Fundamentals of Video Marketing: YouTube [Part 2]

This is the second and final post on Fundamentals of video marketing. The first post Fundamentals of Video Marketing: A Complete Guide to Harness the Power of Online Video to Generate and Convert Leads [Part 1] is truly a must read as well.

YouTube Video Marketing: Utilizing Its Supremacy to Your Advantage

A few years back, sharing videos on the Internet wasn’t that easy – till video sharing sites were conceived. YouTube may have simply started as a venue for watching funny home videos but over the years, it has metamorphosed into one of the primary methods of media consumption. YouTube has indeed become the largest video sharing site; dominating the market with the highest number of users; which makes it the ultimate perfect place to get your videos published and marketed. I’m pretty sure that you’re already wondering: With the colossal number of uploaded videos, how on earth do you attain your desired number of views on YouTube?

From a realistic perspective, you should be looking at a two-week window (rough estimate) of YouTube video marketing efforts to get that kind of optimum exposure you want and need. I have compiled quite a number of tips, guides, and techniques on how to get more views on YouTube, which I’m going to share some in this section.

Fundamentals of YouTube Video Marketing [Part 2] via @BasicBlogTips

Tips for Video Marketing on YouTube

•    The power of authentic profile. One of the factors to consider when submitting videos on YouTube is an authoritative profile. Viewers tend to check a profile to see how many friends it has; how many channel views; and the number of subscribers it has so far maintained. If you submit a video using an “orphan” account that has no friends or subscribers, it may raise some doubts and suspicions not only among viewers but the YouTube headquarters as well. Create an authentic profile and build it up by getting initial exposure and aspire to get more views, no matter how gradually at first. A power profile that conveys credibility is absolutely necessary.

  •     Involve yourself in the YouTube community. You might tend to forget that YouTube has an active community. Get your name around by making comments on other videos. Join topic-oriented groups in your niche area ((or you can spearhead and create a group if there are no existing ones). You can also post messages on the YouTube bulletin boards to make your videos visible to all friends listed on your profile.
  •     Ensure that your videos direct viewers to your website. Your videos may have thousands of viewers but unless you provide a direction for them to find your business after they watch, it would amount to nothing. You can start and end your video with a Call-to-Action slide that includes your website address, organization branding/logo and other contact information.
  •     Update your channel regularly and keep your contents fresh. Upload new quality contents as frequently as possible to keep your YouTube channel current. It is an excellent way to keep your existing subscribers engaged while also providing more contents to make new potential users find you. It is recommended that you remove old videos and re-submit them to give your channel a more up-to-the-minute and fresher look.
  •     Take total advantage of the “Share” option and utilize social networks to the fullest extent. You can either share through email or directly with friends attached to your account/profile. If you’ve already jumped into the social media bandwagon, you have most likely added friends you haven’t even met, connecting you to a huge network of millions and millions of people. Now that’s a tremendously valuable marketing resource you definitely have to tap and make the most of. Post your videos on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, and other social bookmarks and ask friends to share and post them as well. Don’t get carried away, though; remember to keep the balance and not spam your friends’ feeds – or you’ll get the opposite reaction and cause everyone to ignore you!
  •     Don’t forget SEO. Smart online marketers never lose sight of the significance of SEO in anything created for the Internet. As you very well know, videos now get ranked in search engines; in fact, studies show that videos are 50 times more apt to get organic first page ranking than traditional text contents. Thus, it is crucial to optimize your videos using targeted keywords.

Video SEO: You Can’t Do Without It
Every online marketer – whether newbie or advanced – should carry out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for video marketing. In this article, I’m going to give you some basic and simple SEO tips that you will find useful in optimizing your videos to get them picked by search engines; which can even boost your views further as video sharing social networks use the same site search tools to find videos that users want to watch or are interested in.

  •     Keywords on Channel Name. Your user name on YouTube is also your channel name; believe me, it pays to get the suitable name from the get go. It may be a bit tough to come up with a channel name that incorporates your main keywords, but it’s a surefire way for your viewers to relate to your contents better and have a sense of what you have to offer even before they watch your videos.
  •     Pay particular attention to Headline Copy or Title. There are two essential things that can get you to a better position on search engines: 1) keywords/key phrases pertinent to your video content; and 2) action verbs (call-to-a-problem or name-a-solution) that people who might be interested in your niche look for.
  •     Pick the appropriate category. It’s all about capturing highly targeted users that you can turn into loyal viewers, so find the category that best relates to your content and target audience (e.g., if your content is about network marketing or how to generate a second income, don’t choose Comedy as your category).
  •     Use keywords wisely and sparingly in your description. Don’t pull all your keywords in the hope that search engines will drive traffic to your video – HUGE mistake! Here are the drawbacks when you do that: search engines are already on to lame optimization tricks and you can either get penalized or completely taken out of the ranking scene; and viewers absolutely dislike the hard-pushing method of marketing. Use keywords/key phrases at the start of your video description, and then make use of two variations at least twice on the body itself. Make sure your description makes sense; giving a brilliant content overview and pointing out what the viewers can learn and/or the benefits they can get from the video.
  •     Tag all the way. I don’t have to tell you that each tag you add to your video automatically generates a web page that can link back to your video page. Use as many tags as YouTube allows on every video you submit; utilize your main, secondary and other content-related keywords.
  •     Jazz ‘em up with some buzz. Post your videos in blogs or websites and supplement them with extra text that’s fascinating enough to draw your visitors into watching your YouTube videos.
  •     Directories Submission and RSS Syndication. This certainly provides as many back links to your video web page and latest uploaded videos as you can wish for. You don’t even have to do all directories in the list all at once; just pick out 10 per day to get you started. While you’re at it, create Squidoo Lens that gives tips on your targeted niche; you can then add your video RSS Feeds to the lens for optimal results.

There are plenty more ways to do SEO for your online video marketing. Remember when your video gets displayed in search engine results, it can make a vast difference to the way your viewers click on the links to your video page. Just make sure to always use the most ethical and generally accepted SEO video marketing techniques.

Final Remarks…

Clearly, video marketing is –- or should be – an extremely vital part of your online marketing strategy that can bring massive traffic to your business, which can convert into actual sales, if used and done properly. Those hot tips I mentioned are doable, attainable, and can be easily applied to attract visitors to your site, acquire high-level sales, amass more potential customers, and generally boost your online business. Now, isn’t that cool?

So if you’re thinking that online video marketing is complicated, that’s total baloney. Don’t let yourself be daunted by the phrase video marketing. Go ahead, dive in and go for it; you’d be surprised at how much easier it gets once you’ve started. Don’t hesitate too long or your competition will run away with those views in the great video marketing game!


Garen Arnold, is a graphic designer out of Kansas City, Missouri. Garen provides people with The Best Web Hosting Service by using his expertise to help people choose the best web hosting service for their business.


  1. Well, it’s all effective yet a bit overwhelming. Particularly that I’m easily distracted by videos, if I go on an “interacting” mission on Youtube I lose my day. Well, have to put a check on myself :)

    Thanks for the wonderful tips Ileane!

  2. HI Garen,

    Both the parts about the video have been indeed very educative for people like me who have not yet ventured into this field. Both the articles teach us a great deal.

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. One thing about showing up late this time was I jumped from part one to part two without the wait. That’s a pretty nice bonus considering my short memory span.

    When you are referring to links to our video web page, are you referring to our YouTube video url or channel? It never occurred to me to build links to YouTube but I guess that makes sense.

  4. Garen,

    Both part I and Part II were excellent! I am glad you went over the marketing aspects too. It is great to have videos on Youtube, but fairly pointless if they can never be found.

    Again thanks for both parts of this article. I have bookmarked it and will be back later to reread and take action!


  5. Joshua

    Great Part 2 Garren! I loved the YT SEO part as I am hitting YT SEO pretty hard lately. I did get penalized for keyword stuffing in the description area so anyone reading this definitely take your desrciption advice seriously.

    And HOW THE HELL did you put a link back to your blog in a YT video? I thought it was only available to other videos! PLEASE SHARE!

  6. Your post is very informative Garen. The SEO tips you provided are very useful for the webmasters.Its really essential to make image, video etc search engine friendly.

  7. Brian,
    I would build links to your video, but also to your channel. I like to do about 60% to videos and then 40% to channels for best results.

    I put a link in the description starting with http:// don’t make it www. or it won’t be hyperlinked. Also, make sure you stamp it on your videos and actually say the words check out my link in my description for more :)


  8. Hi Garen, I have gone through both the video marketing posts and both are awesome. I hope that with the tips, I will be able to get more traffic and sales .

  9. Great, comprehensive tips. I found it really difficult to rank in Google but after making the following two changes I saw an excellent increase in views and visits back to my site.

    Firstly, I build backlinks to my video as I would to my site (had forgotten about this for some reason!). Secondly, I shared my video on my social networks to get the momentum going and so that the video had a decent number of views – I guess that helps in Google’s eyes.

    YouTube can drive tons of visitors so it’s def worth looking into

  10. Garen,

    I would like to point out that if you are shy about making videos, like I am, you can have someone with a pretty face read a script for five bucks on Fiverr.

    Great for branding, especially if they are a handsome person…;)


  11. After reading this, I was thinking, I should get started with video marketing and it really could be fun, but to be honest, I had try creating video before but it wasn’t really successful because I’m not use to it, but this time I had got an idea, and that is I can outsource all the above to a team to do it.
    I mean of course it’s gonna take some great sum of money out to really create a video marketing campaign, but I believe the investment will be worth, if I follow all the points you indicate.
    I’m glad that part 2 of the story about video marketing makes me excited and interested because I did learn some cool video marketing stuff from this post, such as choosing the right name will effect the outcome of the search and also “tag all the way”… well never thought of that before, thanks for sharing this awesome post :)

  12. This is an excellent information on vide marketing, although I have never tried it but by reading this post, I think I should start video marketing.

  13. It’s the pity you actually don’t possess a contribute switch! I’d most definitely contribute to that superior blog site! We suppose that for the time being I’ll happy with book-marking as well as including your own Rss in order to my personal Search engines accounts. We appear forth in order to recent improvements and can show this particular web page along with my personal MySpace crew :)

  14. Marc,
    Haha love Fiverr. There are tons of deals there for cheap. Not to mention you can get great voice overs from their too :)

    Don’t worry just get started. I failed at a lot of things the first time I tried them. Just make sure you research a lot to minimize mistakes though. I’ve been using someone on eBay for $40 a video and they are fantastic!

  15. I have found that my video’s outrank my sites sometimes and that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I get a lot of traffic from you tube and most of it is pretty targeted to my niche.

  16. Now that Google has entered the social game and brought search engines with it, it will be almost essential for video marketing to become a core part of your SEO strategy. We will see more video marketing and social search unfolds

  17. A lot of blogger are talking about video marketing but I haven’t tried it yet. After reading this, maybe I could start my way up to getting involved in SEO using this new approach to my fave video site.

  18. That was really useful for me and i got some much necessary information that you can’t even imagine. Thanks a lot for sharing the tips. I have added some videos to YouTube but without so much success.

  19. Video marketing is now days growing as necessary strategy for any marketing. without video marketing you can change your readers into buyers and. these strategies are great and helping for newbies and learners like me.

  20. I think plenty of bloggers understand the potential of using videos to promote their websites. And the only thing that’s holding them back is fear. I know how nerve-racking for many individuals to film themselves and posting it online. If you are serious about your online venture though, you have to overcome that fear.

  21. LOL @ the guy who commented that if you’re shy you can pay someone attractive to read your script for the camera 😛 I was about to comment that while getting involved in youtube and videos in general can certainly boost your traffic and overall traffic significantly, it’s not for *everyone* in the sense that some people just want to be writers, not on-screen stars, because you are *really* putting yourself out there by putting videos out to the world.

  22. I’ve never actually done any video marketing on YouTube – I came across your blog post via Google and it’s super helpful so thanks!

  23. Video marketing is growing now a days…It is necessary for marketing. These strategies are great and helping for new learners like me.Thanks for this very helpful tips on video marketing. I am expecting lot from you…..

  24. With Youtube being the second most popular website having 790 million unique monthly viewers, making your videos go viral in Youtube can generate tremendous amounts of traffic and leads to your website and ultimately sales. Businesses who are not finding ways to leverage the power of Youtube will miss out on such a huge stream of revenues.

  25. Video marketing is way better compared to just writing stuff and marketing it. I have personally faced the difference in the result quality. These days, people don’t just believe what they read, and hence video marketing takes charge here!


  1. Fundamentals of Video Marketing: YouTube [Part 2]…

    This is the second and final post on Fundamentals of video marketing. The first post Fundamentals of Video Marketing: A Complete Guide to Harness the Power of Online Video to Generate and Convert Leads [Part 1] is truly a must read…