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How to Tell Your Story and Connect with Your Audience on YouTube

How to Tell Your Story on YouTube

Are you making the most out of your YouTube channel? Here’s what I mean by that. I’m sure by now you have uploaded a video or two to YouTube. Perhaps you even created a playlist or learned how to add annotations that link back to your website. Of course you should always try to send people back to your blog from outposts like YouTube, but let’s face it, lot’s of people will never leave YouTube and head for your home base unless you’ve given them a darn good reason to do so.

11 Brilliant Podcasts To Help You Improve Your WordPress Blog Significantly

11 WordPress Podcasts to Improve Your Blog

Podcasts and podcasting are quickly becoming part of main stream culture. It’s no secret that the proliferation of Smart Phones and their wide spread use among consumers of all ages, has played a huge part of the so-called Podcasting Renaissance.

Podcasters are learning quickly how starting a podcast can open doors in terms of audience development. There’s nothing better than literally getting “inside the heads” of your listeners when they subscribe to your show. iPhone, iPads and other smart devices put podcasts into the hands of every-day users who can access their favorite shows as they are jogging, doing household chores, walking their dog, commuting back-and-forth to work or simply looking for a way to connect to an uninterrupted stream of content surrounding their favorite hobbies or special interests.

Harness the Power of Images to Breathe New Life into Old Blog Posts

Breathe New Life Into Old Blog Posts

If you have been blogging for awhile I’m sure you have some classic, evergreen content buried in your blog’s archives. It’s the kind of blog post that needs to get as much exposure as possible because it’s extremely helpful, well written, and even though it already has a ton of social shares, you and I both know that it deserves even more. Now that you know the kind of post I’m talking about, let’s take a look at how you can use sites like Pinterest and Google + to get your post the traffic and attention it so desperately needs.

Social Buzz Club Webinars Are Smoking Hot #sbzclub

SocialBuzzClub Hot Webinars

My favorite reason for introducing you to the Social Buzz Club is the unique learning experiences offered during their weekly webinars. There is always so much to learn in the constantly changing landscape of social media and the online marketing and the weekly webinars keep you on the cutting edge of what’s hot and what’s not in the online world.

One Critical Component For a Successful YouTube Collaboration Video

YouTube Collaboration Videos Need Laughter

Put two or more YouTubers together on one video and there is bound to be a barrel of laughs. No laughs means no views. Regardless of the seriousness of the topic being addressed people want to feel good while they are watching your video and they can tell if there is positive energy between the folks in front of the camera or not.

Time for You to Get Serious with Your Pinterest Promotions

Get Serious With Pinterest

We know that Pinterest is a huge social network that has tremendous potential for growth in 2014.
We also know that visual assets are the wave of the future and a critical component to any successful online content marketing strategy. We can even see the growth of Pinterest traffic in our very own traffic reports on Google Analytics. So let’s start taking our Pinterest promotions more seriously shall we.

The Naked Truth About Your Podcasting Stats and Why You Should Host Your Show on Libsyn

naked truth about your podcasting stats

Just like bloggers, most podcasters are obsessed with checking their stats. I’m a huge stats junkie myself so I can totally relate to why people are constantly checking their stats. But if you’re hosting your podcast with Libsyn (which I highly recommend) there are a few things to keep in mind and be prepared for before you start digging through the mountain of data in your dashboard.

I’m not going to tackle this task all by myself (although I am going to add my own personal take) instead I want to share with you a video HOA featuring the top podcasters in the industry as they go behind the scenes, and get down to the nitty-gritty of podcasting stats in the Libsyn dashboard with Rob Walch, the VP of Podcaster Relations.

This Message is Being Brought to You by AWeber…Literally

AWeber Workshop Thumbnail2

Most of what I’m going to share with you in this post, will benefit those of you who are using AWeber. But if you haven’t started building an email list yet or even if you’re using another email service provider keep your eyes peeled because there’s something in this post for you too. I’m not going to tell you how important it is for you to build an email list because I’m sure you have heard that a gillion times before, I’m also not going to give you a full blown tutorial on using email marketing or even AWeber. But what I am going to share with you are basic principles you can (and should) use in your blog posts, in your YouTube videos and podcasts, in social media updates and more.

Blogger Interviews: Blogging and Social Media HOA with Mitch and Ileane

mitch interview with ileane

When long time blogging friend Mitch Mitchell of I’m Just Sharing asked me to sit down and chat with him via a Google+ Hangout On Air, I was more than happy to do so. It seems I’ve been spending a great deal of time in Hang Outs lately so there was relatively little fuss involved with getting things set up for the recording.

Need a New Way to Promote Your YouTube Channel? Try RSS Syndication

YouTubers on Triberr

I bet you’ve found countless ways to promote your blog using RSS syndication, but you might not realize you can promote your YouTube channel with RSS syndication as well. Using an RSS feed allows you to automate the promote process in countless ways. Since this is a short blog post, I’m not going to keep you in suspense about how you can put this YouTube promotion strategy to work, the first thing you’ll need to know is how find the RSS feed for your channel…

Give Link Discovery a Fighting Chance with Monitor Backlinks

Fight back monitor backlinks

There are two things that many bloggers struggle with in the fight to grow a successful blog. The first is developing well-written, relevant content and the second is attracting high-quality backlinks. The latest search engine updates and all of the other changes to internet landscape have left scrambling to squeeze out as much of that precious link juice as we can get our hands on. You’re probably asking yourself a few questions. Who is linking to my blog now? Do I have enough of the high-quality backlinks I need? What is the anchor text that is being used for those links? I’m using Monitor Backlinks to find answers.

Customize Your Links and Simplify Social Stats Tracking with Bitly

Customize and Track Links with Bitly

With the 140 character limitation of Twitter, it’s important that we shorten the links we share in order to save space, yet Bit.ly actually does more than just shorten links. Bitly allows you to edit the shortened links you create so that you can customize them and make them more appealing. You also get stats for all of the links you create with Bitly that keep track of the number of shares and clicks coming from Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

This Post Will Transform You into a Google Chrome Power User in Record Time

Google Chrome Power User Tips

Google is constantly innovating and updating the performance of their Google Chrome Browser. The changes seem to sneak up on us like a thief in the night at times catching us off guard an unaware. Quite often the updates to Google Chrome are very subtle and have little impact on our day to day web surfing experience. Then there are times when a more radical change comes along that gets our attention and not always in a good way. In the post I’ll share the secrets to stay on top of the changes on Google Chrome and make you a Power User in record time.

The Revamped Scoopit Interface: Sharing Ideas That Matter Even More

Guillaume Decugis SEO Scoopit

I’m a long time fan and supporter of Scoop.it and quite honestly I think it’s the best content curation platform available on the web today. Scoop.it took the initiative to gather together a select group of people who they knew they could count on to provide honest and unselfish feedback. These folks are on top of their game when it comes to content curation and they are passionate and committed to surfacing the most relevant, useful ideas for the topics they care about most.