The Ultimate Collection of CommentLuv Blog Lists

CommentLuv blogs are very attractive to anyone who is trying to make a name for themselves in the blogosphere. You don’t even need to have the CommentLuv plugin installed on your own blog in order to take advantage of this plugin.

Simply visit Comment Luv Enabled blogs, read a few posts and leave valuable questions or comments and in return (depending on the individual blog owner’s set-up) you can get any of the following benefits:

  • a link back to your blog or website
  • a link to your Twitter profile
  • the use of keywords in the name field
  • the attention of the blog owner and other commenters
  • traffic back to your blog

I know I said this is “simple” but by that I don’t mean you should be careless. Experienced bloggers using CommentLuv, especially those with higher page rank are much more “picky” about the comments they let go through. You might be wondering – why is that?

Because whenever there is something really good on the internet, there’s always some spoilers who come along and mess things up for the rest of us!

Excuse my little rant, but I had to get that one out (if you have CLP installed on your blog, you know just what I’m talking about).

Before you install CommentLuv Premium be sure to read this post!

Searching for CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

Ok, let’s move on.

The very best way to find CommentLuv blogs and the one I highly recommend is through Andy Bailey’s search tool the Global CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search but I’ll admit there are some other cool ways to find Comment Luv blogs. Justin from DragonBlogger introduced me to DropMyLink and I’ve used that one in the past also. The wonderful thing about these two resources is that you can search for CL blogs by topic. The theory is that you will leave comments on blogs in your niche.

Well apparently, that’s not working for some of you, and you’d much rather just find as many Com Luv enabled blogs to comment on as you can and it doesn’t seem to matter what niche they’re in – so by golly today I’m gonna give the people what they want!! :) (isn’t that nice of me)

In honor of the one year anniversary of the launch of CommentLuv Premium and the relaunch (which starts on August 23rd – don’t miss this unheard of low price offer) I put together a list of blogs that have compiled CommentLuv Enabled blog lists. That’s right it’s a list of lists. Before you start exploring this list, here’s my disclaimer: some of these lists are maintained better than others, so it’s up to you to use the ones you like and disregard the ones you don’t. This list is in no particular order and if you need to get your CommentLuv blog list added on this list use my contact form and let me know.

Ms. Ileane’s List of CommentLuv Blog Lists

  • << Health niche
  • <<Tech niche

You might be wondering how I pulled this list together. Well, it is a combination of things and one of them will come as no surprise. I’m getting traffic from all of these lists. So it was pretty easy for me to check my stats and find out which CommentLuv lists are sending traffic my way. If you really look at it, it’s my way of giving back to all those blogs that keep a steady stream of traffic coming my way thanks to these awesome bloggers have taken the time to compile these lists. Right now, most of the links above aren’t clickable, but as people stop by and leave comments here or share this list on Twitter, the links will become live.

Learn How to Install Comment Luv on Blogger

The Official CommentLuv Ambassador

Now it’s time to let the secret out of the bag. I’m now [no longer] known as the “Official CommentLuv Ambassador”. Yes, that’s right, Andy and I have been talking about this for awhile now and I will be posting on the CommentLuv Facebook Page and spreading more ComLuv cheer all around the blogosphere. More details about that are to come, but for now, just know that I’m your new “go-to gal” when it comes to all things Comment Luv!


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  1. What a good job Ileane.It is very not hard to have a commentluv blog list for blogging and in blogging because here are people like you.
    This page getting saved for further uses.I also have a huge list which i will share when i will write a post.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Raaj Trambadia

    Hahah 😀 Something different, as expected Ms. Ileane. Any reason why some are linked and most are not? Regards!

      • Raaj Trambadia

        God! I missed that paragraph! Okay, but I still have a question – It’s a unique deal of making the links clickable when people share this post, but in a way I can understand it! :)

        • It’s no big deal about the links. I just like when people pay attention. :) That’s my way of bringing MY personality to my blog. Folks who don’t pay attention miss out on a lot of perks. Folks who read and follow directions have more fun (and get their comments approved and their guest posts published). :)

          • Raaj Trambadia

            Ahaan! So here I learn one more insider tip from a pro. BTW, just remembered about something! Have already recorded the video. It’s under heavy construction in Camtasia Studio! :)

          • Imran Anwar

            Hey raaj i agree with you and also ileane too, just commenting or getting backlink is not about the game’s end its all about positive discussion and really spreading the love via this fabulous service. Some of the links are really helping with low comment approval rate as well as low OBL. thanks for helping others.

  3. Amazing and worth using lists here! Ma’m you’ve done a great job, by compiling such a list of lists. Post seems to be ‘father’ of commentluv enabled blogs lists. haha..

    Great job, miss. And the other two you’ve mentioned in the starting, I’m known already of them. And didn’t found DropMyLink, much useful.. BTW, thanks for all this.

    I recommend, commenting not only on blogs where you get commentluv links, but also on those which have something valuable. :) Thanks!

      • List of long lists. Cool! There was a time when I was searching for CommentLuv enabled blogs (when I was in a contest over PBS). I had lots of list article bookmarked. Now, I need to bookmark only one post to get all this list. 😀

  4. Ultimate list…. i found so many blogs to comment :) Thank you for providing the list… And i have decided to buy premium version after the offer starts…

  5. great list Ileane! this post is worth bookmarking , i’ll make a list of my commentluv enabled blogs soon and submit it so you can add to it :)

    • Saad,

      It’d be better, if you don’t compiles a list for commentluv blogs, as I suggest to be DIFFERENT.. Else, do what you want, love and know better than me. 😉

    • Saad, these lists are great “link bait” good luck on compiling your list, I think I just made it a little easier for you with this list. (I’m starting to think I should have used the word “list” as a keyword for this post – oops – oh yeah I did that already) HA!! Just having some fun.

      • haha ! yea your list is gonna help me a lot to create me ultimate commentluv list =D you having good fun eh?

        @mairaj : how about you chop your head off , that way you will be unique 😀 LOL haha

  6. Nice list if lists Ileane, I honestly had no idea there were so many even though I’m listed in every one that I checked so far. :) Congrats on being Andy’s Official CommentLuv Ambassador, that’s very cool.

    I’m hoping a bunch of new blogs join us in the CommentLuv Premium world by taking advantage of the incredibly low anniversary price going on right now.

  7. Hi Ileane,
    This is the first time I heard about commentluv. What is it all about? Where do you recommend I read more about it?

  8. Hey, Ileane! You wrote a very useful article! Regarding ways to find CommentLuv users, I’d rather use Andy’s search tool since he has invented both CommentLuv and Global CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search 😀

  9. This is for what i was looking for. Amit also posted that but that was just a huge list and this one is ultimate and good one. Thanks Ilean for Share.

  10. You really are the Ambassador of CommentLuv, Ileane and it’s partially because of you that I ended up getting a copy of CommentLuv Premium. I just wanted to stop by and thankful for the list of lists of CommentLuv blogs. I’ll have to stop by and check them out as I’m always looking for new ways of getting traffic, like most of us are! I also know exactly what you mean about people becoming more picky as to what comments they let go through and those they don’t. I certainly have come across a few commenter who (obviously) don’t actually read my post and just make a comment to get the benefits of it. It drives me absolutely insane. Either way, I’ll stop myself before I go onto a long rant. Thank you again for this list, it will be very helpful to myself and others.

  11. Hey Ileane, first of all congratulations I didn’t knew that you are the only ambassador for comluv house.

    Regarding the list it’s too short I thought you have a collection of 50+ blogs in this post but I can find only few in which most of the blogs are known to me.

  12. Hi Ileane,
    thanks for the list. I just bought it via your affiliate link, the price in promotion is great!

    May I have one question? How can I update from free to premium version without losing data (in comments)?

    • Chris, thanks so much! I was responding to your comment earlier when the site crashed! lol
      Anyway, don’t worry you will not lose any comments and be sure to visit Andy’s YouTube channel for set-up instructions when you have questions on the various settings.

  13. great list Ileane!

    Thank you so much for this insanely informative post. This is what i was looking for.
    Congrats on being the Official CommentLuv Ambassador, that’s very cool.

  14. Congratulations Ileane!

    You surely deserve to be Andy’s Official CommentLuv Ambassador and I loved the links you shared where we can find out more about the Commentluv enabled blogs, which I had no idea about.

    And yes, I do agree that those who haven’t yet purchased CommentLuv premium ought to do so now, especially with this low a price that Andy is offering – before it hikes up again.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  15. Wow, your blog is so popular that I get HTTP error code 503 Service Unavailable very often when trying to load basicblogtips.

    Maybe you should consider a caching plugin for WP? Anyway, getting back to the commentluv-blog list. I noticed many savy webmasters are looking for updated commentluv bloglists. Even if you can get a fresh list by searching Google I think that bloggers like yourself that offer this list are doing a tremendous job. It’s way better to have this list given by another blogger than it is to search for blogs by yourself!

  16. Agree with you … Comment luv enabled blogs provide added benefits when compared to normal ones.

    Finding CL enabled blogs by topic !! Wow that’s amazing, Thanks to Justin & Andy. Last but not the least, thanks for your list of CL blogs. 😉 Ms. Ileane !

  17. Girl, you are the queen of promotion and you are such a great lady. I wasn’t surprised to see your sweet smile and I appreciate what you do for the blogging community.

  18. Awesome list Ileane!

    I’ve been thinking strongly about moving over to CommentLuv. I love how it looks on your site :) Plus, it also seems to create more of a community. I’m currently using Disqus. But wondering what your thoughts our on CommentLuv VS. Disqus or Facebook Comments.

    I LOVE what you’re doing here Ileane :)



  19. Nice List Ileane and I did one last year but it linked back to Ana’s list. I was going to put one together and started on it and then she put her’s out. I thought what the heck, she already did all that work so why invent the wheel. I certainly had o problem giving her all the credit for it because that was a lot of work.

    Great to see so many blogs that now have CommentLuv… It’s a winner in my book.


  20. Great list of all the commentluv blog compilation lists…I have always used trafficgeneration cafe list and some other but didn’t realized we have so many out there. Time to start browsing through them….

  21. I think now every single blogger and developer prefer Comment Luv plugin as compare to other platform because comm luv is the only platform which provides useful benefit to blogger as well as the person who is commenting and that is why i personally prefer it and you have shared very attractive list of Comm Luv but comm-enters have to remember that they dont do SPAM and always try to add some value to post like i am doing :). Thanks alot for list

  22. Consuello

    I did it. I think. I just downloaded cl premium to my wp blog site. Then I get here and see a red flag about that. DO I HAVE TO BE ON TWITTER BECAUSE I DON’T TWITTER.

    Should I through with activating since you’re saying something about going to other people’s sites. Or should I check the NO on the enable twitter.

    Or do I click something in the section below which I copied from the twitter settings for the pluggin

    Disable automatic linking
    Do not add the link, I will do it myself manually You can get the users twitter id in your theme code by accessing the twitlinkid value in the comment object. See this example

    global $comment;
    $username = $comment->twitlinkid;
    echo ‘Follow me on twitter : @’.$username

  23. Hey Ileane,

    Good work.

    Thank you for adding my blog on this list. :)

    You have added all the blogs who have the lists of blogs. 😉

    Thank you


  24. I think Commentliv is a most used for every blogger because of the reward it bring when it comes to backlinks. am using it on my blog and is really helping to transform my traffic. thanks for sharing

  25. Glad to know that you are the official ambassador of this wonderful plugin. I have recently installed this plugin and I am satisfied with it completely. Commenting on CoomentLuv enabled blog is good to get some extra traffic. Thanks to show a great list of CommentLuv enabled blog.

  26. Great list ILeane,about rants,you cannot escape them.
    Anyways great to hear about you becoming the ambassador of Commentluv.Looking forward to your status updates on commentluv FB page.

  27. Good job you have done ILeane. While going through your post, I really find the list that you have provided very interesting and informative too. I have also commented on comment luv blogs and its really cool….

  28. Hi ILeane

    You always come up with useful stuff which otherwise we (bloggers) searches on internet by wasting our precious time. hope these lists will help many of bloggers.

  29. Hi Ileane,
    My name is Don Page. I have seen this commentluv on many blogs. I have been thinking about using it on my own myself. I didn’t know about the comment luv lists though. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Well, i have just started my new blog and was looking for this list so that i can get few blogs to comment upon. Thanks Ileane for compiling this list.

  31. Hello Illeane,

    Another great post from you. Wow! Such a big list of commentluv blogs. I have saved this post already. Thanks a lot for sharing this and helping us. All these blogs will be utilized to post articles and also help us in getting backlinks.

    Thanks and Regards,

  32. Excellent job Illeane. Certainly CommentLuv enabled blogs are great and in respect of doing SEO that’s the most beneficial and you have provided the great list of blogs of CommentLuv. I really love because some time I finding difficult to find such blogs.

    Thanks for providing great list.

  33. Thanks for the great list of blogs with commentluv on it. Commentluv is a great plugin, its helps everyone, the commentators and also the blog owners. One of the best plugins around. Thanks for the list and the ways to search for these blogs.

    • Some of the nice list of dofollow comments enabled websites you have given here, thanks for sharing this out with the big community here.

  34. Wonderful list this post is worth bookmarking , i’ll make a list of my commentluv enabled blogs soon and submit it so you can add to it. By commenting on them and by doing Guest Blogging on them we can get rank as well as traffic for our site or blog, thanks a ton for the list.

  35. Thanks Ileane for this great list of blogs. Commentluv is surely an awesome plugin to gain traffic, backlinks and exposure. That is why I switched on to CommentLuv Premium.

  36. Wow, that’s some list! Although I do think the niche matters. I would want to build relationships with like-minded people not just anyone randomly. I actually don’t use this plugin. I use Disqus which has worked out ok but I do miss some of the follow-up features, like when I get notified of responses from CommentLuv. I always feel like its such a hassle to switch those kinds of things and make sure nothing gets lost. We’ll see how things go because lately Disqus is on my nerves with the way it deals with spam so I may just be adding myself to that list too!

  37. Wow! Fabulous compilation. The only regret after having reached this far on your blog is discovering that all these blogs are related to blogging/seo/ making money online niche`.
    I wish you could compile lists for various niche`s.
    I am a health blogger and have been looking for a good list of commentluv enabled blogs in this niche` for quite some time.
    Meanwhile, congratulations for running such a hugely successful blog. You inspire many more newbies like me.
    A REQUEST: can you put up a post on “How to create google backlinks”?

  38. Well, even I had written a big list of commentluv blogs almost 2 year back but it seems most of them have now removed commentluv, I am going to reference this list form now onwards for my blog commenting. Thanks for the compilation Illeane

  39. Thanks for the great list, the CommentLuv Ambassador strikes again!

    I will be spreading some Luv over to these bloggers lists as well, thanks to everyone for the compilation.

  40. I have seen a couple of these, but still a great list! I am always looking for CommentLuv enabled blogs. Whether they give a dofollow or nofollow is irrelevant to me, I love them because they allow me to display my latest blog…see below :)

    • I had the free version of comment luv installed and I loved it and had always wanted the pro version but it was a little out of my price range. However, it is now being offered at a discount price on the commentluv main website and I have now bought it, installed it, grabbed the bonuses and I am on my way.

      This is a terrific list by the way – thanks for the “give back” I will be working my way down the lists in the next few weeks

  41. I have been searching for lists of CommentLuv enabled blogs to see whether my list is added on that list or no 😀

    You did a great job by sharing the list of lists here Ileane, made my day.

    Thanks for it.

  42. For the longest time I never really was able to get any backlinks and I had avoid blog commenting. If you are spammy and don’t add to the conversation then you never get your comment approved, but I found that it is easier to read a blog post ( you can do that pretty quickly) and you will learn some good stuff along the way. Then it is easy to make a real comment! Plus it is way faster than writing articles for a backlink.

  43. thanks for providing such a huge list of comment luv websites. this list will really help me to increase by backlinks. thanks a lot for sharing it.

  44. Ileane,
    You are right. I really like and agree with you. You are really a great writer. You have done a good job by publishing this article “The Ultimate Collection of CommentLuv Blog Lists” I was really in need of such commentluv links. I ll now apply these links.Thanks

  45. Hi Ileane ,

    Its a great list but I’m really not sure about the value of links we get from these blogs as I feel they get discounted in search engine algorithms. Instead of searching for such blogs I prefer to comment on blogs like because of the great community you’ve built.

    Thanks again for sharing the list and we learn a lot from you.


  46. I have never looked for any lists of CommentLuv blogs, but now that you’ve added them here I’ll certainly use them. Thanks a lot.

    And CommentLuv Premium is one of my best investments.

  47. Thank you for the list.

    I tried the Commenluve search engine, but it sound more like a product you need to buy so I did not subscribe.
    All I got was this message: This search is only available for a limited time to list subscribers.

  48. really i agree its an amazing list and it includes the link of some of my fellow bloggers like amit shaw …….good to see his link :)

  49. Hello Mam,

    Thank you so much for sharing this all in one CommentLuv enabled blog list as many bloggers now search for CommentLuv enabled blog to make comment and this type of list is very handy to have :) I just now installed the premium copy on my site so in future if you plan to make whole list of CommentLuv enabled blog then do include mine one.

    Thank you and Have a great day.

  50. WOW!
    A list of lists. I really appreciate that. I don’t comment often in blogs due to my skill set not meshing with the content of most. However, with this list of lists, I should be able to find a few in which I can contribute insights from a MN farm boy turned nuclear submarine officer turned web design/promotions guy.

  51. great tips Ileane, about the commentluvers, that we will safe in the is the creativity to enable or plugin the list and thanks for adding the list.becoz we can make a safe blogging among the bloggers.
    great job Ileane

  52. Great list of commentluv blogs I’ll go through and see what ones I like. Does it make much difference if they are dofollow or nofollow links

  53. It’s funny – first I found and commented on a blog post about blogging apps and I am writing about mobile blogging on my site in the moment, and then I find out that this blog uses comment lov and think “I wish I could find more of these sites” and the next post I find here is this list. It feels like this blog can read my mind… This list is really helpful to me. Thanks a lot!

  54. What an awesome list Ileane. I find it difficult keeping up with and trying to remember some of the the commentluv blogs. And, there are probably new ones that pop up or are getting started all the time. I think the links to the lists you have posted will take some time to go through. Some of them appear to have a lot of them, which is great.

  55. Yes I am totally agreed with Ileane every one who is against your article is still writing with keywords man still they do not believe this is one of the best way to promote your blogs.

  56. Its really Amazing list of comment blog & it this list will surely help for people those just post comment & get back link ! Thanks you so much Ileane for this awesome & amazing list of Blog Comment !

  57. Jessica

    Yes, commentLuv blogs are the most attractive form who is trying to make a name for them in the blogosphere. A link back to the blog is one of the main aspects which impressed me a lot.

  58. Impressive I should appreciate your blog is so informative and useful.
    I havnt visited any of this site yet, now will visit & it will be helpful to me.

  59. Thanks Ileane for this list of CommentLuv sites. We’ve been building a list of sites with high page rank that provide dofollow links. This is an even better list as they seem to be approving your comments in a timely manner. Also thanks for recommending DropMyLink as a tool for finding more dofollow CommentLuv sites. We tried the DropMyLink and will probably need to use it along with SEOQuake to find the more popular sites.

  60. I love commentluv, that’s why I enabled it on my site. Why not be able to comment and instead of spamming links, link back to a post you wrote instead.

  61. I have been able to earn reputation for myself over the internet just because of commentluv-blogs. The list you have provided us gives people like me to share their ideas over the web. Thanks ..

  62. Sharing is caring thanks for posting Illene. I think commentluv is one of the best comment systems out there.

    Why do you recommend it over the competition like disquis?

    Are the premium features worth the cost?

  63. Hi Ileane, i have a question regarding CommentLuv, per example if i don’t have a wordpress blog or blogger but use other blogging system, how can i add commentluv on my websites, is there any way or any plugin?

  64. Ileane, you’ve done a great job putting together this list, thank you for sharing! It’s nice of you to link back to those sites too. I’ll be checking out some of these blogs throughout the week!

  65. Thank you for sharing this awesome list Ms Ileane. this type of list is required by most of the bloggers for gaining good quality backlinks and that too commentluv enabled blogs. we can easily use some sites for commenting after publishing a new article and get it indexed more quickly.

  66. it’ really helpful Ileane.. this is the list that i have searching for..I love commentluv and SEO activities. By using lists above it will help my page rank.

    Of course your list above will help me.. Thanks a lot for sharing Ileane, i’ll be waiting for your next article and I hope you’ll be more successful in the future..

  67. Great list Ileane, I have visited and even commenting on a few a blogs. All of great sources of information and a great place to comment on.

  68. Jim Zboran

    Thanks for this great list of lists, Ileane. As a new CommentLuv Premium user, I appreciate the CommentLuv tips and ideas you’ve provided here and elsewhere. And congratulations on your official CommentLuv ambassadorship… I knew I was in the right place when I recently came across your informative blog :)

  69. Great work on compiling this list. I have been trying to find a list, but you did it one better by providing a list of people who list. Great tips on the Comment Luv. I look for to checking out these lists.

  70. I am completely agree with this blog post.But it would be more beneficial if people will try to find out relevant blogs and post relevant comments on them.So in that way they can get approval as well as a quality backlink on do follow blog.

  71. Great post.I find post really helpful because I was being searching for this for a long time .This post is the exact match for all my queries. This post is really awesome ,let me thank the autor of this post such a great creation. Thank all the administrator for such a great post.

  72. Thanks for the list Ileane!

    I hope people give useful comments.
    I hate blog spamming, by Scrapebox user especially. They did not leave a benefit comment to the blog and everyone who read it.

    Though I realize that my English not good, I always try to share my thoughts and my own ideas about the topic that will benefit to readers.

    • Hi Hendry, I can tell that you are working hard to improve your English and you always add value with your comments. Thanks for visiting!

    • Ke toan, I think you just coined a phrase. I never heard it called “comment marketing” before – wish I would have thought of that one!

    • Hi Dan,

      Great to see you. Remember this is a list of lists! Not just a list of blogs with CommentLuv. But if you have a list of CommentLuv blogs, please send me the link and I’ll add it to the post.

  73. Very interesting update for commentluv. I love the idea behind the system. It increases and rewards people that come and add value added comments to your blog. I think this sort of thing will increase in the future to encourage a lot more valuable feedback from great posts out there.

  74. This is a great list Ileane. I’m about to write a blog post on how to find other CommentLuv enabled blogs to comment on, so I will be sure to include a link to this post. Thank you for sharing such a valuable resource.

  75. Thanks For Sharing List In Such A Good Way (Sharing All Other Famous Lists). Now I Will Left Useful Comments On Blogs To Get Good Backlinks And Traffic :)

    I Have One Question. According To You Much Time I Need To Spend On Blog Commenting. Do Daily Or 1 Day In Week?
    Waiting For Your Answer :)

    • That is a difficult question to answer. First I would need to know more about what you want to get out of your blog and the comments that you leave. That’s like asking, how much time someone needs to spend with their spouse in order for them to be happy.

      It depends. :)

  76. Hello Ileane,
    thanks for the list. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve installed the commentluv plugin on to my blog. How about adding it to your list?

  77. Hi Steven,

    Congrats on installing CommentLuv!!

    I think you misunderstand, this isn’t a list of CommentLuv blogs. It’s a list of blogs that have compiled CommentLuv lists :) You will need to contact these blog owners and ask them to add your blog to their lists ok?

      • If it makes you feel any better, look through the comments and you’ll see Daniel making that same mistake too. No worries. We all get excited once we install CommentLuv!! :)

  78. Thank you Ileane for putting out all those sites with commentluv-lists! I will certainly start to read a lot of good articles and comment on them. Wonderful way of both learning something new and doing some Commentluv for the blog. :-)

  79. This list is very useful. Let’s get some do follow backlinks…

    Thanks a lot.

    Backlinks are still a very important factor on SEO.

  80. Thank you very much for the list! Comment luv is very useful for me. All of my back link come from there. Should recommend for everyone!

  81. I know this is somewhat of an older post, but I’ve been coming back to this list religiously most every day since I originally found it. Thank you so much for compiling all of these links in one spot! I just discovered CommentLuv (and it’s been installed on our website) and have been trying my best to take advantage of this awesome addition.

  82. Thanks for this post. Its a good list of good blogs and i know it will be helpful for me. I hear commentluv is best for good quality back links!

  83. Since i started using Commentluv premium i have noticed a significant increase in blog comments and traffic as my visitors can now tweet my posts. Commentluv is a plugin every blog should have.

  84. Thank you so much for this list! It’s really lovely that you’re giving back by sending traffic back to the lists that sent traffic your way! It’s wonderful to see that there’s, well, love within the CommentLuv community. I’ll be back viewing this lots, I’m sure.

    Thanks again!

  85. Nice list of commentluv blogs. Also unique feature here of making the links live when this article is ‘liked’. Must have a look into the code for that. Well done, and thank you.

  86. The only way I used to find other CommentLuv enabled blogs was the search engine. I now think DropMyLink is awesome too and will definitely be using it!

    The most awesome thing about CommentLuv is the community built around it. Andy Bailey is definitely a guy to know that networking is the most important thing in today’s blogosphere.

    Thanks for an awesome article and congratulations on your new title, Ms. Ileane!

  87. Thanks Miss ileane, you helped me install commenluv on my blog via intense debate. the youtube video helped me a lot .Great work!

  88. I was searching for some list of blogs but you really surprised me with huge collection of resource where i can find more blogs :) Thanks a lot and cheers.


  89. What a great list. Thank you so much. What I can say from myself is that commentluv blogs are really great and they can be very helpful if a person uses them in the right way (I mean that they don’t spam, but use it to provide value and connect with other bloggers). Thanks for the list. I am certainly going to make use of it. All the best.

  90. Congrats on being Official CommentLuv Ambassador. very cool! Our blog just installed commentluv. Hopeful will get us more traffic. and also thank you ileane for creating this useful list. Cheers

  91. This list is huge.. Thanks for taking the time to pull it all together. There are a lot of awesome sites in the list that should be considered posting to. I’m not sure if you’re still updating this list, but it would be great if you could list my site as well.. Thank you

    • Rhett, Really cool to hear that you joined the CommentLuv fan club :) Welcome!

      Just to let you know, you will need to contact these list owners individually if you want to get your blog added. You see this is not a list of blogs, it’s a list of lists :)

  92. Hi, me and my wife decided to start blog. Just installed the plug in. Beside this you can also search for other blogs with that plug in.

  93. I really like comment luv… it’s easy to comment and also search engine friendly… thank you so much for posting the links…

  94. Thanks for sharing these links Ileane, I enjoy commenting on other blogs very much and I’m always searching for established blogs where I can share my insights on posts.

    Good luck to you and have a great time blogging.


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  99. I have been using the commentluv plugin for less than 3 months now and trying to get familiar with it all. I might have to try the premium version.

    Thanks for the list Ileane.

    • Gaurav, the only blogs that don’t get spam are the ones with no comments, so don’t let that stop you from installing CommentLuv.

  100. Nice List of sites to get commentluv enabled blogs. Incidentally we too have a list of blogs as well, which have comment luv enabled in them and most of them are of high pr.

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    I am a newbie blogger and found your site a few months ago. You have been a huge help to me in growing my fledgling blogs. Everytime I apply one of your tips, I see a bit of growth. Thank you for the Comment Luv. I will be installing that plugin as well to share the luv.


  102. Great list… Thanks!

    As it goes, I’ve just purchased CommentLuv Premium this morning and I can really see the potential this nifty little plugin.

    Lovin’ the Blog btw :)

    James Scholes

    • Herby, the links will come to life as soon as the blog owner lets me know that he or she has shared this post. If I don’t hear from them at least I did add them to the list right?

  103. Hi, Ileane! Thanks for sharing! These are a handful :) Blog commenting has never been this fun and productive. I also run a CommentLuv-enabled blog because it is such a great way to reward readers who also contribute to the conversation.

  104. i was looking for a list of commentluv websites, but you have provided a list of lists. to a person searching for valuable backlinks, what could be better? :) Thank you so much.

  105. Ileane

    This is a test comment so we can see what the new ReplyMe features of CommentLuv Premium. Thanks Andy Bailey!!

  106. I am new to blogging and i have only heard about backlinks and was wondering how to get them …I think this list is going to make it easy for me ..thanks for your post.

  107. Thanks for the list. Most of the bloggers (including me 😀 , just purchased it recently) are implementing Commentluv on their blogs in order to gain extra traffic and comments.

    • David, you need to contact the individual list owners to have your blog listed. I don’t list blogs in this post, I list the lists.

  108. Hi thanks for a great list alway best to comment on sites in the same niche as yours. So looking for a few more health and fitness sites. How do I beg for you to pin a image from my site on your new Pinerest board!!!!

  109. Priya, are you still interested in getting CommentLuv Premium at the discounted rate? Let me know because I might be able to work some “Ambassador” magic. :)

  110. Ileane,
    Your reply: “the only blogs that don’t get spam are the ones with no comments” was very well written. Wish I could have thought of that, so true.

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    Thank you so much for this enlightening post. I am a new blogger and I am currently researching and learning about new ways to put my blog right there at the top (higher than yours hopefully) and this kind of info is invaluable.

    Hopefully from this I can be able to get some links back to my blog or website, the attention of blog owners and some traffic. Ultimately what we want, apart from offering quality content on our blogs, is to get some traffic to our blogs as well… and quality traffic at that.

    How about you stop by my blog for starters and give me some feedback and direction? Would be really grateful

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  116. We’ve been looking at 3rd party commenting options for some time now. We’ve narrowed it down to Comment Luv, LiveFyre or Discuss. At this point I’m just not sure which one to use! Any suggestions would be great as they all have great features. Thanks for the super list!

  117. Great post! I’ve just started learning about CommentLuv and will be installing it on all my blogs. It’s a great way to share with the blogging community. And congratulations on being made an Ambassador :)

  118. Great list Ms. Ileane. BTW do you accept guest posting? If yes, could you pin point me to your guidelines. Couldn’t find them, thanx.

  119. Great list, but I think it is really important to remember to do your own homework. There are a lot of list out there that will point you to a bunch of CommentLuv enabled blogs that are not. I’m sure they were at one time, but nothing last forever. I personally love it and have CommentLuv Premium installed on my blog.

  120. Great list of blogs guys, I will be checking some of these out.
    I am interested in finding some fresh new content like this as the web is now full of so much rubbish!
    Well done.

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    However, I’d like to mention my website to be featured here because the site is dofollow as well. Hope I do not look spammy?

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    Aseem Pahwa

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    Thanks for the ost, i wanted to say was that if you check the page source of any page you will find that the links from comments are nofollow even in many sites that claim and advertise to be a dofollow.

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    Wow, this is a BIG list. Thanks for writing this Comment Luv post for us. I think this really is the ‘Ultimate List’. I personally love Comment Luv. I make sure that all of my company websites include or install a comment luv plugin in their blog section. Backlinking is still ‘King’ in SEO and getting them can sometimes be difficult. I love Comment Luv because it provides a symbiotic way for people to increase their backlinks and also increase ‘real’ and useful comments to their post.

  136. Ileane, thanks a ton for this list. I’m maintaining my own excel sheet with list of commentluv enabled blogs and I have found some new blogs here which I can add to my list.

    CommentLuv is an awesome plugin and its great to get backlinks while sharing your views with other bloggers.

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  147. I am enjoying CommentLuv very much (now that I have it working) and systematically look for relevant posts similar to whatever is at the top of my RSS feed. The reason being – I know I have something to say before I even read someone else’s post.

    One other thing: Not everyone is using CommentLuv Premium so the option to select any one of your own posts as a backlink is not there. I always assume the free version is on most blogs, and if not, tell myself the 10 post back link choice has been disabled (as is do-follow). So when I comment, it pulls my latest post backlink.

    I read CommentLuv enabled blog posts a lot and there links people are leaving are so wildly off topic and random that I cannot imagine ANYONE clicking through. What is your approval rate for allowing comments? Do you get a lot of spammers promoting their RSS feeds?

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  150. Also I would like to add that I think everyone that feels comment luv “encourages commenting for the wrong reason” should think again. We all still have the option to moderate our comments. From what I’ve seen comment luv just improves the overall quality of comments.

  151. No doubt its working for me since a years ago. But now its not working.. Can i know why, may be its not working because search engines SEO tips are not working now a days…..

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    • Hi Sam,

      In this post I share all the Lists of CommentLuv Lists not CL blogs. You will need to get in touch with the individual List owners and get them to add you to theirs.

      If you ever create a CommentLuv blog list I’ll be happy to add yours.

      • Hi Ileane, this list was really helpful. It is a big useful resource of comluv enabled blogs. My blog is also comluv enabled. Check out my blog and add it to your list if you find it useful.
        Well, thanks for sharing. Hope you notice my comment.

  155. Ms. Ileane! You’re a rock star! Thanks for posting this information, I’m totally new to commentluv had it on my site a good while and have yet to get a comment since. I thought I broke the darn thing…

    I’m currently making a list of photography and art related web sites pagerank 2 and higher, if anyone would like to make the list – get with me asap.

    I’ll be back!

    Love Your Smile!

    Hugs and High Fives!

    Big Daddy Tom Dwyer, the photo coach.

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    I have commentluv and dofollow installed on my blog. What else can I do?

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    I am fairly new to CommentLuv and this is just what I need, I will be checking back often.
    You are bookmarked and very much appreciated.

    Simon Hilton

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    Thank you very much for this list. I’ll be searching out blogs that are relevant to me and use CommentLuv. My blog uses CommentLuv and I would appreciate your visits. We have a lot of giveaways going on, but I’d really appreciate some traffic and clickthrough on my home page. Thanks again.

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    I am looking for quite a time for some ways or tricks for Blogger, and you are giving them very generously, and iwanted to thank you for that.
    Your list of wellselected blogs, looks awsome. That is the REAL power of Commentluv, which i love very much.

    Thanks a lot
    You have a very nice & useful website :)


  163. Hey! I am new in blogging line..! can you help me with some ideas abot making backlinks..? and y are they useful..? other than leaving comments on blogs..

    • Writing guest posts and article for other websites and article directories respectively helps a lot. Guest posting is best method for getting quality backlinks. Hope it helps. :)

  164. i would like to install Comment Luv on my Blogger blog but i’m aware f losing my previous comments wondering if there’s a way to import these cooments to cmment luv thanks in advance

  165. Thanks for sharing this incredible list of sites having commentluv enabled. This is great.

    I’ve also enabled CommentLuv plugin in my blog. Please checkout and as I’m testing commentluv to see if has any SEO impact. It is a SEO niche blog and you are welcome to make relevant comments and get 2 dofollow links..

  166. Thanks Ileane for the list… very useful indeed.. I will put it to … commentluv is great for backlinking as long as people don’t spam

  167. Luke Bradshaw

    Great info and list!
    I just have one question! How do I put a feed on my website? Because when I try and comment on blogs with comment-luv, a message comes up saying no feed found on my URL!

    I’m not sure how this works so your help would be much appreciated, thank you.

  168. It’s a beautiful thing sister – a great resource for anyone looking for commentluv blogs. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together.I’ve also enabled CommentLuv plugin in my blog. Please checkout and as I’m testing commentluv to see if has any SEO impact. It is a SEO niche blog and you are welcome to make relevant comments and get 2 dofollow links..

  169. List of lists, that is a great idea. I have not used commenting a lot but now after all the google updates , i think commenting using the comment luv plugin is a great idea.. thanks for the great share

  170. Thanks for the awesome list. I’m going to compile a list of targeted comment luv blogs using that list, and then get an outsourcer to comment on each of them for me (and then measure how much more traffic I get from this action)

  171. Hi Ileane,
    I wanted to ask you if you could add my blog to your Dofollow Commentluv list. It is a PR4 blog, so it will bring link juice to the commentators.
    This is an answers-questions blog, it is on various topics such as Music, Science, Finance, Technology…
    Hope you will add it.
    Best regards, Brunner Nathan

  172. Pranesh, i am considering doing the-same but have same concerns. I am also not to sure of the benefits since my blog is not in the ICT market. But pls if you have solution let me know so that i will also install CommentLuv .

    • Hi James, u don’t have to be scared, go for it there experts out here if you have any concerns pls dont hesitate to post it on the forum. I am positive u will find someone who can help

  173. Thanks for your list. I have been looking out for such for a while, i am glad to find one. I believe its great for anyone looking to build back links.

  174. there is one thing about these commentluv blogs. majority of them deals on nofollow. what is the need of using the commentluv then

    thanks for the list though

  175. Hi Ileane,
    I have a collection of more than 50 comment luv enabled blogs in the health niche on my blog. I wonder if I am allowed to put up a link to the same here?
    Would feel privileged if you include that here as well! :)

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  179. Here is a question, mostly links on all cummentluv enabled blogs are nofollow, what will be the benefit of these commenting technique?

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    I am pretty sure that even i am being in infotainment blog these high PR comment luv blogs will for sure increase my search engine ranking. Thanks a lot for the useful list..:)

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    I pray these blogs would help me in getting any PR. :)

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  187. Hello Ms. Ileane
    Creating back linking is a strategy of all commentators.They always go search for comment luv plugin enabled site.Thanks for sharing nice list of such blogs.

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  189. Thanks for the Commentluv Enabled Blogs list Mam. No doubt that comluv enabled blogs are great way to make quick backlinks but on other hand its very difficult task to find such a blogs. Nice to see that you have prepared the list sorted by Page Rank.

  190. thanks for the list ileane. i was searching for this list from a long time. and i found it here. thank you so much

  191. hello ileane
    wow, i did not see this post on your blog and i am glad that i found it now. will be checking these blog however i have already commented on almost half of them

  192. Hey Ileane,

    You forgot me! Seriously, one day I will make these lists. Each of them started at the beginning and plugged away. I’m plugging right now. It helps having leaders like the above mentioned to learn from.


    • Ms. Ileane,

      When I saw trafficgenerationcafe and growmap, I figured you had all the heavy hitters. Looking again, I see it is a list of lists…sorry. Maybe I will join this list also and make my own list!

  193. I know the value of commentluv blogs that’s why i’m here on your post to find some nice dofollow commentluv blogs. I tried many list of these blogs but most of them are not in existence or not dofollow. I hope your list won’t disappoint me.

    thanks in advance.


  194. The quality and content is great, and it is very quick and easy to follow along. very much useful list to build relation. Thanks Ileane for sharing!

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    Hi ileane, I guess that you made a great research before listing out the whole detail and it deserves everyone’s respect for sure. these are awesome bunch of links will get started with it right away. Thanks!

  196. My site was banned by akismet few days ago though I never spam on any site rather hate spamming. So I have searched for blogs without Akismet and I preferred Comment luv and your site has given me a list and I am now going to try these sites

  197. Amazing work Ileane! (y)

    You have listed all the CommentLuv enabled blogs here. I have been looking for some tech blogs with CommentLuv, and you just made my research pleasant & easy for me.

    I will also contribute to this list, whenever I get something new in my circle.

  198. Hey Ileane
    You always do things differently than other blogger. I really liked Your way of sharing the list of commentluv enabled blogs.

  199. Hello Ileane,

    Commentluv really helps to create from backlink but I am thinking what is the effect on yours and ours blog as we are getting backlinks from different niche and your page is giving links to different niche sites. What is effect on SEO and I know Google can easily identify them as unnatural links… so what to do? Do you have any suggestion or can you please explain how all this is interpreted or adjusted?

  200. I used DropMyLink from past 5 years, where we get all types of different blogs list like .edu blogs, .gov blogs, keyword luv blogs, comment luv blogs, anchor text enabled blogs etc…Really it gives such a good result to us.

  201. Hi Ileane,

    I am a new blogger and I’m really grateful for this list. It will go a log way in helping me create back-links. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more updates!

  202. I would like to appreciate your efforts, will be checking these blog however i have already commented on almost half of them :) Thanks For Great List :)

  203. Great post by the way. Just getting into blogging, I am searching for way to promote my blog and start driving traffic. So many things to learn about. I didn’t know about commentLuv . Thanks for the information! !

  204. Hi, thanks for this list. By the way, I have noticed that some sites that use commentluv are nofollow? Can someone clarify this please?

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    What you have done with this article is great and it is a must read and must have for any discerning blogger.
    I will keep coming back for more blogging tips.

    Thank you.

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    Also it’s very familiar face on the blog environment. Will definitely share the list with our clients and the new starters who are looking to do the link building themselves.
    Thanks for the great information Kim.

  207. This is the best list of commentluv blogs I’ve ever seen – and tried. All of the blogs are “really” commentluv enabled, and not only that they’re having a good ranking and authority! Thank you for this.