Why You Should Have A Social Media Strategy

Social Media – Does It Aggravate You?

I guess I will start off by saying that I used to hate social media sites. When I first started blogging, I didn’t really understand the power of social platforms and how they impacted many different areas of a website.

So, if you’re like I was, I thought I would talk about a reason why you should have a social media strategy.

Social Media PlatformsSocial Networking Influence

When you talk about traffic coming in to your site, I guess the question is which social platform should I use? There are a great many of these social sites plastered all over the internet, some good, some great, and others, not so great, but they all have one thing in common. Traffic.

To create a successful blog, it just isn’t possible to create enough time in the day to submit and stay active on every social media site out there. Sadly, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to drive social media traffic to your blog. I recommend picking 2 – 3 major platforms and sticking to them regularly.

Here are the social media sites I stay connected to:

Now, I’m not knocking any of the other social media platforms, I still submit to all that I can, but these are the one’s with the most traffic.  Eventually, these will be the one’s that will have the most impact on your blog for traffic.

How To Get Social Media Traffic From These Sites

Isn’t it a little aggravating when you look at sites like the one’s I just mentioned above, realizing that there are millions of people visiting these places, but none of these visits point back to you? I’d say it’s more than a little aggravating! There are loads of potential traffic, but you’re not getting any. Fix it. Now. Here are some tips that will allow you to get more visits from these sites.

Tip #1. Write Catchy Titles To Get The Social Media Traffic:

It’s a given fact that people are curious as cats!  Seeing as how you can’t post the Gettysburg address in a social media update, you have to allocate a certain number of words and be creative as possible while you do it. I recently wrote a post that defined the aspects of writing a perfect post for social media sites that will break down the necessary things that you need to do to get a post to go viral on these platforms.

So, now is the hard part. You have to write great content number one. This is always the first aspect of actually keeping the social media traffic once you get them there. Couple this with that catchy title idea we were talking about before and you will find some positive results from it!

Tip #2. Your URL

Once you get acquainted with blogging great content and posting catchy titles that gains the attention of that potential visitor you may have already found out that there is another “flaw in the slaw” with posting updates on social media sites.

I’m talking about when you post your updates to Facebook or Twitter and you go back 5 minutes later and it has been pushed down the line by other people’s posts. This poses a problem because if you are wanting to get that traffic, then you have to have your URL always updated so people can actually see it! There are some great social media tools that you can use to fix this problem, and I recommend them highly too. You have a blog to run, links to build, and relationships to cultivate. You don’t have time to stay on these social sites to keep your URL updated. However, the link above can remedy your problem.

Social Media Overall

Why should you have a social strategy? Because it gets your site out there to people who would not have ordinarily seen it in the first place! With social media, everyone is on the same playing field. It doesn’t matter how many links another site has built, everyone is the same. We are all grabbing for traffic from these social giants, and when it all comes down to it, the person with the most visits at the end of the day will have made themself readily available to their reader, they will have become active in staying “connected” on these sites, and they will have available posts and topics that answer questions and help people.

Blogging is not about cramming affiliate links down the readers throat. It’s about helping, giving, and supplying information that they could not get anywhere else but on your site. Provide this, and link that with great content, and readily available updates, and you’ve got a recipe for a successful blog on social sites.



Hi, my name is Wade Harman. I'm a full time blogger|speaker|social media coach that blogs primarily about Relationship Marketing for Social Media. I dedicate my time to building relationships and helping others! Go to my blog, find and press the Make A Friend button and see what happens! If I can help you in any way, please let me know.


  1. Sly

    Facebook seems to have lost its appeal recently, due to all their changes and wanting people to pay to promote posts to people they have already paid to get them to like their pages, engagement seems to have dropped and I no longer think it is a trusted source which is a shame as I still prefer it to G+ in usability.
    Great read btw.

    • I know what you mean. I read somewhere today that Facebook is starting to store a search history? I know that would probably turn quite a lot of people off. It’s doesn’t matter whether is the same computer – any used computer in which you logged into facebook will have your search history, so even if you are the only one that is supposed to be able to ever go through your own list, if someone’s browsers stores passwords then they might be in for a treat. I think with the way Facebook is going about its business we might see it going the way of Myspace soon.

      • Wade Harman

        Hey, you never know…but for right now, its the 2nd best traffic generating social media site for me. Hope nothing comes from that yet!

    • I think social networking performs an important part in increasing visitor count but it takes time… a lot of time really. People have to see you in that space as a value creator, then they are going to adhere to your hyperlinks….Thanks for sharing me..

  2. Wade,

    I think social media plays an important role in traffic generation but it takes time… a lot of time really. People have to see you in that space as a value creator… Then they’ll follow your links.

    Otherwise it just a lot of effort without a ton of return.


    Ryan H.

    • I agree, as with anything, it takes some time to get your blog out there. That’s why it’s important to remember to always to value your readers and your social media contacts.

  3. I have been experimenting with Google Plus lately and I feel like the design is really hard to get used to – especially coming from Facebook and Twitter. I have been following your Twitter, Wade, and I think that’s where you should put the most focus. Each tweet makes me want to click and read the article.

    • Thanks, Ian! Although I do get a lot of traffic from Google Plus too! It’s worth checking into and getting to know as well. The main point to get those clicks on social media like Twitter is that you have to write catchy titles as explained above! Get their attention and they will come every time!

  4. Margarita

    great post. There are 2 challenges with social media: first to get them to your site and second, to keep them there and make them sign up. The catch is not only to provide value, but to figure out how to communicate it. Sometimes it is not easy to give to people, if the do not know how to receive. Thank you.

  5. Vivek

    Nice to see you here wade. According to me, twitter and google plus are the real traffic source to my blog. Although they are not even 10 percent of my organic traffic.

    And just like you ( used to ) I also never give any importance to social media. But after a watching a video on YouTube ( webmaster central ), social signals plays an important role in SEO, I am putting my focus in this field. Thanks for the great post Wade.

    • Wade Harman

      Vivek, you are very consistent on social media. Especially Google+! I think you could show us a lot about G+ tricks on here…how about a post?

  6. Hi Wade! Excellent post and I could not agree you more on the point you should have proper strategy to organize your social media marketing because for its a full time job and for that you have to be creative and as well as active on these channels to get build the authority on social media.

    • Wade Harman

      Ayaz, social media sites can literally take up all of your time. There are tools out there that will help you manage your time better and keep you doing other things besides updating on social media sites all day long!

      Check out the post below my comment to see what tips I give for awesome Twitter traffic!

  7. You have choosen three major social media sites that possess the maximum traffic currently and yes this traffic is very much active. This makes these sites wonderful and effective platforms to promote and advertise your content, product or service.

  8. Having a social media strategy is very important. Search engines are playing down the role of SEO and giving more importance on how pages are shared on social sites. Facebook is perhaps the best of them all although Twitter and Google plus are good as well.

    • Wade Harman

      Shalu, I agree totally with you! However, most people would probably argue with us as these being the best. They are the best for me(and you), however, I know a guy that gets massive traffic from Delicious and Tumblr. I guess it just depends on what works for you.

  9. Hi Wade would you suggest I use the same url as that of my blog or should I encrypt them using bit.ly or some other site because user sees a low quality site like mine in the tweet he might be hesitant to click on it.

    • The only time I use bit.ly is when I post it to Twitter. Now there are a lot of other people that will shorten their links on Facebook and other social media sites as well. However, for me, I have found that giving the reader a URL where they actually see where they will be clicking to gives your site a better reputation.

  10. Social Media strategy is must to succeed, as social media is great it has also attracted all kind of people who are competing against each other for same space. If one doesn’t have a appropriate strategy at place then chances of success are actually dismal.

    Thanks for sharing your tips, it will definitely help in formulating our social media strategy.

  11. I never used G+ for my blogs actually. The problem with social traffic is that you have to write something new every day and post it on social networks. Yes you can post the same content multiple times but it’s just unprofessional.

    But in order to get more organic (search) traffic you have to improve off page seo and viral things on social networks are highly appreciated these days.

    • This is why having a social media strategy implemented into your schedule is so important! Taking one or two days out of the week and dedicating them to social media is an important part of getting your URL noticed.

  12. Catchy titles is one of the most wanted thing to rank higher in social media.
    Connecting with new bloggers can improve these strategics.
    thanks for sharing!

    • Wade Harman

      I agree with you! How are you going to be able to get the potential visitor without something that gets their attention?

  13. Social media definitely plays a role in your ventures because it is FREE marketing which is why a strategy is important. It also helps to build your credibility as an authority on your preferred topics. I love Twitter and I haven’t been using it correctly because I have no strategy. But I will later this week.

  14. From the 3 list above, I’d prefer facebook to focus on the early if you start looking for traffic from social media.
    Because most of people spend more time on facebook than on google plus and twitter. Besides, we can also advertise on facebook to find targeted visitors.
    Lately, facebook already occupied alexa rank 1 and shift google, this is a proof that facebook is very potent than the other social media with continued increasing visitor.
    If you want to get visitors from social media, facebook is a great start to begin.

    Thanks for the awesome post Wade.

    • Although I’m not knocking Facebook’s drive for advertising. There are many people that will tell you that this is futile. I have yet to hear of someone that has succeeded in Facebook advertising. That said, it doesn’t mean that it CAN’T work.

  15. Hi Wade,

    Yes this is the right approach. I would suggest that we should all go and make some accounts and then joins relative groups to our niche and start promoting their. I guess this is the best way to get some good traffic. Remember to share slow and steadily. 😉


  16. Sneha

    Hi Wade,

    Social Media plays an important role to promote your blog, your specific articles i agreed to you in this. But social media is loosing its value as at times there are only people who are there to promote there article or product not real visitors. Some cheats by using software’s to do their social bookmarking.

  17. Social networking is still hard for me because by habit I am not a social creature. I really had a hard time trying to tap into it. I still don’t know the ins and outs causing my page views to suffer. I relish in posts like these because I constantly glean something new. Thank you for taking the time to write this post.

    • Wade Harman

      I understand how you feel…that’s the way i used to be. but when you understand that there is a lot of traffic coming out of social media sites, you need to take the time to put it in your strategy. Check out my blog for a free report on how to get social media traffic overnight!

  18. I think connect with influencers is also a great tip for beginner :) I used to tweet regularly, but no connection. My followers grow, but slowly. Then, I decided to connect with power users and they are very willing to share relevant post to their followers. I think it’s a good strategy too

  19. thanks for the tips with regards to Social Media, I think Social Media is underestimated with regards to sharing posts, but its difficult like you said finding the time. I’m on the three sites listed above and am looking at LinkedIn. I think I’ll try the trial with the your linked site

  20. Yes, it’s indeed quite disappointing that most of the traffic on Facebook and Tweeter just goes by and we don’t benefit from it hardly at all. Social media tools that you have mentioned in your article might be the key to break that pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  21. These are some simple tips that are easily incorporated into promoting your blog. One of the great benefits of social media is that your audience gets a nice reminder that you have new content for them to read.

    • Wade Harman

      Content is always the number one priority in anyone’s blog. However, the trick is getting them to click the link! In social media platforms, you only have a few lines to gain the reader’s attention. Make it catchy and interesting!

  22. I just started using social media and was amazed how quickly I got leads for my business.

    Regarding FB comments, I’m not surprised now that they are on Wall Street and need to deliver quarterly on better results. Sadly it will likely become more business orientated rather than end users oriented, until they see their user base diminish.

  23. Hi Wade!
    i think some blogger don’t like the social media but i think sometimes social media increase our publicity so increase our traffic of my website.i also like facebook and twitter.i like your idea .thanks for joining this blog.

  24. I am still uncertain about the value of Google+ . there is a long way to go there. Most of my success is with Twitter and then Facebok in that order. Interesting question though – Is Stumble considered social media?

  25. Raaj Trambadia

    Hey there Wade

    I always see you tweeting your articles on Twitter and using #hashtags for most of ’em. I wanted to know how good is it working for you. And moreover, I never see you getting real social with people on Twitter, why? :)

  26. Hey Wade,

    I think the hardest thing for most people is finding a daily consistent strategy for using social media that’s effective and provides a good use of your time.

    I personally think it’s important to have a plan to act on every day and stick with it. Just from trying to put a plan together myself, it’s not easy. Once you have a plan in place though, I think your tips will help significantly.

    Liz :-)

  27. I’ve been trying to tap into social media more recently, but I admit that it’s been difficult. Mainly I’ve been focusing on Twitter, but I have plans for Facebook and G+ in the near future. I’m not sure how well those network sites will work for my niches (gaming and tech) but I’m interested in finding out! I think my main issue is posting on social sites regularly – namely every day. right now I only post when new content is posted on my site or blog, which is only once or twice a week. Not really enough to engage users. I need to work on that!

    Thank you for sharing, Wade!

    • Wade Harman

      You don’t need to be worried about finding people that like your niche. There will always be someone! If you will see my post under this comment to see some Twitter tricks that you can use to get massive amounts of traffic.

      I use Twitter alone to get literally thousands of people every day to my site and I show people how in this post :)

  28. This is something we aren’t really doing enough of and the new Google updates place more emphasis on social media prowess so really something I need to start looking into deeper.

  29. As I am not much of a SEO, I’ve tried to focus on Social Media to help me grow network and make more friends so my circle could be larger and more people share my post and have found it to be really effective..!

    • Wade Harman

      Another tip is this: You should start a social sharing group on Facebook. This will help you get more shares!

  30. Very Informative post, unfortunately there are certain businesses which dont lend themselves very well to social networking to pick a deliberately awkward example lets say Funeral Home could a funeral home leverage Social Media to its advantage? Not being an expert in Social Media I cannot see how it would be done, my rather blunt answer to ‘which social network should my company utilise is, the one your customers are using’, is this answer a bit too glib?With industries which service the needs of younger people social media make a lot more sense but it certainly isn’t a panacea for Marketing/SEO success

    • Wade Harman

      I see your concern. However, there is always someone who would benefit from your site on social media. In your case, I would think that Facebook would be of more help to your readers than any other.

      Do everything that you can to fix your Facebook page as professionally as you can. There are many different tricks that you can implement in your Facebook page that Facebook doesn’t advertise about.

      Find these things and start. Social media never hurt anyone’s business. Check my latest post under this comment to see some tricks on Facebook.

  31. Catchy headlines can do so well on social media!

    Plus, on some sites like facebook, an image can relatively help you out the same!

  32. Hi Wade
    Great article, Social Media is valuable or effective part of online marketing. Most of people moving on Social Media & there is just only one reason to moving on Social Media because it give value as well as Back link like linkedin, most of people aren’t aware about linkedin that its give valuable back link.

  33. I really love the tip to include catchy titles. A lot of times people make boring titles that don’t incite action and they forget the connection with their social media promotion. When Twitter is really a long list of statements & titles there has to be a reason for someone to pick out a specific title to click on. Make it catchy, make it tell a story but don’t finish the story, make the click do that. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    • Wade Harman

      Having a title that catches the eye of the reader is how you’re going to attract all of that other traffic on these sites.

  34. Hi Wade,
    thanks for your article. Your tips are great not only for those social media sites, but also for some others. For example I prefer LinkedIn than FB, and I know that some people get tons of traffic from Pinterest (but in blogging niche Pinterest isn’t so good ;( ).
    So we must focus on 2 or 3 social sites, and follow your tips 😉

  35. Hi
    i really love the tip to include catchy titles. A lot of times people make boring titles that don’t incite action and they forget the connection with their social media promotion. When Twitter is really a long list of statement

    Thanks for sharing

  36. Social media’s mostly useful for branding and PR. Conversions are still mostly the Holy Grail. But your brand or product has to be in the conversation to stand a chance at getting downstream conversions.

  37. Google has always ranked pages within its index by using what can only be described as a voting system. ie; linkbuilding, links are votes. So it makes sense that social media sharing will be taken into consideration more and more as that is really the most natural type of voting sytem there is available on the internet today.

  38. Jessica

    There is no doubt that importance of social media sites is really high and effective in this era because billions of people are there on social media sites in a same time. Your points are very effective and worthy to understand the importance of social media’s importance. I want to add one more social media site which has outstanding ability to promote your business and to get good traffic in natural way. It is Pinterest i personally using it and found it very effective.

  39. I seem this post is helpful for them who all time try to increase their blog as a pic level. It’s true social networking is an important part of increasing visitor.Now a day people use Facebook, twitter and Google plus for their traffic. My favorite site is twitter, and i earn more traffic by this. I never use goolge plus yet but after reading this blog i decide that i will try it next.

  40. very descriptive post. Google always ranked those who had an authority on social media websites. so nowadays we have to stay connected to social media. i always stay connected on facebook, twitter, google plus and pinterest.

  41. Very informative post.ya social media are very good for a blog.It is known by everyone,But hoe to get maximum benefit for these…Here some of blogger loose the track.thanks for sharing these wonderful tips to use social media in a strategic way.