Power Twitter User In The Making

UPDATE: In May 2011 Paper.li added new functionality to the platform. Get all the details in my post and video tutorial called Paper.li Lets You Control Your Twitter News Daily

Do you have what it takes to become a Power Twitter User overnight? First let’s look at what makes a Power Twitter User. You might be thinking the number of tweets, the number of users, you’re following or a custom Twitter background might do the trick, but no my friends, that’s not the answer.

It only takes a few minutes and a cool tool to put your illustrious tweets to work on your journey toward Twitter stardom. You can have your tweets adorned in stlye – magazine style that is! Check out the slick layout introduced to me by DragonBlogger on his “Bloggers daily as shared by 44 people on DragonBlogger’s Twitter list

Paper.li Daily of DragonBlogger

Paper.li Gives You Live Tweet Streams and Media

Paper.li makes it easy to see more than 140 characters of the tweets from your favorite Power Twitter User’s Twitter list in newspaper style format. You can display your own list or a #hashtag. Scroll a little further down the page and find two of my favorite sections of the “Daily”; the scrolling LIVE TWEET STREAM and the MEDIA area houses the video content.

Paper.li Tutorial

Since you can create a Paper.li display for any user, Twitter list or #hashtag it’s time for you to become the next Power Twitter User on the block. Watch how quickly you can create  a “Daily Paper.li” of your own in this screencast from Demogirl

Paper.li will update every 24 hours and you can schedule it to tweet an announcement when a new one is ready. A few drawbacks to Paper.li is that it isn’t an exact science and you can’t change the update schedule. If you don’t think your Paper.li is shining the spotlight on enough Power Twitter User-ness, you can click Alert me on the Paper.li I created for my BloggerLuv or Trailblazers Twitter lists.

Paper.li Alerts Tutorial

Get Paper.li Alerts

The other drawback to Paper.li that you can’t change the 24 hour update interval. The Daily I created from my BloggerLuv Twitter list was started in the evening but I wish it would update at around 6:30 or 7 am. The beauty of this is I can remove the announcement feature and send the tweet manually or schedule it with HootSuite using either the Ow.ly or Ht.ly link shortener tool (or another Twitter client).

Create a Paper.li and share your link with us in the comments.

You go! You Power-Twitter-User you!

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  1. Kissie

    Nah, I won’t be creating one … I’ll just enjoy your work and the whatever else the others do.

    Do you think we all need to have one? So, is it like our individual Facebook pages? Did you see McNabb and those ‘skins tonight? What’s up with that?!

    • Hey Kissie, I created a new one Paper.li today that you should read it’s called Trailblazers Great way to get an in depth look at trending topics and social media news.

      Btw – I went to sleep on the Eagles game. Did they win?

      • Kissie

        Yeah, they won. I’m currently (Saturday afternoon) watching the game now on NFL Access. Love it!

        McNabb had a great game too. :-( I hate that he’s gone! Oh well, I’m hoping they utilize Vick’s talents … he had two turnovers thus far but he definitely has his legs back!

        Now, I look at the paper. 😉

    • Will

      Hi ileane,

      Trailblazers Daily looks good – but like Wayne I think that maybe my head would explode. Maybe later ! In the meantime, I’ve added you ( & Wayne & Kissie – of course) to the Noaspa 2.0 page for all your brilliant support as the campaign starts to get going

      All the best


      • Hi Will, thanks! Put all of your Noaspa related twitter accounts into a Twitter list and I’ll set up the “daily” for you. It adds more interest if you include people that include videos or images in their tweets – and be sure to put yourself on the list!! I think this will be a great way to showcase your cause.

  2. Wow I am going to have to take a look at this one more focused then I am now. I am sure I will be back to reread this post and study up on it, thanks for the info!

    • Hi Jenny, I think you’ll like this. It’s so easy to do I see a few BloggerLuv members registering for Paper.li after seeing this. Let me give you an idea how easy it is. Do you have a Twitter List? If not, try using the #bloggerluv hashtag. Now here’s the steps.

      1.Sign up
      2.Confirm your Twitter account
      3. Enter your #Hashtag, Twitter list, or Twitter user
      4. Done!

  3. As soon as I saw your Tweet about, I ran over there and I loved it. Loved it that I created one myself but for some reason, I screwed up somewhere and did not do it right. I guess by the way you are telling us here is that it is possible to have more than one paper.li daily, right? The video made it simpler.. Thanks

    • Kissie

      Hey, that means I can do it for my “vegan” friends and those who “encourage” me daily! You are the best! I better be on all of those same lists Ditesco is on too!

      • Ummm, ummm. Yup now you are!! (just kidding)
        Thanks for your support and yes you can also go to Listorious to find popular Twitter lists. And don’t forget you can use the #Hashtag “vegan” if you want.

        • Kissie

          Yes, I did it! I created 3 and the people included appreciated it.

          Did you get the message about the person who need Intense Debate help? Please, please. :-)

          Found anything re: the comments’ errors?


    • OMG, I’m on all of your Twitter list! That’s great and thanks for that. Just be sure to have Kissie on all those list too so we can see what she’s up to, lol. Thanks Ileane, I’ll give it a go. If I run into some problems I will definitely knock on your door.

  4. Dennis Edell

    My first read here – totally confused by the post and my first comment gave me errors and erased….can’t be a good sign. lol

    • Kissie

      Ileane, I got that error message too but it kept my comments so I disregarded it… that was yesterday and it’s happening on other sites. I will share a screen shot with you, the next time I get it. (That’s if I get it.)

    • Hi Dennis,
      First let me welcome you to Basic Blog Tips!
      I rescued your comment from the spam folder.
      Have you had a look at any of the Paper.li Daily’s that I linked to in the post? I’d be more than happy to give you a hand if you need help setting one up. They are really very easy to set up. Let me know what you think after you’ve had a look.

      • Thanks for the welcome!

        I did look, but it seems I must go back again when I’m not so distracted with other things.

        Thanks for the offer of help, I may just take you up on that. 😉

  5. Thanks for showcasing my experiment with Paper.li, I was referred to it from finding out I was listed on someone elses and I liked the idea. I will often find interesting articles to read from my Twitter newspaper when I didn’t see the Tweet go out live on Twitter.

    • Hey Justin, I agree. Also, the Media section makes it real easy to watch videos that I probably would never click on when I see the tweet. I wish we could have more control over some features, but for now I’ll take what I can get. Thanks for introducing me to Paper.li

      • Kissie

        Yes, ditto!

        Thank you both!

        And, Ileane, I know once they do where to turn for lessons/tutorials. 😉

  6. Ileane,

    That’s a cool tool and will be something I’ll table for later. Just too much on my plate right now.

    You’re so awesome.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my site, Ileane. I’m not ready for this, yet, but I’m going to use Twitter for all it’s worth. I’ll follow your work and learn more.

    • Hi Fred, welcome to Basic Blog Tips! Check out some of the other posts, I’m sure you’ll find something you can implement on your blog. Or you can suggest a topic anytime.


  8. Hi Ileane,

    It looks great, I’m really loving how clean it looks. I don’t like a lot of clutter. Eventually, I’ll use it with my Twitter followers, I’m always looking for ways to give back. I retweet, but this is a great way to put information in one spot. At times, it can be tough keeping up with twitter activity.

    • Hi Opal, giving back is another huge benefit of creating a Paper.li That is another reason I wish I had more control over what get’s added but you can always create a small Twitter list that way everyone should get included. Thanks.

  9. Kim


    Sent you email. Could not find the post that had comment you need help on. Heading to bed. Will help out tomorrow between meetings. I can’t link anything without huge effort on Ipad anyway.

  10. Hi Ileane,

    While I certainly enjoyed the two Dailies (DragonBlogger’s and yours) enough to create my own, the jury is still out on how useful this actually is.
    It seems every widget, website and profile allows the tweetstream to tinkle all over our toes. Given that Twitter is sometimes woefully behind in updates, these newspapers may just be a vanity flash in the pan.

    My question that I ask before adding new stuff is this: Will it be strictly for fun or will it contribute to my overall social media strategy? If I can’t figure out how to use this Paper.li effectively, I fear it will got the way of my peel-ads. LOL



    P.S. Go Iggles!

    • Hey Mitch, I love that it Paper.li shows me a preview of the post (along with the graphics) and that gives me a much better idea if I actually want to read it or not. Let me know if you ever generate one. Thanks!

      • Hi Ileane,

        You make a good point about previewing posts, though I think Feedly would be more timely and more capable of being fine-tuned.

        One idea that might work for me is a “clubhouse” newsletter format. If I used a tightly focused list of, say, ten people who tweet about Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe, the Daily paper would be highly readable and perhaps actionable.

        I did create a paper the same day you tweeted about yours :)
        The name is Anklebuster.



          • This is what I love about you, Ileane. You see the positive in just about everything :)

            Thanks for sharing that delightful image from my paper.
            You have helped me categorize Paper.li a little better:
            it IS fun and, it just might give Feedly a bit of competition for MY short attention span.

            Both aggregators do one thing well: pique interest.
            Paper.li has a more logical layout, which makes it more pleasing to read.

            Subliminally, Paper.li may be more enjoyable because we feel more connected to the contributors than we may with Feedly…



  11. I have been intrigued with Paper.li since I usually see you tweeting about it, or posting about it somewhere. I’m have not used Twitter to its full potential with any stretch of the imagination, and I’ll have to change that. As I start to become more active, I’ll have to look at Paper.li more closely.

    • Hey Paul, don’t forget you can start a Paper.li from a #hashtag too, so just pick you favorite one and go for it. If you don’t like the results there’s no need to share it on social networks. Just use it to help you discover interesting articles using the #hashtag.

  12. Ileane,

    I saw Justin’s Tweet about this tool. I haven’t messed with yet, but I was trying to figure out if I wanted to use this tool. Thanks for sharing, I think I will be setting one up very soon.

  13. This is neat. :-) Good for Twitter management while also, can be a good tool associating with #FF too, I believe. So many ideas popped in but do need to take time in exploring though. How do you find it so far, Ileane? Any do’s and don’ts so far we should know about? :)

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Hi Ching Ya! Paper.li is really becoming a hot item and I pleased with the results. For me the biggest draw back is control but I think others would want to see an ad revenue sharing benefit. I hope I’m on your list when you set it up 😉 Thanks for your feedback.

      • I love it and decided I won’t always “publish” my papers for others so it won’t become overwhelming but it is excellent for me to catch up or not miss items that really interest me.

        I have so many Twitter lists and a lot of them aren’t bloggers so when they see the Vegan paper or the (what I call) Encourgers (spiritual), they love it and can most likely benefit.

        What a great find! I didn’t notice DraggonBlogger’s until I saw the one you published. It’s good to be in on something … early. 😉

        Glad you’re on my team! You make it so easy for me. :-)

        • Kissie, I found out yesterday that it was actually Donna Fontenot who introduced Dragon Blogger to the Paper.li site. Ironically when I saw her tweet about a Paper.li I thought it was the other way around :) Hey, I’m just glad we’re all sharing the info with each other.

          I set one up for the Academic Outreach program at work, I think this will knock their socks off!

  14. Red Flag alert:

    ” …I think others would want to see an ad revenue sharing benefit.”

    That way lies the path to splogdom. Unless there is a way for Twitter users to opt-in to your Daily, my Daily and/or the Paper.li app, there could be some backlash. (Google bitacle.org)

    I wasn’t going to bring this up until the topic presented itself. I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m raining on the parade – considering I just embraced Paper.li above :). I’m just saying, monetizing the tweetstream is a slippery slope.



    • Mitch, I need to hear more of you thoughts on this. I’m not sure how this works but when I spoke to Eric the developer from Twylah about the possibility of revenue sharing I don’t think he was too receptive of the idea. If you checked out Twylah yet? It isn’t catching on a quickly as Paper.li (not in my Twitter stream anyway) but it’s another way to aggregate your stream.

      • Hi Ileane,

        I checked out Twylah. Thanks for pointing it out.
        As for aggregation abuse, RSS feed technology offers users that Peter Parker Platitude: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

        I come from a background of opportunity chasing, and have had the dubious pleasure of knowing several “gurus” personally. While I would never impugn the moral characters, these tech-savvy people were clearly employing black-hat methods to create thousands of automated blogs and scraper sites. (I was offered the technology on the QT and to be quite honest, at the time, I didn’t think it was wrong. I took one look at the PHP and gave up, LOL).

        Over the years, as I read more about copyright infringement and the impact of RSS feeds on the redistribution of content, it dawned on me – with horror – how close I had been to the underbelly of the beast. The key area of confusion, I believe, is the misunderstanding between excerpting in context and wholesale swiping of content.

        Indeed, the purveyors of RSS technology are partly to blame. Marvelous feed readers of yore, including CARP and FeedDemon (the latter of which was acquired by NewsGator), touted their ability to process raw feeds and churn out beautifully styled documents in HTML. Whether these authors disclaimed the ability to scrape sites or not, I don’t recall. However, a non-technical person could hardly be expected to make the leap from data transformation to copyright infringement. And, boy, did the software make it easy!

        I understand better now, that scrapers such as bitacle unfairly profit from the hard work of original content producers.

        Twitter streams contain links to content.
        Monetizing that stream, well, seems to me that it would be unfair.
        Since the current incarnation of Twitter does not provide opt-in or opt-out, you don’t have a choice in what happens to the links.



        • Mitch, thanks for the insights. But I admit that I’m somewhat confused. Do you think that services like Paper.li and Twylah (and a long list of others) might be in violation of Twitter’s TOS?

          • Ileane, the way I understand things, as long as the two sites (and other Twitter aggregators) are merely providing editorial service, they should be fine.

            Keep in mind, this isn’t about Twitter’s TOS. It’s all about profiting from the content originators.

            Think of it this way: I could create a website with IFrames and target BasicBlogTips.com. Then, I could slap up some AdSense and drive traffic to this website – doing the usual stuff and maybe some black hat. Every dime I make from that website is a smack in your face.

            Now, the technology may be different, but having access to other people’s content and automatically posting it to your own is walking a thin ethical line.

            Another thing I wish to point out is this: Paper.li is using some kind of mashup. The content is not simply reformatting Twitter’s output; it is based on following links and pulling in content such as video, images and excerpts (perhaps from each website’s RSS feed).

            That’s why this goes beyond Twitter.
            I think a test of tolerance for these aggregators will be made if content from sites like newspapers and ESPN.com start showing up :)



          • Mitch, great insights. I’ll keep my eyes open and let you know if this issue surfaces. I doubt that any of these services have any plans to open up revenue sharing as part of their business model, but it would certainly help services like Twylah, which is more like a “blog” of your stream, penetrate the market. Right now I think people are quite content with the functionality of Tweetdeck and Hootsuite and without an incentive like revenue sharing Twylah might not survive. Thanks for your contributions to the discussion.

          • Mitch, I just noticed this. Two more comments from you will put you in the #2 spot on the commentators gravatar widget. #imjustsaying

  15. Patricia

    Hi Ileane
    Come over to your site from BloggerLuv. What a great community they are. New to blogging so the techie stuff scares me a bit! Have Power Twitter and seem to be getting some good followers so will be happy with that for the moment. I think like a lot of newbies just starting out; it can be a case of information overload. Will check out your other posts as they look interesting too.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  16. Thanks for the heads up on the tool, Ileane. I agree with some previous comments though: I won’t be using it any time soon.

    I barely have enough time to check my Twitter stream; going into more details with it is just not an option.

    Have you created your stream yet?

    Ana Hoffman

    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  17. Really indepth look at these resources Ileane, thank you!
    I remember seeing DragonBloggers page and wondering how it was done. There you go then.

    Came over from Abisheks latest post where he named his top 13 bloggers, congrats on that.

  18. Hi Ileane I have noticed my twitter name appearing in mentions with articles I have tweeted. Seems a really good way to keep your profile high, but makes you think more about your tweets and how they will be relevant to your clients. Grant

    • Hey Grant, Paper.li has a pretty good algorithm that pushes the best stories to the top, so if you’re tweets are being used you must be doing something right! Thanks Grant.

  19. Hi Linda

    I had noticed some of the people I was following tweeting that their ‘daily’ was out and noticed my name in there sometimes. Going to have a go at setting my own daily up. Thanks for the advise. Grant

  20. I love my paper.li daily! It collects all the links that people have tweeted and creates a nice format for me to peruse at my convenience. Sometimes, just reading the headlines helps me to feel up to date. I like it because I feel like I’m not missing anything. Plus, it runs on auto-pilot. Really cool stuff.

    • Hey Cheryl, you’re officially a Power Twitter user! :) Please come back and share links to your favorite Paper.li – I’m sure everyone would love to check it out. Thanks for commenting Cheryl.

  21. Hi Ileane,
    Paper.li is a really cool tool to read more than 140 characters of your favorite twitter users, and schedule the tweets. It provide a combined features of “twitter list” and Hootsuite. Tweeter feed is also a great tool for scheduling your tweets or updates, whenever there is a update on your blog it’s just intimate all your follower regarding this.

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    This is the first visit on this blog and i found this blog is very much interesting…..thanks a lot for sharing this post with us.

  23. I tried creating a Paper.li report but didn’t like the pieces the paper picked up for me, which I wasn’t allowed to adjust the way I wished unless I paid a fee to the system. At this time I am included in a few papers, typically the more I post to Twitter increases my likelihood of being included somewhere.

    I have found many good articles by reading the paper but in all honesty I very rarely click the links to read them unless I am included somewhere as I want to see what post was picked up.

    • Hi there! What kind of adjustments were you trying to make to your Paper.li – I didn’t know they had a fee based version. You can remove stories and move them up to the top section, you can even remove users now too. Did you know about those changes?

      It sounds like you should check out Twylah instead. Twylah will feature only the tweets you send out. You can read about Twylah in a guest post done by Sharon Hurley Hall
      and you can check out the video I recorded