How to Boost Your Brand on Facebook and Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Facebook engagement is one of the biggest challenges that most bloggers are facing today. We all know that we need to have a presence on Facebook but what we really want is to find ways to bring our fans and friends on Facebook back to our blogs. In order to attract more interest and drive traffic to your website, and boost your brand use these important strategies to get the best position,  and obtain higher levels in Facebook’s algorithm known as EdgeRank.

Post Images and Videos to Increase Facebook Edgerank

Increase Facebook EdgeRank
We have all been told that the best way to increase engagement levels is to post Facebook photos and videos. When we do this, our followers are more likely to see the post and give it a like or add a comment. Of course this makes sense because the visual stimulation draws people in and causes them to react, and when people see that there are a lot of likes on a post, they pay more attention and in turn they want go add a like or comment also.

The more likes and comments you get the more people see your post in their news feeds and so on. You get the picture right? If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, like I do you know exactly what I’m talking about. This explains why Pinterest is growing in popularity as well.

Is Facebook Engagement Your Real Goal?

The problem with EdgeRank and chasing down our fans and followers on Facebook is that somehow we get lost in the madness and forget why we set up a Facebook page to begin with. What I mean by that is, unless you’re a Facebook marketer or you’re selling Facebook related products your goal should not be spending most of your time on Facebook.

If you’re a blogger or a small business owner your primary goal for establishing a Facebook presence should be to bring people from Facebook back to your blog or website! I know is sounds simple right but I’m sure you know that it can get very complicated at times!

The people who run social networks are brilliant when it comes to distracting us from our real goals. They are masters when it comes to email marketing and the barrage of notifications trigger our reaction and drive us back on their turf. But let’s bring things back into focus for a minute.

Link Your Facebook Page To Your Blog

The simplest way to get people back to your blog from Facebook, is to add a link to the about section of your page. That’s it. This may sound like a no-brainer but I spend a ton of time on Facebook and I’ve seen hundreds of page owners who aren’t doing this. Ironically, many of these pages owners claim to be “social media managers” isn’t that sad.  But with this tip I’m about to share, you can even take things a step further and create a three-way connection between your Facebook profile, your page and your blog. This can be tricky at times depending upon what type of Facebook page you have so I recorded a video to show you the really simple way to get that link added from your profile over to your page and from there get the link back to your blog and drive traffic to your homebase.

How to Add Your Facebook Page Link on Your Facebook Profile

Tools for Successful Facebook Branding

Here’s a list of tools that I use to boost my brand on Facebook which in turn drives traffic back to my blog! The links are my affiliate links and you will be doing me a big favor if you use them. :)

Timeline Slicer Pro – Joey Kissimmee from Income Press developed the Timeline Slicer and I simply love this tool! You can change the timeline covers for your page and for your profile in no time using the slicer. You never need to worry about the Facebook re-sizing the dimensions of the cover or the app images again. Just drag and drop and you’re done. Joey also has a great affiliate program for everyone who buys the slicer.

Social Buzz Club – Join the Social Buzz Club and you can get your posts shared on Facebook by top influencers. Since I joined I started connecting with people like Amy Porterfield, Lou Bartone, Denise Wakeman, Laura Rubinstein, Gina Carr, Kathryn Rose, and many other well known Facebook marketers.

Engagement Killers for Facebook Pages

One last tip I want to share about boosting your brand on Facebook. Even with all the time-saving tips and advice you hear, I would like to caution against doing one thing and that is not spending time on the platform. The worse pages with the lowest EdgeRank are the ones that don’t post regularly or who simply autofeed links to every single blog post. Page owners who go this route will see little or no engagement from their fanbase. If you just don’t have the time and are looking for someone to manage your page, get in touch with Kim Castleberry from Just Ask Kim. I interviewed Kim on this blog last year and Kim is a real pro who knows her way around Facebook better than anyone else I know.

Please share your best tips for Facebook engagement, I’d love to hear what you’re doing to boost your brand and drive traffic to your blog from Facebook!


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  1. Informative post Ileane!

    I loved the video that explained everything so well as well the links shared – most of which I need to try out.

    I know how important Facebook is and yes people best connect and interact when there are pictures or videos. I guess with their short attention span that works best. When I had made my Fanpage I did most of the things you mentioned, though without any apps. But I guess they make life much easier. :)

    And yes, Kim is wonderful where Facebook is concerned, covering nearly every little thing that comes up.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips with all of us. :)

    • Hi Harleena,

      With Kim in our corner who needs Facebook Support right! She is one of the most helpful people on anything related to internet marketing so I’m glad she and I are connected at the hip. Thanks for you comment my dear. Enjoy your weekend.

      • Hi Ms Ileane,

        Great post, but I have not been able to view the Youtube video embedded here. Could you please add a link to watch it underneath the video so that I can go and watch it?

        Thanks for the link via Facebook. I really appreciate your time :)

      • Neha

        hi Ileane, Facebook pages was biggest Source of my traffic but two days me 4 pages deleted by fb It was a big lose. I was getting most of my traffic from facebook. My pages was having more than 50k likes but can’t don anything now have to start from scratch now.

      • hi Ileane, in facebook page i tested something like whenever i post a ;ink with some catchy images, i got some higher traffic compare to simple links and i also try your other tips about facebook brand making.

      • Hi Ileane,
        This post is simply brilliant. I was looking for this kind of information on the whole internet and didn’t find it anywhere. Facebook is the biggest most popular social site. Really stunning article.

    • Simmeon Joseph

      I have definitely found Facebook to be the heart of communicating with people, if you’re in the right circles it’s nice way of interacting with others.

  2. Nice group of tools there, Ileane – oh yeah to getting engagement out of Facebook to your blog. It’s the eternal question.

    I would add that the new Highlight feature is worth a try for your readers. Minimal cost that certainly does get more eyeballs to your post on FB.

    Marvellous what tools are out there in the market that I’ve never heard of before – and I’m currently the Owner of a team developing a Facebook Engagement tool for Brands and Franchises.

    I’ll be checking out both Lujure and PostPlanner as soon as I get writing this comment :)

    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I’m a little confused with what you mean by the highlight feature because you mentioned a cost being associated with it. I do know that you can highlight a post on your page but the feature I’m familiar with is totally free.

      You might be referring to promoted posts and that is a very economical way to get your posts in the newsfeed of your fans. Although it can boost engagement on your Facebook page, people need to be sure they promote a really useful article that will bring traffic back to their blogs.

      Thanks for the tip Martin.

      • Oh, I’m talking about a Personal Profile page where you can Highlight (Promote) a particular post. That does have a small cost attached and, agree, that content needs to be of value as well.

      • hi Ileane, Facebook engagement is one of the biggest challenges that most bloggers are facing today. We all know that we need to have a presence on Facebook but what we really want is to find ways to bring our fans and friends on Facebook back to our blogs.

  3. This is awesome stuff!

    I haven’t really put much thought into a Facebook page, but linking the profile to the page is an awesome tip! I am definitely going to implement these tips when I get a Facebook page up and running!

    Thanks a bunch,

    • Hi Gabe, I know it is hard to keep up with Facebook and their constantly changing platform. I’m here to help out so please be sure to stop back again soon. Thanks for the visit.

  4. Hi Mam,

    Really a post to be admired, Great post with awesome info to be remembered on Facebook. This really is a useful and informative post for newbies, will try the tools you shared very soon just after finishing the post. Wish you good luck for best future posts too.. Thanks for tips…

  5. Nice post, Ileane! As usual, you’ve done a great job of tackling a problem from a practical point of view.

    For some time now, I’ve had doubts about the time spent promoting my blog posts on the social-media sites. The problem I’m having is that I have to assume that other people behave similarly to me on Facebook, etc.–when someone promotes products or services too often, I simply unsubscribe from them. It would seem that the only way to promote your blog on the social-media sites is to develop relationships that are willing to tolerate your self-promotion, and that process is far too slow and cumbersome to be worth the effort. My conclusion, then, is that my time is better spent doing something else. What do you think?

    • Doug, you make some excellent points and my fall back answer is “it depends”. I seem to be using that one a lot lately so don’t shoot the messenger. :)
      Seriously here’s what it depends on:
      #1 what kind of content are you trying to promote
      #2 what exactly are the other things that you are spending your time on
      #3 what tools are you using to evaluate your ROI
      In my case, I’m a blogger and I’m also a self-proclaimed “social media ninja”. Now what kind of ninja would I be if I didn’t know my way around Facebook in the dark?
      I look at my stats and Facebook is my #1 traffic referrer (outside of Google) so it is more than worth while for me to invest my time on the platform.
      On the other hand, if I was selling rebar, I might not spend as much time learning how to boost my brand on Facebook as I do now. (rebar = reinforcing steel used in building construction projects).
      On second thought, I’m not so sure about that.
      This is why I went out of my way to record this video that demonstrates a branding strategy that will work for anyone and it only takes 3 – 5 minutes tops. Hope you like it!

  6. Adding images and videos to my Facebook account has helped me a lot. Taking into consideration people are attracted by images, we should emphasize on optimizing our Facebook pages.

  7. This:

    “…your primary goal for establishing a Facebook presence should be to bring people from Facebook back to your blog or website…”

    So many people forget about this simple fact. It’s crazy how many times I’ve heard, “guess how many facebook likes we have” when the real question should be “how many visitors does our facebook profile drive to our site, and are they converting?”.

    • Yes, I know that this is a problem because I was hanging out on Facebook just now and I thought – oh wow, I’ve got comments to respond to on the blog! DUH!!

  8. Salman, that is why it’s important to use high quality images on your blog posts. Another tips is to upload the post image to Facebook instead of posting a link to your blog. That way you can include the blog title and add your link in the description of the image. I’ve tested this a few times myself and it definitely works!

  9. Facebook can drive huge traffic to our blog if we use it in perfect manner. No matter how many likes for your page and friends you made. It’s no use when they are from bots or not active on facebook. Make some genuine and real friends and likes to your page. This can helps to boost traffic to your blog via Facebook

    • Amar, I would love to know what you are doing to monitor the people who like your page. I have no idea how many of the likes on my page are bots, but I do know that I have a lot of real people who come there and engage with me and recognize my brand.

      • Whenever i got a new like on my page. i will go through their profile and i would mainly check whether they are active on facebook or not. we can know this from their updates. if there are regular updates from that user. i fell he/she is active on facebook. if he/she is a blogger, i would surely add them as friend

        • Amar, thanks for that awesome tip! I think I used to do that in the early days of my page and forgot all about it, I appreciate the reminder.

          • Also i won’t recommend anyone to buy likes or get them using bots. They are only to show to other but of no use.
            When ever you are getting some likes and comments on your threads, it says some genuine and useful people likes your page

  10. Hey Ileane,

    I have been using Facebook to drive traffic to my blog from last year, but the idea of adding a link to the about section of the Facebook page didn’t come in my mind.
    Thanks for the tips mam,

    Ehsan U.

    • You are very welcome Ehsan. I noticed that I lot of people that I engage with on Facebook are missing this point and this is what motivated me to remind you guys about this.

  11. You caught it very right Ileane!
    It happens often that we set up Facebook page to market our blog and the attempt to enhance the engagement completely losts the main objective of the page establishment. Thanks for recommending some useful tools.

  12. Hi Ileane,

    Find the right amount of engagement on FB. Not too much or little. Direct all traffic to your blog but hop on each day to engage, share other’s content and answer questions. Power tips here.

    I like FBing twice daily. I hop on groups, read posts, leave comments and exit stage left. Remember you are growing a business, not BSing for the heck of it.

    Thanks Ileane!


    • Hi Ryan,

      I like your strategy of checking in twice a day. I sort of rotate between Twitter, Google+ and Facebook and then start all over again.

      Thank you!

  13. Facebook is great. It is important to set up a Facebook page with right connections. Facebook is one place where one fifth of the world’s population spend their time. With more and more people connecting to the internet, the number is set to increase dramatically in the future. Thank you for mentioning those sites, will be joining.

    • Shalu, it is amazing to think about the enormous number of Facebook users who are basically addicted to the platform. This makes it even more critical for bloggers.

      • Indeed Ileane, if you don’t take advantage now then you’ll regret later. So the use of social media is paramount. Political heavy weights such as Obama too have realised its important. So business owners and bloggers too need to take advantage.

  14. Wonderfull post Ileane!

    Great points and tools you mentioned in your post – Facebook is largest social media sites where we can promote our blog posts very easily, but it depends on your work how you develop your facebook page. I must say that Facebook can boost your traffic if you use it in right way.

    Thanks for sharing nice post.

    • Hi Ajnabii, Facebook does really make it easy for us by providing two different ways to spread content. We can share or like and we can even do both. That makes it much easier for us to get traffic from Facebook. Thanks!

  15. Double like for your article!! It is really useful for me. :) I agree with your thought that people will give attention to our posts if they have lots of Likes, comments and shares. Also our posts will spread to more people when people Like or comment to the posts. FB is a great place to drive lots of traffic. And thanks a lot for sharing the useful tools like Timeline Slicer Pro. They were completely unknown for me!! Keep posting articles and I am bookmarking your blog. :)

    • Hi Priya, the guys from Timeline Slicer are coming out with an updated version soon too, so stay tuned for that one. Thanks for your feedback.

  16. The idea of posting images and Videos are good for branding purpose because It can engage more and more audience. I heard about postplaner its a nice tool. thank Ileane for these sites.

    • Hi Atish, I have some videos that I created for Facebook and I don’t even share them on YouTube. I plan to continue to share Facebook tips via video and see how it goes. Thanks for stopping by Atish!

  17. Thanks Illeane,

    Just got started with the timeline and am still making my way around it so your tip is going to help me rock! Also appreciate the relevant tools, didn’t know there was so much to do with Facebook.

    Will be coming back for more tips and hacks on FB!


    • Hi Thu! I missed you and I’m glad to see you’re back! Using Facebook will help you get up and running in no time at all.

      • Aw, thanks for remembering Ileane, it’s been awhile. I do miss the blogosphere and know that ACTION is really the foundation. So what I did is implemented your tactic and it works! All it took was a few minutes and you gave us a very clear walk-through. So hat’s off to you my friend. :)

  18. Hi Ileane!

    Certainly doing social media campaigns with the blog can distract easily from the main goal and for that I made a strategy to use them properly to don’t get distracted but its really tough to do it believe me. Secondly, I like the one you have mentioned in the postPlanner plugin that’s looks awesome to me and will give it a try in future for sure.

    • PostPlanner is such a great investment. I have found tons of ways to get the most out of it. For example, when I schedule my posts to groups I can change up the message so that it can appeal to the people from each specific group. Please let me know how you like it after you’ve used it for awhile.

  19. Hi Ileane,

    Yes – Edge rank from Facebook plays an incredibly large part in branding and exposing your brand on Facebook (the correct way – and not just jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon because your competitors are doing so). And thanks for mentioning the “Postplanner” tool. This I think should be quite handy if you choose to market yourself or brand on Facebook.

    • Hi Anton, If you give PostPlanner a try I know you will love it. Jane Sheeba asked me about it on Facebook the other day and here’s what I told her

      My favorite way to schedule Facebook posts is PostPlanner, of course it’s not free but besides the Facebook scheduling, it also has a handy quote generator that I use to generate quotes to post on Google+ or just about anywhere. I love this feature because I never can think of a quote and I don’t have time to look for them. If I really want to get some Edge Rank, I’ll take the quote and add it to an image. Presto! Now I can get tons of engagement, plus something to use on Pinterest, Google+, etc….

  20. Junaid Ahmed

    A great profile, an impressive network, and posting regularly are just a part of the recipe for success on Facebook. You also need to be active – visit the profiles of your supporters, take part in their groups and other initiatives, visit their sites. You are right that all this takes a lot of time and you might soon discover that Facebooking is a full-time occupation but if you notice an increase in traffic to your site, then all this is worth.
    Buy instagram followers

  21. What a great post Ileane and you are SO right.

    When I do have time to get on Facebook I go down my Timeline and the images are what stand out the most for me. I admit, I can’t help it but they draw me in so they are so important.

    I love the video and what you shared here as far as the different tools you can use. Some of these I was aware of while the others I’ll be looking into. So when I have more time, I’m coming back to your post and checking this out.

    Thank you again young lady for so much value packed info here. I love it!

    Have a great day!


    • Hi Adrienne, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s amazing how much time I spend on Facebook these days. It used to be my least favorite social network but since they introduced the timeline for pages I have done a complete 360! lol

  22. Hey Ileane!

    Wow this is a cornucopia of tools and info. Every time I see some of those programs and apps like the Timeline Slicer I think “D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that?!” Really the ideas are so simple but you just don’t think of it lol

    I’ve routinely struggled with engagement on my Facebook page and yet FB is still my #2 referrer in Google Analytics. Must be from somewhere else cuz it ain’t coming from MY page :)

    One thing I can verify – upload those photos, square ones if possible so they don’t get cut off. I normally tend to make rectangular images, but now I make sure to create a special Facebook version for the photo upload.

    Some of my link posts may not get 100 views in a week, but when I post a photo it will clear that in one night!

    Thanks for this post, it’s given me some great ideas that of course I must now follow through with. Follow-through is my weak spot. Aaargh. Take care!

    • Hey John! I’m sure we are connected on Facebook and we need to interact over there more often!

      I found out that the optimum size for posting images is 403 x 403 pixels. That’s the ideal size for posting on your page. If you are using an image to post a Milestone or if you want to Highlight an image – use 843 x 403.

      For everything else, I use the Timeline Slicer Pro. :)

      • Hey Ileane, you’re right I definitely need to engage more on FB!

        I did notice that 403 x 403 was the size for those image posts, however I started going to at least 600 x 600 since I found that Facebook’s extremely aggressive photo compression will make my stuff look bad if I put it in there at 100%.

        I want to give it some extra pixels to throw away so I try to go larger. As long as it’s square it resizes it fine. Another tip – watch out for those red colors. They get hit hard in any jpeg compression but Facebook really attacks it.

        So far I haven’t pinned/milestoned or highlighted anything, so thanks for reminding me I need to get on that!

  23. Ileane,

    I really waste my time on Facebook, always reading about Liverpool FC gossip LOL. Most of the time, I read other blogs and comment a lot, but I never really thought Facebook can be put to such good use. I have to seriously reconsider my Facebook strategies. I already have a headstart because Adrienne too has some really nice tips on cross-promotion between Facebook and my blog. Thank you for these tips and the video was really good.

    • Aw, that is so nice of you to compare my tips with Adrienne’s. :) Thanks Aditya! Let me know when your page is all set up and I’ll be sure to stop by and give you a like or two.

  24. Some great tips in this article. I can say from experience after having starting running ads and updating with more media rich posts that engagement and visibility has been going way up. I highly recommend running ads, and the best thing about them is you don’t have to commit to anything long term or spend a ton of money.

  25. Ileane
    I always learn something new when I come to your blog which is why I love hopping over here and yet again you haven’t disappointed! I am intrigued by Lujure and the Social Buzz Club so thanks for those, I will definitely check them out.

    I have had my fb page linked to my blog as I once listened to a webinar by an 8 figure earner (how many zeros……! lol) and he always said to build your brand on fb and move people back to your blog or sales pages as soon as you could, so I followed his advice and left a few links to ensure that happens.

    An informative and useful post as usual Ileane, thank you!

    • Nicky, it’s almost impossible for most bloggers to keep up with all the changes in Facebook and sometimes they sneak them in without telling! I cringe every time I see that one of my friends doesn’t have a link to their blog on their Facebook page and now at least I can tell them to come here and watch the video :) Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting Nicky!

    • Vineet, you’re so right. Anytime we can get someone to leave Facebook and come over to our blog that is what I call “quality traffic” for sure!

  26. Hi Tauseef, it’s really a learning process and it sounds like you are making progress. It’s so much easier to start all over again with a failed Facebook page than it is with a failed website, so go for it! Best wishes.

  27. Must say its a good roundup you have. Though my firm has its own facebook page, it is managed by a hired agency. I’ve never tried to do it on my own, because I never felt confident enough managing a page having thousands of subscribers. Your article definitely brings out some of that confidence in me :)
    Social Buzz Club is something which I want to try out. You wrote that you can get your posts shared on Facebook by top influencers. My page could definitely use some of that public attention as it is relatively new. Is it a paid service? Or do I have to work something in return for them, like promoting their pages?

    • Social Buzz Club has both a free and paid version. Yes you do need to reciprocate and share content from other members there also. I checked out the free version for about one week and I was amazed with the level of engagement and the quality of the content so I upgraded first chance I got!

  28. I can see I need to make a Facebook page. I have been procrastinating long enough. I can see how not having a social presence has affected my visibility. Thanks for making the reasons and the tools I need clear.

  29. Hi Ileane,

    You have explained exceptionally well about Facebook and how to drive traffic to your blog from Facebook. i would say that engaging fans on your picture and social sharing is must. if you get successful in getting comments and likes from your viewers then you can manage your brand.
    Most of the users on Facebook just view pictures so I think if you post a link of your post in pictures then it can bring traffic to your blogs.

    The main thing is to build right kind of audience. If you have 50,000 fans which do not have interest in blogging then you will have no benefit.



  30. Hi Ileane,

    thanks for sharing your insights. The issue is really that we can easily get distracted on these social media platforms because our goals may differ from those who run the social network. That means, it requires a lot of discipline and clarity to work successfully on social media. The world does not evolve around Facebook, does it, not even for social media marketers. In fact, you offer great advice how to drive people from Facebook back to our blog.

    Have a great weekend ahead.

    Take care


    • Hi Oliver, it is so easy to get addicted to social networks and of course Facebook draws us in by making it easy to find old friends and keep in touch with family. But when the opened things up for brands and marketers they really took advantage of all that data they were gathering. It’s hard to cut the chord but we have to start somewhere right Oliver. :)
      Thanks for your comment!

  31. Thanks for the great tips. Facebook is one of the most popular and well-liked social media platforms that have turned the dream of finding out a place to present products, services, and websites at no cost in the online world. It is one of the best means to drive traffic to any website or blogs either by creating new Facebook pages, by being consistent and the best option is to offer variety as it is capable of attracting more and more traffic and helps in enhancing brand.

  32. Hey Ileane,
    Great share mam.I’ve had no clue how to get traffic from Facebook.Even i was looking for a tool which can post in multiple groups at a time.I guess Post planner would do the job for me, even the other tools are worth looking for.will check out one by one.
    Thanks again mam :) Good Day

  33. Hi Ileane,

    I’ve been looking on how to better utilize FB to drive traffic to my site. I’m going to look into a couple of things you mention especially about writing something on my page more often. Lujure really sounds interesting. You always have such good ideas here. Thanks. Sally

  34. I WAS all but ready to give on FaceBook. I can’t track or see anything of any value that have come from that site. But, I now know that I have been doing things the wrong way. I will give these methods a try and see what comes of them.

    Thanks for another Fab read!!!!

    • Hi Joe! It’s great to see you hanging out here at Basic Blog Tips and I’m glad you are taking advantage of the information here. Thanks for visiting!

  35. Just saw this post in my LinkedIn stream, and it’s content catches my attention to read your post, thank you for taking the time to read this potential article, in my experience many social media managers don’t even know about EdgeRank and they are only having focus on just spreading their content even without realizing about their target audience.

    • Wow, I’m impressed that this post is making an impact over on LinkedIn. Oh yeah, I just remembered that they changed the interface. Good for them looks like it’s working already.

      Thanks for the visit Laudri! Hope to see you again soon.

  36. That’s a great post Ilane this is awesome info about Facebook. We always try to increase our edgerank. Than general post I agree with you that image will attract more people and when people will see that more and more people like in an image then he or she must like it and this must help you to increase your edgerank.

  37. Oh, man, FB…. it takes soo much time to keep up with all their changes, tools, opportunities, but OK. I’ll give at least one of these things you’re suggesting a try… Thank you for the tips.

  38. I agree with the fact that adding images and videos really adds value to user engagement on your FB page. However by joining Social Media buzz clubs, it usually turns out to be a spam center. I am talking this on my personal experience. Others may vary.

  39. Great post, very informative…Social media marketing done the right way will drastically increase traffic to your blog or website.

  40. Really a Great Blog.
    This is awesome stuff!

    I haven’t really put much thought into a Facebook page, but linking the profile to the page is an awesome tip! I am definitely going to implement these tips when I get a Facebook page up and running!

  41. Hi,
    thanks for the info! I’m not sure if FB and all that suits to the company I help out but it was definitly worth reading. Thanks for the tips I will try to get some of them done right now 😉

  42. many people are active in a facebook,so according to me,facebook is the best social networking sites. post and share your photos and videos in a facebook,to boost your brand in facebook.

  43. I’ve just started my Facebook page and what I observe that you don’t need to share your own link always. Give them some updates like quotes which something they could ponder. Timing is also valuable.

  44. Thanks for the tips Ileane. I use my logo as my timeline cover and my favicon as my facebook page avatar and profile avatar. Facebook is my top source for referral traffic.

  45. Excellent!! One of the hardest things for me is to develop my brand on facebook. This is specially hard when your native language is not the same as your blog, for example, I am from mexico and all my friends or most of them speak spanish and my blog is in english so it is really hard to get some fans because my friends are not very interested in stuff that is not in their language. Thanks for the tools you mention, I will use them.

  46. Facebook is an amazing social network that can really help you in increasing the sales and traffic of your website, all you need to do is to follow a proper strategy.

  47. ‘Link Your Facebook Page To Your Blog’ is one of the best approach where you can gain increase your Facebook fan base and gain a good amount of traffic to you blog. And thanks for sharing the other unique methodologies to boost the brand

  48. Well, I ‘ve never heard “Edgerank” on Facebook; Is that a new SEO terminology? :) And I must add, a thorough breakdown on branding engagement formula of Facebook marketing!

  49. How do we find the time for all this stuff? YEs, we need to do more socially but really.. how much time does one have in the day? It all depends I guess on how much you really want to work on it. I know some offices have someone dedicated to just social media marketing. Might be worth it if they do it right.

  50. Nowadays, people are very often open Facebook, this would be a good start to build a brand on Facebook.

    In my point of view, in addition to boost the brand, I also believe that if you Link your Facebook Fanpage to your blog, Google will assume it is an valuable link towards your blog and will boost the SERP of the blog though the links are nofollow. This will also attract organic visitors from search engine.

    Thanks Ileane for the inspiring write. 😀

  51. I have connected my blog to Facebook and I have 1 or 2 visits from it. It maybe not much traffic from Facebook, but it will give more if we give a little bit try to optimize.

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    I don’t know how is your experience guys? But can you share some of your tips on how to get more likes?

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    • Freddy, how do you use addlinks on Facebook? If you are talking about your blog than yes AddThis is good. I’m not a fan of ShareThis though.

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    • Hi D.!

      I used to really “dislike” Facebook (hate is such a strong word so I won’t go there). I think that what turned things around for me is when I joined a couple of great groups.

      Once I began to embrace it I saw my traffic from Twitter grow and these days I get more quality traffic from Facebook than Twitter.

      Make sure we are connected and I’ll introduce you to some groups I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

      Thanks for stopping by D.!

      • Hi Ileane,
        That would be AWESOME! I followed you on FB and Twitter so anytime you’re ready. I look forward to getting the most out of FB. Thanks
        D. Dixon

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      Thanks Makadiya!

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    • Hi Alex!
      Here’s the thing about Facebook. There are so many people using the network that it is safe to say your target audience is on there. The key is for you to find them.
      It can be a challenge at first but you can grow your community and what it pay off big time. Please use the search box at the top of the page and you will find tons of useful article here on this blog about growing your network on Facebook. Just type in “Facebook” and the best articles will show up on the list.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

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      Eventually I caved in and now I see Facebook as one of my go-to networks for traffic and visibility.

      Thanks for the visit!

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