Video Blogging Women On The Rise

Video blogging is one of the fastest growing segments of the blogosphere and it has become the wave of the future for creating valuable backlinks to your website. In what some might see as a male dominated industry, plenty of women video bloggers have created extremely popular training videos which I assure you, will rise to the top of your YouTube favorites playlist. While most of you are already familiar with widely popular female bloggers such as Lisa Irby and Mari Smith, I’d like to introduce you to three women that I consider to be the next rising stars in the video blogging niche (outside of myself, of course) ;).

Minus the fancy visual effects and jazzed up background music, these ladies bring it to you “straight; no chaser” and serve up the hottest, user-friendly, no-nonsense, screencast-tutorials for: Facebook, website traffic generation, and wordpress plugin configuration available on the planet today.

3 Rising Stars of Video Blogging

Michele Welch

Michele Welch is a wonderful blogger that I’ve been networking with quite a bit recently. Very often we can be found chatting on video blogging diva Michele WelchTwitter, WordPress Junkies,ย Blokube, Blog Engage and in the comment sections on each other’s blogs too! Yesterday I was really happy to learn that Michele installed CommentLuv and the DoFollow plugins on her blog. You can learn more about Michele at New Biz Blogger, which is her step-by-step online business training blog, or by visiting her YouTube Channel NewBizLady.

In general Facebook tips are hard to come by here at Basic Blog Tips; correction -make that Facebook tips used to be hard to come by, up until today that is. In this video Michele gives one of my favorite FaceBook tutorials as she demonstrates how to Create a Facebook Landing Page That Rocks

Note: I can’t even say the word “Facebook” without saying the name Ching Ya, so I gotta give her a shout out link to her post titled 5 Ways to Create Welcome Tab (Custom & Sub Tabs) For Facebook Page.

Ana Hoffman

Ana was introduced to me by Michele (she’s so very generous) and she actually pointed me in the direction of Ana Hoffman‘s post on Content Recycling: How to Turn Articles into Videos in 5 Minutes. On her blogย Ana gives you easy strategies to increase your website traffic with internet marketing tools, and in this screencast she walks you through the process of making a video based on your existing content, which you can then post on YouTube to create backlinks for your blog.

Keep up to date with new videos from Ana on her YouTube channel Your Net Biz Training or on Facebook at Traffic Generation Cafe with Ana Hoffman


Kimberly Castleberry

When it comes to recording video tutorials Kim Castleberry is right out on there in the thick of things. Kimberly is constantly coaching new comers to improve their blogging expertise, yet in this video she addresses intermediate bloggers as well by teaching us How to configure the Digg Digg Plugin for WordPress. In fact when my friend Kissie asked me for advice in setting up Digg Digg, I told her to check out Kim’s plugin review and video screen recording of the installation process. Lucky for you, the whole video is right here, so take a look now.

Follow Kim on Twitter and here’s where you can find Kim’s YouTube Channel. Kim’s got tons of Facebook advice too.

So there you have it. That’s your introduction to three video blogging divas on the rise. I bet you think I forgot someone don’t you?Well not exactly, I’m hoping that you will leave a comment and point me in the direction of your favorite female video blogger. Please feel free to share a link to your favorite with us.

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  1. Hi Ileane,

    I follow all 3 video blogging divas and can attest to the fact that they offer usable content on a consistent basis.

    The proof is in the content. More accurately, the value of the content. All 3 provide great stuff. After watching Michele’s tutorial it’s time to get a landing page up on my FB profile!

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration and have a wonderful weekend :)


    • Hi Ryan, Michele is really an awesome person too. I get such a positive vibe from her. I didn’t even work on my Facebook page yet, because I wanted to write this post first. :) You enjoy your weekend too Ryan and thanks for the visit.

    • Hesham, anytime you come by and say “great post” I know I can sleep well tonight because that means a lot coming from you :) Thanks so very much for your awesome support and RT’s too!

  2. Incredible post – I didn’t know that they are the next rising stars in the video blogging niche too. I read two of them but I’ll check the video channels later!

    Hope you’re having a excellent weekend :)


    • Hey Gera, after watching the videos these women produce I find plenty of inspiration and some great social media and blogging tips too. I’m sure you’ll agree.

  3. OH MY Ileane! I’m so honored that you included me in this shout out! So absolutely wonderful of you…thank you!!!

    Hey, maybe we can be the next fantastic four…lol. Video Blogging Alliance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve seen Kim and Ana’s videos as well. Definitely with you girlfriend, sizzling video entrepreneurs!

    You just made my month! Ciao!

    • Michele you were my inspiration for doing this post. In fact I started to write an Alexa review for your blog and I got such good ideas that I decided to do the post instead. I probably should not have mentioned that, since I still didn’t get a chance to write the Alexa review yet. I’ll try to get it done one day this week.

      Keep up the great work Michele and I love the idea of working on a Video Blogging Alliance. Let’s talk more about it soon. :)

  4. Hi Ileane. As for Michele, she no longer need any introduction to me as I am pretty familiar with her work and I agree with you that she deserves the honors. As for the other two, I have to admit that this is the first time I am being introduced to myself (shame on me perhaps) and I will quickly remedy this situation.

    Obviously, apart from yourself, lol.. Ching does deserve the mention as she absolutely rocks. Pity she still has not got in the “video” game. Great!

    • Hi DiTesco, you should get out more :) You know I’m just kidding. Thanks so much for your feedback and your support as always. I’m glad that you and Michele are working so nicely together. You two are my “dynamic duo”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • lol! Thanks DiTesco and I’m totally fine with it. :) I’m not in the rush to get into ‘video’ game just yet, let the pros do their best. I’m willing to serve behind the scene so far, I can only do this much due to limited time and effort, but I’ll certainly try if I ever had a chance in near future. Thanks so much, Ileane for the kind mention and link love. Appreciate it lots! :-)

      • Kissie

        When I read the introduction to Michele and her Facebook knowledge, immediately my mind went to the Queen Ching Ya. Knowing my girl, Ileane, like I do – there was no way she wouldn’t acknowledge that.

        Ileane, you are true to your word …. keep the connections going!

        • Kissie, I admit that there are a couple of other blogs that I go to for Facebook tips, but I never find what I’m looking for so I don’t even know why I waste my time, I always end up going back to Ching Ya’s site in the end. Michele has loads of blogging and business advice so the Facebook video tutorials were a treat to find over at her place.

  5. Hi Ileane,

    Great post – very nicely done!

    I’m happy to say that I follow and interact with all 3 of these fabulous ladies (including the Facebook genie – Ching Ya). I can honestly say that I have learned more than one thing from each and every one of them. They truly have some wonderful and insightful things to share.

    I think it’s very nice and encouraging of you to recognize them for they surely deserve all the praise they get.

    Not only do they provide enriching content, but they are friendly and engaging as well – vital blogger traits!

    I wish them all continued success – and you too :).
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!


    • Hi Ingrid! I’m glad you liked the post. It’s so funny that we all know who the go to gal for Facebook is Ching Ya! I’ve got to get her over here somehow to see all the lovely things being said about her. Talk to you soon.

  6. Hi Ileane,
    This is such a great post. After reading your recent post, I’ve subscribed to Lisa’s channel on Youtube and found many useful stuffs there.
    Thanks for suggesting admirable female bloggers beside famous ones including you. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Tuan, Lisa Irby is really my mentor and I know that everyone has had enough of me going on and on about her! It’s their loss if they haven’t followed up and I’m really glad that you are one of those that did. I saw you leaving a few comments on her blog and I just grinned because I know that you can take the advice from Lisa really far and earn some nice profits with your blog! This time around I figured that it only makes sense to highlight the whole concept of video blogging, especially from the ladies point of view. :)

      Much success to you my friend, I appreciate your support. Please allow me to invite you to be a guest blogger here one day soon!!

      • Thanks Ileane for this chance.
        I’ve written only 1 guest post in my life and it was on top of Blog Engage in September. So I really expect my 2nd post could be as good as that. As I write for another blog, I will need more time to do it carefully. I am hungry of ideas now but I will write immediately if I could find a good one.
        Btw, you are hiding the guest posting section somewhere that I couldn’t find out. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I came over to read about your pick of the litter and I find myself listed! That’s incredibly fun!

    I have not fully connected with Michelle yet… although thats about to change now that I have her links! I have seen her material shared though :)

    Ana and I have connected but probably not as much as it looks like we should! Thanks for the reminder!

    You rock girl and I’d certainly add you to the list of great video bloggers, your tutorials are rock solid!

    • Hey Kim, there’s no way I was leaving you out girlfriend. I had the hardest time deciding which one of your videos to show case in this post. I settled on Digg Digg only because Kissie really did ask me about it and I always like to shout out my bff :)

      Keep moving in a positive direction Kim because a whole lot of bloggers are following your footsteps on the way to success!

  8. Yeah, leave it up to you women to sneak up on us and then take over while we’re basking in our glory ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The only one I’m familiar with is Kimberly and I agree she sure is something. There is one that I reckon you may include in your followup post, there’s me making assumptions again :D, and that’s Kellie from Kelliehosaka. I’m not sure how long she’s being doing videos but she’s pretty good at it.

  9. Patricia

    Hi Ileane

    I know all three plus you of course. Kimberley is so kind to us newbies and very encouraging to me. I really appreciate your posts and your encouragement too. Thanks for sharing. I won’t be doing videos yet awhile. You know me and techie stuff lol

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Patricia, if you use the technique that Ana Hoffman described you’ll do just fine I’m sure. Keep up the good work on your blog and with your guest posts.

  10. Nice videos, the ideas and knowledge that you share with us. i must say today i watch these videos and have a dozens of inspirations and must implement in my next working. videos are very useful stuff i subscribed to this channel.

  11. Rahul

    Hello Ileane,
    Awesome post, because you have introduced three prominent blogger to us which will help to expand our knowledge.

    Internet has made life very easy today, specially in case of information sharing. But video blogging is exceptional, it, I think, is a direct media to convey messages.

    Thanks a lot to introduce Michele, Ana and Kimberly to us.

  12. Kissie

    Thanks B, and thanks for the nudge re: Kim (again) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So, video blogging is the next thing? I wonder what role blogging will play in the e-Readers’ world.

  13. Hey Ileane,

    The concept behind video blogging is definitely an interesting one. The potential is huge and I wouldn’t be surprised if in the years to come, that approach turns out even more popular than conventional blogging. It is a fact that digesting the information from a video is easier. At least it works that way by me.

    Michele is a great blogger. She certainly has a lot of useful and original information to offer. That is probably why I’m a regular visitor and reader over at New Biz Blogger.

    Thanks for sharing the videos. Will take a look. :)

    • Hey Daniel, I’m a visual learner so I’ve always preferred video for learning specific tasks. I guess that’s why I feel so comfortable making screencasts. Thanks for the feedback.

  14. I know the two of them, which is Kim from just-ask-kim and Ana, from traffics generation cafe.

    They are great blogger indeed, and will look for Michele’s blog, definitely.

    Thanks Ileane for sharing them with us.

  15. Thanks Ileane, This is a great reminder to me that I absolutely need to add video to my blog! Iโ€™m missing a great opportunity. Thanks for introducing me to Michele too. I already follow Ana and Kimberly but I hadnโ€™t checked out what Michele had to offer until now.

    • Sherryl, if you need any advice on equipment or software to get you started with video blogging just let me know and I’ll try to give you a hand. Thanks for commenting.

    • Hi Richard, I included the YouTube channel links for Michele, Ana and Kim just to keep you busy for the rest of the day :)

      Thanks for stopping by Rich!

  16. These videos only proved that woman can also be find their way to success in their online career. All of these are great video tutorial for people who are interested in using the 3 most popular sites now.

    • Hi Ana, thanks for your kind words. We are always hanging out in the same networks like Famous Bloggers and SERPd it only makes sense for us to be regulars on each others blogs too. I’ll pop over soon to check out your guest posting guidelines. Keep making those videos – Michele Kim and I have plans for world domination – you in? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Kathryn, welcome to Basic Blog Tips. It’s always great to meet another female video blogger too. Please share a link to your YouTube channel or any video post so that we can share it the rest of the community.

      Thanks for commenting.

  17. Hi Ileane,

    Super, super post! Love the information you shared and the people that I’m being introduced to through your post. I’m not quite sure why I’ve not started creating videos for my blog but it just one more step that I’m not ready to take the time to learn yet.

    These women are definitely worth following, getting to know, and taking note of the training they give in their videos. Thanks for the great info.

    • Hey Yvonne, thanks to Sheila for sending me to her guest post on your blog so that we could connect. It’s so simple to create a screencast that there really isn’t much to learn. The only investment you need to make is a microphone, if you don’t have a webcam already. There’s a site called Screenr that is really easy to use. You just turn on your webcam, open up Screenr and press the record button. Give it a try just to see how easy it is and I’m sure you’ll get tons of ideas for blog posts.

      In my post from Screencast to Podcast I talk about more advanced online screencasting tools but they’re all free. Let me know if you need any help!

  18. Thanks for this post, Ileane. I’ve been a follower of Ana’s blog for a little while now but the other two are new to me. I’m headed on over there now!

    • Hey there Tristan, do you have plans for a Facebook page? Please come back and share the link with us. I know yours is going to be something special since you’re doing screencasting too, maybe you can guide us through the process. I’m still thinking about your hat post, the graphic is so cute, I hope you don’t mind me sharing it here. Blogging Bookshelf - blogger hats

      I’d love to have another guest post from you soon too!

  19. Hey Ileane,

    I’ve come in contact with Kim through Facebook and Ana via her blog, but none of them via YouTube. Since I don’t watch videos, I don’t make videos, but I know that it’s growing and I’m happy about that, because certain things are better communicated through video. Plus, some people prefer to learn that way.

    Kudos to these women and to you for helping to promote them!


    • Tia, I’m curious why you mentioned that you don’t watch videos. It sounds like there is a story behind that, please do tell. Thanks for your feedback Tia, it’s great to have your comments.

  20. Wow!! a really interesting post….its good people are blogging and video blogging….it makes the sharing of information much easier….

  21. I have a lot of admiration for those that do video blogging, I sometimes find it hard enough to blog via keyboard, never mind making a video and posting that up ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Karen, it will be so easy for you to transfer your musical recording talents over into the world of video blogging. And you have photography skills that should come in handy too. I’d love for you to watch a video Lisa Irby just released today about how YouTube is a great source of FREE TRAFFIC!!

  22. Nice information here. I think when video blogging becomes more popular and more people start to do it it’s really going to revolutionize blogging. I mean, most people would rather watch a video on a subject instead of reading it.

    I know I am a visual guy and if someone is explaining something to me on a video it is much easier to understand it than if I were reading it. The video with Ana Hoffman was great, I never thought about turning my existing content into videos until now. This really helped me, thanks a lot.

    • John, Ana took me by surprise with that one too! I plan to use that to bring some content from my old blog back to life! Let me know when you post yours so I can have a look.

  23. Hi sister, I have a friend who blogging with video blogging too, Tina Tobin he blog about relationship and her blog is awesome you should check this one. I have an interview with her in my blog.

    • Come on Alison, give it a try, you’d be fine on video. Besides you never need to actually appear in the video, but it would be nice to add your voice. I bet one (or more) of your daughters is ready to step up to the plate. It will be so much fun.

  24. Basam

    Thanks good introduction of videos. I have seen that women are entering at rapid speed in blogging and earning a good name.

  25. yes video blogs are an ideal way of convincing your customers, this is what i feel. i am running a blog on which i promote affiliate products,, when i upload a good video about the product i get good number of sales… it really works.

  26. After watching the videos of these women, I found a great inspiration and some social media and blogging tips as well. Especially, Michele is just superb and I wish all the best for her great future. Moreover, I like the views of working on a Video Blogging Alliance.

  27. Hey Ileane,

    Great post and I’m familiar with all three awesome ladies. I will admit that I haven’t actually watched any of their videos though. But you know I do love sharing information via videos as well so will have to be sure to check them ALL out. And I KNOW you are also on this list and I hope to be following in their paths as well.

    Thanks Ileane for once again, sharing such awesome info on some great ladies with us. We all do need to stick together.


    • Hi Adrienne, see what I mean (in reference to the comment I left on your blog). If I would have met you sooner you would have been mentioned in this post for sure!! I agree we do need to stick together and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds. The possibilities are endless.

  28. Bodynsoil

    Oh Ileane this is perfect timing for me as I have been researching the particulars of adding video blogging to my site as well. I had already discovered Ana’s blog but not Michelle’s or Kimberly’s, thank you for pointing these two ladies out.

    I can see a lot more research in my future, thanks to this post my research should be a bit easier.

  29. I think your are a women that is why might be you have selected women as rising stars in the video blogging. Anyhow very nice info. Thanks Ileane!

  30. Thanks Ileane, Ileane Smith for great article. I think among your post this the most outstanding because we have been introduced video blogging starts who are rising and decorating their remarkable name in the field of online video blogging niche.
    Just wonderful! Fabulous!

  31. Hi Ileane! No doubt this field has won by ladies. We appreciate your great eye on the rising women in this blogging field. Nice post. Best of luck to you and to the rising women.

  32. Congrats to these 3 women to beat the men in video blogging all over the cyber world. Ileane, You might also got this rank as you are an expert blogger woman. Best of luck to you in your future.

  33. Actually any body who should do efforts and work hard, could got such a honorable success as these women have got. It is not depend on either gender. Thanks for motivational post.

  34. A competitive post among men and women. Congrats to these 3 hardworking women and a lesson for gents to learn something from their experiences.

  35. Actually video blogging is an interesting job and I think women feel easy to work on this line, therefore most of the women got success in video blogging than men. Anyhow congrats to them.

  36. It’s Very Nice To have Womens In This Field and Congrats To These Three… am Working Hard On Video Blogging but Still No Success….Will Keep Trying….


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