The Three C’s Needed for Your Blogging Success

After two years of blogging I’ve come to realize that three factors have played a critical role in my blogging success as well as my personal growth and development. First let me say that each of us has our own set of individual goals and benchmarks we use to determine what we mean by blogging success. My goals are simple and this is the tagline I used on my very first blog.

I’m here to learn, to teach and to connect!

No matter what your goals are or what your definition of blogging success is, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned in hopes that you can apply these principles to your advantage.

The Path To Blogging Success

Connections – the first step

If you have a single ounce of personality, you’ll find that it’s not at all difficult to make connections online that can further your blogging success. After all, that’s what social networking is all about, and people flock to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, StumbleUpon and others, for the sole purpose of meeting new people and forming relationships. Blogging communities and forums are also prime real estate for connecting new bloggers, with more experienced ones. Here’s a list of targeted blogging and social communities I’m active with and in most cases I have become a top user:

[box]Don’t expect instant gratification or huge amounts of blog traffic the day after you sign up for any of these sites. Pick the ones that best suit your needs and dedicate time each week to interacting with the bloggers you encounter. Visit their blogs, leave valuable comments and connect on social networking sites. Over time you’ll see results![/box]
There are new communities sprouting every day so take advantage of the opportunity and explore them. Be creative and expand your reach beyond what you’re used to. For example, in my post StumbleUpon Tops My Traffic Charts I talk about how NOT to follow your Twitter friends there. Of course there are some exceptions, but sites like StumbleUpon present the perfect platform for you to think outside of the box. Experiment with it and if you don’t like the results move on to the next!
Right now I’m looking at sites like and Spreaker to see if they are worthwhile before I can recommend them. But my point is, as the internet continues to evolve, your job is to evolve with it.
Last year I bragged about BloggerLuv, and now that the site is long gone, BUT the relationships and connections that were made survived the fallout and continue to thrive.  As bloggers, we must learn how to turn lemons into lemonade – that’s what I mean when I use the term blogging success.

Collaborations – Crucial to your blogging success

Collaborations lead to Blogging Success

Gail Gardner from GrowMap wrote a post that has a powerful message that we should all take to heart. In Collaborating is THE Word for 2012 Gail stressed the importance of making the distinction between those we meet and interact with online, versus those that are truly supportive of our objectives.

[box type=”blue”]We all need to be creating “inner circles” or Tribes or collaborations. No matter what you call them they are essential to our success. ~ GrowMap[/box]

Once you begin the process of forming your own inner circle (similar to the ones you might set up in Google +) and collaborate on a few projects together, you’ll be one step closer to your goals.

BONUS TIP: Sponsor and promote blog contests as a way of connecting with the contestants, other sponsors and the blog owner all at once. Listen to my podcast called How To Get Noticed In a Blogging Contest.

get your free trial membership

Confidence – the final step in your blogging success

This is really the most complicated aspect of blogging success and one that most often takes the longest amount of time to achieve. With all of the new technologies on the horizon, building confidence is also a new blogger’s biggest challenge. Be careful not to confuse confidence with cockiness. First of all, you should master a skill or a technique – or at least obtain a high level of proficiency with it – before you begin to feel confident about completing a given task. If you plan to distribute an ebook or sell a product, people won’t be interested unless you’ve demonstrated that you know what you’re talking about. This will only happen over time.

Take a class with (or you can watch some of my video few tutorials), do your research and put into practice what you’ve learned. In time you will build a portfolio that demonstrates your expertise and boosts your reputation. Don’t be afraid to do some guest posting, conduct blogger interviews and participate in blogging contests when possible. If you make a mistake, don’t worry – we all do it! Learn from those mistakes and your confidence will get stronger each time as your skill set continues to improve.

The 3 C’s 

Connections. Collaborations. Confidence. Those are my three C’s and I hope you find encouragement from this post. You might even have your own set of C’s.

Now it’s your turn to leave a comment and tell me how you define blogging success.

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  1. Since I’m an old timer, it was a challenge to learn just the basic of word press installation to plugins etc…
    Now with your update notices..It helps me even more to continue to learn more.
    Who said..”You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

    Thank you,

    • hi Mark,

      don’t feel that way. I’m not that far away from you, my friend. I too had a hard time learning how to install WordPress on my dedicated server, when I first started out in 2006. No one helped me. I had to watch a simple five-minute video off of, and follow that tutorial step-by-step. Also, I didn’t know how to [install WordPress plug-ins] either on the server. I had to read multiple websites and blogs on “how to install WordPress plug-ins on your dedicated server” in order to better understand how to effectively do so. and today, I have all of the [WordPress installation steps] memorized in the back of my mind :-)

    • you’re not an old timer, Mark. Instead of looking at yourself as getting older, say to yourself “I am gracefully seasoning” :-)

  2. Such a great post, Ileane. In reality all of the 3 C’s are related. Once you establish your connections, it can help open the door to collaborating with those connections. As you collaborate with others, you will begin to boost your confidence, which can they help establish you as an expert in your niche.

  3. Hi Ileane,

    You nailed it. If you want to succeed in blogging, you need to be good in marketing your blog to your audience. Thus, the 3 C’s are what you need in order to give your blog more online visibility. :)

  4. Hi Ileane,

    Totally agreed with you…. These are three very crucial points to achieve success. I think confidence is must. You can’t do anything if you’re lacking confidence and you get confidence when you know everything about your niche.

    • Hi Riya, I wouldn’t say that one needs to know everything about a niche, but we should have enough knowledge to be able to respond to questions intelligently.

  5. I knew zip about blogging when I started. I only know more now because of people like you who are generous enough to share! I really enjoyed this post but don’t feel I can confidently say what is blogging success (other than being able to personally connect with other amazing bloggers is one thing I do consider success).

    • Hey LBDDiaries, I just visited your blog and I love that music you have playing over there. Normally I wouldn’t like a blog that has music on auto-play but yours was so relaxing that I didn’t mind one bit. Based on you getting the music thing right, I can see you’ve learned quite a bit :)

      One piece of advice I have for you – when you leave comments on blogs like mine – with the Twitter Links plugin, KeywordLuv and CommentLuv, you should use your real name in the name field like this:
      Nan @ LBDDiaries
      I’m assuming your name is Nan, is that right?

  6. Confidence was always there, right now I think I just need to make collaborations and connections.I have started the collaboration part but lack on connection part :(

    • Hi Bishwajeet, It’s nice that you and I are connected.:) Btw – do you still run BloggingWire? I’m still getting traffic from there somehow.

  7. Hi Ms. Ileane,

    Your 3 “Cs” are really BIG Cs: connections, collaborations, confidence. I like your warning for writers, authors, bloggers to understand that each one “takes time.” The time we live in pounds on us to hurry, hurry, hurry – often fostering discouragement because “time” wasn’t factored in.

    In both the physical, offline world and the digital online world, networking (i.e., making connections) is foundational. Offline, I’m known for bringing people together from different walks of life — especially entrepreneurs, non-profits, communities, and colleges — but it definitely took time (and is still taking time!) to replicate online.

    I’m pleased to have made numerous connections across many online networks, many of them thanks to you. :)

    • Hey Vernessa,

      Your influence can be felt even in the online world. From the first time I visited your blog I realized that making a connection with you would be a positive move.

      Thanks so much for reaching out and for all your support.

  8. Hi Ileane, like the tips on gaining confidence. I know that it is through our experiences that we gain confidence. I thing I have good ideas, I’ll try not to be afraid sharing them.

  9. Hi, thanks for sharing your 3 C’s, at the beginning you made some interesting experience, that shows how you have gradually studied the online business.

  10. 3 K’s for your 3C’s Ileane, Kudos, kudos, kudos :)

    Serioulsy.. you made it sound so simple by providing this formula to success, but quite frankly that’s all there is to it and in my opinion, the only reason why many fail is because they fail to apply. There are so many factors that are involved today to achieve success that writing good articles and doing SEO is just not good enough. Then again, as you said, it all depends on what “success ” means for each one of us. The underlying truth about all this, is that having the right connections, leads to better collaborations and ultimately provide you with that much need confidence that you are doing things right :)

    • Hi DiTesco,

      Just wanted you to know that I did something special for WordPress Junkies. I recorded an introductory podcast and you can listen in the CommentLuv link.
      You and Michele are building something really special and you guys exemplify the word “collaboration”. :)

  11. Next to great content are these 3Cs with emphasis on Connections. For me, these two are the dynamic duo. I believe that a great content will be wasted if it’s not relentlessly and properly promoted. When connections are established the rest will follow naturally.

    Come to think of it, you can have 4Cs: Content, Connection, Collaboration, and Confidence. Woot! :)

    • Hi Ramcel, I never mean to downplay the value of great content, but I must say that valuable content is quite relative. In my opinion there are a couple of so called “A-listers” who pump out mediocre content but because they have the 3 C’s I mentioned in this post they are making 6 figures :)
      Therefore even “so-so” content can lead to blogging success at times. That’s why I intentionally left that C out of the post.

      On the other hand, personally I do have a great deal of satisfaction when I produce high quality content, and I’m glad that you do also.


  12. Hi Ileane! wonderful post and much needed advice. I am just starting out in WordPress blogging, but have been blogging for many years on Live Journal.

    I’m glad I happened upon your blog. I know it will be a valuable connection for me and who knows, maybe I can offer value for you too!

    • Hi Gary, welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress! With a positive attitude like the one you have, already you’re adding value to this blog!!
      Thanks for joining the crew :)

  13. Hi Ileane,
    You make everything about blogging sound so easy and logical. Self defined success sounds like a much better measure of success rather than comparing oneself to others.

    Of all the blogs I read and people I have connected with you offer the most encouraging advice out there. I can always count on you for straightforward, honest, and truthful information.

    You have been quite an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others as well.

    Have a great weekend

  14. I dont do comment usually but surfing your site its really an awesome feeling…and thank for telling about how to blogging as easy trick .

  15. I’m very much impressed by the aim of your whole blogging life. BTW SEO work also involved and effective in blogging success. Thanks for sharing your personals!!!

    • Sunny, I’m not in agreement with that. Doing SEO work is a pain in the neck! And you can do a whole lot of it and still not succeed as a blogger. When you get a chance, please read my post You Do NOT Need SEO to Blog – Told You! and watch the video from Matt Cutts and what he has to say about SEO.

      However, I respect your point of view, and if your goal in blogging is to do SEO, I hope it works out for you :)

  16. Connection in today’s world has become a lot ease with the existing and upcoming social networking sites like twitter, facebook, googleplus etc. Collaboration plays a very vital role when you start the blogging career, but as you go ahead, collaboration can add a boost to your strong roots. And finally I feel the confidence – it should come from within and it is possible with experience.

    Was a very good read indeed.

  17. Hey redkathy,

    You’re doing an exceptional job of making your mark on the blogosphere yourself! It warms my heart to know that I influenced you in any way toward becoming the outstanding blogger that you are today. Thanks for the kind words.

    • Truth is I almost quit blogging altogether. I’m not a big writing fan but really enjoy blogging. Not sure how that works but thanks to you and a few others I’m still around!

      Thanks GF :~)

  18. Those are some pretty solid observations. I particularly like your C regarding collaboration. As a poet, I use to think of poetry as mostly a solitary activity. I took a class called “Collaborative Poetry” and produced stuff that I believe surpasses some of my personal work. Mixing the flavor of someone else into my words created a blend that was tasty and delightful that I hope to revisit through my own site as well. Once again, nice work, its no surprise how you have become a true blogging success :).

  19. franz

    thank you so much for this post… i really learned something from it. I have just started blogging and i must say that i still have a lot to learn and know… i hope you could teach me more pertaining to blogging

  20. Maricar

    I like the idea about C’s its giving my insight in doing my work.and SEO does work good i am very much impressed when i rear your post i learn something new for today it is a good start in my morning.thanks!

  21. Hi Ileane,

    Your three c’s is right on point for blogging success! When coaching clients on how to self-promote, I including the relevance of blogging and how important it is to connect with others in their genre and to collaborate so they can maximize your exposure.

    I certainly wish I had known about you when I was looking for panelists for my upcoming Women’s Social Media Summit. You would be PERFECT.

    I owe Mitch kudos because had he not created that Top 21 list, I might have never found you (and I always wanted to belive I know EVERYBODY! :)

    • Hi Bev, welcome to Basic Blog Tips! Send me a link to the Women’s Social Media Summit so I can see who you have on the agenda. btw – I sent you a DM I hope you received it :)

      Thanks so much for coming by and I’m grateful to Mitch connecting us too!

  22. Hi Ileane!

    I like your set of three C’s… I believe you could actually write a post of about 15 C’s and it be valid lol. I find that there are so many C words that are important the list can go on haha.

    I do have my own set of C’s actually that I center blog growth around:

    Here are mine, just in case they can help anyone:


    I think content should be focused on, but not from the “Content is King” perspective. Rather, the blogger should assume the role as King (or Queen!) and be in control of what value the blog content provides.

    I think the content should be geared towards building a strong and vibrant community, much like what you have going here. You’ve got this C word down lol.

    And lastly communication is important because that’s what blogging is built around. Communication back and forth that is, between content and comments. I try to push for discussion in my blog posts to extend the amount of value.

    From what I gather, your blog first all three of my C’s and you’re blog is a pretty hoppin’ place!

    Take care, thanks for the read

    • Hi Chris, you’re so right about how long this list of C’s could get awfully long if I wanted to go crazy with it. :) I enjoyed hearing your point of view and look forward to seeing more you around here. Cheers!

  23. Great title Ileane! I saw this article on Blog Engage and knew it would be good. I’m not so sure I would have taken the time to read it (let alone leave a comment) it you hadn’t peaked my interest. I just had to know what the 3 “C’s” were. :)

    • Hi Sherryl, that’s saying a lot. It’s not as easy to get noticed on Blog Engage as it used to be, but having a good title can make a difference. I saw that you gave this a Digg too. Appreciate it!!

  24. Hi Ileane, As my slow internet connection was loading this post (I’m at the beach), I tried to guess what your three C’s were. I was wrong on all of them. I guessed Content, Comments and Communication. So I had a lot to learn from your great article!

    One of the biggest surprises of blogging to me was how little success had to do with your actual writing and how much it had to do with spreading the word about your blog. Your three C’s are very useful ways of letting the world know about your blog.

    Another way of finding Connections and Collaboration is Triberr. The site is still new, though it’s off to a very strong start.

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

    • Hi Carolyn, so nice of you to make my blog your beach time read :) I’ve talked to Dino about Triberr a few times and I see lots of bloggers having success with it.
      My reluctance has to do with my dislike for pop-ups and 99% of the time I won’t retweet anyone who has a pop-up installed on their blog. And even if I joined a Tribe that was pop-up free, there’s no guarantee that it would stay that way.

      Carolyn, these are just my personal pet peeves so don’t let me discourage you from joining Triberr, or using pop-ups. As I mentioned in the post, we all need to determine our own definitions for blogging success and I know that people rave about the success they have with Triberr and Pop-up Domination, and most of them could care less if I don’t retweet them or visit their blogs.

      One thing is for sure – I LOVE great comments and great commenters like you! Thanks so much for your input.

  25. I would add comments to this too! I know you have talked about the visitors to your blog and the people who send bots to the site etc but one way you can tell an active blog in a second is by taking a look at the comments section!

    • Hi Danika, I just checked and this blog has 10 posts with over 100 comments! Two of them have over 200 comments!! I guess you can tell I think comments are important too.
      But I’ll tell you a little secret, I have another blog that only has about 10 comments on it. Shhh don’t tell anyone. 😉

  26. I loved this Ileane, uber interesting and to the point. It’s funny how all three C’s can build upon each other. As we make more connections, we can do more collaborations, and this helps build our confidence as we move on to our next project.

    Rinse. Repeat. Succeed.

    Thanks for putting it in such an easily accessible way.

  27. Hi Rohan! Great to see you here at Basic Blog Tips. Glad you enjoyed the post – I hope you’ll visit again soon. Cheers!

  28. Ileane, I am happy that I stumbled upon your blog last week. I am learning so much.

    I have the ‘connections'; however, I am not making use of them yet. I am ‘confident’ (but not about blogging). Losing my Virtual Assistant turns out to be a good thing because I am having a great time learning what has worked for others online. As I am connecting, I hope to find things to ‘collaborate’ on with others.

    • Rachel, reading blogs is a great way to build up confidence, but the trick is that they have to be the right blogs :) I’m glad you found Basic Blog Tips, but here are a few others that I recommend:


      These are in no particular order and of course there are others, but this is a good starting point. Search for the topics your interested in or anything your struggling with and if you can’t find the answer to what you need, just use my contact form to send me the question and I’ll track down the answer for you.

      Have a wonderful week ahead!

  29. I believe that bloggers should learn to connect with other bloggers because when you are alone in the blogging world, you will not succeed.

  30. Petra

    Great post, Ileane. I’m so glad I came across your blog. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read (and learned) so far. Connections have always been at the forefront of my blogging endeavors. I comment on others’ blogs not only for SEO purposes, but also to connect to others out in the blogosphere, to learn from what they have to share, and to get my name (and my blog’s name) out there. So far, I’ve met a lot of great people and learned a lot from them.

  31. 100% agree with your point of view that collaboration and confidence are very must for blogging success. great informative post for bloggers i think its a gift for bloggers to go with your suggestions.

  32. Hi Ileana,

    What a great post. I was just talking to a blogger friend about how to make connections so that people will notice me. She advised me to reach out to other bloggers, comment on their sites, retweet their stuff and so on.

    I have been doing that, but I need to be more diligent, I guess. I really learned from this article and thanks for sharing. Sally

  33. I like the last point, confidence. So many times I read posts that aren’t bad but you wonder why the writer didn’t pull out all the stops. Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is.

    As for all those communities, I’m not necessarily a community guy but I pick and choose here and there. I met you on BloggerLuv and it’s turned out to be a nice connection, as well as the connections I made with many other people through that site. Still, I think I’ve only done it a few times overall because I just can’t spread myself that thin, if you know what I mean. That’s kind of why I like Twitter because there’s so much to see and so much being shared and I get to try to establish a lot more new connections that kind of just keep coming.

    • Mitch, you are one of the key connections I made through BloggerLuv that leaves me with no regrets. Thanks so much for our chats and we need to hook up on Skype soon too. This weekend might work. :)

  34. I think what matters most is the simplicity,if reader cant understand what you you intend to say then he/she may not return to your blog again,next thing is topic,you should always try to post interesting topic,you should know what your readers are interested in,& most importantly your blog should be unique in nature…thank you

  35. the beauty of blogging is demonstrated by the wide range of comments in reaction to the three C’s — think of the blogosphere as a rainbow – we are all one but we vibrate along different colour lines, adding to the beauty of the whole!

    Blog On!

    • Dave, I love that rainbow analogy. Gotta use that in post one day! Thanks for adding some colour to Basic Blog Tips!

    • Hey Catarina, go for it girl. You’ve got nothing to lose and it’s a great place to hang out. Be sure to add me to your circles – use my Google+ badge in the sidebar to get to my profile. C-ya!!

  36. Hello Ileane :)
    I think this is my first comment on your blog :), so I would like to say I spent more of my time reading few of your articles and found this one as one of the best compelling content 😀

    I liked the way you defined the 3 C’s of Successful Blogging and I feel if you’ve “Confidence” , then other two C’s will automatically build up in you no matter how small you’re on blogging :)

    Happy Blogging :)

    • Sunil, it sounds like your tying to get on my good side! And you’ve done a good job so far. Thanks so much for your kind words. I hope you return to the blog again soon.

  37. Hi Ileane, thanks for the useful advice, I’m planning on starting a blog and your site is a great help in building up some background knowledge about blogging. Keep up the awesome work!

  38. Hi Ileane,

    I think in today’s internet marketing “climate”, forming collaborations is becoming increasingly important simply because it is much harder to succeed alone. Love how you simplify this whole blogging success into 3 Cs. Easy to remember and follow! 😀

  39. Hello Ileane, well it seems that you’re someone to take advice from, you’re blog is doing so well with just 68 posts. For me the biggest barrier has been confidence, i.e. worrying that what I wrote wouldn’t be good enough. I now don’t care so much and just write for the enjoyment – and actually I’m pretty happy with that. It’s just opinion at the end of the day anyway. :)

    • Hi Roz, thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. Keep blogging and the confidence will come over time and like you said, as long as you’re happy that’s a good thing.

  40. Danny

    Great post. Very educative.
    I know you are doing C’s now but I have to break the pattern and add the P.
    I think passion in what you do is very important. If you have enough Passion for what you write about then the 3 C’s will come to you. easily.

  41. Quintin Eccles

    When you are about to have a blog, engage to other bloggers is very much important, the 3C’s is a great idea to establish good quality of blogs and that’s what I love most here. Thanks!

  42. I think what matters most is the simplicity,if reader cant understand what you you intend to say then he/she may not return to your blog again,next thing is topic,you should always try to post interesting topic,you should know what your readers are interested in,& most importantly your blog should be unique in nature…thank you

    • Your right. That’s why it’s crucial to engage with your readers so you’ll understand their needs and their comprehension level as well. That will go a long with to improve engagement levels.

  43. Bingo Ileane,

    Thanks for your savvy. I “c”oncur with Tobi, there are more “C’s”, but your three will take some work before I get to the others. I “c”ertainly need to “c”oncentrate on the “c”rucial elements you “c”arefully “c”ommented on.


  44. courage I surely have in my blogging efforts, even at times when I mess up in creating unique blogging content, and may potentially sound off key… LOL :-)

  45. Hajra

    Hey Ileane,

    Quite important concepts mentioned here. One thing I totally considered important was the power of community in the blogging world, unless I read Marcus’s post on why community is important but not the Holy Grail. The post bought about a lot of important discussions as to why community is important and how it’s importance is minimized when you are thinking about the bigger picture. It isn’t an indicator of your success that is.

    Though the power of community cannot be undermined; given the fact that they will be the one’es spreading the word, coming out to support you and the likes. Building a community or making connections can be one of the toughest task and may require a lot of effort and having done it, nothing can be more rewarding.

    Thanks for an informative post! Hope to see you around.

    • Hi Hajra, before I respond, I’d like to be clear on the post that you are referring to. When you say Marcus, do you mean Marcus Sheridan the Sales Lion? Because he is the first one that comes to mind. Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks!

    • Ah! Hajra, I got a chance to visit the post. Marcus is such a prolific writer. I see what you mean in your comment and this is true if your goal is to make money online or to make a sale. In my case, making money blogging is not one of my primary goals (don’t get me wrong, I can always use some extra cash). Making the right connections and having a sound community take precedence – but I’m sure there are many with different barometers for success.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback, I appreciate you.

  46. I am sure you hear it all the time-So glad I found your blog/s! Now where have I heard the 3 C’s before? Nothing to do with blogging, I love that analogy!
    Do not worry your little Philly self, I have and will continue to make mistakes. But of course with age comes awareness, I will learn from them again.

    I am turning into one of your biggest fans, watch out you so-called bloggers…..Ringahding is on the do not have a chance)

  47. Confidence is the most crucial factor in my opinion. Lack of confidence disallows you to speak your heart, which could have negative effects on your blog. In addiction, collaboration with your own self and later on connections play a very important role in blogging.

  48. I believe passion in what you engage in is very important. If you have enough Passion for what you write about then the 3 C’s will come to you. easily.

  49. Connection, Collaboration and confidence..Yes these all are the basic terms to earn more readers to become a successful writer/blogger. Without connection you can’t popularize your blogs and without confidence you can’t write strong blogs to attract the eye balls of the readers to read your blogs concentrically.

  50. These three C’s are very important to learn over time.

    Don’t forget about SEO and the fundamentals of marketing and conversion.
    Very important.

  51. Thanks a bunch for all three C’s and making it clear for everyone..there Should be one more C to be added in it which is “Creativity” only your post can provide it :)

  52. Great list! For me, there’s two more

    Commitment – won’t get anywhere without it. You have to keep working hard in order to ensure success. If it were easy, everyone would be making money offline.

    And finally, Coffee. I don’t know how I’d stay up so late working on/promoting my website without it, haha!


  1. The Three C’s Needed for Your Blogging Success…

    After two years of blogging I’ve come to realize that three factors have played a critical role in my blogging success as well as my personal growth and development. First let me say that each of us has our own set…