Take These Important Steps to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking – Why is it Important?

Alexa rates how well our blogs or websites are performing and monitors visitor traffic. Its ranking is important mainly because advertisers review its stats when considering which sites to promote their products and services.

Alexa Rankings Explained

Alexa counts backlinks from websites that are significant in your industry so it’s advantageous to have a strategy when selecting blogs to follow and leave comments on. There are several steps you can use to lower – or improve – your Alexa ranking. This post will review some of the steps to leverage your website’s position in Alexa.

improve alexa rankingClaiming your site is one of the first steps to start strengthening its position. For WordPress sites, you can download the Alexa Claim and Certify plugin.

Once activated click on the plugin’s settings then click ‘Claim Your Site’.

The link will take you to the Alexa ranking website where you can follow the steps and receive a verification ID that you will insert in the text field provided on the plugin’s settings page.

Once you update the page options, click the “verify my ID” button to complete the process. For static sites, you will paste the verification ID in the HTML head section of your home page and you can check Alexa rankings .

Once you claim your site the next recommended step is to download an Alexa ranking tool like the Alexa toolbar extension for chrome.

Some steps to increase your Alexa ranking are considered subjective, but they are effective. Some of the Alexa ranking traffic information comes from the users of its toolbar. It tracks the websites its users’ visits as well as other statistical data to rate the traffic websites receive. Another best practice method that is considered influenced is receiving reviews. Website owners can receive reviews which will boost their website’s value.

Advertisers Review Your Alexa Ranking

Advertisers value website that have a lower Alexa Ranking. After completing the initial steps listed above the next step is to monitor your website’s search engine optimization. SEO proficiency is a requirement for professional bloggers so select tools that can help you write optimized content and use commercial value keywords in your tags. Market Samurai and SeoPressor have excellent reputations to help with SEO. A website is considered a worldwide top site when its Alexa rank reaches 100,000 or lower. Remember the lower the rank the more advertisers are willing to pay.

Specific Criteria for Backlinks on Your Alexa Ranking

Search engines and your Alexa ranking evaluate backlinks firmly. If a search engine determines that your backlinks are mostly paid or of poor quality, those links can diminish the value of your site. For healthy link building create a strategy. One highly recommended link building approach is to comment on blogs in your industry or related to your industry. The purpose of blog commenting is to build a relationship with the blog owner and receive a backlink from their website. Receiving a backlink from a site that has a strong position in your industry is a noteworthy acknowledgement the Alexa ranking and the search engines accredits.

Content always plays a main part in your website’s performance and in your Alexa ranking. Once your keywords attract visitors to your website, it’s your content’s responsibility to convert visitors into subscribers. Be clear and concise in your writing about your products and services. Direct your readers to a call to action, and invite them to stay in touch on the social networks or your email list. Your Alexa ranking will improve as visitors remain on your website reading various pages.

Knowing how the Alexa ranking affects your website’s status can help you build a stronger presence. Following these steps will improve traffic to your website and its overall performance. Building your content, backlinks and relationship with colleagues this way, will help you develop a successful online business. If you want to make money online, improving your Alexa ranking is a positive start to attracting advertisers’ attention.


Electra Ford is a social media marketing virtual assistant that implements online marketing strategies to help business increase their online visibility, brand awareness and profits.


  1. ya Electra Ford, you are right alexa status is status symbol for advertisers they mainly choose alexa ranking for advertising mainly on buyandsell.com they give much important on alexa. anyway nice tips thanks for this.

    • Electra Ford @ Alexa has no value if your site isn’t getting unique visitors. As per my own experience says that a large number of websites and blogs those have more 500+K Alexa but they are fully successful websites and blogs. Alexa counts only those visits which are installed their toolbar but a lots people they don’t use alexa tool bar and other hand cheating option is also available there to get high rank .

  2. Vivek

    Peoples are usually putting lots of effort for increasing their alexa ranking. But alexa is just not so worthy. Ranking calculations are made by considering the visitors approaching to your site from the browsers in which the alexa toolbar is installed. So almost 50+ percent of the visitors must not be counted ( I think personally ). So personally no need to focus on alexa. But then you have provided great tips.

    • Hi Vivek,

      Yes, I understand Alexa’s subjectivity because it gathers some of its traffic information from users of its toolbar. However, Alexa does state on their website that they also receive statistical data from other traffic sources. Thanks for reading and commenting Vivek.

      • You are right Electra, i don’t use alexa toolbar, but still my alexa rank keeps increasing. In a time span of just 3 months it dropped from 15, 000, 000 to 8, 00, 000. Alexa only keeps track of relevant backlinks. It does not list all sites which is pointing to the blog.

        • Vivek

          I am not using Alexa toolbar, neither have Alexa widget on my blog. But still i have my Alexa rank below 61,000 worldwide.

          • So true vivek, even i never used any alexa toolbar or widget.You dont believe,3 months ago my alexa rank was
            7500000 and today it is 600000 :)
            All you need is Quality Traffic to your blog.

          • @Vivek, Alexa ranking and rating are only useful if you are selling your website but like “Ipsita” said, it is very useful as it shows backlinks and statistics of your website. I have been checking my alexa on and off, some time it drops under 40,000 or over million. I am not sure why is it doing that but alexa actually makes me active mentally. I also use Google pagerank, if anybody doesn’t know about. Google it! Thanks for detailed article.

  3. Electra,

    It’s hard to put any real weight on Alexa when it only counts visitors that have the toolbar installed which is such a small number and mostly just Internet Marketers that know what it’s all about.

    The average person or the average small business owner (the visitor I’m looking for) has no idea what Alexa and thus does not have it installed, thus their traffic to my website does help my Alexa ranking…

    So I tend to disregard Alexa.

    Ryan H.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I understand and agree that many people don’t know about the Alexa toolbar but I did read that it’s not the only source of Alexa’s ranking. Thanks for reading & commenting Ryan.

    • Hi Ryan,

      You’re right. It’s tough when Alexa only ranks based on those who have the toolbar. However, it’s still important to note that advertisers still pay more for lower Alexa rankings. So with that said, we need to play the game.

      However, Alexa understands the concerns and is trying to make improvements to overcome this known problem.

  4. Your Alexa rating is still relevant to you because it appears to be a factor in your page rank at Google. Generally, anything that is important to Google is important to me, because I wanted to learn how to make the site an excellent source of traffic for me. And it worked

    • Hi Hira,

      Yes, I agree with your point in that I want to learn whatever I need to help my website work for me connecting me to my ideal clients. With that said, learning to use Alexa ranking information is helpful for my work so I embrace it for that reason. Thanks Hira

  5. Good advice to get links on good websites and not on poor quality websites. The recent updates have diminished the advantage to mass link building that had become popular last year.

  6. Electra, thanks for a good read.

    I still find it shocking that so much faith is placed in this as a metric.

    It’s such a hyped metric.

    It relies on people using the alexa toolbar, and it generally seems that people that operate within technically savvy or web orientated niches are more likely to use the toolbar.

    You mentioned that advertisers are more willing to pay more when the site is below 100,000. I can see how that would work but it’s such a hap-hazard metric.

    Some technically savvy people are now experts in manipulating this metric, so it’s usefulness is pretty much out the window on a personal level.

    • Hi Adam,

      I also found it enlightening to know that advertisers use this data as one of their sources but Alexa does mention that it uses more than its toolbar for statistical data.

      Also, the sites rated 100,000 or less or reviewed under more restrictions than sites with higher rankings.

      Although receiving reviews and claiming your site are measures within your control, there are other factors that are not like the way Alexa counts links to your site. The sites that link back to your website must meet a criteria to be counted as a valid link. Thanks Adam.

  7. I appreciate your recommendation of the Alexa Claim and Certify plugin. I just installed it on one of my blogs and plan to do so on the other one. I already had an Alexa account, so the plugin was extremely easy to use. Hopefully, the ranking will begin to show soon. Thanks!

  8. That was brief. Undoubtedly every advertiser looks at our Alexa rank and estimates the traffic easily. Having a lower alexa rank will definitely help us.

    • Yes, but the thing that many people overlook about Alexa is the importance of a good ranking to get guest posts and reciprocal back links. Many website and blog owners check your Alexa stats to see how you rank before deciding on linking with you or using your post.

  9. Only novice and newbie online Advertisers rely on Alexa Rank. Reputed and established company never looks for your Alexa Rank.

    That’s the only reason BuySellAds.com removed the Alexa statistics from their dashboard to help advertisers make unbiased decisions. There are plenty of blogs and websites with Alexa Rank of 20,000 and less, struggling to earn few $s /month by selling Ad space.

    Don’t rely on the misleading Alexa Rank, if you want long-term success.

    • Hi Nandita,

      That is good to know. I think it’s good that you stated that newbies use this information. As your website accomplishes your projected goals, you can continue doing what works for your online business. However, using your Alexa ranking as one source in the beginning can be helpful. Thank Nandita.

  10. I take part in sponsored posts and PR and Alexa ranking are the two biggest thigns for an advertiser, they don’t care about your traffic if your PR and Alexa rank is high. :)

  11. Another notable step is to install the Alexa Rank widget on your blog. It’s a simple, embeddable HTML snippet that I keep at the bottom of my blog. Every time someone visits, Alexa is notified. My rank has gone from 250,000 to 197,000 in just a couple of weeks after installing.

  12. Alexa rank has nothing to do with Google rank. If you have a good Alexa Rank you will not grow up your serp. Alexa rank can be faked very easily with a few simple techniques. For this reason it will never be considered an important factor for your SEO or SERP facts.
    Good reading thanks

  13. Alexa rank is an important parameter for a blogger as the advertising and other related strategies are firmly looking on the Alexa and Google page ranks. Basically Alexa ranking method depends upon traffic I think. We should blog and need to promote the contents. Rest of ranking will come on time. Never need to bother of that.

    • Hi Deljo,

      Yes, I agree that prioritizing your content is the right first step. There are programs to help you optimize your content to move up in the search engines like SEOPressor.

  14. Now I see one good post which tells about Alexa.
    yes Alexa ranking is very important, unfortunately many bloggers don`t take it nor write about it.


  15. Thanks for the great read! Personally, like others, I don’t put all that much emphasis on Alexa ranking because of the fact that the stats are primarily made up of people using the Alexa toolbar, so it doesn’t really give a good picture about a site’s traffic.

    • Hi Rich,

      I understand but I do want to mention that Alexa does state they compile traffic data from additional sources to determine site traffic and performance. Thanks Rich for reading and commenting.

  16. Hi Electra!
    i am agree with you that alexa rates how well our blog and website performing.i will use the site alexaclaim which you have define to increase your alexa rank and see the result.i like your tips.thanks for the suggestion and and advice.

  17. Yes for increasing alexa ranking of any blog, the first step is to claim that particular site in alexa and there are lots of plugins available for word-press sites. And we can do it manually without any help of plugins. And backlinks are also very important for getting good ranking in alexa.

  18. Hey Electra!
    I was just looking for his post, because when i started my blog before few months my Alexa ranking kept improving day by day when i shared my content and posted on regular basis and i commented on few blogs to for the quality back links and then my university exams began and i was quite lots in it and then when i was done with the exams after 2 months and what i see is that my site rank was crossed the figures that i could never imagine of. But your tips here will surely help me to achieve the rank what i desire and i will install that Alexa toolbar extension for chrome too as stated by you for daily monitoring.

  19. Hello Electra!

    Very interesting topic for me as I never heard about alexa Ranking before but after reading the post I am really amazed and now thinking to work on that as you directed in the post.

    Thanks for sharing worthy information :-)

    • Hi Ayaz,

      I learned about Alexa in my Internet marketing and research course a few years ago. However, I started paying attention to my ranking mainly for the link building. Once I learned that Alexa’s ranking influences advertisers decisions my interest grew.

  20. many people say that alexa s not so important but according to me it is also necessary to have a good alexa rank.!!! and i am sure that these tips will help me to make my alexa more better.

  21. Hi…Electra,
    Nice summary about Alexa Ranking. I understand the value of Alexa Ranking but this Alexa Ranking discussion shows more value of Alexa Ranking. Thanks for this great work to aware about Alexa Ranking.

  22. I’m not sure Alexa is the only thing advertisers would look at – they may consider Google Pagerank and how many comments a blog has and the quality of the content. It cannot hurt to work on our Alexa ranking though. It may be a bigger factor for some of them.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, I agree. Alexa ranking is one of the sources but not the only source advertisers use when choosing a website for promotion. SERPs, SEO and always content are important factors.

  23. Alexa Rank is also an important fact for all bloggers to bring our blog in top of the table.Most of the people always prepare to participate on top alexa ranking blog as you have given some valuable points for us to reduce our alexa

  24. These are some wonderful tips to improve Alexa ranking Electra and by following these methods will surely improve a blog’s Alexa rank. Here I want to mention that being active commentator on other blogs is good to build relationship and backlinks, but always linking back to your homepage will affect SEO rankings. It is good to link to the inner page when you’re leaving a comment or blog.

    The name you’re using to comment on other blogs will perform as anchor text, so do not use the same name to comment on other blogs always or link to inner pages too.

    I’m sure there are lots of newbies wants to know how to improve Alexa rank and I’ve been asked this question many times, So thank for writing on this.

    • Hi Ehsan,

      I agree that building professional relationships through blog commenting and backlinks are equally important when strengthening your website’s position.

      I’m glad the post is useful to you.

  25. Hi Electra,

    Could understand the significance of Alexa ranking through this post. A one step to know the status of your site. Thanks a lot for writing this post.


  26. Hi Electra Ford,

    My friends suggested me to install Alexa toolbar to improve my blogs alexa ranking when I was newbie. And Now I don’t know which thing is helping my blog in improving ranking, I mean whether is it commenting or toolbar because I use both methods ??

    • Hi Mohammed,

      I don’t think it is an either or situation. I believe blog commenting and claiming your site on Alexa are both beneficial actions to perform. Using the Alexa toolbar I think tracks the websites you visit.

  27. Alexa ranking do play an important role like it or not. I have been observing alexa rankings of top sites such as CNN which is 2. This is makes it one of the most visited site in the world. So no matter what, its an important tool that bloggers need to pay attention to. Thanks for the information on how to lower the rankings. I think it should be the other way round, going UP. What a weird system they have?

  28. I couldn’t agree more. Many people say that Alexa ranking doesn’t matter and that we shouldn’t pay too attention to it. That’s a serious mistake. I tested in on myself and I can prove that Alex rank is important. It’s not only for advertisers, but also for people who may become your partners. Even some of your customers (Internet-savvy ones) will check it to get to know your reputation.

  29. We have seen some blog with the low traffic have better alexa rank than the sites with the high traffic. Therefore, we should not depend upon the alexa rank to check the quality sites. Alexa basically considered by the advertisers and those who want to write the guest post. This is my point of view. I could be wrong.

    Best Regards!

    • Hi Shadab,

      I think both are important. Traffic stats are important to connect with clients and purchasers and your website’s ranking is important to connect you with joint venture projects and business opportunities.

  30. Alexa rank is as important as Google PR in internet marketing, Having a better rank not only helps in getting advertisers but it also helps in establishing the credibility by asserting the blog’s value.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable inputs.

  31. I believe Alexa Rank is very important. I try to improve alexa rank by obtaining quality backlinks. The way it worked quite well for me. In addition, I always try to make quality articles to attract visitors.

    • Hi Aufa,

      Quality links and articles are important to build a strong Internet presence. Try some of these steps as well such as claiming your site with the Alexa plugin and adding the widget.

  32. Electra

    alexa ranking is super important, especially for advertisers like you say. All my advertisers have checked my alexa ranking and told me they chose my site because of that

  33. These days Alexa Ranking is very hot topic among the online community as site that have good Alexa Ranking are always considered for online business.Alexa Ranking travels from higher digits to lower digits whereas Page Rank ( PR ) of site travels from lower to higher digits.

  34. Hi,

    I’m not very used with Alexa ranking but I heard and read from blogs some tips. A lot of people I saw are trying to increase traffic with Alexa. I will try me too. Thanks for this great tips.

  35. I have never bought into the Alexa rating thing. I personally think it is over rated. But I guess once I start selling ad space I’ll have to buy in a little.

    Thanks for sharing.

  36. not much of a alexa fan, but i see that since i got good alexa people have started giving more attention to by blog and is being know as authoritative blog , though the traffic has not increased a lot. having good Alexa is definitely going to get you some good backlinks.

  37. Sneha

    Hi Electra,

    I have listened that Alexa ranked the site on the basis of the system they are installed. They do not rank you world wide but on the basis of there plugin. Is that true.?

    • Hi Sneha,

      Alexa says “Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources. The information is sorted, sifted, anonymized, counted, and computed, until, finally, we get the traffic rankings shown in the Alexa service.” You can find out more here http://www.alexa.com/help/traffic-learn-more. I hope this is helpful.

  38. Alexa ranking describe sthe online image of that particular blog or page as per the high or the low percentage of ranking. It is a matter of concern if these rankings are considerably low but you have suggested the best ways to improve the alexa rankings and these steps would genuinely help, thanks.

  39. I have been working very hard the last 2 months on my Alexa rank and finally got it down past 250,000. Thanks for some of the tips and I am definitely going to check out the book!

    • Congratulations Bobbie!

      Also, when your Alexa traffic ranking reaches the lower numbers, you receive additional information like the country your website is performing the best. Congratulations Bobbie as well on your U.S. traffic ranking.

  40. Wade Harman

    Beautiful post on breaking down your Alexa rank. People need to understand this if they are going to logically improve the stats of their website.

    • Thanks Wade,

      Yes, in order to grow an Internet business it’s important to know and use this data effectively for a strong and prosperous presence online.

  41. I really think that improving the Alexa ranking should be on our short list of priorities. Not only that advertisers often take into account Alexa ranking, but also our readers and third parties. Basically, I consider that a good ranking confirms the value of a online brand or project.

  42. Hi Electra…..

    First of all people need to understand the concept of Niche, Blogs and Market.

    It is true that Alexa count only those traffic that is coming from those browsers/machines which are having Alexa Toolbar installed on it.

    In blogging world -Direct Advertisers mainly are either who provide SEO/WebMaster related Service or either selling a digital product that can help to improve your online business website performance or blog performance.

    Who will bought these product – Blog Owner/Online Website Owner/ SEO/ Webmasters.

    So if your blog is in Blogging/SEO/InternetMarketing Niche then all your visitors are mainly Blog owner, SEO, Webmasters. They usually use Alexa Toolbar so if your blog is having a Good Alexa Ranks that means you have targeted traffic (Blog Owner/SEO/WebMasters) and Direct Advertisrs want to sell their product to them.

    So your Alexa Rank is a measurement for them to know the effectiveness of your blog.

    So Alexa Rank is more important for those blog which belongs to – SEO/Blogging/InternetMarketing Niche.

    But If your blog is not in this Niche than definitely you will not affected by Alexa Ranking.

    So don’t make any general comment that Alexa Ranking is not important… First Try to understand behind the its logic…..

    Alexa Ranking in the market from last many years and its a product from Amazon – They have started it with a purpose…… try to understand the market, Business and Niche. You will automatically know the reason behind each marketing Strategy.

    • thanks for great article, can u pls help me can verify my website giving error
      “We found the Verification ID on your homepage, but it is outside of the section.
      1. Move the Verification ID inside the section of your homepage.
      2. If the problem persists, please contact Alexa Support.”

  43. Hi Electra,
    I do agree that Alexa Rankings play a crucial role in determining the overall success of a blog or website.
    Especially when you want advertisers to post ads on your site.
    You have presented a very useful, detailed and enriching article.

    • Hi Torsten,

      I didn’t know that but you might want to check that information to make sure. I say check because I have researched websites with excellent Alexa rankings and when I scroll down I can see their rank in other countries including Germany.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  44. Hi Electra,
    In the past 1 month or so, I was able to bring Alexa rank of a fairly new blog of mine from 23,00,000 something to 3,00,000 something just by commenting on blogs and participating in the discussion. You have mentioned very accurate points about blog commenting and backlinks.

    Anirudh Bahadur

    P.S. Awesome post! :)

  45. Thanks for this info. I didn’t know about the Alexa plug-in, but I do have it on my tool bar. Will it make a significant difference to have the plug-in too?

    Our ranking seems to drop quite significantly, down to 215,000 today!!!

  46. Placing alexa widget on blog is another way to boost up alexa ranking and I think page rank is also very important to get high paid advertiser for your blog.

  47. Thank you Electra,

    I didn’t realise Alexa was so important from an online advertising point of view, for my current project that makes it a pretty important metric :)

  48. Placing alexa widget is really a booster. I didn’t realize this until recently. Writing alexa reviews could also improve your site alexa ranking. I would like to exchange reviews for who ever would like to.

    • Hi Cyracks,

      Writing reviews for your favorite websites will definitely help their rankings. This is a factor that website owners can influence so it’s useful to ask for reviews.

    • You’re welcome Samuel,

      I agree to use all of your stats to build a strong and prosperous online presence. Your page ranking, SERP, Alexa ranking and website analytics are great places to start monitoring your website’s performance.

  49. Hi I run a car valeting business in Sussex with a blog built into the website. Most of my visitors are potential customers. I didnt realize the importance of the Alexa rank I knew the lower it was the better in Authority but didnt know about the other points which you have made in this post

  50. Mohd Akhtar

    I have recently installed Alexa toolbar and since then I noticed some improvement in the Alexa rank. Thanks for your valuable tips and I’m also definitely going to check out the book!

  51. Alexa isn’t the absolute tool to review a website, but it sure provides you with a first general impression and thus, is really important for advertisers and people who want to discover how popular your website is.

  52. Usually I only checked my Alexa ranking in seo squake but I don’t have knowledge on how it works like if how many usually visit my blogs everyday or weeks and I just based if my alexa rank is 2m then it have a lot of visitors.

    • Hi Andrea,

      I like the SEO Quake tool. It is very useful as well including the keyword density tool. My understanding is that your Alexa rank is your website’s rank in the search engines. When you visit the Alexa site under the Statistics Summary it will usually include your ranking in a statement that says “There are 2 million sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than (your website domain).”

  53. Alexa ranking is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data and alexa computes the reach numbers page views and since when I started working in my sites, alexa is one of my favorite tool that I used

  54. Hi Electra,
    I’m glad to have the benefit of AlexaRank and I openly admit some of my niche sites got more advertisers because of high Alexa rank. But I never give it too much weight in any important decision making.

    • Hi Salini,

      It is important to have several useful tools to monitor your website performance. Congratulations on receiving advertisers because of your high Alexa ranking.

  55. Hi Electra,
    I’m glad to have the benefit of AlexaRank and I openly admit some of my niche site got more advertisers because of high alexa rank. But I never give it too much weight in any important decision making.

    • Hi Salini,

      Even though you don’t use your Alexa ranking for ‘important’ decisions, it is useful to know the impact a good Alexa ranking can have on your website.

  56. Well that’s for sure, Alexa is just a status symbol now, and I’ve never bothered about Alexa rankings of my blogs, though I’ve always been gaga over Google Pagerank, and their SERP rankings because that’s usually what really matters the most.

  57. Just link back to alexa site with writing some unique post.Regular updation of blog is also the way you can increase your alexa ranking.

    What you say about that?

    • I agree Unmair,

      Uploading fresh content to your blog is definitely important. However, it is equally important to use your keywords effectively in your posts and to promote your posts to reach your audience.

  58. Fresh and relevant content is indeed the way to go, without it any alexa ranking is kind of useless. On the advertisers part i guess it is true that some do look at your ranking. Thanks for the article, all bits of information help!

  59. I agree with you.
    along with SEO and guest blogging, the Content is the main part. If your Articles are not relevant or of good quality, there is no use of backlinks or guest posts.
    You need to be very carefull while typing out an article. Rank will increase without any problem.

    • Yes Anchit,

      Writing quality articles is a priority. One of the ways to get the most out of your posts is using plugins like SEO Pressor because it can help you optimize your articles.

    • I agree Asif, it can take time but it will get there. When you least expect it your links will increase on Alexa and you will see your ranking decrease, which actually means your ranking is getting higher.

    • It is recommended Mulaniari by Alexa. If you want you can try it for 3 to 6 months to see improvements in your ranking and if you don’t like the results you can remove it.

  60. Thanks for the tips. I been trying to help improve my ranking for a while now with only success on downloading the toolbar.

    The toolbar itself on your own browser will greatly improve it.

  61. Thank you for your article. Alexa rank has been a challenge for me, but reading up on it with articles like this have been very helpful. I will be a regular visitor here. Thank you again.

  62. Your Alexa rating is still relevant to you because it appears to be a factor in your page rank at Google. Generally, anything that is important to Google is important to me, because I wanted to learn how to make the site an excellent source of traffic for me. And it worked

  63. Hi Electra,
    Well written on improve alexa rank of a blog or website. I think installing alexa toolbar is best way to boost it.
    Thanks for this informative article.

    • Hi Bojan,

      I understand your point. However, remember advertisers use the Alexa ranking when choosing a website to market their products and services. Thank you for reading the post.

  64. TMS Virdi

    Alexa ranking is very important for your internal happiness. The smaller numbers for your website on Alexa will make you feel happy and will lower your blood pressure. :) It gives a sense of pleasure to see your site’s ranking improving, pschologically it gives you a boost to do the other things right. I’m telling you, it may or may not have any postive impact on your website, but will certainly impact you personally!

  65. Thank for posting this valuable article. Alexa Ranking is most important to review its states when considering sites to promote our product and services. It’s not hard to use Alexa toolbar. Alexa rating is still relevant to you because it appear to be a factor in your page rank of Google. I just installed the Alexa claim and certify plugin on 3 of my blog, and willing to do so on my next blog.

  66. I wonder whether Alexa updates the stats for my blog. Sometimes it changes quickly and sometimes doesn’t change at all. But I do believe that Alexa rank is important. Thank you.

  67. sometimes Alexa takes much time to represent the true stats.I was worried in start but now i got it.So everybody should wait for at least one month to see true Alexa stats

  68. I tried to load the Alexa traffic language to my frommtaxes.wordpress.com but could not get it to work. Do you have any hints as to why and specific instructions.

  69. So, from what I understand is that if I get an alexa rank below 100,000 I can get advertisers to pay me for space on my site. Is this true? I really just want the increased serp but add money cant hurt.

  70. Hi Electra,
    I did n’t install alexa toolbar in my website, but my alexa ranking is keeps on improve in few months back. Suddenly the giftxoxo ranking to be going back. What is the reason?

  71. I think nowadays having good Alexa rank doesn’t matter at all. Moreover Alexa gathers traffic from users who have installed Alexa tool bar. Many people may not have installed Alexa toolbar. Having good Alexa rank may not mean that the site is having good traffic.

  72. David Peterson

    While searching for ways to increase alexa rank, I came across rankage [dot] com a couple of months ago, and I decided to give it a try.
    I have to say that they really improved my site’s alexa rank from beyond 1 million rank to 50,000 rank in less than a month.
    All I can say is that it improved the reputation of my website in an incredibly major way.

  73. Hi Electra, That was good and informative. Alexa also ranks sites according to how engaging a site is to users plus they rank sites according the numbers of users they think a site has. So It is important to use plug ins that can fight against bounce rate. A good example is the related posts plug in.

  74. Lee

    Hi Electra

    I think I am getting well ahead of myself looking at alexa rankings as I am only just getting ranked in google getting there in bing but google seems to be a lot slower. But this post was really informative and think possibly 1 or 2 months down the line will start keeping an eye on it.

    So thanks for info lee

  75. Very handy tips. Alexa ranking infact the most most popular way to find how good a blog is after Google PR.I will try to follow all these tips to boost my blog’s traffic rank.Thanks for the info.

  76. In my opinion Alexa rank is much important for any blog as the Google page rank. Alexa rank shows mainly the density of visitors on any blog. But in case of Alexa rank, it can be boosted with some tricks and methods but Google rank is purely based on your blog’s quality.

  77. Yeah I’m still on the fence about the whole alexa thing, but I think it definitely is somewhat important. Appreciate the info because I’ve been trying to figure out that ranking ordeal ha :)

  78. i still dont know why my ranking does not improve although i got aroung 40K visitor per month and update my blog in average 1 post/day

  79. I tried all the tips and hacks… but it seems alexa has changed its alogritham. My website way too behind…. Alexa widgets are dead too.

  80. For bloggers it is very important to increase the alexa rank for attracting more traffic and customers. There are several methods there are many methods to increase it and these are some of the important ones.

  81. I read Alexa’s FAQ and it says they update once every week, but I haven’t seen my blog details (ranking, sites linking in) updated in months (despite the occasional blog posts and back links) – can we really trust Alexa ratings?

  82. Nice post.. You’ve summarized it all.. Bravo!!! However, from my experiment, I’ve found out that the Alexa ranking may rank a daily high traffic generation site higher (eg; 20,000)than a daily low traffic generation (eg; 15,000)… Also, I think it’s no longer a secret that the Alexa ranking of a site can be manipulated. Although Alexa checks some of these problems,I still expect them to do much more…

  83. Great tips for improving the alexa rank, although alexa rank is not based on real stats but advertisers review your site on the basis of alexa rank. It provides a brief overview of the quality of the website.

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    I am from India & I have a decent alexa ranking worldwide = 57000 (app.)
    Indian Alexa rank = 5000

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    Thanks for this!

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