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Hesham Zebida of Famous Bloggers has created some gorgeous skins for Thesis Theme that are knows as Thesis Awesome Blogskins.  I’m sure you have heard about how Thesis theme is among the top rated WordPress themes for design, flexibility and SEO, when you first install Thesis the look is very boring and unless you have coding skills, you could spend hours tweaking plugins to make your theme look nice. The simple solution that I use here on Basic Blog Tips is Thesis Awesome.

Thesis Awesome is a BlogSkin that you install on top of Thesis Theme that will give you a custom look for your blog and added features for your blog theme. 

You missed the sale but it’s never too late to get Thesis Awesome blogskin!

Thesis Awesome Skins Gallery

Click the image so you can browse the Thesis Blogskin Theme Gallery use code 266E at checkout to get the Black Friday 50% discount.  Here’s a list of the Blog Skins (please note, you must have Thesis installed on your blog in order for the Blogskins to work):

What’s so great about Thesis Blogskins?

If you’re still here maybe you need some convincing about just how awesome this deal is. So let me tell you want I really love about this blogskin that I’m using and why I think you should get it for your blog. Keep in mind, these are not all the features, just a few of my favorites:

Social icons are in header – when I used Magazine Theme, I spent a long time testing different plugins to display my social icons. I hated all of them! They were either too big, or too small, or they didn’t include the profiles I wanted to show off. I can’t tell you how much time I wasted just looking for social widgets. Now I have everyone I want right in my blog header where they are easy to find right along with my RSS subsciption icon.

Color Schemes galore – with the Blogskin I use there are 18 different color schemes to choose from. You heard it right – I said 18! I found the one I wanted after testing about 2 or 3 of them in the beginning. But it’s great to know that if I ever wanted to make a change, it only takes about 3 clicks. :)

Author bio boxes – this is very important to me!! As you know I host many guest bloggers here on Basic Blog Tips and one of the best ways I can show my appreciation to my guest bloggers is with that outstanding bio box that appears at the top of their posts. With the last update to the blogskin the Google+ profile link was added and makes the box even more attractive to the best guest bloggers on the planet! That means I got rid of another bio box plugin!

Email Opt-in forms – I know you guys know the importance of building email lists. I will get started on building mine before this year is out and I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to implement my list building campaign. Thesis Awesome Blogskin has built in options for Aweber AND Mail Chimp!

Unique styling features – Danielle McGraw – The Social Freelance Writer is one of the lucky few, who took advantage of the Black Friday deal Hesham offered on the blogskin. Take a look at her blog so you can see how she uses a custom background and made some tweaks to the point where you can’t even tell that we are both using the same Thesis Awesome Blogskin.

[box]Here’s my Thesis Awesome testimonial: Every day I spend a great deal of time online managing my social profiles, writing blog posts, making YouTube videos and a whole lot more. But when it comes to my blog, there is one thing I’m very proud of yet I spend very little time managing. And that is the gorgeous design and layout of my blog which is run by Thesis Awesome. Hesham Zebida created this powerful platform which works on top of Thesis theme and from first day I installed Thesis Awesome Blogskin, my worries about blog layout and navigation ended right then and there.

I no longer needed to spend hours combing through the WordPress repository trying to track down the right social plugins or the best looking guest author bio boxes. Because with this blogskin, I can turn on those features on with the click of a button in the Awesome Options Panel. I have full control over the color scheme, placement of banners and custom menus, AdSense targeting, content sliders, optin forms – and best of all, I can reward my guest authors with the coolest bio box I’ve seen on the web! All of these controls are right inside the easy to use options panel. Thesis Awesome blogskin is the perfect choice for busy people like me who want an all purpose solution for showcasing their content and promoting their social profiles without the all the fuss and headache of unnecessary plugins. Stop pulling your hair out trying to learn how to code and use Thesis open hooks and just give Thesis Awesome a try. These skins are light-weight, customizable and quite frankly at the end of the day, they just work![/box]

Get Your Thesis Awesome Blogskin Now!


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  1. WOW!

    Thanks Ileane for sharing the ThesisAwesome deal with your blog readers, I really appreciate it.

    By the way, the deal was for the BlogSkin only, but after reading this post, I just decided to include all skins in the promotion!

    P.S. The Product Skin comes with a bonus (Silver Skin) is included in the package for free, so this means two for a price of one, and also with a 50% discount!

    Let’s make everybody happy :)

    I hope this secret information will boost the sales :)

  2. Wow Ileane. This is a “double” bonus.. I would jump into your offer with a blink on an eye, but, you know I am already both Thesis and ThesisAwesome powered…

    Highly recommended. Really a great opp… I love Black friday’s.. woot

  3. Thank you Ileane for reminding us this great sale! This sounds a great deal, and quit profitable as well. We are running out of time, therefore whoever is interested should hurry up.

  4. Kevin

    Smart move to beat the rush on Friday… On line buyers may end up getting better deals without waking up at 4am! I’ll pass the word on this opportunity!

    • Hesham is the brains behind this operation :)
      You’re so right because the sale is going great so far. I decided to extend the offer to anyone who is interested – not just the first five.

    • Faissal, Thesis Awesome is really a wonderful skin – I’m so glad you have it too so that people can see how it can look different on our blogs. Thanks for stopping by Faissal!

  5. this is one of the true for say that thesis is really a killer wordpress theme.i will try to buy from your affilaite link mate.keep smiling :)

  6. Hi Illeane,
    Is your $10 Rebate Offer over,Has your slot of 5 people filled up. I was pretty interested in the Blogskin thesis skin and saw that you were offering 10$ rebate. Maybe you could mail me up if I am still now late.


      • Hi Illeane,
        I am going of buying two of the skins Product Skin and Blog Skin so will the 266E code work for each or is for on time use per account only, can you confirm me and also your rebate offer work separately for both or for the total amount. Just wondering

        • Great news! Yes the code will work for both and the $10 bonus will apply to both orders. Thanks Shiva! Just email your receipts to ileane [at] basicblogtips [dot] com when you’re done along with your Paypal email address.

  7. Hey Ileane,
    This event of yours is a great idea for insighting the market, since christmas is coming. Like me, it insights me since you are dealing with the thesis blog skin. I loved it’s features and bonuses included. Even though it is a little expensive, it worth the price. 😀

    • Hi Lew, if you shop around, you’ll find that this price is really not expensive at all! Don’t forget that Cyber Monday is the final day for the Thesis Awesome Blogskin deal.

      • Just wanted to say thanks again Ileane. It took me a lot of tweaking to get it looking just the way I wanted it but I’m sure happy with it now! You’d almost never guess that we had the same skin!

        • Sweet!! I’m really happy for you. I’ll pop over and take a look asap! I didn’t realize that I had so many comments to respond to today….

  8. I have Thesis Awesome and it is awesome!! No really it is… 50% off is a bargain as I was just about to pay $500 for a custom Thesis design..and then I found Thesis Awesome!!! :)

  9. Awesome deal. Thesis is a really good theme and they have a good selection of skins. So if anyone can pick these up at a discount, I’d highly recommend it.

    • Hi Richard, I don’t know how I survived without Thesis Awesome. Oh yeah, I remember now. I was pulling my hair out looking for plugins to do the job that Thesis Awesome does. Now I sleep better, thanks to Hesham. :)

  10. Hi Ileane!

    Just stop to say hi and hope you’re having great holidays!

    I’m not using Thesis, but I know that skins are important if you want a good product without coding.
    Moreover Hesham is a great coder, I’m sure is worth the same :)



  11. this looks awesome. i haven’t heard of this black friday sale before… need to do some serch on other offer/discounts too… thanks

  12. Sophia

    Thank you a lot for your sharing, these are wonderful info. I have heard the Thesis Awesome Blogskin but never have the chance for trying. Now maybe I could try it and sharing this happy experience with each other together.

  13. Ms. Ileane,

    Thanks for getting the word out to all our fellow Thesis Theme users! Hesham makes great Thesis Theme skins and I ‘m glad you’re helping him and other bloggers by promoting his stuff! Have a great Cyber Monday!!!

    Take Care,

    Jupiter Jim

  14. Thesis is such a great theme and making use of their skins is such a time saver. Thank you from the blogging community for sharing your posts and blog with us. keep it up!

  15. Hey Ileane,
    You have done such a good job of marketing this for Hesham! I know that people who use BlogSkin for Thesis are so happy with it. I don’t use Thesis at this time, but will be considering a change possibly next year. Good luck and hope people will see the value in this. It is an awesome offer! Sally

  16. We cannot deny that Cyber Monday is where to find the best online deals. I don’t think Thesis Awesome Blogskin looks boring, in fact it looks really clean and neat.

  17. All Thesis Blog skin really awesome, it’s because it has a nice view, neat, and has elements that correspond to user needs.

  18. Thesis is an awesome tool that allows you to quickly create unique wordpress websites.
    I use it all the time and this article is a good example of what can be done with Thesis.
    Good article!

  19. Aman

    Very nice post. I actually don’t use thesis now. But, now i got one more reason to buy it and use it. Can you suggest the lowest rate for buying that (including i also need a skin)

  20. Thesis is really great framework , I was searching for some good skins , Thanks for sharing this , I will check them and hope will end up buying 1

    • Hi Aatif, I’m sure you will enjoy having Thesis Awesome skins in your arsenal. Thanks for stopping by – you have a nice looking site too!

  21. What a truly awesome theme! So pleased you pointed it out, definitely going to try and get that theme onto one of my sites :). Loving your blog generally and learning along the way! Respect :).