Don’t get Pinned for the Crime… Pinterest Images

The crime of not having an image that is lol.. As you already know, images are a great way to engage your readers. Images also help bring more attention to your blog posts. Let’s face it, everybody loves a good image, it makes you think. I don’t use images often but something has drastically changed on the internet that’s making me re-evaluate how I publish my blog posts and what images I’m using.

No Images on blog for Pinterest

You Need Images

With the popularity rise of Pinterest we are seeing more and more bloggers use the platform to socially share things they love on the internet. This means as bloggers we have to re-evaluate the use of images and more specifically the images we will be using.

The problem here is if you use no images, or if you have poor quality images no one will want to share your content, even if it’s top quality. People want their Boards to look good man, and if your image doesn’t look good, it’s not pinned! I share this article in my Facebook Tips Pinboard Group because it’s great content and has an amazing image.

No Images on this blog


I don’t use many sites for free images but one I like is Free Digital Photos. They offer free small sized images you can download and use on your blog. If you start adding images to your posts, nice ones, there’s a good chance people will Pin your content more often. I’ve also heard a lot of great things about Stock.XCHNG. I’m sure between the two of these websites you will fill your blog with awesome images in no time.


When you add images into your article you have many ways you can place them. You can wrap your images in text, align left, center and right. Just make sure you’re not being left out of the largest things since Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is going to be big guys so start adding some images into your posts and give the Pinners something to work with.

Integrating Pinterest

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, take a moment add the Pinterest Goodies to your site. You can add it along with your other great buttons such as Twitter, Blog Engage Facebook, Google + and more. This is another opportunity for you to drive traffic so don’t miss out. I’ve already started creating boards for specific content and if you add the Pinterest button I’ll be sure to pin your content as well.

Feedback and Discussions about Pinterest

I would like to know, after reading my article do you think you’re going to start adding images to more of your articles? Have you been using Pinterest? Do you care what the image looks like or do you just pin it without thinking twice? Make sure to follow me on Pinterest. Also will you be adding the button? I’m very curious to know.


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  1. Lisa

    Thanks Brian for those 2 sites. I had been using Microsoft’s free images and combos of them with text on my own Photoshop to create images for my blogs.

    But what are the ramifications of businesses repining others images? Don’t businesses want their images re-pinned to drive more traffic to their websites? I’m trying to understand this for our eCommerce sites.


    • Hi Lisa, your very welcome for the images sites. Free digitalis photo is what I suggest all our guest blogger use on blog engage and it’s also a great resource for personal blogs. What’s your thoughts on my post? Do you think not having an image or not having a nice image will affect the amount your content gets pinned?

      Regarding your e-commence site it will work amazing yes 100%. In fact it will work even better then the traditional blog because your going to have some nice picture of your products. This could be HUGE for retail.

  2. Lisa

    You have to have images on all posts for easier reading and nice images have a better shot of being pinned.

  3. Kimberly Gauthier, Adventures in Blogging

    Thanks for this great post, Brian. I’m a fan of Pinterest, but just recently starting using it to promote my blogs. One thing I have to keep reminding myself is that I can’t pin from Facebook, so I have to upload my images to my blog as well so that I can pin them.

    I’m going to check out those goodies you mentioned.

    • Hi Kimberly, I just added the Pin button to blog engage but now I have to some how make sure an image is available. I still haven’t figured how they search and find images. I’ve tried to submit an article yesterday that had a few and it didn’t find any… have fun with the goodies!

      • And I’m still stuck there. Pin button doesn’t find any image in my article. Kinda strange. Pinterest is playing.. huh?… let me try one more time.

  4. Brian, I’ve been using iStockPhoto for years. Small images are usually about a buck. Great quality, too. I also use BigStockPhoto sometimes.

    Pinterest? I still don’t get Twitter. We’ll seek if I ever get further than the signin. There are only so many hours in the day…

    • Hi Alison nice new Gravatar, this is how long it’s been since I’ve seen you. I was over on your blog recently and enjoy your article a lot. I’ve never header of iStockPhoto maybe we can edit this article and add it. Alison, nobody gets twitter, just tweet and re tweet and you will be alright! Thanks for visiting :) Oh and hey if you join Pinterest you can add all the images from when building your home!

  5. Images makes the whole idea about the content so we have to choose nice images for attracting people. And title plays important role, it must be eye catching.
    Thanks for sharing it……….

    • Your very welcome Prakash, are you currently using the Pinterest site to follow friend and build traffic? How do you find it so far? i find anyone with a lot of images seems to be bringing up load time issues…

      • Hello Brian I don’t get any traffic from there. But I liked it so I used it. I f you have any idea what’s the reason behind it……

  6. When Pinterest gain massive exposure, their system seems to have lapses and can’t cope with the heavy flow. I always end up hanging on the login page ;(

  7. Chezzianne

    Hi Brian…Thank you for the tips you have provided to the readers and it is already a trend today that pinterest is a great tool…

    • Hi Chezzianne your very welcome, in fact I love basic blog tips and it’s my pleasure to come here and share what I learn. I love Ileane she’s always been so nice to me so this is my pleasure I think you for reading and hanging out with us.

  8. At first I really don’t know what is this Pinterest then as I have read your post it provided me good information about this new social media site. I have to admit this is a good article that allows us to know what is the benefit using Pinterest images.

  9. I recently pinned an image I took in Florence to my blog and pinned it and tweeted it. Within 20 minutes or so I received a Snarky comment about Americans not knowing where Florence was as the reason I had to write Florence, Italy on the picture. Interesting experiment?

    • Interesting and rude I may say so myself. Who would say something like that? Anyways don’t let that keep you from using Pinterest. It’s still a cool website.

  10. I think Pinterest is more towards on a picture speaks a thousand words kinda concept. You’ll need something really catchy.

  11. I have not signed up for Pinterest yet. I should with all the images snapped over the past few summers of our lawn care work. This site seems to cover every subject known to man and I could see no reason why you would not join. Especially the traffic factor. I think someone mentioned it was “To Girly” in another post I read somewhere. They may be true, but I still believe you need to be where the conversation is taken place. Thanks Brian

    • Hi Bryan, I’m not sure how a site can be “too girly” LMAO but I do know it’s fun to use and I suggest you give it a try for sure!

      • I signed up, but still have not received any notification of acceptance. Maybe they know I am going to splatter photos of LAWN MOWING or SNOW PLOWING all over the site…lol I do not know what the deal is though, I recall signing up awhile ago too.

  12. Oh, the link to this free digital photo source is very much appreciated, it is soooooo difficult to find a good image that is for free. I am still not getting Pinterest too well, but I’ll look into this too…

    • Hi Emily your very welcome it’s my fav when it comes to getting images we can use for free. have fun and enjoy using it. Images say a thousand words we all know that.

  13. Great post Brian!

    Yes indeed, Pinterest IS addictive – especially because we tend to really get lost seeing such wonderful images all the time!!

    You are quite right about adding images to your posts, as they do make the blog posts more lively and attracts our attention instantly. I really can’t think about adding a post without any image :)

    And yes, I use both the sites you mentioned, and also another free site to add to your list of free ones :)

    We are already connected on Pinterest, and I think it sure is doing wonders for making great connections as well.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • HI Harleena thanks so much for adding another free image site I’ve saved it to my fav’s you can never have enough of these resources. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that’s becoming addicted HAHA.

  14. It is an interesting site, but not as exciting as people are making it out to be. I joined basically so I could promote some of my hubs and articles.

    • Hi Sheila yes it’s a great resource. Interesting how your going to promote your hobs and articles. Do you have any plans on sharing other content or just a place to share your own?

  15. I have been on Pinterest but not very often and like I mentioned on Twitter; not for the past two weeks! But yes, I wouldn’t underestimate the power of visual attraction. I love how you highlight quality of images. People who are professionals with images and all might use this as a great opportunity to market their work or at least get it around!

    As for good images, again a tough task; only the good ones go around! :) But yes, doesn’t copyright issues come into picture on Pinterest? I mean people can be pinning just any random picture right; shouldn’t be at least aware of the credits?

    • bbrian017

      That’s a good questions Hajra. Where does the liability stand when random people once again start sharing images without giving credit. I really don’t know where the legalities stand there but I’m sure it’s going to come up.

  16. I agree. Its all about appearance at the end of the day. Appearance is what draws readers in before they even start reading the blog! Blogs without pictures tend to put me off them a bit because they just look plain!

    • Hi Harriet, thanks for the comment I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Interesting to know pictures mean so much to you. I’ve started adding pic to my articles as of yesterday now.

  17. Good post Brian. Its crazy how small print can impact large things.

    I think the best strategy is to create original content that maybe someone finds interesting.

    • Hi Jacko Creative content is always a great idea, we just have to know people will not always share on Pinterest, sometimes they just don’t have any interest.

  18. Sanjeev

    Hi Brian, Freedigitalphotos is one of my fav place to get images, their license ask for a link in case we download free version but that is fine, otherwise I use flickr to get some interesting images.
    Images defiantly add a flavor to the posts and with pin-interest it is becoming more important as they will become sole driver for traffic…

  19. I agree Brian, i love images and it gets my attention especially the DIY and home decors.
    But with great content it would attract a lot of visitors.

  20. Having beautiful images on blog certainly increases the chances of getting more “repins” and there is no doubt about it. I have recently created my account on Pinterest and I’m looking for some free resources where I can get free but quality images for my blog, and you’ve mentioned it in your post. Now I’ll use images on my blog as well and share it on Pinterest to get more exposure.

    • Hi Aaron yup it’s all about the images, in fact I bet people will share crap content even if the image is nice. People don’t care what’s underneath they just want to look good.

  21. Andrew Walker

    Hi there. Thanks a lot for sharing this. And about Pinterest, it’s definitely has started to become a new trend of imaging nowadays. Interesting thou to see how it’s going to grow later on.

  22. I’ve used Stock.XCHNG quite a lot, it’s got some amazing photographs and more on it, the trouble with Pinterest is that you could be unwillingly breaching someone’s copyrighted material by using a “Pinned” image on your blog, so make sure you only use free to share images or you have the photographers permission.

    • Hi Karen, is Stock.XCHNG the same as free digital images and require you to link back to the website? I guess it’s not to bad, small price to pay for using a great image!

  23. Mirana

    I really love to learn more to improve my webs.. You are such a great guide to achieve my goal with my web.. Thanks a lot! :)

    • Well Mirana if that is your goal then your at the right place. basic Blog tips is your #1 spot so please subscribe to the blog so you can see what articles are being published.

  24. Thanks for the free image resources Brian. I’m currently doing an online course on how to make something go viral and we are using unusual pictures with a funny caption so this will be useful for that!

  25. I add one image to my blog posts unless it’s a review article. I try to find articles that are clearly not trademarked or on sites that have been designated as having a directory of copyright free images.

    Then I ALWAYS pin my post and put a little caption under the image. So yes, pinning is awesome.

    Thanks for the post!

  26. Scarlett

    A very interesting and informative post. As a newbie to Pinterest, you have totally convinced me that it has a lot of benefits.

  27. I already use articles in my images but I’m definitely going to check out Pinterest. I’ve been pondering but I just haven’t done it.

    • Hi Marcie, thanks for the comment, if your already using the images then your rocking! People will have no problems sharing your article on Pinterest.

  28. Hello Brian,

    I don’t know how I missed this awesome post. Really, great post with buckets of useful information to get more out of Pinterest.

    And I’ve started creating HQ images myself, for my articles.

    • Hi Abhi Balani thanks for visiting and commenting, Man I’ve been so slammed moving my server I haven’t had time to even come and visit you guys commenting. I appreciate bud!

      • I’ve used Pinterest a few times to submit some articles…I’ve didn’t observed something amazing about it.It’s just another social bookmarking/media network…

  29. Hi
    I do agree, images makes a site. Website is much more a image than a text media. When I comes to images and Pinterest I’m a bit worried if you use images you don’t own/are the copy right owner of. If you use royalty free stock images you are not the owner and the one who pin your post on pinterest do wrong when it comes to included images. Pinterest is in my point of view a bit tricky as it encourage you as a user to pin things you find interested on Internet on the other hand their terms of use say you are only allowed to pin things you have copyright to.
    “You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all Member Content that you make available through the Site, Application and Services. Accordingly, you represent and warrant that: (i) you either are the sole and exclusive owner of all Member Content that you make available through the Site, Application and Services or you have all rights, licenses, consents and releases that are necessary”.

    Then you also give Pinterest the right to use all the images … you might not own

    If you pin other things it can be expensive. We will put up “share and follow” buttons but not include Pinternest after reading this :

    A pitty as we do like the Pinterest service but it might be to expensive

      • Pinterest is for promoting your stuff, have people to talk about it – not for back links

        User pin images they find on Internet
        Pinterest host the images – they get the primary link (and earn from the affilate if that is in use – they “redirect” the link)
        Link to the destination page for the images is Now Follow

    • Hey erik you make a great point man, so at the end of the day the user is responsible for the content but her that’s how it is on all these new social sites. Even blog engage, the user is responsible for the content not me. I place a warning in the footer of my website.

      • I think people who have a blog are more aware when they download things and then upload it to their blogs than people who “just pin” things are. I think people see pin like sharing a link on Twitter, Facebook … but it is not.

  30. Awesome info. I’ve been using Pinterest for a couple weeks but never thought of using it to promote my own blog. I get lost in all of those images. :)

  31. Hi Reetika , we were all noobs at one time, in fact think about it, even the pros are noobs when new things come out. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Please make sure to follow me on Pinterest.

  32. Katrine

    Sometimes, when there is a slowdown with the system, images can be lost in the process, and once that occurs, there is no way to add the photo later.

  33. hampton

    gaining hi res images to utilise is important…people like quality and simplicity
    placement is the next biggest thing to take care of…near a area of topic it has a relation to on the site or in correct area of heading can make your visitors like your site.

  34. We have started using Pinterest over the last few weeks and are monitoring the results. I am surprised at how quick this medium appeared and the sudden fame it achieved. (Unless, of course I’ve just been in the shower scene from Dallas!). anyway, time will tell, but all the indications are that Pinterest will become another part of online marketing strategies.

  35. John Auto

    i have just started using it too
    seems good so far
    the photo files mentioned in the article is a great thing to invest in, people like visuals

  36. I’m also amazed how quickly Pinterest has taken off but I think it’s the useability of the site and its graphic appeal and interface. It’s fun to play there, much like it’s fun to play with nicely designed interfaces on (most) Apple products. As for images, it is so important to select wisely to get some visual interest going.

  37. I really like how Pinterest is growing. It is important for start-up sites to have enough people be interested in what you are offering. But the hardest part of keeping your website or tool functioning is to keep them interested and realize it’s worth. Well, people today pretty much integrate anything they find in the internet into their daily lives, and Pinterest has made a worthy enough tool to keep people visiting.

  38. Nidhan

    Thanks Brian , this is really a very great post . I was also looking for the best free Photos . Thanks for suggesting Freedigitalphotos . Now I am using this Free Photos source with each of my blog post . It looks really great .