really well done and I’m excited to get started with videos for my site. Thanks for the post.

  33. Hi Ileane
    This is my first visit to your blog and definitely won’t be my last :

    Terrific video packed full of great information and content. I learnt a great deal today Ileane; thank you.

    I have been adding my blog URL to the start and end of my video since last year never really thought about adding additional ones.

    I love the clickable links and I think I’ll steal that idea Ileane ~ Brilliant.

    Really glad you entered Barry’s challenge, and I am looking forward to the next one already.

    Thanks for sharing such great content Ileane…

    Take care, catch up again real soon. Oh! And thanks for connecting on Facebook 😉


    • Hi Ian, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m looking forward to your next video in the challenge and glad to hear you like my video. I appreciate the feedback. Facebook is growing on me so I think I’ll make the best of it. Cheers!

  34. This is a really great help for me especially i do promote youtube video in a certain company. Thank you for posting here, i will apply this strategy to gain more views. Looking forward for other information and techniques in creating traffic.

  35. I agree with you. To make a video response click on the comment area where you make text comments next on the video where you want to leave the video response.

  36. I’ve been adding my URL ever since I’ve been making videos and when I do have other links I share in the video itself I make sure to include them in the description.
    It also helps with a chrome extension that I use called WordPress Stats that will let me know how many visits I have right from my toolbar at any point during the day, without even logging into the blog 😉

  37. This is a really great help for me especially i do promote youtube video in a certain company. I will apply this strategy to gain more views. Thank you for sharing this article. it is very helpful.

  38. Incredible Tip Ileane. Youtube is really useful for giving targeted visitors and clients. Me liked & bookmarked this post. Hope my all blogger friends read this.

  39. Hey Ileane!

    Awesome video. I definitely need to do more videos and video marketing. That is one reason for participating in Barry’s video challenge.

    I really learned a lot from this video and I followed your Call to Action I subscribed to your YouTube channel so I can easily watch all your other videos.

    I really like how you are adding the extra links in the description of the video. I definitely need to add some of the social links and email list links to my videos as well.

    Take care!

    – Rick

    • Rick, Barry’s IM Video challenge created a huge ripple in our little corner of the world didn’t it? We all pushed ourselves and got fantastic results. Thanks so much for stopping by Rick, I look forward to more videos from you :)

  40. thank you for sharing such a helpful post with us i am sure you are going to help a lot of people with there traffic problems, i really enjoyed reading your post i will be sure to try it out, great and interesting post thank you.

  41. victoria alex

    wow ,these are great tips and i always thought youtube was nofollow links so i never really used it , but thanks to our article i intend to put your ideas and tips into practice thanks for sharing this Ms Ileane

  42. Raaj Trambadia

    Ileane, now that’s what I call the real you :) Amazing advantages of getting traffic from Youtube via Vlogging! Thanks for sharing! Cheers :)

  43. That’s sweet!

    Even though my dad’s a photographer, I’m afraid of cameras…haha…Damn, I’ve been missing out on a lot of traffic and exposure coz of that. :/

  44. Thanks for sharing your article, Ileane. Since you are pro at this already, the credibility is high for this one.

    I have to get involved in Youtube myself. Thanks.

  45. Zeshan Ahmed

    Nice article Ileane. Youtube is a very good source of getting traffic. But I have a blog which is about poetry. Urdu Poetry. So what do you think Ileane, if I start making videos on poetry then would it be useful for my Blog?

  46. hi Ileane,
    i not used much more youtube with adsense but i think now i want to use it so make more money and building some good traffic on it.
    thanks for this tips.

  47. My youtube account has been suspended. I got an email from Google saying that I was violating a copyright rule and was banned from using youtube. That leaves me out of the equation. Coincidently they sent me an email 4 weeks later that my youtube account has been restored so I tried logging in but as a fact they had done nothing. I was not able to log in. No response from them what so ever. I would avoid youtube altogether.

  48. I like your idea and concept. I’ll give this a try, I haven’t tried youtube as of the moment. Thank you Ileane.

  49. Hi Ileane,

    i enjoyed a lot watching this video,. It’s a really fruitful for me. I learned many new things that i don’t know about video marketing. I expect more videos form you.

  50. i did the same mistake when i first uploaded a video on My channel i.e without providing a backlink. By the way awesome video and yes had a good secret. Must see it Guys.!

  51. YouTube, One of the best way to increase the traffic of my blog! I’ve been busy these days on promoting my blog in Social Media and was wasting my time! You explained everything well in the Video Ileane!, I’m a regular reader of your blog because of getting some valuable info like this! Thanks for sharing your traffic secret with us! :)

  52. Hi Ileane,

    Thank you very much for this very interesting article. I know the YouTube is a very good way to getting traffic but i never tried but after reading this article and video I am seriously thinking that i really missed something very important. Thank you for sharing. :)

  53. Just an update that my YouTube account has now been restored and is fully functional. I will for sure be taking note of those methods mentioned.

  54. There is no doubt that youtube has have the huge potential of driving massive traffic to your site, but there are many others video search engines. just get a attraction grabbing title and shoot it. Above post is very easy to understand, thanks a lot

  55. This is superb and something we can all benefit from. Going on you tube is a must for anyone who wants to generate more traffic, gain new followers and continue to educate countless individuals yearning for information. Thanks for doing such a great job!

  56. Great stuff and straight to the point. I started using video with affiliate marketing in another niche and am now starting to use it for my authority blog primarily as a way to build my list. Fairly new at this but am starting to see a small increase.

  57. YouTube can prove to be a great source when it comes to traffic generation. I personally get huge amounts of traffic from YouTube to my niche. Whether you post videos consistently or not, it all comes down to the quality of video you’re posting on your channel.

  58. The thought of drawing traffic from YouTube to my own site has gotten me very excited! Being able to tap one of the most diverse and heavily populated site on the net for my own page is just wonderful. Thanks for shedding light on this possibility! I will try this out right now! Cheers! :)

  59. This is such a cool revelation! These tips just made my day! Can’t wait to go through them again as I try them out on my site! God bless your kind soul for this! YouTube traffic, you are mine! Cheers!

  60. I have read lot of posts about Youtube. Recently, I have created a Channel To earn from adsense and derive traffic to my blogs. Thanks for sharing a trick.

  61. Hi Ms. Ileane,
    I will try your suggestion and this will be my first experience, because I’ve never done a way to get traffic from Youtube. Thank you for your post.