3 More Ways to Write Faster Blog Posts

write faster blog postsAnswer this question before reading the post..

How much time do you take to write a 800+ words post?

A) 2+ hours

B) Within 1 hour

C) 1 day

If your answer is ‘B’, this post may be not for you (because you’re already writing fast ;)).

Rest of the people, please start reading the post.

I really liked the ideas of Jane Sheeba on writing faster blog posts.

This is the continuation to that post which I personally follow to write faster blog posts almost every time!

I just want to quickly recap what Jane has covered on that post to write faster blog posts..

  1. Generate the ideas
  2. Capture them and
  3. Set outlines to write faster blog posts

Those are really great tips by Jane.

I want to add 3 more tips to write faster blog posts.

So, How to Write Faster Blog Posts?

#1. Use (10+2)*5 method

According to this method, you need to

  • Write 10 minutes
  • Take a break of 2 minutes
  • Repeat this process 5 times

What tools do you require to follow this technique?

  • An hour of your time
  • A timer and
  • Distraction free writing tools like ZenWriter or OmmWriter

Important: You must use a timer to efficiently follow (10+2)*5 method.

Let’s dive-in to learn more about the method.

Step I – Write for 10 minutes

In this step, you’re just writing whatever comes into your mind. As Jane Sheeba said in her post, it’s always better to write faster blog posts by drawing outlines.

I use Online Timer and I set it to 10 minutes, it will automatically play an alarm tone after the deadline, very handy tool to use when you want to write faster.

Have an idea of what you’re going to write about and write the content for 10 minutes.

Just 10 minutes.

Step II – Take 2 minutes break

This is easy!

After finishing 10 minutes of writing part, take a 2 minute break.

Do whatever you want during the break. Dance, laugh or beat yourself with a hammer (but only for 2 minutes) 😉

After taking a 2 minute break, go back to the writing part.

Step III – Iterate this process 5 times

Repeat the above two steps FIVE times.

It may not look easy in the beginning (you may find it bit hard to write faster blog posts), but trust me this works!

You can easily generate a 600 to 800+ words post within one hour using this method.

I’ve been following this technique for the past few months and getting tremendous results. This is one of the best methods to write faster blog posts.

#2. Turn off your monitor while writing

One more simple way to write faster blog posts is this: turn your monitor off when you’re writing!

By doing this, you’re using your writing time more effectively.

You’re allowing two productive things by following this simple tip

  1. You’re not editing while writing (which is one of the biggest time savers!)
  2. You’re killing all the distractions!

When you turn the monitor off, you’ll not able to check your email or Facebook notifications.

You’ll focus ONLY on writing part. And that’s what you need to write faster blog posts!

Let the story flow. Don’t worry about typos or mistakes. I know you’ll make mistakes without seeing your words on the screen, let it go and focus only on writing.

That’s it.

#3. Practice the two tips above to write faster blog posts

Can you drive a car or bike faster without practicing the riding skills?

Similarly, you can’t write faster blog posts without practicing everyday.

Practice makes anyone perfect. Even a non-English speaker like me can create wonderful stuff by practicing everyday.

Trust yourself, practice regularly and deliver!

One more thing which I’d like to discuss here is: editing.

If you want to create killer content, you must know how to edit the useless words from your content (to make it even better).

The best practices to edit your content like a pro:

It will be quite tempting to anyone to stop and fix the typos while writing. But it will be more efficient to edit, once you finish writing your post.

Use the following tips when you’re editing 

  • Read out loud immediately after writing the post
  • Take a print out to read it offline
  • Give it some time and come back again to find out the typos and errors

Write faster blog posts: Take away

I’ve been implementing all the above methods to write faster blog posts. And all of them are working REALLY fine for me. It will definitely work for YOU too.

If anyone asks me ‘how to succeed online’ (especially in blogging)..

I’ll answer this: execute what you learn.

I hope you’ll implement these tips to write faster blog posts.

Let me help you if you have any questions. I’ll be glad to respond to everyone in the comments section. And I’ll be even more happy, if you add at least one of these tips to help YOU write faster blog posts.



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  1. Raaj Trambadia

    Whoa! I never thought about turning off the monitor! But to be honest, it can be very efficient! You know, I always edit my posts when I’m writing Rahul…but I guess I need to change that habit!

    Cheers to this post!

    • Rahul Kuntala

      Hi Raaj,

      Turning off the monitor works really better while writing. I also have a bad habit of editing while writing, that’s the real time waster for bloggers. I get rid of that habit now just using the above methods. BTW how much time do you take to write a blog post?

      • wow! nice trip rahul. Turn off monitor – This tip is informative and funny at the same time :)
        Though i will try not looking at the monitor from now on but i can’t avoid loking at battery 😛 marker. i don’t know what this habit is about but i can’t afford laptop hibernating while writing a post.

        Its really new tip i ever heard, and will give my hundred percent to try this.

  2. Wow, What a great post! Brilliant Rahul. Most of the times I really learnt great things from your blog Rahul, you’re not just a great writer also a nice person with pure heart. I’ll try the methods you shared. Especially I like the way to distribute the time in Parts.

    (10+2)*5 , I like this math rule very much and Thanks alot bro.

      • Hello Dilawer,

        Thanks for the kind words bud, I’m really glad to the growth of your new blog. You’re really working hard and I hope you’ll see the ripe fruits soon.

        Follow the above tips, at least ONE. You can really write faster. If you ever need a help, ask me :)

  3. In blogging speed does matter.so here is nice guide which give a short part of solution. BUT mostly practice does matter here to make it good.

  4. Those are some interesting ideas, but I doubt any blogger is looking writing blog from this angle, even writing for more than few blogs. It is all about quality and passion.

  5. These are some really great tips for those who already know what they are going to write about, and they just need a system to get everything written faster.

    I have a blog, however, where many posts require a lot of preparatory research. I’ve found that breaking the steps down and setting time limits for each task works pretty well.

    But I’ll have to try your ten minutes on- two minutes off suggestion. Turning off the monitor is also a good idea.

    • Glad you liked the tips Adam. They work better when we execute!

      And you can even experiment with (10+2)*5 method either with (15+5)*3 or (20+10)*2

      But 10+2 system works better, because I tried them all already. If you’re confused, then please ask me here :)

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi Rahul,

    Writing faster blog post is like having fast food. It tastes good, but harm your body in long term.

    Can you write an epic blog post in 60mins, which can help your readers immensely and serves as a source of regular traffic for next 10 or 15 yrs? You shouldn’t set a fix time limit for writing an awesome blog post.

    If newbie bloggers will try this method, their blogs may look spammy or junk. I don’t know, I simply disagree with your view.

    SPEED thrills but KILLS !

    BTW, Rahul I like your blog LearnBlogTips.com

    • Wow. This is a new angle.

      What I wanted convey in this article is this: write even lengthy posts less time. I didn’t say to write nothing but bullshit. I love reading epic posts.

      I strongly believe that when we write any blog post within the time limit, we can create great content!

      Thanks for stopping by Nandita :)

  7. Hey Rahul,

    Let’s liken writing a fast blog post to, pleasing a beautiful women.

    Sure it doesn’t matter to us if we go fast or slow the outcome is the same.

    But it does matter to the beautiful (visitors), we are trying to give the best possible experience.

    Slow and steady (EPIC POSTS)..


    Wham bam, thank you Mam (GREAT POSTS)…

    I guess the question is, how do our visitors like it?

    • It doesn’t matter how much time you take to write epic shit, but it matters a lot when we’re busy!

      Everyone is not a full time blogger, so we have to write within the time limits to post the content either regularly or consistently.

      Normal posts are different and killer posts are different. Above tips work for any content.

      Write normal posts using the above tips, take some time to create killer posts :)

  8. That’s good article and i think outline first before writing really help if you are planning to write fast. also write with time to increase the amount of article you can write either minutes or hours. thanks for sharing

  9. Hello Rahul, thanks for extending Zane Sheeba’s article and including 3 more tips. I have been using ZenWriter and FocusBooster to speedup my writing process. These tools are really handy and improves productivity. Thanks for this awesome write up.

  10. Great post, it takes me hour and a half for a 800 post.
    But if it’s more like tutorial then more then 2 hours.
    Thanks for the tips, I will try with the monitor :)

  11. Hi Rahul

    Interesting post. I’ve not tried this as a way to write a blog post before.

    For me though, I think I would find this way of writing a bit robotic. Sometimes posts need time to evolve and I enjoy spending time on them.

    If I just churn out content in this way, I may end up writing quite a wooden-sounding post.

    Who knows though? Maybe I will give it a try and see.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • Hello Tim,

      Haha if you want to create quality content within less time, then you should act like a robot (somewhat)..

      Let me know the results after executing above tips…

  12. It takes less than 2 hours for me to write 800+ words post because I follow all the tips Jane mentioned in her post and I’m already following the tips you mentioned in one of your post at LearnBlogTips.

    Turning off the monitor is what which I’ve heard firs time here. 😛
    Great tips Rahul.

    • I never shared this tips anywhere before (even on my blog).. the above two tips are written exclusively for BBT. Thanks for stopping by Ehsan.. Hope you’ll follow them :)

      • @Rahul, I’m not talking about these tips. I was talking about the tips which you shared in LBT to write faster. I title was I think “Wearing two hats can kill blah”

  13. Nice on that monitor trick. I can usually type like a madman once I get the ideas I need, but I have gotta try this monitor trick some time. Might let you know the result. Thanks!

  14. These are such great tips for writing blog posts faster. I am definitely going to utilize them. The main problem with writing blog posts is distraction. You can waste a lot of time for other things, because you can not focus on a post all the time.
    That’s why I like your tip about a timer and taking a break so much. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you liked those tips Elena. The main problem while writing for anyone is certainly: distractions.

      Monitor tricks work best if you want to write faster blog posts.. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Another tip is to use videos as a base for the blog post. There are times when posting a quick video is one of the best ways to drive a point and to expound on the topic that we want to discuss in our blogs.

  16. I would never thought to turn the monitor off, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that one. I will implement the (10+2)*5 method, that it’s a great tip. I also need to start writing everyday.

  17. Hi Rahul,

    On an average, I do write 800 words articles in an hour. The time limit is not fixed here. You can be fast with your favourite and famous topics and you may take 2 hours for an article with a new subject. It is all circumstantial. Of course, if you want to be consistent with the time limit then you must stay abreast with the latest happenings in all streams that concern you and your posts.


    • Wow, you’re writing really faster then. Yes, I do agree we shouldn’t consider time boundaries when we want to create epic shit. But it’s always better to write quality posts within less time. Thanks for the comment Raj :)

  18. Hi,

    There are so many ideas to write a article and these are the some best beside that every blogger should have Pen and Notepad with him always because ideas can come anytime in mind. So be ready for this.

  19. Rahul, Thanks for sharing the above tips for writing blog posts faster, it will take some time to get adapted to this process. if i write a 800 word article it will take a day for sure.

  20. Great tips. I bookmarked your article. You have put some useful resources in the article. Thanks for sharing nice information for writing blog posts quickly.

  21. Hi,
    These three steps that you have highlighted are really great. Well, I do think the same that creative writing is the main thing to start up a blog. Thanks for the share!!

  22. I follow quit different way,
    Before starting my post that night I will take one paper and write all important points hat I need to cover in post. Then I also include sub titles.
    Next day morning I start keep the paper beside me and start writing. Here in this part I will not follow the strategy which you mentioned here. I think I need to improve in this part. I normally take 1 hour to complete writing a post with 500 words which I need to improve.

    • Hi Khaja,

      You’re doing really good job. It’s really a smart way to organize our thoughts by putting them in a paper, we can easily mind map and can attract more blog post ideas by doing that..

      You’re going at good pace :)

  23. Victoria

    Working or writing continuously just wipes off the entire memory of the head and makes it go blank for sometime. I feel that all the words and letters in this world have been used up. Hence, it is really necessary to take breaks between the working schedule that helps fresh ideas to generate making the work faster and easier.

  24. Vivek

    Thanks a lot. It really help me.But turning off the monitor is something new. I think I will feel uncomfortable with this. But I will surely give it a try.

      • Vivek

        Yes I tried it yesterday and trust me, it doesn’t work for me. Actually all my posts needs active research. And I write wile do the research, gather the content in points and then frame paras.. But thanks for the post. It was my personal thought and experience.

        • Everyone will have to research to produce great content, but work on it after doing research and taking a mind map around your post, you can do it easily then..

  25. Thanks for these tips and the links to the downloads. I really need to write faster – and the 10 plus 2 is the one that may work for me.

  26. Frank Woodman Jr

    Very interesting ideas.

    I’ve used taking a break for sometime now but not making it a very regimented thing as you suggest. I’ll sure have to try that as I do find taking a break seems to make things go faster and it may be even more improved using a timer.

    And with some though I can see where just writing and not trying to proof or correct your work at the same time could save some time. As I do often find that I get off track doing editing and writing together. They really are distracting to each other. So it makes sense that just writing the whole article before you do any editing could make things flow better.

    As to shutting off or not looking at the monitor I’ll have to play with that before I decide if that’s for me. Of course it should be easy in my case as I use a wireless keyboard with my laptop so it only takes turning away from the computer. That would also work with a desktop as well and might be easier than turning off the monitor.

    Anyway thanks so much for your suggestions as they are certainly different and worthy of study. Of course I’m sure that they will find both those who find them helpful and those who don’t as writing is a very personal experience.

    • Taking regular intervals while working gives tremendous output. I’ve been blogging full time for a couple of months now, and I know how hard would it be to sustain the ‘pace’.

      I think shutting off the monitor works for everyone, but you need to be bit patient when you’re testing it out in the beginning 😉

  27. Hi Rahul

    Writing fast is really helping for bloggers, moreover if you are part-timer like me. You have given us easy practical tips.

    Maybe I can add some, based on my experience.

    It’s simple … “don’t write if you don’t want to write”. As blogger there will be time that we feel “don’t want to write”. The best thing to do … just taking rest, and comeback later.


  28. Hi Rahul,

    Excellent post and I like the idea of no.1 formula. Other than I want to add that this routine can be set after doing that process continuously and over period of time habits developed to write a lengthy blog post within an hour.

    Thanks for sharing great tips though :-)

  29. Writing a 800 words article is really difficult and its true that some time it takes more than 3 hours in writing a single article. But after reading the above article i found the “(10+2)*5 method ” very useful . And yes i ma agree that we should turn monitor off while writting . Thanks to the author for sharing these tips

  30. Hi there,

    I’m writing an article 800 words in maybe 3-4 hours… I’m not a really fast writer and your tips are really great. Also I downloaded your program, hope will be useful. Thanks.


    • You’re not going bad. But you can certainly increase the speed of writing your blog posts by using the above tips.. I wish you’ll find better results..

  31. Hi Rahul
    Nice to see that you are also writing guest posts here at basicblogtips.com. I am often way to long time about writing my posts for many reasons. Of cause writing on another language than your native born language can be a big challenge, but I think I have approved a lot over the last year or so. Maybe I should try some of these tips the next time to get more productive.

    • Hey Thomas,

      Glad to see your comment here. Yea, it will be tough to manage if English is not our first language. But one can get over it by practicing daily :) I hope the above tips will help you to write faster blog posts

  32. Hey Rahul,

    Seriously I am loving your writing style. how do you write such an awesome posts? 😀

    Well come to the post and I guess I will go for A. I think your experience teaches you how to write more efficiently and faster. If a person has been writing posts from many years then he can write more faster. How ever i like your tips as well. :)

    Thank you


    • Hey Alex Saif 😉

      Glad you liked my style. Well it’s not about the experience, anyone can write quality posts within less time, if they practice and using few tips.. I hope the above tips will help you

  33. Hi Rahul…this is great info. I am one of the worst when it comes to taking way to long to write a post….I’m going to give this one a try…I can definitely relate to the part about editing as I go…big time killer.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Haha I belong to the same category Celeste 😉

      But I’m trying to get rid those, luckily I got those writing tips to write faster blog posts, hope they will help you every time.. Thanks for dropping your comment.

  34. Hey Rahul!

    Writing good content demands for time but if once we start writing posts everyday then writing good contents in short time won’t be arduous for us. Esp. for beginners. My lips got curved where you mentioned about turning off the monitors. Detailed post. Keep sharing your knowledge with us.

    • Yes, I absolutely agree with you Perky..

      Writing awesome content always takes time and efforts. One can’t write a great post within 1 hour right?

      But what I wanted to covey in the article is: make it a habit of writing fast than ever before without sacrificing the quality.

      Hope you understood my point :)

      Thanks for the comment bud..

  35. Rahul. Another awesome post.
    I will go for A.
    I have to follow your tips not because I have to but because I want to.
    Your tips always works for me.

    • Hi Anurag,

      Glad to connect with you here. Hope you’ll use those tips to write faster and quality posts.. if you ever need a help don’t hesitate to contact me using my blog’s contact page :)

  36. Excellent follow up post Rahul. I appreciate your step by step guide. Especially, the tip on turning off the monitor. It is really a bad habit to edit while writing and that is what makes the blog post writing a tedious process. If you edit when you write you can never get the point out correctly.

    Love the tips :)

    • Hey Jane,

      Nice to see your comment on follow up post.. I really liked the way you described your post.. Yea, editing while writing is a NO NO.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  37. Hi Rahul,
    I didn’t hear about turning monitor off during writing, maybe I’ll try it 😉
    I use some other tips you mentioned, especially modification of (10+2)*5 – I use (12+2)*3 technique (you can find post about it on my blog, in section “How to Write”.
    Thanks for sharing, Chris

    • Hey Chris,

      Nice to see you here.. The trick behind using (10+2)*5 method is: writing at least 1 hour continuously!

      With your method (12+2)*3 you can spend only 42 minutes, which is not so effective..

      @Everyone: If you’re finding difficult with (10+2)*3 strategy, you can also consider using the following
      (15+5)*3 = 60 minutes
      (20+10)*2 = 60 minutes

      Hope it helps :)

      • Hi Rahul,
        I spend exactly one hour on it and it’s really very effective 😉
        I need some time for planning, quick research, correcting bugs and misspellings and formating an article. And it takes some time 😉
        If you are interested you can read it here: [link removed by Ms. Ileane – use CommentLuv to link to your blog posts]

  38. I realize what my problem that prevents me from writing faster. Like any other blogger, it’s distractions. For the above strategies to work, I think one need to be aggressive to capture ideas to turn them into words faster.

    • No doubt, online is the biggest distraction. Make sure, you’re focusing on one task at a time.

      Multi tasking kills our creativity and I say a big NO to multi tasking while you’re writing. Keep focused and you’ll get better results in less time.

  39. Interesting tips. :) Turning off the monitor is a little weird for me. I like the idea, however, I have a habit of accidentally hitting the wrong button or moving the mouse when I didn’t mean to… and I sometimes find that my cursor is no longer in the window I wanted to type in. So, if I did turn off the monitor I might be typing away and actually not getting any words on the screen at all.

    Removing distractions is important. To do this I type on a laptop with a small screen so other windows can’t get in the way. Or I use my iPad + Zagg Folio and type in iA Writer. This works well for me as you can type away and no other apps will interrupt you (well, apart from notifications).

    As for not editing as you type – I agree, that’s essential. One method I find useful is to simply keep on writing. Maybe it’s easier said than done, but if you keep telling yourself to keep on going… you may start to get used to it. This is a tip I learned on a speed reading course; if you find yourself slowing down, you simply speed up! Or more specifically, you read ahead. So if you keep re-reading the same line, over and over, jump down a line. You’ll be surprised how little you miss (if anything at all).

    • Hello Ben,

      Nice to see your comment on my post, I’m really glad :)

      Turing off the monitor REALLY works, but it looks weird in the beginning.. Only those people can succeed online who win the race against online distractions.. however while creating content, distractions like notifications, checking emails often etc will surely disturb us and kill our productivity.

      So we should find the ways to avoid those distractions..

      While writing, it’s better to write whatever strikes into the mind rather than sitting infront of the blank screen and searching for the ‘perfectionsim’.. we shouldn’t strvie for perfectionism, we should work with the flow, that’s the way we can write faster blog posts.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment :)

  40. Rahul, This is an amazing post. I never thought of turning off the monitor but it makes perfect sense. My posts take as long as I have to write. If I have a lot of time, I will spend it writing. If I don’t have a lot of time then I write shorter articles.

    But, like you, I tend to edit as I write. It’s better to let the words flow, I think, and edit later.

    But when you’re in the flow, I imagine it’s difficult to stop every ten minutes. Doesn’t that interrupt the flow? I think that would drive me nuts. My kids interrupt me a lot so if I added a timer to that, well I think I might get nothing done!

    • Hey Carolyn,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Hahaha same with me, if I don’t find sufficient time, I’ll end up by writing shorter posts just like you 😉

      Breaking down after ten minutes can improve our productivity… when we don’t take breaks while working, you’ll be tired too often, that’s not at all good for us!

      So first experiment with that strategy, you’ll get better results..

      If not, follow one more strategy..

      Use 10/50 rule: Divide your time into 1 hour blocks. And spend first 10 minutes to get fresh air and water, spend the rest of 50 minutes on working (ONLY on working!) again take a 10 min. rest.. continue the process..

      How is this?? I think it will suit perfectly for you :)

  41. I always try to write faster blog but I never get success because of I never take break while writing a blog. I just continue write my blog & I do lot of mistakes I think I must take break of 2 or 5 minutes as you suggested in your post !

    • Hi Rani,

      Let me know the results after executing those tips on your blog. I’ll be eagerly waiting to see the results.. No doubt, they’ll produce better results.

  42. Gorgeous!!! Great article and precise steps to get my writting skills faster. I have not realized it but it is true what you say, when you write and edit at the same time you consume a lot of time. Thanks for this. I will apply it right now

    • Hey Christian,

      Thanks for the comment :) Wearing two hats at time i.e writing and editing can kill our productive time.. and we should focus on one thing at a time.

  43. Nice tips Rahul. These should help us write our blog posts in a faster pace. I himself used to spend 2-3 hours in writing a blog post carrying a length of 800-1200 words in general. But when I have great idea about the topic in hand, I end up writing the same length content in 60-90 minutes time only.

    • Thanks for the comment Anil :)

      When you’ve knowledge on specific topic, and when you can hold on online distractions, you can easily write faster blog posts… for me, it takes not more than 50 minutes to write a 800 words posts.

  44. I think if someone can write faster then it will definitely help but we should not compromise on the content and if we have information in hand before we start to write, it is also going to help.

    Idea of taking breaks between sounds really interesting and i m sure it will increase the efficiency.

  45. James Duval

    Hey Rahul!

    I think you commented on a blog post of mine on Pro Blogging Success…?

    Great post, anyway. Fantastic job. I’ll definitely try out some of these tips — time really is money to a blogger!

  46. Yea that’s the best way to proof read our own content, and also if possible, try to outsource your writing to professionals (if you’re trying to guest post for the top blogs)..

    Thanks for stopping by Andrew.

  47. Hey Rahul,
    Thanks for sharing this information speed is an important factor when writing and especially for bloggers ,i have learn t allot here that i will implement in my next project.
    thank you.

  48. After Reading your post fully !! i found that you are most experienced blogger !! Tips you have provided are really awesome. and must be used.. thanks for such a wonderful share and ideas..

    Kushal Azza

  49. Whenever i try to write a new post i get struck half through, the main reason being lack of idea.
    You pointed out some great tricks.Will try in my next post.Thanks.

  50. Hey Rahul,
    I’m going to buy an hammer first thing tomorrow morning lol

    Seriously, I type and edit and waste time. I never thought of turning off my monitor before. I must try practicing this.

  51. thanks for the tools. I like the suggestion to write and edit in different sessions.

    Recently I’d read a post about ‘Why Microsoft Word’ is not a good WordProcessor. The concept is very similar to what you explained here in this post. Author argued that Microsoft is doing more bad than good by bringing the formatting and editing tools too much at the front at writer’s fingertips. Writer is distracted to making corrections and formatting than to concentrate on his flow of writing.

    I believe this method works. Writing first without concerning about formatting and editing will make better piece of text.

    Next, outline method is very handy to write faster blog posts. The method will also help to create more useful articles as the author is already determined about the outline. All he will do is filling in the details to make it complete.

  52. Very nice article mate, these tips are really useful, and yes, if you don’t end up in checking your Facebook notifications and mails every 10 mins, then you can surely write faster. :-)

  53. Hi Rahul,

    I tried taking your advice of turning off my monitor while I write. Interesting concept, but I like it! I had tons of spelling errors and some run on sentences, but honestly, it’s much easier to correct those things afterwards than keeping up with them while I’m writing.

    I also found that I wrote more and my writing was more detailed. I think there’s something to be said for writing exactly what your thinking as opposed to writing while your looking at the words.

    Anyway, thanks for the idea. I’ll be putting into more practice.

    Liz :-)

  54. Today I learn a new thing from here and that’s turning off the monitor,never ever thought about that man and my ans will go with the option (a)…anyway thanks for this info and you are right about facebook and gmail notification checking.It really waste a lot of time while blogging.

  55. Time management is important. At the starting I was requiring about 1 day to write single post. I worked on it and succeed gradually decreasing it to 3 hours but your post gave me the push.

  56. kumar

    This is by far the best article on writing , have read a bunch of them already since past few days and it is a breadth of fresh air , 10 points to the suggestion , put the monitor off

  57. I went through the post and found it very interesting. As you have written in #2 now I will try to focus on writing instead of typo or other mistake. Hope these valuable tips will save my time whenever I am going to writing a article in future