CommentLuv Secrets Leaked

CommentLuv is one of my favorite WordPress plugins. CommentLuv helps you build backlinks, and brand recognition. You can also increase engagement on your blog by installing CommentLuv on Blogger or by installing the WordPress Plugin. CommentLuv has also been the driving force behind fabulous guest blogging contests – including the big one going on right now in conjunction with Famous BloggersiBlogZone and MyBlogGuest.

(I’d like to mention that I’m one of the proud sponsors of the Traffic Generation Blogging Contest, and after you’re done reading this post, go on an check out some of the submissions and wish the contestants well. Or maybe even enter the contest yourself – wouldn’t that be the bomb. There’s close to $4,000 up for grabs.)
CommentLuv Traffic Contest 2011

Top 5 Dead or Alive

If for some reason, CL were to ever go away, you would hear the collective moans of over 45,000 CommentLuv members from across the blogosphere and let’s just say – hearts would be broken. I will go so far as to say this – Dead or alive – CommentLuv is one of my fave top 5  :)

However, quiet as it’s kept, there has been some speculation in the past as to rather or not CommentLuv would survive the massive server loads and the costs associated with maintaining server upgrades. Basically, if you follow along with the CommentLuv blog, “like” the Facebook page, or subscribe to the newsletter, on occasion you’ve heard the owner (and friend to Basic Blog Tips) Andy Bailey mention that some big changes are in the works for CommentLuv.

Now, if you’re paranoid like me, all kinds of nightmares start running through your head, and your heart starts beating fast as your blood pressure begins to rise!

What?? Changes coming to CommentLuv???!! OH NO!!

On the other hand you could be the cool and confident type and you’re thinking – Hmmm changes coming to CommentLuv? Bring it!!!

Well, up until now, the greatly anticipated changes to CommentLuv been a very closely guarded secret.

CommentLuv Secret Leaked

The suspense is over – at least part of it is anyway. Watch Andy’s most recent video where he talks about the Big Blogging Contest of 2011, and if you’re totally impatient at this point skip to 8:43 of the video to find out the big news straight from the man himself!

CommentLuvvy – leaks (sort of like wikileaks but not really)

Remember that in the video, Andy says that he hasn’t even started working on this project yet, but here’s a snippet of what you can expect:

  1. will no longer be a multi-user site. It will revert to a single user site featuring guest bloggers.
  2. Complete paradigm shift of how CommentLuv works
  3. Revamped CommentLuv plugin will allow sign-ups on individual blogs (like mine and yours)

The CommentLuv Plugin

CommentLuv registration on your blog?

Once people can register for CommentLuv on your blog that will have potential to bring traffic to your domain. Can you imagine what that will mean for your blog? I know there’s all sorts of questions running through your heads right now and I’d love to hear what they are. Maybe we can get Andy to show up and respond to a few of them. What do you think about that?


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  1. Sounds like Andy will be busy outside of the contest. It will be interesting to see the impact of having CommentLuv users register at a blog. As he mentioned that would be gold if it worked.

    I’m wondering how it would work, though. Would a CommentLuv user be required to register on a blog to get all the CommentLuv features, or is that just one of the options? Could they still register in one place to take advantage of the plugin?

    • Hey Paul, great questions! Here’s my theory. I think that some type of back door will be created to allow access to the ComLuv registration through our blogs. I guess the plugin will become a premium one and it will be up to us if we want to charge people for registration so we can make back our money and a little extra too. Just a thought – we’ll see though. :)

      • Lots of comments down below; you definitely touched a hot topic, Ileane! :)

        I’d like to extend Paul’s question a little further and ask you how the fact that users will be able to register on our sites will bring us enormous amount of traffic?


        • Ana, I can only hope that traffic will increase once people find that they can register for CommentLuv on our own blogs instead of going to the comluv site. Really it will all depend on the options that we are able to offer and this is a great time to give Andy our input.
          Can you think of any features we could have that would bring in significant amounts of traffic? Please let Andy know – he wants everyone’s feedback.

          Thanks for stopping by Ana, it’s great to have you here.

        • it will be entirely up to the blog owner if they will need you to register to their site to do more things with commentluv.
          For example, you could give every visitor their latest post under their comment or allow them to choose from up to 10 posts. Or, if you want, you could only allow the choice of 10 last posts if they have registered on your site.

          When people see they can choose from 10 of their posts to include with their comment if they register to your blog, they will. tens of thousands of people registering to each year shows that to be true.

          When they have ‘invested’ some time to register to your site, they will feel a tiny bit of loyalty towards it and you suddenly become a little higher up their list of places to go and comment when they have a new post to promote or they need some more attention on a previous post. Registering will also have the advantage of allowing them to save their bio information that will get shown on the pop that happens when you hover over the heart icon after the last blog post link.

          there are a lot of things that can be added and that can be specified as ‘registered users only’. Dofollow or keyworded name and more. the important thing is, it is up to the blog owner and if anyone is found to be abusing the ‘members only’ privileges then the blog owner can remove them in the dashboard. full control for the person who matters – the blog owner!

          • Thanks, Andy for giving additional “insight”.

            The stuff you’re working on sounds really exciting (with additional options for the blogger and functionality).

            I am a new blogger and quickly added Comment Love plug-in. It’s my top favorite as Ileane said in her post. Keep up the great work…thousands of us appreciate what you do!

          • Jenna

            Thanks so much Andy. You answered my question before I even asked it.

            I was wondering if a non-registered person could still post on sites. It seems like it goes back to the blog owner. I am totally cool with that because it gives the owner more power.


      • Mani and Saksham, I was concerned about this too, but after seeing Andy’s video I realize that he wants us to grow our comments with CommentLuv NOT decrease them. He’s such a smart business man, he just gave us a little teaser, that’s all :)

  2. Fantastic post Ileane and if there are people that are not (yet) convinced about CL then this might just do the trick. Andy rocks and has been “secretly” planning to boost up CL as it is. If I am thinking what I think he will do, it surely is a great form to further increase the community as well as “maybe” generate some extra bucks out of it, for us :)

  3. Hey Ileane,
    first of all thanks for the comment on my contest entry. Second, this might be funny but I ran into this video so many times and never actually played it. But I did here.

    You definitely have influence over me :)

    Had no idea Andy was sooooo funny, he is totally ADD like I am…

    • Hey Brankica, you’re welcome for the contest comment. I spent most of my weekend commenting on your guest posts :) All of they are pretty awesome. I love how you added the post to your CommentLuv list too. Glad you watched the video. There is so much to learn from Andy and he can always bring his stand-up act here anytime. Have a great week my friend.

  4. Hey Ileane,

    Super post title, I love it!

    You has been always supportive from the first class, many thanks, I really appreciate all what you do!

    • Anytime Hesham. You’re the King when it comes to contests! You always do them BIG TIME time and you keep making bloggers rich – that’s what I call “giving back” to the community.
      Way to go Hesham or should I say – You go boy!

    • I have to second Hesham on the great post title. Brava Ileane.

      I use both Disqus and Comluv on different sites. I can certainly see the advantages of using the premium features that Ileane provides here (Twitter and KeywordLuv). It is very appealing to a user such as myself.

      Disqus already allows on-site registration (though not monetized) but there is more obvious incentive for the commenter to register for Comluv at the point of commenting (particularly because they have the option to just log in with Twitter on Disqus).

      But one thing to keep in mind – who is your target? One of my sites with Disqus is Boomer Tech Talk which is aimed at newbies – and we really had to think about the commenting interface. I took off log-ins I thought would confuse them like OpenID.

      If you are capturing someone who has not registered for Comluv that means that they have never encountered it before – which pretty much throws them into the Newbie sphere. The “Keywordluv” entry Might be sufficiently intimidating to them to send them packing – so you need to decide how to use or explain those premium features.

      We even published a “How to Comment” on Boomer Tech Talk:

      • Hi Linda,
        You bring up a good point about putting the commenting policy into a blog post. I have tons of examples of what NOT to do. This one is my favorite ~ copying someone else’s previous comment from the same post! I say it’s my favorite because it almost got past me a few times, but I have a plugin called Tynt that adds an attribution anytime something is copied from this blog.
        So in most cases the person doing the copy and paste doesn’t speak English so they don’t realize that the attribution is there. :)

  5. I didn’t know who Andy was before your post, Ileane. But I’d watch his videos Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday… he’s funny… even just talking about a contest.

    But I digress — what an awesome leak. I have become a CommentLuv fanatic over the past few weeks. Even if it went premium, I’d shell out the money for it without hesitation.

    • Hiya Dahlia, If Andy wasn’t such a great programmer I’d say he missed his calling and should have been a comedian! That guy’s a riot. But let’s try to keep him happy making upgrades to CommentLuv for the time being. :)

      btw – I left a comment on your blog and your comedic skills ain’t no joke either. I had a ball over there!

      • belmontevic

        yeah! you’re right!! i totally agree with you, guy should have been a comedian! hahahaha!! comment luv, such a great plug-in! i helped millions all over the world!

  6. I guess it will be something like most paid plug ins, where they include your affiliate link to the registering or downloading part, hopefully it will take off but I guess once you start charging for it the number of new users will go down.

  7. great post Ileane!

    I thought I would pop by and answer any questions that have come up..

    Paul Salmon (@technicallyeasy): I am super busy outside the contest! Thank the lawdy for Hesham because he is the main driving force behind the contest which gives me time to explore my other intense things.

    re. the registration thing ; It wont be required to register to the blog to make a comment, that is still up to the blog owner. The same goes for receiving 10 posts to choose from when you comment. I want to move that choice to the blog owner too, if they want to give everyone 10 posts on any comment they make then that’s up to them, or they can set the plugin to only show 1 post for regular commenters and allow people who have registered at their blog to have 10 posts.

    Ileane : The free version of the plugin will leave the registration process up to your blog settings. The premium version will have it’s own special way of allowing people to register for a user account.

    Mani (@tospost), Saksham (@bloggingj) : Don’t worry, you wont be required to register at a blog to be able to comment (unless the blog owner has set it that way already).

    DiTesco (@ditesco) : You got it, I’ve been planning these things for a very long time! It’s my intention to turn the premium version into something that can not only bring massive benefits to your blog without requiring the reader to leave your site and register somewhere else, but also give you the opportunity to make a few bucks.
    It seems silly to continue to take money off people for having extra sites and default links when those links appear on YOUR site, shouldn’t the money go to the blog who is displaying those links? I think so and that’s the plan with the next (paid) version.

    Brankica (@liveurlove) : Yup, I am ADADD (all day ADD) :-)

    Hesham (@famousbloggers) : I agree, Ileane is working her way into my consciousness as a premium commentluvver!

    Dahlia (@thatMthing) : haha, thanks for your kind words! When work begins properly on the new free version and then afterwards on the premium version, I’ll be making a lot of videos chronicling my progress. I hope you can come by and watch some (chances are Ileane will see them before anyone else and post them here) (right Ileane? 😛 )

    Nishadha (@rumblinglankan) : Don’t worry, there will always be a free/lite version. It will perform the same function of allowing the blog owner to let their commenters leave their latest post along with their comment.

    The paid version is only for people wanting to take advantage of awesome things like : dofollow with rules, keyword name (like keywordluv) , integrated twitterlinks, advanced user registration, automatic anti spam measures, integration with newsletter subscriptions and quite a few other things that haven’t been tested yet like auto tweeting a user when their comment gets a reply, subscribe to replies to your comment instead of every comment and more as and when I think of it!

    Ileane : thanks for writing this post, I’ll be contacting you and other ambassadors nearer the time I’m going to start the big project of luv !:-)

      • there’s even more!
        I keep thinking of things and writing them down on a post-it note and sticking it on my bookshelf next to my pc. it’s starting to look like a christmas tree! lol, the latest flash of an idea is to have hte option to automatically allow users to choose from 10 last posts if they have commented x amount of times.

    • Thanks Andy. Providing more control to the blog owner is a great move. I know people like to maintain as much control over their blog as they can, and allowing them choices with the CommentLuv plugin will just make it that much better.

    • Andy all I can say is you’re awesome. Thanks so much for putting everyone’s fears to rest! I feel like this is going to drastically transform the task of “comment monitoring” as it exists today.

      • you’re welcome Ileane, thanks for making the post. It really helps to have a discussion about what users think and what they want.

        btw.. I have made a new video and it’s uploading to youtube right now.

  8. This all sounds really awesome, I for one can’t wait to see how everything is going to run, as a user of CommentLuv for quite a while now, I just can’t complain about any of Andy’s updates and tweaks, bring it on!!!!!

  9. I have been a major CommentLuv fan since the day I installed it in 2008. This is the first time I’ve heard Andy speak and I have to say I’d forgotten he was British; how wild is that? lol I think the changes will be pretty good for us as individuals, and I have to say that I was stunned when he’d gone to the multi-blog thing in the first place because, well, that just seemed like a heck of a lot of work and I wondered if he was making any scratch off it, enough to sustain it.

    As for the blog contest, I can’t figure out why I haven’t even thought about joining it. Must be a mental block I’m having, but I applaud everyone who takes a shot at it.

    • Hey Mitch, you’ve got some great traffic generation tips so you really should enter the contest. It’s a great way to get to know some other bloggers too. Let me know if you join in the fun. There’s lots of cash to go around and that always makes for a great contest. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Fantastic post. I will try this plugin on two sites.
    I heard about CommentLuv from a friend but him didn’t told many things about it.

    Thank you for this information

    • Daniel, did you know you can get a free account with CommentLuv too – even if you don’t have it installed on your blog yet?

      Go for it man! You can sign up start seeing benefits right away when you leave comments on blogs like mine. Let me know if you need help.

  11. Patricia

    Hi Ileane & Andy

    Sounds interesting. My only question will be how easy it will all be to implement the changes??!! Not all of us are techies and I hope it will be easy for all of us 😉

    Looking forward to seeing it all in action. Thanks Ileane for giving us the heads up. You are always way ahead of us 😉 And thanks Andy for answering questions. Sure there will be more as the word gets out. Always are when changes are coming.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi lavender lady! :)
      It should be as easy as updating the plugin via the automatic update system or adding a new plugin via the dashboard in the normal way you would with any other plugin.

      The plugin will have a default set of features that will be enabled on installation, anything else will have a set of instructions on the new support site (at when it is ready.

  12. Ileane, thanks for the update on CommentLuv. I am just now learning about what is in the works for their site. Although I try to diversify how I promote my site, CL has certainly been a big part in my efforts. I thought Andy’s response to how to handle the 1 vs. 10 post option is interesting. (Moving it from the reader being able to automatically select the post to the site owner either making it 1 by default or giving the option for them to select from their 10 posts.)

    • Hey Laura,
      Welcome to Basic Blog Tips! Please follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news on CommentLuv.
      I’m headed over to your blog now to get some CommentLuv :)

  13. I’ll be honest, in the past I have not taken the time to install CommentLuv on any of our sites. But I think I have just changed my mind.

  14. Dennis Edell

    I hope it all works. I foresee greedy bloggers losing massive amounts of traffic after trying to charge folks for things they got for free for years now.

    • It’s one of those things that will become very apparent that its not working if the blogger decides to be greedy. And, extra urls and default links were not always free, you had to spend comluv credits to get them.

        • there is a possibility of having paid options but that will be up to the blog owner. If they want to make it all free then that’s up to them, it will default to be free.

          Some blogs might want to charge for the privilege of displaying keyworded author names or allowing non-blog last blog posts that link to a commercial site, it’ll be entirely up to the blog owner.

          • Dennis Edell

            Oh I know, and personally I can’t wait.

            Just sayin’, you might wanna plant a disclaimer: “If yer gonna get greedy, don’t be shocked and surprised nor blame me if you lose have your readers”…..perhaps in different words. LOL

  15. I absolutely hate Disqus, half the time I lose my comment if I do not log on first.

    Looking forward to a better solution! Oh, and Lleane, checkout my new site, we just released it last week. Getting away from IM and back into what I really do. Thanks for the Stumble head up, let me know anytime I can help!

    • Hey Chris, I agree about Disqus. Intense Debate gets some respect for letting Blogger users install CommentLuv, but on a WordPress blog all you really need is the default commenting system with the CommentLuv and Twitter links plugins. And let’s not forget the other powerful plugin that Andy built – G.A.S.P. GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin ! If you’re not using it you should take a look.

      I’m off to check out your site now. And thanks for the shares over on StumbleUpon. It’s funny how we connected on Google Buzz but ended up connecting on other networks :)

  16. kira permunian

    Hi there Ileane, I am stalking your blog for good eversince I get love blogging. Thanks for such an inspiration. I am also considering in my priority list the commentluv plugin for my upcoming new blog domain! As I see it, it’s really powerful and worthy! As of now I am enjoying being part of the contest organized by commentluv, Famous Bloggers, iBlogZone and MyBlogGuest. This is really the greatest contest I’ve ever joined so far.

    BIG Thanks to everyone here!

    Warmest regards,

    Kira Permunian

    • Hi Kira,

      Those other contestants better bring their A-game. I learned that from the personal finance contest which you won the top prize for last month. And you beat out me and Kiesha Easley in order to win. You Go Boy!

      I will definitely support you for the Blog Engage contest too. Let me know when your new domain is up so I can come and get some CommentLuv from your site!

      Thanks for the comment – means a lot to me.

  17. I have never though that Commentluv will take us to get more traffic. Honestly, I haven’t joined CommentLuv. I’m curious How to CommentLuv works? How can CommentLuv help us to increase our traffic?

  18. Well thanks for the update on commentluv AND also your comments about twitter of Steve Scott’s blog (How to Get 300 Visitors a Day from Twitter). You brought a breath of fresh air to a perspective that was getting very stale.

    • Hi Riley, welcome to Basic Blog Tips! How nice of you to come over here from Steve’s blog and give me such rave reviews. I like you already :) Please visit more often. Twitter is my second favorite subject (right behind CommentLuv) LOL!

  19. Ah, Ileane…this sounds so fantastic, commentluv with new features. Well the registering feature certainly sounds fantastic. It will help a lot in make subscribers/members out of visitors and yes since many people do not like, I am sure Andy will be making the feature as a optional thing which can be manipulated by the admin. Also, it is good to know that commentluv will now also have a premium version which will have even more features. Actually I read through Andy’s comment and it seems that the new comluv premium will have all the function of so many different plugins in a single plugin. It will eliminate the problem of installing many plugin for doing different works. Commentluv has always been my favorite wordpress plugin and now it seems it is about to cement it position. Hats off to Andy for his work.


    • Shiva – I agree. Three cheers for Andy! Hip Hip Hooray!! Can’t wait for the new CommentLuv. I really think this is going to make our blog’s community much stronger.

  20. Hey Ileane,

    Well as long as these changes will benefit us even more, I’m all for it! I LOVE CommentLuv and really just couldn’t imagine how they can make it better.

    But like many of your commenters have already said, I hope this in no way will decrease traffic because let’s face it. A lot of visitors to our blogs might not necessarily want to sign up for our newsletter or whatever offer we have so I don’t want that to be the reason they don’t visit or comment any longer. I want them to enjoy the posts and want to leave comments and eventually some of them will opt-in. I don’t want it to be a requirement.

    Thanks for all the scoop and I did enjoy Andy’s video too! Cool guy finally seeing him in action.


  21. Commentluv have been my best way for stoping paying to other bloggers for making reviews of my site. Thanks god for commentluv and keywordluv.!

  22. Thanks Ileane for the news. I visit your blog with a hope of finding something new happening in the blogsphere and you’ve always proved that.

    CommentLuv is my favorite plugin ever since I first encountered. Hope the new changes will make it more useful and even more lucrative.

    • Suresh, it is so great to see you here after missing you for the last few months. I’m sure CommentLuv will continue to be our favorite plugin. :)

      • Oh Ya Ileane, I’m been like traffic signal that turns green and red time and again. I hope I won’t need to be away like this again. I missed you all when i could not use Internet.

        • Suresh, if you get a chance, can you let me know what you think of the guest author bio boxes I’m using. There is one at the beginning of the post and a different one at the end – they both have different features so it’s making my decision difficult. Which do you like best? Thanks Suresh
          Btw – I would love to have another guest post from you one day soon too.

          • Ileane, both boxes look good and the bottom one has one more link to the author’s blog. If you ask me I don’t like the idea of having box at the top of post. The first few sentences of any pages are important from search engine’s view. Having bio box at the top will repeat same text at the top of every page of that author.

            I will vote for the bottom box if you don’t see any special purpose of having the top one.

          • Thanks Suresh, you make great points. Honestly I like having the box at the top, but I didn’t realize the search engines would read this first. I’m hoping something good about Thesis Theme is preventing that. I’ll do some digging and let you know what I find out. Thanks for your input.

  23. Hi Ileane,

    I was trying to use your technique with the comment luv on blogger. The video I came across is great but it looks like maybe the site has changed a bit on how to add the comment luv widget. Could you help me out?

  24. I have not installed wordpress plugin to my wordpress dashboard. I did not install it because I’m hosting my blog for free and they don’t allow me to install plugin. So without installing can I get backlinks from commentluv ?

    • Pavan – I must tell you that I used to be a blogger too, so at first I was disappointed when I found that I could not install CommentLuv on my old blog. It looks like you are a CommentLuv member already and rest assured you are getting backlinks for your blog as a result. :)

      • Yes! I’m already a member of CommentLuv from yesterday. But I didn’t get any backlink from CommentLuv. Do you think CommentLuv will help me in getting more backlinks?

        • Pavan, yes. You have to give it some time for Google and the other search engines to pick up on your comments. Just be careful and leave good comments or questions related to the article you are commenting on. Most bloggers with CommentLuv moderate comments very heavily and they will delete any that appear spammy. Hang in there and the backlinks will be discovered, don’t worry :)

          • Sure. I will be doing that. Once visit my blog and let me know if it is good or not. I’m new to blogging field so need some suggestions who are already into blogging. :-)

          • Pavan,

            Did you update your blog already? I don’t see the CommentLuv plugin enabled. Let me know if you changed your mind about it.

          • I haven’t updated the plugin as I can’t activate any plugin. I’m hosting my blog for free, so they have not given me that option. Sometimes I feel very bad when I don’t get visitors to my blog. I’m new to this field so help me.

          • Pavan,
            Do you have any plugins installed on your blog yet? I’ve never used a free host so I don’t know why you can’t activate the plugin.

          • It’s not too hard to change hosting companies. Who are you hosting with so other people can avoid them?

            There is a best way to change hosts so if you dont know ask. Your blog will have zero down time.


  25. Delena Silverfox

    Hi Ileane,

    I still haven’t been able to watch the video. Whenever I see it posted somewhere, the baby’s always asleep in my lap (like now, and I’m typing one-handed). Lately everyone’s been talking about the changes to CommentLuv, it seems. I have a feeling it’ll most greatly affect the free users; big changes to tools like this always seem to. I’m reeeally hoping that’s not the case here, though!


  26. I just commented on a cool site that has non-premium comluv installed and found he had recently added a (not great) plug-in to handle subscribe to comments.

    Ileane – I see you have a subscribe to comments on this premium version of Comluv. Is that built in to Comluv or did you need to add anything?

    Just FYI – It – subscribe by mail or RSS is built into the DISQUS free version.
    I also wonder if Disqus has something to scan for duplicate comments built in – there is a lot of protection from spamming built in.

    Let me emphasize that I think BOTH comluv and disqus are great for commenters.

    • Hi Linda,
      I’m using the Subscribe to Comments plugin. I really feel that subscribing to comments should be part of the WordPress core since it is built into
      Disqus doesn’t have a way for commenters to choose from related posts to link to the way we can with CommentLuv. Great to have your feedback Linda. Thanks.

  27. That is exciting (and somewhat scary) news about commentluv. I look forward to having people register for it directly from my site. I hope they will continue to keep it easily accessible for bloggers and readers to interact.

    • Hey Jennifer, Andy has made another video to keep us up to date with all the latest CommentLuv developments. Take a look and maybe you’ll end up signing up to test the “pre-launch” version. Thanks for the visit!

  28. Hi Ileane
    CommentLuv rocks, that is for sure. I just love that plugin and I love bloggers using it on their blog as well. I think that the way the plugin connect all our blogs together is awesome. I am for sure look looking forward to see what Andy is up to.

    • Hi Thomas, welcome to Basic Blog Tips! CommentLuv is pretty sweet isn’t it? And what really makes is special is Andy and the way he interacts with all of us and let us have input. His videos are quite entertaining too :)

  29. I run a small printing business and I am thinking of starting a blog that allows comments as I have been told its a good way to engage with your client base.

    Is comment Luv a good tool to use?

    I have found this great non for profit site that promotes internet use for business and individual use.

    Worth a look it you spend anytime online. Better to be safe!

  30. commentluv is ok. i wouldn’t die without it. the only reason i have it on my blog is cause i figured out how to make it less ugly 😛

    • Jenny,
      I find that hard to understand. You have a CommentLuv account, you comment on CommentLuv blogs, you have the CL plugin installed on your blog ~ but you say it’s “ok”… I’m not feelin’ you on that one :(

      • Just because I use it doesn’t mean I’m in love with it. It just makes people more likely to leave a comment on my site ’cause they get to whore out their link in some way. 😛

  31. Hi Ileane,

    This is a great post, but I am slightly confused, does this mean any non wordpress site can register to have comluv enabled??? :S

    Many thanks


    • Ash, there are two different aspects to CommentLuv.
      1. Anyone can sign up (or register) for a CommentLuv account – even people with static websites! You just need to have an RSS feed. Bloggers, can to pick from 10 of their last blog posts to link to when they visit blogs that have the plugin installed – which brings me to:
      2. The CommentLuv plugin can be installed on WordPress AND Blogger blogs (instruction video appears below).

      Let me know if that clears up the confusion.

      I’m not sure how the new version of CommentLuv is going to integrate with Intense Debate and Blogger but that’s a good question for Andy.

      • Hi Ileane,

        Thank you for your reply, I will definitely email Andy, as it is a slight concern is comluv could enable dofollow status :S

        Many thanks for your help and great video reply!


    • Selina, you might be confusing KeywordLuv with CommentLuv. This post is about CommentLuv which hasn’t stop growing since day one. I see CommentLuv on your blog so maybe you made a typo (I’m confused about that).

      The KeywordLuv plugin is not as popular as it used to be, for one thing you can’t find it in the WordPress plugin repository and the other thing is that most people don’t take advantage of KeywordLuv unless they really know how to use it properly.

      If you still need more clarification, please let me know and I can get more info to you!

      • Ileane,
        Thank you so much. After reading your reply I looked it up and noticed that I am still learning all the ins and outs of this puzzle.

        You are so wonderful to take the time to reply,

        • You’re welcome Selina. I remember when it was very hard for me to keep track of all of the “LUV” plugins WordPress has for commenting. Hope to see you here again real soon.

  32. Great news about commentLuv Ileane. I agree with you, commentLuv is one of the best tool for driving traffic and effective medium to connect with other blogger. New development certainly will boost commentLuv’s popularity and performance. Thanks for sharing Ileane. Have a great weekend.

    • Rammesh, you are so right. CommentLuv helps build a stronger connection between blog owners and their audience.
      When someone leaves a comment here and I get see which post they want to feature at the end of the comment it gives me more insight into what they’re about. I can hover over the heart and see the other blogs they have visited recently and I also get to see other recent blog posts from the commenter. I don’t know any other plugin that displays such a content rich profile.
      Thanks Rammesh.

  33. Well all are here supporting and telling commentluv benefits then how can i go different way. This is really a perfect tool for everyone. Thanks

  34. As someone who’s not really “up to date” with the latest developments in the blogging world, can you explain the difference between commentluv and keywordluv? It’s only by seeing this post that I realised they were different.

    • Hi Sam, I know we’ve talked a great deal about CommentLuv in this post and the comments, but we only touched the surface about KeywordLuv. My friend Gail from @Growmap has the best post ever written about KeywordLuv and I highly recommend that you check out KeywordLuv: How it Benefits Us All
      Just to give you an idea of how thorough the post is, there are over 800 comments!! Thanks for the comment Sam. :)

  35. CommentLUV is good plugin for WordPress that we can building backlink by find all of the blog using that. The keywordluv also good too.

  36. Hey Ileane,

    I just started using Comment Luv and really looking forward to the results. I’ve seen lots of people like yourself create a very awesome community together with this plugin while still maintaining pretty decent rankings.

    Congrats on being a sponsor, hopefully it’s helped generate some profits besides just traffic.

    I just added this plugin, so wish me luck!

  37. Hi Illeane!

    I have finally installed ID on my blogger blog now with CommentLuv. I am so happy it has finally worked out. I am wondering if there is any html or something I can add for it to number each comment. Any ideas?

    By the way, I really appreciate your help in the past months to try and get it working on my site. The ID Team finally contacted me the other day, and James has been really helpful.

    Have a great day!

    • Hiya Vickie! How are you?!? I can’t believe that Intense Debate finally reached out to you. They must have been seriously backed up! LOL!! Better late than never and I’m glad you came by and let me know that your issues with installing Intense Debate and CommentLuv on your Blogger blog were resolved. There’s only so much trouble-shooting I can do before support needs to step up to the plate. This is a blogging story with a happy ending :)

  38. I’m not sure the register thing is really that great, but i’m sure CL will survive somehow despite the general opinion. It’s too great not to.

    • Scarlet, that might be an added bonus, but if you really want to combat spam you need to install Andy’s spambot plugin.
      It’s the GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin – have you tried it yet?

  39. I used to allow comments in my blogs. I got spam from all over the world and especially from East Europe. I do not allow it anymore. Too bad, that the spammers destroy everything :(

    • Blue Bucket,
      Do you have a spam blocking plugin? I know askimet gets rid of a lot. There is also an ip blocker plugin and you can find a list of ip addresses that will be blocked. There is also the ability to screen comments based on the words that they use. The list is prescriptions, porno, gambling, etc…

      Allowing comments is a good way to get traffic and create a community.


      • Hey Selina thanks for sharing that advice with Blue Bucket. The plugin I use here on Basic Blog Tips was also developed by Andy Bailey. I mentioned GASP in previous comments, but in case you missed it, here’s the link (see my CommentLuv).

        • Thanks Ileane,
          I am downloading it now and will install it right away.
          It was nice to hear your voice on the screencast you did.
          I don’t know if there was suppose to be something to watch? All I saw was a green screen.

          You have such a sweet disposition,

  40. Hi! The magic of CommentLuv is true. I experienced it myself. My post is really new but because of CommentLuv, my links grew tremendously! Thanks CommentLuv!!!

  41. Thank you for the news Ileane. Will be waiting what Andy will do with commentluv. Its a great plugin for a new blog like mine. :)

  42. Hm why change something if it isn’t broken. I love CommentLuv the way it is, keep it that way. Thanks for the news Ileane.

    • Dennis Edell

      Normally Goran, I’d agree wholeheartedly. I can tell you though, I’ve been a user since it’s inception and every change he’s made has done nothing but make it better, more user friendly and so on..have faith. 😉

    • Hi Goran, did you have a chance to watch the video yet? Andy explains in detail why he needs to make changes to CommentLuv. You’re welcome and thanks for commenting.

  43. I’ve been debating whether or not to open my other blogs up for commentluv. I just might give it a try after reading about everyone’s great results.

    • Hi code orange. Did you have a chance to install CommentLuv on any of your blogs yet? If you did, please send me the link so I can check it out :) Thanks for your comment.

  44. Hello all, I am new to using this CommentLuv thingy and I want to ask you experienced users one question. Should I install CommentLuv on my blog? Will it make people comment more on my posts?

    Thanks for letting me know, Jane

    • Hi Jane, welcome to Basic Blog Tips. CommentLuv can improve engagement on your blog in several ways, give it a try and let me know if you like it. Keep in mind you still need to have good content and become an active member of the blogosphere in order to get people on the blog in the first place.

  45. Hi Ileane,

    I have just started using CommentLuv and I think it’s brilliant. I have seen it at all my favorite blogs, so I decided to finally install it. I don’t regret it, because it helps to get traffic and build a community (by helping people who comment).

    The new additions that are coming to CommentLuv seems to be very interesting. I really like the idea that implementing the new stuff is in the control of the owner of the blog, so we get to decided if we want people to be able to register or not.

    – Jens

    • Hi Jens, thanks for your feedback. I’ll need to come over to your place and get some CommentLuv real soon too! P.S. – I sent you a friend request on Facebook earlier today.

      Thanks again.

  46. For the processes of aggregating backlinks, that has been the recent trend now all over the Internet, many scripts have come to the rescue and yes, Keyword Luv is indeed the one worth mentioning. Like each software or net based script, there are some hidden aspects that if brought to the fore, can help people exploit the immense potential of it.

    • Hi Angela, I guess that’s a fancy way of saying it, but I think you agree with the use of CommentLuv and KeywordLuv too. Right?

      • Well, of course Ilean. There is nothing wrong in exploiting your talent. I mean, if you are in a job, then what are you being paid for? Your talent, isn’t it. Now same should be with your online assets, and if there is something assisting you in it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in it.

        • I agree with you there. I normally don’t think of saying “exploit” when it comes to blogging and WordPress plugins but now that you mention it, I see your point! Thank you for your insights.

  47. I really love the service but really wonder why there registration page is crowded with so many adds. It’s really not goes with the quality of service. I think they should make it a little more simple and plain.

    • Techchai, I don’t want to speak for Andy about the reason behind all of the ads on his site, but I will say this. I just purchased another ad spot over on ComLuv and it sends me more traffic than any other banner ad – by FAR!!
      So I kinda’ like that :)

      • Nope. I probably never would since I don’t know anyone professionally who has ever used it and none of the WP blogs I have developed have ever made use of it due to excess spam.

        Currently CommentLuv only works with the native comment system and I prefer Disqus.

        • Oh, I see. What’s the biggest advantage of using Disqus? I can’t think of one advantage of using Disqus over CommentLuv. Btw – I’m not sure exactly what you mean when you say “professionally” but Lisa Irby from 2createawebsite is one of the most professional bloggers I know and she uses CommentLuv too.

          Have you ever heard of LiveFyre?

          • Disqus is more socially tuned and also allows SSO and a bunch of features for Pro. Professionally as in either companies, firms or bloggers who are consider pros in the vertical.

          • Benjamin, I’m glad you’re please with Disqus. I see a lot of Bloggers using it, so I’m sure they get some benefit out of it. So if you’re happy, I’m happy :) But I gotta tell ya” I’m sticking with CommentLuv :)
            Please stick around and let me know what you think of some of my other posts if you get a chance. I appreciate you for opening up a good discussion.

    • If you need any help getting your feet wet with CommentLuv, just let me know and I’ll give you a hand. The first order of business is for you to sign up for a free account. Then you can add your RSS feed and get a link back to your site when you leave comments here. OK?

      • Ok thanks, do posts on other peoples blogs like this help build links and the reason to sign up to commentluv is to allow other users to post on my site? Sorry like I said im a newbie :-)

  48. Hi MainStreetHost,
    You’re off to a good start with CommentLuv. I see you have an account and you have a lovely Gravatar too!! Yipee!! Only one more thing I need to share with you. KeywordLuv, which is another plugin I have installed here at Basic Blog Tips, allows you to use your real name along with your keywords. This way if you name is Rahul or Jessica you can fill in this – Rahul @MainStreetHost. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll like it :)

  49. Hi Ileane

    Im still new to blogging and ive read a lot about commentluv and keywordluv both of which im still trying to get head around but nonetheless I must say they seem to be pretty interesting and useful tools.

    • Hi Elaz. Welcome to Basic Blog Tips! I remember being so confused by all of this when I first started blogging too. I’ll try to give you a hand. I visited your site, very nice design by the way.
      Do you also have a blog? Let me know and I’ll can give you some examples of how CommentLuv and KeywordLuv can best help you. Don’t worry if you don’t have a blog, you can still use both of them to your advantage it’s just that the approach is a little different.

  50. Thanks Ileane, happy to be here and thanks again for the compliment about our website. At the moment we dont really have a blog for this website as we are still working on the best ways of using a blog for this particular niche. Would really appreciate any info on how i can use these interesting plugins to get the most out of them. :-)

    • Elaz, CommentLuv works based on an RSS feed. With a static website like yours, you can add a feature like announcements, latest news or a blog that way you can create an RSS feed (see this post for details on burning a feed with Feedburner )
      You can take advantage of Keywordluv when you leave comments on blogs that have the plugin installed like I do here on Basic Blog Tips. In the name field you would enter “Elaz @ Umbrella Payroll” that will increase your chances of being found when people are searching for that phrase.
      You will notice many bloggers using that technique if you scroll through the comments here on this post.
      Hope you find this helpful – give it a try now and see what I mean :)

  51. I love CommentLuv and I’m relatively new to using it. I hope the changes aren’t too dramatic. By the way, I love the blog you have here. Really great stuff!

    • Hey Brady,

      I just took a look at your site and its coming along very nicely. It looks like you have commenting turned off so it will be cool to see you turn it on and add CommentLuv for the benefit of your visitors. I’m sure you’ll love the new version when it comes out. Thanks for stopping by!

  52. Perhaps being reverting from multi-user will give more control? But being a register to comment will bring the whole movement to a standstill?

    • Ivin, let’s hope not :)
      If you have any concerns about the future direction of CommentLuv please reach out to Andy and let him know before he’s all done with coding. What are your specific concerns?

  53. Thanks for this post, this is my first time using commentluv but I am going to add it to all my sites!


  54. Commentluv is definitely one of the best ways I’ve found to legitimately drive traffic to your website via social interaction. Hopefully adding it to my site when I get a regular flow of visitors.

    • Matt, it’s never too soon to add CommentLuv. The new version can be set to require registration which you can set up to start building up your community. Best wishes for the success of your blog!

  55. Commentluv is the best plugin I have ever seen, hands dow, it allows the small guy to play on a more even field than before. Its worth noting to people who dont know that much about it who might see it as simply a way to build links that it really allows a degree of social traffic to find your site too. If you plan on commenting on a lot of blogs that use commentluv then make sure you register your main blog URL with them for some added benifits.

  56. I recently cam across this plugin n i dare say i have fallen in love with it “Love at First Sight” :)
    It really helps increase interaction between bloggers and site owners…

  57. I have only just installed this plug in to try and I have to admit I am not sure how well it will work because you have to find sites that actually have it and as yet I haven’t come across many that aren’t writing content specifically to do with the plug in.

    • Stueeey

      That has been my experience as well. The comment quality was also improved when I changed from Akismet to GASP.

  58. I have found that it improves the quality of comments that are left on the site, I think that the type of people who are actively searching for these types of sites have more respect for the functionality! Thanks for installing these great plugins….

  59. The recent changes that Andy made to CommentLuv are truly awesome. Integrating twitter as well as KeywordLuv is super. I for one will be among the first to buy his premium version.

    I use the pre-release version on my site and if that’s anything to go by, the premium version will be awesome and as an internet marketer, I am sure it will be a huge benifit for me.

    Thanks Ileane for this post and thanks to Andy for this great plugin.

    • Hi Abraham, do your visitors need to register on your blog in order to get the last 10 blog posts? You don’t need to register here for backlinks (not yet anyway – but I might change my mind) :)

      • Yes, people do need to register on my site to get to choose the 10 blog posts. I did it mainly to cut down on comment spam, but I might change my mind about that too and let everyone get the 10.

          • Me too! It seems that more human spammer are on the prowl so I’m thinking about making people register, I’ll give it one more week and if it doesn’t get any better I’m going to require registration. I can tell that some of these people don’t even look at the title of the post or they would leave the silly comments that they come up with (with all the “essay” writers out there I’m wondering if anyone in college does their own assignments”. And I’m getting tired of “great post” comments too.
            Let’s keep each other posted after CommentLuv 2.9 is released in the repository things might change.

          • I just wish that people will come and read the posts and make some intelegable comments that add some value to the post. Unfortunately most people just want the backlinks and use some sort of auto comment poster with crappy comments, some completely unrelated to the post. That’s why I always moderate my comments. With the new commentluv that can incorporate some form of captcha, we might see a decline in spammy comments. I hope so at least.

  60. Thanks for letting us know about the video. I’m in a bit of confusion. Has commentluv 2.9 already been released ? If so, is it still free ? Why does your site have a different badge ?

  61. Thank you..installed.

    I did do it automatically from the WP backoffice and it only downloaded 2.8.something.


  62. Google picks up quality as opposed to volume cheers. I have searched same this since long time. This is a massive list. Also when you link to dofollow links the higher the PR ranking the better the quality of the link. This post is very much informative.

  63. I too am agreed that Commentluv helps in building brand for the blog. I myself remember some of blogs using commentluv platforms and even I use to share those blogs with my friends. I have seen alexa ranking of those blogs less then 15000 and this is one of the best example of success of those blogs.

  64. Seems to be a great addition to your site. I have not personally used the commentluv plugin, although now I can see how it works, it is certainly something that I will seriously think about for my baby product sites.

    • Hi Katie, I think CommentLuv will do quite well on a baby products site. People always have a lot to say about their babies.

  65. I love the idea behind comluv and have included it on most if not all of my sites. Perhaps it is just the nature of some of my niches that people don’t leave comments and take advantage of the traffic. People are quite responsive on sites like this one where it is more education about online marketing and blogging. I like to benefit from the plugin on any site!

  66. The benefit of commenting on a no-follow blog is the possible referral traffic you get from having a no-follow link on that blog. And while you’re commenting on that blog you get to see who else commented on that blog.

  67. This is such a great plugin as it really promotes people leaving useful comments that are relevant to the actual post rather than the generic ones we so often see. Not sure how the latest changes will affect it though.

  68. I was speaking to the author the other day on twitter and it looks like the upgrade has happened, it also looks like they server was been hit a little too hard and it was not a justified expense. On the plus side there is now no need to register new blogs and everyone out there who posts on a commentluv blog will get access to their last 5 posts.

    Some people are saying the upgrade has killed it but I dont agree, its done a good job of letting us continue to use a great plugin and reduced the costs for all involved!

  69. I have a blog ranked at top position in Google.Initially i was not getting enough visitors.After that i have installed this plug in, now more visitors are comming to my blog. Now i am able to communicate my ideas with more people.

  70. Ileane, most of the initial reactions will probably be: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. I do believe that there is always room for improvement, and if these big changes result in a better more blogger friendly comluv, then bring it on! Most likely, it will be at a cost. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. As long as what we love about it remains, then I’m still a fan. Perhaps these changes or improvements will upgrade Jenny’s opinion of comluv from “ok” to “great”.

  71. I think that some type of back door will be created to allow access to the ComLuv registration through our blogs. I guess the plugin will become a premium one and it will be up to us if we want to charge people for registration so we can make back our money and a little extra too.

  72. Commentluv can really get you a lot of traffic and ofcourse comments, actually everyone can see the effects of commentluv in this page, with over 200 comments it’s just impressive

    • Kostas, Even I’m surprised that comments are still coming in on this post. Seems everyone is intrigued by Andy Bailey the the power of his WordPress plugins like CommentLuv and GASP – not just me :)

  73. Awesome article. Thanks for sharing the secrets Ileane. I have only just stumbled upon ComLuv, but I’m “luving” it!

  74. Does comment luv really bring traffic. What i think it will not bring highly converting or it won’t bring people who are there specially read the person’s blog.

    It is good for spammers also.

  75. harmy

    thanks for the posts… it is very helpful especially for wanderers and starters like me! hope there will be more posts like this 😀

  76. yayemax

    My question is how come that users will be able to register on our sites and then will give us a good amount of traffic? Matter of factually please tell me if comentluv really do generate traffic?

  77. Does it matter what topic the blogs are on, which you post the keywords? I often hear that you should post on blog topics relevant to the page you are backlinking.. Is this true in your experience? And if so, how do you advise to locate relevant blogs?

  78. Danny

    It’s been live now for a couple of weeks and I absolutely love it. (sadly I could not see the youtube video).
    The “show 10 posts here” options are genius. I haven’t seen any sites using the “register with us to show 10 posts” yet.
    But I have seen the “facebook like” “Google+” “tweet” and a certain amount of approved comments to show your last 10 posts.
    And it all works so smoothly. + no need for keywordluv anymore.
    Fantastic stuff!

  79. What a brilliant post. You should do a series! :)I did a sort of blogging for dummies over on one of the craft forums and I thought it was too simple for them, but the amount of emails I got asking questions just like what you addressed was unbelievable. As young people today we have grown up with computers, but it’s easy to forget that even people just a few years older have not! Really good post! :)

  80. I can officially confirm for a fact that Comment Luv will increase your PR. I created a very generic post 400 words and let comments pour in. One Month later Pagerank increase. 100 comments equals a pagerank increase. Try it out and see if it helps you.

  81. @abraham…you couldn’t be more right. don’t you just hate wading through comments about everything from viagra to mesothelioma on a site about social media!!??

  82. mumun shah

    Hello. I wanted to give you a note to verbalize my thankfulness. I have been watching your blog posts for a month and have got a ton of excellent tips and appreciated the way you have built your web site. I’m going to make my blog however I feel it is too general and I need to concentrate more on particular issues.

  83. Betty

    commentLuv is my favorite plugin too! ^_^ been using this for more than a year now. thanks for posting this insight about CL.

  84. I am a big supporter of comment luv and believe it completely enhances the web 2.0 experience. To encourage linking is a positive affair for the web community and has the potential to take users out of their normal web browsing locations.

  85. Saifuddin Ahmed

    Hello. I wanted to give you a note to verbalize my thankfulness. I have been watching your blog posts for a month and have got a ton of excellent tips and appreciated the way you have built your web site. I’m going to make my blog however I feel it is too general and I need to concentrate more on particular issues.

  86. Sarower Ha

    What a brilliant post. You should do a series! :)I did a sort of blogging for dummies over
    on one of the craft forums and I thought it was too simple for them, but the amount of
    emails I got asking questions just like what you addressed was unbelievable. As young
    people today we have grown up with computers, but it’s easy to forget that even people
    just a few years older have not! Really good post! :)

  87. I have turned off all of the comments on my blogs because I was getting so much spam. I just don’t have enough time in the day to go through all of them. I really want to have comments on my sites, but am not sure how to make it work.
    I have looked at and Intense Debate, but haven’t made a decision. I hope to see more done to weed out the spam.
    I like the idea of CommentLuv and my understanding is that it works with Intense Debate. If, when, I put comments back on my blogs, I will probably give it a try.

    • Hey Sally, you would think that everyone knows about CLP by now and the awesome deals that Andy’s been offering, but I bet there’s a couple of folks who have been buried in their work and they are going to kick themselves when that price goes up.

      Let’s just hope they use our links when the time comes :)

  88. Andy sure is a funny fella. This video really shows his fun quirks. “thousands of people registering in internet marketing thats golddddd!” Contest sounds like a lot of fun!

  89. Does commentluv give do follow link to the keyword and what is this keywordluv and what are the diffrences between both of them are they by the same Plugin Provider?

  90. Comment luv plugins is a great tool. I have used this product for my websites now that comment luv will no longer be available for multi users I am now thinking in changing my blogs.

  91. I think CommentLuv is great and I am of the Bring it On! persuasion. The one thing I dont like is that I seem to be stuck with the words “dog welfare and website promotion…..blah blah”. This leads to my ezinearticles postings. Any idea how I can get that text changed please?

    • Essay Writing Services, I didn’t understand your question before but I think I do now. CommentLuv Premium has a feature called Keyword Name. Keyword Name is based some of the principles of KeywordLuv (which was developed by another gentleman – not Andy Bailey) but it takes the original plugin to a higher level by giving the blog owner total control over how many keywords are allowed based on the number of approved comments.
      Read more about CommentLuv premium here

  92. CommentLuv is among my favorite plugin too. It doesn’t just gives us advantage in commenting but i looks professional than the old commenting system.

  93. Hey Ileane,
    first of all thanks for the comment on my contest entry. Second, this might be funny but I ran into this video so many times and never actually played it. But I did here.