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The best YouTube tip ever – record, edit and publish! Three little words that can have a huge impact on the growth of your online reach. Now is the time to put your fears aside, swallow your pride, and do whatever it takes to put yourself in the right frame of mind to start making videos today! There is no better time than the present because the latest research from Compete Pro demonstrates that in the U.S., YouTube is more popular than Facebook.

Hard to believe it, right? But in June of 2014, YouTube had 1.4 million more visitors than Facebook, here’s the breakdown:

“ had 167,848,349 unique visitors in June 2014, up slightly from 167,737,934 in May. had 166,497,314 unique visitors in June 2014, down slightly from 168,320,857 in May.”

Source: YouTube is Now Bigger Than Facebook in the U.S.
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More About the Popularity of YouTube

Record Edit Publish on YouTubeYes my friends, watching YouTube has become the new national pastime these days, and according to the latest research from Adroit Digital, teenagers and young adults spend more of their time watching YouTube videos than they do watching TV.

And it’s easy to understand why. You can watch it whenever and where ever you want, thanks to that handy little pint-sized device we all carry around in our pockets known as a SmartPhone.

Even premium TV channels like Netflix are loosing the entertainment and edutainment battle to the much smarter, more personalized, and let’s not forget, more affordable (free) video platform known as YouTube.

But you knew this day would come right?

If not, you must be new around here.

I’ve been going on and on about recording and uploading videos on YouTube since the first time I watched a tutorial from Lisa Irby back in the fall of 2009.

Funny how time flies when you’re having fun.

That was five years ago but my enthusiasm hasn’t waned, and I probably won’t stop until I see you launching your first YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Pre Audit Checklist

I recorded this short video that I hope will inspire you to take action. Take a quick look at Start Making YouTube Videos Today

Do It With Friends

Now that you know YouTube is more popular than Facebook and being watched more often than TV by some demographics, do you think it’s worth a shot? One simple tip I can suggest to help you get over the fear of getting in front of the camera is to start by using Google Hangouts or Skype to connect with your friends on camera privately.

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You can do a quick Hangout and sort of rehearse what you’re going to discuss before you go live and broadcast to YouTube via a Google Hangout on Air. Keep practicing until you’re ready and when you do go live here are two things to consider: sound quality and proper lighting. Oh – and one last tip, don’t forget to look at the camera instead of looking down at your keyboard on your monitor. It might seem odd at first but you’ll get used it.

If you decide to do a pre-recorded video instead of a hangout, try recording a few tests to see what you’ll look like on camera before uploading and hitting the publish button on YouTube. In this case, I suggest you upload the video as private first, then fill out the description, add your tags, edit the captions and make video annotation links before making the it available to the public.

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Now get out there and record, edit and publish your first YouTube video. Come back and leave a link to your video in the comments below. Even if it isn’t your first video, we can all use the extra encouragement we’ll get from seeing what our friends have created.

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  1. Neeraj Dalal

    Hi Ileane mam,
    I am the great fan of your writing and when ever I face any issue I used to ask in your group on Facebook. I use to follow each and every article of you and try to implement it to learn new things

  2. Hi Ileane.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Those stats come as no surprise :)

    I do have a YouTube channel, but I’ve not been consistent with my video marketing efforts because I’ve been focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

    Ironic really. One of my videos has received almost 2000 views now and I keep meaning to optimize it so I can funnel some of that traffic back to my blog.

    And in all honesty, I SUCK at Facebook, lol. Just can’t get results from that platform no matter how hard I try.

    Like yourself when you first started on YouTube, I tend to stick with screen capture videos because I’m VERY nervous about getting in front of the camera, but I’m working up to it.

    What software do you use to record your videos?


    • Hi Kerry,

      I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and one thing I know – there’s no reason to be afraid of the camera. There are some videos that you and I both would consider awful but they still manage to get a ton of views – especially if they are entertaining or provide value in some way.

      Congrats on getting 2,000 views on your video – think of it this way, the more videos you make – the better chance you have of hitting the jackpot.

      I use Screencast-o-matic Pro to record my videos. I have a tutorial here

      Thanks for your feedback Kerry. Take care.

  3. Hi Ileane,

    Its really hard to believe that something is more popular than Facebook, but I’m also glad to know that its YouTube. I too spend good amount of time on YouTube to view tutorials, trailers and funny & interesting videos.

    • Pankaj,

      Keep in mind those YouTube stats are for U.S. users, but it is still hard to believe! Honestly, I spend way more time on YouTube than I do on Facebook but I thought I was weird. Good to know that I’m normal. lol

  4. Rohan Bhardwaj


    This is indeed very inspiring. Youtube is growing very fast and having a v-log is the best way to communicate with the readers.

    I have been very shy on camera and turned my face away from the camera. But now this has changed. I have made few videos and with each of them, I am improving a lot.

    Definitely, one should check the lights and audio to make sure it is a pleasant experience. Nice article. Anyway, I found this on Kingged.

    • Hi Rohan! I’m looking at your profile pic now and from what I can see the camera really likes you! Give screencasting a try first and that should make it easier for you. Best wishes!

  5. Ileane!

    I loved your to-the-point message and encouragement to just do it. I was very hesitant when I started to put myself on video, and started with screen capture as well.

    I do screen capture mostly but will occasionally come on camera with a personal one which does help people to know, like and trust me.

    Not surprised about more people on YouTube than on TV… Wow, how times have changed, huh?

    Thanks for this awesome message and hope you have a great afternoon.

    – Carol :)

    • Hi Carol!
      I always look forward to your YouTube videos. I learn something from each one and put your tips into action right away. I still use my Click to Tweet cheat sheet that I created after watching one of your vids.

      Thanks for stopping by Carol. See you on YouTube :)

  6. Satyakam

    Every time I visit here I could see a wonderful post on youtube and the best thing is I’ve learned lot of tips on youtube.


  7. I agree that we need to start using youtube on our gardening blog. What’s the best way to get people back to our site?

    • Tom, since you have a gardening blog you can really get creative with sending traffic back to your blog. You can show a tour of your garden and show off your awesome plants – then tell people that they need to visit your site to find out how to get their gardens to look the same way. Add a link to your blog in the video description and create video annotations that link back to your blog. Here are the instructions on how to add the video annotations.

  8. Amir Awan

    Hi Ileane,
    You’re always comes up with new ideas and i always learn something informative from your blog and I’m really inspired from your work. You done a great job, keep it up.
    Best wishes for you.

  9. Hey Ileane,
    Good article… Even i believe Youtube is very beneficial.
    Over a time we have seen that we are getting more and more conversions through Youtube as compared to twitter or facebook.

    • That’s fantastic Ankit! I love the fact that you are checking your conversion rates. Are you using Google Analytics for that?

  10. Caudalie

    very cool video explains a lot of things, honestly I prefer this form of communication, thanks

  11. James Raj

    Yup, these three words are enough to make huge online presence, i am also planning to start a YouTube channel and post videos. I am also interested in podcast, but first let me try out YouTube..

  12. Priyansh Kumar

    Your article is very nice and its right Youtube is one of the best video site in the world, I have many time upload my videos on Youtube with my channel and it has better then facebook because many video are not show on facebook but they are show on youtube. I like to watching videos on Youtube.

  13. Thank you Ileane for
    first, discussing the importance of youtube videos for promoting our business.
    Second, for your perfect idea “which i discovered in your article “about how can anyone get over his fears when he comes to record a video which I’m sure will make me start recording youtube videos with myself.
    I really appreciate your article.

    • John, I wish you lots of success with making YouTube videos. Glad to hear that you got encouraged by this post. Thanks for commenting.

  14. faisal

    I think i am to shy to put myself on the youtube but right now I am thinking of uploading videos of my cats because they are so lovely.. :)

  15. Manjulika Pramod

    I attended a Google event where I was amazed to know the power of videos and how youtube plans to rise each day and here you reiterate it again..

  16. Hey Ileane, long time no comment. 😉

    Loved the video. Gave it the thumbs up on YouTube. You are so right though, the first one is the hardest but once you have it under your belt it’s all clear sailing from then on.

    I’ve only got 62 videos on YouTube so far but the only thing holding me back is finding the right topics for my videos. I’m not into promoting my blogs though. It’s more about making money with my videos.

    • Peter, you have so much blogging knowledge and you know how to make an online income, so you should have no trouble making a quick video here and there. Another thing you can try is making an update or part two for one of your older videos that has a lot of views. Hope that helps!
      By the way sorry for the late reply – not sure how that happened!

  17. Deepak

    Now I am sure that Videos may be huge way to earn money. I have heard a lot about it and now thinking to apply it.

  18. Hi Ileane, this was really interesting to me. The popularity of YouTube is certainly something that should not be underestimated. I think even for traditional bloggers it is a good idea to do a little bit of vlogging, or some other form of video to keep your content fresh.

    • Kostas, I started adding a few vlogs into the mix of my videos. Most of my videos are tutorials but it’s nice to do a “talking head” video every once in a while.

  19. karma

    YouTube performed as best platform for SEO success . We prepared series of SEO tutorials it not just provided us followers but also valuable clients too. Our 32% clients influenced with the YouTube tutorials and our brand value help them to be permanent customers.

    • Kamal

      can you tell me more about youtube monetization bcoz im very dull in this way. I do blogging but dont know how to to make a video and how to monetize it.

  20. prashant

    Hey Ileane i recently started a youtube channel for my website..But now after seing the views and likes i think i better give more time to Youtube…thanks for this artical it really helps me out. Plus yeah “Do it with friends” will be the best way. Thank You..

  21. Erick Smith

    Great article, thanks for sharing. YouTube has become one of the most powerful platforms for sharing quality content.

  22. David Willden

    Fantastic. I have recently gone through a huge learning curve – learning how to produce videos – now I am learning how best to market them. Thank you for the helpful links and advice.

  23. Kamal

    Hei. Mam very nice written article… finally i assure that more people like youtube than facebook…. i love youtube. Thnx for sharing this knowledgeable post