The Revamped Scoopit Interface: Sharing Ideas That Matter Even More

I’m a long time fan and supporter of and quite honestly I think it’s the best content curation platform available on the web today.Guillaume Decugis SEO Scoopit

Yet it seems they’ve managed to revamp the platform and, based on user feedback, make it even more awesome than it already was.

Humanrithm and Curation from Cendrine Marrouat briefly touches on the latest iteration of version 4.o. According to the folks at

“You wanted to make it even easier to discover relevant content; to organize content in a more meaningful way; to connect with people who share your interests. So we worked together, with our specialists group on Google+, with our power users, collecting hundreds of suggestions, testing and exchanging ideas… uses a Big Data semantic algorithm to analyze content, to identify “meaning” within your curation.” Reached Out to Core Group of Users

I truly believe that the success of any online platform today relies on the support and the feedback from their users. took the initiative to gather together a select group of people who they knew they could count on to provide honest and unselfish feedback. These folks are on top of their game when it comes to content curation and they are passionate and committed to surfacing the most relevant, useful ideas for the topics they care about most. After all the brain-storming sessions, tweaks and redesigns, it’s quite rewarding to see evolve into one of the most sophisticated social sharing sites imaginable. It just works!

Recommended Topics

One of my favorite features of version 4 is the Recommendations we can give to one another for our topic boards. Follow #curatethecurators.

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This helps boost the visibility of our topics on the platform and boost our rankings in search. Oh and you get a yellow ribbon too!

Scoopit Highly Recommended Topic Integration

One of the smartest aspects of is their integration with Buffer which extends the “shareability” of your scoops to just about every major social networking platform. You can also embed your Scoops on your blog or share them with your email subscribers in a newsletter via MailChimp. One thing that bloggers need to keep in mind about is that it’s about curating a topic – it’s not another blogging network where you can just post all of your content and expect someone to visit your blog. It’s more about building your authority and expertise on a subject area that you want to be known for. You can also use it as a place to organize and bookmark topics you want to learn more about or research for an upcoming blog post.

Have you tried yet. I hope you’ll get a chance to explore the new interface, I think you’ll find it delightful.

Find out more about the new features right from the co-founders Marc Rougier and Guillume Decugis in Behind the Update: Interest Channels and More Action




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  1. Hi Ileane

    I tried Scoop.It a while back but didn’t really like it.

    It seems overly complicated to me and I didn’t really see how I could ever build it into my daily routine.

    If they’ve changed things then I’ve give it another look. Thanks for the heads up!


    • Hi Tim,

      Have you given a second chance yet?

      (Sorry for the late reply)

      I think that one way bloggers can use is as an RSS aggregator. So if you are using Feedly or another feed reader you can add those feeds to and curate your topics there instead.

      Hope that make sense.

      Thanks Tim!

  2. Very informative review.
    I heard about this but honestly i’ve never tried it before.
    Thanks for your sharing. can’t wait to try.


  3. Hello,

    Yeah it too tried and left it for some reasons and i also feel that it doesn’t give what we wanted. But i think i should use it once as the interface has been changed.


  4. I did not tried ever in my strategy, but i think i should use this because it seems it would work. :) Thanks for Sharing Ileane!! :)

  5. Hi Ileane,

    I actually started using Scoopit about a week ago. I like going there to read content I haven’t really figured out how to use it.

    It was a little too complicated and confusing for me to understand. However, if they changed it maybe it’s easier to understand now. Thanks for the heads up, I think I will give it some more time. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Susan,

      Check out my video tutorial when you get a chance. That might make it easier for you to understand how to use the platform.

      Let me know if you have questions.

  6. Hi Ileane,

    I tend to be in the same boat as Tim – namely I found scoop-it to be overly complicated and burdensome – not to mention time consuming. However, if they have indeed improved their product, then it is certainly worth another look. Thanks for the great review and have a great day!

    • Hi Tom,

      Did you ever get a chance to watch my video tutorial for It shows the older interface but it might still be helpful if you are getting stuck.

      For me, is not a tool that you want to pop in and out of quickly. It’s more like going to the library and doing some research so it does take time to appreciate the content you’ll find there.

  7. This is an awesome piece on There is no gainsaying is a very elegant curation platform and Over the past years I’ve tested different content curation sites and found to be the leader in both innovation and traffic building potential.
    Thanks for sharing this Ileane…!

  8. Hi Ileane,

    Great Blog! I agree Scoop-it is one of the best social sharing sites. Once the usage is familiar it will be easier for to share your links and get suggestions.

  9. Hamza Sheikh

    The new interface looks clean, flat, and simple to me. I really liked the crisp, and flat surface. really helps me in my daily work. Thanks to you for referring me!

  10. Like you Ileane, I’m a big fan of and the new version makes its all the more useful and handy and effective in my social marketing efforts. IMO, the value add comes into play when the Scooper adds a useful “Insight” to their Scooped Story – right?

    • Hey Neil! Fantastic to see you commenting here. I know you and I have been connected online for quite some time and I’m pretty sure was responsible for that. That’s the other great benefit of using the platform. There is a community aspect to it that’s pretty strong.

      I agree about seeing the curator’s insights, and I need to make an effort to add more insights to my scoops.

      Have a great week ahead Neil. Chat soon.

  11. I have been on since some months but till now couldn’t do anything special. Your post is really insightful to know what platform is mean for. I will try to follow your tips to curate content over there.

  12. Ileane, how ironic, I found this post via and noticed a few changes but were not aware of them like you have explained so well here. I love that we can embed them and use them with MailChimp too. I haven’t noticed the yellow ribbons but will play around more.
    I hope the mobile app does more too – it wasn’t easy to use a few months back when I installed it. Thanks you Ileane for keeping us to date with!

    • Hi Lisa!
      Yes, when you write about it will get shared on that’s for sure. :)

      If you want to see the yellow ribbon in action, go to the homepage and over on the right you will see a box that features different topics you might be interested in. Some of them will have the yellow ribbon and some won’t. But at the bottom you’ll see the Recommend button, as more people recommend a topic that pushes it up the ranks to receive the yellow ribbon. Hit the Skip button to move on to the next topic if you don’t want to Recommend. Here’s a screenshot