5 Proven Techniques to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Blog

For a blogger, one of the toughest tasks is to drive quality traffic to your blog and build an engaged audience.

I know this since I have been through this myself.

Many beginners and newbies find it difficult to get people to read their content and eventually they get frustrated and end up quitting.

With this in mind, I am going to give you a list of five proven techniques to help every blogger, whether a newbie or an established one to drive quality targeted traffic to your blogs. Let’s get started.

5 Strategies to Bring Quality Traffic to Your Blog

Quality Traffic for your Blog

  1. Guest Posting :– You know what I am here for. I want to know more and more people within my niche and want them to know me. I want to increase my network of readers. So here I am guest posting on one of the best blogs of my niche. You need to do the same.Guest posting will help you increase your reader’s base and will help you to get some high quality backlinks and it’s one of the best ways to promote your blog for free. Just be sure to write your best content when you are posting on someone else’s blog.
  2. Blog Commenting :– This is another excellent way to bring in quality traffic to your blog. Find some good blogs or websites related to your niche and start interacting with people who comment on those blogs putting your views and thoughts in front of them. Not only traffic, blog commenting can be a useful source of backlinks.Try using CommentLuv Premium as it will take your blog comments and community to a new level.
  3. YouTube Traffic :- If you love videos, then this can be the biggest source of highly converting traffic for your site. Many smart bloggers are extracting a high amount of lead conversions and quality traffic which YouTube receives to increase their blog’s readership. Create some videos related to your niche and leave a link back to your blog in the description.The amount of traffic you receive will depend highly upon the quality of the video and the information you provide in it. You can increase the number of YouTube users that visit you site by using YouTube Video Annotations. There are some creative ways to grow your email list on YouTube too.
  4. PPC Advertising :- If you have some bucks in your pockets to spend, then you can get traffic to your website via PPC campaigns from Google Adwords. It is some of the highest quality targeting traffic you will ever receive. But the fact is that you need to be extremely careful while creating your campaigns or you will end up losing money without any profits.
  5. Subscribers and Email Marketing :- Trust me, the best lot of visitors you can have are those who subscribe to your blog, since they are the ones who want to read your content. They subscribed because they liked your content and want to read more from you. So it is always a must to give readers the option to subscribe.  If you can offer email subscriptions of your blog using AWeber or any other service, then you can see a stream of high quality traffic coming to your blog within no time.

BONUS VIDEO: AWeber Tutorial: Create a Custom Thank You Page for Your Blog to Track Conversions

In addition to these tips, you need to promote your blog on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ as these too can bring in a lot of traffic to your blog. Try other arenas to get more exposure and find new readers from sites like SlideShare or perhaps you can even start a podcast.

Being active on these sites will make these sites a constant and ever increasing source of traffic to your blog.

How to Constantly Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Getting traffic to your blog is not the last thing. You should constantly keep working to increase the current levels of your site’s traffic. If you stop updating your blog or publish poor or copied content, the traffic to your blog will drop eventually and all the efforts you made to build traffic will go in vain. Love your readers by providing good content, and they will love you in return.

What are your tips for getting quality traffic on your blog?


Vineet Saxena is a WordPress lover and blogs about generating income from a WordPress Blog. Catch some excellent blogging tips at WordPress Money Blog. Also check out the awesome WordPress Blog Building Service to provide you an awesome WordPress experience.


  1. Very great piece of info.
    Your content, guest posting, back-links really matters a lot in the life of any blogger.
    Until or unless he is able to maintain his rhythmic practice of doing all the above stated he will not be able to make his blog to be quiet attractant. :)
    keep sharing!!!

    • Thanks Ashutosh,
      Yes blogging is all about giving your readers quality information from your blog and as long as you keep doing that, you keep getting good returns.

  2. Superb post, I found it really helpful and informative. I’ve had the same experience as many with Digg – it pops the traffic up for a few hours, and I get a handful of new registrations on my website. But most are ephemeral visits. Nevertheless it’s worth it for the few hangers-on that do come back repeatedly.

    • Hi Evan,
      I also used to bookmark articles on Digg and I have around 200 followers for my profile. But it has been long since I did that again. Thanks for reminding me and Good Luck!!!

  3. Hey Vineet,

    Good stuff here!
    One other way to drive traffic is by organizing blog contests. I do it almost monthly and it’s not failing. Right now there is a contest running on my blog where contestants will win $150 straight to their paypal address. That post alone has 500+ unique visits a day.

    Thanks for the post bro

    • I can attest that! :)

      Vineet, I’d love to read more about “how not to get traffic” type of posts, since everybody talks about “traffic ideas” and “traffic tips”… maybe that’s an idea for an upcoming post here @ BBT, what do you say?


    • Hi Enstine,
      That is a great idea to gain some decent amount of traffic to your blog. By the way, money is the second best thing which attracts people…:-)…
      And for the contest o your blog, I will catch you there.

  4. Hi,
    These strategies are surely the best and would surely help your blog. Blog commenting definitely makes your blog more interactive and YouTube makes it more public. Thanks for the share!!

    • I agree completely. I’ve noticed that the people that usually visit your site that you’ve referred through blog commenting also tend those who would like leaving comments on your own blog. After all, the people who do love social interaction and such are the ones reading comments most of the time.

  5. According to me Guest posting and Blog commenting are the two best proven methods to drive traffic.

    I noticed that you missed social networks from your list. Why? Social networks too bring a lot of traffic and sometimes the traffic is really targeted.

    I have not made any Youtube video ever yet.. But now I will try to focus there too.

    Nice tips I must say Vineet. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Vineet, I’ve found blog commenting and sharing others content on social networks one of the best ways to get more traffic. Guest posting is another one too that can bring in new readers and ones that may stick around. I’ve got to set up one of those thank you pages in the coming near future. I like the changes on this website too, it’s more simple and less stuff on the sidebars :)

    • HI Lisa,
      Yes social sharing is definitely on the rise these days. But you have to be careful that you do not keep promoting your stuff only. The more you give on social networking websites, more you will get in return.
      And this blog has always been this awesome.

  7. Hi Ileane!
    Brilliant post. I am new to SEO and websites like this are truly invaluable.
    I have been blown away to find the support and knowledge available at this site, I feel like everything will be a success because well, with websites like this in my corner, how can I fail?

    • Hey Charlie,
      Not an issue. And yes, this blog has been the godown of useful information for bloggers like us and will always be on our side. Thanks.

  8. Nice tips Vineet,
    I am already into the first two points you mentioned and I want to next try the YouTube trick. Regarding PPC advertising I don’t have much insight so as you said we may loose money if our campaign is not proper so I might take some time to test this method. Commenting is the easiest method of all the methods you have posted and a sure working method too.

    • Hi Vijesh,
      Its not that PPC will always make you suffer loss. PPC is a great tool to attract targeted clients to your website but its campaigns need to be handled with extreme care and experience. Till then blog commenting and guest posting are at your rescue.

      • Ok Vineet, till I will not master about PPC I wont go in that direction, till that time I will try my luck with guest posting and Commenting.

  9. I am sure I’d want to go in for a PPC campaign some day. Cant be sure when I will be able to afford it though. I am hardly earning anything from my blog at present. But I sure would want to be able to do that some day.
    You have rightly pointed out that PPC can be one of the best ways of getting highly targeted traffic.
    Creating videos is an excellent source of traffic too. I would love to learn more about that some day too..

    • Hi Ambika,
      Yes its a wise choice of yours to currently avoid creating PPC campaigns. You can kickstart paid advertising once you start earning decent dollars from your blog and good luck for that!!! Hope to see you back soon.

  10. I have asked this question in several blogs but didn’t get any satisfactory answer, i hope you would solve my problem Vineet…
    the question is
    “what does it mean by quality backlinks through guest posting?
    does “dofollow” backlinks obtained after guest posting and the “dofollow” backlinks obtained after blog commenting have same weightage?

    • Hi Rohit,
      First of all its a coincidence that in earlier days I too wanted to know the answer to these questions.
      Now for the answers :
      Nobody would give you the exact definition of a quality backlinks because there is no tool to measure the quality of a backlink. But generally a backlink can be considered as a high quality backlink if it fulfills the following criterion :
      1. If it is from a high PR page. If the link is dofollow, then it would add PR juice to your own blog and would be considered to be high quality.
      2. If it on a page which is related to your niche. Even if it is nofollow, but its bringing quality traffic to your blog, I would consider it to be high quality. Though it might not add to PR of your own blog.

      Generally the quality of a backlink would be considered by search engine algorithms to rank your blog or website. But nobody knows the exact criterion for the same.

      As for the second question, again its debatable and depends on the scenario. Generally guest posts have more quality content than comments so the guest posts backlinks might have a upper hand but again that can vary.

      I would like some much more experienced bloggers than me to emphasize on this issue.

      • very nicely explained vineet..,
        as I had thought its a very typical and least understandable topic,
        Here in my 2nd question I was asking about how Google search would treat those dofollow backlinks from different locations (comment and author bio) which will ultimately impact on the page rank…,
        yes, it is the matter of fact that the link in author bio would derive more targeted traffic and thus its a quality backlink, but i am sticking to “Google’s senerio” of treating these links,
        does the location of dofollow matters?
        by the way you’ve tried your best by explaining the “quality backlinks” and i praise you for that.
        i hope you would raise this questions to other reputed bloggers, so that we would come up with satisfactory answer…
        thanks for taking time to reply my query…:)

  11. thanks Vineet for giving various options to really enhance the quality traffic of the blog As a newbie, I am now-a-days engaged in doing the blog commenting and the promotion of my posts on the various social networking sites.

  12. Vivek

    One another best way to drive targeted and paid traffic is using Facebook ads campaign or if you want cheap traffic then you can try stumbleupon ads ( bu visitors hardly convert ).

    It was a great read, thank for this amazing post.

  13. Hello vineet,
    You really did lay out some traffic strategies here and its nice bro. Let me add up one great web traffic strategy; dropping presentations on slideshare and scribd is one awesome way of getting a huge amount of traffic to your blog. thanks for the post buddy 😀

  14. Hi vineet
    i dont know much about seo and traffic drive but i must say these tips will help me to archive good ranking and traffic
    thanx for sharing this

  15. There are indeed a lot of ways to gain traffic like blog commenting and guest posting which I usually do. But what is most important is to always provide quality content to the readers.

    • Without quality content there is no point promoting your own blog everywhere on the blog. You cannot build everlasting audience for your blog if you cannot provide quality content.

  16. Wow youtube commenting this is new thing for me I always search for new thing …. tthanks for the nice post. How can i drop a link on youtube video … please provide a tutorial . Thanks!!!

    • Shiv,
      This is Ms. Ileane.

      The best way to get links from YouTube is through your profile. Next when you upload videos, add your blog link in the description.

      However. It is impossible to get links in the comments. YouTube does not allow it and most likely they never will.

  17. Tushar


    Excellent post! All the mentioned ways are quite effective to drive awesome traffic. And the top method to drive traffic as well as to create strong backlinks is “guest posting”.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Krishna,

      This is Ms. Ileane

      Visit my podcast and you can get a tutorial on the topic. You can also download the Do Follow Cheat Sheet.

      Check out the link I left in CommentLuv.

  18. Good post and thank you for sharing!

    We have found that blog commenting and working on backlinks via article submission has gotten us quite a few backlinks and a good increase in traffic. For the month of May so far, if our run rate holds for the rest of the month, our traffic for May will kill the prior months traffic and even so for the total year of 2013.

    Get backlinks to get traffic.

  19. Hi Vineet..!!

    I agree with you in most of the points, but I doubt how PPC advertising could get quality traffic with targeted audience, it’s actually very difficult to get the targeted traffic to visit your blog, and I think, PPC advertising can only ensure a lot more traffic but not targeted one.

    Could you please help me in this, or correct me if I’m wrong..?

  20. Good post but you forgot a big one there: social media! Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, G+ are immense as far as driving traffic to your blog goes!

  21. Hey Vineet
    You are explaning well about the point for driving traffic. There are 2 ways which i liked most that is guest blogging and blog commenting. But Today i learn a new method that youtube traffic.
    Thanks for sharing !!!
    Chetan Gupta

    • Hi Chetan,
      YouTube can be exploited for huge targeted traffic to your own blog if you strategically create videos. Though I am not into this also on a large scale but I have seen bloggers use it to produce excellent results.

  22. The two methods that I have found that work the best for me are blog commenting and forum posting, that is where I put a link to my blog in my sig and create some informative posts on popular forums in the niche.

  23. Guest Blogging, and Commenting are the best ways to get quality traffic on any internet web property. I love the PPC advertising, but it becomes really tough to make it in the beginning. While YouTube traffic is something that I don’t know.

    I have seen many people mentioning YouTube traffic, but didn’t get actual Wiki on this topic.

  24. Hey Vineet,

    These 5 tips will surely help not only beginners but also season veterans for they serve as a reminder for everyone on how to successfully bring traffic to any blog. But let’s focus on the new bloods. Not that I’m an expert or something but I do have an experience with blogging and blog commenting. I guess for everyone who wants to start a new, Guest Blogging and Blog Commenting fits right. With guest blogging, you may see how people would react on your articles which could be crucial for you and your blog. Same goes to blog commenting. This kind of methods or activities can generally establish a relationship between you and your perspective contacts. Once you’ve proven yourself to your target audience, online traffic will smoothly come to your blog.

    • Hi Farell,
      Yes for sure once you have build a strong network of bloggers and audience around you by using guest blogging and blog commenting, traffic flows to your blog smoothly and depending on your network it can even last for always.

  25. Hi Vineet
    I am a newbie blogger and dont know much about seo and traffic generation but i must say these tips will help me to archive good ranking and traffic to my blog.
    Thanks for this valuable info!

  26. Hi Vineet,

    Nice effort and awesome tips for newbies, but to be honest these tips were not new to me. As i am in this field from almost 5 years.

    • This is great Sarah to connect with experienced bloggers like you. I hope I can learn some tricks from you to be more successful in this field. Thanks a lot.

  27. Great tips. And, I have tried all your techniques, and to me, the one that works the best when it comes to driving new quality traffic to my blog is by guest posting. And, I am talking about guest posting on blogs that are closely related to your blog and with an audience that most likely will enjoy what you’re writing about.

  28. hello nice post veneet
    getting traffic to a new blog is a hrd task but it can be possible with guest blogging and backlinks. first we should try to avoid duplicate content issues to get better indexing and then we should try to build backlinks. thanks for this share

  29. hi Vineet
    As i just started my blog i found all your tips very helpful i will definitely follow your tips . i think not only me but these tips are very helpful for all beginners as well as for pro blogger also so thanks for shearing your experience with us

  30. Probably there are more than 50 ways to drive free traffic to a particular blog or web project. Of course some methods might work better than any, but for sure any online marketing method would also helps to improve SERP. Let’s also not forget offline markeitng!

  31. As well as looking to get visitors to your site, you really need to encourage them to sign up to your newsletter/follow your blog/follow you on twitter or facebook. That way you convert a single visitor into a regular visitor.

  32. shafi

    i’m a newbie in blogging and i face the problem of selecting topics…. i hope this would help me generate some traffic….goodtips by the way…hope i can make things right

  33. Thanks for this great information! My clients often ask me how to come up with topics for their blogs that will keep their readers interested and engaged. I find that a simple perspective change tends to answer this question. Instead of stressing about “what am I going to write about”, turn around. Think about your blog from your reader’s perspective. What knowledge do you have that he or she needs to know? Once my clients take the stress off of coming up with topics and instead try to see the blog from the perspective of their readers, topics come to them much more easily.

  34. youtube traffic plays an important role because all the people who are watching on youtube they would like to see step by step procedure of above video.thanks for sharing

  35. Primary method: Guest posting and do follow comments
    sorry but i don’t consider youtube is the best way to get traffic untill your having a review site.

  36. Also one more thing: Read posts on your topic – Once you have an idea about an ultimate guide see if there are any others out there. If there are, how can you make yours different? Can you combine some of the current guides to make an ultimate guide?

  37. Wade Harman

    I’m surprised that you didn’t include “social media” in this mix. Even above blog commenting. I don’t disagree that commenting on people’s blogs can bring traffic, but I just disagree with your opinion that blog commenting brings in more traffic than social media.

    I know that YouTube is basically a social media site, but not necessarily. It’s a search engine in itself. You were correct to make it stand out from social media. But I just think you missed a very important strategy when you didn’t mention social media platforms.

    • Hi Wade,

      I’m surprised too that he didn’t mention social media. Every blogger know the power of guest blogging and commenting but social media is must thing to build strong relationship and promote your content.

  38. Hi Vineet,

    I can’t disagree anymore.
    PPC can be quiet challenging for driving traffic. Raising your keyword bids will increase site traffic. But if we don’t have the extra money to spend, set a daily spending limit and if we begin to hit that limit consistently, lower our bids. This will allow more traffic to come through at a cheaper cost, and in turn we’ll increase our traffic without spending additional money. Make sure not to lower our keyword bids too aggressively at first, or you could end up losing traffic if you go below your daily spending limit. Nice post

  39. Hi Veneet,

    Very nice and great post about getting traffic our website and blog and you have shared these are points are very helpful and very nice and my opinion guest blogging and Blog Commenting very effective way to getting traffic .

    Thanks for sharing

  40. all are proven ways to drive quality traffic but each one of them need full attention. For example if you simply made stereotyped videos no one would be impressed by it and nor would click over the link of your blog. So all these ways must be used with putting highest quality in them. Great post thanks for wonderful info

  41. Hi Vineet,

    Great article, I’ve had a lot of success with guest blog posting and it should primarily be done with the intention of driving traffic, and not necessarily for the SEO benefits. Google could change its algo’s any time and stop giving guest post links any credit.

    Thanks again, Chris

  42. Hey Vineet! Thanks for sharing these great tips! I am trying my luck these days with some YouTube videos and I think people really appreciate these days a more dynamic approach then the traditional writing/reading. Also I am still trying to figure out the guest posting-I think is it one of the best ways to get great traffic as long as you do it as a pro!

  43. It is a very nice post indeed. These are basic link building techniques that one website owner should follow to get traffic.

  44. I’ll have to try the YouTube method. I am on there all the time looking for things myself, so I might as well maximize my time.

  45. Hi,

    Thanks for this wonderful blog post. It’s quality information very useful for beginners. I don’t know anything about PPC Advertising but the rest are very powerful methods. The layout of the post is excellent, with text, links, pictures, video and colors. You worked a lot to create it. What’s also interesting is the density of information. Impressive. You are not afraid to put links to other people blogs. Interesting. I need to adapt my posts and apply some of these tactics. Thanks.

  46. Hello,

    Well all the listed methods seems to be exclusive and natural, Guest posting is no doubt a great way to build connections with bloggers and also drive some good traffic through the links.

    Every methods need full attention of bloggers and must work hard to get some outcome..

  47. Hey Vineet,
    I have tried to do some do follow comments but but i am not gone for Guest Article.
    I have also tried youtube trick..
    Is it important to give guest posting…?
    Help me i am new Blogger.
    Thanks for Sharing this Article..

  48. Thanks. Not only are these five tips potentially very useful, they are also all very accessible. You don’t need to know a lot about traffic building or SEO in order to take advantage of these tips. For someone like myself, a freelance writer with a personal website but who lacks a lot of information relating to SEO, this is a very relevant post.

  49. I’m not so sure that RSS subscriptions are as effective as they used to be. Adsense pulling the ads from feeds is probably an indication of engagement.

    Email may well be on the only game in town in a while for subscriptions.

  50. Hello there.
    I wanna say something about Blog Commenting. You have to manage approved comment from relevant blogs. This is the secret things of Blog Commenting. If your web sites or blogs is about SEO tutorial then you should make approved do-follow blog comments from relevant blogs.
    All newbies should be helped by this article that you write. Really good writing. keep it up.

  51. vicky

    Hi Vineet,

    These are surely the best ways to get high quality traffic to our site. I have not tried using you tube video posting which seems to be becoming the hot cake for the bloggers. Will try it soon. Guest posting is definitely the oldest and best method to drive traffic. Commenting should be done properly else it has some risks also but if done properly, we get to interact with many bloggers of our niche and learn many new things. Nice post.

  52. Hey Vineet,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Yes, Guest Posting and Blog commenting is the best way to promote our blog and also helps in drive traffic to our blog and making links with other blogs. Social media sites are also another way to get more traffic.

  53. Arshad Hossain

    Thanks dear to clarify the techniques to drive traffics. I wanted to learn this techniques. And finally found that.

  54. Excellent write up Vineet. Good tips and suggestions to drive traffic to our blogs. You mentioned PPC as part of traffic generation strategy, can you tell me how much does it approximately cost to get about 10000 visitors to your blog. I know this depends on the keywords and target customers, but I am interested to know an average investment that is required.

  55. Hi Vineet,
    These are definitely the authentic methods to draw quality traffic to our blog. Guest posting and blog commenting, if done properly will benefit the bloggers in a number of ways. We will get noticed by other bloggers of our niche and will get to build relations with them. Video posting has emerged recently and I still am learning to do it properly. Good post.

  56. Excellent post. I think that if you want to get quality traffic to your blog then you have to do right SEO for your website. Just do the Right Meta tags on your website and then do blog commenting and other Back links and you will get traffic from search engines which remains forever.
    Facebook, twitter and other social websites are also great source of getting traffic.

  57. These are some great ways getting traffic. My favorites are guest posting and blog commenting, because these are not only free methods but also bring you in front of traffic that’s already there. Other methods require you to attract the traffic to you, or pay for it.

    • Hi,

      Yes, Guest posting and blog commenting is also the best method to get back links but Blog commenting is free of cost. Isn’t it ?


      • Hello James,

        Yeah blog commenting is completely free, not all blog owners are too fond of people linking back to their blog though, so you might not get your comment approved. Guest posting can also be free or you can even get money from them depending on the blog you want to guest post on. Both are great ways to get backlinks and traffic to your blog.

        Maikel Michiels

  58. Another way is using Social Media it is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. It not only helps you get traffic from search engines but also generate good backlinks regularly.

  59. PPC Advertising from facebook is better than Google adwords. I try both but Facebook gives me better results. If you have some bucks to spend than i recommend to try Facebook Advertising.

  60. I have to agree with you. Guest posting and YouTube videos have worked the best for me so far, though. I should probably mention, I haven’t tried paid advertising yet.

  61. Well Vineet
    Ya providing quality post to the readers is the best thing to increase quality traffic.Loyal readers are made only by contents.Thanks for the nice share.

  62. I also use twitter to get traffic to my site. I use tweet adder to get followers and than use it for traffic. That is one way to go as well

  63. Hi Veneet,
    This is a great post. It seems that everyone agrees that guest posting gets the most traffic. I social bookmarked a few posts and got a spike in traffic. But my consistent growth comes from commenting and participating on social media platforms. I just tried a contest on my blog. I don’t know what I think of contest. It kinda felt like a boat. You know–a hole in the water that you throw money in. What can I say–I’m still new at this.

  64. I haven’t done a guest blog yet because I really need to sit down and find someone that would want a video production or wedding photography guest post. I haven’t been getting too much comment luv yet. :( Gotta step my game up!

  65. It is unfortunate that it is very difficult to get good website for guest posting. Most of the owners are afraid of low quality post and being slapped by Google.

  66. Based on website guest posting is the valuable and drive huge number of traffics to our website. But quality of the content plays important role

  67. I think all thinks you wrote are important but i think one of the most important thinks is create a newsletter list where people can subscribe and get your newsletter in the future. You need a really good newsletter system. I startet my list about one month ago and i have a lot of subscribers now wich helps my business a lot.

  68. I’ve been looking at your suggestions and I have to agree with all of them. However, YouTube traffic can sometimes be hard to generate especially with a small budget company. Of course, you can still do the tutorials and stuff but its still not as reliable than a good video with production value.

  69. Tell us new tips. My website has no guest posting and youtube is blocked in Pakistan and the daily motion traffic low in Pakistan

  70. Great post, good strategy are mentioning in blog particular guest posting, you tube video and blog commenting is right strategy for traffic generation and creating quality backlinks.

  71. Hi Vineet

    Newsletter subscribers are those valuable readers. But they are only the returning visitors. There would be a clever thing to engage them to send your emails forward to their friends so new readers to acquire.
    Your list has good points. Anyway, for me, the newsletter campaigns have much more potential.

  72. Great post… The first line is definitely true specially for a newbie in blogging world. Thanks for sharing this as this would prevent those newbies from ending up with their blogging passion.

  73. A great post. Joining a forum and also groups in social networks also expose site to new reader, as a beginners, I will advice that you do your seo properly to start getting visitors from search engine before other methods will begin to fall into place.

  74. Hi Vineet, I kinda agree with you on all the points and I think you covered all the major techniques that people usually used for promoting their blogs. I am sure that those works but it is also important for bloggers to keep in mind that while using those techniques, they should also invest more to keep a high quality blog content as well. Thanks for sharing mates.

  75. You know what I love about this article?

    It’s because you wrote about quality techniques that will guarantee you high quality traffic.

    Congrats on that!

    Samuel from Internet Dreams

  76. All the stated methods are popular and used by most of the bloggers….But let me add about the” quality of post”…because writing quality post using long tail keyword will give you everlasting source of organic traffic.

  77. Hey Vineet blog commenting is definitely a plus for me. One thing a lot of newbies should realize that they should focus on their niche first. This is something I didn’t do when I first started blogging. I got a lot of traffic, but they were from people who were in different niches. So this is a great recommendation.

    I’m also getting a lot of traffic from email marketing. Like you said, since they like your content, then this obviously the reason why they subscribe to your blog. This is one reason why it’s so important to build your email list, and at the same time you can get referral traffic from your subscribers.

  78. Vineet, thank you for a great post. I have just started blogging. I am bascially commenting and participating on social media platforms. I believe I need to work more on my content right now, with more experience I’ll try the guest posting.

  79. Thanks vineet for relying to the basic techniques of SEO for targeting organic traffic as after the updates of google algorithm only white hat methods will survive

  80. nice article vineet,
    i am new to blogging and do not know much about blogging and stuffs,… but after reading this article i know what are the basic steps i have to take in blogging i have to be a successful blogger..:) thanks for the help..:)

  81. Blog commenting surely helps a lot in building traffic and as well as getting backlinks. Youtube marketing is another thing, and if you’re not creative with videos, than driving through youtube is a dream! :)

  82. I previously never quite understood why some people were so fond of commenting on many blogs, now i understand they were trying to get traffic to their sites. I am trying this technique and it working wonders, thanks!

  83. Good suggestion for divert the traffic to website. blog commenting, guest posting, social media sharing is the right way for getting the traffic. thanks

  84. Thanks for this. The information presented are very useful. Should I consider Amazon Ses over Aweber as it seems very expensive to aweber service on a monthly basis?

  85. Linda

    Great informations here. I have been trying to bring more traffic to my blog, and I do have a few more followers. But after a year I would think that I would have more traffic. I post regularly, and I visit other blogs and leave meaningful comments or ask a question, in hope that they will come to my blog and leave a comment to. But most just send me a quick email thanking me for stopping by or answering my question. How do I get them to come to my blog to check it out and leave comment.

    Should I or should I not check box wanting to receive email comments to my reply, or emails for new post ? Is that why they email me instead of coming to my blog?

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