3 Reasons Why You Don’t Deserve To Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging – Is that your primary goal?

It seems that sooner or later, every blogger wants to make this phrase a part of their blogging story. There are many bloggers who claim that their only passion is to blog their brains out without having the desire to make money from it, but yet they somehow manage to make a good chunk of income from their blogs. The reason why they make money quick is because they’ve NOT followed the below mentioned practices as a part of their blogging career.

Even those bloggers who struggled during the earlier times of their blog, but yet they came out to be winners. Hence, here are a few reasons why you don’t really deserve to make money blogging –

Make money bloggingThe Last Priority Was Your First

By ‘last priority’, I mean the part when your blog starts generating enough revenue. Most bloggers start blogging after reading “How I Made $1000 in a day” like articles where they forget to read the part that the person who made a thousand bucks in a day had been a blogger for years, and that finally resulted as a boost for him to make money blogging.

Blogging is something where you need to start off with the word ‘quality’ in your mind, maintain the same word no matter how successful you become, and then the opportunity to make money will automatically follow.

But as you can see that nowadays, all new bloggers just keep on hoping to make money blogging without giving their best. They forget that even hopes need some part to be fulfilled on the other side – the side the bloggers themselves.

Another thing that can happen is this: bloggers often stray from their niche and start writing about stuff that is totally irrelevant to the topic they started in. This leads to the loss of consistent readership and traffic to your blog which is a big problem to make money blogging for beginners!

You Don’t Want Any Clients

You must be wondering – “I do want clients, but they don’t want me!”. First of all a client, when it comes to blogging, is any person who wants to advertise on your blog in one or the other way. There are several ways through which you can offer advertisement on your blog through the use of plugins such as OIO Publisher, Adpress Ad Manager etc. A few of them are –

  • Banners
  • Text-Link Ads Throughout The Blog
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • In-Content Backlinks and much more.

Always remember one thing that a client is as much satisfied as you make him. If a frequent advertiser loves your blog but doesn’t really know what all you could offer as advertisements, then it’s you who is at fault and loss, of course.

In short – let the world know all of the advertisement options you offer on your blog, most probably by having an ‘Advertise’ page. Also, use services such as BuySellAds to make it easier for advertisers to find your listing, and for you, to reach the eyes of a wider audience of potential advertisers.

You Want To Make Money Without Any Investment

That’s what many bloggers want. All they want is pure money, and no investment at all. If you’re taking blogging as a business, then be prepared to invest in it as well and it is not a PLC (Public Limited Company) where you can raise your capital by getting on the stock exchange! Invest in themes, invest in WP Plugins, invest in services such as Blog Engage, and research tools such as Market Samurai etc.

Lack Of Confidence That You Can Make Money

Many bloggers aren’t confident enough to spend money to invest in premium tools for their blog, believing that their blogs are not worth it.

They believe that blogging is tree where fruits (money) just grows after you plant the seed, but that’s not true! One has to provide water (quality content), pesticides, manure (investments) etc in order to get those fresh ripe fruits!

The possibilities are endless depending upon your requirements, hence choose wisely and have faith in your dedication – money will not come to you, it will fly.

Now over to you, what are your plans to make money from home on your blog?


  1. Vivek

    This is the most common thought. ” I Want To Make Money Without Any Investment “.

    In order to make money, you have to invest money. And Until and unless you know how to use your money, you will never make money. So the whole way is too confusing and so making money on internet is not always as easy. ” Now I am little bit confused “.

  2. KevRyan

    Raaj, good stuff this! Most definitely agree with you on the first, its amazing how many bloggers put making money and getting rich overnight as their priority when starting off – how can one expect to be successful in blogging when they’re starting off on the wrong foot? Yes, there’s money to be made through blogs, however it’s not as easy as many think it is, neither is it a quick-fire way of earning.

    Also agree with your ‘no gains without investment’ point. To make money out of a business, you need to put some in it first!

    Have a great new year!

  3. What a coincident! Just now I read and commented on Shahzad’s post ‘Why it is impossible to make money from your first blog’ and here you’ve written ‘why you don’t deserve to make money’

    Thanks for this awesome post. It is truly helpful to learn where to focus so that you can make money.

  4. Having the money as first priority is a serious error, as having good results on the long is almost impossible without having quality content. In order to succeed, we need returning visitors and be recognized as an authority in the niche.

  5. Raaj Trambadia

    True Anurag. I don’t say that there is no money in blogging. In fact, there is enough to make a living for a whole family! But one has to be patient – and it is unavoidable.

  6. I also agree, every business need investment, I bought some tools such as Traffic Travis, Senuke and WP Plugins. Soon I gonna buy Blog Engage subscription :)

    • Raaj Trambadia

      Good to hear that Varun. One question – do you mind using my affiliate link? :) If not, then let me know and I’ll provide you with the same. Thanks!

  7. This is a good article because this topical is hardly spoken about in the make money blogging niche. People just want to make money without the investment and sweat equity it would take to make money from blogging.

    • Raaj Trambadia

      Thank you Steven. Do you have any short story for the same? Like – ‘waiting for the money’?

  8. I love this post. It really goes to show that people are all about instant gratification. Its not easy making a great site and great content. It takes a lot of hard work to really make money on the internet.

  9. When I look back a few years it took me a while to learn all the aspects of blogging, a few years later it is like there is still something missing. I do make some casual money with my blog but not even close to what it should be. I have top quality article, many products that I promote through Affiliate Marketing, but it is like there is still something missing. I rank very well for hundreds of keywords, but there is this something that is still missing. Raaj if you or Ileane could point me to the right direction it would be awesome.

    • Raaj Trambadia

      Well Hilgard, I would take the ‘casual’ income to be my side income and yet have a full-time or a part-time job which can fulfill my dreams. Now in your case, I have one question – have you been stuck to JUST one blog and trying every possible way to make money from it? Or do you have more sites that you run?

      Please answer my question, and I would love to discuss further.

  10. Hi Raaj
    Great post. Your advice has been invaluable. I am planning to start freelancing and figuring out how much to charge has been problematic. I want to start a library organizing service for homes and businesses. I know what professional organizers charge for organizing clothes and papers and I know what my former employer charged clients for my time. Since I have a Master’s Degree in Library Science, I believe I should be able to charge more than other professional organizers but I worry about pricing myself out of the market.

    • Raaj Trambadia

      Hello Annu

      One question – do you plan to do it online, or want to take the business offline? Let me know, and we can then discuss it further.

  11. Absolutely Raaj,
    Making money by blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea and this is not at all an easy task.
    Most of the newbie bloggers aim a thousand dollars but then they ed up with no success. One needs to put a lot of effort. With it, investment is equally important. thank you for sharing your views.

  12. It is very okay to be making money on your site but you must not put all your mind on just only the money you want to make. blogging money or online earning doing come as easy as everybody used to say it but you can achieved a lot online and start making huge money if you are focus in achieving your goals. make your work and effort speak for you and the flow of money will be directing to your pulse every month. thanks for sharing

    • Raaj Trambadia

      Hello Igbalaye

      Well I was lost during a part of your comment (grammatical issues). But yes – all it needs is dedication, hard-work and patience.

  13. This is a great idea! I agree with you Raaj Trambadia.

    This is a good article to everyone who wants to make money through blogging. This is definitely the most amazing article that talks about money. A lot of people strive harder to work for firm, not knowing what blogging can do to change thier life. Blogging is an easy way to make you rich. All you have to have a knowledge about the topic that you want to talk about.

    Knowledge is power! Happy blogging to evryone!

    • Raaj Trambadia

      Well, I appreciate your comment Jules but I wasn’t really talking about ‘how to make money blogging’ here.

      Anyways, thank you for the comment.

  14. Hi Raaj, Great Article bro. Most of the Newbie bloggers wants to earn money without any investment and most of them end up with no money and success. This tips helps lot to a Newbie bloggers. Thanks for Sharing!

  15. Sanji

    Another one is not taking action, reading other peoples tutorials and success stories and not taking action on it won’t even make you a dime. Start by reading and replicating their plan of action and having your own twist / personal touch on it and don’t stop until you succeed. Thanks for the article Raaj!

    • Raaj Trambadia

      Pleasure Sanji. In my case, I’ve not really read much of success stories. I try to do it my way – success or failure, I wouldn’t regret it :)

  16. Fantastic post, Raaj. It’s important that new bloggers realize all that goes into building up a popular blog that actually generates income. I didn’t fully comprehend this when I got into the industry 7 years ago and it took me a while to really grasp the concept of cultivating relationships, building traffic and a community first through creating quality content.

    Now that I’ve got a hold of that concept, everything is starting to fall into place for me rather quickly. However, it wasn’t without paying my dues. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. I hope many others discover this post and find as much value in it as I did. I appreciate it!


    • Raaj Trambadia

      Ms. Roberts – nice to hear that. So the time of 7 years was worth it, right? I appreciate your comment. I’m sure you’ve received my comment on the commentluv post you shared with us.

  17. I totally agree with your point’s raaj… I think if a person really wants to make money online then should have to invest something because for getting something you have to give something… And as you mentioned in your 1st about the Quality it’s 100% true that we have to focus on both the thing if we really want to make money then we have to set out mind first

  18. Making money online is not easy and can never be easy. the only way one can make money blogging is by getting a good amount of traffic, without traffic you can’t possibly be thinking of making money with your blog/ website. thanks

  19. Nowadays people are lured by the advertisements but they do not realize the effort required to put before you can start earning decent money. Your article is really an eye opener for many. Good job.:)

    • Raaj Trambadia

      And? Let me know if you’re interested in discussing that. Just mentioning your problem wouldn’t help, my friend.

  20. Those reasons hit me real hard because those are the exact reasons that I had when I was getting started. But I guess you can’t really blame people for having those reasons because its human-nature to read something and at least hope that maybe its easier to do it especially when relying on luck. Although all in all, its something that bloggers or online aspirants learn over time.

  21. If a blogger starts to earn money he loses his attitude and gets into a mind of money motive. He then never produce a quality content. Don’t be money motive. Just do your work and god will reward will you.

    • Raaj Trambadia

      For many, that is the case Kyle while for many, it’s not! Successful bloggers yet produce quality content to MAINTAIN the name that they achieved after a LONG journey.

  22. Those who wants to make money blogging without investing a dime don’t really deserve to make money blogging. You shouldn’t hesitate to do at least small investments on your blog at first If you’re serious in this.

    • Raaj Trambadia

      True that Ehsan. Believe it or not – I’ve been investing into my blog since days when I didn’t even make about $50 a month. But times have changed! :)

  23. Thanks – great post.

    My blog is brand now so I don’t expect to try to monetize it for at least the first 12 months. My main focus is to keep it clean and build trust. When I start to see some serious traffic I might start looking for advertisers.

    Basically I’m just gonna throw a lot of money and hard work after my blog. Hmmm – that doesn’t sound logical …

  24. Its true that every blogger wants to earn money but they don’t have confidence to invest for any premium tools. I just started the work, First I want to increase my writing skills. So that I am able to show my clients what I am and what is my writing style. What I can provide them. First I want to invest time and then money and then I want to earn..

    I have subcribed your blog and I want to get latest updates from your blog.. Thanks for sharing Nice and interesting information, Thanks again

    • Raaj Trambadia

      Great to hear and see that spirit Abdul. All the best for your endeavors.

      PS – This is not really my blog. I’m just a guest blogger. You can visit – MyBlogIsMyMoney.Com to take a look at my blog!

      • Thanks Mr. Raaj. I just follow up your blog. If you give me chance to increase my blogging skills, I am very thank full to you for this.

        I want to start my blog but first I want to learn fully how I can do this. If you give me suggestion, I will appreciate your help

        Thanks agin

  25. Raaj, Success by chance is only for the few. I have seen people working insanely hard to succeed. Investing WISELY in business holds the key.


  26. Hi Raaj,

    You absolutely hit where most bloggers gone wrong and does not make money at all. What was on their mind was only to make money, but not thinking of the quality of the blogs they are writing. They lack dedication and hardwork. Blogging should also be your passion to become an effective blogger.

  27. A person who does not have any amount of self confidence about making money 0nline does not deserve to make money with the help of blogging and this is for sure. When you cannot stand for something, you do not deserve to be a part of its success.

  28. Hi raj the post title was shocker. Yes one needs to invest in the blog. I don’t know about market samurah but am a fan of sem rush.

  29. Hey Raaj !
    I have actually seen such people, who don’t want to invest and want just money. That is why they are unable to get their maximum. I totally agree with you. Nice concept you have introduced.

  30. I always thought blogging was for passion not for money, then money will come. This post just tells us not to be selfish

  31. Kapil

    I’m in agreeance with you Raaj.
    Blogging isn’t for everyone – many people enter blogging with the view that they will start to generate a large passive income within weeks (then reality kicks in). They end up giving up and then the badmouthing process begins “oh it doesn’t work, it’s all a scam”….only those who persist and put in the hard yards see the true results in the end.

  32. Raaj, this is another great posting. It’s very informative. Most of people want success
    instantly, that’s why they are not deserve to make money online.

    Success in online business takes time, investment and big effort to make it come true. I’m very agree with you about many people not success make money online because they don’t want invest their money in their online business.

    Thanks for great posting Raaj

  33. very nice tips..
    we can earn money by blogging but some efforts and confidence is very necessary and choose right strategy for blogging

  34. Hi Raaj,

    Nice points, You’re mentioned quite crucial points here about successful (make money) blogging. It’s important to make some investment first only then you can expect any return. If you totally rely on no investment policy then you hardly make any money.

  35. You can make money with zero investment but there are 2 people from 100 who can do this cuz they have great luck :) and i personaly know them in my life .But if you invest in the start that will like froasting diped in gold for you :)

  36. Hadley

    I agree a little cash investment and also time investment is often neglected. Success doesn’t ever come overnight.

  37. Hi Raaj Trambadia nice post and i must say that most newbies consider this term the most “The Last Priority Was Your First” and they think that they can become a great blogger in no time and start earning like every one else and forget the hard-work that other did to become to this stage…

  38. Blogging is to be played by the rules. It should be considered as as proper business like you said, efforts has to be put in and no short cuts. Some bloggers think its a get quick rich scheme. But the truth is far from it.

  39. It’s always nice to have an advertising page, btw nowadays getting approved on BuySellAds is very tough :( I always look for free alternative before buying paid software or plugins :) If free one satisfying my need they no need to buy paid one :)

  40. Thank you for the informative post. I have recently began working online as a side venture and you are correct, it does appear that making investments (albeit, thoroughly though out) can definitely make a difference when done correctly. I like posts like this because it helps give me perspective. Keep up the good work!

  41. blogging is a superb way to make money online(my experiance) .i did’t make any payment(excluding for domain and hosting) for tools,but i earned a decent amount of money.but i am sure if i payed for something mean my income will be get boost…so now searching for such tools.suggest me some one
    thanks for tips

  42. Very interesting post. I think the main reason why many people are not making money with their blog is simply down to them not putting in the kind of effort that is required. I have a friend of mine who moans at me constantly about not making any money with his blog, he posts once a month and does no promoting at all. He wonders why I chuckle at him when he asks me this question. :)

  43. Investment is very important. Market samurai has been absolutely indispensable in getting traffic to my blog. There are also so many free, awesome wp plugins, allin in on seo pack, etc.

    Enjoyed the article, but I do deserve clients 😉

  44. Joe Lee

    You mentioned ‘quality’ in blogging. It’s not just in blogging we should look out on quality, in any business the owner must look into quality. Customers don’t mind paying and coming back for quality products or services.

  45. After reading title, I thought, Do I really deserve money? And after reading your post, I can say “yes”. Blogging will make you good money sooner or later …Amount of money depends on what type of person you are…Good job.

  46. Ha. I’m guilty of some of this especially on the “making money without investment” part. If I could acquire something for free, I would definitely acquire it. If not, then I’ll just ignore it. Of course I realized later on that in the business of blogging, you also need to release money not only acquire it. Another great post.

  47. Investment is absolutely necessary online.

    Smart one to add in there Rahul..

    So many think going at it completely free, is the way to go.

    Invest smartly to make great money :)

  48. Probably my biggest issue as well: willing to invest.
    I – as I say so myself – do think I write quality content and stick to my personal point of view, but I’m kinda scared of investing not knowing I will make any profit out of the investment what-so-ever. (I guess that’s life…).

    But well, perhaps I might check some things out and make a small investment some time soon, thanks for the tips 😉

  49. Good article Raaj.. unless you’re just very lucky it’s impossible to make money without putting in the effort. The if-you-build-it they will come mentality rarely works and it takes a lot of energy to push your blog through social media etc until you get some traction. Once you have a regular reader base it does become a lot easier though!

  50. I give 5 stars for the three reasons. Very good article, Raaj! People want overnight success which is denied to them. Thanks for the post.

  51. We will have to invest for our online business so that we can get good results and earnings through our online business. Nice post thanks for sharing it.

  52. Hey Raaj,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Yes, for making money, it requires lots of hardwork and also consistency towards blog. If blog is our only business then we have to invest some amounts to it for theme or for best plugins.