Guidelines To Get Repeat Traffic On Your Blog

Repeat traffic is very important to maintain a continuous smooth online business operation. This can be achieved by building a bond of trust with your readers. The correct way of growing your online business is by providing useful, authentic information that adds value. A visitor will visit your website again and again, only if he or she finds the content relevant to them and their goals.

This point is very crucial for those people who have just started their internet business. It is not an easy task for a new person to build up repeat traffic as he has to face a lot of competition. Repeat traffic is important for a successful business and here we are going to discuss some of the important guidelines which can actually help you to get repeat traffic.get repeat traffic to love your blog

Get Repeat Traffic With Regular Updates!

It is compulsory to update the website regularly. Many search engines do not crawl websites when they are not updated frequently. You can put the date on a blog post as it would be helpful readers to know that your blog is updated frequently.

Blogs that are rarely updated is one of the primary causes that lead bloggers to fail. Due to their work schedule they are not able to update it regularly, updating regularly doesn’t mean to update it daily.

I believe that updating 2-3 times a week is good for blogging niche sites, but tech sites need to be updated with 4-5 posts per day like Engadget and Mashable.

Stay Unique and Original

The content of the website should be original and new. Your regular readers will want to hear your take on the latest news and products available in your niche. Do your homework and research your posts so that you can provide valuable information and your own take on a given topic. Also, search engines give preferences to websites with original content and in turn you’ll see improved rankings.

Optimize Your Posts and Pages

Do we like to read books whose pages have not been organized properly? Of course not.

The same goes for a blog or website. Make sure that you label posts and pages properly and make it super easy for the visitor to navigate and find what they need. Keep down the clutter by limiting the menu choices and category headings.  This will help readers have a more pleasant experience and convert new visitors into repeat traffic for sure.

Do not forget to use keywords appropriately. Moreover the title of the website should contain the keyword as it is beneficial to visit the webpage in case the reader loses the bookmark. I recommend using WordPress plugins like SEO by Yoast or SEO Pressor.

Create an FAQ page

Do not forget to add an FAQ page. Always add all the necessary basic information here so that a reader can check it once again if required. This will drive repeat traffic because when a new visitor sees that they can find all the information in one place, they will keep coming back each time they need answers.

You can also add a “favorites” link on your homepage so that people can add a bookmark in their browser for your site. Label the link “Add to favorites”. It is useful to get the traffic.

One Last Tip for Getting Repeat Traffic!

Another most important thing is the creativity of offering a unique brand. Having unique brand adds value to your business. You can get targeted traffic and you can get the proper direction of your work. You can use a standard logo and various other tools like video marketing. It helps to create faith among your readers. We need to consider our website as a commodity if we want a successful business. A person likes to buy a thing if he has the need however it is not always easy to find such people.

Therefore we also need to generate the need.


My Name is Saad Naeem , currently doing Bachelors in Finance in Dubai and started blogging 6months ago but recently founded that i can make some pocket money by founding a tshirt printing company at T-Shirt Printing Dubai and keep my blog fresh with Affiliate Tips.


  1. While I’m certainly no expert on the matter, nor do I have any statistics to back this up, but from what I’ve observed, content, regular updates and social media marketing are essential to getting repeat traffic – aka. content marketing. For some niches, the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest can be very effective here.

  2. Irfan Siddiqui

    What I believe is write a nice unique article and once Google start to find it with certain keyword you will get targeted traffic. But, updating article is a nice habit to get repeated visitors.

    • yes Irfan I always like to go back and update by articles specially the seo ones because SEO has changed a lot since 2010 and articles have need to be updated.

  3. Good tips. I am surprised to know that some tech blogs are updating 4 to 5 times a day. Thats incredible. Also video marketing is the key and it will play a big role in the coming months for getting consistent and repeat traffic. FAQs page is a good idea, I don’t actually see that on many blogs but mainly on a site that is selling something but I suppose it could well work for a blog as well.

    • sites like Engadget (my favourite site) they have around 50 people working on the site and its gets updated 30-40 times in a day specially when there is a event by apple or google..

      Video blogging is fun , i havn’t seen a lot of bloggers going in to it but videos from ileane , raaj tram are pretty great. You should try it :)

  4. Hi Saad Naeem.
    Thanks for your tips, I want to ask to you about my blog. Is that good for my blog?, if all most article on my blog source from article directory, but I always summarize and put the name of Author and Author’s blog on my post.
    Thank you before.

    • Sorry to say but that is not alryt at all for any blog , in general you can always copy 20% from other blog post but give reference other wise google might ban you.

      I would suggest you to read 4-5 amazing posts and take out the best points and write them in your style. This is one way of creating a killer post everytime.

  5. Totally agree with you and the regular update is must for every blog but for now I am not updating my blog regularly. Are you?? I am going to check it. 😀

    • hehe , you can check mine i used to post around 16 in a month before but then I have reduced it to 10 a month and i spend other time communicating with other bloggers.

  6. I would add the point of writing some resource articles like I did on my blog 500 sites which accept guest posts. People come back looking for it every now and then

  7. I’m working on Step #1 — Writing Consistently.

    Brainstorming topic and spending a few hours creating an editorial calendar has really helped. Now, I’m not struggling every week trying to think of a topic!

    Once I get that down pat, I’m moving on to the other steps. :)


  8. Great tips! I especially feel that being original will help a lot. I find that a lot of blogs are just regurgitating the same thing that is already out there. I think you can talk about the same topic yet have your own opinions to make it unique and not doing so is just lazy blogging.

  9. In my blogging career, I realized that keeping our blog regularly is the important key for traffic (including organic traffic). Everything else like quality content and optimization are all a plus for more traffic :)

  10. It’s not possible for a ‘part-time’ blogger to post 4-5 articles per a day… but it’s important to post at least twice a week. Nice tips, Good article.

  11. Hi Saad,

    I love getting repeat traffic, they’re just like friends. As they’re visiting our blog, they can help improve our blog compare to getting new visitors. Ways you shared to get repeated traffic are great. But about me, a FAQ page isn’t neccessary as no one has asked any question so far and if we just come up with a FAQ page, it wouldn’t help readers either.

    Thanks – Follow me on Twitter@FerbHinlor

  12. Provide excellent value for your visitors and they will more than likely come back for more.

    Posting more often cannot hurt your blog and might give you some more benefits…

  13. Saad Naeem – Great Tips. Keep your good work.
    I am writing atleast 2 posts a week and another thing most of the people simply updating their blogs with copied content or useless stuff. It will never help you in long run. Do some research, find out the net result then publish your post. For example if you’re giving review for a particular part (Say Template, Software, Video Camera, Cell Phones and so on) first use that one for your own use then give a review of it. Most them copied reviews from others blog and simply change the words here and there and publish it. This is not the right way to do it. If you don’t know about the product or service then don’t give review. Because audience expects good things from you. Don’t give false reviews, false ideas, false statements.

  14. Vivek

    Adding LSI keywords, and most related terms suggested by Google suggest in the post can rank your single article for multiple keywords. I have used this method and it works like charm.

  15. Hi Saad,

    Nice post bro, all your points are great i want to add one more thing is email marketing and subscrbtion to readers this helps a lot to keep your readers to hold to your blogs on every update and yes for that 2 to 3 post in week should be there.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  16. I think it is important that you design your blog to better present your content while at the same time including options that make it easy for your readers to share it easy.

  17. Hey Saad!

    Repeat Traffic is one of the most important parts of the website success, just like the old customer coming to your shop. I always try different and different techniques to make my visitors engaged with my content and blog.

    In all the techniques, I like the providing latest content to readers as the best. What do you say? 😀

    • The problem with latest content is that it dies out soon , thats why I try to look for topics which are ever green and try to stay away from seo topics as SEO is changing time to time.

      Hamza , you are in tech blogging niche so for you its important to keep your blog uptodate with every new thing thats being invented. lol

  18. Aasma

    Hey Saad,

    You’re certainly right here, if you continuously want to receive repeat traffic then you have to produce fresh content on continuous basis plus you have to ensure the quality so that your readers want to read more on your blog.

  19. Apart from all the other tips, I liked this one: ‘Create and FAQ page’. Even my blog doesn’t have this page. I am soon going to have one for my blog. Thanks.

    • Yes this is something new , I have implemented on my business blog and for my clients. Trust me my clients receive a lot less emails about the same enquiry over and over again.

  20. You are spot on on this one. Repeat traffic is no easy feat specially if you are just in the beginning. It is actually even difficult for seasoned bloggers, let alone for those who are just taking their first steps. Your advice are all sound and perhaps, and as usual, the most important being “providing valuable information”. While I agree with you that fresh content and regular updates are important, nothing compares to “evergreen articles”. These are those that bring in regular traffic and search engines love too!

  21. Updating the blog every day (ideally) would make readers come back and also bring more visitors from search engines. From my point of view, a blog is a long-term commitment, if we want to attain success.

  22. Thank you Saad – I found this following a “10 must read blogs” type list as I’m just starting my own blog but hoping to keep it separate from my company site (which is a blog, in that it’s wordpress but not used as a blog if you get me..)

    Is it not exhausting coming up with something new to say every day? Some days I’ll just sit at home wearing sweatpants and watching TV – while that’s not often, it does happen :)

    Maybe if I offer advice on weddings or something – but just as myself, that way I can give advice on those off days – I was going to write humorous things that happen at weddings but then that might get me sued!

    Do you find yourself writing your posts always with a mind on what your readers would like, or just for yourself?

    • HA! thats a great idea , blogging is all about sharing your experience with other. This is what I do , if I learn new trick in blogging , WordPress , I put them on my blog if its a short story then I put it on my facebook page to engage users there.

      Glad to know you are setting up your own blog , if you need any help with it let me know.

  23. Wade Harman

    Getting repeat traffic is important to building a following and having faithful readers. These are all important guidelines to follow, good post!

  24. Wow Saad, you just gave me an idea; I didn’t have a FAQ page for my blog. I have it for other websites (retail) but not my own blog. Repeat traffic comes from having people subscribe too but it helps if you update at least a few times weekly :) Thanks for the tidbit here on the FAQ page.

  25. Another thing to try is to maintain an air of tension and momentum. For example, if you’re writing a standalone blog post, try to place it in the context of all the other stuff you’re working on – to raise an expectation in the reader of even better stuff on the way. Make it feel like part of a series, to give them a reason to come back tomorrow. Obviously this is easy when it *is* part of a series, so serializing a theme is a great technique for this.

    (If you look at the way expert bloggers finish their posts, it’s rarely in a nice neat little bow. There’s usually a plug for the next thing coming along).

    Another way to keep people coming back is to market your blog post as a work in progress – to keep updating it as you go, and to make it clear in advance that you’re going to add more resources to it as you find them. Blogs post aren’t static, like print. They can be built up over time. That’s a powerful way to encourage people to return.

  26. I think repeat traffic likes repeat buyers so that it’s very important. One of my favorite ways to get repeat traffic is updating articles on my blog :) That’s great way

  27. Amazing brother I’m really very happy by reading this article, actually i have blog toughly i tried to get the visitors to that blog that with high bounce rate. There are no repeated or return visitors to my blog i just got scared about it a lot. After reaching this article i got the chance and happiness in my heart so i can able to pic up my blog again … thanks a lot brother !

  28. Getting repeat traffic will increase your sales if you’re selling a product or providing any services. People come back to your site because they feel that you would provide them with the best solution for their problems.

    Repeat traffic will increase your website or blog conversion. So concentrating more on conversion rate optimization will increase your repeat traffic from my point of view.

    Thanks for the great post Naeem.


  29. I agree with all the mentioned tips here for getting traffic. Many people only concentrate on SEO , but there are other methods which can help to increase traffic more easily.

    Great post, thanks!

    • YES! SEO these days have become very since google panda and penguin are so its better to relax on link building activities and work more on getting social media and build your email list.

  30. My blog is very new so getting traffic to it is really difficult but i will follow your tips from now to get repeat traffic to my blog and will try my best so that i dont lose my readers. I will be also concentrating on SEO and optimize my posts well as you said and i just created a FAQ page also.

  31. Valuable tips. I have small idea to get repeat traffic. We can hold a contest about our main blog topic. we will have one post about rules, one post to list contestants and one list to announce the result. So, everyone will come back over and over.Thanks for your post!

  32. Stay content in unique and orginal is one of the best way to get traffic. This is one of the way to make differentiate your blog and your competitor.

    Beside get repeat traffic, original and unique content often get organic backlink from visitors. By getting organic backlink from many blogs, your blogs will get high position in SERP. Thanks for posting Saad

    • Welcome Werry , I think you missed building the list 😉 building a list in a right way can get you loads to direct traffic and increase engagements with your readers.

  33. I definitely agree that consistent content is a great factor in gaining repeat traffic!

    Personally, my number 1 source of repeat traffic is my email list. I could not publish for six months, but send my list to a great piece of content and get a ton of repeat traffic. On top of that, I can get a bunch of new traffic from old content if my subscribers share on social media.

    Thanks for the great tips!
    -Gabe Johansson

  34. Thank you for the great information. I never thought about creating a FAQ page for my blog, but I’m pretty sure my readers have questions and that would be a perfect way to provide answers. The favorites link is also a great idea, I add sites to my favorites all the time, so providing this to my readers I’m sure will definitely help with my repeat traffic. Thanks again!

  35. Hey,

    For the smooth running of business,traffic plays a great role.
    Thanks for the valuable tips and links.
    To be honest I don’t know too much about this.

    Mark Floors

  36. I am starting to realize the importance of having a publication schedule. It can be as something simple as “I’m posting 3 times a week” to getting an Excel Spreadsheet together with a Calendar and outline what you want to post when!

    As you get more and more content and then start adding Guest posts to your blog as well? I’d recommend getting the second option going! LOL!

    Oh, and you forgot one other method – your mailing list!

  37. Thanks Saad, Just directed to this article via a Twitter shout. So spreading the word about your any blog post is as important as the post itself.
    Thanks,,,, jimi.

  38. I frankly hadn’t thought about an FAQ for my own blog but, I’ll add one this week. Every little tip that you can pick up, helps your blog. Good content is a requirement but the little things that keep bring people back day after day are vital.

  39. yes totally agree with you. Updating your blog frequently will definitely increase a traffic for your blog.and blog optimization is also important as nobody will waste their time in searching deep in site.

  40. Repeat traffic is essential for everyone. I know that I for one love it, it lets you know that you are doing something right at least, or they wouldn’t be coming back for more. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  41. Thanks for sharing! Some time I feel like my blog is not easy to travel around and especially it don’t have FAQ page. Maybe I have to it once.

  42. the basic rule for getting the repetitive traffic is to write article in regular interval of time. by this your frequent visitors becomes your daily visitors…, :)

  43. Nice tips for the newbies like me, who want to grab a huge amount of traffic and in my point of view by working hard in the blog and updating regularly is enough for getting a repeat traffic.

  44. Great n simple tips. Yes, unique content with regular update is essential for every blog. Thanks for sharing your last tip. I didn’t have knowledge about it, but will try it in the future. Keep writing for newbies.

  45. Based on my experience in order to have repeated traffic is to optimize the post with the help of SEO. Also the topic should be timeless to received repeated topic.

  46. Thank Saad Naeem for this valuable post. I’m surprised to realize that some learning blogs are updating 3-5 times per day. I asure that anyone can success on their blog if he or she follow this topic. I agree with you and it’s true regular update must increase repeat traffic on my blog.

  47. Sai Kumar

    Hi Saad Naeem, Repeat traffic is very important to run a blog successfully. Updating our blog regularly with unique and great content increases repeat traffic, BTW Great Tips bro. Thanks a lot for Sharing :)

  48. I agree with you Saad, In the last lines you talked about branding in last few months of my blogging I actually understood the meaning of this name.
    A brand is not what people talk about in your presence it is what they say about you behind your back. and we all are aware of the fact that in the online world what sells is your brand not your services or products.

  49. Regular updates is really the best and mostly simplest way to get repeat traffic.

    Also writing posts on hot topics, can really attract more people to your blog.

    Nice tips Saad, thanks for post.

  50. I just added a faq page yesterday. It’s already driving (or pulling) traffic to my prepper site. I’m using my google search queries to design the questions I need to answer there.

  51. Saad, all your tips are simple and practical; no lofty dream lies in it; right now an idea came into my mind to write over the topic “bloggers don’t dream; they simply believe in reality”. Thanks for giving me a unique idea to write a post.

  52. Hey Saad,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these important tips with us. Yes, for repeat traffic we have to update our blog regularly and also have to reply every comment came to our blog because it helps to make good relations with them.