Share Photos and Make Money with Staree

There’s a new social networking and photo/video sharing web site to add to your arsenal, and it’s called Staree. Today is the official launch of the Staree web site, which is focused on making the process of sharing status updates, photos and videos more easy and fun for users around the web. In an interesting twist, Staree is also making the process more profitable too, as they are paying users to upload and stay active on their web site.


I’ve already created my own profile page on Staree and I’m quite excited for what the future holds for Staree. Not only are they catering to the average users on the internet, but they are also getting a ton of celebrities to jump onto their network as well.

Let’s take a deeper look at Staree and how you can get setup with your own profile page and start sharing new content with your friends, family and social network followers. The quotes below each section are provided by Staree’s recent press release.

What is Staree?

In my own words, I would explain Staree as being a mixture of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Entertainment and Blogging… but even with that explanation it’s actually much more. In short, it’s a fun an exciting new way to upload and share photos and videos online, while also getting paid in the process. Using the Staree web site or their mobile app, you can take pictures from anywhere, then send them to your Staree page, which also features all of your other social network links from Twitter and Facebook. You will also be setup with your own profile page which will allow others to contact you can grow your social presence online.

Staree allows users to post photos and videos from their mobile device or desktop, and share them with friends through Facebook and Twitter. Users make money from display advertising targeted to their content and product placement in photos and videos.

Who is Using Staree?

Right now Staree is open to everyone. Before today they were in a huge beta launch, which is when I was able to get in and setup my page. There is an approval process going on at their web site right now, but anyone can apply. The better social rankings and following you have, the more likely you are to get accepted. Among the many average people who are using Staree, there is also a massive celebrity following in the works as well. It will be interesting to see how many celebrities start using Staree to connect their social followers together, while also sharing video and photo content.

Starting today, Staree is available to everyone: From Hollywood A-listers to everyday people. The hottest celebrities like Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson are already using Staree to take their social media presence to the next level. Kendall got his start on hit shows like “Frasier” and “ER” and is currently starring on “Big Time Rush.” His co-star Logan found his passion for acting after appearing on “Friday Night Lights.”

How do I Join Staree?

As mentioned, Staree is now out of beta release and they are looking to quickly expand database of users. You can apply for your own profile page by signing up at their main web site at It’s completely free to join, and if you look through their network of current celebrities, you may already find a few that you are following in Facebook and Twitter.



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    • Yeah, that’s really an interesting way to make some money. I hope the community will be big so that more money we could earn.
      Btw, I’ve just created my Staree account here
      Welcome anyone to visit. :)

  1. Wow Sounds Cool. I never heard any type of apps by which we can earn money by sharing pictures. Would love to give it a try Zac. Thanks for the Review.

    • Izea is always trying to come up with new ways to reward people in the blogging and social media niches. They are really good at it.

  2. jobi

    Hi Zac.
    I never heard of Staree before. I just checked out the website it look amazing . they use your Klout score to determine eligibility for sign up. this is good as it will reduce the number of spammers.
    Overall the website is good and lets wait and watch how it competes with other social networks
    thanks for sharing

  3. Annie

    Wow, first Pinterest and now Staree! Photo sharing and image sharing sites are quickly becoming the new social networking sites now, and good this is that you can even earn money from it! Thank for the wonderful share

  4. Wow, another site to join. I’ll have to check it out first but it sounds kinda fun. Did I read this right that they pay you for your pics? That’s incentive enough to join. I had to read that one twice! Thanks for sharing this one.

  5. Amrik Virdi

    Indeed I guess this site will be for few people only and only the well known ones, to make the ADs worth it only but after a while many sites like this will be for public, I test to sign up but as they sent in the E-mail : “your account does not currently qualify for Web Celeb/Celebrity status”. So I must be well known first then try it? any way Good Luck with this Project.

    • I’m guessing it will be more exclusive in the beginning, then open up for everyone to join once they have mastered the network and what everyone uses it for.

  6. Jack Sander

    This seems like a great start up. I am looking forward to using it, as it has huge potential.

  7. Hi Zan Zohnson, I have signed up for Staree teo days ago than they said we will contact you soon trough email, but they didn’t contacted me yet:S

  8. Hi Zac,

    Looks good and promising, Still have to understand how you can earn money from your pics. Just signed up and waiting for my acceptance email. Thanks for sharing this kool info :)

    Terry Conti

  9. I first became aware of this site thanks to Zac’s blog. I have been waiting a week for them to approve my account, this might put a lot of people off.

  10. Luckily, I got my one accepted and have started uploading some pictures and will upload videos later on. I am actually confused on how to use it effectively ! You are right about saying its an all in one thing. This might be the next big thing in the social media world !

  11. This is just like a 5 in 1 social networking site. Having you to post, share, upload, blog and earn is really a great idea. With klout to determine your eligibility for sign up, it will be a spam free social media. I can worry less on having those spam messages and post by “I don’t know who added him into my account” and sorts of stuff.

  12. Social media growing fast day by day and its looks a great website for bloggers I think and I would love to have a go on it.

    Please guide me is there any need an invitation to create account it?

  13. Hello there this is really new to me, I am really glad I have visited your site to know more about staree. I think that I should try this at once, if this is a great source of income then I will grab it.

  14. This is the first time i heard about Staree and seems to be an interesting site. If it is a combination of facebook,twitter,instagram then i am sure it is definitely a next level of social networking sites.

  15. Sounds very interesting. I have two photo blogs so I have access to hundreds of photos. If I can make a few bucks from them on Staree that would be a cool little bonus. Reckon I’ll have to hop on over there and check them out.

  16. Björn Edvinsson

    Once again, I am surprised at how hot photos/videos are on today´s web. Instagram, Viddy and Pinterest already have been very popular, and now this Staree. The question that is on my mind right now is how many websites of this kind there are room for on the internet, considering the fact that the three examples I´ve mentioned already have gotten quite big amounts of users…

  17. Thanks for proving a detail description about the Straee. I haven’t heard about it before and after reading this post it looks like a good site to check out. so i am looking forward to check it.

  18. The concept is very unique. they offer different kind of networking and socializing.
    Heading now to create my own account. thanks for the info.

  19. They are really going to pay its users to stay active? Now I am wondering how Internet Marketers will flood this new social networking site. I believe Infographics will be more than just information now that there is a social marketing focused solely on sharing pictures.

  20. Rashmi Sinha

    This looks as a nice site and image sharing is now even more popular due to instagram success! It will draw much attention very fast!

  21. I too started on this site this a.m. and it’s very easy to set-up and load pictures. But I didn’t notice anyway to follow people? I was just curious about that aspect of it. Thanks!

  22. Sara

    Wow, I think this will also make its way on the top list for social media sites. This sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing this!

  23. Thanks for introducing me to this site, Zac. I’m really intrigued by the profitability factor. I have to check it out.

  24. Ella Turgeon

    I can totally see a potential in a website that combines features like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and video sharing! You’re on the right track getting into this early and you can have the pleasure of seeing it grow. I’ll have to check it out!

  25. Just applied and I will see how it goes. Interesting idea to get compensated by sharing photos, given that there are tons of free social network doing the same thing…


  26. I applied and got accepted but the thing is I can’t find the settings options to edit my profile and upload my avatar. PC can’t access the site. My iPhone app doesn’t have that option. Why does it seem so buggy??

  27. interested sites…maybe i can try it…but is it really indexing with google fast?
    maybe i can try it to to my business and generating traffice there.
    thanks alot for sharing this article.

  28. Waw, It looks cool. I never heard about any website where we can earn by sharing a photos. I want to try this website.

  29. Hi Zac,

    Nice post.
    I signed up a few days ago and was accepted.
    However it’s still not clear on HOW you actually make money. Is it based on number of times your media is viewed?
    Or how is it done?

    • I am with you Rory. I sent an e-mail to the support because when I signed up it said my estimated earnings were being based on June 2012 when it’s already almost August. Here is what they sent back:

      Customer Love, Jul 31 12:04 (EDT):
      Hey there!

      Please note that when you get views on your photos, you start to build earnings. However, you will only start to see those earnings after 1,000 views. All of you payments will be from the previous 45-days worth of views.

      I hope this helps to clarify!

      Best wishes,

      Hope that helps!

      • Staree is a joke.
        I think it’ll only work (as in: make any decent money) for celebrities or marketer’s who have over 100,000 followers.

  30. Cool. Staree would be perfect for a video and photo guy like me. But I have to wonder why someone likes me get to be paid for sharing a picture of me and my dog.

  31. Emilycv03

    How exactly do we make money? I’ve been using the website for over a month and have yet to earn a penny with them. People have been clicking on my pictures or so says the view counter for each photo and several have been commented on but I have not been paid for any of this. Just wish they could keep wereward which actually payed for each photo i took.