Guest Blogging: 10 Benefits of Accepting Guest Posts on Your Blog

Guest blogging is beneficial for the guest bloggers and the blog owners where guest posts are actually published. Being a guest blogger, you will get the benefits like backlinks, traffic, branding, high authority etc for your blog and yourself. Have you even imagined the kind of benefit blog owners get who accepts guest posts on their blogs? If you looking for answer with similar kind of questions, I’m going to help you with it as I’m going to share 10 killer benefits you will enjoy by allowing other blog and website owners the facility to write guest posts on your blog.

1. Keep Your Blog Active

You will be able to keep your blog active by allowing guest blogging opportunities on your blog. Guest bloggers will send high quality and targeted posts for your blog. And thus will help you keep your blog alive with fresh and targeted content. It will keep your existing readers happy and will also help you add more genuine readers to your blog.

2. Constant Flow of Content

Get more traffic with guest postsWith new guest post coming, your blog will never get sort of content and your blog will have some content coming in the form of guest posts. You can expect lots of guest post requests if you have a blog with some authority, page rank, Alexa ranking and search engine traffic. If you happen to publish lots of content on your blog whether they are coming in the form of guest posts or you are writing yourself, will help you increase lots of traffic on your blog.

3. High Quality Content for Your Blog

Guest bloggers always try to give their best work in the form of guest posts. So you can expect high quality content in the form of guest posts on your blog. And in case you feel, some bloggers content quality is not acceptable to you, you can simply refuse them or ask them to improve their guest posts to a level where you can approve and publish them on your blog.

4. More Traffic and Popularity for Your Blog

As started above, you will be able to publish good amount of posts on your blog in the form of guest post on regular basis. This will help more pages from your blog being indexed in search engines. More pages indexed in search engines, means more traffic and popularity for your blog. There will be more people who will be able to know about your blog when they find your blog in search engine results for their searched terms.

5. You Can Relax

With blogs, we are supposed to publish new contents on daily basis. With guest bloggers in, you are able to publish some targeted posts on your blog. So you can relax a bit, as you will not need to write new posts quite often for your blog. So you can free your mind from the stress situation where you need to write one posts per day type to keep your blog going in the right direction. If you’re using the Blog Engage RSS service you don’t even need to submit your posts to the site manually for promotion.

6. More Money for You As Revenue

As a result of more content coming on your blog, your blog will have more traffic and thus more money to be made for you from your blog. Suppose you were earlier getting 10k page views per month on your blog and were able to make $500 from your blog. Suppose monthly page views for your blog increased by 25%, revenue from your website should also increase in the same proportion. So you can expect more money from your blog with increase in traffic.

7. Can Focus on Other Things

With guest blogging solving some of your content problems, you can focus on other things like doing some seo activities for your blog, creating strong presence for your blog on social networks or look for additional ways to monetize your blog. So you can do lots of other productive works in the spare time to help you take your blog to next level.

8. Can Use for Your Future Guest Posts

When you accept guest post on your blog, you can also show your interest of doing guest post on blog owner’s blog who approach you for you guest blogging. So you will be able to create a list of blogs where you can publish your guest posts while accepting guest posts on your blog.

9. Variety of Contents for Your Blog

With guest bloggers, your blog will have different style of content coming as every blogger has its own style of writing. So your blog readers will enjoy high quality contents from variety of bloggers. There may be some blog readers who are not really happy with your writing style, but with lots of guest posts coming on your blog, they remain satisfied with your overall blog content and stick with your blog in the longer version.

10. Motivates Other Bloggers to Guest Post

When other bloggers or website owners in your niche notice that you are accepting high amount of guest post on your blog. It will motivate them to submit their guest posts for your approval. So current guest posts on your blog will motive lots of other bloggers to contribute their guest posts on your blog. Apart from this, when I see a blog where lots of guest posts are publishing, I feel it’s a very popular blog. So presence of lots of guest posts makes your blog more popular among your blog readers and other bloggers in your niche.

I think there will be many more benefits we enjoy while accepting guest posts on our blog. Do you have a point to add to this list of benefits you enjoy by allowing guest posts on your blog, please share in the comments section below?


Anil Agarwal use to write unbiased reviews around different blogging products like SEMrush, Elegant Themes, Bluehost, Long Tail Pro etc on his blog.


  1. Accepting guest posts is up to the owner of the blog. If he/she accepts the post then he accepts it. The owner is the one who will decide if he wants to accept these guest posts.

    • Danny

      Did you read the post?
      It is written for blog owners.
      Anil is explaining why it is a good thing to accept guest posts.

  2. For one of my blogs, I accept guest posts only if the person has something truly original to say – basically, to bring in fabulous new ideas. It’s all about the content.

    On my other blog – I admit it – it is laziness. Let someone else do the work…and with any luck, expose the blog to new audiences as they promote the post to their Twitter and Facebook fan base.

  3. Well I totally agree on the points that we really need active blog to get / attract guest authors …

    also the benefits are right too, like you don’t need to write and you can spend your time else where or on other tasks or take rest :)


  4. Hi Anil. You pretty much summed up the benefits of accepting guest post on our blogs and I have nothing to add but perhaps making a clear guideline for potential guest bloggers, so that they know exactly what is needed to submit a post. Good one!

  5. TrafficColeman

    Its a great thing to do if you need to grow your site to the massive. More people on your blog producing content is always a good thing.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  6. The best advantage for blog owner is free quality content. The guest bloggers typically take a lot of time and effort to craft useful posts. These are of much higher quality than the articles that are submitted for article marketing.

    Once a site has enough authority, it can simply open its doors to guest blogging and keep the content flowing (eg. ).

  7. Hi Anil,

    The benefits you name do provide value to both blogger and blog owner. I’ve had the pleasure of writing a few guest posts and was happy with the results.

    I have not yet opened my blog to guest posts. I know it would benefit from fresh content as there are so many wonderful writers out there. I’m considering it but much of the guest posting I’ve witnessed is more about blogging and not so much about business processes, best practices, and other related topics. I think when I find authors who write more in this vein (and are interested in guest posting), I will be ready to receive guest authors.

    Actually, I did have one author approach me about guest posting recently. He writes superb content so perhaps I will contact him about penning something along the lines of small business activities.

    Thanks for sharing these 10 tips. (And thanks, Ileane, for the link. :) )

  8. These all benefits are very authentic and claimable if a guest blogger and website owner can,t get. guest blogging is the best strategy to get more traffic to your web. nice post. keep up the right and nice work.

  9. Hello, Anil,
    I think owners of the blog will always accept guest posts that are creative and with content that is relevant and connected to their niche. I agree, as you said for yourself, that bloggers can focus on other things when having guest posts, and yet they still continue generating traffic.
    My vote sure goes for guest posting…

  10. For new bloggers, accepting guest posts can do more harm than good. This is because they are yet to establish their voice in the blogosphere and by accepting guest posts they are essentially letting others overcome their own voice. What they should be doing is focus more on content writing and submitting guest posts rather than accepting. I’m just shining a light to the dimmed spot for newbies.

    These advantages pretty much rounds the benefits for budding and seasoned bloggers.

  11. to get more traffic meas we should maintain our guest post daily and It was Very refreshing post with attractive ideas. I am looking forward to read your next great article.keep continue your post .thanks

  12. Jessica Baron

    Guest Post is one way to get new content for your site. Sometime blog owners run out of something to write and this is the time where guest poster really am appreciated. Its a win win situation for both parties.

  13. This only works if you already own a great blog, with high traffic and a large number of readers and fans, like yours :)
    Nobody will bother with a newbie or some blogger that haves like 10 visits per day.

    • This is also true. But you can ask around, a friend maybe? :) However, just like what I have said, it is better to let your own voice be known first rather than accepting guest posts. Giving instead of receiving guest posts to improve your blog’s popularity. And when the time comes that you are able to accept guest posts, you will then be able to reap the benefits that have been highlighted in this article.

  14. Guest posting offers great benefits as you pointed out, Anil.

    A note of caution though. I have seen many blogs that accept guest posts and have fallen into the trap of continuously widening there categories away from their niches.

    This can turn a WordPress site into an increasingly generalized article directory that is then susceptible to Panda.


    • Very satisfied with your thoughts Mark. As a blog owner, You have to make sure, you are accepting high quality content only. After panda update, Google has lowered search engine rankings for lots of article directories.

  15. Trecia

    One thing I noticed about this plugin and other guest post plugins is that you’re going to be the author of the guest post. You can easily solve this problem by adding a user to your blog. All you need is to add the name of the guest author and write anything else in the other fields.

  16. These point are applicable but it varies person to person.The first one is to convince the blog own by skill and knowledge.

  17. When there’s more people that guest post in your blog, you’ll have more content and from there you will know which blogger has the potential to be big in the near future plus you can filter out the good contents and post it in your blog. It promotes your blog at the same time the potential blogger who guest post in your blog.

  18. Clark Minn

    I agree that guest blogging is beneficial because of some reasons…I also agree for the benefits posted here…

  19. Actually, I believe that there is a lot more advantage from accepting a guest blog from a blogger than there is from a webmaster. This is because, generally speaking, bloggers who guest post will write a post on their blog linking to the guest post which will result in a lot more traffic.

  20. Great share Anil … Totally agree with the points especially the #5 one IMO 😀

    Anyways thanks for the wonderful post ….

  21. I think all your points are valid. It’s also worth highlighting one or two of the negative points – in particular the relevance of the guest posts. As long as the blog owner is good at making sure the post content is closely related to the theme of the blog then it is a win-win situation. If the blog is not related then I don’t think the owner or the writer see much benefit.

  22. It’s not easy to find guest bloggers who will write relevant and high quality content when you have a niche website tough. I’d definitely accept guest bloggers on my blog if the quality is there!

    Have a good day,

  23. Guest posting is by far the best way to get backlinks, traffic and authority as a blogger but the difficult part is to get your articles accepted by bloggers especially the big ones. Your post can really help you to make it easier for you and make your articles accepted by bloggers, thanks for sharing!

  24. Guest posting works out in a way that the two of you benefit from the guest post you have submitted. Since it has been known that a guest post could drive massive traffic to your site, build better branding, and a solid 1 way backlink, it would only be a wise decision to start making yourself some guest posts and submitting it to well-established blogs – the sooner, the better.

  25. Eva

    Having a loyal, steady following on your blog, in addition to as much traffic as possible, is probably your ultimate goal as a blogger.The best ways to keep your blog interesting and build partnerships with other bloggers, driving traffic in the process, is to accept guest contributions. A guest post is a blog article written by another blogger who is somehow knowledgeable about your niche or your blog’s main focus. The guest poster will write the article with your audience in mind, and in return for free content, you give the writer a by-line with one or more links to their own blogs. If you aren’t quite sold on the idea of guest posting, here are some reasons for accepting contributions from other bloggers:

  26. Guest posts are really good if done with good healthy reviews. As guest bloggers come with an intend to get some backlinks / earn money, you cannot always ensure the content is qualified. Content might look good, but chances that they are duplicate. Always inspect well before accepting a guest post.

  27. #3 is something which is not correct..You have to be careful for the quality otherwise ou blog will be nothing more than a scrap because of guest blogging

    • We need to very selective when selecting which guest post to publish on our blog. If we accept high quality guest posts on our blog, will give us lots of benefit as blog owner.

  28. I am not sure about guest posting as my blogs are my babies and it is a problem when someone gives me a guest post with totally different ideas. Some people are into black hat and I am not so that is a problem.

    I have also had a problem finding unique content in guest posts as to tell the truth, most of it is regurgitated.

    I love guest posting on other blogs though…But I am very guarded about my own.

    I think if you make a blog with you as the only writer then you need to stick to that…If you make a multi author blog then this is fine because that is what people expect!

    Its like what Suresh Khanal said

    “I went to him and knocked the door. The door is opened and a new face appears to welcome me! I ask him if Harsh is in? He is hardly 20% in his blog these days. The guest is ruling his home?” –

    I love the way he said this! :)

  29. I had read about posts which showed how guest blogging in other’s blog was good, but it was really nice to see this post which told about letting others guest blog in your blog. All the points are really good. Thanks for sharing such a great post!

  30. So Ok Here i will write for 2 things. 1st guest blogging is great way and Im using it for long time. I will add one more benefit of guest post? For this post will take care 2 people You and author of the post (article) both will share it and both will care about post SEO.
    If someone wants to guest post on my blog is welcome (healthy lifestlyle, social … etc).
    Second is that your doughtier has great blog with great look, only idk if this theme she uses is premium or free?
    And 3th thing I will write on where you was commenting about pictures for video before 7 months.

  31. Another benefit that I have found is that you will build up a loyal network of writers. Most of them have their own successful blogs they will let of you guestblog on.

    One question, what is your suggestions about letting guestbloggers have direct access to post on your website?

  32. First yes you will build up some network of writers but not all will let you write for them. In last time is getting popular guest blogging so if you write quality content you will find good quality blogs (PR5-6 good traffic). i would recommend also My Guest Blog.
    I don’t know how do you mean direct access to post, but I will try to say my view and experience. First guest post can be written in html and sent by mail so guest blogger don’t have access, if you mean about link provided in the article by guest blogger (every guest blogger will put a link on the body or bio of the article) so you have to accept that many visitors will go also to this guest blogger links instead of fuhrer searching your blog. If you think about registration as an author and contributor than I will tell you that you should be good protected. In my example I accept people to register as authors, see example here ( ) but Im restricting them of accessing anything else. They are aloud to write a post, provided is SEO Tool, thy can upload picture and that’s all. After submitting the post thy lose any contact with this post, future editing can be don’t only by YOU.
    Ok i think i answered on your question if not write me precise.

  33. Yes I also agree that guest post is good for every internet users & blog author.Through guest post we will get backlinks,traffic & popularity for me & my blog site

  34. Getting content for your blog for free is the biggest advantage itself, so your blog get collective effort by all writer for its development and value. I liked the idea very much.

  35. I have been dying to be a guest blogger but then I am not yet ready for this. I hope I get a good topic to post as a guest blogger. I agree that it is one way to be known online. And make so many friends here.

  36. You can really have so many benefits accepting guest posts in your blogs. Through guest post, we can get backlinks and volume of traffic to other sites and your blog will become known to others. Welcoming visitors is really good attitude and you can benefit with it.

  37. A great post about the benefits of allowing guest blogging. Last one month I have been doing some guest blogging and allowing guest blogging in my health blog.
    Thanks for helpful post, which has motivated me.

  38. I just accepted a guest blogger but am thinking of how to implement it. One way could be to create a guest account which I post the guest posts from, another just using my own. What do you think? What are best practices for hosting a guest blog?

    • You should allow guest bloggers to post their guest post my themselves and should help them if they are not much familiar with WordPress. I used to invite guest bloggers to create a contributor account on my blog before submitting their guest posts on my blog.

  39. We can really have so many benefits in accepting guest posts in our blogs. Through guest post, we can get backlinks and volume of traffic to other sites and our blog will become known to others.

  40. John

    Yes, allowing guest blogging on your blog is great. Both the blog owner and the guest blogger benefit from this. Blog owner receives more traffic to his site (if choosen the write keywords) and guest bloggers receive backlink back to their site for more exposure.
    I have found a great WP plugin that allows you as a blog owner to find guest bloggers.If you configure it right it will do this automatically for you.enjoy!

  41. actually its a win-win situation for the guest blogger and blog owner as long as the blogs submitted is really a unique, good and very helpful.

  42. Hi Anil, I agree with you, but I think the attraction for guest bloggers is guesting on quality blogs. I’d love to think I could attract some guest bloggers on mine but I’m not going to kis myself that people would want to – it’s a personal blog with no defined niche for example. But someone offered me to guest on their blog the other day and I readily accepted – it’s a great way of sharing.

  43. I am totally agree with this blog post. Yes, allowing guest blogging on your blog is great. Both the blog owner and the guest blogger benefit from this. Blog owner receives more traffic to his site (if choosen the write keywords) and guest bloggers receive backlink back to their site for more exposure.
    I have found a great WP plugin that allows you as a blog owner to find guest bloggers.If you configure it right it will do this automatically for you.enjoy!

  44. I am now considering accepting guest posts and bloggers on my blog. The ten benefits you’ve listed here are true. We just need to implement a quality control to assure that the contents we are publishing from other sources will add value to our blog.

  45. thank you very much for this helpful post of yours.

    i’m actually wondering what can i get from letting other site owner to post something in my blog. i receive an email from someone who is proposing to do guest blogging in my site and i really don’t know what to do.

    by the way, i have another problem-what are the things i consider before accepting guest blogger/ guest post? should i check his alexa or google page rank?

  46. Hey thanks for showing insights into guest posts benefit!
    I agree that guest posts increases your overall ranking as well as long as the content written is original and making some sense and related to your topic!

  47. Guest posting on blogs can make your blog active and timely updated. Blogger can get more traffic by posting their guest posts on good blogs. Everybody likes to read good post and submit their comments on it.

  48. yes, guest posting is good but many people are manipulating it and submit low quality articles. I think guest posts should be accepted on all blogs but we should moderate them as well, or they could be harmful for owners of websites.

  49. If your Blog is not established, then i guess accepting all kinds of guest post i.e. which matches your niche won’t be a bad idea until you manage to increase the blog ranking.

  50. Hi Anil. I am now considering accepting guest blogs just in order to increase traffic. I was always worried about spams being on my list, which is why I ignored very many guest blogs. But thanks to you for increasing my confidence level.

  51. I’ve just had a request from a person to guest blog, and this article was helpful – with all the comments as well. A good reminder if the article is good, the comments may in fact just develop the streams of thoughts and make the original post even more beneficial.

    Thanks Ramcel for your comments – I agree and at this stage, will decline any requests until I’ve developed my own voice. Cheers!

  52. Nice article! I’ve read many advantages to accepting guest posts, but I particularly like how you included the part about motivating others. That is such a great give-give and “feel good” advantage. Thanks for pointing it out.


  1. Guest Blogging: 10 Benefits of Accepting Guest Posts on Your Blog…

    Guest blogging is beneficial for the guest bloggers and the blog owners where guest posts are actually published. Being a guest blogger, you will get the benefits like backlinks, traffic, branding, high authority etc for your blog and yourself. Have…