8 Social Media Dashboards Compared!

8 Social Media Dashboards Compared

Are you making the most out of your social media strategy? It goes beyond just having the latest and greatest tips at your disposal, or even posting every single day. Sure, both can help you, but you have to be able to measure your results to adjust your tactics and grow. You also need a way to post efficiently and quickly, or you will end up spending hours on your social marketing. Social dashboards are no longer a nifty luxury, but an absolutely essential tool. Even small blogs or websites should have some kind of dashboard to optimize their social postings, and scale their efforts based on the valuable metrics they provide. Knowing the popularity of these tools, they have been sprouting out of the ground like weeds. How do they measure up? Which one will be best for you? Here are eight of the biggest names compared.

25 Experts Share How to Get More Traction from Triberr [Infographic]

25 Experts of Triberr

Day by after, Triberr is turning out to be a must-use content curation tool for bloggers and small business marketers. Well, I tried several times but I just couldn’t resist from using this platform because it’s such a great source of traffic. Triberr can multiply your content reach and potentially help you get dozens of influential shares, especially on Twitter. So what is in it for you? You can learn, engage, share contents of other bloggers and build a strong bond of relationship that turns into their assistance to promote your own contents.

Whats All the Buzz About Buzzsumo?

What's All the Buzz About Buzzsumo

Bloggers and content marketers are starting to pay a lot of attention to a fabulous content development tool called Buzzsumo. And with good reason! Buzzsumo is a content development and research tool that is worthy of praise. I fell in love with the tool while it was still in beta back in 2014 and apparently I’m not alone because it’s been featured everywhere from Ian Cleary’s Razor Social to Mike Stelzner’s Social Media Examiner and this incredible tool even shows up as the subject of a Marketing Course on Lynda.com. At this point, you’re probably wondering, what’s all the buzz about Buzzsumo. There’s so many ways you can benefit from having this tool in your arsenal, so without further ado, here’s 10 Ways to Generate Viral Content Using Buzzumo!

3 Tools to Help Your Visual Media Go Viral

Viral Visual Media with IMcreatorcom

We all love tools, right? Anything that can help us to be able to get more done, in less time, and still retain quality. Many of us have used tools like Hootsuite and Bufferapp to help us get the job done in social media. Sometimes, however, we need something just a little more concentrated and directed at the needs of specific social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. In this article, I’ll introduce three cool tools about visual media and three cool tools that will help you get those images and media to go viral!

The Ultimate Guide To Using Triberr For Traffic

Ultimate Guide to Using Triberr for Traffic

Last year I created a Triberr account for the first time. Now I have a reach of over 29 million, one of the largest in the entire network. The beautiful thing is I have done it with minimal effort and a tiny Twitter following. On Triberr, my posts appear in the feed of 500+ bloggers, across 38 tribes, which collectively have a Twitter reach of 29 million followers. In this post I will show you how anyone (yes anyone) can create a large Triberr following with the right strategy.

7 Twitter Tips to Win More Followers and Influence in 2015

7 Twitter Tips to Win More Followers and Influence

At a time when Facebook is no longer cool (hey, Mark Zuckerberg has even admitted it!), now couldn’t be better to hone your skills as a master Tweeter. The micro-blogging social site is now where more teens and young people are flocking (with 26% ranking Twitter as the “most important” social network according to a Taking Stock with Teens study). These social butterflies and mobile moguls are the ones most likely to spread the word about your brand. Knowing they’re there and engaging them are two different things though.

Rignite: A Social Media Management Tool [Review]

The Rignite Social Media Calendar

It’s always interesting to try new social media management tools, so I was thrilled to get the chance to test Rignite. While the tool is aimed predominantly at enterprises, bloggers can try it for free (I’ll tell you how later in the review). If your blog is your business, there’s a lot to like about Rignite. If you’re managing social media for others, the ability to separate your own profiles from clients’ profiles or to decide which LinkedIn groups you want to post to is also handy.