7 Reasons Why Unemployed People Should Start Blogging

Are you unemployed and are looking for work?  If so, start blogging today! Read on to find out why… Blogging has exploded into the mainstream web over the recent years, with more and more people turning to blogging for a variety of reasons.

The beauty of blogging is that you don’t need a degree or a scholarship to start doing it, you don’t need a huge amount of money either, and more over being unemployed means you have all the time in the world to work on your blog, to some degree.

I certainly wished that I had made the decision to start blogging when I was unemployed for a solid 4 years, back almost 20 years ago, but to be honest the internet had only just started coming to life…

Today, blogging is no longer considered as a pastime online activity, in fact these days blogging is considered to have huge potential in becoming an extremely profitable business venture for many people, and for you too if you know how to do it right, and are prepared to work at it.

Many university and college students that I know have decided to start blogging to help them make some extra money, and even at the end of their studies some are able to sell their blogs for a considerable amount.

So I also think that people that are unemployed and are receiving some kind of allowance for being jobless should also take the opportunity to start a blog.

Blogging whilst being unemployed is a great way to expand your horizons and connect with a whole new community of like minded people online.  In this article I’d like to outline 7 good reasons why blogging could benefit you whilst you’re looking for work.  Who knows it might even become your full-time work…

Start Blogging

7 Reasons Why the Unemployed Should Start Blogging

1. If you have a blog, you’re able to create a compelling ‘about me’ page, as most bloggers use this page to provide their visitors with an insight into their professional background.  Your ‘about me’ page will usually outline your experiences, qualifications, skills, ambitions and goals.

You can use your about page as your online resume.  You can even link this page to your professional social network profiles such as your LinkedIn and eCademy profiles, should you have one of course.

2. Blogging can help you stay productive whilst building your online portfolio.

Being unemployed can sometimes be pretty boring, I mean you can only search for work for a few hours each day right? The rest of the time you’re playing the waiting game…  So blogging can certainly help you remain productive.

3. Blogging can help improve your writing and grammar skills, essential in any line of work, and perfect when writing your letter of application to potential employers.

4. Blogging can help you build new connections and engage with other professional individuals in your industry.

5. Blogging can help you make money through various monetization methods, i.e. AdSense, promoting affiliate products etc.

6. Blogging can help you keep your morals up when feeling distressed and anxious, ensuring that you stay positive and have something to work for, even if you’re not getting paid much initially.

7. You don’t need any qualifications, a scholarship or even much, if any money at all to start blogging.

Being unemployed and searching for work can be a stressful time, I know too well what the feeling is like.  You might feel as if that your family and friends look down upon you as if you’ve somehow let them down.

Blogging can be your ultimate road out of being unemployed, but even if it doesn’t  it will certainly help you build an awesome online portfolio that might land you that dream job.

So just to recap, here are 7 reasons why being unemployed is the perfect opportunity to start blogging.

  1. Your ‘About’ page is your resume
  2. Blogging will help you stay productive
  3. Blogging will help you hone in on your writing skills
  4. Blogging helps you to connect with other professionals in your industry
  5. Blogging can earn you money
  6. Blogging can help you stay positive
  7. You don’t need any qualifications or previous experience to start blogging

So if you’re unemployed, start blogging today and start reaping the benefits.

Over to you!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the points I made above.  Perhaps you were once unemployed and turned to blogging to help you build credibility and to stay positive, perhaps blogging paved the way to a full-time career for you. Regardless, do share your reactions and comments below as always.


Fabrizio Van Marciano is a proud father of two, online business strategist and professional blogger. He regularly writes for his blog over at Magnet4Blogging, a personal blog where he enjoys sharing his own personal blogging tips, strategies and case studies. You can visit the Magnet4Blogging blog here.


  1. yes,i just starting my blogging 1 and half year ago when i was a engineering student.blogging give me some pockets money on first 4 months.but now i am going to quite from my engineering life.
    i leaned that professional blogging will solve our financial problems step by step

      • Darcies

        Couldn’t agree more with you about shafeeq..

        Not only can blogging also earn you a little pocket money (to potentially a living) it keeps the mind fresh, i see blogging like those old Dr Kalasomething brain training games, it keeps you writing, social, current and motivates you.

        Also, you could learn a little web design a long the way when you branch out past the freebies like blogger & wordpress into actual CMS such as WordPress, Drupal & Joomla

        Thanks, Darcie

  2. Hadley

    We look after some blogs for clients but I’ve never actually started my own blog. It is a big time commitment but I imagine very rewarding as well.

    • Back in 2011, I was almost tempted to quit my day job because for almost a year, I was earning twice, sometimes almost thrice, my salary with my blogging and website making. But I was still hesitant, and so I held on to my job. Which, in hindsight, is a wise decision as Google came out later with their crazy algorithm changes which ruined all my chances to continue earning the same income. My sites were not spam sites, and they were personally made, researched, and written by me. My content were not produced automatically by robot apps, or rewrites from someone else’s articles. Yet, it was classified by Google as spam because they all lost their rankings and places in the serps.

      Now, I’m just beginning to feel inspired again, after more than a year of hiatus, to get back to blogging. Of course, I’ve yet to find how to bring my post to the top of the serps, which, to me, is the only way to go if I want to monetize them.

    • Hey Salman, thanks for your comment. There are plenty of well known bloggers out there making a full-time living from blogging, they are living proof that blogging can be a profitable business venture. Have a great day mate :)

  3. nice post Fab, it’s good to start a blog if you are free but i think before starting a blog one must learn everything about blogging and seo to avoid any failure due to algo changes and your place is quite cool to learn the same.

    • Yes you are right. Blogging is more useful then being a Doctor or Engineer. The most beautiful and attractive thing in this field is that there is no limit of money. As second thing is as you go older you earn more and more.
      I really want that every one should have a blog.

  4. Vivek

    You don’t need to know English for blogging. Their are hundred of thousands of authors who use their native language to speak what they feel to say.

    ” otherwise they should remain unemployed ” : I think you are Indian. Please visit to any Indian government office, you are strictly asked to speak in Hindi.

    • I think what Anurag is trying to say is that English is a widely spoken language for many countries, and the truth of it is if you really wanted to attract a large audience to your blog, it would have to be written in English. However there are many blogs that I follow myself that are written in a variety of other languages too.

  5. Hi Fabrizio,
    Happy New Year!
    One main factor in blogging is time. As you pointed out, most unemployed should get into blogging as they have the time to invest in their blogs. With a little studies on how to go about it, they can grow their blogs really quick and this can end up giving them a good job.

    Great encouragement for the jobless

    • Happy New Year Enstine, and everyone else too on this page :) Absolutely spot on Enstine, even if someone is unemployed for a couple of years they can achieve wonders. I certainly hope I’ve fueled some new life and possibilities into those that are currently jobless.

  6. Blogging can be a great way to keep yourself busy if you’re not working a 9-5. Its great for exposure and getting the word out about yourself so in a way, you are investing in your future. Plus for a relatively small amount of investment (hosting + domain), you could end up making a good amount of money, there’s actually plenty of other ways beyond AdSense to monetize your blog. Good read!

    • I agree with KevRyan and with your given reasons Fabrizio! Although many of the newbie bloggers will quickly be disapointed when they learn making money online is not that easy because not everyone is cut out for this, I am sure a blog will still help just about anybody as you also mentioned.

      • Yes. As far as making money is concerned, it’s a struggle initially, unless you’re insanely lucky and/or insanely good with SEO! But blogging is certainly no ‘get-rich-overnight’ thing – it takes a while to get things off the ground but it does happen with patience and perseverance. (Source: personal experience :) )

    • Thanks Kev Ryan, exactly that’s what it is, investing in your own future. These days hosting and domain can cost so little it would be ludicrous not to start blogging being unemployed. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Exactly! The great thing about it is that you can even start off for free, by hosting your blog on the likes of WordPress or Blogger, instead of going the self-hosted route (even though I personally prefer the latter since it gives you much more control and the ability to earn). If you do go self-hosted, start off with a $10 domain and cheap shared-hosting to keep the cost at a minimum while you’re testing the waters.

        • Yep, agreed, those two free platforms are great places to start, but like you too I would easily go with self-hosted, even with cheap shared hosting and domain, you can easily make that back with just one affiliate sale per month and have money left over.

  7. blogging is the great way to earn money at home. it’s a fantastic job for every one for those who don’t want to do job for some one else. great article. thank you for sharing

  8. Agree with you mate, unemployment is really boring and worst time in life, as one common question I get all round the world is Did you get job? This increases frustration!

    I too passed through this situation and I pray no one should every face my situation, anyway if he/she read this post then for sure I think it boosts up confidence and reduces frustration.

    Excellent post Fabrizio. Enjoy your weekend :)


    • Hey Khaja, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you understand the frustration and I know what it felt like to be asked, ‘have you got a job’ every time. You almost feel reluctant to say no, because you know its not what people want to hear. The internet has made many things so possible, and blogging can play a huge factor in boosting morals and self confidence, and creating jobs.

  9. Hello
    There is a risk with this. Everyone knows making money online is not at all an easy task to do. If they start blogging with a aim to make money, this may hurt them more. They may get really frustrated if they fail to make money. So my suggestion would be- look for job and in leisure time, they can blog.

    • Hello Sanjib, thanks for your comment. There is a risk with everything in life, furthermore when you’re unemployed. Not making money from blogging or much money should I say, can be no more frustrating than applying for a job, getting through the interview stage, and feeling so positive that you have the job just to get a phone call to say, ‘sorry but on this occasion you’ve not been selected’. Now that is frustrating.

      I do agree to some degree that aiming to start a blog shouldn’t be for the purpose of making money, but more over for the 6 other points I’ve pointed out above.

  10. I am a student and I can’t say that I am unemployed. But you’ve mentioned some good points that make me realize that everyone including student should start blogging if they have time. And highly agreed with your 6th points that is “Blogging can help you keep your morals up when feeling distressed and anxious”.
    Thanks for your nice posts!

    • Hey Istiak, absolutely my friend, there have been times, even now for me when I’m facing challenging times in my life, that submerging myself into my blog is my escape from the rest of the world. My place of Zen almost.

      For me as I’m sure for many other people too, blogging helps me to stay relaxed and positive about things. If I’m able to achieve something with blogging, it’s a positive feeling.

  11. Aleksandar

    Great and very useful information. For me, the number 6 reason is most crucial, blogging can help you stay positive. When you accomplish this, all other reasons come as a result of our positive thinking and faith in ourself and in what we’re doing.

  12. Well, this is too complicated issue. Making money through blogging isn’t the easiest thing to do and it takes a lot of time. I personally think that better option will be to go straight for ecommerce website or offer services.

    • Very good point made Carl, however building an eCommerce website, adding products, marketing and promoting that website to get customers rolling in isn’t the easiest thing to do either, that also takes time. I own an commerce website myself and it’s taken me 2 solid years of blood, sweat and tears to make it pay off. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day :)

  13. Hi Fabrizio,

    I must say, the title you chose was fantastic. And the post too. But, on the other hand, I believe that blogging cannot provide you a stable income in the beginning. So substituting job with a blog will surely lead to negative results.
    But, I truly appreciate your efforts for writing this post.

    • Harneet thanks for your comment. No, one shouldn’t substitute a job for blogging, one should start a blog whilst looking for a job :) And to say ‘will surely lead to negative results’ is not very positive thinking. There is as much possibility that it might also ‘lead to positive results’. Thanks for reading, appreciate your comment :)

  14. Unemployment could be a great opportunity to start a blog and get success. If we have inspiration and something original to say, starting a blog is more of a necessity rather than a possibility.

  15. I love the premise of this post Ileane. It makes complete sense. When I set up my own business…..and had no clients…..I set up a blog and starting writing. I explained what I planned to do and started it, sharing it on Social Media. And thankfully clients started coming in. 12 months later I was almost full up. 24 months later and I’m turning work away. You have to be proactive in this day and age. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com

    • Hi Sian, thanks for stopping by, your short story is quite inspiring and a testament to how a blog can benefit your business. Best of luck and have a great day :)

  16. All very good points, but I think there should be a very large asterisk next to #5 “Blogging can earn you money”..
    Yes, blogging CAN earn you money, but to think one can start paying the bills by blogging is fantasy.
    To start making SOME money blogging can take a long time (months, or years), to start making enough money to pay the bills is highly improbable. Just ask 999 out of 1,000 bloggers.

    • Yes Rand indeed and I absolutely agree. Which is why I said CAN make you money and not WILL make you money. You can’t immediately think that blogging will make you the kinds of money that will instantly change your circumstances, however you still have to have a positive mindset and work at it like anything else in this life. Thinking that making money from your blog is fantasy, isn’t really positive thinking…

  17. Nice to see ya Fabrizio,

    Those are some great reasons, especially what I like most about blogging is that It can help us improve our English (If It’s not your primary language) and writing skills. It has been a lot of time now I’m blogging and I can see much improvement in my writing skills than my early days.

    • That is very true Ehsan, I couldn’t agree more with you. I too look back on my very first early posts and can’t believe that I wrote them. In comparison to my writing abilities and the style you develop over time, it’s a vast improvement. So yes you’re correct, blogging does improve your English writing skills greatly, even if it isn’t your first language. Glad you enjoyed the post my friend, have a great day.

  18. Blogging also brings project leads. My blog helps me get WordPress related projects all the time. I believe that as long as blog author has a true passion on the subject and can contribute to the community, the blog will pave the way for successful career sooner or later.

  19. This is a good idea. A person looking for a job can keep a diary of things and let the world know about their experiences. They can create content on the go. I would recommend video blogging if they do not have the time to write.

    • Hi Shalu, great suggestion with video blogging. Especially since we all now carry mobile devices with HD video recording capabilities, what better way to blog than to video blog, that’s something that can be done from anywhere and at anytime too. Thanks for stopping by :)

  20. In my opinion you should start it when you are in college or you have ample time to devote to it,then only you can develop it and make it something big.

  21. It definitely looks good on your CV (especially if you write about a specific and relevant topic) and makes you spend your time more productive instead of surfing on Facebook or watching TV. Good overview!

    • Hey Marko, yes I completely agree. I have one or two friends that are currently unemployed and they spend way too much time on Facebook and other social sites with no end result.

      I often tell them they should start a blog, and they always shrug me off and say they don’t have time to blog. Crazy as it might sound, but they absolutely have all the time in the world to blog.

      Yes I couldn’t agree more, blogging does looks good on your CV, as it demonstrates you have good writing skills, good communication skills and are able to create goals and reach them, amongst many other benefits.

  22. I also think blogging is a very good activity to do if you have the time for it. You learn to express yourself, to relate with other people, even some marketing and some tech stuff, which all are skills you need in the modern job world.

  23. Totally agree with you these are the great 7 points that why should unemployed people start blogging a few months earlier i start blogging and now i am really enjoying myself its a great way to engage yourself thanks for the nice post Fabrizio Van Marciano…

  24. Yaa it’s a right say.. Unemployed peoples must Start Blogging and it is a Gr8 way to keep yourself engaged and at the same time you can earn Some pennies Too….

  25. Hi Fabrizio,

    This is a great article – I often wonder why more people who lose their jobs don’t start a blog.

    I think I’d add to your list that you also learn a whole raft of new skills, as well as improving your writing etc. – you obviously need to learn about the technical aspects of setting up a blog, maybe a bit about html, and marketing skills – so you’re adding all sorts of stuff to your portfolio that’s going to make you more ’employable’ and improve your prospects.


    • I agree Sue and its working for me. I agree though, that its not for everybody. Some people dont have the patience it takes, but I can attest that the.Benefits of blogging successfully are great.

  26. Blogging indeed gives Pocket Strength but blogging should be done with Passion and not just for money because i have seen many people loosing their interest soon coz they entered blogging profession just for the sake of easy money.

  27. Your points are good but just blogging is not a perfect solution for an unemployed person. If you don’t have knowledge about SEO then everything will be wasted.

  28. I’ve found that by blogging and keeping up a group of social contacts that you gain while promoting the site, that it’s easier to find work when you’re between jobs. Sometimes directly and sometimes just from things you hear about.

  29. Hi Fabrizio,

    Everybody should definitely start a blog and starting a blog is just too easy like you’re playing your favorite game. But there are also things that are hard to accomplish is to build relationship and make money online. If you’re doing it the wrong way, it’s sad to say that you’re will find really hard to do it.

    Thanks – Ferb

  30. Yes I do agree with you, as Blogging can influence people to give work to you. I have seen it from my own experience, people started allocating jobs for me after seeing my blog.

  31. Blogging is a very surefire way to start making money online and to be self employ. blogging also help in connecting with great people online and will sure going to help your writing skills. to start blogging is very easy but you must be determined to achieve greatness in blogging. the perfect way to be self employ and start making good money is blogging.

  32. I think you forgot to mention the reason that the unemployed should not start blogging. If you are unemployed you should probably be searching for a job full time, not worrying about your next blog post, but that is just my opinion.

  33. It does seem as a good option to start blogging when unemployed but one should also keep in mind that it needs a good amount and sincerity and efforts to build up a good blog and one has to be patient while doing this. So take it only if you are willing to work hard and have patience for it.

  34. Yes! i do believe that every one should have a blog. Either for part time Job. Its an other world for us. Share get relaxed and earn money. A complete life is standing here. I had started blogging for my own satisfaction. But, now i,m working on my own three blogs. I would appreciate you on your post. hat off to you because, it may promote and inspire people. Its all about your sincerity.

  35. I’m start blogging when I was being unemployed. At first it was just to fill my time as I don’t many things to do but now after more than 1 year I started to do serious blogging. I’m learning to write my first article and hope can share with others.

  36. Unemployment is highly depressing. Getting any option to earn a living should be welcomed anytime. Blogging has been an old method of earning on the internet. But great blogs are few as experts are some. This writing has appeared to be a great delight for the unemployed or the freshers to start blogging as earning.

  37. Yes you are right. Unemployed people may start blogging for start their career in a brand new way. But I think why should only unemployed person? every teenager should start blogging. Because, if they unable to find a job then blogging may fulfill their daily requirements..

  38. Many people say that they are bloggers and blogging is their full time work…Blogging has helped many live life peacefully. Many people who didn’t love doing job have entered the world of blogging as one works for own and there is no Boss to control….

  39. C Straughter

    Great Article and VERY timely. I have been unemployed for 1 year & 8 months after a layoff from a large mortgage company. I started blogging this past summer just to find something to help occupy my time from the job search and being a stay at home mom. In just a brief time it has blossomed. My subscribers are growing every month. I’m writing about things that interest me personally like beauty, fashion, thrift Shopping, goals, fears, and anything I choose. I’m doing sponsored product reviews for major brands, networking on a regular basis and its helping me to narrow down my personal & professional goals.

    On top of all of that Ive gained a lot of new skills such as: WordPress, social media marketing, SEO, Pitching to companies, Photography and more. I never would have imagined doing any of this a few years ago but here I am…and loving it. Now im job hunting with a much larger purpose in mind and I’m determined to land the job that is perfect for me, while knowing that if I should ever get laid off again. I’m not afraid, I have marketable skills.

  40. I had my doubts before reading this, but I agree, writing a blog can be a productive way to spend your time. It can keep your spirits up, but you can’t forget about looking for the next job.

  41. I guess staying unemployed for a person who has reached the age of achieving something big is a waste of time. An unemployed person if nothing should start blogging and at least earn his own living. If he has the ability and skills to write great content and promote it effectively, he can become independent.

  42. Hi Fabrizio,

    I agreed with your points, You don’t need to acquire any degree to start your own blog. Once you start blogging, you build huge confidence plus you can show your blog in your portfolio. It can easily help you to earn part time and even full time money.

  43. I will definitely say that this is probably more of an advantage to those receiving aid while unemployed. I didn’t have income from unemployment and was able to start a blog but am still in the process of making it all that it can be. It’s definitely something everyone can do, whether for money or just for fun.

  44. Great article! Many times during my blogging workshops I talk about the career opportunities that are available through blogging. Being a successful blogger can open many doors including publishing and speaking opportunities. In fact, Problogger.net’s Darren Rowse’s blogging activities led to a very successful career. And the movie “Julia and Julia” is a true story about a blogger who blogged her way through the “Joy of Cooking” and ended up with a book deal and a movie made about her success. Being a full time blogger is THE perfect job!

  45. Yes you are right. Before one year i did blogging. Because that time i want more money. Finally i got it what i want. So the best way for unemployed people is blogging. Thanks for this post.

  46. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing great article about unemployed people can start earning money with blogging. This is very useful article for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

  47. Hi,
    Excellent post. i think that it is not easy to start a blog for an unemployed person because he is looking for income and blog can not give you income or earning from very first day.
    He can start blog in his part time but it would be better to start a blog when you have some side income.
    Thank you

  48. Great article! Blogging helps me to stay relaxed and positive about things. You don’t need to acquire any degree to start your own blog. It can easily help you to earn part time and even full time money. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  49. Hi,
    This great tips for unemployed people. however, you do not have to be unemployed before you start blogging. I started blogging when I decided to be a stay at home mum and believe me it all worth it. Do you want to know why? not I am a millionaire through blogging but I am enjoying every minutes of life with my kids.

  50. Blogging can give you money, fame, contacts, followers, and a lot more. If your are sitting at home jobless with nothing at all to do, you can choose to blog. In case, you are not a good writer, you can hire writer or freelancers and get articles written from them. It becomes a good source to earn from home.

  51. It is great to blog if you have a lot of free time, in other words you have no job, but the bills will come sooner or later. That is a drawback of this otherwise great job. Sure you can start making money, but it’s not going to be overnight.

  52. Great article! I want to say something about the financial aspect of blogging and the simplest ad approach which probably is not effective enough. Professional blogging could seem lucrative but nowadays you need very strong blog (above 25-30k impressions daily) and sophisticated monetization approach if you want to make more than pocket money. As of this month things seem to get worse. Take Adsense for example – CTR gets lower because of this Adblock thing then you have the crisis and then you have the stupid ads which don’t get clicks and pay minimum for impressions. So be prepared – it won’t be easy!

  53. Thank you so much for this interesting article. I know how it feels when your unemployed and everybody looks down on you, because you don’t have a job. When i was unemployed last year, it really helped me a lot to write down, what i felt and what i was thinking. This time was a lesson to me and this article confirms what i think!

  54. I am very proud to say that I have talked a total of 12 unemployed people into taking up blogging and they now earn money from this medium. :)

    At first I suggested it as a way of passing the time and then when I saw they had a talent for it I encouraged them to make money with their blogs. They don’t make loads of money but they certainly do alright, some of them better than me!

    • Hi Dean that’s absolutely awesome, well done. I’ve managed to talk a few friends and my brother to take up blogging whilst they too were unemployed, but none of them pursued with it for long and got back into full time work. But you’re doing a great job getting unemployed people into blogging.

  55. I was an accountant from a private firm and i was leave my accountant job 2 years before because of blogging, i started earned money more than my blogging job so that’s why i decided to leave that job and concern only on blogging.
    Your article give me so much appreciation and i am happy to read out your article.

    Thanks for sharing this.!

  56. Alen

    According to me if some one is unemployed or students or house wife who have no jobs then they should try that.

  57. Well explained Fabrizio!
    Blogging is the best field for the unemployed and educated to deal with. It saves their time by being productive and lets them make some income. Moreover, blogging lets us improve our writing, reading skills and these skills are too much helpful for a job in an official company.

  58. First of all Mr. Fabrizio, I had a little trouble reading your full name…Just kidding….
    Well, the way I see this post, it is wonderful. And something that many people might not have noticed is that some of points in this post can also be applied to Student. Like Blogging improves writing skills and grammar etc. I am a Student and I read your post in two ways. 1) Why unemployed people should blog and 2) Benefits of blogging for students. Thank you so much.

  59. Blogging can be done by anyone willing to work hard :)

    If you are dying to work for money, than making money online is the way to go.

    Your “about” page can actually be a great resume. Nice one

    • Thanks Samuel, glad you enjoyed the post. Yes think about it, you could construct the most appealing about page and use it as a professional resume almost. A lot of bloggers use their about page to write what their blog’s about and that’s about it. But there are ample opportunities to make this page the most striking page on your blog, especially to potential employers. Have a good day mate.

  60. If you unemployed you have nothing to lose by starting your own blog. But to make money I guess it takes a long time to gain enough views and comment to be able to sell space to advertisers. I Have a blog on my Car Valeting site. But dont have time to commit fully to it

  61. G0od summary of the benefits of blogging during periods of unemployment. The only thing I’d add to your list is that it gives you a good answer to the the interview question “How have you been spending your time while unemployed?” Even if the question isn’t asked, you can always weave it into the conversation. If presented properly, developing and maintaining your own blog makes you appear industrious, resourceful, and productive.

    • Hi Joel, very good point made, yes you’re right. Having spent your time developing and managing your blog whilst being unemployed paints a positive picture about your abilities to be as you mention, organized, resourceful and certainly productive.

  62. That’s great. Unknowingly i have crossed all the 6 points as mentioned in the article except “about us” page. I’m wondered!! :) Yes, Blogging can help unemployed candidates who have good knowledge on any topic to write on. Worth sharing!!

  63. I think blogging is the best way to make money online. So unemployed people can get start with blogging. If anyone pay more attention and work hard he can become success with blogging. Blogging get us chance to share our thinking with people.
    Thanks Fabrizio Van Marciano, for this awesome post!

  64. If I may be honest, I is one of those who are unemployed and I agree with your 7 reasons above, but we need to know, to become a blogger is not easy. I think being a blogger should have a lot of time at home or can be said to people who are unemployed. Thanks so much Fabrizio Van Marciano for your explanation.

  65. I too have use my sites to make some extra money, this came in handy once when I was made redundant from my previous job… when between work keeping productive is a must and blogging or just putting together a website on a subject your knowledgeable about isn’t a waste of time, you just have to look at all the successful bloggers out there…

  66. Hey Fabrizio,
    Nice post and Yes, Blogging is best way to make money online and It also helps to make relations with other bloggers and also improve our skill also and it’s the only job for which no qualification is required. Thanks for sharing this post.

  67. Well Said Fabrizio..
    Blogging is a very interesting profession.I sure who hates all profession ,will like blogging.Here We are our boss.We have right to write about anything we want.Money can be made with the help of blogging too.Thanks for sharing this article.I proud to be a blogger.A newbie but a blogger.