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4 Strategic Tips To Get Massive Amounts of Blog Traffic

get massive blog traffic

No matter whether you receive 100 visits to your site per day or 100K visits per day, you still need more traffic, don’t you? YES is the answer. So in this post I am not going to give you the usual traffic generating tips. But I am going to talk to you keeping the big picture in mind – the strategic approach to getting more traffic. Let’s dive in.

Facts To Know Before You Start Blogging To Make Money

Get the facts about blogging to make money

Who doesn’t want to make money blogging? After all, if we put a good amount of time and hard work to establish and market our blogs, then this has to have a purpose. In this post I am going to share some facts you should know before you expect your blogging efforts to produce an income. I am speaking to those bloggers who want to set up an online business and those who want to use blogging as a source of income for them. So am I talking to you? I hope so!

How To Get Past The Noise And Get Noticed In The Blogging World?

Get past the noise

Your readers should be very precious to you since they are the ones who will read, share, and comment and encourage others to read your blog posts. So invite them in with open arms and be very particular to respond to their respective queries or suggestions. If your blog helps you to earn money, make sure you tell people at least a part about it. In addition, yes, do not forget to do some charity work with the money that you earn. For one, nothing works like a humanitarian approach. So go ahead, involve people in this, and watch how your blog posts steadily are read.

Simple (But Often Ignored) Steps To Write A Useful Blog Post FAST

Perfect Guest Blogger

If you are a blogger, you gotta have a reading list. You should not be producing content on a monotonic basis. Reading other blogs in your industry helps you keep up to date on happenings in your niche. You don’t want to sound like an idiot and write about a very old strategy that doesn’t apply any more. In addition to that, reading helps improving your writing. You can write pretty fast if you are a regular reader. Your brain gets its nourishment and enough work out when you do a lot of reading. Feed your brain and see the magic.

Traffic Generation Formula: Is Blog Commenting And Social Media Out?

Find Incoming Links to blog

Commenting on other blogs does bring traffic. I cannot deny the same fact. But you need to be doing commenting the right way, this is gonna take quite some time and effort. You need to be doing more and more of it in order to gain attention. Also, it is not just about the quantity, you need to be writing good quality, insightful comments. When you start out and build up an online business, you should be doing a lot of it. That is how you will be able to send smoke signals to the community. That is how people will be able to recognize your name and your blog. But if you become a super busy blogger, you won’t be able to engage in blog commenting in the same way as you did before.…continue reading…

An Overview Of Guest Blogging


Guest blogging help bloggers mutually. As a guest blogger you can share your views, ideas and thoughts to a new segment of audience. You will get the opportunity to tap traffic from new locations. As an author you will get exposure. If your articles are enjoyed by the audience, you will be encouraged to write more for those sites. The blog owners who give you the opportunity to contribute will not hesitate to even hire you for paid blogging…continue reading…

Overcome The Stumbling Blocks In The Path Of Blog Planning

Your blog path

If you are constantly battling to start a new blog and you keep being stuck at developing the plan to your professional blog, you need to take drastic steps to overcome this situation. However, you cannot effectively find a solution unless you are aware of the cause of the problem. Professional blogging is a huge step; it requires methodical planning for each of its aspects and estimated evolution…continue reading…