Which Matters More For Your Blog – Domain Authority or Page Rank?

Domain Authority or Page Rank?

Does your head spin when a Google Page Rank update comes out? Many of us thought Google was going to do away with it since it had not updated it in almost a year. Do you wonder how your blog or website has scored? We all do. But things are changing so fast, how valid are they and really what do they mean for your BLOG today?

page rank making you crazy

Google Page Rank

All the talk the past few days has been on the updated Google Page Rank score. It’s a score from 1 to 10 that Google assigned a website. Google grades the website mostly for the amount of no follow and do follow backlinks. That is the only metric that Google tells us about in determining their page rank score. The rest is a secret Google sauce. Google tends to downplay PageRank as it is only one of their 200 factors in PageRank in the serps.

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Keep in mind too that Google rates itself around 9 so most websites are from 0-8. PageRank is still an important score for websites today as it comes from Google.  (Note: Twitter ranks a 10. Facebook is a 9.)  See what Matt Cutts has to say about it here:

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is scored from 1-100. It is based on the performance of a website in the search results. It measures the overall quality of a website. Domain Authority changes more frequently than PageRank so it may be a better way to check out the performance of a website. There are over 100 more factors in determining your Domain Authority.

Here are a few main factors for Domain Authority:

  • The age of a website. The older the better. Growing old on the web gives you authority.
  • How long the name is registered for which would indicate trust.
  • The number of inbound links for quality websites / blogs. The more the better.
  • More indexed pages help a domain gain more authority. Note: Pages must be indexed! 
  • Comparison of outbound to inbound links. More inbound vs. outbound means authority.
  • Deep linking within your site. Don’t just link from your homepage!
  • Content frequency. If a website or blog is left the same for years that would not help its authority. Updated quality content counts.
  • Bounce Rate – The amount of time a visits stay on a web page. The higher the rate the less authority a site gets but the more visitors stay on a site the better the authority rank is.
  • Mix up your content, use images, infographs and videos. Diversifying these will improve the strength of your content and your overall Domain Authority.
  • Keeping to a niche – The tigher your niche the better for ranking factors. If you try to write about anything and everything it may not help your rank.

You can see the stats for Domain Authority via MozTrust and MozRank. (Note: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google rank 100, Bing at 99, CopyBlogger 89).

climbing up page rank

Both PageRank and Domain Authority get harder to climb up as your number gets larger. With PageRank it’s easy to get to 1 or 2 but to climb upwards is much harder. The same applies for domain authority. The smaller numbers are easy to climb up to but once you reach around 40 you may plateau unless you are doing things very well to continue to climb up the rank.

You can find domain authority metrics are incorporated into many SEO and online marketing platforms on the web. You can find them in toolbars and extensions for Chrome or Firefox.

Here is another place to check your rank quickly: http://www.tophostingnet.com/domain-authority-checker.html

What Does This Mean For Your Blog?

Advertising – Most blogs charge by this formula: You can charge X dollars per month, per ad, with X being equal to your daily visitors count divided by ten. Many advertisers will look at your PageRank, Domain Authority, Alexa Ranking and possible Klout Score  prior to accepting your blog. They may take these metrics into consideration before spending money on your blog to promote their products or services.

Guest Posting – Many bloggers may check our your PageRank, Domain Authority or Alexa Ranking before accepting your guest posts. They want to be sure they are of a higher quality.

Work it! – Follow some of the above tips to get your blog ready for the next updates as we never know when they will come about.

Which measure do you use the most PageRank,  Domain Authority or Alexa Ranking? 

Were you surprised by Google’s latest PageRank update?

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Good to see you at Ilean’e blog, and this surely is a wonderful change of the theme as well Ileane – nice surprise for all of us :)

    Well, it’s surely is a tough question about the ranks and authority, and I wish we didn’t have to bother so much about such things, instead, just concentrate of writing good content and trying our best to help our readers through our work. But all of this still does matter to a certain extent to many, and I think it’s the Moz rank and a little combination of both, the domain authority and page rank that’s considered perhaps.

    Yes, we can never say what Google comes up with next – just keep your fingers crossed and move along :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  2. Thank you Harleena, it was kind of funny when I first started to write about this post page rank had not been updated and then it got updated in the middle of my writing this post. We thought it was going to be dead. It’s back and running! So I wanted to show how domain authority also has SEO factors and more for blogs and websites. Did you get to check out your domain authority? I was pleasant surprised by mine. I hope you find good info on yours and have yourself a great upcoming weekend.

  3. Great post Lisa.

    I actually hate both metrics – both are flawed.

    Page Rank is just a small factor in Google’s overall algorithm and isn’t updated enough to be worth worrying about and Domain Authority is easily over inflated by low quality metrics.

    But the fact remains that there isn’t really anything that’s much better yet. There are things like citation flow and trust flow by Majestic and a bunch of other metrics but I don’t think anything really has the edge yet.

    So right now, I think above all else, they should be used together but for those thinking about purchasing domains/websites or buying ads there are much better quality signals to look for like engagement, social shares, subscribers, traffic. Maybe MozTrust too.

    • Thank you Adam. Oh yes, neither is perfect, that is for sure. I think they are important if you want advertisers on your blog or sometimes to get yourself in front of bigger blogs, etc. I like the Moz Trust too. That is very good as well. Even traffic I find different stats via Google & Bing Webmaster tools, WordPress and hosting companies. I wish it were a more exact science Adam. Thanks for coming by and sharing your input on this one!

  4. I personally feel that domain authority is more important, as MOZ always and regularly updates it and as for the page rank, it is directly connected to good authority- means if you already have good authority and rank then definitely you will have a great Page Rank..

    • Hi Raghav, I would agree though Google has more authority. It’s a tough one to choose from. They are probably pretty well connected. Though I did some with a higher DA than PR. Thanks for coming by and for your input too.

  5. Hello Lisa,

    It’s really good to see you here at this blog! I think PageRank and DA matters alot for getting good advertisements or attract advertisers. However i agree with Harleena sigh’s comment that we should not focus on these factor rather work on our blog.


    • Hi Samir, thank you. Oh yes, Harleena does make a great point if we focus on our content the rest will fall into place. Those rankings do help bloggers get advertisers on their sites where they can make some money.

  6. “Were you surprised by Google’s latest PageRank update?”

    Actually, I was surprised. It had been so long since Google last updated page rank (about 10 months), I just figured that they were going to wait a year and do it in February 2014. I believe Matt Cutts even said that there wasn’t going to be any updates in page rank until after the first of the year.

    So, yes, I was surprised. I figured I’d have to wait a few more months to see a page rank update.

    Good article.

    ps–write more about Authority! Thanks!

    • Thanks Mondo, I was surprised too. I was in the midst of writing on this when it happened! I was going to write mostly on the authority and then it happened. I will try to do that – thanks for coming by and have a great weekend ahead.

      • Thank you.

        Here’s how surprised I was. I didn’t even notice it until a week ago. I guess they updated it a few days before that, but I didn’t notice it until a few days after it happened.

        Be looking for your authority article.

  7. Hello Lisa
    Thanks for Clearify the Full meaning and Use of these two main Factor for Blog. i think DA updated every month but PR takes time and need also Some Do follow & PR links.. you Shared a Full Detailed Article here.. Thanks For the Updates…

    • You are welcome Sahil. Oh yes, the links really do help too along the way. It does take time, there is no magic potion to achieve them. DA doesn’t always happen each month now but more frequently than the PR. Thanks for taking time to comment here today.

  8. Hello Lisa,
    Thank you for sharing this informative article, However I knew this before but you wrote it so nicely. I couldn’t stop myself reading it. Google gives you PR while ICNN gives you Domain Authority. I think both are directly proportional to each other. They both matters a lot.

    • Hi Pia, yes, you are correct and they do effect each other. It just gives us a different way to grade ourselves and for advertiers to check on our blogs before considering paying us for their ads. Thanks for the comment and have yourself a great rest of the week.

  9. Hey Lisa,

    Nice to see you here! For me, I take both with a pinch of salt. As much as I respect both (and looks highly on them), Google algo is too much of a game. If I got to choose, I would go for DA or PA due to safe playing. However, I got a feeling that PR is going to stay for long since DA and PA would mean Moz would be in some control.

    Of course, I don’t think that is what Google wants. Bad for business :)

    • Thank you Reginald, nice to be here! I know, isn’t Google gaming it more and more of late? It’s all about the money right? Great point about Google not leeting Moz have control, another way of looking at it Reginald. Thanks for your input and have a great weekend ahead.

  10. This is an awesome article I must say and all your points are valid.

    I am not really concerned about the updates that Google is making because I think they are unfair at times. But I understand that they want to keep their search engines clean and make the better sites show up in search engine results more.

    I guess inter linking and guest post along with blog commenting will do great.

    • Thanks Kharim. Oh yes, they certainly don’t see fair the past few years at all. I think it’s more about them making money than making the search engines clear :) Inter linking is key as well as getting backlinks. Of course quality content rules too! Thanks for coming by and commenting today Kharim, have a great weekend ahead.

    • Justin, it’s a hard one to choose between the two but DA does take more things into consideration than the Page Rank. Thakns for coming by! Have a great day ahead.

  11. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the post. I have a blog which I have established about 7-8 months back. I am posting articles regularly to my blog. Still I don’t have any Google page rank. I have read that backlinks are necessary to get Google page rank. But I am little bit confused what are the ways to get the backlinks.
    Could you please help me.

    • Hi Kundan, you can obtain backlinks by posting content that others will link to, write guest posts and using social media bookmarking. It does take time. Don’t freit and there are NO shortcuts. Good luck! Some niches do take longer than others.

  12. I agree with author metrics still matter for advertisers page rank, domain authority, Alexa and klout score all balanced combination makes a super blog.

    My blog still below average in DA just 32, As you said min 40 is considerable. Alexa rank that really matter to find an advertiser for your blog.

    Authors who offer guest post they think PR and Alexa first.

    This is very informative post that define PR and DA.

    I was happy after getting PR4, but increasing DA is my first priority now.

    Thanks Lisa, :) you really increase my curiosity more about these metrics.

    • Hi Mukesh, congrats on getting to PR4, it is harder to gain as you go up that ladder and rarely does anyone rank a PR10 so it’s 4-9 that is harder to climb. Interesting that your DA is not higher. Maybe in the next update? Thanks for coming by and sharing with us on this one Mukesh. Have a great day ahead.

  13. Hy Lisa,
    Moments ago I read one another post discussing about the Page Rank updates. Well ofcourse the search criterias have changed but that’s not the case here. As you have mentioned about alexa and PRs, hese days aelxa has lost its importance.

    • Hi Charmie, yes Alexa ranking has lost some of its importance but marketers still look at it when determining whether to advertise on a blog or in some cases other bloggers when accepting a guest post or not. There are so many factors now to consider when “grading” a website. Thanks for coming by and have a nice weekend!

  14. Hey Lisa, one thing i want to ask is as i know Domain Authority helps website rank better, but Page authority is not responsible for website to rank high in search results, is that so? am i right?

    One more thing, does alexa rank also affects domain authority of a website?

    • Great questions BhavukK, PageRank is one of the many 200 factors that determine rank in search results. It used to count more but with all the algorithm changes it is just one of the 200 or so factors. So the answer is YES but not as much as it once did. The 2nd part of your question from my understand is it does not directly affect it. It’s (Alexa) is used as more of a guide. Thanks for asking such great questions here. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Jeevan Jacob John

    Hey Lisa,

    For me, Domain authority is the most important among the three (and I believe it should be the same for others).

    The main advantage of focusing on Domain authority is it is more clear – we know what exactly we need to do to improve our DA (DA could also encourage us to do more things within our blog, like commenting for back links or diversifying the types of posts we write).

    Hopefully, advertisers are also realizing the importance of DA over others, such as Alexa rank.

    Thank you for sharing the interesting post, Lisa :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi Jeevan, Yes I think so too. It is clearer and takes more into consideration of a website overall. I think Page Rank still is important as it is a grade from Google whereas Domain Authority is from Moz. It may reach a point where it does overtake that Page Rank in time. Thanks for coming by here and I hope you have a wonderful weekend Jeevan. Mine is just beginning here.

  16. hi lisa,
    Great post indeed,Both page rank and domain authority are most important to any kind of website.But Domain authority is little most important regarding search engine.,and its very tough to achieve good domain authority. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Sameer, yes I believe Domain Authority is more directly related to ranking in the serps – they are sort of dependent on one another as part of the 200 ranking factors. Thanks for for your comment and have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Great stuff Lisa. Personally I don’t care at all about Page Rank. I couldn’t get that Domain Authority thing to work for me but I always look at Alexa because it may not be perfect but it gives you an easy way of at least knowing how you compare to others.

    • Thanks Mitch, nice to see you – how have you been? Check your DA out here http://moonsy.com/domain_authority/, the number is good for “I’m Just Sharing”…Same as mine :) Of course Ms. Ileane’s is a little higher than ours.
      I still glance at Alexa and sometimes dig into the stats realizing they are sometimes a month or more behind. I hope you have a nice weekend – looks like you may get snowed in as well there.

      • That one worked, as I wanted to compare the blog to my business page, which I’ve had 11 years. It’s one point higher; now that’s interesting. When this consulting assignment is done I really need to do more work on my sites across the board.

  18. Hi,
    thank’s for another good post. Especiallyfor listing Domain Authority criteria. I had no idea that bounce rate may influence this indicator, but, of course, it sounds reasonable.
    As for alexa rank, I think it may be useful only to ompare sites with the same topic – otherwise it can’t be used to compare them, whereas DA still can be used.
    Regards :)

    • Hi Darkam , thank you for the compliment here. Oh yes, bounce rate is one of those factors that can affect a lot of thinks in ranking and SERPS. I’m not so sure on that though it would help – like comparing apples to apples, right? Have a wonderful day and new week ahead Darkan.

  19. Hello Madam Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing with us that thin line between Pagerank and Domain Authority.

    I for instance don’t believe in Pagerank.

    • Hi Emmanuel, I can understand your point as it was not updated for so long. It is not as important as it once was but since it is graded by Google it still does matter somewhat. There are so many things that now can affect our pagerank, SERPS and DA. It surely is not like it used to be.

    • Saiful, you are welcome. I would say DA is slightly ahead of PR at this point too Saiful. It does take time and more than one day for sure. Thanks for coming by and have a great day ahead.

  20. Hi Lisa a very tricky topic,especially when Google PR has just refreshed many blogs
    when talking about page authority and Google PR then when my vote is for domain authority because it depends on many factors including backlinks while PR is only the meausre of quality do follow backlinks.

    • Hi Rafaqat, It sure is especially since PageRank was just updated as I was writing on this very topic! I would agree DA has more value because of the many factors that determine it vs PR – but PR is from Google and the PERCEPTION of it may be higher among many people. And more folks are more familiar with PR over DA. Thanks for your input and have a wonderful day Rafaqat.

  21. Great Post Lisa,

    I think domain Authority is most important than pagerank and all your info is great. Google is not update pagerank any more and domain authority have more weight than pagerank.

    • Nikkhil, Google just updated their PageRank as I was writing this article and I changed it before published because of that update. According to Matt Cutts of Google they will continue to update it – just not as frequently. So it’s NOT dead just yet. Domain Authority is gaining in popularlity and as a measurement tool for more bloggers and advertisers alike. Thanks for your comment and have a great new week.

  22. Great article Lisa. There are some high PR websites not getting enough traffic. Domain authority simply shows well your website’s performance is in search results. So Domain authority matters more than Page Rank for sure.

    • Thank you Chuck. I would agree that DA has an edge over the PR and interesting about the traffic too. My highest traffic site has a 3 vs a lower traffic site of 4. So your theory holds true for me.

  23. Hi Lisa,

    Now with this article. I got a complete idea on the domain authority page rank.

    It is really important to follow the tips you have mentioned in the post. I will be using these tips on my blog and try to improve my ranks.

    Now i dont care about the PageRank but i only care about the Page authority and domain authority.

    It is a good feeling reading your article Lisa buben.



    • Thank you Sampath – glad you have a good feeling after reading this – it’s not all about Page Rank only anymore for sure! Thanks for coming by and commenting too. Have a great day.

  24. Refathrafi

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing it.Well, it’s surely is a tough question about the ranks and authority, and I wish we didn’t have to bother so much about such things, instead, just concentrate of writing good content and trying our best to help our readers through our work. But all of this still does matter to a certain extent to many, and I think it’s the Moz rank and a little combination of both, the domain authority and page rank that’s considered perhaps.

    Yes, we can never say what Google comes up with next – just keep your fingers crossed and move along. thanks a lot.

    • Thanks Refathrafi, I would agree with that statement. And writing good content is becoming the most important thing after all too. Yep, we all wonder what Google will do next and how it will affect us. Hopefully the coming changes won’t be as dramatic as they were in 2013. Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

  25. At this point of time, Domain Authority is a more important metric to see the popularity of a blog. PageRank has lost its touch and is now used only by advertisers mainly. PR is used just for advertising and sponsored posts, while DA is considered more important as it tells you about the authority of the domain in a particular niche. Also as it is closely related to Page Authority which plays an important role in search engine rankings, I would say we should give DA more importance that PR!

    • Arbaz, yes, I would sure agree. Yes advertisers and other bloggers and website webmasters when deciding where to link to. So it can affect your backlinks along the way. Thanks for your input and have yourself a great day.

  26. Akash Agarwal

    I think page rank matters for a blog rather than domain authority. It’s a nice topic. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

  27. Hi,
    Thanks for the amazing write-up. I think both page rank and domain authority are very important but our #1 priority should be bringing traffic to our website. The improvements in DA and PR will follow.

    • You are welcome Mayank, oh yes and that traffic can come with the higher DA as well. Page rank is more of a show and for advertisers and other webmasters when considering linking to your site. They are all interconnected in a way. Appreciate your input and for coming by today.

  28. Aqiyl Aniys

    I say it all depends on which side of the page rank you are on as to whether you should pay attention to it are not. If your site increased in page rank from the last update then you will pay attention to it, and if your page rank decreased you will not want to pay attention to it and pay more attention to other things like domain authority. Page rank is still powerful because of its psychological impact. It is by Google the king. It is a rank by Google so it has impact. The reality is that we need to use all the different measurements to gauge our sites performance. But in the meantime my site increased from the latest update so I am happy.

    • Hi Aqiyl, that’s an interesting point too :) I agree it’s more of a pscyhological impact with Google giving it the grade. I’m happy too but we never know what the next one will do to our websites or blogs Aqiyl. Domain Authority is important as it ranks more factors overall. Thanks for your input and have a great day ahead.

  29. DA and PR are very important to attract advertisers. As these are one among those things which tells about blog performance.
    Though these two metrics are not 100% accurate we can’t ignore them as many advertisers consider this.

    Thanks for the writeup!

    • Thanks Khaja, yes, for advertisers I would certainly agree. And that they are not 100% is true too. I like using several methods for that reason alone. Thanks for your input and have a great rest of your week Khaja. You are welcome too.

      • Yogita Aggarwal

        Hi Lisa, I am started by Dream Techie Blogging journey from April 2013. Right now DA is 27 but last month it was 28.

        Thanks a lot Lisa to find me among all commenters and helping me.

  30. Hello Lisa
    I got a increment in PR latest update. That update took almost one year for update. I think this should be more frequent. Dofollow links ..I think that matters a lot in Pr Update. Thanks for posting nice and nice discussion above.

    • Hi Mahendra, Me too, I know, way too long for sure! That’s why so many thought the Google PageRank would go away. Yes, links seem to count a lot there. You are welcome. Any guesses for the next update?

  31. Lisa very interesting. I have not really looked at these measurement tools but I knew they existed. What is your thoughts about Alexa? I know many people think it is a crude measurement tool, but I have tracked my website and blog using this tool and they continue to improve. However, now I am at the 250,000 to 300,000 range and it is harder to mover up. Any thoughts or strategies as to how to move up?

    • Hi Steven, Alexa is interesting, I believe it shows the past 3 months of data so it may not reflect TODAY but it’s a good indicator for sure. It is harder to move up. I’ve been hoovering around 35,000 on my own blog and recently went to 36,000 (wrong direction) but it does waiver like that (I’ve seen it for months doing that up and down movement in the 30’s) I believe it’s really the incoming links, traffic and toolbar in your browser. Are you using it? http://www.alexa.com/toolbar?browser=chrome

      • Steven J Fromm

        Yes, I have toolbar on my Mozilla and am using it. It is hard to see what helps in improving rank. Sometimes after a blog post, nothing really happens. Anything that you have done that helped you move up or where you saw a significant change?

        • Hi Steven, I would say 2 things, time and more traffic have helped. The more you move up – the harder it becomes to move up again :)

  32. Hello Lisa,

    Well explained article here about PR and DA. I would like to know which one do you prefer? In my opinion, DA is better than PR as PR takes too much time to update and a website may change a lot in that time and I guess DA does not take so much time to change. Instead when it is known that what are the factors, which are affecting DA; it is more preferred as PR has no fixed formula known to us. We can guess, get too many back links but can not guarantee a better page rank.

    In this PR update I saw many blogs losing their older PR and degrading to a lower PR or even 0 also. So, is it so that no. of dofollow and nofollow back links are dropped too much? Should we care about PR so much, or getting good traffic is more valuable. In my opinion PR is just a number, which is updated by Google as it is their one of the identities to rank a website.

    Thank you for wonderful article. Have a nice day :-)

    • Ganesh, I think you have it down pretty well actually. Getting good targeted traffic should be #1 as well as conversions if you are selling something or trying to collect email addresses. Then the bounce rate would be important – it would show if people coming are staying or quickly leaving. PR is based mostly on links and is a perception to other bloggers and advertisers for your site. IE – They may purchase ads if your PR is high – DA is an overall and I think better indicator of a site’s overall SEO and rankings in serps. Does that help?

  33. Nice post. I think PageRank and DA matters a lot for having good advertising or attract advertisers. However i agree with Harleena sigh’s opinion that we should not target on these factor instead work on our site.

    • Hi Kashif, yes, if you do the rest will take care of itself (mostly – especially since the latest updates) Content and relationships are playing a bigger SEO role these days.

  34. Hi Lisa,
    I’m kind of like Harleena. If we focus on putting out great content, then, everything should fall into place.

    I hate having to worry about PR even though I know it’s important.

    Thanks for defining Authority and PR. You did a great job and it’s a lot clearer now because I have always wondered which one is more important.
    Great post and thank you.


    • Hi Geri, yes, that can sure help too since the latest updates with Google and SEO overall this past year. You still need those backlinks and great content can help generate them. You are welcome and thanks for coming by and for your input on this one!

  35. Realistically everything matters. Metrics are always tight up with each other. It’s like in physics you can say what one value means, until you connect it with 2 other values.

    • Hi Carl, yes, those 200+ factors that Google uses to rank websites do matter. One things does affect the other is so true with this and in many areas of our lives. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend Carl.

  36. Nice Article..Good Page Rank & Domain Authority make a blog Perfect..So we should concentrate to our content…Thankx! for sharing a good information with us..

    • You are welcome Salim. Content is king and without it the rest won’t follow. You can links and great SEO but without great content folks will leave the site in a hurry and make your bounce rate sky rocket! Thanks for coming by!

  37. Best part of the article:
    “Guest Posting – Many bloggers may check our your PageRank, Domain Authority or Alexa Ranking before accepting your guest posts. They want to be sure they are of a higher quality.”
    Very true, Toolbar PR and Alexa are indicators of quality…

    • Yes they sure may Chris as well as advertisers if you are looking to make money on your blog via them. Sometimes it is more about the perception vs the reality with these numbers too. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend!

  38. Dang Lisa. I thought I read this post already and left a comment but I don’t see my comment here on my tablet. My comment must have got in the SPAM folder or it just VANISH for some strange reason.

    Anyway, I remember going in that MozTrust or MozRank and tried what it says on my Domain Authority rank. Oh well. I guess I have to make another comment and see if this one appears. This time I’m going to write it on my yellow pad just to make sure I really left a comment. Will have a record on my pad. I hate it when my comment disappears.

    Nowadays, I don’t really concentrate on my page ranking although after the Hummingbird algorithm my page boosted up to PR1 which really surprised me. I am more concern on my Alexa ranking which is doing pretty good so far and it keeps going down, so it means I must be doing something right. Right?

    Anyway, this is an excellent post. I’m always learning something new from you. I bookmarked MozRank and MozTrust…another technical stuff that I hate to learn but MUST learn because I’m part of the internet. This is necessity. Anyhoo, have a nice weekend girl. Until later…


    • Hi Angela, I’ve had that happen before, sometimes like on this blog, comments must be approved. So if it took some time you may not have noticed it. Or you could have forgotten like me too in the past. We reach so much online today! Hummingbird was very kind to me too. Don’t worry if your Alexa starts to go up – I see mine go up and down especially as it is the 30s now. It gets harder as your number drops down too. I’ve got to start keeping track of my DA as I checked it once or twice and wasn’t sure which direction it was going in. I sure will be paying more attention to that one.
      Thanks for coming by Angela and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  39. I truly wish that Page Rank would finally just die already. It has caused such a misconception about what makes a site a “quality” site. If you don’t have PR3 or better, your site sucks, period. It is such a disservice to bloggers who work so hard, especially on new sites.

    Forget all of it and consider the *content* on the site. Does it provide value and interest to you and other readers? Would you come back? Would you follow the blogger/site on social media? Is the content sociable and worth sharing on your own social media network?

    Stop writing for SEO and start writing for site viewers.

    To me, these are the things that make a site “quality”. Not the other crap. That only tends to make those less savvy in SEO *more* judgemental than they should be.

    • I hear you Shannon – and I believe the domain authority is a better indicator for that reason. Google is favoring sites now that focus on quality writing and social shares. I think the tides are turning Shannon with each update like that. SEO has changed so much the past few years (many SEO companies have even gone out of business that could not adapt). It changes so often now – so if there is something you don’t like, don’t panic it will change again. I’ve been through several of those in 4 short years. Thanks for your input on this topic Shannon.

  40. Sharon Beltway

    Google is slowly become a true monopoly in every sense of the word. The metrics for ranking are constantly been muddled based on how much and how well positioned the sites are. Take for instance curation sites, they grab a snippet of my newly created content and they rank higher than my site in the search engine. What do you call that?

    As far as pagerank or domain authority, I would clearly settle for higher pagerank as most people do not bother check the others. While Google constantly states that pagerank has nothing to do with ranking, the serp results I see proves otherwise.

    • Sharon, it sure seems it, doesn’t it with Google? Bing is a great alternative and you can get rewards too by using them when you sign in.
      I hear you about what others check, but many experts are aware of the domain authority now and maybe more so in the near future. Let’s hope so right? Thanks for coming by and for your input too on this one Sharon. Have a great weekend ahead.

  41. I think both factors are important and you need a combination of both for your blog to be a success. Thanks for the information you have shared. Great read.

    • Hi Lynn, both are important and it’s hard to choose, but I would give Domain Authority a slight edge since it counts more things. But Google is so well known it’s a very close choice. Thank you for coming by and have a great weekend ahead.

  42. As someone who makes a huge chunk of income from sponsored posts I have to care more about PR than anything else, sponsored post advertisers only seem to care about how high your PR is.

    • Hi Dean, and understandably so. I’d love to know more how you do that – I’ve had some success with it and love the program, do you have a post about it? Thanks for coming by and for your input on this one. I hope you have a great 2104.

  43. Hamza

    i think domain authority is more important because it increases trust rate and i think mainly it depends on domain age,links both inbound and interlinks and regular posting quality posts.
    On the other hand pagerank is loosing its importance but still it is considered when advertisers are advertising on any blog.It is also considered when selling links although link selling leads to penalizing and can lose pagerank but still it is considered.

    • Hi Hamza, Yes, I believe you got it right – DA is becoming more important as more factors come into play with it. But many still think PR is important due to advertisers and old SEO junkies. It’s more about image with PR. Thanks for coming by and for your input, have a wonderful new year Hamza!

    • I hear you Jason :) The good thing is that it is more about content and writing for readers and not all SEO. It’s a little easier now I believe for more people vs . the old SEO techniques. Thanks for coming by and have a great New Year!

  44. Hello Lisa,

    It’s really great to see you here! I think I would prefer Pagerank as it has still consideration and advertisers are still checking PR while making an deal with the bloggers. Although DA also has same importance,

    Thanks for great comparison.

    • Thank you Anil. I would agree that it’s more the perception of PR for deal making as Google has some big Klout but DA uses more factors and could be more accurate. Thank you for coming by and have a Happy New Year!

    • Hi Biswajit, oh yes the unique content surely rules more today than ever before and should help both their factors rise to the top. Thanks for your input and have yourself a Happy New Year!

  45. PR is just good for advertiser and link sellers, instead of banning Guest blogging why not remove PR from toolbar permanently… Google ask us to nofollow all paid links..why in the first place they created PR..
    They should have used this metrics internal for ranking purposes…

    Recently due to one sting operation done by search engine leaks many blogger received manual spam… And lost their PR……

    It really effects small blog owner……page rank is a major player in terms of advertising… If Big G don’t want blog owner to sell links or accept guest post then they need to discontinue Future PR update and declare it dead…

    • Hi Vishal, I don’t think they will declare it dead about their last update, I think guest post are still okay if they are relevant, no spammy and by a decent blogger. Too many took advantage with many spammy links included. Thanks for coming by and for your input on this topic :)

    • Well, that’s just sad and unfair now isn’t it Muhammad? I know many of the sites that get punished don’t always deserve it…Luckily it can change with a little time. I felt bad when many small businesses that depended on online income lost all of their income by these changes.