Transform Your Blog To A Real Discussion Board Through Blog Commenting!

I read a lot on different blogs these days and one of the hot issues discussed by many bloggers is how to get more comments on blog posts and boost their social proof. Truth is, blog commenting is an important blogging activity with a wide range of goodies.

The unfortunate thing is the unbalance I have noticed all round the blogosphere. While most of the articles you read on blog commenting are focused on the site visitors, very little is being said to educate the post authors or blog owners.The importance of Blog Commenting

In this post, I want us to see how you can turn your blog to a real discussion board thereby encouraging repeat visits and improving your SEO through a positive increase in page impressions, return visits, page views and time on site. I’m not going to dwell on how to get more comments or why you don’t get comments. Instead let’s discuss what needs to be done to get your readers coming back for more interaction and blog commenting.

Write in a conversational tone as if you are having a discussion with a friend and always remember to give them space to speak. Don’t be like the Sunday preacher who should be listened to from the inception of his sermon to the end. Trigger response by asking questions and encouraging people to share their opinions in the comments. Don’t write like a robot.
Be human.

It’s one good thing to get your visitors to leave a comment and it’s yet another to get them back to engage in more exciting and productive conversation.

Get the right tools that encourage blog commenting

You need to provide the right tools that encourage blog commenting. Most blog commentators today want to be rewarded for leaving a comment on your blog. Don’t get me wrong. No one will ask for $1 Paypal transfer in order to leave a comment on your blog 😉

Today, CommentLuv premium has made this exercise an exciting one. With a huge list of advantages to the commentator, a majority of your readers will do a blog search looking for CommentLuv enabled blogs to leave comments on. Check this video from Ms. Ileane to see why.

BONUS VIDEO: CommentLuv with ReplyMe Plugin for WordPress

A lot of us are using the free version. There is nothing bad with that but if you want a higher speed, and more controls, get the full version (I don’t work for Andy Bailey by the way 😉 )

If you are concerned about spam, be sure to install GASP the WordPress Comment Spam Plugin.

Don’t waste their time

I hate captchas and so do many of us bloggers. Frankly speaking, there are times that I read some blog posts just to gain an understanding of the content so as to leave the required comments. Most often, captchas are some of the things that drive me off as soon as I land on the page.

You have to waste time trying to figure out what the twisted image is. If you are not accurate, you will have to restart the process and waste more time.

Keep them coming back for more engagement

In fact, this is the reason I’m writing this post. It does not suffice to get readers to leave a comment and go for good. It’s your duty as author or blog owner to get readers back. You are not going to use some tools to trick or force them back to your blog. You are simply going to make them feel recognized and see a reason to come back to that same article in few ways:

  1. Use ReplyMe plugin. If you have the latest version of CommentLuv, then you have the best and most updated copy of ReplyMe. What it does is simply send a mail to the comment author each time he gets a reply.
  2. Reply to your comments. Some bloggers don’t reply to comments. They must be big enough not to pay attention to comments on their blogs. However, if you want to reap the benefits of blog commenting as a blog owner, you cannot afford not to reply to comments.
  3. Converse and ask questions in your replies. As a blogger, I know you hate comments like “great post”, “Thanks for sharing”, “I enjoyed reading this”, etc. Now, as a commentator, I also hate when you reply to my comments saying things like  “Thanks for commenting”, “Thanks for stopping by” , “Thanks for reading”, etc. You really don’t want me back , do you?
  4. Recommend some other articles in your replies. This works well. I have tested and seen results. If you point to some other resources for your readers in the comment box, they always come back to check.
  5. Some bloggers will love to be featured on your blog as top commentators. I have personally noticed this as one of the reasons some readers are consistently commenting on some blogs. Why not provide a widget for your top commentators?
  6. Now one last crazy idea is to randomly select the commentator of the month and reward him or her. That sounds crazy but can take blog commenting on your blog to a higher height.

Are you reaping the benefits of blog commenting? Do you get your readers coming back to reply to comments? Is your blog a real discussion board?  Please share your thoughts in the comment box.


Hi, my name is Enstine Muki. Creator of BlogExpose job board for bloggers, CashDonator WP Plugin and BroadedNet traffic tool for bloggers. Visit my blog where I share tips on how to generate Traffic and Income online


  1. Hi Enstine,

    I use the free version of comment luv and a few of the other suggestions you mentioned and I like to think that my personal blog is a discussion board. I like the idea of recommending other articles in my replies. I’ve don’e it before, but should do it more as it did get feedback. I just recently had comment reply installed and I’ve seen more of commenters coming back. I’m new and learning, I appreciate this blog and all the guest. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Joi,
      Nice to have you here today and thanks for the comment. I’ll be checking your blog right way to experience it myself .

      Oh! Good to see a Pharmacist blogging ;).
      You said you just are new and learning. How is the experience as a Pharmacist? I see tons of comments on your blog 😉

      • Thank you for asking Enstine. My experience as pharmacist has been blessed. I ‘ve been in the same position for almost 7 years & it has afforded me numerous opportunities. My passion is healthcare AND fitness and I do a lot with that. That is why I started my blog. I love blogging and it’s ability to establish authority. It has definitely helped me with some plans for the future. I appreciate you checking out my blog & being the guest here for Monday.

    • I have to agree with you Joi and have noticed that I tend to go back to blogs more that have comments that are actually visible and where I can not just add a comment but actually reply to specific comments also. This was a great article and while I personally am not blogging hard core (like I should) I do enjoy going to others blogs and learning as much as I can!

  2. I still think some type of captcha is essential. Although it may drive people off, it makes the comment approval easier so I won’t have to sift through spam. The majority of the comments for my blogs are spam so I needed to use captcha to block it.

    • Hi Leslie Edwards,

      you can use Commentluv premium… as it comes with GASP for protecting your site from spam comments!! :)


    • Hi Leslie,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for the comment.
      Have you tried GASP plugin? While it doesn’t drive your commentators away, it does a great job in filtering spams.

      Let me know what you think about it

    • Exactly Leslie! I completely agree to your point. Some kind of captcha is definitely needed. But, Obviously they’re hard to read, and these irritations drive people away from your site, and ultimately cost you money. The simplest solution is that in order to avoid comment spam; Askimet or Spam Karma can filter out most of it for you.

  3. Good post Enstine,

    Blog commenting is very much like guest posting.
    Few people see the benefits because few people take the time to do it properly.

    You’re right about commentluv it makes the process of sharing a link seemless so that you don’t have to paste URLs which comes off as spammy.

    Do you think the new Google algo animals will hate on commentluv?

    • Hi Darnell,
      I don’t think Google will do anything to kick commentluv. There are 2 main things Google fights against: Links to poor quality content and link marketing (Buying and selling of links) and as we know, CL is far from any of these. It’s so flexible that you can control how your site links out.

      Do you have something in mind to share with us?

  4. To leave meaningful replies for blog posts are not easy. One need to read thoroughly before he or she can write something useful to engage in the discussion. :)

    • Hey Tekkaus,
      Thanks for showing up!
      Darnell said commenting is as important as guesposting and I think that’s right. So the question is , is it easy to guest post? Not really

      If you handle commenting with levity, be sure to have little or no results. You are very right to say it’s not easy but we have to push on.

      Do you have any other tips to share with us?

  5. If we have done the right with comments, I have idea about the bad reason because the blog comments will give benefit to each others, blogger and commenters. Moreover, I love the Premium version of commentluv because I think that it was a great plugin which we should not miss. Anyway, thanks for sharing the tips I love this…

    • Hi Kimsea,
      CommentLuv Premium is really a great plugin. I totally agree with you on that.

      thanks for stopping by and hope to see you here again

      • Absolutely, Enstine Muki! Now I am here and read your comment, especially click through your comment permalinks and go through your own blog for a read. I will be back to tell about some opinion of your blog. Thanks for active responding

  6. Hi Enstine,

    You’ve done a great job with power of your knowledge. Blog commenting is good way to build relations with other bloggers under your niche.

    On Antispam plugin, currently i am using the GASP (you’ve mentioned above) in my blog, but still my it is getting 4/5 spam comments daily and i need to change “Checkbox name” after every 2/3 days to fight spam. So is there any solution for it?

    I’ll appreciate your response.

    • Hi Sara,
      Thanks for showing up today.

      Truth is you cannot keep spam 100% away. Some spam comments are made by real readers who are link-hungry. While GASP will succeed to keep spam bots away, there is no way to find out if that guy on your blog will drop a spam comment or not.

      Do you have any experience with Captchas?

      • Hi Enstine,

        Thanks for the reply and yes you’re right we can’t stop spam 100%, because people are even more dangerous than bots 😀

        No, i’ve not yet tried captchas. But i think implementing both Captcha + GASP can reduce spam, but it’ll create annoyance to my visitors. isn’t it?

  7. Hmmm you couldn’t put it better! Capture puts me off totally, I just can’t imagine what it does to dyslexic bloggers.

    • Hi Viren,
      I see many more bloggers hating captchas but there is something I love that works so cool – You are asked to provide an answer to a simple calculation – like 2+1

      Have you come across that?

  8. Yeah, Captcha really are a turn off for many readers. After your recommendation, I will be using a top commentators widget on one of my blog, lets see how it goes.

    • Hey Asif,

      Good to see you here and I’m sure that will work for me. I’ll be glad to know about your results

      Hope to see you here again and on my blog

  9. Agree, hate captchas as well, so annoying.. I’m always so exiting seeing a huge discussion in commenting, like 80-100 massages, that can be count as a real successful blogging)

    • Hi Evan,
      Nice to see you here today and thanks for the comment.

      Now tell me, on some blogs, the spam control system is so simple. Just a question to provide an answer to simple arithmetic like 2+4

      Have you come across that? Do you think it works?

  10. Brilliant ways to increase discussion and ultimately making blogging more interactive. I like the idea of featuring the top commentators, its like a little reward you give them for taking the time to come and comment on your blog. Thanks Enstine for these suggestions.

    • Hey Shalu,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Do you also think creating a post uniquely for the most active commentator of the month is worth it? Let me hear your idea 😉

  11. Commenting is still crucial in blogging and probably always will.

    That is why I still reply to all the comments I receive.

    Thanks for showing some plugins that can encourage commenting!

    • Hey Sam,
      How are you man?
      thanks for showing up on this article and leaving a comment
      You are doing a good job replying to comments on your blog. Keep it up!

  12. Hey Anurag,
    Thanks for stopping here man.
    This post went live when it was late in my country. Now I’m here to reply to comments (your comment too) 😉

  13. I dont have enough traffic yet, but some come to my blog to return the favot when i comment their posts, which is awesome ;]
    best regards

    • Hey Siegfried,
      I think you are on the right track. Keep visiting and commenting other blogs. That’s the right way to expand. Be sure to really engage in your comments. You’re going to attract the right audience.

  14. Shalu Sharma shared this post to G+. with our community ‘Indian Bloggers and Travelers’. Thanks for your valuable information, it would be really helpful for bloggers with less knowledge in blog commenting.

    • Hi Seb,
      Thanks for mentioning how you got here. Shalu is a wonderful person and I know her personally. I’m grateful she shared the post with you.

      Hope you are having a nice weekend

  15. Sapna

    Hi Enstine,

    I luv to see the passion in the comments about the post, it really cheer up the discussion and take it to the next level. I could see the result of the commentluv feature of “top commentator” on my blog, I’d say generosity pays.

    Thanks for this share(oops I love to write this).


  16. Thanks for sharing with us this cool post Enstine I already have Premium Comment Luv and I love it

    thanks for sharing this awesome post 😉

    • Hey Anis,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment
      I’m sure you’ll really get more hits on your blog. I see you just moved to WordPress 😉

  17. Providing the audience with something that is unique will compel them to ask questions and comment. Also, the content must be seeded properly.

  18. Comment luv is great this can give new life to your newly published posts with a immediate traffic blast and creating a strong community with your readers is the best strategy.

  19. sunainasangeet

    I think that comments in our post gives a positive energy, it shows how much successful we were in conveying the message what we meant in our post….
    I am expecting this kind of useful post in future also….Thanks for sharing this informative post…..

  20. Hello Enstine,
    I love the post and the way you put it. I’d say commentluv is one great plugin that every blogger should have but there are still some set backs, like; the database pileup… Aside this, i am also 100% inlove with the plugin. thanks

    • Hey bro,
      Thanks for your comment
      You know the issue you raise is not unique to this plugin. However, having a good database maintenance strategy in place is important for every blogger.

      I remember a post on your blog (I think) about this issue 😉

  21. Juan Castillo

    As always, a great quality article, Enstine. It is very important to leave high quality comments, as it is also important to reply to them.

  22. the number of comments on your post is itself an ample proof of your expertise over the subject. We dont have to be Sunday preachers while seeking comments; this is really great idea becuase in frenzy we hurle loads of advises on our reader just hoping to get back their response. One way communication is so easy while being blogger we must have to be a two-way communicator (sorry to be a little Sunday preacher lol) but this is the biggest reality of blogging communications. Thanks a lot buddy

    • Hi Edson,
      Good to see you here today.
      You are very correct. The more the valuable comments, the more solid your social proof.

      thanks for your excellent comment man

  23. Great post. Indeed a complete and useful information on this topic and yes, your post is a live example of people indulgence in blog discussion.

    • Hey Ashish,
      Thanks for commenting and thanks for the nice words
      I hope to see you here and on my blog again.

      By the way, what’s your experience with CL

  24. Normally on my blogs, I put out the comments, because only the spammers would place a comment. But, I agree with you, that the comments and interaction with the readers are very important. Today with reading your article I have learned a lot. Soon I’m going to start with a new blog, and I will use your advise to see if I can get it to work properly. I have added this site/article to my favorites, so when I get started, i have all the information I need:-)

    • Hey Linda,
      It’s good to know you are planning to follow these tips. I’m so excited
      Please let me know your experience when you get going

  25. Blog commenting is the life blood of any blog. Though many blogs with good PR and alexa ranks don’t have a signle comment; while I personally like to read blogs that has more comments because to me the comments shows 1. Credibility of the Author 2. Quality of the content and 3. Constant value increase on that topic with discussion from differnt people. Now after doing blogging from years I don’t prefer PR and other shinny things.

    Thanks for Da good post!

    • I totally see with you Adil!
      Some ‘big blogs’ don’t get comments. comments are either disabled or simply not giving attention to. I think you are right on the three points you mentioned

      Thanks for the bright comment. Hope to see you here and on my blog again

  26. using commentluv is a great idea, as it might stop spammer. But as I myself use it in my blog, captcha will be required and a better way to stop spammer from posting, irrelevant things.

  27. Getting involved in Internet discussion boards is a great way to promote your business and develop your reputation as an expert at the same time.

  28. Definitely good tips and I can’t really take large part of it. I see that large part of blogging community and bloggers doesn’t comment on anything different that WordPress with CommentLuv, well my websites isn’t based on WordPress and even giving do-follow links, it doesn’t seems that there are any comments.

    • He Carl,
      Truth is WordPress is leading. I have seen many bloggers switch to this platform. However, if you are not satisfied where you are, you might as well get what’s satisfactory.

      Hope to see you here again

      • Well, WordPress can give me what I need. I get the traffic, comments or no comments on my blog, it’s not something to cry for. Don’t get me wrong, I manage more than 30 WordPress blogs, just a bit disappointed that WordPress society is playing dumb and not commenting on anything that doesn’t have CommentLuv. There are not obvious SEO benefits for that. Nor that these links to RSS feeds appear somewhere in link juice, right? Additionally WordPress blogs got spammed to dead as WordPress is leaving tons of footprints.

        Sure, there are obvious benefits and WordPress is very light platform that can be hosted on any shared hosting and carry on without any problems a lot of traffic, but it lack some certain functionality regarding membership, community, bridges with other platforms and so on…

  29. Farrell John Conejos

    Hi Enstien,

    I am a blogger and I have my own blog sites but I don’t consider myself as a “superstar” blogger at all. I’m still learning many things to improve my blogging skills. Thanks to your post, I’ve learn new things about blogging. This Blog Commenting that you are saying is indeed very interesting. Blogs should always incorporate this technique to enhance communication and participation with in readers and site visitors. I really hope you continue to post more informative articles in this site.

    • Hi Farrell,
      Thanks for the comment. I’m sure you are going to have more fabulous articles like this very often on this blog. Also keep an eye on my blog for more.

      Hope you are having a nice week

  30. Hey Enstine,
    So nice to bring in this underrated weapon of blogging. Yes, this is trending these days and I too have written a post on it (You are not there yet :( ). I too am using free version of CommentLuv, hope I upgrade it. Nice topic to write here as BBT is blog where this trend of discussion through comment is ever consistent. I think COMMENT is a very powerful tool for blogger which many of use are using it in it lowest capability. For me comment reflects the real image of one commenting :)

    • Hey Koj,
      I’ll be on your blog shortly after this to check. Nice to hear you have a post on the same subject.

      In fact, recently, I have been busy on This curbed into my commenting time. Now it’s complete. I’m sure to bounce back fully.

      Thanks for the comment and hope to see you here again

  31. Hi Estine,

    With so many problems come in, the important when commenting is get straight into the point. When starting a comment with greetings like “Hi [Name]” often make you forget what you want to say or you can add them later when you finish writing your comment. Meanwhile, when end a comment, simply say “Thank You” is enough.

    Thanks – Ferb

    • Hi Ferb,
      I think if you get really personal and conversational in your comments, it makes you sound real and draws more attention from the author. Generally, I don’t like generic comments. I like more personal womments. I like to be addressed in comment. that makes me know you are real and know what you want to say 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Ferb, and hope to see you here again

  32. I do reply to my comments that appear on my blog posts. The sad fact about creating your blog via bloggers is that they do not have a feature where the blogger can add comment luv.

  33. Well written Estine,
    Blog commenting for a blog is very important has is social proof.
    Also advertisers now giving priority to blogs with more comments. After all they too want readers not bots.


    • Hey Khaja,
      You are very correct. Comments are an important ingredient in social proof. It shows a lot about your blog and advertisers and paying attention to it.

      Thanks for the comment bro

  34. Yes , I really agree with this post.
    Blog Commenting is such a very important part of any blog or site.
    It helps to check our visitors view and visitors can easily ask any question about any problem. This helps to make us aware about how feel visitor to visit our site.
    I really pleasure to read this.
    Thank you so much.

  35. Oh yes Enstinee blog commenting really makes a difference for a blogger. You don’t feel like you are talking to yourself. For many it needs to be easy, no codes or hat tricks to go through to leave a comment. I love CommentLuv ! It also helps the writer decide where to take the next post to or even the entire blog to.

    • Good to see you here Lisa!
      Communication doesn’t have to be hard. Commentluv has made it so easy and rewarding. No codes and hat tricks with GASP that’s inbuilt. Simple check box that plays the game well 😉

      Thank you for being part of this post

      BTW, how long have you been using commentluv?

  36. i really like your blog and also reading it everyday.Iam going to purchase commentluv for my blog to encourage comment on it.Do you have discount coupon for it..??

  37. Looks like it is time for me to setup commentluv to turn my blog into a real discussion board.. who knows right? thanks for the tips..


  38. Hi Enstine,

    Super insight here. I return now to generating discussions on my blog after spending some time losing my way as a blogger. Yeah I messed up.

    Asking questions persistently and responding to each comment are 2 of my favorite strategies to start discussions via your blog comments. People need to be heard. Provide a helpful ear and you never lack for blog commentators.

    Ask questions to program your readers. People tend to respond if you have questions persistently. Do not give up if readers do not respond after 1, 2, or even 10 posts. Continue to ask and the responses flow in eventually.

    Give whatever you wish to receive. Create helpful, relevant comments and respond in a timely manner to boost the real discussions you engage in on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Enstine.


    • Hi Ryan,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the excellent comment.

      I personally think blogging is discussion between authors and readers and, readers and readers. Sometimes, we are made to think only authors should reply to comments. I think other readers can reply to other comments. That’s why the reply facility is not locked into the admin panel. It’s available to readers too.

      You messed up? hahah! Most of us are messing up every single minute so you are not alone

  39. Hello, I found some vey interesting info over here. I’m going to install ReplyMe plugin soon. But I think there is a need of moderating every comment to avoid mess on blog. Too much spam isn’t a good thing for my blog 😉

    • Hi Luke,
      You know sometimes we have trusted readers and commentator. For example, I don’t need to moderate Ileane’s comment on my blog. What I have to do is reply. Moderating comments takes time especially if you are having hundreds of them.

      If you grab commentluv premium, you’ll get replyme automatically 😉

    • Hey Kabenlah,
      Thanks for the comment though it’s quite deep inside. Just sign up to Ileane’s list so you get alerted as soon as a new post goes live. That’s the best way to catch up

  40. You know what Enstine, as mad as it sounds, I’ve never considered option 6, picking a random commentator to reward each month is an awesome idea. It’s simple and yet, it’s something that might work on my blog. Perhaps with an article about them.

  41. This is the second time today that I have read about CommentLuv. Now I’ll go and check it! Thank you for the great tips!~

  42. This is my first time hearing of comment luv. Right now I use livefyre and I really like it. I’m not sure if there are notifications for replies so I’ll have to check on it. In general I’ve found most of my commenting is happening on Facebook when I repost articles. I haven’t put any focus on driving commenting on my blog so this has kinda opened my eyes up to an area of opportunity. Thx

    • Hey Trudy,
      Good to see you here today.
      I have not used livefyre before so absolutely I can’t say anything about it. Meanwhile, I think you should give commentluv a try. Both Commentluv and Facebook comment can work together.In that case, your readers will have to make a choice but I can assure you, commentluv will be the winner 😉

  43. As a newbie to this business i am simply looking for good tips and this is a very good start and will help me in defining what i do and when i do it for my business. I like the approach and will be keeping tabs on the blogtips

    keep up the good work

  44. Hey Karen,
    Good to see you around today.
    Haha! That doesn’t sound mad to me. We learn new little things everyday.
    Now, go do that and let me know how it works for you

    How are you getting set for the weekend?

  45. Blog commenting is one of the most effective ways to know if your blog is giving an impact to the readers. I’d say commentluv is the best plugin I’ve ever used.

  46. Rajkumar Jonnala

    converting blog commenting as a discussion board is really a great idea. i love this idea and i have heard about comment luv in many blogs and it has become most popular

  47. Hi Enstine,
    I see you everywhere I go on the blogosphere. I like the last point about giving a rerard to the greatest commentator. I had not read that before. What kind of rewards do you give?

    • Hey Jennifer,
      Thanks for the comment and hope you are having a splendid weekend
      I’m sure you will start seeing me on your blog often too 😉
      Thanks for the mention

  48. Blog commenting is good way to communicate and build relations with other bloggers as well as visitors and discussion is very important in blog commenting ,,
    and i want to just say that this Post is great and informative with very brilliant ideas

  49. Hi Enstine,
    This may seem like a strange question, but I have been pondering it for awhile. (Somewhat of a new blogger) When people comment on my blog, I usually respond to their comment thru my Dashboard in I was wondering do the commenter receive my reply? I ask this because I very rarely get a reply back from a blog that I have commented on, but I know they replied because when I revisit their site there is a reply under my comment. I have some regular visitors to my site so we comment regularly on each others’ site. Should I be responding in the email that I receive notifying me of their comment? I noticed that one of the replies that I did receive that the person was using Intense Debate. Is that why I received that reply to my comment on that blog? Hope you can answer a couple of these questions. Just want to make sure that people are receiving the replies that I post to their comments. Perhaps, I was suppose to check a box as noted below. Another thought…

    • Sue Neal

      Hi Sharon – I was confused about this at first too – unless you have some kind of ReplyMe plugin, your visitors won’t receive notification of your reply via email. They’ll only find out by visiting your blog to check. I did a post about this recently (CommentLuv link below) because I do think bloggers should try to find a way to notify readers of their replies – most people won’t have the time to keep going back to blogs to look for replies to their comments.

      Intense Debate is a third party commenting system like LiveFyre or Disqus, which include systems for notifying people of replies (though you can opt out of this if you register for the service and modify your settings) – the problem with these systems is that a lot of people dislike them because you often need to register and log in before you comment, which can be a hassle.

      Hope that makes sense :)


    • Hi Sharon,
      I’m glad Sue came ahead and shot a reply 😉
      You need some replyMe plugin to get that done on your blog. I’ll always recommend CommentLuv Premium. It has a lot in one package.

      Let me know what you think

  50. Enstine
    You mention the “reply me” in the latest version of CommentLuv. Am I missing something I wonder as I have the latest premium version and can’t seem to find anything related to “reply me”.
    It’s probably just me .. I’ll have another good look around to see what I can find.

    • Hi Karen – if you have the premium version it’s definitely there – there’s a whole ReplyMe section in the CommentLuv settings in your dashboard.


    • Hi Karen,
      Do check again and let me know if all is ok. Also check to make sure you have the latest premium version.

      Waiting to hear back from you

  51. I am also want that can you explore that what kind of rewards will be provided to us . Last point is really interesting and new for me. SO I want to learn more about that

    • Hey Abdul,
      There are tons of things you can give out to encourage your readers. If you have a product, you can give out a copy. I’m also thinking of some cash, plugin, theme, gift cards, etc. The list is endless 😉

  52. A new thing I learnt about com luv premium recently is that you must be on the page for at least 60 seconds before commenting, this ensures your commenters have actually read the article that you took so much time to create for them!
    I didn’t notice this as I always read the article I’m about to comment on – obviously some don’t!

    • Hey Lisa,
      It’s often not a good idea to just scroll down to the comment section without reading the article. That’s bad for those who practice it.

      In commentluv, I think it’s an option to set the number of seconds. I’ll need to double-check to be sure though. However, I think I did that when I got my copy setup.

      Hope you are having a splendid weekend

  53. Hi Enstine – great post. I particularly like your suggestion for recommending other articles in your replies to comments, also finding some way to reward people who comment regularly on your blog.

    Many thanks – an excellent share,


    • Hey Sue,
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the replies you left.

      I hope you are doing well. I have seen a couple of new interesting articles on your site I have not engaged with. I have been busy with my new platform but sure will be back actively in the community this week.

      Hope you are having a splendid weekend

  54. Hope you’ve summed up all the points.

    Yeah, I know the power of blog commenting and I wrote a guest post related to blog commenting in a good PR blog.

    Now, I learned a lot on how to convert the commenting section into an useful discussion board.

    Thanks for writing the great tips Enstine sir!

  55. Thanks for the tips. I just installed the commentluv plug in on all my blogs. I’ll implement other tips as well. Hopefully, I’ll start getting more comments.

    • Hey bro,
      That’s a good step. I remember when I first did. I started getting comments as soon as I got it setup. Be sure to grab the premium version

  56. Hi Enstine
    It was nice reading, yes commentluv is one of the best tool to keep engage the readers in our blog. and reply-me plugin is really awesome :)

  57. I really enjoyed this post. The majority of comments on my blog and I do mean the MAJORITY are spam so I don’t even let them fly. But this post gave me some good ideas on how to eliminate that and what I need to do when I actually get some real comments. Thanks for sharing this!

  58. Tim Shirley

    Hi there Enstine,

    My blog is brand new and I am using CommentLuv and hope to one day get the same amount of comments and engagement you yourself are getting.

    Thanks for taking the time to post and I plan on using several of your tips especially –

    3.Converse and ask questions in your replies
    4.Recommend some other articles in your replies

    Can’t wait to give them a try!

  59. Hey EM,

    This is some great information and just be seeing all the comments it’s coming from someone that backs up with what they write about. It’s exciting to see so many blog comments here.

    I heard one blogger do this, rewarded each blog commenter by giving them a thank you post and offering a free backlink for each person who commented on the blog for that month.

    Another thing I have experience is the more you get out there and start leaving blog commenting the more people that are doing a lot of the blog commenting will follow and start checking out your blog and will leave a comment.

    Thanks again for this excellent blog commenting information,


    • Hi Eric,
      Good to see you here
      Yes, some bloggers are already rewarding their commentators big time. I’m soon doing that too 😉

      Commenting on other blogs is a powerful way to build relationships and pull traffic. In fact, it works so good.

      Hope you have a splendid week

  60. Hey Enstine,
    Nice post and Yes, Commentluv really helps to increase the number of comments and replying all the comments to our blog also helps to increase number of comments and also helps to make relations with our reader. Thanks for sharing this post.

  61. hello enstine
    awesome post in every aspect i must say. blog commenting can be a good way to discuss anything and it gives you loyal readers. if your comments are being converted into discussion then you are having followers who would ultimately become your customers

    • That’s right Prbhat.
      Good to read this your comment. Hope to see you here again and on my blog for more interractions

      Have a splendid week ahead

  62. I have implemented a 30 day deadline for comments before they are turned off on posts, I have done this to stop spammers because posts older than a month only seem to attract comments from spammers.

    Since I have implemented the 30-day deadline I have seen not only my blog comments increase but I have also seen a rise in people subscribing to my RSS feed, obviously in the hope of commenting on future posts of the same subject.

  63. Hi,

    I like your blog it is really important for every blogger. I like comment luv plugin. It is the best for blog commenting so I always used in it.

    Thanks for share with me!!

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    Please write …. how to create a Data base for site…..
    Many Thanks hope visit again!

  65. Well, you made me stop for a while and think. You say commentators hate things like : “Thanks for commenting” etc. On the one hand I can relate with this. After you read hundreds of comments you simply get annoyed by these formulas. On the other hand we need to be polite so how do we solve this problem?

  66. You have made some great points here Enstine. I was actually looking for a top commenters plugin, do you know of any?

    I would think that blog commenting would be the response to a good blog post in order to start a great conversation. This is another form of communication to start building a strong relationship with people in your niche. You can learn a lot from them as well as vice versa. Keeping it conversation will definitely build a strong community!

  67. yes Enstine,
    now-a-days many of the comments are there just stating “thanks for the information” or “nice share” or other blah blah…
    a comment in itself should be in a conversational tone imparting some knowledge to the readers of the article. It is because, many of the comment readers are quite hopeful that they might find some other knowledge regarding the article below through the comments. But, they hardly find anything informative enough.