So You Want To Start Blogging

Developing Content for a Blog Post

When you start creating a blog it’s very important to understand that you will not spend as much time writing for your blog as you might think. Be prepared, because you’ll soon find out that one of the secrets to blogging success is reading and posting comments on other more popular blogs.Potential Blogger

Here’s why reading and posting comments is vital to your blog’s success. You will:

Take a look at this commenting strategy in an excerpt from a post found on Zemalf’s Trek In The Blogosphere called Website Traffic Analysis – Lessons For Blog Promotion.

For effective blog commenting:

  • Comment to add to the discussion first, everything else is a bonus
  • Spam comments will not send you any traffic, so forget it
  • Be among the first ones to comment (if the comments are displayed with the oldest on top)
  • Leave meaningful and value-adding comments
  • Use your real name
  • Always adopt to the blog comment rules of the blog
  • Link back to your site from the comment text only if it is really relevant, and if the comment policy allows such links. Make sure the comment itself is beneficial even without the link, which is for additional information.

Now your ready to get started reading and commenting on blogs in your field of interest. Start building your blog from the ground up. Keeping track of the comments you leave is easy with a bookmarking service like Diigo*. You’ll soon find yourself developing content on the way to your first blog post.

On my blog Ms. Ileane Speaks I have hundreds of comments from visitors with 63 comments on Fun Twitter Promotions for Your Blog. Why don’t you join in and start by commenting on this post. I’d love to hear your feedback.

*Find out more about using Diigo in Diigo Extension For Google Chrome.

UPDATE: I found an excellent post from Robert Bravery of Integral Web SolutionsWhere To Find Blog Post Ideas that shares tips from 6 great bloggers about where they get blogging ideas, be sure to check it out.

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  1. When I first started blogging I was amazed by the amount of time I had to put into the blog marketing aspect and one of these methods is blog reading and blog commenting. Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time blog commenting takes the most effort but also provides the largest return on investment.

    Great article Ileane

    • Brian, I think that sometimes people forget that blogging is social networking too. Especially when you find wonderful communities like Blog Engage. Now you have floored me by inviting us all to indulge in another amazing networking activity. is another great idea, thanks so much for this opportunity.

      Thanks for your great comment too!

  2. Those are all great tips and I really appreciate the link to Site Sketch 101.

    I often say that comments are the life blood of a successful blog. Being able to leave good, well though out comments that really contribute to the community are incredibly valuable both to the person leaving the comment and to the blog owner where the comment was left.

  3. Hi Ileane.. All of your tips above are true because it help blogger to build community around and sharing the thought by commenting is one of the main idea of blogging

  4. Shirley

    As a blogger it’s always good to comment on blogs and engage with bloggers all in your niche to enable you to be noticed :).

    Great tips, Ileane :).
    .-= Shirley´s last blog ..Discussion: Why Hasn’t My Teeth Turned White With All These Twitter Teeth Whitening Ads? =-.

  5. It feels so nice when somebody reads my posts and writes there something, be it positive or they disagree. In both case I realize my belief is proved right or is corrected.

    The role of commenting is more and more realized these days. Blogs are becoming more comment friendly. It an initiative from both sides. The blog authors are inclined more generous and commenters being more responsible and quality comments. This has developed benefits from and for both sides.

    You emphasized the benefits for readers commenting other’s blogs. I think I’ll write a post on the other side of the coin – What are the benefits of allowing others to write comments on your blog? How do you like the idea?
    .-= Suresh Khanal´s last blog ..How can I decide what should be my next post? =-.

  6. Good solid tips there Ileane.
    Many new bloggers really do think that they will have an opportunity to sit and write continually, but as you have pointed out, that is only a portion of the process. It is not just about writing, but building relationships and contributing to communities, while helping others.

    This blog is looking great BTW. :-)
    .-= Jimi Jones´s last blog ..Build a Great Twitter Profile =-.

  7. element321

    Ileane, I did not see, any of your tweets. I have not been on Twitter much lately. What was that tweet about?

  8. Ileane.

    Great post. I can tell the difference with traffic when I do not comment. I try and read around 10 – 20 different blogs a day and post on everyone that I can I add something helpful to conversation. Over the last couple of days I have been sick with migraines and couldn’t even read the computer screens. So today I was watching my traffic to see how bad it went down. Each day I went down at least 20 percent. So now I am averaging about 30 new readers a day. So its time to get back to work.
    .-= element321´s last blog ..Annoyed…Twitter Account Got Hacked =-.

  9. Samantha, wow, that’s great news that you have a new employer. I don’t blog about anything that is job related, do I don’t need to worry, but I can certainly see your point. Thanks for the input.
    Best wishes in your new position.

  10. element321

    Thanks Ileane. Good information. But I never received any word from Twitter they did this to me. O well, at least I know I wasn’t hacked.

  11. Claire


    I am concerned about the idea of using real names and faces. I somewhat disagree with you and Nicholas. I am in the conception stage of starting my blog. I know what I want to write. My problem is there are three separate areas lol Never said I wasn’t ambitious. It concerns my life & journey however with my name added to the blog well it can create some issues for those around me. See I have some very strong beliefs that I am willing to debate or discuss however I wouldn’t want there to be fallout for those around me.

    Also what about all the people I hear about in internet land who can hijack your identity if you leave your full name. Could you possibly just use your first or middle name and register it with gravatar to show you are serious?

    Besides all that (yeah a little on the brat side here) I had a really cool nickname picked out. Technically yes it would be considered a keyword. Now that I understand what you mean by keyword. Just darn it all. It’s really cool lol (will have to admit that is probably not original)

    So have you ever had any problems with using your name? Is it your real name?

    I apologize for not having the little gravatar yet. Get not ready to come out of the shadows yet :)
    Have a beautiful day

    • Claire this is an excellent question and fortunately my friend and mentor Lisa Irby from has written an excellent post about this in the past that I can refer you to. In Being Anonymous Can Hurt You Lisa shares the story of a blogger in a very similar situation and how she was able to resolve the issue. Take a look at that post and let me know if you still have questions.

      Also, just for the record, I do use my real name.

  12. Blogging is definitely a hot topic and blog commenting is extremely valuable. By participating regularly in blog comments, the readers and followers of those blogs will come to recognize that you are a subject expert. Depending on the quality of the comment, of course. Good and frequent comments can do much good to your credibility.

  13. I just want to emphasize that blogging requires hard work. There are a lot of things to consider especially in Search Engine Optimization factor. If you want to start a blog, i highly suggest to read tips from expert so that you won’t make the same mistakes like any other bloggers.

  14. Sandra

    Hi Ileane, I can say all of the comments above are so true because as a beginner I can see it is going to take me some long days. But I am willing to do all that I can to make this work, I read through some of what is here and it is very interested and I realize it is hard work in the beginning, but with friends like you I know I will make it.Thank you!

  15. Blog commenting is now essential and very important part as per the SEO. Its required much hard work to do blogging. Its looks interesting if you like blogging as after hard work at first its fun to do blogging.

  16. All the points are useful for a newbie blogger. Thank You madam Ileane who shared this overwhelming info with us. Thank you so much. I was struggling for making money from my blog when I came in the world of Blogging but not now? 😎

  17. Hi Ileane Smith
    Your blog commenting tips are very use full for me and i want to share a good news with you that some comments was approved by other bloggers. Its very help full for me to understanding how to add a good comment for generating high PR.