3 Safe Ways To Build Back Links After Google’s Penguin Update

Back links are vital to the health and success of your blog and without them it will be very difficult for a blog to strive. Due to the importance that back links have, bloggers and webmasters have been using various ways and methods to get backlinks to their websites in other for them to get high Google PageRank and good rankings in search engine result pages (SERPS).

Many of the methods that are employed by bloggers and internet marketers in building back links are often unethical (black-hat SEO) and this is a major concern for search engines, especially Google.

Back links to overcome the penguin update

Early this year, Google released an update to their search algorithm that demoted those websites that are involved in various link schemes and some of those sites even disappeared in SERPs. Google is constantly updating their algorithm and one of the hardest hitting changes that took place is known as the Penguin Update.

Building back links the right way is not that difficult, it’s just that most people lack patience; they want fast result and less hard work but on the contrary building safe back links require time and hard work. If you want to build back links the safe way without fear of being penalized by Google or other search engines, here are 3 safe ways to build back links to your blog.

1. Back links from Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the first and foremost method of building safe back links. With guest blogging, you will get a natural one way back link to your site and also some free traffic will surely come with it. Usually, when you are guest posting on a blog, you will be allowed to place a link or two pointing back to your blog with appropriate keywords as anchor text in your author bio that appears beneath your article.

The back links from your author bio are one of the easiest and safest links you can ever get.

Guest posting is not that difficult, though I will admit that it requires some work which can be termed as writing a quality article that you know another blogger will be glad to share with his audience.

After writing your post, the next thing is to find a suitable blog in your niche, a blog that you know will be willing to publish your post and send the blog owner a mail or check out the blog guest posting page (if they have one) for more information about guest blogging on that particular blog. Look for blogs that feature the author bio box, which can give you a chance to earn additional back links to your site.

If you are having problem with guest blogging, and you need more help, I will recommend that you check out this Guest blogging guide at youngprepro.

2. Back Links from Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is my favorite technique for building safe back links to my blogs. I have always been recommending blog commenting to bloggers who are looking to build back links because it has worked for me and it is FREE!!!

When I started my blog in March 2011, my major link building technique was blog commenting and with it I was able to get Google Page Rank of 2 without using any other form of Link Building. Comments left on CommentLuv blogs like this one offer a big advantage because the CommentLuv link will end up sending targeted traffic to your blog as well.

I have discovered blog commenting to be an effective strategy to build back links though it will require time and your patience. Time in the sense that you will have to be visiting blogs in your niche on a daily basis to drop a comment or two and patience in the sense that you will need to read the article on those blogs before you drop your comments.

As you know reading these blog will also help your knowledge, so it’s more like killing two birds with one stone when it comes to blog commenting.

If you are using blog commenting for link building, you should avoid the usual SPAMMY LIKE comments such as: “GREAT POST“, “NICE ARTICLE“, and “NICE BLOG“. Most of the time, these type of comments end up in the trash folder and it will just be like a waste of time and energy on your part.

To know more about getting back link from blog commenting, I recommend that you read this post – The Benefits and Power of Blog commenting

3. Back Links from Forums

Forum boards are also a great place to build safe back links and traffic to your blog. Virtually all forum boards have a forum signature box under the users profile section where you can enter a short bio and back links pointing to your blog.

You should take advantage of this forum board’s signature feature for link building because most forums have high Page Rank and high daily traffic. So you have the tendency to get a high PR backlinks and more link juice value and some traffic along the way.

Apart from the forum signature box, you can also drop links to posts on your blog that can be of assistance or solve a fellow forum member’s problem but don’t turn this into a habit so that you won’t look like a spammer and eventually get banned from the forum.

There are lots of forum boards online; a simple way to find them is to use a search engine like Google. You can get them by using keywords in your niche in the search parameter. For example, I will use something like “Weight loss + Forum” as a search parameter on Google if am in the weight loss niche. So it’s just “your-niche+forum” and hit the search button.

So far, we have discussed three (3) safe ways you can use to build safe back links to your blog. If you are using any of these methods, you don’t need to be afraid of any Google or search engine algorithm updates because you are 100% safe.

Do you have any other White hat techniques for building back links that you find effective? Kindly share them with us in the comment section.

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Joseph Adediji is a SEO Enthusiast, a Blogger and a Freelance Writer. He is the Owner / Editor of Josylad.com, where he writes about Blogging, Tech and So on. Grab My Free Traffic eBook That Shows You How To Retain Your Blog Traffic.


  1. Just a few days back, I was wondering what are the safe ways to build safe back links post panda, penguin and EMD updates. I think out of all this, guest posting is the most important and also links in the post itself is going to be most important than author bio.
    One thing I would like to ask is, if links from directories are worth or not? Are they considered to be safe?

    • Hi Shalu,
      from what I have discovered, links from Directories does not have much weight anymore but they are perfectly safe.
      I will only recommend directories link if you have a new blog that you want to get indexed, but if you have the time, you can always build directories link.

      • Vivek

        ” I will only recommend directories link if you have a new blog “. Well I don’t think that their will be any problem even if your website is old enough and have good authority. Actually what matter the most is the quality of the directory in which you are listing your website. Lets say its Yahoo directory or btow, they are paid but they are great. They have high authority, are human edited and can surely help you improve your web presence.

        So according to me directory links will never harm your website till its human edited.

      • hello joseph
        Can you guide me on “At what ration i have to put comment backlinks ?”because on every different type of views available.I am new blogger an dstill confused:- Like
        1. Dofollow more, NoFollow less
        2. NoFollw more, DoFollw Less
        3. only Guest post
        4. only NoFollow
        5. Only DoFollow

    • Shalu,

      The links from Author’s bio is even more important if you’ve incorporated G+ profile. And its really nice that Ileane offers G+ profile link in your bio.

      • Suresh,

        I think the links within posts rather than author bio is something to debate about. I read somewhere that that the links within the post is going to be “more important” than links in the author bio. Incorporation of G+ in the author bio will perhaps act as a buffer against future updates.

        • To me, both links are important, but you are also right to say that links in post has more weight. Links within post can get you more traffic and anchor text backlink.

          • Agree all! But the most to Shalu, the links within the post have more weight than it does in the author bio as most of the people won’t be concentrating on the author bio!

    • Hi Shalu,
      From what I have discovered, Links from directories does not have much weight anymore but they are perfectly safe.
      I will only recommend directories link if you have a new blog that you want to index, but if you have the time, you can always build directories link.

    • Shalu,

      Directories can be ok if you find some decent ones.

      According to the likes of Rand Fishkin and friends; the problem here is that for most directories, Google has turned them off on the back end so they pass little or no value to anyone – but it’s difficult to tell for sure.

      There are some ways that you can narrow down which would be good to post.

      If the directory is easy to get listed on, just lists any links, is setup just for linking out to people and has no editorial standards then you might as well forget it.

      If it’s difficult to get into the directory and they are a bit more picky with which links they accept then usually that would be a lot better.

      But .. being realistic here the time it would take to actually figure out which ones are worthwhile is actually so time consuming that it makes it pretty much pointless in my eyes.

      There was a post on webmaster forums a while back where someone wrote up a sort of case study, they spent 2 years trying to get into DMOZ and eventually after getting in (and leaving a bit of breathing room for rankings to adjust) saw no ranking increase. – a shame really after all that work.

    • thanks for the input. Although it is very time consuming, I agree that these are the safest ways to build long lasting links.

  2. Fahad

    Links from the forums are nofollow but they can bring massive traffic. I think you forgot to mention article submission directory which if done properly can point many backlinks.

      • Yup Some forum profile give Do-Follow links but After Penguin update Google will penalize you for Single link from forum. This is now spam in view of Google .

    • Hi Fahad, there are lots of Dofollow Forum out there if you are after dofollow links, for the article submission, I believe the work done on submitting articles does not quantify the results they bring in this era, I will rather guest post than submit articles to Ezines.

      • Hi,
        First thanks for the good information that you mentioned in your article.
        Second, I am a new blogger, I was browsing all around the internet trying to find safe and effective back links methods. I was confused and didn’t know from where to start. But you gave me 3 safe ways to start with :)
        I have 2 questions pls :
        1. How long did it took you to get Google Page Rank of 2?
        2. What is the difference between article’s directories and web directories?
        Oh sorry, can I ask a 3rd question?! Could you pls give me good article directories, 2 would be enough, I am a stay at home mum and don’t have plenty of time!

    • Article submission directory no more holds the same value as it used to earlier as this practise was over exploited by webmasters . Having more than 2-3 backlinks from article directories can rather hit you back ..

  3. Links from forum are the real way of building backlinks.

    Believe it or not but I have found this method really effecting I have been building links for many friends blog using these method.

    Backlink from blogs are good but not best way to build links from site. It only helps in terms of exposure, building relations and yeah links.

    I would suggest building links from guest blogging. It is the best way to gain exposure, friends, readers, and 100% quality backlink. Thank you for throwing light on these principle of building links.

  4. Amrik Virdi

    Thаnk уоu fоr bеѕt wауѕ tо сrеаtе bасklіnkѕ. I реrѕоnаllу uѕе guеѕt роѕtѕ соnѕtаntlу аnd lоvе thеm. Thеѕе аrе trulу thе bеѕt tуреѕ оf lіnkѕ tо gеt.

    Amrik Virdi

  5. I’ve personally found guest posting to be the best source of quality links, especially when you’re selective about which blogs you write your guest posts for. I do agree as well, they are often of the most difficult links to get, but well worth it.

    As said above, forum links are good for traffic, but don’t really help you’re seo much since the majority of them are “no-follow”.

    Another really great way to build links is to build other content based blogs and link to your main site from there. This of course requires a great deal of hard work as well.

  6. Good tips! Several other commenters have mentioned forums as a good source of backlinks and that’s true – at least if you’re building backlinks for direct traffic. If you wanna rank in the search engines for specific keyword phrases, the landscape seems to have changed after the various Google changes. SEO experts now talk about keyword diversity, meaning you should for instance not focus on only 1 keyword, but go for several keywords. Your link building should also appear natural and your brand/name should be a part of your link building. Lots of people seem more and more unhappy with Google and are now looking to Bing and other search engines.

    • Hi Rick,
      You are right about keyword diversity, we have to build links with several anchor text so that our sites don’t look spammy; using one keyword for your link building campaign will surely raise an alarm with Google and bloggers should also avoid large mass link building methods.

  7. Hi Joseph!

    First of all, thanks for this insightful post. Building backlinks from commenting is truly one of the most effective and easier method. However, as Google went more smarter and kept updating their algorithm we’ve started to doubt on its effect as it used to be. Google started to look for anchor text and a large number of back links with same anchor text causes heavy reduction in link value. And in blog commenting we can’t use different anchor text because the blogs are configured to use Author’s Name to link to the Website.

    Has it been already late to move to guest blogging rather than blog commenting?

    • Hi Suresh,
      When it comes to link building and Google Algo, I don’t really bug myself much about it; I do my thing the way I know it is appropriate. Since most blogs allow you to use your name when commenting, I believe google will not mark that as spam since it is not like you are competiting for your name as a keyword.
      To round this off, I will tell you that Google themselves don’t know what they are doing, they are just spoiling SERPs, I believe very soon, their update thingy will go down.

  8. In my view, nothing can beat Guest Posts and even after new Algo changes they will be the major source to build quality backlinks. Thanks for sharing other methods too.

  9. Kate Luella

    This is a great informative blog post, and that link to the YoungPrePro was amazing – thanks for that!

  10. Hi Joseph,

    Few effective yet safe ways of link acquisition you haven’t mentioned are:
    1# Link baiting with compelling content
    2# Infographics and Info-videos
    3# Directory submission like DMoz, Technorati etc.


  11. That’s really great..I am also following these three…I think guest post is more valid one…And it is very hard to get..For new bloggers commenting other blog is the best way to get back links… I like the way you explain the contents…

    At last thanks for a great post…

  12. Hi,

    Well according to me, blog commenting would be an awesome and natural to build authority backlinks and it also generates good traffic.

    And the last point which you’ve mentioned about forums links, its and a great idea which many of us are neglecting now a days.


  13. I do start some of my comments that I leave on other blogs with a ‘Nice article’ whenever I feel so, but I don’t let that line be the only content of my comment. Blog commenting not only brings backlinks, but also traffic and it also builds some relationship with the owner of the blog if you comment regularly.

    And a nice article Joseph. I really liked it.

    • Hi Mahaveer,
      Blog commenting is great I really liked it, the only way to get full benefit from commenting is to add value with your comment, when your comment adds value, people will be tempted to check out your blog.

  14. This is so true, considering all the changes Google has implemented lately. As you have said, building links doesn’t have to be a burden, but a great opportunity to make ourselves known and to learn new tricks from others in the same niche. I think that on the long term, only sites with real and added-value content will survive to Google’s zoo.

  15. This is a very great post, joseph you did a good job by letting us know about backlinks.please i will appreciate it if you can posts similar things like this in again because i find it very useful

    • Hi Saon,
      Web 2.0 link building is also good and safe, but instead of writing for web 2.0 sites, I will prefer writing for other blogs.
      The difference between guest blogging and article submission is that, guest blogging means publishing articles on other blogs while article submission is publishing articles on articles directories like ezinearticles.com or goarticles.com.
      Article directories too are safe, it all depends on your niche and preference.

  16. It’s always annoying when google comes out with a new update, with Panda it cut some of the traffic to my sites almost in half, along with their revenue, so every time I hear about a new update it makes me nervous, but I guess this is why Google is google. :)

  17. Unlike years past where you can just get as many low quality backlinks as you want, you should get backlinks from relevant sites like this one.

  18. Hello Joseph. Thank you for a very insightful article. The three methods you are describing can really work miracles provided than they are used in an honest and patient way. However, I can see some changes now coming in. Many forums stopped using signature or using signature is a premium option. I am a little afraid that in some time Google will also frown upon these techniques even though they are rather honest ones.

    • Hi Dave,
      you are right about forums that are stopping the use of signatures, but there are still lots of forums that allows signature. some only allow it after making a certain number of post so as to reduce spamming and i like that.
      About Google frowning, let Google frown at whatever they want, I dont CARE…..

  19. Always surprises me when forums gets mentioned as a backlinking method. I have been part of several forums before I started blogging. As soon as I left my link they dropped and banned me from the three forums.

    I was so shocked. There are so many forums that do not allow backlinks I might say this is not an effective method. Also for many the sign up requirement are more than trying to get directory links. Both methods are probably not helpful.

    So that leave guest posting and commenting. Like you post except for the forum suggestion.

    Wayne Melton

    • Hi Wayne,
      dropping links on forums boards can get you banned, but links in your signature in your profile will not get you banned; dont drop links when replying to posts on the boards, else your account may be banned.
      The best thing about forum is the traffic and backlinks combo you derive, if you can play smart, forums can be your best ally.

  20. Wade Harman

    You mentioned building backlinks through forums. Even though Google sees this kind of backlink differently it is a good way to get them. However, that said, you must be careful about which forums you join.

    Some could be considered spammy and therefore hurt your site. Keep it relevant to what you blog is about and find a forum as such.

  21. As we all knew this guest posting not only helps to get links but traffic, targeted traffic.

    And you can actually try different things like creating podcasts, videos and if possible info graphics.


  22. Vivek

    Guest posting is not so hard, but not so easy too. I think you should have watched a video released by matt cutts on guest posting. Then link from maintained directory, forum can also be very useful.

  23. Guest posting is a very effective way to promote your website. The only problem it takes
    a lot of time and become frustrating many times.
    I have researched the internet, found a few blogs that high authority my site subject
    (hair loss), went over the blogs to see what articles are needed and send them a high quality article it took me hours to write. There was no response. (I send them through
    the “Write for us” page). Also i cannot use the articles I wrote for other sites.
    If they would at least say: We don’t need your articles. But getting no response is

    • Hi Denis,

      Let me give you a hand with this.

      Visit the CommentLuv blog and if your article is well written you can get approval. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in and the blog has a PR of 6.

      Good luck.

    • Hi Denis,
      Ileane Just gave you a great Tip, the comluv blog is a great place to guest post and they accept any topic.
      About the blogs that are not replying, my best guess is that those blogs are on auto-pilot, the owners may have built them and left them for earning passive income.

    • Denis, Ileane has provided a wonderful tip to you already. As a blog owner myself, I would love to give another helpful tip to avoid waste of time and effort.

      Try sending a message to the blog owner after doing some research about the blog, its audience, previously published content and the amount of interactions there between the host and the commentors.

      You must mention that you are willing to abide by all the guest posting guidelines of the blog and then proceed to provide 3 proposed titles. Just say that you intend to write on any one of the 3 proposed titles, but emphasize on the point that they are just suggestions and the final post will be based on the blog owner’s suggestion / preference.

  24. Jessica

    Half an hour before i read a post that forums posting is not a good practice now and i was searching about its pros and cons meanwhile i found your post regarding it. Now after read different views about forums posting in an hour i am a little bit confuse about it. Your points are absolutely acceptable and i personally feel that forums posting is still effective but these forums should be relevant to your business or website you are promotion.

    About Guest posting i don’t have good experience, three to fours times i tried to do guest posting and webmasters offer me for content and i provided them but they didn’t response me back that they are posting it or not. Then after it i don’t want to waste my time on guest blogging now.

  25. Aasma

    Hey Joseph,

    Blog commenting and Forum links are certainly useful source for link building, plus they help you to build your trust and attract wide range of relevant audience to your blog and website. One should never use it for spamming, be a honest commenter and comment/reply when you can add some value.

  26. Hi Joseph
    I use 2 of the backlinks method you listed regurlarly and that is blog commenting and Forums
    I’m still working on the guest posting one as at now and would submit my 1st guest article to Ileane by the end of the month.

  27. thanks for your backlink suggestion, now r days Google started to look for anchor text and a large number of back links with same anchor text causes heavy reduction in link value…

  28. Wow these are most useful techniques forum posting most beautiful way of getting the back link through the signature. And guest blogging is the difficult method to get the back link

  29. Hi,

    I am new in SEO,and I was wondering what are the safe ways to build safe back links post panda, penguin and EMD updates. I think Guest posting,Blog Commenting,Forum Posting is more worthy other than Forum links and article’s etc..
    In your post you didn’t mention about the Social Bookmarking work.
    Is that safe or not ?

  30. I would agree with you, that these three ways are safe after the updates, but I want to add that there are more safe ways to build links, even after the update – Press releases and Web 2.0 Properties are both safe when you do them properly and are very effective today

  31. A more apt title for this would’ve been: “3 Safe Ways To Build Back Links After Google’s Penguin Update…Until the Next Update”.

    Let me explain. I think people have started to abuse what are presently considered as ‘safe linkbuilding methods’. That especially includes blog commenting. I think (or you could say that I have a feeling) that Google will do something in the near-future to counter this abuse. Perhaps as part of a major upgrade, or a Panda/Penguin update, time will tell. But Google’s history tells us that whenever a certain linkbuilding mechanism has been abused, Google has been quick to introduce countermeasures.

    Just my $0.02. If or when that happens remains to be seen. For now, these certainly are the best safest methods to build links!

  32. Jim Zboran

    Thanks for sharing your insights on backlinking, Joseph.

    Way back in the day, with my first business website (1999), I remember sending out offers to trade links with other webmasters… I hated it.

    In order to get a decent amount of links one would have to trade links with all kinds of crazy sites. It didn’t really matter as far as search engines mattered. But if one was trying to create value for their readers it just didn’t feel right. So I enjoy the three backlinking methods you described FAR more even though they do require more personal attention and focus. But that fits for me anyway so I’m good with that.

    It is a challenge to be consistent with commenting and writing blog posts while trying to do everything else it takes to build and maintain a website. I’m finding that systematizing commenting efforts is helping me get at least some of that worked into my busy schedule.

    Also, I’ve found an RSS reader I like a lot (RSS Owl) and that has helped me immensely as it gathers current posts from all my favorite blogs and bloggers in one place and I can keep on top of the fast flow much easier.

    Thanks again for the great post, Joseph. After submitting this comment I’m going over to look at your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work…

  33. Yep these are the 3 ways, although I’d be cautious of forums if you use always the same signature, it might make to many optimized anchor texts.
    That’s why I use only my domain name as an anchor text on forum signatures.
    Guest post is definitely the best, because it brings targeted trafic.
    And comments with commentluv are great because they allow a deep linking…

  34. Hi Joseph!

    I am bit agreed with you here. Maybe these are the most securest ways to create back links after the Google Penguin updates. But I believe every incoming link is secure to you, until you have a long term strategy for your SEO campaigns.

    However, I want to add few points here! There is no safe way to build backlinks before or after the Google Penguin.

    To get safe back links to our websites, we have to work with some marketing strategies and to approach the community in a totally new way. What do you say? Like making some stuff viral? and achieving tons of back links to our website without any hustle? :)

    • Hi Hamza, I quite understand the perspective you are coming from, and you are right about creating something Viral.
      Good/Pillar/Viral contents are very important and I believe everyone knows that, but it is kind of hard to create but these methods are quite easy and fair.

  35. Thanks a lot,
    i was very Much confused for backlinksing after the Penguin and Other Algo updates..
    but many thanks for sharing these 3 Safe methods for getting Backlinks.:)

  36. I have to agree to the top of Mount Everest! lol

    These links will always be legit, no matter what stage!

    Thanks for the article Joseph!

  37. Thanks Joseph for the reminder.

    I have tried other methods but they have not significantly impacted my backlinks like building genuine relationships with online professionals & entrepreneurs. I stopped using those methods when I learned that low quality backlinks could actually hurt my website’s performance.

  38. The backlink building ways you shared are truly beneficial after the penguin update… These are appreciated by many webmasters.

    Thanks for the share Joseph !

  39. Blog commenting is my favorite technique as well. First of all, I like commenting and being part of a conversation. Second, it is beneficial for the blog that I am commenting because commented posts would be positively rated by Google. Commenting strategy is a win-win method and I suggest it to all webmasters.

  40. I have gone through your description. it is really very educative. I can get backlinks from blogs. But, when i ask for backlinks from forums and post my links on forums, they ban me every time. Now, what can i do? How can I found guest blogging site. what do you mean by guest blogging. is it submission article in article submission sites. After all, very good post. hope, i will get my answers within a short time.

  41. This really a good article that describes a lot of stuff for newbie bloggers trying to learn something about backlinking. However, out of personal experience and talking to a couple of friends from my college web design class I have noticed that backlinking really does not matter. Most important thing is good content and good relationship with others. It seems to me that all the other stuff, just falls into play after you have the two things I mentioned above.

  42. Hi Joseph,

    You got 3 great ways to build backlinks and I used to do that all the time to build my blog. What I want to say is that, there are some insecure blog that accept any kind of backlinks to their blog and if we get to it, we’ll also going to get bad backlinks.

    And eventually, get more and more spam comment which no one wants it.

    Thank you – Ferb

  43. Well, including these 3 getting links from the Quality Article Directories like Ezine and Web 2.0 sites are still having huge impact on SERPs and one should always focus on these directories and Web 2.0 sites for reliable and positive results.

  44. blog commenting and forum posting are best ways, forum drive lots of free traffic. you get more than you deserve. blog commenting is also good but not much effective as forum posting

  45. I appreciate this wonderful lesson to lean. I prefer to Blog Commenting & Guest Blogging to build good & quality back links. Guest Blogging is really current & valuable trend to create high quality link & but Guest Blogging is something similar to link exchange but its more powerful than link Exchange.

    • Hi Melissa,
      Every body have had a share of Google’s Zoological garden at one time or the other, I think I got hit a bit too, but my traffic is coming back 😀

  46. Very nice post and all comments. The only think I can add that commenting on blogs can be very time consuming, especially if you have more than one site. Any ideas?

    • Hi Masha,
      to me blog commenting is not time consuming, you will enjoy blog commenting if you are reading articles that interest you. look for blogs your niche, read the post and comment there.
      reading the post will add to your knowledge and commenting will give you backlinks

  47. Well, I can breathe easier…(phew) The 3 methods you listed are what I’ve been spending most of my attention on. Since the newest (G) update, I’ve been a little worried about various efforts to promote my sites. Can you (or do you have a post) on benefits of accepting guest bloggers as well?

    • Hi Gabriel,
      I currently do not have a post on benefit of accepting guest bloggers, but i believe the greatest benefit of accepting guest bloggers is unending quality content. Guest bloggers will help you get more content for your blog.

  48. This is really good information. I try to post on all of these platforms regularly and I took a month off and watched my links all but drop off by about 20%

    Not good!!!!

  49. Hi Joseph
    Great article! The thing of course to remember is that Google are trying to create a better search experience for all web searches.

    The fundamentals of providing good quality need content, and linking to relevant sites still stand. However, what penguin shows is that some tweaking is required to make sure you are not adversely affected.
    Thanks for share it.

  50. I always knew that forum posting and blog commenting would still be relevant after Google’s updates and I am very glad that I have not given up on those two methods. Guest posting is something I’ve been accepting for awhile but I’ve not written any on other blogs,

  51. Hi,

    Thanks for the nice tips. I am actually a newbee and really struggling in this field . Till now my blog traffic is zero as my blog do not have much link. I hope before before next page rank update, i will be able to get some links. Finger crossed :).

    Akismet marking my comment as spam. what a bad times for me. Well admin i hope you will mark my comment as not spam.


  52. Blog commenting is one of the best way to promote your site under a particular keywords but the comments should be relative and have some energy in them. These comments are also small articles that must have quality

  53. i think seo is required but it is often exaggerated, there are alternative source of traffic and other search engines like Bing where competition is much lesser and still can generate great amount of traffic. Post should be optimized but more for users and less for search engines. I don’t mean we can ignore Google but we should have a optimum level of Google optimization. thanks for sharing this post.

  54. Some saying that blog comment is considered as a low quality baclink and also saying that we should remove comment luv as it will hurt SEO. What is exactly the truth about this, please help to clarify.

  55. Abdul Manan

    Hi Joseph Adediji!
    These are good ways for building backlinks.I Just had in my mind of building backlinks through backlink forums but now i really got to know about two more ways.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

  56. Hey bro,
    These are solid ways to grab links and stay safe and the easiest of all is blog commenting. It’s an exercise that does not only build backlinks but generates traffic and place a positive impact on your brand. I really do enjoy doing it.

  57. Really useful article, guest posting is safer way. Blog commenting helps but don’t overdo otherwise your site will be affected and don’t use automated software for commenting.

  58. Well, I believe Guest Posting is the best way for now to have backlinks from High Quality PR and DA Sites. Thus it will allow me to have PR in the next update.

    Also, For saving my time and money I use Guest Posting Service from GetPRed.com

  59. These methods are way better than getting someone else to do the back linking for you. As a blogger, i have learnt to dedicate at least 4 hours every week, just to read other’s blogs and comment when i do find something interesting. You pick up a few ideas here and there, by just reading other’s blogs!

    • Hi Sarafina,
      Dedicating 4 hours every week is a great move, it will surely help your blog a lot and it will also help you too in terms of knowledge, i used to do this too before.

  60. So this also means that CommentLuv only works on WordPress? What about Blogger, blogspot.com? The negative aspect of WordPress I find that there never shows a photo on the sidebar. Visual affects of a photo versus a title on its own does make a big difference.
    Thanks for your info, most I do put to use already.
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

  61. I guess the directory submissions are not working these days. Gone are the days, when bloggers taking advantage of the directory submissions. Only guest blogging and blog commenting are the valid ways to get backlinks.

    Google is very selective after the penguin update. So, keep an eye on each and every link.

  62. I’ve learned a lot by reading articles and then commentating them. I usually don’t spend time on forum but i should have a try…

  63. Answer queries related to your niche and simply leave URL of your domain in source.This will help you in attracting traffic towards your site especially the people reading your answers can be converted into your affiliates if played wisely.

    Make video tutorials of your blog posts and upload it at Youtube with link to the post at your blog as description.Make sure that you watermark videos with Your Blog’s URL.It does not matter that Google will not index your blog’s URL but if your video ranked well then it can help you in bringing traffic.

  64. Forum links are ok, but anchor texted links from forums dont look so natural. A typical user who has little tech experience would not generally wrap anchor text keywords within HTML or BB code. So when gaining links from forums i would preferrably cut and paste the full URL as a typical internet user would do.

  65. If easy directory / search engine back links are what you want or need, then consider checking out my latest post, which shows how to mass submit your url to many search engines or directories. Thanks for the article and helpful information.

  66. Wow. Very great tips. I just started up a new niche website and was wondering some great ways to get backlinks. I began today by doing guest posts on a website. Some PR2 through PR5 websites have accepted my offer, so it’s a great start so far.

    Soon I will start with forum/blog comments. I plan to do around 3 to 4 guest blog posts a week. Then later on combined it with some forum and blog comments. Maybe with the help of social bookmarking too I will begin to rank fast.

  67. Hi Joseph
    Very excellent post. The thing of course to remember is that Google are trying to create a better search experience for all web searches.

    The fundamentals of providing good quality need content, and linking to relevant sites still stand. However, what penguin shows is that some tweaking is required to make sure you are not adversely affected.

    Thanks for share it.

  68. Hi Joseph
    Great and Important Article. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. It is possible that the “Trophy” idea, the first on the list, may help with the recovery of my original site from a negative SEO attack, if the statement that has been circulated “get an equal or greater amount of good links to outweigh the maliciously built links” is in fact true that it could help recover from that.

  69. One tip for people who buy links: Point them at a satellite site rather than your main website. If you set off the cyber critters, it won’t hit your main site. I know many people don’t agree with buying links, but in many markets you just about have to these days. Great post, and love watching your success!

  70. Alice Dymally

    This was an excellent article Joseph. I’ve been using various syndication techniques to drive my blog posts but I was recently introduced to the idea of guest blogging & it makes all the sense in the world. I will also visit some forums based on your recommendation. I also have another site at alicedymally . com Thanks! :)

  71. Previously blog comment posting is so easy to get approved and not to strict. Now, out of 15 comments you wrote, i think 2 -3 only will get approved and posted. I don’t know how CommentLuv affects the approval of my comments. Actually, I need more tips on how make a comments and i will going to read The Benefits and Power of Blog commenting. Thanks.

  72. Great Article. I’m going 2/3

    I have been trying to get into guest blogging but haven’t had any luck. Should I be approaching bloggers by asking them to contribute to my site, or that I contribute to their site?

    • Hi Brad,
      if you want to build backlinks via guest blogging, you should be the one contributing posts to other blogs. You will get link back to your blog in the author bio of your guest posts.

  73. Hi Joseph!

    I have personally found guest posting to be the best source of quality links, especially when you’re selective about which blogs you write your guest posts for. I do agree as well, they are often of the most difficult links to get, but well worth it.

    As said above, forum links are good for traffic, but don’t really help you’re seo much since the majority of them are “no-follow”.

    Another really great way to build links is to build other content based blogs and link to your main site from there. This of course requires a great deal of hard work as well.

    • Hi Abhishek,
      blog comments are really beneficial, it does not matter if they are dofollow or nofollow, but if you are looking for dofollow backlinks, there are a handful of dofollow blogs out there.

  74. Very valuable post Joseph.
    No one can sufficiently explain the importance of back links. Your points and thoughts are really useful and worth giving a try. I am on it right away………….

  75. Great post. After Google Panda and Penguin Update,many of us faced penalty problems and the major problem is Content Duplication, Google Panda have emphasis on Content Duplication. But after Google Penguin somehow all of us was affected by its result, as its concentrating on Over optimization and Black hat. So we are waiting for its solution and here you have provide this knowledge, Here i would like to tell you Thank you for Sharing your Knowledge.

  76. I just wanted to ask, if free backlinks still safe? or even considered spam?
    or better do a manual backlink?
    * I am a newbie, I had one week to manage my first website, please be advised
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Nofa,
      I don’t understand what you mean by free backlink, but if you are talking about Auto-backlinks, I will advice you to stay clear of it; building manual backlinks is best for your website.

  77. from three tips above, blog commenting is my favorite one. I love blog commenting, especially at dofollow commentluv blog with high pagerank. By blog commenting at high PR blog, your blog will get high SERP in google and other major search engine..

    thanks joseph for your tips

  78. Great post! Seems like it’s back to the old days, before you could automate everything. Penguin hurt a lot of good people, and I am definitely NOT a fan… but you have to admit, it’s really leveled the playing field.

    These are all great ways to build backlinks… thanks for having CommentLuv and helping everyone out :)


  79. I think that this is a pretty good list for safe and free techniques for building backlinks. Of course there is always the great content route for natural backlinks, but that is a little out of your control. I have been using both the blogs and forums strategy for a while and it seems to work nicely. However, even with commentluv blogs you really have to check and see what exactly they are offering because some sites that claim to be commentluv are not actually do follow and some just require more post, etc. I believe you need a great all inclusive strategy and this one when done properly is pretty good.

  80. I often build backlink from social networking such as: twitter, facebook and pinterest…I think it is the best way to get the quality backlink for my site. Do you try to this method ?

  81. Yes back links are very very important for the blog or site optimization but now after the update of search engine the back linking is a bit quality and its good as there was many people who was using some automation which is now prohibited.

  82. Thank you so much for your free information. At the moment, I started a website for myself as well. And the biggest and most challenging part of this all that I find is promoting the website (link building). I want to stay away from any submission softwares that gives you low quality links. However, is it possible to make it look natural? For example, someone who is successful to SEO told me use 30% anchor text, 40% related keywords, and 30% generic anchor texts and links builds slowly like 10 links a day. Question is though, these Web 2.0 sites, blog, and article directories, to build links back to your page are they quality links?

  83. Thank for discussing about three safe and easy way to back link building for traffic increase. I seem guest posting is best of three and this method is easy and it bring more traffic. Can i include yahoo Answer for getting more traffic?

  84. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing these three safe ways for backlinking. I think internal linking is also very important. Web 2.0 is also effective because sites like Squidoo and hubpages rank well on Google.

    Best Wishes,


    I was just about to pay someone to do some linking for me and they said it was “Penguin Safe: so I thought I would look up that word and see what it meant. That lead me to your site. WOW glad I didnt pay them to mess me up!
    Thanks, I’ll be back. I already have guest bloggers and ejoy them alot.
    Robin Bremer

    • Hi Robin,
      paying someone foe link building can be both profitable and unprofitable. it depends on the gig offer but building links by yourself is always the best. Am glad this post was helpful.

  86. Thank you for this post. Every-time I think of something new to work on my blog, you always have the answer. A great resource for bloggers as always. Happy New Year.

  87. Thiru

    Good one…To me, Forum & guest blogging works good. Blog commenting was working good but not now. I tried with many blogs they are not useful for me now. But still I never give up blog commenting. I still consider them as an added advantage for backlink creation.

  88. Thnks for the great tips! Just started backlinking for my new blog. Cheers! Also think that blog commenting ect. is the best way for safe, none spammy backlinks.

  89. Rich

    Guest posting is good. Using high quality social media sites is also beneficial. It looks more and more like Google wants to see a natural link profile. Vary your anchor text, spend time interacting on forums, blogs and social media sites as well as linking and most importantly write great unique content on your site for others to link to.

  90. I didnt know you could get to PR2 exclusively with comment backlinks. Definitely good to know, Ive been focusing on guest posting but will add some comments for diversity.

  91. Alot of forums are making there sites nofollow. The reason being is google is looking at alot of these forums that aren’t using nofollow’s as spammy. IN the last year or so I have seen a major increase in forums switching to Nofollow tags on comment posting. Although it is nice to get a link from comment posting, I do believe this will eventually be a thing of the past.

  92. Quite a good article. But i have a small suggestion, how about talking about the using of rss directory and social media for quality backlinks? Nowadays the prowess of social media is just so great.

    Anw thanks for the sharing. Keep up the good effort!


  93. I wonder if having previously used black hat techniques to generate backlinks is now having a detrimental effect due to the Google updates.

  94. One of my sites just fell back from 8th place to 240th place in google. I guess i have alot of back links that google does not like.I’m done trying to get a single link on a site. I will try to write some articles and see how long it takes to spring back.

  95. Lovely article. Safe backlinks are safe when link building is done slow. The slower the better and more effective results. You should really add some guest posting sites as these sites give a real boost to traffic and links to your site and attract readers.

  96. Some interesting points on backlinks i will try to use.

    Currently i mainly use forum posts and article distribution which does give me some improvement.

    I guess the key to building links is diversity. No magic ink that can get you to number 1

  97. Monique

    Thank you for this information. I personally have heard of guest blogging, but up until now I really didn’t fully understand what it was. Thanks for clearing it up. I might have to give it a go.

  98. I have recently done a complete review of 50 of my competitor’s backlinks practices including a couple of competitors who have been penalized heavily since recent updates. You can see everyone is struggling to find useful, quality backlinks. Blogs and Forums are definitely the easiest way to get quality links. Seems like a lot of people continue to use paid links and don’t appear to be heavily penalized – even when the links don’t relate to their industry. Also, exchange linking is still common. Moderation seems to be the rule.

  99. Hey Joseph,
    The third option you have above is against Googles terms of service and is considered spam now.

    Forum signature links, while they were fine a few years ago they are one of the targets of penguin and panda in there update. Search on Google and forum signatures and you will see it is in there spam links section now. Basically put they will either not count these links or or penalize your site until they are removed.. So not safe that one..

    On the other hand linking in forums to related posts on a topic is completely cool if the forum is fine with that.. A lot are and they also add more value than a signature link as well..

    Timon Weller

    • Totally agree with you, forum signature is considered as the spammy thing and even if you put signature there are many forums which are likely to remove your post and may take you as spammer.

  100. What I don’t understand is why guest blogging is now apparently better than article marketing. How does google know the difference? If you post a unique quality article with two backlinks or if you post a unique blog post with two backlinks isn’t it just the same thing providing you post quality unique content?

  101. In fact yes these are the safe backlink building tactics but it wouldn’t be as malfunction otherwise you will be considered spammy and Google will demote for this for sure.

  102. Forrest Graves

    Keeping up with the ever changing face of the internet, social media skills and search engine rankings is a full time job in and of itself. This is a great article to help others stay on top of the game without being penalized by google. Great feedback within all the comments as well.

  103. Now i see a good post really. Now i dont have to pay for links that doesn’t really work.

    now my question is, i have a lot of comments with dofollow links on it. will that help my site to rank high? cos if not i should delete them


  104. I never valued how much forum posting and blog commenting on relevant topics could yield such good results, I have mainly concentrated on writing good organic blog posts for my site and for google to index and rank them. I hadn’t realised that linking to my articles from a similar related article or blog could be so beneficial.
    My next step with my blog posts would be to try and get some my articles re-posted in other blogs does anyone know a good way to do this or is this guest posting?


  105. Thanks for the good advice. Building natural backlinks is always going to be work but worth it in the long run. Although I have done some blog commenting I never really considered it in my backlinking plan but will look more into niche markets that can be helpful.

  106. With blog commenting takes time as the spiders or bots do not always seem to make it back that same article again for a while. So besides the fact you have to spend time reading it and commenting you must also wait for the bot to make it back. Great Article thanks for sharing.

  107. I think links from forums are the best actually. The problem is that they get indexed really slow, but then again, you can build a massive amount of good quality backlinks. I’ve seen some forums where people have literally thousands ofcomments with backlinks. And exactly that work ethic gets you on top of the big G;

  108. SEO is so simple isn’t it? The problem I have with my clients is that they want everything yesterday and just want backlinks (because they think that’s all thats important!) – never mind the quality.
    I really liked your point about gaining knowledge when visiting blogs – killing two birds with one stone there. I know when I started to comment on blogs my first goal was to get the backlink, but now I find that concentrating on engaging on a smaller number of blogs and forums is much more valuable to all concerned.

  109. I love simple to apply, white hat techniques and here you succinctly detail what I value as the top 3 best practises to adopt. Sadly due to blackhat techniques being adopted by sharky types some companies just want instant gratification. Me personally and professionally, it is all about quality, thanks for a positive read.

  110. Hi Joseph
    I’m using two of the backlinking methods you listed a lot. I comment on blogs a lot and I’m doing some forum posting. What about using .edu links? Are they still advisable?


  111. Totally appreciate the article. My website is currently on Google 6th page for my target search term. I’m not very computer savvy but with information like yours out there, I think I can do this. Thanks

  112. I didn’t think this page would take me almost two hours to read it all.. I like the idea of the link bating and blog posting.. I think the online marketing now has got so much harder nowadays. I’ve also looked into wiki links and don’t feel I can take the risk.. Looking for the safest way and I think I’m going have it do blog posting.. Regards james

  113. It took me time to understand what backlinks are. My blog is one month one week old and so far I am starting to understand what the word PATIENCE means. Thanks for the information on backlinks.

  114. Directory submission, article marketing, forum marketing, blog comments and guest posting are all factors to consider when ranking very well for google. If you are ranking for google places it is another story, you should add citation sites where people can submit business details. Its a great bonus to most business people seeking real results and have no value how to.

    thanks for the tips

  115. one question i have for you…as i started commenting on comluv and i got 54 comments approved but those links are still not shown by google webmaster tools when i search “sites linking to your site” are the comments on comluv are dofollow?

  116. The only problem I am seeing with leaving comments is that you have to use Disquiss, or something to that effect. I have been using my google plus profile, I wonder if that tracks as a backlink??

  117. Jesse

    I am new to working online. You really show the importance of “quality backlinks” . I thought the goal was quantity. I have a lot to learn about this. However, i appreciate your post. Thanks

  118. I was glad to read out these cool tips about building safe backlinks. I am a blogger but not experienced much about SEO techinques likes backlinks etc. I was thinking to buy some backlinks when I found a link to your website. Please reply me back whether buying backlinks is safe or not?

  119. So I’m confused, what was your consensus on social links? Are they good or bad?

    Example should I focus more on social links rather than blog links?

    Sorry I’m new to this.

  120. I was learnt from other SEO experts that buying backlinks would eventually be penalized by Google. But then I know a lot of people do it and it has been helping them with their ranking. I personally would not buy any backlinks.

  121. Hey thanks for the article!
    I’m just getting started with blogging and found it quite helpful. So far
    I’ve done quite a bit of forum posting.
    Guest blogging is something I haven’t done yet but definitely want to try.
    Thanks again!

  122. I have been searching all over the internet to build backlinks. Making quality content isnt a problem for me. Im good at writing in my niche. I always knew there were safe methods and Im going to give your methods a try.

    Thanks a bunch!

  123. Hey Joseph, I think there is one more way to build backlinks. Footer links. People say it is a crap but i really give juice to PR and ultimately ranking.
    One more is links from social networking sites. One trick is if you want do-follow link from facebook, put your URL on your wall, that link is a dfollow link.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing bro, this blog is really good for those who are newbies on seo.

  124. Dear Blogger i appreciate your views about backlinks and i am starting making backlinks from your blog and i hope i will succeed.
    Really thanks for your valued information for SEO

  125. I would not go for guest posting unless you are a good writer, instead of guest posting i will use press release and content sharing.. it is easier and faster ..

  126. Solutions in the article are simple and right on the mark. I believe many were led astray by article directories. There may not have been ill intent, but the outcome was the same.

  127. sunaina sangeet

    As i am a fresh blogger, the tips that you shared through this post is very much informative and useful for me. I too agree that giving back link to the sites are very important according to new Google search algorithm. I am looking forward for more post like this from you.Thank You…..

  128. Some great tips there. It’s great to see that SEO is going green so to speak, even if the Panda updates are forcing the “black hatters” in the right direction.

    Of course you’ll need to track those backlinks and nothing can help you get ahead of the game more so that a trusty Excel Spreadsheet.

    There are some pretty useful tips over at Microsoft Training dot net citing how to best calculate your backlinking strategies:

  129. Alan Seidel

    When I started to blog..I had no idea so much went into it. Pings, back links..not only back links..but quality back links. I heard .edu back links are good and pull some weight. I need to keep researching and learning. Great post by the way.

  130. Good explanation.
    When i was visited some blogs for commenting for creating backlinks there i saw many comments contains a links started with …….. recently posted.. And a link is present there.
    Are you understood what i am try to know?
    But when i try this method. no one approves my comment. Why?

    • Chetan, are you referring to CommentLuv? I use CommentLuv Premium on this blog. But you comments will get deleted if you don’t add value or if you put links inside the comment.

      Hope that helps!

  131. I followed your advice and did my first guest posting on shoutmeloud blog. I got good amount of traffic but don’t know how much my ranking improved after it.

  132. Hey Guys,
    I’m new to blogging and SEO so I’ve read many articles what to do and what not to do. I understand the content is the king and guest blogging is the best and safest way of building back links but how do I find good blogs to ask for guest posts. I’m happy to work on articles for guest blogging but don’t know where to find such blogs. Not many blogs for my niche. Can I just suggest posts to any highPR blogs?
    I’ve used a lot of social bookmarking and posts mainly for my own blog. It took awhile for Google to index my website but shortly it did it gone to PR 3. I haven’t done many blog or forum comments and still don’t have any guest post so I’m confused how should I proceed.
    Good article and comments …thank you all

  133. since i m new to blogosphere..i dont know much about link building. But i really love to comment on post which i find helpful especialy the blog with commentluv enabled. Coz it allow us to leave the link to our latest post with comment. 😀

  134. Hi,
    Are you sure this method works? If I use comment to other blog, where I can give my website link in the comment form? and how to make a great comment for SEO. I hope you can solve this issue.
    Thank you!

  135. HI,
    Thanks for sharing such a great info. Anyway i still think forum signatures can hurt the website rankings. The thing is that if you are an active forum member you will leave daily messages and this way you will get lots of links from the same resource, which is bad.

    I think the best way to build quality back-links is guest posting on authority blogs.

  136. Sunny

    Hi Joseph, thanks for sharing the good info. I have one question through. What if i want back links for a particular page on a website ? Say i have only one product listed on a website and i want to promote that. So should i create guest postings and link to that page ? Do you think it works ?

  137. Well, I always tried to focus on quality content at my blog, but hardly had any success. Seems like I need to start building some links now :)

  138. Thanks Joseph. I recently tried “BackLink Beast” and was sceptical of using such a tool, plus it’s a little complex for a beginner. I think your 3 steps make much more sense.

  139. The main thing to understand (according to what I have gathered – I’m no expert), is that the penguin update has one main aim – reducing spam. As long as guest posts and blog comments are meaningful and add to the value of a post, then google will of course accept any link as credible. If, however a blog has mostly spam links leading to it, then it will lead to a lower Page Rank. I am however extremely happy that blog commenting is still a viable technique of link building as it encourages quality commenting while also adding to the knowledge of the user.

  140. Just got an email out of the blue from an seo expert saying that I don’t have enough back links. Had no idea what that was and found your site while I was looking for the answer. Realize my web developer had me create a strategy for commenting and guest blogging which I have not consistently executed. Now I feel totally ashamed that I kind of blew that off. Will get back on track ASAP. Thanks!

  141. hi joseph nice one from now a days guest blogging has emerged a new way to create backlinks along with instagrams and infographics.even neil patel of quicksprout mentiones about this infographs.your tips are too good and will help to create backlinks.thanks for sharing

  142. I never stop learning. Thank you for this very enlightening post. Now I’m just wondering if there is a valid way to keep track of successful backlinks. Is Alexa one of them?

  143. I think you discuss some important points in building back link for the site. i am totally impress the way you think that how to promote a blog.Thanks for sharing this article.

  144. i have been trying to build link now. but i never have idea to register on forum and making posting there to get backlink. thanks for this article, i will now try using forum boards

  145. Google always upgrade from there terms, i remember when it’s set stolen content in first of there result and now Google ignore it. Any way Google big company and WE should deal with new terms .

    Thanks for very useful article.

  146. Creating natural back-links is a strategy that can get you a good ranking on google but when not done right it can get you out also, so you have to create it in a more natural way.

  147. Hi Joesph!!
    I just read your post on ur blog where u mentioned the importance of building up backlinks on .edu, .org and .gov blogs
    As I set forth on my quest to discover How to build backlinks on these sites, I find myself on another of your posts!!! 😛
    Can u write a detailed tutorial on that soon?

  148. Nice post. Do you use any sort of automated program for blogging links or are you strictly doing this manually? I’ve been looking a some auto blogging software but am a bit leery that google may be on to this. Thoughts?

  149. Thanks so much for posting these tips. I’m really new to all of this and I recently hired a company to help us with our SEO and I didn’t feel comfortable with the results. It’s nice to know that there are “white hat” techniques we can employ and share in this community!

  150. I’m still struggling to get my head around backlinking – certainly the guest blogging side of things. Given the time and effort it takes to write a high quality post – it’s kinda hard for me to then post it off to another blog instead of using it on my own site and improving my own blog with it!!

    Is it just me be funny or do I have a point with this? Other than that, a good post and interesting to read the bits and pieces from others comments!

  151. Some really excellent advice here. We’re trying to build up links naturally but finding it difficult as our industry is quite niche (private jet charter). However the forum idea in particular is useful. Thanks again.

  152. Next Penguin is coming. I hope your tips will help.
    I wonder if google is going to penalize blog commenting in the future… or giving it less value… I have been doing it for quite some time with success, but I have become quite carefull now and I notice it’s quite hard to rank with other kinds of links now…

  153. I really enjoyed your article. As someone who is brand new to “backlinking” and organic traffic, I learned a lot from the information you provided. I just installed Google Analytics. Now, I am checking my data and watching my numbers. It’s to bad there isn’t a magic button to bring in traffic. I realize it takes patience and hard work. That makes it easy enough for me. Thanks again!

  154. Thank you for this – it’s full of great advice.

    The hilarious thing about the post is that everyone who reads it is going to think ‘ooh, i’d better comment and get a free back link!’ I bet this article keeps getting comments for ever!

  155. I don’t think there is really safe backlinking strategy. But I always bear in mind to be consistent, honest, and updated as much as possible.

  156. Yes, I was one of many who had almost all their niche sites crushed with several of the latest updates. Thankfully, some of my higher traffic blogs got a big boost because I did nothing black/gray hat with those to get backlinks besides write tons and tons of high quality content that others spread for me. Another tip – running a blog contest with real prizes once you have a following of other bloggers and providing instructions on how to enter the contest (mentioning site in a blog post choosing one of the 10-20 words to link back to the blog) worked wonders) 😉

  157. I have started a new blog. Have been writing comments on blogs to get backlinks. I have one doubt. Are the backlinks generated through blog commenting equal in worth to backlinks generated through guest blogging?

    If they are treated equal by search engines now, will any future update from Google diminish the value of backlinks generated through blog commenting?

    Please advice.

  158. It looks like these three are the safest way to get quality backlinks. You know you can always have links through article and web directories, or bookmarking sites and the like, but most bloggers promote these three at the top of their lists. You are right though, there’s no easy way in putting up backlinks especially after the recent panda update. It requires both patience and hard work. Quality sites are the ones to target than the cheap auto approved sites.