Getting Your Blog Ready For CommentLuv Premium

Get Your Copy of CommentLuv Premium

CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin that you install on your blog to reward those who comment on your blog posts, by allowing them include a link to one of their blog posts in their comment. Many popular bloggers, myself included, prefer using CommentLuv over the other alternative commenting systems available for WordPress like Disqus, and Livefyre. CommentLuv works with the default commenting system of WordPress, but it can also be installed on your blog along with Intense Debate, which is another popular alternative. The latest version of this plugin is CommentLuv 2.9 and it’s available for free. Just search for plugins in your WordPress dashboard or download it from the WordPress repository.

Digging Deeper into Your Blog

Digging Deeper into Your BlogI used the first paragraph, to introduce CommentLuv in case this is your first time here or if you’re not really sure what CommentLuv can do for your blog. Now let’s talk about the premium version of CommentLuv. First let me just say how much I appreciate Andy Bailey, the developer, for allowing me to be a beta-tester of this plugin. One of the reasons he gave me access is because of the large number of comments that I get here on Basic Blog Tips. As I’m writing this post, there are new comments coming in and I can see the counter in my dashboard continue to climb. Therefore if you want to increase the traffic, the level of engagement and ultimately the number of comments on your blog, I highly recommend that you install CommentLuv. But if you’re thinking about investing in the premium version, here’s what you need to consider before you take the leap!

Set Goals for Your Blog

If you haven’t set any goals for your blog yet, you might as well start now; otherwise when you get your hands on CommentLuv Premium you won’t know how to configure it. Yes, you are going to need to put your thinking cap on for this one, that’s why I’m here to help. These are a few of the important decisions you’ll need to make:

  1. Are you going to give full access to CommentLuv links on your blog?
  2. Are you going to require readers to register for your blog in order to pick from their last 10 posts?
  3. Are you going to allow DoFollow for the links?
  4. Are you going to allow Keyword Name Luv for your commenters?
  5. Are you going to moderate trackbacks?
  6. Are you going to encourage “social enticements” before allowing full access to CommentLuv?
  7. Are you going to set the number of key-ups allowed before a comment goes to spam?
  8. Are you going to install the JetPack plugin now that the conflicts with CLP have been resolved?
  9. Are you going to customize the message that appears next to the GASP check box? (check out my fun custom message)
  10. Are you going to let the commenter’s Twitter name be clickable?

I provided links to each one of those terms to help you make your decisions. The only link I didn’t provide is for “social enticements” and since I think Andy made that one up (or at least he’s helping make it an accepted part of the English language) I’ll briefly explain what it means.

The CommentLuv Premium Plugin

Social Enticements Help Your Blog Posts Get Shared

Andy built options into CommentLuv premium called Social enticements that require commenters to share or like your post in order to get access to the full list of 10 posts for their link. Here’s what they look like to unapproved commenters on your blog:
Social Enticements for Your Blog

Now you can take off your thinking cap because I know your starting to feel like you’re ready to download CommentLuv premium. I promise it will be ready real soon, but I wanted to make sure you get your blog ready first.


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      • thanks for such great info all over your blog .. its my first visit here ..i’ve subscribed for your upcoming posts ..

        the free version allows dofollow or nofollow for the commenter links ? and this site i think have nofollow attribute for the visitors links.. so does it help for backlinks..?

      • Hi Ileane… I also use this plugin last month ago.. I see this plugin really help me to drop another plugin like GASP and Comment Reply Notification because this function already have in Comluv premium…

  1. I think my favorite feature is the G+, Tweet, and Facebook like for 10 posts option. The number of options is awesome. Also, the ability to give only your dedicated readers the dofollow link is priceless.

    • Hey Melinda,

      I couldn’t agree more. Especially with google clearly indicating that social signals are going to play an ever increasing role in search. Giving other bloggers the ability and incentive to easily share your article is absolutely priceless. Especially in my niche. I help people avoid debt relief scams and it is almost like pulling teeth sometimes to get engagement going on that topic. Luckily I have a lot of awesome blogging friends that drop by and give a little social media love to me. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they get a great do follow commentluv link back :-)

    • Adeline, when you get CommentLuv premium, you’ll really appreciate why you need to make these decisions ahead of time. I was lucky because I already knew what was coming for the most part.

      • I can see that now. I made the needed changes in some of my settings so that it works a lot better for me. Looking forward to reading more of your blog tips.

        Again, my sincere thanks.

  2. I love the social enticement, when I first saw it on Andy’s blog, I was surprise and thought that was way too cool, I mean can you imagine that stuff on my blog… how much traffic I can get just from one share… that’s just way too cool, and today I just got accepted as a beta user and I’m going to blast comment everywhere to really see this neat plugin can really do.
    Seriously, and honestly, even if I never get selected, I will also buy it for my blog an… investment for a long term traffic and comment that’s going to benefit my blog…. :)

    • Wong, please keep me posted on what your favorite features of the plugin are. It’s nice to see it before everyone else, isn’t it? Good for you.

  3. The social “enticement” part of the plugin is really an awesome addition to CL. It is way better than asking users to register only to get 10 of their last post. This is really cool and I have to admit that I am looking forward to give it a test drive, either being lucky enough to be a “chosen” one or eventually with the Premium version.

    • DiTesco, once you get it you will have access to those awesome tracking features too. You get to see which posts are being clicked on and from which blogs. In the long run this will be another way to see the fruits of our labor and access true ROI.

  4. Jym

    Awesome stuff Ileane…

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Andy’s put in some hard work and great thinking into making this a fantastic plugin.

    I don’t know the price yet, but I’m sure it will be more than worth it…

    Luck you for getting in there as a beta-tester. Well done :)

    • Thanks Jym. This price is a mystery to everyone right now. Except Andy of course. :) We’ll know soon enough. (that guys sure can keep a secret)

  5. Ileane, this is going to be a crash course in SEO for me. I never gave two thoughts about dofollow, other than to allow it unconditionally.

    Social enticementss is a nice term and I love the way Andy put them together. Here’s something cool to consider: remember when G.A.S.P. first came out? People grumbled a little bit about hitting that checkbox. Over time, due to education and pervasiveness, the checkbox has become no more annoying than typing in this box! Telling people over and over that you are not a spammer or alien life form has become default behavior on CommentLuv-enabled sites.

    Well, I feel that the social enticements will become default behavior – which means that, even if you personally don’t want to “burden” your readers, you may as well take advantage of it! They won’t mind. LOL (This is just my opinion.)



    • Excellent point Mitch! I remember when only a handful of blogs had GASP installed, now there’s over 12,000 downloads from the WordPress repository. I can’t remember the last time I forgot to check the little box. Thanks for your insights Mitch.

  6. Danny Nappi

    Thanks again for the update on the new commentluv premium Ileane I am looking forward to the release. I really like the social enticement addition I think that is going to be great.

  7. Hi, Ileane,
    I think this premium version will be BIG! Andy sure knows what is he doing, and you gave us relevant tips of how to prepare our blogs for it, and what to take in consideration.
    This is a very useful post specially for the beginners and persons who are thinking of getting involved in the commentluv feature.
    Can’t wait for it!

  8. Craig Sowerby

    Hey Ileane,

    Thanks for the quick guide, but I think I have managed to get my head around it all. I was and still am a bit unsure of letting people subscribe to my blog.

    I sort of tested it on my own and the user actually gets access to my blog. I know it sounds a bit dumb, but was not sure how it worked. I am worried this could be a serious hack issue! What do you think?

    Or am I missing the whole concept here!


    • hey Craig,

      just to let you know that commentluv doesn’t actually do anything to the registration process. It only shows a link to your register form so if your blog is giving people access to your site after registering as a subscriber then you need to check that out! it must be something else doing it.

    • Hi Craig,

      You don’t have to test every single feature, and you still can be a good beta tester.

      By the way, I am here to test the plugin and thought to choose your comment to reply on :)

      • Hi Hesham!! Great to see you hear testing my set-up.

        FYI – I’m going to post a question over in the Thesis Awesome forum about the Twitter box.

        • WOW.. Watch this..
          Hover in my CommentLuv Card, it shows the author gravatar on FB because it’s a Multi-Authos blog.

          Some extra exposure I haven’t thought about it… nice one, this is the first time I notice that, Nice one!

          P.S. I added this comment to test it out again on a different post

  9. I absolutely love Commentluv and I recommend it to any blogger who is not currently using it. I like the idea of having to share you post with other in exchange for getting access to your last 10 posts.

    I just tweeted one of your posts to get access to my last 10 posts. Pretty cool!!

  10. Really glad you’re preparing everyone with the questions they need to consider. The premium version of CommentLuv rocks, but knowing how you want to use it to best benefit you and your readers is important. Awesome features no matter which options are chosen, though!

    • Donna, I anticipate a whole new influx of folks who haven’t used CommentLuv before. They’ll have loads of questions and this can be a starting point. Hopefully I touched on a few points that Andy didn’t cover in the videos. Thanks for the visit.

  11. Hanni

    The newest version of Commentluv 2.9 plug-in is totally amazing. You can select your 10 recent posts by sharing on the topnotch social networking sites. Very great idea. Thanks for the share!

    • Hi Hanna, just to be clear. CommentLuv 2.9 is the free version that you can download right now. CommentLuv Premium is the paid version that I’m referring to in this post. Got it?

  12. I can’t believe I was considering *not* getting this.

    I think my blog is ready, so I shouldn’t have issues. I always allowed dofollow anyway, so I’m not sure if I would “take it back” now.

    Really cannot wait to get my virtual hands on this one!

  13. Thanks for Info!!!!

    Complete post is very nice every point is important but i like one point too much which you mentioned above in your post like that”Set Goals for Your Blog” first of all we should set the target for blog and after that we should need to think some other thinks.

  14. I think this is brilliant. I’m not one for putting commentators through hoops to leave a comment, but I see no problem with getting them to promote my post in order to choose from their last 10 links. :)

    • I agree! As it is, it’s fully configurable by the blog owner – if you want to be generous, you can let everyone have 10 posts to choose from. OR, you can require one of several different options (Google+, Facebook Like, Tweet, xx approved comments, be logged in, etc.)

      For example, I have no particular desire for users to register or log in. And if they don’t honestly like or want to promote my post, that’s okay – but they can certainly COMMENT. So I’ve got mine set to give users a lot of choice about how they earn that 10 posts. But they’ll always get the ONE, anyway.

  15. Peter

    Hey Ileane, you are really lucky that you are the beta tester because this really sounds great and can’t wait to use it on my own blog. Thanks for the great tips and information about the new Commentluv.

  16. Thank you Ileane for sharing some of the insights of commentLuv – my all time favorite wordpress plugin. CommentLuv is going to reduce the load as it will replace 6 or 7 plugins. Waiting for its premium.

  17. It is a good idea, but I don’t know if it is worth clicking a social media button just to get 10 of your last post to pick from. I imagine some will hit it anyway, but it is borderline. As long as he keeps it at least the last 1 post without hitting any button it should do alright. Forcing someone into it then there might be a problem.

    • Ray, I agree – there’s also an option to allow EVERYONE ten posts to choose from, or to make xx previously approved comments the criteria for displaying ten. I think requiring participation is fine – you may not like or want to promote what a blogger has to say, but you can still join in the conversation. And you still get ONE post to show, even if you don’t. It’s entirely up to the blog owner – just like it’s entirely up to them whether to install CommentLuv and let commenters show ANY posts.

  18. This is very nice way to make readers greedy to share there recent post and for that they are forced to share one’s blog post to its networks,,,,…Hahaha…best trick….

  19. MegB

    Hello Ileane.
    I just simple love all such plugins as I enjoyed lot by working with this plugins…Thanks to Andy. Surely going to do this ASAP.

    And yes one more thing as you have suggested me about using Gravatar so it would be so nice of you and make me realise its importance. I am going to do this in 1or 2 days as soon as I get free from my routine.

    Thanks a lot for this PREMIUM sharing.
    Bye for now…

  20. I have Commentluv premium installed and works great. I not only like the plugin itself, I like the idea and the concept behind it. A great, well-structures and organized way of link building and sharing topics among blog readers and the blogging community. I can really see Commentluv as one of the incoming future blogging standards. Andy, you rock! :)

  21. Nelia M.

    Hello Ms. Ileane

    Surely your blog gots a lot of visitor’s. It is because of the kind of information you impart to your reader. I’ve been using the free version of Commentluv and I really like it. As to the premium version, I should think about it . Thanks for sharing these wonderful information.

  22. I like the new features I see in CL and the only thing I would not do, if I was using it, it allowing people to register on my blog to get the 10 links. As far as I know, there are other ways to allow them to do that. The reason I am a bit reluctant about allowing new registrations is that it is a bit of a security risk (which of course has nothing to do with the plugin itself).

    I think I tweeted on someones blog using the feature from the end of your post, to see how it would work. Seems really interesting.

    • Brankica, that’s the real beauty of CommentLuv premium. We have so much control over turning features on an off. Even for the KeywordLuv, I can set exactly how many keywords I will allow and exactly the number of approved comments before the keywords appear. There’s no competition on this one, Andy’s CommentLuv rules!

  23. The new premium version of CommentLuv looks great. I can’t wait until I can get it installed on my blog.

    I was not one for allowing others to register, but the social network option is a great supplemental feature.

  24. Hi Ileane,

    Super ComLuv Premium breakdown here!

    I like your note of planning. Before using the product have a plan in mind; this creates mental clarity which helps you use ComLuv more effectively.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!


  25. Steven

    I witnessed the fast spread of comment luv users and it is no surprise. It is amazing how it provides benefits to both visitors and bloggers. Prohibiting spams, also improved the quality of comments enabling better exchange of ideas. I am excited on the latest version. Thank you so much Ileane.

  26. Oh right – I was wondering why some blogs prompted social sharing before showing the last ten posts whereas I wasnt able to find this feature in the backend. I guess it’s just the guys that are beta testers at the moment. I hope it’s priced reasonably…

  27. Really glad you’re preparing everyone with the questions they need to consider. The premium version of CommentLuv rocks, but knowing how you want to use it to best benefit you and your readers is important. Awesome features no matter which options are chosen, though!

  28. Jym


    More tantalizing teasers from the lucky few… I’m chomping at the bit to get the premium ComLuv set up on my blog.

    I love cool gadgets and plugins and this one is cool as anything. Not to mention i can scrap a few others in its place…

    Thanks for guiding us into the full launch :)

    • Hi Jym, I have a feeling you’ll be getting your hands on CommentLuv soon – maybe in a few days. Sit tight.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  29. Cristian Balau

    Seen it on a lot of great blog but never used it myself, donno why exactly. To tell you the truth I didn’t liked it the first time I’ve encountered Commentluv. I planning to start a new wordpress blog soon. I think I’ll go with the trend and try the premium.

    • Cristian, excellent idea to start a new WordPress blog with a fresh install of CommentLuv Premium. That will send out a strong message that you’re ready for everything the blogosphere brings you :)

  30. I just started using Commentluv on a few of my sites.

    Personally I love the plugin as it helps for backlinks, but have yet to see it produce comments on my website.

    Of course my website is a very tight niche so that may be a factor.

    • Hi Jae, it takes time for some other CommentLuv users to find related content in some niches. If your blog is DoFollow there are 3 or 4 bloggers that you should contact so they can add your blog to their lists. Thanks for your feedback Jae!

  31. Comment Luv premium has advance features if we compare it with the previous versions of Comment Luv.Combination of Comment Luv and Keyword Luv make the blog versatile.

  32. Oooh, I wanted to use this, just to see what it was like. Unfortunately, my blogs are all Blogger. I did try to install comluv with Intensedebate, but something went terribly wrong and after a few weeks, no comments showed up. Eventually I lost all the comments I had during the time I had comluv on my blog. Naturally, I had to remove it.

    • Wow Anne. Sounds like that’s reason enough to take a stab at self-hosted WordPress. I’m curious, why haven’t you migrated any of your blog to WordPress yet? Or started a new one? I can give you a hand if you have questions.

      • Hi, Ileane,

        To answer your question, I would move to wordpress, but there are 2 main reasons stopping me. 1. I won’t know how to do it and would obviously have to pay to get it done. I’m not earning much from my blogs and this money would have to come from other sources.

        2. I’m afraid the blog would be counted as a new one and I would have to spend years building up what I worked so hard (and so terribly slowly) to do for the last 4 years or so. Do you know if blogs are counted as ‘new’ when they’re migrated to another host?

        Thanks for your offer to help. That’s very kind of you. Another thing I get confused with is and and the differences between the two.

      • Just bought a domain on hostgator. I’m having someone migrate one of my blogs to WordPress. It’s all taking time. I have to now learn how to use all that new stuff. I hope the price doesn’t go up before I’ve had a chance to download this new plug-in.

  33. Wooah! I am currently using Commentluv but after reading this post i get to know that commentluv Premium is also coming and now i am desperately waiting to get it on my blog but it matters what price is going to be that they will offer for that plugin!

    • Rafay, Andy is keeping the price to himself so far. I think he’ll tell everyone next week or the week after. As soon as CommentLuv premium goes on sale, you can be sure I’ll tweet about it. Are you following me on Twitter yet? I hope so :)

  34. I’m a big fan of commentLuv as well, great for encouraging people to share their ideas but also gives people a bit more of an incentive to post comments to your blog which is always a good thing. I played with KeywordLuv as well but I think the syntax used is too complicated for most people (entering your name and the @ sign and your keywords), I like the simplicity of commentLuv.

    • Web Designer, I really agree with you about KeywordLuv. I use it here so that people who understand it can benefit from it. But I have to admit it took me FOREVER to understand what is does and how it works.
      In fact you just gave me an idea, I should do a video on that because I think that would make it so much easier for people to understand KeywordLuv. Thanks!

  35. Reading this made me interested in using Comment Luv. Actually I’m downloading it right now (the free one). But I want to ask, if we enabled Comment Luv, does that bring a side effect to our site’s/blog’s pagerank?

    • Leo, not as far as I know. Some people are testing that now and I’m sure you’ll hear the results soon. I currently have PR4 and I’ve always used CommentLuv, so for me, the answer is NOPE!

  36. I already read many post on this plugin and fully going with you. all you write and suggest is very authentic and true. every one should have to subscribe that plugin.

  37. Ileane,
    I am strongly considering installing CommentLuv, as well as KeywordLuv on my blog. If I have not been a dofollow blog previously is there anything I need to do before making the switch? I have been reading many blog posts lately that have convinced me to ‘show some love’ to my visitors.

  38. I like the social enticing aspect of the plugin, but I have the following reservation:

    I wonder how many people with loyal followers are going to be willing to share a post with their social media network in order to get the list of ten posts to link back to? I would think that most of the links you are going to get are going to come from people without loyal social followers. Otherwise they would be running the risk of recommending something that might be somewhat subpar in quality to the material that they normally recommend? What do you think?

  39. Hey Ileanne, I like to point out that commentluv is not an alternative comment system, like Disqus and Livefyre but an addition to the default comment system thereby improving it.

    OK, no that is out the way I’ve been reading about the premium version and I’ve just paid $20 for it so that I can test it out. I have no qualms about paying that because Andy deserves something for all the hard work he’s put into it. I actually donated $10 to Andy a while back to show my appreciation, like I said he deserves it.

    I will be using most of the features except the one where it is required for them to register.

  40. Not having a blog that can use certain WordPress features, I was wondering whether KeywordLuv came with CommentLuv. The reason is that I’ve come across many blogs that were KeywordLuv-enabled but did not have CommentLuv badges, and I was wondering whether such blogs just disabled the CommentLuv aspect of the dual feature.

  41. Thanks for the great info. I’m still on the fence about this plugin as I don’t get much traffic to my sites. I like the features from a commentors point of view. It looks as though it is working well for you.

  42. Hi Lleane,

    Am presently looking into moving one of my blogs. What’s the most affordable, easiest way a person with little technical knowledge can do so?

    I still have some reservations about PR etc. (my response above).

    Thank you

  43. many thanks for the great info Ileane, btw how much for this CommentLuv premium plugin? is there any discount coupon to get lower price? I really interested to try this plugin.

  44. CommentLuv premium has come up with many modifications in the earlier version and I hope that bloggars as well commentors will benefit from it.

  45. Looking forward to Commentluv premium.
    It looks like some awesome improvments, just hope it isn’t priced out of my VERY limited budget for my sites :)

  46. Thanks for sharing the tips to let us go in the right direction, Ileane.

    Can’t wait to use Premium CommentLuv.

    I already installed in my blog KeyWord Luv and DoFollow plugins.

  47. Thanks for the update on this Ileane. I did just read yesterday on another blog that the new premium version is out and is on offer for 7 days only, sounds like a great deal! One question I have: Do you have to have the CommentLuv plugin installed on your own blog (as in ours) in order for it to pull the rss feed from it, so when I comment on a blog like yours, it pulls our most recent post and lists it under our comment here? Thank you!

  48. I love the social integration feature. This plugin is definitely a great addition to any blogger’s toolbox. One point I want to raise about it is that bloggers should not expect it to instantly magnet traffic to their blogs. Quality content and interaction with commenters are still very important.

  49. great post Ileane and I can see I will need to update the plugin so the social buttons show even if the comment author has 10 posts showing! I wanted to tweet it while I was down here in the comment form.

    that’s coming in the next update for sure!

    • Hi Andy, so cool that you got some inspiration for new features for CommentLuv Premium just from visiting here! Woot!! Thanks for stopping by.

  50. Wonderful! I truly appreciate the website you provided hear. I’m sure I will be looking forward to applying it to great uses. I’ll be sure to pass this post on to my friends. Thanks you so much, I love it.. :)

  51. Great explanations Ileane! I just purchases CommentLuv Premium and it really is awesome! –Everything you’ve described here and all it said it would be… {:>)

    I will be hanging around your site often, as I’m a blogging newbie and am a sponge for information always!

  52. Hi
    I hope in the future all plugins will be like Commentluv, because it is very multifunctional and has both advantages for the one who comments and for the one who receives comments. I do really like it as I have full control on spam comments and I am free of Aksiment plugin.

  53. I have been searching for and researching keywordluv and commentluv for about 4 hours now. I had never heard of either until today (I am new at blogging). Finding your post answered a lot of my questions as to whether or not I should add this feature to my blog to increase the interaction with the web community.

  54. Are you using comment luv premium? I think it is a good way because it helps us increase social media ranks… I plus oned your content and got 10 more commentluv options nice… :)

    • Devesh, sorry there are no discounts available on CommentLuv Premium right now. If I were you I would get it now before the price goes up again. Andy gives all of the CommentLuv Premium bloggers access to a few other plugins and goodie packs as well.

  55. Hi Ileane –

    This is my first time here, and I’m trying to determine the optimal use of CommentLuv Premium on my site. The real question for me is DoFollow (for comment incentives & community building) vs. NoFollow (for SEO), and I’m surely on the fence! I appreciate the link to Ana’s site above where she covers this topic specifically, and I’m surely bookmarking your site as well. Thank you for these insights!!

    • Hi Mark, welcome to Basic Blog Tips. Ana did such an excellent job on giving the pros and cons of DoFollow, that I always refer people to that post. I’m happy you find the information useful. Just remember that will CommentLuv Premium you have fine grain control on each and every comment and commenter. You can take DoFollow away whenever you want, you can also remove the “luv” if you want. It truly is a hybrid plugin and I’ve never seen anything else like it.
      Come back and visit soon Mark! Take care.

  56. Yena

    What a great insights that’s worth sharing for. I know that a lot of aspiring bloggers will be indeed happy to read this. Even me, I had learn from it. I hope to see more of it.:)

  57. I’m going sit down, and have a good read of your blog, in relation to commentluv. Looks like you comprehensively cover it, wish is really what m looking for at the moment x

  58. I understood the point of using commentluv. Links are rewarded in exchange for your comments. Just curious though, will these links have a value if they are nofollow? I think using dofollow links will be a better incentive.

  59. thank you for this plugin. i used free version but i think now i want to use premium version for better reader attractions.

  60. One of my favorites WordPress plugins too. The free version is also great but the premium version makes it very easy to build links to old blog posts and also to pages.

  61. A great resource of wonderful posts that care of the weekend reading for me.I read the success mindset yesterday and it was a very good read. I just want to thank you for linking the highly recommend it.I still do have a lot of work to do on that front but I am happy with the progress.

  62. after switching from default commenting of wordpress to premium comment luv i am noticing huge traffic on my blog…thanks for the nice explanation :)

    Read more: Commentluv Premium – A Bloggers ToolBox You Won’t Want To Miss!

  63. Even if I won’t be getting the premium version, it has helped me alot.

    It is one of those plugins that every new blogger needs to get. Over time, you will see if you need it some more.

  64. I like the commentluv premium but for those who are commenters are disappointed that they need to reach the number of approved comments before their post will be dofollow.

    • This discussion of dofollow/nofollow is fascinating, to me. If that’s the only reason someone’s commenting on my blog, I’m not sure I care if they’re disappointed. I look at it as a reward for good (meaningful) comments from people who will stick around – not as an incentive to spam my blog. Hmm.

  65. Commentluv premium is great because it will encourage visitors to keep coming back to your blog and read more of your post.

  66. Hi BBT,

    That’s a great way to get more Google+, Tweets and likes. 😀 I really loved the Premium plugin by Comluv but not able to afford it.

    Hope, Madam Ileane will give a giveaway on that plugin.

    Thanks for sharing, but I already know about it.

  67. I’m using CommentLuv in my blog site and for me it’s the best blogging plugin. I encourage bloggers to use this plugin. Just the other day I saw a 70% discout if you purchase CommentLuv.

  68. I don’t recommended premium version of commentluv. because free version are easily available. so why we should take the premium version. so funny.

  69. I really love the social enticements built into the premium plug-in. This seems to me like an awesome way to jump start social sharing on your blog. I recently installed the free version of CommentLuv, and the main reason I’m thinking about upgrading is so that I can include those social enticements to get more Pluses and Tweets.

    Random aside. Why is it that sooo many more people tweet things than plus them? I’ve noticed that on some of the CommentLuv enabled blogs I’ve been reading.

    • If I had my way, I would only allow persons to Like posts. Many people do not have much Twitter followers anyway. I’ve realized that I get a lot of my traffic from Facebook and Google search.

  70. I believe CommentLuv is a great WordPress Plugin, but I still need a time until I can get this plugin. CommentLuv is not a standard, but the plugin will create a favorite blog for everyone

  71. Ya, commentluv is really awesome. I should buy commentluv premium , but it’s not affordable for me. I use free version . free version also showing great results. comments increased dramatically .

  72. I installed the preimum version of CL on my blog 2 days ago, and although I have only received a few comments since I am quite optimistic that things will soon look up. Seems like the majority of bloggers who use CL are persons who blog about SEO etc. I have a lot of trouble finding bloggers in my niche using CL.

  73. You know what? I truly appreciate this blog of yours because it has really helped me learn how to blog using WordPress and a whole lot more! Now, I’m moving up to making my own website! Thanks a lot!


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