The Secret of How to Make Money Blogging

Those days are gone when blogging is only considered as an avenue for people to express their opinions; these days, it is known for being a profitable avenue.

The best part of it is that you only need to pay a minimal amount for start-up costs, and you get hundreds, even thousands each month in return.

You can definitely earn a lot of income through this, and people who only started blogging to get an extra bit of cash have found themselves shifting from part-time to full-time because they want to make money quick from blogging.

If you’re one of the people who want to know the secrets of how to make money blogging, read on and find out.

How To Make Money Blogging –Make money blogging

There are things you need to do to know how to make money blogging. To get started, you will first need to choose what niche you want to be in. Ideally, this will be a combination of what your interests are and what fields are popular at the moment.

Try to do your research on what topics are most talked about or little-discussed about, and choose which of these you want to talk about in your blog.

Next, you will need to buy the domain name, which will then be your website or blog, and then find someone to host it for you. The next step will be to set up your blog and install it. You will then need to provide content to the blog, and then promote your site on the Internet.

Monetize Your Blog –

Now on to the meat of the matter: how to make money blogging. There are several ways that can make you generate your income using your blog.

1. Advertisements. Some online providers are on the constant lookout for sites that will support advertisements, and will pay either according to how many visitors the site gets or how many clicked on the ad. There is also a possibility for the site owner to earn a commission from the sales made by the manufacturer as a result of the customer clicking on the ad.

2. Products. Some companies offer bloggers to review their products for a certain fee. You can choose to sell or promote products on your website that are related to your niche. Posting video reviews of products on YouTube can also be a very profitable venture.

3. Affiliate programs. While not as high-earning as the other strategies, adding links to relevant affiliate products on your own blog can generate income as well. Join popular networks like ClickBank and JVZoo to find items of interest to your audience.

4. E-book selling. Even if you sell your e-book for less than $20 per copy, the net profit you get will pile up, and you can get a steady income from this alone. You can make your book available on Amazon as a hard-copy or Kindle version. Pull together a collection of your most popular blog posts or create a Blogging 101 guide that you can use to profit from your blogging efforts. There are several tools available for example; you can use Google Docs for free or you can check out a paid service called Zinepal.

How To Make Money Blogging –

If you’re one of the people who find themselves overwhelmed by what has been said so far, don’t worry, you’re not alone. People who tried to find out how to make money blogging feel intimidated by how much work is actually needed to earn money through blogs. You need to worry about content, advertisements, promotions, and networking.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. The secret of how to make money blogging is to get experts from top websites to do all the work for you.

Blogging to the Bank, offers to do just about anything and everything that needs to be done to make money online, and all you have to do is sit back and watch the dough roll in!

They will handle everything, from building your website from the ground-up, to making all the necessary arrangements for the site to generate income.

Have you started to make money from blogging? Please share your best tips with us in the comments.


Amrik Virdi is a professional blogger.


  1. Irfan Siddiqui

    Well said, these days none of us are into blogging just to express our thoughts like in past where people were more into publishing their thoughts than working on their revenue from their precious property!

    Starting a blog is easy, later how to blog is a bit tough, but in the end when you are successful in this field everything becomes so easy you start to make money online, you never have to spent time in writing for your blog as guest blogger takes this responsibility and adverts comes to your door which is a Real Good.

    • Amrik Virdi

      Hi Irfan,

      I hope you enjoyed reading my article and thanks for sharing your insight.

      Beta regards,

      • The BEST 2 ways to start earning money online are:

        one: build targeted audience
        two: solve their problems by creating a product (video, eBook, membership site, plugin or even a podcast)

        And connections play a vital role in making money online, without them, you can’t expect great results.

        All the best for your new “hire me” page Amrik, I wish you’ll succeed!

      • Hello Amrik
        First i want to give you thanks for your great attempt by an awesome article. This article will provide better guidance to new bloggers and other also, Here i want to share my views in the field of advertisement. Initially i was use user of other adsense alternatives but i didn’t get any good response from them. I waste my time, work and others but no response from them. After some time i get adsense approval but till now my earning is not good. I don’t want that other waste there times like me. Now my target is BuySell adds, By using them we can earn a good amount monthly or periodically, so this is better then adsense advertisement. So all new bloggers try to increases there page views first and then try BuySell adds.
        here I wan to know what is your views on this @Amrik?

    • I think you are right, but not completely. There are bloggers who still blog just to express what they feel or share their experience.
      The new ones do think that its all about easy money. But once you get in, Blogging is like a passion, and you cannot give it up.

      Real Bloggers, will truly understand what i mean to say.

  2. Hey Amrik,
    Glad to see you back mate.
    Starting a service on your blog is most quickest way to make money. All you require is ability, good design and networking.


    • Amrik Virdi

      Yeah I am back and very much excited about my blog. I am agree with you starting a service on your blog is the most quickest way to make money. You can create a HIRE ME page like mine to get more clients.

      Good luck,

  3. Out of all these tips and tricks, affiliates and products are 70% of money blogging, with affiliates and products you can earn unlimited money online if they are good. e-book do not help ( a lot ) in making money directly , but E-Book selling is good for collecting emails and then using those emails to promote your products ( this is my view ).

    • Yeah, you got to the point, having good amount of traffic is the key to make money form blogging. If you don’t get enough traffic, there is no way to make money, whatever you do. And that’s my problem !
      I was hoping to find an answer of how to get good traffic for my blog?
      And how long should I wait ?
      Any answers ? :)

        • Thanks for your reply :)
          I am trying to do my best about SEO, i read a lot of articles about on and off optimization, I think I manage that section in a good way.
          This is my blog URL, if you give me 5 minutes and check it up I would be so thankful :)
          About social media: if you have an article about that, will you share it with me please?

          • ” Looks perfect! Keep it up.”
            Such a comment from a professional blogger makes me proud :)
            I will read your article now, thanks.

  4. Well, not a secret anymore)))) Thanks for sharing. I’m not about earning money with my blog but if I did, I would definitely follow your advice!

  5. I agree with your first post Amrik, now a days even a personal blog has it’s own advertising strategies. And I guess traffic and readership are the only things which matters when earning something from a blog. It was a good read by the way :)

  6. Yup buddy you are bang on now a days companies target bloggers for their product and services to get display because the visitors for that blog are relevant according their products

  7. These all tips works if you have decent traffic, no one want to pay you if you don’t have audience

    So, first we have to increase relevant audience, page views etc to get opportunities comes to us

  8. I think affiliate marketing is better than AdSense. Some bloggers even don’t know what Affiliate marketing actually is.

    Often newbies consider AdSense as the only program where they can earn money. This is totally wrong. There are many other ways some of which @Amrik have mentioned above in the post.

  9. Hi Amrik!
    Very nice article! Though make money or monetize blog isn’t a secret anymore. The true secret is how to make, develop blog to worth to monetize / earns money.

  10. Amrik Virdi

    You are absolutely correct. I think both are good to earn money. make sure you do the best whatever you create.
    Good luck.

  11. Really in today’s day blogging is a very powerful way to monetize our creativity. But I believe we should work properly but slowly. I see most of peoples are starting blogging for only business purpose in today’s day. That’s fine but also we should try hard to maintain quality first and then others!
    Thanks for your well written post.

  12. AmriK,
    What is that, somebody just mentioned about affiliate marketing and I strongly believe Adsense is the best way to monetize any blog. These Affiliate marketing are just for a support income.

  13. very nice tips to earn money from blog i am also earning money from my blog thanks for sharing..
    more money post you can visit my blog also..
    thanks for sharing..

  14. Well I agree with Affiliate marketing, Advertisements. But I have not seen anyone who have Monetized it’s blog using e-Books. I mean most of the time it is a lollipop for the readers to subscribe the Blogs.

  15. Thank you for sharing the ways to make money online . Ebook selling is new for me . My focus was only on ads and affiliate but now I can try some new ways

  16. Amrik, wonderful post mate. I think more bloggers should definitely consider creating and selling an eBook, it’s an avenue definitely worth tapping into with potential to earn a lot of money if done correctly. One of my objectives this year is to write several more eBooks to sell on the blog.

    Affiliate marketing is the other most effective method in my mind but not by just slapping banners and dropping link all over your blog like I see a lot of people doing. Written reviews, video reviews, podcast interviews with product creators, list building and email marketing are amongst the best methods of doing affiliate marketing as a blogger. Keep up the great work bro.

  17. Good Post! Adsense, affiliates are for those blogs with good traffic. The point is when a blog should be monitized. As long as you have traffic, anything works!

  18. I don’t agree Amrik. You said,”… All you have to do is sit back and watch the dough roll in”. This not true at all. You have to work hard to get to that stage where you earn money while sleeping. If you’re trying to say that blogging is easy then you are wrong. Sorry buddy, but the truth is quite different.

    • Of course Blogging is not easy. But I don’t think Amrik meant that, He means that you have to Take most efforts before it and after it “It is like Sitting Back”

  19. Good topic Amrik,

    The secret to making money online is the same as making money offline, find opportunities and exploit.

    The #1 thing people need to know about selling products is to attract potential customers NOT traffic.

    If you have a PPC adsense site then sure you don’t care who visits your site.
    If you want to sell products who comes to your site matters a TON.

  20. Hi there,

    Yeah that for sure, now more blogs are made for profit rather than to express yourself. That is not very good for us readers. Decided to make my own more of personal blog with some sections of How To articles.

    I think the best for blogs will be adsense, if your blog is about one particular niche something like clickbank would be better perhaps .

    Anyway very nice post, that shows all available alternatives to use on your blog to make money.

  21. Nice post, there are some great tips to make money here !
    I have personally tried a few ways to make money with my blog and at the moment I am seeing affiliate marketing to be the most successful method you have given me the idea to work on an eBook :)
    Before anyone can start making money with their blog though they have to remember that it takes time and great content at first.

  22. Some really goood tips for monetizing blog. But blogging should be done , as a hobby and then when you grow and learn many things , then it is the right time to think about BUCKS 😉
    BTW nice post.

  23. YouTube marketing seems to be on roll. I see many people going that route. They provide product review and do marketing of YouTube channel. Honestly, I still do not know which product to start with. Can you provide me some suggestions?

  24. I think it takes a whole lot of effort to get the traffic flowing…High traffic is good if you are looking to monetize your blog using adsense..But if you want to sell affiliate products, it is important that you bring in visitors interested in the niche or the product..Good luck with blogging.

  25. From what I have read and experienced, the most effective way of earning money through blogging is to create a niche blog and join relevant affiliate programs. This will be far more effective than banner advertisements or selling e-books, and the best part is that you do not need to be technologically inclined in order to succeed. Moreover, as you have alluded to in your blog post, there are numerous guides and e-books that can be purchased which offer step-by-step tutorials to successful niche blogging.

  26. hello amrik
    nice tips to monetize our blog. advertisements is the most popular way to monetize a blog and yes selling eBooks can also bring revenue.thanks for the article

  27. Nice Read. I agree with you though there are still few who are blogging to express their personal experiences and opinions without planning to make money blogging, however majority of blogger are aiming to make money or monetize their blogs. One of them is me.

    I love reading success stories of other bloggers. I thought it was easy but it’s not. It requires a lot of effort, hard work, patience… etc – all the positive attitudes.

    For me – monetizing a blog cannot be integrated in the process of building your blogs. Some pro blogger would say make money blogging comes after a six months or a year from starting your blog or some couple of years before they experience a passive income…

    For the main time – I am practicing a white hat SEO especially link building. I got PR3 in my 3 months old blog. In the next Update I aim to gain more like PR4 or PR5 … I am serious that’s why I am doubling my effort and who knows.

    I learn how SEO works and I keep on learning. For the time being, I enjoy some of my SEO experiments.

    Building my blog >> Improving my content and SEO >> Getting more traffic >> make money blogging

    That’s mine. It might not the best but I like how it works and bring small results :)

    Thanks for this awesome post!


  28. Hey Amrik,

    Can you tell me some best places to find out useful advertisements as per your niche. I know about Google Adsense what else can you try on your blog?

  29. I’ve been a “money blogger” for years now. My first site was created in 1994 and my first blog just past the 10-year anniversary.

    I’d say the single biggest factor is consistency. I cannot tell you how many people I know who started blogging and quit after less than three posts. Of course that’s not going to do it!

  30. The e-book part interests me very much.

    Creating a product is something that will be done by me in the future.

    Product creation will make you a good amount of cash if you are interested in it.

  31. Hi Amrik… I think the challenge is always getting the right revenue generation mechanism for your particular niche. In my experience, if you have a lot of traffic, advertising generates a steady income stream. For more established niche blogs, affiliate programs (or product sales especially if you develop your own products!) work best.

  32. Hi Amrik, one of the most important things you missed out is get an email list or build relationship with friends on social media to share products that you’re familiar with for them to purchase. However, these are are great ways for newbie bloggers to know how they can generate income from the internet.

    Thanks for Sharing – Ferb

    • True point Ferb!
      List marketing, however and it can be very close related to “Affiliate marketing” as Amrik said. Building email list first, then offer them some products (you’re affiliated with) to them purchases.

      • Totally agree with you Amrik that more and more people are blogging for money.

        But I have to agree with Ferb and Deni.S.
        Build an email list, establish relationship and then only sell/offer them valuable products (that your affliated) that will help them of course ;).. This way you can build a database and send them to i.e a new blog post and hopefully click on your ad, buy your recommended product over and over again, and even support your new ebook launch 😉

        Sites with too many ads and too many different affiliate links could be a turn-off for many people visiting your blog for the first time.

        Just thought I’d share. CHeers!

  33. Hey this is a very good post thanks! E books and Affiliate programs seem to me the best way to make some money from blogging- but indeed there is a lot of work behind all these.

  34. Hey Amrik !
    Well written. I enjoyed the whole article. You have jotted down each and every important point over here. But ferb is also right. Overall advertisements,products, e-books all are the important parts of making money through blogging.
    Excellent post.

  35. Hi Amrik,
    These are the very Good Ways of Earning Money From Online :) But hard work is needed to earn money from your blog now a days !! Thanks For Sharing :)

  36. It’s amazing how many new bloggers I meet that are stunned when they find out that you can make a living through blogging. This article has great introductory information for people to begin their monetization journey.

    My advice is to research what types of advertising you see on other established blogs and websites in your niche, click on their ads to see where they lead, and look for “affiliate” pages. If a leading website is advertising something you can be assured that they’re making money from the ad.

  37. Great tips! That is the right way for blog monetizing. I love the self-promotional and affiliate marketing because these are the way to ear faster.

  38. The key is to have a good vision of what to do each day ( avoid spending time looking around) and being regular. That mean about 365 great articles in a year -;)

  39. Hi Amrik….nice post,
    Actually your post is completely dedicated to the bloggers and your selection of ways for making money via blogging is really invincible. But most of them, one of the best way as I found, is AdSense and its up to the bloggers choice that which one they choose and which gone in trash.
    By the way there are lots of Advertisement network available beside the AdSense such as Bidvertiser, Zedo, Kontera, ExitJunction and many more. But we should always respect our visitors.
    Thanks for sharing

  40. Good set of ideas on how to make money from your blog. That’s the ultimate goal for most bloggers. Some think that just adding adsense is the only way to make money but there are so many other ways.

  41. Now today would be an excellent day to put affiliate ads for selling flowers, chocolates, romantic getaways etc on your site, wouldn’t it!

    It’s great to use something like the advertising manager plugin where you can use a shortcode to change all the ads of a particular size on your site to make it topical for just a day and then to rotate them on other days

  42. Ebooks are going hot these days. Amazon earned huge amount of income last year just by selling ebooks. I am currently building one to sell it on my energy niche website. I hope it will turn fortunes for me.

  43. Really, a great article for some new bloggers. Really impressive, they way you carry the whole article. Monetizing is the key thing nowadays people don’t relay on Adsense because Affiliate has much bigger and better opportunities of earning. Any ways.

    Keep up the good work :)

  44. One more way of earning money online is to allow guest blogging and ask for money in return of the post. In this way, blog gets good content, different types of content and users. It is profitable for both, blog owner and guest blogger.

  45. Amirk,

    I enjoyed your blog post. Like somebody else also said, blogging is easy to begin with and then as you establish, you can start to monetize and have a lot of guest bloggers filling your so you can go on cruise. That’s an awesome idea.

    The trick however is, there is absolutely nothing in life that is easy. Hobby bloggers are like hobby cricket players, hobby singers, hobby artists – they simply can’t make money. Running business requires dedication, requires commitment and only the people who can commit themselves to succeeding at blogging, can really succeed at making money through blogging as well.

    Just my thoughts…. hope it adds value.

  46. Troy

    For someone looking to get into blogging, how long could they expect to be at it before seeing any significant returns?

  47. Great Post Amrik,

    It is good to see so many people taking initiative and giving us a great info on ‘How to make money with a blog’. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.
    The internet has become a place to interact, communicate, conduct business and make money. A new phenomenon that is taking the internet scene by storm is blogging. There are many methods that can use to begin to make money from blogging on the internet. It is wise to adopt the guidelines before you begin blogging in order to better your chances of being successful.

  48. Hey Amirk,
    awesome post with great information. I am totally satisfied by you that, today blogging is only known for earn money and according to me if we have good traffic in our blog than we can easily earn money from AdSense, infinityads and many others way but all for this we need lot of traffic and for that we require lot of hard work. Great tips for the newbies and thanks for sharing this post.

  49. Very good ways to start making money with Blogging. I think affiliate marketing is better than AdSense, some bloggers don’t know about this. Good post, thanks a lot for sharing.

  50. Personally, advertisers and Clickbank marketer are the biggest source of income. Though both of these methods require lot of work, bring traffic, track your visitors and finally have to make them buy your ad places or your affiliate product. Thanks for this great post.

  51. Veru useful blog. These are the possible ways to start making money with Blogging, Ebook selling is new for me, my main focus is on Advertisements & Affiliate marketing. Will definitely follow your tips, thanks a lot for sharing.

  52. I personally think that affiliate marketing has the highest potential of generating money. Nevertheless, we should find the right product for our targeted visitors.

  53. Making money in blogging cannot be achieved in just a flick of a finger. But with enough knowledge and seriousness with the business, making money on blogging will eventually turn out as easy as you expected it to be.

  54. There are many ways to make money online from blog. For me, one of the most efficient way to make money is by creating E book. Creating e book only need a little amount of money but it will generate high income. What you need to make e book is creativity and idea to solve others problem. Create e book is the best way to make money online.

    Thanks Amrik for share this posting

  55. Everyone has his/her own way of making money online. It varies from person to person. Unfortunately rare of them are willing to share their secrets to public. The truth is everyone must work hard, be patient and it takes time at first. We must focus on our niches and do the best we can. Making money online can not be obtain instantly. It needs a hard effort.

  56. Great tips, I’m just working on building an audience at the moment so advertising and other money making avenues are a bit far off at the moment

  57. Really good article Amrik bro.Yes i agree with your article to make money online but i think Affiliate programs is the best way to generate money for bloggers.

  58. Thanks very much for the valuable tips, Amrik. Traffic has always been my problem, or rather the lack of it. I know I’m not alone in that regard.

    All the best, Susan

  59. Great work.. I have been in the marketing of affilate products now for two years and always welcome any new ideas.. Thanks.. I have a great way of selling ebooks.. I have built many websites advertisting cheap wholesale products and when someone adds the products to the cart – it takes them to a ebook with clickbank asking them if they bought the ebook , the ebook will tell the customer where they can buy these cheap products to. This is great because google will index all the product pages which means lots of chances in someone visiting the ebook.

    Your right if you market the business good then the possibilities are endless. Commision junction as also paid me well in the past. The hardest part is the marketing and once youve put the hard work in , the money will roll into the future.

    Hotels combinned is also good for travel and holidays.. I really need to focus more on the marketing as its well worth it..

  60. Yes..! you are absolutely right..! now a days blogging is meant just a business to earn revenue.! blogging has lost its real value due to thousands of blogs published daily. but we should respect those who do blogging just to share their thought and experiences and they don’t expect any income from their blogs

  61. Chitka continues to be a great performer for me on my blogs. They traditionally have worked best on product related blogs although their Premium ad units now convert well on a larger range of blogs.

  62. Do affiliate marketing selling someone else’s products but you must learn how to connect with your buyers on a more fundamental level, using unconventional strategies and techniques, mixed in with more conventional methods such as the pay per click.

  63. Thanks for the advice, As a blogger i am hoping that i will be able to have some success with an eBook. I had not thought of using Affiliate marketing before this post so thanks for the help :)

  64. It is something that a few bloggers hate but I have found that sponsored posts are a great way to make money from a blog, I have been doing it since 2007 and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

  65. Hi Amrik, It’s definitely possible to make money online with a blog. The world is becoming a global village and you can now have customers from anywhere on this planet. I believe that we need time and hard work to generate a substantial online income. It does not come overnight. The harder we work, the earlier the possibility to make money. We should not jump into it thinking we’ll be a millionaire the next day. It’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

  66. Out of all these tips and tricks, affiliates and products are 70% of money blogging, with affiliates and products you can earn unlimited money online if they are good. e-book do not help ( a lot ) in making money directly , but E-Book selling is good for collecting emails and then using those emails to promote your products ( this is my view ).

  67. great things can be achieved with a bit of heard work..SEO which is also considered as an important aspect requires a lot of patience..Once your through the initial tough phase where your site needs to gain authority you do not need to worry about making money..Eventually it will come to you..

  68. Hi Amrik,

    Amazing blog you have very informative, keep it up! and I guess that this will be my great start like what Bruno Mars song “I WANT TO BE A BILLIONAIRE” thank you and Have a Great one!

  69. i wish to add sponsored article to this list for make money from blogging.
    but my best for earn money from blogging is google adsense and infolink

  70. Very right, blogging has become a lucrative job. However the secret of success remains cover under the fact that howmuch a blogger is able to add value to his readers.

  71. Nice post you shared. If you have good amount of traffic you can earn money from “Direct advertisement and selling products”!Thank you so much!

  72. I really agree the way you say but for monetization we need a lot of traffic and its very difficult?? I also thought of monetizing my blog and earns from it but till now i even dont have any search queries..please help??

  73. Really, a great article for some new bloggers. Really impressive, they way you carry the whole article. thanx for this aweosome share

  74. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes it is not as easy as what you think. Starting a blog is easy but making it popular is another different thing. The hardest part is how to make people stay and keep on coming back for more content.

  75. To really make money blogging, you have to start blogging as if you weren’t trying to make money. Why? Because you’ll be making good content rather than mediocre content because you’d be focusing a lot on the monetizing part.

  76. As making money is most important thing for a blogger, most of them are only there for making money but the all the successful bloggers have more passion, interest in niche and they eager to engage to the audience than to just be there for making money and they will get success at one time and then that is a much profitable venture for them. So it concludes that, in blogging just be there to help user in various ways then money is automatically coming from it.

  77. Hey!

    I am working at getting good content into my blog and driving free traffic to it! Getting some good interaction and about 80 visits a day now. Its only been up two weeks!

    Things are getting exciting! Thanks for the great information

  78. Thank you for this very informative and well laid out article. I am new to monetizing my blog effectively and have been researching this topic quite a bit. I actually read your article a week or so ago and was happy to stumble upon it again.

  79. Out of all these tips and tricks, affiliates and products are 70% of money blogging, with affiliates and products you can earn unlimited money online if they are good. e-book do not help ( a lot ) in making money directly , but E-Book selling is good for collecting emails and then using those emails to promote your products ( this is my view ).

  80. Vicky

    I tried hard to earn from affiliate marketing but I failed. I used to earn from adsense and it’s very faithful to me as it’s income is increasing with my site traffic.

  81. Hello there
    making money with blogging is dream of every blogger.All the things you mentioned in the post are really great for making online money with blogging.Thanks for sharing them.Its nice to read the post.

  82. Hey there

    These are some great tips on making money from a blog, and some great ways of monetizing your blog. The one thing that I’m missing though is my personal favorite when it comes to making money, which is an opt in form to capture leads. One of the best ways of making money is by building a list of targeted subscribers.

    Maikel Michiels

  83. This was well written, and I do believe that anyone can make money online but it’s how hard you put the work in. Making money online is also a job, you can’t just blog and think oh your going to make money out of thin air.