Your Foolproof Guide To Blogs That Make Money

Blogs that make money all focus on the “Three Cs:” content, consistency, and customers. If you want your blog to make money, you can learn from these successful blogs and apply their formula to your site.

Content For Blogs That Make Money

Blogs that make money almost all have one thing in common: they provide high-quality content.

The only exception are a few scam blogs that make money only temporarily until Google catches up with them.Your Guide to Blogs that Make Money

High-quality content is informative and well written, although that doesn’t mean it’s extensive and grammatically perfect.

Extensive documentation belongs in a book, not on a blog, and striving to write perfectly is a great way to get nothing done.

Producing informative and well-written content is within the grasp of any competent adult. All you need to do is use plain English to tell your audience one useful thing they didn’t know before they started reading your blog. If you master writing useful information, you master the number one step towards creating blogs that make money.

I started providing quality content almost by accident on my first blog. You see I was obsessed with computers and how they worked and just wanted to share my knowledge in an easy to understand way. That is exactly what I did and have been rewarded ever since.

Consistency On Blogs That Make Money

Blogs that make money are generally consistent. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are rare. Consistency applies mainly to three characteristics of the blog:

1.   A consistent posting schedule, usually daily or weekly

2.   Consistent high-quality posts

3.   Consistent post formulation

A consistent posting schedule is probably most important and most common among blogs that make money. But not any blogging schedule will do the trick—it needs to be a schedule people can easily predict, such as daily, weekdays, weekly, or bi-weekly.

Posting every three or five days will only confuse your audience as posts appear on a different day of each week. If you want to post more frequently than once a week but not every day, make sure you post on the same two or three days every week.

Also try to post at the same time everyday. This helps encourage your most loyal readers to visit at the appointed time so they can jump start the comments. But the main advantage is that your posts consistently appear on the same day each week to people in different time zones.

Customers On Blogs That Make Money

The final but perhaps most important consideration for blogs that make money is customers. That’s right: customers not visitors.

Many blogs take great pride in the amount of traffic they receive, but building your site with the intention of receiving throngs of traffic is pointless unless you can monetize that traffic.

You want customers, not traffic. But how do you count customers and how do you attract them instead of meaningless traffic?

Start by looking at your business model. Anyone who makes you money through your site is a customer, whether they click an advertisement or buy a product. Grab statistics and figure out what on your site best attracts your customers. Then try a simple experiment:

Try to create a blog post or static page on your site which attracts the best visitor-to-customer ratio, also called conversion rate. See if you can get 10% of your visitors to convert into customers; then try to get 20%; and keep trying to increase your conversion rate. By discovering how to convert your visitors into customers, you’ll learn much more about your customers and you’ll be able to figure out exactly how to write more blog posts that make money.

Blogs That Don’t Make Money

It is not easy learning how to monetize a website the right way and only experience will bring that knowledge. But you have to take action, fail and learn. New webmasters should never wait to learn this part of the business as they might realize too late that their blog is one that will never make money. There are bad website ideas out there and it is better to test the waters as soon as you start your blog.


My name is Milica (Mitz for short) and I am a serial full-time blogger. I started out with one website many years ago and it went so well, I sold my businesses and began living the internet dream. Since then I have been perfecting the system of blogging by building WordPress websites that are set to earn money online. This is an ever changing business and I love the challenge. Please feel free to download one of my favorite FREE REPORTS if you are interested in improving your blogging business or starting one from scratch.


  1. Aasma

    Nice points Mitz,

    Right audience matters most if you’re really looking to make money. That’s why it’s important to figure out how can you get right audience, what techniques should be used.

    • Great post and right to the point. I get so frustrated when I go to blogs that skirt around issues, never get to the point and if they do it is way off track from what the title of their post was or even worse don’t use proper English or are not fluent enough to make sense of what they are trying to say. So thank you for a well thought out, well written post!

    • Yes you can get all the traffic you like but if it is the wrong traffic it is a waste of time and there will not be many sales at all.. :)

    • Yes the three C’s are the ones I stick to. People get the content and the consistency but do not get the customers, they usually get traffic.

  2. HI Mitz,

    Great information shared!
    Consistency in posting is really important. For monetizing, we should focus on our niche.


  3. Hi Mitz,

    High quality content and consistency is the sign of popular blogs. Visitors only become customer when they see the above quality. There may be a lot of blogs on a niche and they are providing the same content, one must do differ in order to achieve differ.


    • Vipin, that’s absolutely correct. with unique and quality contents on a particular blog, then there’s probability of achieving great success. as many use to say that “Content is King” so the more quality your content is, the more visitors you will get and the more success will come your way.

  4. Hi Mitz, trying is always the best and waiting can never be happened. Consistently posting, producing quality posts are not easy and definitely trying hard to be consistent on it. But posting consistent on the same time everyday or every week is not important for me and by the time a post is published, promoting is where another important elements coming.

    Thanks – Ferb

    • It is what ever works for you. I see on many of my blogs that posting every two days works well…I try to stick to that..:)

  5. I agree to the fact that Consistency is one of the biggest factor of a successful blog. “You want customers, not traffic.” its absolutely true. Great informative and well written article. Thanks Mitz :) Good day

  6. Great post Mitz! I agree with your points especially the one that points out, visitors does not equal customers. This is extremely important as you should always focus on targeting quality traffic and quality traffic does not come with high volume. Then again, the main goal of your website is to monetize, especially if you’re in the Internet Marketing and Make Money Online niche.

    • Ha ha I just wish there was that many real customers out there… It is great when you find a customer source you can hit over and over. :)

  7. This Description might be right but sometime a Blogger chooses a different niche and gets successful just because he/she tried different. yes money making might be quiet difficult for him/her as it happens at the start but at least he/she can get a courage and confidence to implement his/her own ideas and share them online

    • Yes it does depend on your goals for creating the site in the first place. If you are focused on the idea and not the business model then the goals change.

  8. What do you mean by 3. Consistent post formulation? Could you help expand on this idea and what your really meaning by this?

  9. Hi mitz nice post totally agree with you if you get a good amount of customers then we will get money but if we get visitors that are not relevant to our niche then we can’t get what we are looking for…

  10. You are absolutely right on blogs that make money. The competition is fierce and also search engine algos change every 2 days hence there is no scope of survival if blogs are not producing consistent quality content.

  11. Hey Mitz!
    Nice information. I have found lots of new techniques through this post. I just want to ask that, what would be the best posting schedule according to you? daily or weekly?
    Please let me know about your kind opinion,
    I shall be very grateful to you.

  12. I think to write a blog depend on the skill of each blogger. If you have a passion and skill, you easy connect to the customer. The more money you can get hii:)

  13. I love this post. It is honest and true and makes the very important point that blogging is a long term strategy. Too many think they can blog for 6 months and make a fortune. But like you say it’s hard work. It’s about building a strong following, delivering quality content, defining your niche and putting your stamp on the world.

  14. good content and good traffic will never lead to big money (it my own experience).we should have our own making formula even for Google adsense.i am right mitz ? and thanks for nice tips

    • good content and the right traffic with the right monetization methods set in place will bring you money… You can only sell what people want to buy. :) Sometimes webmasters are selling the wrong item but have the right customers.

  15. I liked how you distinguished between customers and visitors. And thanks for sharing how to get get those visitors to turn into customers. Great post.

  16. Hi Mitz,

    You’ve reassured me I’m on the right lines, at least – I’ve recently settled into a weekly posting schedule and I have good feedback on my posts, so reckon the content on my site is pretty high quality.

    Monetization is on my agenda for this year – I haven’t even started trying this side of things yet and realize I have lots to learn – I know converting visitors into customer will be a major challenge!

    Thanks very much for your advice,


    • Yes there are so many skills to learn in this business.. I have been in real world businesses all of my life and they are extremely different! I did learn how to get traffic very early on but it took me longer to figure how to sell to them.. :)

  17. I dont use my blog to make money but it is something which I would like to do in a few years once my car detailing business has grown. I can see why you need to target your customers and viewers

  18. Great tips , Do you think tech niche will earn me money or will it not. I write about windows and ubuntu. Can you reply me soon.

  19. If someone could help me moneytising my blog would be very helpful. I post quality content at least once in 3-4 days. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t even get enough comments despite well written articles. Hope some body helps me out.

  20. Another great one Mitz, consistent posting schedule and right traffic with high quality content is the key. Will be working on my posting schedule now :)

  21. Great post! Correct about the Cs: content, consistency, and customers. That is the key to success in the make money on blog.

  22. Consistency, content and conversions are key. A blogging schedule or using an editorial calendar to drop ideas in is one way to keep focused and to make sure that you always have content consistently on your site.

  23. To make money you will first need a very good following.

    Trust me, no random person will just buy something through your link or product you promote.

    Grow and nurture your followers.

    Very important!

  24. Yes, if you see most of the renowned bloggers they most of the times write very short content and to the point. So that it does not take long to read.

  25. Hi Mitz great post and I was totally nodding my head when I read –

    High-quality content is informative and well written, although that doesn’t mean it’s extensive and grammatically perfect.

    I couldn’t agree more with that point. Some of the posts I’ve written and published in the past, especially when I started blogging always had a few grammatical errors in them. But they were amongst some of the best content and most popular content I had written.

    If a blogger can create an impact with quality and resourceful content, then in my mind it need not be perfectly written. I also love your concept on visitors being customers, I will look upon my blog visitors as potential customers from now on.

    • Hi Fabrizo
      I like the way you said you were nodding your head while reading the post. It gave me an instant picture in my mind.
      As for grammar, I offend often and get away with it constantly. I write simply because I love to help people so not many complain. :)

  26. Vivek

    Actually receiving 10% of the conversion rate on any blog based on blogging tips or wordpress requires a huge dedication and lots of fresh content. Even I doubt that any blogger or webmaster will be able to achieve it in his first year.

    And the three points which you noted in consistency on blog is absolutely correct. In-order to keep your blog’s content fresh you need to write article. And if you write articles then make sure its written for humans, since finally they are are going to read it and most probably will help you make money.

    Thanks for the great post.

  27. Great article mitz. I also think that just getting traffic on your making money blogs isn’t important, but what is important you get the correct traffic.

  28. Something that I heard over and over again and again was sticking to posting schedule but I never actually did until I came to the point where both my traffic began to go down instead of up day by day. Ever since then, I am a disciplined blogger and somewhat a disciplined human being.

  29. Posting on daily bases or as often as possible will definitely be best from two points of view.
    First for your readers, and second for search engines.
    Take a news site for example. Their posts are indexed almost instantly.
    I do have a site where I post 1 to almost 10 times a day, and most of the times, the posts are indexed within minutes.
    So clearly, Google’s spiders know exactly how often your site comes up with fresh content.

  30. i read your blog and i learn from one sentence who you reply to commenter i really appriciate “You can only sell what people want to buy. :) Sometimes webmasters are selling the wrong item but have the right customers.” its mean that hard work is not very important but also smart work to do then you goal achieve…and success. and also very important to update your blog,,,time by time,,,to traffic came here and your graph up.

    • Hi Albert John
      Yes working smarter is always a better option. You can do this by testing everything you do. Then you can learn by your results and change things. :)

  31. I liked your concept and your way of writing articles is also cool… as whole this is a very informative articls and thnkss for writing it.

  32. Mitz,

    I have to respectfully disagree with the consistent posting schedule, but just in a few cases.

    I know of many very popular bloggers that are not consistent with their post schedules. You may seem them one week but not the next. They may post at 10am on day and 4pm the next. BUT they seemed to have earned that right because they have reached the status in that their readers will wait for the posts. I am guilty of watching and waiting for the next post in some cases.

    With these extremely popular bloggers, they are already making good money, I assume. They have a massive following that is loyal. But they received this loyal following because of the three c’s you wrote above. They had to start somewhere.

    I totally agree with you with the three c’s. I just wanted to let people know that when you get to the stage where you have massive amounts of people waiting for your next move….you’ve made it! Yay!

    Thanks for the great article!


    • Your theory is true… I do not have to publish on tips4pc regularly and my blog can stand this. I will still make money of course but if I publish more often my blog keeps growing at a fast pace. Slow publishing keeps the blog alive and fine but for constant growth and NEW customers you need to be fresh to get noticed. :)

  33. nice and well written words,yes of course quality and Professional approach with your content is the key to make handsome money. one point that i must say is the time schedule for your posting,monetize the traffic and see at which time they rush towards your content.In this way you will catch the real customers.
    By the way Thanks for another great post

  34. Hi Mitz,

    I think the mistake people make the most is that they don’t have enough patience with the making money from their blog part.

    You can make money pretty fast if you’ve already got some connections through the blogosphere, but if you’re just starting out and no one knows about you it will definitely take some time.

    Readers must first get to know you and trust you before they will follow your recommendations.

    As you said consistency is key, you just have to stick with writing high value content that will provide readers with helpful solutions for their problems and the money will come eventually.

    Awesome post Mitz, really enjoyed reading it. Cheers.


    • Hi Philip
      Consistency is the backbone of blogging. It is all about supplying the content that pleases your readers. Over the years I have been lazy with my blogs. I knew that my blog was lively when I posted content but I just could not find the time.. Becoming a full time blogger was the answer for me. That shoots you to the top quickly because you then have time to invest and be consistent. :)

  35. Gawd I wish I had this before I started blogging.Its a great summary of how hard it really is and the work one must put into being succesful

  36. Making money is not so easy that it seems to other,every one thinks that we the bloggers are making a lot from our blogs but they are not knowing how much handwork is behind that blog and money we earned.

  37. making money from blogs required right strategies and i got many great tips from this post. As beginner i want learn a lot about this. One of the best tips for me from this posting is about consistency of posting schedule, quality and information. All of them required to attract many visitors and get attention from readers. thanks mitz for share this information.

  38. Hey Mitz,
    Nice post and Yes for making money we have to update our blog daily or is simple words we need consistency. In starting it requires lots of hardwork. Thanks for sharing this post.