The Simplest Link Building Tutorial Ever

Let’s keep this link building tutorial as simple as one, two, three, four, five.

If you follow these five steps in order, you’ll quickly build backlinks to your site which will propel you to better search engine rankings.Link building

This is not hard to do and anyone can do this link building strategy. The important thing to remember is that it all just takes ACTION.

Link Building Tutorial #1: Great Content

You need great content. No amount of marketing will substitute for great content. But if you have great content, marketing it will be easy.

Great content is, for most businesses, content which helps someone solve a problem easier than they would solve it themselves. In creating great content, you use your expert experience to show people how to live better lives.

Great content also needs to be easy to consume. Articles need to be easy to read, podcasts need to be easy to hear, and videos need to be easy to watch—so maintain high production values. Don’t just publish content to publish content, but publish the best you can given your other business constraints.

BONUS VIDEO: How to Make Custom YouTube Thumbnails

==>See what I think is quality content.

Link Building Tutorial #2: Guest Post

New sites need an initial set of incoming links to help attract their initial traffic. After you have traffic, it’s easy to get more links, but getting those initial links is challenging—unless you know about guest posts.

All websites have the same basic requirement for great content, but writing or producing great content is hard and time consuming, so any successful site loves to hear that someone is willing to offer them high-quality content practically for free.

That’s you offering them almost free content. You produce high-quality content and give it to them at no cost—except that they must link back to your site. This is an invaluable strategy when it comes to back link building.

Many sites will happily agree to this deal. The only sites who won’t usually accept your content only refuse because they’re already inundated with offers of free content.

Basic Blog Tips, Comluv and Famous Bloggers are my absolute favorite sites to guest post on. These guys are organized when it comes to publishing guest posts!

Link Building Tutorial #3: Link Forward For Links Back

You’ve used guest posts to get your initial links and you probably have some traffic to play with now, so it’s time to use your current traffic to get more links to get more traffic.

The first and easiest strategy is to link to other sites—especially small sites.

When you link to other sites, some people who read your pages may visit those other sites and those other sites will see in their website statistics report that you’re sending them traffic. Many of those sites, especially small sites as desperate for traffic as you are, will link back to your site as a sort of thank you.

Link Building Tutorial #4: Link Bait

Your traffic is increasing by a few percent every month and you’re starting to behave more like a link building expert, so now is the time to grow by leaps and bounds using the link bait method. Try one of the following techniques:

•     Run a contest by offering prizes to people for mentioning your site on social media.

•     Write a controversial article and ask people to link back to it with their own opinions.

•     Create an amazing piece of content, such as an infographic, and let people repost it to their blogs if they link back to you.

•     Invent your own technique for getting large groups of people to link to your site at once.

Link Building Tutorial #5: Link Partners

You’ve established hundreds of incoming links and you have steady traffic, so now is the time to solidify your ranking within your niche by partnering with other sites in your niche and related niches.

Approach other popular sites you enjoy and offer to become link partners. Once a month or so, you’ll mention them in a new blog post and link to their site. In return, they’ll do the same for your site.

In a short while, you’ll have multiple incoming links from high-value sites in your niche all with barely any work on your part using a method which can be repeated indefinitely without any further necessary link building tutorial.


My name is Milica (Mitz for short) and I am a serial full-time blogger. I started out with one website many years ago and it went so well, I sold my businesses and began living the internet dream. Since then I have been perfecting the system of blogging by building WordPress websites that are set to earn money online. This is an ever changing business and I love the challenge. Please feel free to download one of my favorite FREE REPORTS if you are interested in improving your blogging business or starting one from scratch.


  1. Great set of ideas for link building. Guest posting is a cool way to boost your profile and ranking. Now the trend is about link earning. Create quality content so that others link to you. For that you need compelling content and others are compelled to link to you. I like the idea of the link bait especially the infographic idea, yet to implemented by me.
    Thanks for these great ideas. Its going to be my next step.

  2. Love your video Ileane! It really helped to see it to understand it fully. I’ve got some work to do.
    Mitz, great post on tips for linking. SO much has changed with linking over the past 3 years. Even the past year. I’m getting to launch a contest for one of my sites and it’s to know there could be some links to come from it too – I hadn’t thought about that aspect of it.

    • Yes SEO just got more open. The bad stuff just does not work now. But good links still work well, especially if you deserve them.

  3. Whoa… I totally didn’t think to post links to my blog in my YouTube video. Thank you so much! I’m sure that will increase my search rank. How much time a day on average do you spend link building?

  4. Hi Mitz,

    Love all these strategies of building links and one of the strategy like Link Partners, about me, I’d put link to blog that are on the same level as me so there will be a high chance of getting link back or ask them to link back. Otherwise, links won’t go back but focus on quality is what really important for readers.

    Thanks for Great Tips – Ferb

  5. Suggestions are easy but difficult to follow :( Not all people specially students like me much have free time to write guest posts. so prefer blog commenting

    • Guest posting is letting you steel the limelight though so readers focus directly on what you are saying.. I would say that 50 blog comments = one great guest post.

  6. Great tips for all the types of bloggers. Guest Blogging is quite big nowadays and you can get good amount of backlinks by guest posting but it should not be the only strategy used by you.

  7. I Think guest posting is the best way to get the quality Back Links but some others are also good like blog comment and many more but guest posting is the best.

    • No not really.. It is all about giving. One way links are part of link building but there are other types you need too.. You cannot just get all one way links..that would not look right. :)

  8. Mitz, Ileane… thanks for a great post. I will definitely try out the guest posting things – sounds like a very good idea.

    I’m curious to know your experience with running contests – I do have a photo caption contest but I usually only get existing subscribers taking part… how would I get links based on these contests?

  9. Vivek

    I have been reading almost everywhere, guest blogging for link building. But no one talks about writing or publishing contents on web2.0 sites or networks. I means creating squidoo lens, hubpages, writing or linking with Wikipedia, getting links from managed directories. Its my personal view, creating contents for web2.0 sites can help you get lots of free high authority back links along with huge traffic.

    • I have talked about this before and I do agree that this still works. I have web 2.0 properties for this purpose and use this in my SEO.

  10. Excellent Short Post with Maximum Quality Content with all Basics Explained about Link Building. When i read the title I did not expect that Link Baiting would have been included. BTW Thanks

  11. I learned something from the video. I had a link in the description of my youtube videos, but I had it at the end of the description. Ms. Ileane’s video showed that it is important to put your link before the description. Youtube cuts the description short if it is too long. With the link before the description it is sure to show up.

  12. Hi, Nice article on Link Building.

    These are the some best renowned strategies which are implemented in building backlinks and very useful in gaining the traffic and reputation online.

    Link Baiting is one of the latest method which has been implemented by all and its worth. Your blog get popular all over which drives traffic and readers.

    Thanks for the article :)

  13. Hi Mitz,
    Nice linkbuilding article.
    I guess the tips number 3 is very hard to achieve .Because normal people hardly payback your helps unless and until they have to.
    About link partner, you need to be very careful about leaving footprint.Do not engage into reciprocal link building.
    In case of link-baiting, Infographs are becoming very popular

    • I really do not care for footprints as I see nothing wrong with sharing links (even reciprocal) with other web-masters. The internet is about working together. :)

  14. Hi Mitz,

    I’m completely disagree with your 3rd point of link building strategy – Linking smaller sites to get back-links.

    Linking smaller, and non-authoritative websites for the sake of back-links can push you in to a Link-trap, like – linking to bad-neighborhood (cheap sites), or getting numerous back-links from cheap sites.

    Think about Penguin, and give more emphasis on Link Earning than Link Building.

    BTW, thanks for refreshing few link-building tricks :)

    • You should never look down on a website. I have got links from tiny websites made by real people (not spam) and a year or two later found my link had turned into a PR 4 or 5 link. Never underestimate how big a website will get.

      Be friends with everyone trying to build a site because one day they might even outdo you!

      • First of all, I’m not a pessimist. But how many websites and blogs who are infant (<1yr) survive after 1yr?

        Overwhelmingly linking to smaller and new blogs for the sake of link-building, and hoping they will be big one day is not a good strategy. Lots of sites suffering Penalty (Penguin) for that. This is my opinion.

  15. I find the best links are from relationships built up over time, so definitely quality content and guest posting!

    From there spawns quite a few social media links naturally and I have been wanting to run some sort of contest for a while. Just haven’t really been able to put something together quite yet.

    Thanks for the great post!
    -Gabe Johansson

  16. Hello Ileane,

    Loved the YouTube video. I’m still in the process of determining if my niche would benefit from videos. I’m hoping it is because the ideas you share would be very helpful in me getting traffic to my blog.

    Hello Mitz, thanks for sharing these great tips. My first guest post will be featured in early February and I’m excited to see how that works out. I’m working on number 4 by participating in my first give away with a group of other bloggers. Number 5 is new to me and sounds like a great way to build traffic and online relationships.

    Thanks again for sharing these suggestions. Have a wonderful week.

  17. These 5 tips are about getting links with quality content. This is quality link. But I would also recommend creating your own blog networks and distributing high quality Press Releases.

  18. Hi Mitz,
    I really enjoyed your post. You just made everything clear.
    I have paid several SEO companies to help me with link building with all avail. I think with these your great strategies, there are nothing more to SEO than these.

    Thanks for sharing and hope we make use of the post.

  19. Hi Author,

    Thanks for the information sharing with us. I 100% agree on your second point guest posting. The guest posting increase your blog page google pr.

  20. Great points Mitz! From #1-#5
    However, not as simplest as described!
    Each point has and requires a series of actions that are not simple.
    For instance:
    # Great content – You need for an in-depth research, which does not sound too simple for some bloggers/website owners.

  21. Very nice article about link building. Guest posting is a great way for link building plus it will bring traffic as well as high page rank. the second great thing is unique content, anyway thanks for the great article…

  22. I watched the video. I notice that some people add their link at the beginning of a YouTube post. I have been debating on whether or not to do that. I don’t know, maybe I will try a few and see what happens.

    As for the other tips I think even if you don’t have a lot of time for link building. Some is still better than none at all.

  23. Thanks for including Ms Ileanes links guide for you tube. Am going to start adding links to our videos right away.

    One question. What do you think about embedding links into the actual video. You know what i mean? See it sometimes, a link will flash up overlayed on the video “click here for part two” or whatever….any good for seo? a big traffic generator?

  24. Wow, this blog post is even better than some of the paid ebooks that talks about building backlinks. I fully understand that it does involves work but it is good because these are good relevant backlinks. I will also think about re purposing the content into different medium like video, pdf and podcast as it helps to attract traffic and build backlinks.

  25. i agree with all the points and yes great content is the best thing but everyone can not write great content so we have to depend upon secondary sources like guest posting, commenting etc. i’ve never done a guest post but will try for sure.

    • I think everyone can make great content but it does not have to be like everyone elses. My friend cannot write too well but is good at creating tutorial posts with lots of how screenshots and simple instructions. That is also quality because it is helping someone with a problem or teaching them something. :)

  26. The video was absolutely up-to-date for me! Thanks a lot, you are always in time with your posts! Excellent ideas for any blogger!

  27. These suggestions are rally interesting, as these are the beast ways to create long term, quality and powerful links. I consider that quality content is important, but I’ve also learned that we need to build quality links to our site.

  28. Hi Ms. Ileane, I agree you can’t go wrong with quality/relevant guest posts. What’s your opinion about infographic creation and distribution?

    Cheers, Thomas

  29. This is the bitter reality after Google Panda and bloggers have to accomodate with it. Now no one can see dream to get thousands of backlinks and get higher page rank; it means in back linking we have to follow tortoise and forget about the hare.
    Great post thanks for sharing

  30. Good tips, but I think that simplest tutorial will end up in one sentence – “Get every relevant link from any possible source”. Link building is about diversity and volume, many SEO companies, even do not touch anything related to onpage optimization and relay only on link building.

  31. Those initial links are sure the hardest aren’t they? lol. I think those link bait rules you stated are very effective. People always love to participate if there is a chance they will receive something for free! Thanks for the great article as usual!

  32. WOW Thanks for the tutorial it really helpful for me because i Am new blogging. I need some help. Someone told me that i should start using link builder tool for getting backlink . he ask for a big amount . SHOULD I GO FOR IT ? Please reply Thanks!

    • I do not recommend any link building tools. I would not risk my sites with this. :) It is not hard to start building your own links. That way you know what is going on. :)

  33. It`s as simple as 1,2,3 & 4
    Having great content on blog and growing network with Guest posts is very important.
    Anyway asking for links can take long time if you`re not connected with niche persons.
    So, it`s better to concentrate more on networking.
    Mit`z listed aweseom ways thanks for that.


  34. Hi,
    Thanks for you article. It makes a lot of sense. But, I’m not sure I understand what SEO companies do when they charge money? They can’t be creating backlinks this way? Does anyone know what they are doing?

  35. Mitz it really a great post, i would like to say that its really true it really a Simplest Link Building Tutorial Ever,thanks for sharing.

  36. Hi Mitz,

    “Link Forward For Links Back” is an awesome idea and this is an added benefit for guest posting. This proves how beneficial is guest posting, although I haven’t started it yet!

    I have a question regarding “Link Partners”… important is Alexa Rank or Google Page Rank while choosing niche blogs for link partnership? Should I go with blogs whose ranks are not better than mine?

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Blogs become better so you do not know what will be. I like to look at the posting frequency of the webmaster to see if they are really committed to blogging. Also if they have great content and no junk. It is about quality and making friends, that is it!

  37. Mitz, Good tips provided on link building. Guest post is one of the most popular methods to get good links. Recently tried guest posts and its helping with the traffic, getting to know other bloggers. Will try out other points. Thanks for the useful tips.

  38. Hey Mitz,
    I like your idea of running a contest and offering prizes to people who mention your site on social media, just how would you go about tracking and monitoring something like that, so you can define the overall winner?

  39. I am currently working on a webpage with not to much traffic and I just want to point out that suggestion number three is really true. A link to a page with little traffic will at once show up and be noticed by the webmaster, and he will be very grateful for it. I just did something similar in another blog I run with more visitors, and I at once got back links from their Facebook sites and websites all in one! Great article!

  40. Hey Mitz,
    I really enjoyed reading your post.
    Like you mention, providing great content is the first step to link building. If you can’t write well on your blog, no one will accept your poorly written guest post. No one is going to accept your partnership.

    I think all revolves around writing good content.

    Hope you have a nice week

  41. Guest posting is definitely something that lots of people will be taking advantage of in 2013. But doesn’t Google frown on people who run contests and link baiting in general? I seem to recall John Chow being banned from Google a few years ago for link baiting.

  42. Wow… This is an awesome article. I was not aware of hidden youtube backlinks. Thank you so much for sharing these tricks for backlinking. Love it. :))

  43. Hello mitz,
    guest post is becoming a great part of link building that all bloggers are exploring. But my believe is, guest blogging will start to loose it’s shape soon. thanks

  44. Much people says that link building is easy. But i dont think so. You must know how and what you are linking. Linking to your homepage will kill you from SEO. Great info !

  45. Great Content that are fresh and unique is really to make marketing easy as soon as in competitive environment because all search engine fetch rapidly fresh content and cache into our database. So Content is the king of your website. To create the fresh content we should do Guest posting, Blog Submission, Article Submission on Famous Websites.
    Your article is really important to understand how to make valuable link building.

  46. This is honestly one of the best advice I have ever read in building traffic! I have started implementing some of them just these past few days and already seeing a consistent flow of traffic! And thank you for mentioning the 3 sites you prefer to Guest Blog on, I’ll definitely try reaching out to them right now!

  47. Very informative. This is the kind of information I’d pay for to have unlike some crap being sold in some forums that are actually rehashed information that don’t necessarily work post-penguin.

    As I have some considerable talent in photoshop, I’m particularly toying with the idea of creating infographics that others can use if they link back to me.

    • Yes I have done a few infographics in photoshop… I am not an expert so it takes me longer but they are a great way to get links! :)

  48. Guest posting is I think the best link building one can do.

    I am doing this myself and have seen such a great increase in search engine traffic.

    Plus getting an amazing amount of results on my social profiles!

  49. Great tutorial. Seems like a simple and effective strategy. I hadn’t really even thought of linking forward for back-links, looks like I may need to reevaluate my link building strategy.

  50. Nice post, My site is new and I am struggling for getting links for my site to increase my site page rank. Thanks for sharing these tips, it will help me a lot to get 2 or 3 page rank.

  51. Thank you so much for this insightful article. I’m currently trying to get as many backlinks, but still good quality ones, and this article has helped me on my way.

  52. Hi Mitz, Its always nice to hear from you. I have read one comment in this post that every person can’t create good content. I think that doesn’t make any sense to me. If you are on the online business field you have to learn things from others, You have to do everything quite effectively. Secondary sources are necessary. But they will not work for you till the content is not good enough to read.

    • Yes but there are many ways to make great content..maybe you are not a writer but can make a video tutorial or maybe an infographic…Even taking a great photo, or adding funny text to pictures. Great content comes in many forms.

  53. this is not the simplest this is the best tutorial ever in terms of offsite SEO link building if a newbie or a expirenced one follow your tip will scaled up in SEO

  54. As the title, this is the simplest tutorial for link building, I think now a days guest posting is becoming the one of the best ways for link building.
    and one thing which always work is write great content then people will link you without any efforts!
    Thanks for the Post!

  55. thanks for sharing! I prefer the guest post and links partner but I heard some people said that links partner is gone now. And Google will assigned it as links staff, isn’t it?

  56. It’s a good strategy to increase website traffic. I have just a doubt about this one : links forward for links back : i’m not sure this work as easy as you explain it. (will link back to your site as a sort of thank you)…

  57. Jean

    Third and fourth both points are very important and effective to increase the high quality, do-follow and relevant backlinks. In this way we can easily increase our traffic and visibility in search engine. The most important point is “Write a controversial article and ask people to link back to it with their own opinions.” In this way we can motivate readers to keep in touch with out shared posts and blog.

  58. I agree with your point that running a contest could surely provide you some good social media exposure but recently facebook announced that all the likes and shares etc that are coming from some type of contest will be removed

  59. I wants to make backlinks from .org, .gov, .edu like websites but I don’t know hoe to make backlinks from these websites. So please help me as soon as possible.

  60. Very helpful and informative video on link building. Right now, I am more into guest posting and blog commenting. I might try these suggestions you gave.

  61. Wow! great post Mitz. You gave great useful article to us. My question is Link Wheeling is also link building technique am i right?. Can you tell me about Link Wheeling. Thanks for sharing great information.

    • I never really planned a link wheel as such but it is usually multiple web 2.0 properties linking back to a main site or an article that points to your main site. I do have web 2.0 properties but do not participate in a planned link wheel. I think they are too obvious now.

  62. Link building is vital part in SEO. By having qualities backlink, SERP will increase in google and other search engine. This link building tutorial is great way to make good qualities inbound link. As beginner, this is great insight for me. Thanks Mitz to share this information

  63. Very informative video tutorial thanks a lot Ms.Ileane!

    The infographic trend is become more and more popular, as an image illustrates 1000 words.

    Guest posting has generated tons of spam messages, therefore i believe it harms the communication among users who are serious about their topics.

    Greetings from Athens, Greece

  64. Though a tad bit long, it was highly enlightening and educative. It will be very beneficial for the people who are novices in link building and will help them in the long run.

  65. The ideas set forth in this post is a no-brainer. I started blogging sometime this month with nothing at all by way of links of any form. Now, after guest posting and registering with google, I have a couple of backlinks and the value of my blog is improving as I also try to improve my content and increase the content. Thanks for this post, I’ll definitely put them to work

  66. There is no secret that content is King, what happens is that many bloggers fail to succed because there is no pasion at all, they seem to be only attracted by the idea of monetizing their blogs that forget giving qualitity to their readers.

  67. There are some very nice tips it has to be said, and make a difference from the usual link bombing you are encouraged to do. I have never really dne any link building but will have to try to do more. Guest Posting seems to be the best way for a newcomer like me to start. Thanks..

  68. Thanks for sharing the tutorial Mitz. I have a question: Many people say that link building is dead. Is that true? Please explain….

    • No way! Crappy links are dead for sure. Quality links are fantastic and you cannot beat them for seo and direct traffic to your site. Even commenting on blogs gets you traffic if you say something interesting enough for people to visit your site. :0

  69. Chris

    Hi Mitz, I personally have been looking for an easier way link build; thank God i found you! I would love to be able too use this effectively like you do so i can create some good content for my

  70. The more links appear to be natural easy for the search engine to accept it and appraise them for longer run ..instead of using home page again and again ..use of deep links are also must

  71. Some nice tips here ! I find that guest posting works best for me as a blogger to build backlinks as the backlinks are more natural. On the other hand i have lately found that writing high quality content has built me a few backlinks but this is a harder way to build backlinks then guest posting.

  72. Hi! I’ve been reading your posts mam, very helpful thank you :)
    Im a beginner in blogging and im still learning a lot about link building and this is a great tutorial! thank you again :)

  73. So, i run a picture blog and based on what your saying i should probably mix it up with some text aswell. Do you think i can get good traffic after a while if i just continue to post media and work on my backlinks or should i change strategy?

  74. Was just searching the net on increasing traffic by link building and found your comment about linking to other sites (especially small ones) interesting.

    Also just wanted to inform of a minor typing error for Link Building Tutorial #3: Link Forward For Links Back.

    You say:
    “Many of those sites, especially small sites as (I assume should say “are” instead of “as”) desperate for traffic as you are. I know how easy it is to make these typing errors.

    Thank for the tips

    Link Building Tutorial #3: Link Forward For Links Back

  75. Nice article. Totally agree with “no amount of marketing will substitute for great content. ”

    I think link and traffic, although the more will benefit the other, doesn’t always be statistic to depend on. What does a article/web page if it attract masses and make it bounce away and never return?

    Great content always comes first. Sooner or later, backlinks, quality traffic will cone by itself. Keep writing quality content and remember that patience is a virtue :)

  76. Link building was never been so easy to understand before , Specially video is awesome and I appreciate your efforts.
    Big Thanks for sharing such a great Information…!!

  77. Great article Mitz.
    I think guest posting is best strategy for link building. Link bait is also good but it is rare. Link partners, hah! not a good idea. Google mostly catch those people who use this method.
    Well, thanks for sharing.


  78. creating great content is my favorite way to get natural links… Because when people like your content they automatically link to relevant blog post from your blog…

  79. Tips #4 seems very promising for me. Organizing contest and making people to link back to the post is great way to build links. It’s like an automated process. People share and link back to the contest post and you’ll keep getting the links.

    Thanks for the genuine tips, Mitz! I really enjoyed reading it :)


  80. Hi,
    According to # 3 you say that other websites will linkback to you as a way to thank you, wouldn’t that be considered backlinks exchange? Google hates that, right?

  81. Hey Mitz,
    Nice post with great information and I really enjoyed this post while reading and I think this post will surely gonna help all the newbies. Guest post and commenting on others blog is the best way to build links with other and it easily helps to increase traffic. Thanks for sharing this post.

  82. For guest posting your site needs to be “ready” meaning that you have some decent articles there and the site layout is good. That way, when people visit your site, they’ll most likely stay if you have good content. If your site has nothing, they’ll just close it and as a result, you’ll get a high bounce rate

  83. Thanks for sharing! that all above are the great strategy to increase valuable backlinks to our blog. I am interested in #3 and #4 because this the amazing way and I never try it before. Absolutely, my blog rank is not so good and if any body links to my blog I will link back to them instead of thanks.

  84. Hello Mitz..
    Ya you said right link building is a good strategy for every blogger.Commenting in other successful blogger is a good habit.But some are commenting for only backlinks .They comment without reading the post .This is totally wrong strategy.Putting opinion is good thing but leaving spam like comment is not a good things.Nice article by the way.