Managing Extensions In The Google Chrome Toolbar

Google Chrome Toolbar Extensions

Google Chrome ToolbarI started using Chrome over a year ago and I’m always finding useful Google-Chrome extensions that make browsing the internet so much easier.

One of my favorite chrome extensions is SEO Site Tools because of the vast amount of information you can access from one central location just from that one little icon located on the Chrome toolbar.

For example, SEO Site Tools displays the Google Page Rank of any site you navigate to in the Chrome browser. You can also see Alexa Rank, meta data, social media metrics and incoming links to any domain.

More extensions in my Google Chrome Toolbar

Here are just a few Chrome extensions that I’ve done video tutorials for:

Managing Extensions in your Chrome toolbar

Search the Chrome Web Store for the chrome extensions and apps that best suit your needs, and pretty soon your chrome toolbar will be filled with those handy little icons. Every now and then, you’ll find one that you’re not too impressed with or you might need to disable an extension if you’re performing a specific task.

For example, when I’m listening to music on Google Play, I turn the Feedly extension off because it gets in the way of the volume controls! I wish I could just move Feedly to the left a smidge, but it’s just as easy for me to disable it and activate it later, when I’m ready to use it again.

In this video I give you a quick tour of my Chrome extensions toolbar and how to find great apps in the Chrome Web Store. I also share my tip for an easy way to manage all of your Chrome Extensions at once!

Google Chrome Toolbar & Chrome Extensions Tutorial

It’s free to download and install Google Chrome. When you visit the Chrome Webstore, you can find other apps and Google Chrome themes to try. I hope you started using Chrome. If you are, please tell us which extensions you have installed on your Google Chrome toolbar.

Video Transcript:
Hi Guys it’s Ileane! Over the past few months I started using the Google Chrome browser. Now I really love this browser and one reason I do is because of the vast amount of extensions that I can install.

For example here a few of my favorites:

Whenever I want to find a new extension I open up a blank tab and I go to the Chrome Webstore.
In the Webstore you’re going to see the featured extensions you’re also going to see: favorites; ones that are paid applications (I really don’t use any of those so I can’t speak on them); the Staff Picks and these are usually the free ones.

I just want to give you one little tip that I use to manage my extensions

Once you’ve downloaded an extension it’ll appear in your Chrome Bookmarks Bar. You can shortcut click on that extension and either disabled it or uninstall. But here’s the tip because every extension that you have installed does not appear on your chrome bookmarks bar. Normally what you have to do is go to your little wrench, find your extensions under tools, and go through the list.

For example we talked about the Zemanta extension on my blog the other day and you’ll notice I have been installed but it does not appear on my Chrome toolbar. So I go into my extensions and I would disable it from here.

So what I do in order to keep that handy so I don’t always have to go into the wrench – go to tools, go to extensions…

I just bookmarked my extensions so that I always have access to them at any time. And I did the same thing with “History”.
If I ever want to go through my browsing history I just click that on.

Just saves you a few extra steps so you don’t have to always go back over to the wrench to look for what you need.

I hope you found these tips helpful in managing your extensions. Hey it’s Ileane from Basic Blog Tips be sure to come over to the blog
Follow me on Twitter @ileane I L E A N E. Or check out the Facebook page for Basic Blog Tips. Talk to you guys soon.


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    • Instead of PR Checker and Alexa Checker I’m using SEO Quake for Chorme. This one plugin will assist you for all of your SEO tasks along with PR and Alexa information.

      • Suresh, please take a look at SEO Site Tools. It has 10 times more information than SEO Quake.
        Did you get a chance to watch the video I did about it?
        The only reason I keep the Alexa toolbar is because it helps with the Alexa rank as you can see today the rank for this blog is 22,044 and I don’t think it would be that good without the toolbar.
        The cool thing about Google Chrome is that you can have all of these extensions and they work just fine together.

  1. Like you, I am also a happy user of chrome from the past one year … The extensions that I use the most is color picker, nofollow checker, alexa and pr checker

  2. Thanks Ileane. Being a newbie to chrome, and lifetime Firefox fan, I am looking to learn how to make chrome worth my time. these will definitely help!

    • James, I know it’s hard to believe but I’ve never used Firefox. I went from using IE straight to Chrome. :) Let me know if you have any questions about extensions. Thanks for stopping by James.

  3. The only two that I generally use are Awesome Screenshot for taking quick screens (and editing) stuff for my blogging and then AdBlock for sites that overload their pages with stuff. Other than that, I try to keep things really, really clean and less busy.

    • Hi Murray!
      I use Awesome Screenshot too. I notice that sometimes it gets hung up so I have Aviary installed too. It’s a great backup plan.
      As far as blocking ads, I’ve been using Readability Redux for that. There are so many great extensions for us to choose from.

  4. That’s a useful tips you’ve shared on video. Oh! you have more than a dozen extensions installed. Don’t you find your browser overloaded?

    Well, and about that Zemanta, you asked to disable as it was not showing on that toolbar. Then how do you make it show on toolbar? Or you are not using it anymore?

    • Suresh, I’m not sure what you mean by my browser being overloaded. If you mean does it move slower – then the answer is no. If you mean that it’s confusing, then I guess practice makes perfect!!

      About Zemanta – it never appears in the toolbar. It only opens up in side the WordPress (or Blogger) editor – or when I’m composing an email. That’s why I needed a quick way to turn it off and on. Feedly is the same way – no icon appears in the Chrome Toolbar.

      Thanks Suresh!

    • Hi Wong, do you mean Norton Antivirus? I have Norton 360 and it’s the best virus protection. It works fine with Chrome too. Thanks Wong.

  5. Sharing this informative post is great. I been using google also for two years and it make sense. Your tips is very helpful and easy to understand in the video.

  6. Hi Ileane,

    I usually use Chrome but still my favorite browser is firefox. I personally feel that it’s add-ons are much more managed and easy to use.

  7. MegB

    As I am not regular user of CHROME but I like it very much and going to work it with sooner as I want some change in my working style.

    So thanks a lot for this. I will keep it in my mind while using chrome.

    • Hi MegB,
      One thing you can try is to think about what task you perform most often when you’re on the web, or a task that you would like to see streamlined. Then go to the Chrome store and search for it. Hopefully that will make it easier to find the extensions that will be most helpful.

  8. Hi Ileane,

    I use Chrome as well and have just started using the extensions. I really them I also like the SEO Status extension which allows me to info on a sites Alexa and pagerank status. Thanks for the post. You cover a lot of info. I’m going to check out some of the other extensions. Sally

  9. Craig Sowerby

    He Ileane

    I have never really tried chrome, just now and then to check if my webpages look ok. At first I used IE and I am now a real fan of Firefox and this is my preferred browser.

    Thanks for the tips and if I see my self moving over to the dark side I know where to come for some good advice!


    • I use Firefox most of the time and try to stay clear of adding in a lot of extensions. It can get crazy with the amount of nice stuff you can add in.

      With Chrome I don’t use any extensions at all since I mainly use it to test my blog to see what it looks like.

    • Hi Craig,
      You can always come here for help with Google Chrome and now I know where to go for FireFox advice (although I doubt that I’ll ever download it) :)

  10. Ileane – I love extensions! they makes things so much easier, like you I have a ton in my repetoire, but there was one on this list I didn’t have (Gmail Checker Plus) so thanks for that. 😀

    • Laurie, I love how GMail Checker lets you know how many unopened emails you have and you can animate it to give you a little tilt when you get a new email. It’s really cool!

  11. Cristian Balau

    I also use Google Chrome for around 1 year. I have the following extensions installed: Google Reader, Google analytics, Gmail Checker, SEO for Chrome, Eye dropper and Page Rank checker.

    • Cristian, Nice collection of Chrome extensions! I’d like to see how the Google Analytics extension works, so I’ll check that one out soon. Thanks for sharing them.

  12. I have watched the video and now it is easy installed all extensions of Chrome.It is tutorial that is need of all bloggers and SEO specialists.

  13. SEO Site Tools is the only extension I’m using with Google Chrome. Although it is a fast browser I don’t feel it offers the flexibility and the powerful tools of Firefox.

    • Hi Nishadha. SEO Site tools is reason alone for downloading Google Chrome. It’s such a comprehensive extension.

      I have a question for you – what is your favorite Firefox tool that’s not available on Google Chrome?

      Thanks for your comment Nishadha.

  14. Zeeshan

    I love chrome. I have many extension but I love awesome screenshots , mashable, wise stamp, buffer, rapprotive, powerinbox, mail checker plus for gmail.

    • Hey Zeeshan! Thanks for sharing your favorite extensions. I keep forgetting to check out Rapportive so I’m glad you reminded me. Cool!

  15. Hi Ileane! I’m writing this comment in Chrome. :) I only use Chrome for Google Plus. I will stick with Firefox until it goes down in flames, taking my beloved RoboForm and all it passwords.

    Chrome + RoboForm = Win. But they don’t care about me. :(



    • Aww, poor RoboForm… Maybe you should develop a RoboForm extension for Chrome. That would solve the problem :)

      Ok, you can stop laughing now……

      • Ileane, I never laugh at suggestions like this. You never know when you’ll say something that makes another person say, “a-HA!”

        Didn’t happen this time, though 😉

        I declined the latest RoboForm update. Version 6.10.1 is nearly a year old but, it does exactly what I want it to do. Version 7 went off in a whole new, undesired direction. As long as Firefox keeps working, I’ll be fine.



  16. I was using Chrome on my laptop, just yesterday I got a Macbook Air (feels so good boasting about it LOL) and am using firefox on it. Fox didn’t crash on Mac… so I’m doing good for now.

    But I’m a great fan of Chrome for its lightness and easy integration with Google’s services. I will need this anytime :) Thanks.

  17. These extensions are great. I also found an extension to check Google page rank. Thanks for sharing these extensions with blogging community

    Good luck

  18. Hey Ileane,

    The Chrome extensions I use on all my computers are Diigo, StumbleUpon, WiseStamp, and RSS. I added to the linup after reading the article here on your blog by Sharon. I know Diigo seems like “that app of the past,” but I love how I can aggregate articles for later, in a much more meaningful collection than just using bookmarks.

    BTW: Your new CommentLuv Premium is awesome! :) That’s neat how you’ve got “Check this box to comment on BBT” instead of the usual G message.

    • Is that a new mic you’re using? You’re sounding awesome on audio!

      And I forgot to say “great tips” on managing extensions. Bookmarking your extensions page and history are indeed handy time savers. :)

      • Vernessa, it’s not a new mic – I actually learned a few tricks from @mediacastguy that helped me get better sound quality out of it. Thanks for noticing.

    • Vernessa, I did a YouTube video tutorial for using the Diigo extension for chrome and at one point Diigo featured the video on their download page. I guess that has a lot to do with why I have over 5,000 views on that video
      It’s certainly not the app of the past in academic circles. I was part of a Google+ hangout the other day with some scholars who talked about Diigo being the agreed upon aggregation tool.

  19. I have been using Google chrome almost exclusively for the past 6 months. I believe that it is more secure than Internet Explorer. My main bug bare using chrome is that it sometimes removes some of my toolbar applications from other web sites.

    StumbleUpon and Amplify. Are just two that come to mind.

  20. Andrew Walker

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed myself using Chrome before, now after know this, it will be more enjoyable i guess.

  21. mercedez

    Lovely and good written article. I’ve been using Google Chrome for a while now, but never really knew how to manage my extensions. Thanks for the article!

  22. I prefer Firefox above Chrome cause Firefox has much more extensions and add-ons then Chrome. But interesting article. Thanks