1. Great tip, Ileane.
    Like you, I want full control over what is shared and when it goes out. I’ll be certain to set and save the options accordingly. I don’t have any videos out there yet, but that will soon change.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Jimi, I was hoping you would see this. I’m really anxious to see the upcoming videos you have planned. I’m glad this was helpful. Thanks!

  2. Kissie

    Sadly, you “think” you’re exaggerating….she’s not even three weeks and I’m very close to #110!

    Because I’ve been uploading videos and became interested in becoming a YouTube partner, I’ve been studying the basics.

    I’ve also connected with a couple of people on there …educating about more or upcoming (beta) YouTube happenings and promises.

    Now let me go check out this Sweet Baby Kassie link! 😉

    I appreciate the plug!!!
    .-= Kissie´s last blog ..Hands in Motion =-.

    • Ileane

      Hey Kissie, please keep me posted on your progress. It’s my pleasure to link to Kassie! Can’t wait to see her in person.
      .-= Ileane´s last blog ..Take Control of Your YouTube Activity Settings =-.

  3. Great tip, Ileane! I didn’t know I could control how much was shared. I don’t hang out on YouTube a whole lot, but I when I’m there I often subscribe to stuff. I don’t think I want Twitter blasting everyone when I go on a subscription or ‘like’ frenzy!

    .-= Erica Mueller´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Little Mechanic =-.

  4. Noah, if you have a YouTube account, you can share all of your YouTube activity on Twitter, Facebook or your Google Reader. Some of the things you can share are:
    Upload a video
    Subscribe to another user’s YouTube channel
    You can also rate a video (up or down)
    Comment on a video
    Favorite a Video

    So as you can see, sharing your activities can be annoying to your Twitter followers or Facebook fans depending upon how often you share.

    I hope this answers your question, if not let me know. Thanks.

    • Screencasting will be perfect for you then. That way you never need to show yourself on camera if you don’t want to. Let me know what you need help with.

    • Hi Archon Digital. I have site that you will love using for presentations. It will show the YouTube video on a page all by itself’s (no comments, no related video or anything else). Check out and let me know what you think.

  5. Never really cared about youtube settings.

    Now that you mentioned it, it reminds me of my youtube account that i have many important videos uploaded.

    Thanks for this Ileane!

    • Hey Justin, I noticed that you were sharing every time you subscribed to a channel and I wasn’t sure if you realized all of those tweets were going out. Hope you found the post helpful. Talk to you soon!

    • Clare,

      Do you mean disable ugly comments? from your videos?
      Yes you can delete comments. No you can’t remove tweets.

      Hope that helps!