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How To Embed YouTube Videos and Podcasts To Keep Readers on Your Blog

It’s no secret that you can embed videos from YouTube on your WordPress blog to keep readers on the page longer and to add interest and variety to your blog. You can also add attractive, eye-catching images to help set the mood or tone of your post and instantly grab the attention of anyone who visits your blog as well as those who find it when it’s shared on Facebook or Google+.

Using multimedia like YouTube videos, audio podcasts  and SlideShare presentations are fantastic tools to promote your products or services and get your point across to your audience. Be creative and remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to embedding your own videos, you can embed videos and podcasts from other popular content creators as well. Feel free to embed any of my videos if you want!

Your readers will be delighted to find engaging content that gives them a break from reading and a reason to spend more time on your blog which in turn reduces your blog’s bounce rate. However, you might not know that now you can embed content from hundreds of different multimedia sites into your WordPress blog posts.

Embed Multimedia from hundreds of sites on your blog

But the question is, have you ever tried to embed YouTube videos in your WordPress blog posts but you weren’t really sure how to do it?

I’ve been there before myself, but don’t you worry. WordPress has made it simpler than ever to embed YouTube videos and images from Flickr by simply adding the unlinked URL in your post editor.  I’m going to show you how easy it is to do. For example, here’s a short list of the sites and services you’ll learn how to embed content from in the video below:Embed Multimedia in blog posts

Tutorial – How To Embed YouTube Videos, Podcasts and other Multimedia on a WordPress Blog

In this video I demonstrate 4 different methods for embedding multimedia into your blog posts. Three of these are exclusive to WordPress however there is one technique (using the embed code) that can be used on any type of blog or website including Blogger and Tumblr blogs.

Don’t worry this is very easy to do and I’ve already received feedback on the video, which you might notice from the comments on YouTube, that indicates the video is a pleasure to watch and listen to as well.

How To Embed YouTube Videos Three Ways

Btw – if YouTube is blocked in your country you can watch on Vimeo.

Resources from the video:

  • How to control the size of embedded videos and images from your WordPress dashboard
  • How to embed a YouTube video or Flickr image without using a plugin or embed code
  • How to find and install the embed code of a YouTube video
  • How to use the Viper’s Video Quicktags Plugin (YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Viddler – great for those of us who host guests authors!)
  • How to embed a podcast from MixCloud or AudioBoo
  • How to embed Storify in a blog post
  • How to use the plugin to embed content from over 200 multimedia services

I love to read blogs that contain embedded content from other sources because it keeps me interested in the topic at hand. I feel good when I find that someone has taken the time to prepare a recording of a video or audio podcast and added it to a post and it really does get my attention.

How about you? What plugins are you using to embed multimedia content on your blog?

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  1. You would be surprised at the amount of people who don’t know how to do this. I guess we all just have to realise that not everybody have the same level of understanding when it comes to this kind of thing. I know I often forget.

    Hopefully the methods you document in your video (I haven’t watched it yet) won’t include the option to auto start video clips when pages load. :)

    • Hi Dean, I don’t even mention that option in the video or that it even exists :) I don’t like when a video auto plays especially if it means I need to turn down the volume. Some people are using intros that are really loud and I go out of my way not to do that on my channel. Let me know what you think of the video when you get a chance. Thanks for your comment!

      • I agree with you Illene I think auto-playing videos is a mistake.

        I’m thinking about “pop-unders” with the sign up forms what do you think about those?

        Timed or on click? or none?

    • this is very true, Dean. It took me a long time to learn about the Internet and how search engines work as well as keeping website content fresh. And, learning about everything else on the Internet takes time also, as sometimes I had to reread stuff online over and over again in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of what the content was saying. Thank you for being down-to-earth :-)

    • Drewry


      how does one figure their YouTube channel where as the first video for the newest video starts playing automatically on their channel, and automatically plays the following videos, after the newest video is done playing?

  2. Since I do not have my own videos, whenever I embed a video in my blog, I do it from YouTube. By your video I got to know about plugin. Seems like a nice plugin. I have a question(its a bit off- topic though), if I upgrade to the latest WordPress version then does it affect the written posts?

    • No, it should not have any impact on already written post. the only known issue is with some plugins like popup domination which was not compatible to the latest version so if you are using it make sure to deactivate before upgrade.

      • Thanks Sanjeev for your reply to Shree.

        There are some cache plugins that cause a conflict when upgrading to a new version of WordPress. I would always be sure to back up my entire blog before I upgrade to a new version of WordPress or any major plugins. I use BackupBuddy for this and you can read about how it works here

        • Backupbuddy is really a great plugin and it makes backup and restore process really simple. I missed the backup point in my reply, its a way to go for any major update.

        • Thanks for you reply and for the article too Ileane. I do not have many plug-ins in my blog so there won’t be any conflict. What I need is a good backup of my blog and get going.

  3. Nice video, When I started, I also felt lost about it. WordPress 3.3 has made it bit simpler to add the video from the dashboard, a profit to be on the current version.

  4. Great information about embedding YouTube videos and podcasts on my blog. It will really help generate traffic to my blog. I didn’t know you could actually do that bit of embedding.

    I have had some previous experience doing some video editing but it looks like it will be a lot easier to do that as you showed how in youtube.

    One thing I do wonder about is if I am going to create videos for my personal blog and videos for my business blog should I then have 2 separate accounts?

    • Amrik, I don’t think you need to have two separate accounts on YouTube. As long as you don’t do something totally embarrassing on your personal videos. It’s fine to let people see the personal side of you sometimes. But if you plan to have more personal than business I would make two channels. Make sense? Thanks for your comment and that was a great question.

    • Hi Doug, if you have any questions about setting up your YouTube channel or recording video, just let me know. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. embedding YouTube videos into WordPress blog posts are always a good thing to do, because it helps site visitors to stay on your blog longer, as well is engaged in longevity. today, I’m using YouTube not only to help engage people on my site, but also for the search engine advantage. What I’m doing nowadays is including two links in the uniquely written you to be oh description back to specific web pages, so that I get the benefit from “internal search engine linking” to benefit my overall SEO efforts. I’m finding that this new method of using YouTube and posting YouTube videos on my site all working in helping my search engine optimization efforts to improve. Thank you so much for this thought provoking post, Ms. Ileane! (smile)



    • Job well done my friend! YouTube is a powerful platform and I’m glad you are taking advantage of it. Have you started using annotations on your videos yet? Check out the podcast I left a link to in CommentLuv when you get a chance.

  6. Awesome video tutorial Ileane, I will definitely put some of these into practice, the multi-media plugin sounds very interesting, thank you.

    • Hi Fabrizio, I know you will find many uses for since you are such a pro at using many form of multi-media for blog promotion. Keep me posted with your results.

  7. This is an excellent information I have read this day. We can consider this as one marketing strategies we can use for our online business. sometimes I use this in my Face-book account. really perfect I have to admit.

  8. Embedding a self made Video shows the dedication towards the blog ,and it also give feel to audiences that how dedicated you are towards the topic..
    Thanks for letting me know about the tools about video embedding ,I’ll surely give all of them a try..

  9. Hi Ileane,

    I agreed that’s embed videos on posts can keep visitors stay longer and I have two different ways to embed videos to WordPress Blog:

    1. Install Jetpack WordPress and embed video by: [videolinks].

    2. After you watched a video on YouTube and you want to embed it by clicking on the “Share” button underneath it and finally, click on “Embed” to copy the link.

    But I still really recommenced how you embed YouTube videos.


      • I haven’t used Jetpack lite, but Jetpack WordPress is All in One plugins which included Site Stats as well, that’s you can monitor the stats whoever’s coming to blog.

        Beside, you can either individually Deactivate or Activate plugin in Jetpack easily. USE IT, NOW!!

  10. Nice tips!
    I have a video in the index.html of my web site and it helps to increase the time that uses expend in my website.

    I will start putting vídeos in other pages too!

  11. I actually had trouble with this a while back so I can imagine a lot of people finding this hugely useful.

    Embedding videos and podcasts makes a page of content so much more enjoyable and interactive!

    • Hi Sam, I hope you are subscribed to my YouTube channel so you can catch all of my videos. Many times I will record a video for a guest post so you might miss it if you’re not subscribed. Thanks for your comment.

  12. I love using you to for video marketing and search engine optimization. And, with the recent humble accomplishment of becoming a YouTube partner today, I’m now more motivated to upload videos urgently every day to my YouTube video channels :-)

    • Drewry, did you make partner? Wow – just to be sure – when YouTube lets you monetize your videos, that is not the same as becoming partner. Most partners have over 1,000 subscribers. I had no idea you reached that many. Good for you! How did you do it?

      • on one YouTube channel I own, I have 344 subscribers. On another YouTube channel, I have a little bit over 20 subscribers, on my most recent YouTube channel, I have only three subscribers. I thought monetizing YouTube videos and the YouTube partnership were both the same thing. Now that you’ve clarified it, I’m only able to monetize my videos on all three channels that I have ads showing up on. What do you think I can do to drastically increase subscriber count on my video channel, besides regularly uploading videos? :-)

        • Drewry, I wish I knew the answer to that question….I asked Lisa, but as you know she already had a following before she even started building a tribe on YouTube so basically all she had to do was start uploading videos….LOL

  13. Well done on the 4 methods for embedding video on WP. I always having difficulties when embedding video(not from youtube) into WP. With the new version of click and drag method of importing pictures by WP, I wonder when will I be able to do that on video too :)

    • Kiki, If you want to upload videos the same way you do images I would be careful about the file sizes. One or two videos might not use up too many resources, but depending on the length and quality of the video – your hosting service might not be able to handle to drain on resources. But to answer your question, yes – you can drag video files but I don’t recommend it. :)

  14. Completed 20 minutes of cardio this morning on an empty stomach. Just finish chopping down sliced tofu seasoned in low-sodium breadcrumbs and mini chicken soft tacos. Looking forward to another 20 min. of cardio on the treadmill this afternoon, while the pounds continually come down, Richard Simmons style :-)

  15. Exhale. OK. I have an inbuilt phobia re technology so I know that is one limiting belief I have to overcome to grow. Ilene, thanks for this video. I listened and your voice is so calming and smoothing it made the learning more enjoyable and your instructions are very clear and well paced. My goal is to re-listen and use the info to include a video in next week’s post. Wish me luck and I will let you know how I get on. Take care and thx

    • Hi Ricardus, even many experienced bloggers are just hearing about the plugin for the first time. Even the Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin is getting more popular especially for those of us you have guest authors. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Without a doubt. Online videos are the future of marketers and advertisers. Online video will also be available on tv eventually. Video networking sites will continue to get bigger.

    • I have Verizon FiOS and I can watch YouTube on my TV right now! It’s so cool to sit back and watch my YouTube videos on the big screen. I feel like a star :)

  17. hopefully, I’ll be uploading a new YouTube video tomorrow to my YouTube video channel, and will gladly share with the basic blog tips audience :-)

  18. Perfect timing Ileane, I just created a YouTube channel recently for my blog and I started making videos to test the upload quality and how it will look.

    I was wondering how I’m going to embed these videos in posts and static pages, your video was very helpful, thanks again Ileane. :)

    • Hi Sayed!
      I’m excited to hear that you started a YouTube channel. Please be sure to let me know when the first video goes public so that I can subscribe. What software are you using to record the videos?
      Best wishes my friend!

      • Hey Ileane,
        I’m using Camtasia Studio 7 to record at 1920x1080P so it’s pure HD. I’m working on some videos right now that I’m going to launch soon with my new static site I made for the blog (almost finished with it :) ).

        I have 1 test video up right now, just to test the quality and to see how much quality loss happens when YouTube re-encodes the files upon upload.

        If you would like to take a look at it, the link for the test video is:

        When I choose 1080P from YouTube’s player the video is crystal clear in full-screen mode, not sure how it will look on other monitors with different resolutions though.

        Please let me know how it looks on your monitor, but choose 1080P and go full-screen mode for best results.

        Thanks Ileane. 😀

        • Congrats Sayed, it looks great! I love the music, where did you get your hand on that track?
          I’d like to suggest that you add some annotations so that people will know what the steps are that you are taking. I got a little lost myself on following along with the process.
          One more thing, be sure to add those links to your site and your social media profiles in the description of each video upload.

          • Thanks Ileane 😀

            Yup I’m planning on adding either annotations or I’ll just speak the steps taken, just need to get a good mic. The purpose of this video was just to test the resolution quality. I will be taking this video down soon and upload another one with a step by step guide.

            Unfortunately I got the track from an old non-mp3 audio disc I had before, so I’m not sure what the name is because it was recorded on the disc using a number as a name. :(

            Thanks Ileane.

  19. Videos are pretty straightforward, but podcasts tend to be wonky depending on platform. Thanks for introducing me to Storify.

    • Clara, I’d love to chat with you in more detail about podcasting. What platform are you using and what do you mean by “wonky” (I like that word)?
      I have experience with most of the popular podcasting networks and I’d be glad to help. Let me know.

      Thanks for the comment Clara.

      • Some sites provide embed code (Blogtalk radio for example), but sometimes I run across something on iTunes and trying to figure out how to pull it into a blog post can be tricky.

        • Clara, now I understand. If you’re listening to a podcast on iTunes most people will mention the name of their website at the beginning or end of the episode. I just noticed that I left iTunes off the list of sites you can embed with the plugin but I should add it to the list! You should install for sure because they add new platforms all the time.

  20. I’m very glad to hear you started uploading YouTube videos to your YouTube video channel. Don’t forget to include a link back to your URL address in the header video description, before adding the content of what your YouTube video is about. This way, you will benefit from the positive search engine optimization effect of getting quality inbound links from a PR 9 site [YouTube] :-)

    Keep up the good work!

  21. I can always count on you Ileane to give me some new ideas and inspiration. :)

    Although I’m familiar with embeding multimedia content on my wordpress blog, I was not aware of all these great tools to help facilitate the process. I also like the podcast creating tool of Spreaker and AudioBoo which I found today on your Basic Podcast Tips website. I just downloaded them both on my Droid and look forward to creating some podcasts and audio files.

    I’m not trying to be a brown noser, but you obviously have a nice voice. Do you always use your microphone when recording content? Does it come with an audio software or is that something you had purchased separately?

    • Hi John, thanks so much for watching the video and for visiting my other blog!

      I use a USB mic. It’s the Samson C03U, here’s my affiliate link for the Samson C03U from B & H

      I love it because it’s affordable and it gives great sound quality. The key for me was finding the “sweet spot” for where I need to place the mic and adjust the level and tone of my voice. It really means a lot to me that you like the sound quality. I’m working hard to improve it.

      One thing about Audioboo – with the free version you are limited to 5 minutes per podcast. The recording time on Spreaker is unlimited. Please keep me posted when you have a recording ready!

      Thanks for all of your wonderful feedback.

      UPDATE: I decided to record a video sharing some of my podcasting gear and you can watch it here

  22. annagrenier99

    this is very nice tips. i was searching last 2 weak and at last i got it.and i solve my problem thanks

    • Drewry, I tried to learn how to use Camtasia about a year ago and it was taking up too much of my time. Now that they added so many features to Screencast-o-matic I don’t need to worry about learning Camtasia anymore because it’s so much easier to use.

  23. I just stumbled upon something the other day about “YouTube annotations”, and wrote an informative post about it. I never knew when to now that using [YouTube annotations] can potentially help get extra subscribers and views, which will help to accomplish the goal of becoming “an official YouTube partner” :-)

    • Drewry, the annotations feature is extremely powerful tool that I started using a few months ago to increase engagement with my videos. They make the video interactive. I talked about them on my audio podcast and it appears that I need to do a video tutorial for them as well.
      I liked to the podcast episode in CommentLuv.

      • I need to start adding annotations to my YouTube videos, as I have not clue on how to do so. I’m trying to increase my subscriber count and YouTube views to my videos, as I hear great things about the benefits of adding annotations to YouTube videos. Hopefully, I’ll learn sooner than hoped for :-)

  24. I have just realised that I have been missing a lot of potential interest here. I make Youtube videos of my pet dogs that are animated photos. I have mainly been making them for my kids, so they are dressed in Harry potter clothing, saying silly things and doing impersonations.
    Why didnt I ever think of posting them in my Dog Blog? Thanks for opening my eyes. It will be one of the better accessories I have to draw in a crowd.
    My Youtube ID is Illuminoid23 (if interested)

    • Great to hear Chris. What methods are you using to drive traffic to your YouTube videos? Are you also adding annotations in your YouTube videos? :-)

    • Hey Chris, I’m so glad you saw this post because your dog videos are sooo cute and they will totally work for your blog! It will introduce a whole new aspect of entertainment and fun to your blog posts. Best wishes!

  25. Great post Ileane! I reckon there would me heaps of times when we don’t write a post because we think that everybody knows all about it but in reality there are really a lot of people out there who would love to know how it’s done. Embedding a video in a post is a very good example. Good on you for presenting it to your readers.

    • Sire, I look at it this way, even if only one person is helped by a post then I’m a happy camper. In this case what happened was, someone enjoyed one of my videos and I told them to feel free to embed it in their post. When they replied “I’m not too techie” I thought to myself – they really don’t know just how EASY it is to embed videos and podcasts on WordPress blog posts. The problem is – it SOUNDS ways more complicated than it is.

      Great to see you Sire and btw – Happy New Year!

  26. it looks like I’ll be doubling back to read read this blog post in the near future, about “YouTube annotations”, so I can better understand on my behalf how to use [YouTube annotations] to get more views and subscribers. Thank you so much, Ms. Ileane, for always helping others with useful information through your blogs :-)

  27. Videos are a great way to deliver information, but i’ve learned that not too many people have the patience to watch them. I got to using them less and less and just switched to pictures. That way, the reader can just scroll down if the pic doesn’t interest him, and he can stop where he find what he needs.
    You’d think a 3 min video is not much, but with the attention span of todays readers…

    • Stan, it will depend upon your audience. Don’t forget that YouTube is getting billions of views per day! So somebody is watching videos, that’s for sure. I know that my readers watch because the time they spend on a post like this can average 3 – 5 minutes.

  28. I also tell those I consult with, to be aware that some of the embed codes also include blatant links to their own site.. vimeo being the most prominent. So don’t forget to remove these links!

    • Paul now you can show them the plugin and the Viper Video Quicktag plugin and you don’t have to worry about those links. Give them a try and let me know if that avoids the problem.


  29. Hi Ileane,
    Just stumbled across your site today and I”m really impressed! Definitely one of the better blogs I’ve seen — I’ve gotten some great tips already and I’ve only been here for about 20 minutes. The video tutorials are very well done — clear and concise — and your manner is easy-going and pleasant.
    Thanks for all the great information! I’m adding you to my blogroll so others can find your site.
    Chris from

  30. hi Ileane,
    Sorry for asking off-topic question.Actually I wanted to move my blog from blogger to self hosted WP.I just wanted to ask should I buy linux or windows hosting.I am running a tech blog.

  31. Very nice blog post and video about embedding videos in any website! Although I already knew how to embed videos, you’ve showed me some plugins that I was not aware of, thanks. Good ideas too, on making the comments at the end of your videos to have people rate and pass on to their social media folks, I will “borrow” that technique for my own videos from now on.

    The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters

  32. Video’s are a great way to keep reader hanging out for awhile. Of course it always helps if the video’s are videos that are yours and not video’s the inevitably are going to lead your visitors somewhere else. When I am using someone else videos I always disable the ability for other videos to show once it ends. This minimized the chance that the reader jumps off my site and on to another persons site. Anyway, we can’t keep me all I guess….: )

    • Hi Micheal, thanks for the tip. I don’t worry about that because if someone watches all the way to the end of a video and they end up clicking on someone else’s sight, the bottom line is that they found some content they felt was valuable and I’m sure they will remember to come back here for more (eventually) LOL!

  33. Drewry

    my guess is that you’ve built your YouTube subscriber fan base into the thousands, by way of posting every YouTube video to your blog. Am I correct? :-)

  34. I’m not sure how to disable it. But if you don’t want those links, you should use another service to host your videos like Bright Cove or Wistia. You can also consider media hosting with Libsyn or Blubrry. These will cost you but they are more inexpensive options than the other two.

  35. Good point…..I guess if what I have at home is super sexy or congruent with their needs, they will find there way back to me relatively easy. In addition, even though my site itself may not be the originator of the material, if it is really good stuff then I guess we can be happy to have the opportunity to share it. : )

  36. to talk about embedded multimedia, Maxi wondering if there are any more free video mass distribution sites, somewhat like tube Mogul available online. I’ve been searching the search engines, and noticed that the sites that used to offer free mass video distribution are now premium sites. If anyone knows of good sites that are free of charge, please let me know. Thank you so much in advance :-)

    • Drewry, TubeMogul has made a change to it’s video uploading service and it is now called
      They wanted to keep those services separate from the premium features that they offer.
      I have a question for you, if you know about TubeMogul, why are you looking for something different? Are you having a problem with their service?
      I wish there was a service that I could upload my podcast to different sites all at once, but I haven’t found one yet.

  37. it is grate idea, I am planing to do couple of videos on my blog, to improve SEO, however when you come to it, it is hard to make good and engaging video, it is much easier to write blog posts :)

  38. I’d love to hear from anyone about their personal experiences with their YouTube channels, in adding annotations to their videos, and how it helped to increase their YouTube video traffic :-)

  39. good morning,

    Thank you so much for replying to my blog comment about tube Mogul. I loved using their service in the past, because it was free of charge. I was able to effectively upload one video, and have that one video “with the link in the video description back to my website” mass distributed to multiple video networks at once, while sending tons of free traffic back to my site “at the time.” Today, though I think they still have awesome service, it’s no longer free. This is why I am searching the web for substitute service like TubeMogul, because I have lots and lots of unique video content I would like to mass distribution to video networks, and don’t care to pay for a video sharing premium service…

    • Drewry, didn’t you get the email from TubeMogul? The free service is called and you can login with your TM user name and password. It works the same. Let me know if you need help.

  40. I managed to log into the admin dashboard this morning, and check out my account. I went to try to upload a video and he told me I’m out of free usage. I wouldn’t mind using them, but they’re prohibiting me from uploading a video, and asking me to upgrade to premium service.…

    • Drewry, what is the file type you are uploading and what is the size of your largest file? Perhaps you can convert the files to a smaller format.

  41. when I logged into the site with my e-mail address and password, I then proceeded to the side where it says “to do: upload video: click here”. after I clicked [click here], I received the following message below:

    You are no longer able to upload or deploy videos through Oneload. Per our
    Terms of Service, we only allow non-commercial content creators to use our service for free.
    Upgrade now to deploy videos and unlock advanced features.

    I don’t know why a receive that message. However, this is the reason why I’m not able to upload videos. Do you know a way around this? :-)

    • Drewry, I didn’t find any solutions for you on this issue with OneLoad. Are you still uploading to those other sites one by one?

  42. yes, I’m still having issues with the one load site. I decided to give up on it and forward with writing articles, creating unique website content, and focusing on web marketing :-)

  43. Jane Porterfield

    Great post, Ileane. When I first started blogging, I was so impressed when I found my “Smart YouTube Pro” plugin…. what a nice touch that was.

    Posts that are all text are certainly not as interesting as when they have video or images added, especially if you’re trying to make a point or teach a new skill. Just like writing an ebook, visuals really help – especially for those of us that are visual learners!


    • Jane, I am such a visual learner it’s pathetic. LOL! Today I visited a blog that didn’t have any images in the post. I was tempted to leave a comment that said something like – I only came here to see if your image was Pinterest – worthy. But then I realized that would be rude of me. LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by Jane. Nice to meet you.

    • Hi Debbie, I was surprised at the number of experienced bloggers that didn’t know some of these techniques for embedding content. I guess it depends upon how often you embed videos. If you ask me I think everyone should do it no matter what kind of blog or website they have.

    • You’re welcome Tom. Thanks for stopping by and having a look. Since we both have posts and videos about embedding content on WordPress, that proves that great minds think a like. :)

  44. I’m inspired by your iTunes podcasts Ileane! In the future, whenever I’ll plan to start speaking and recording, I’ll surely use iTunes for that! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful tips!

  45. Another option is to try EmbedPlus ( ).
    Here’s a description from the WordPress plugin page ( ):

    Enhance the YouTube videos you embed in your WordPress blog using EmbedPlus. It not only provides the features of YouTube’s standard embed, but also extra playback options, relevant user-generated content, and video reactions from communities like Digg and Reddit. Use it to automatically enhance the viewer experience and engagement around the YouTube videos you embed, for free.

    All you need is the video URL.

  46. I have to admit. I never knew you could just use the url to insert You Tube videos. I thought you had to do the embed thing with Word Press. You learn something new every day. I think I will start doing that it seems much easier and it will give me the custom size I want without having to do all the fooling around with the size.

    Very nice thanks for the tip. I love love love it.

  47. Great post Ileane! I reckon there would me heaps of times when we don’t write a post because we think that everybody knows all about it but in reality there are really a lot of people out there who would love to know how it’s done. Embedding a video in a post is a very good example. Good on you for presenting it to your readers.