This Blog Runs On Thesis Awesome

I’ll bet that countless times you’ve seen a blog owner make this sort of announcement: Basic Blog Tips is now using Thesis Theme!

You can add me to the list because it’s true, I replaced Magazine Premium theme with Thesis 1.8 but I could NOT have done it without the help of Hesham and his revolutionary theme customization software package known as Thesis Awesome!
Thesis Theme BlogSkin Thesis Awesome
Let me explain what I mean when I say that. I first learned about Thesis theme from my friend Lisa Irby on her blog. Lisa is a big fan of Thesis and in her initial review, this is what she had to say.

Lisa’s Advice: In my personal opinion, knowing CSS will help you unlock the real power of Thesis.  You don’t HAVE to be fluent, but the more you know, the more you’ll be able to customize your theme’s design.

As it turns out I have almost zero knowledge about CSS and even though learning CSS has been at the top of my to do list, I’m alway being side-tracked by other blogging projects. In my mind, I thought it would be best to learn some CSS first before I considered purchasing Thesis Theme for my web design. But Thesis Awesome helped change my mind.

[box type=”important”] Get Thesis Awesome and you can customize the look of Thesis theme without the need for CSS![/box]

The Perfect Blog Skin for Thesis Theme

In a nutshell, when you get Thesis Awesome, the hard work of using CSS to create custom styles for your blog has all been taken care of by this powerful piece of software. Thesis Awesome will save you precious time and allow you to get back creating valuable content, social networking, guest posting and other critical blogging tasks.

Let me give you an example. For months I wanted to add “call-out” boxes within the content of my blog posts. With Thesis Awesome, this option is available to me right from the post editor menu. Here are a few samples of the different boxes I can create – without one single line of CSS or PHP code!

[box]You can use a very plain box[/box]

[box type=”note”]Take note of this smart note box![/box]

[box type=”important”]When someone is skimming your post, this box will surely get their attention[/box]

[box type=”red”]Try using this red box it’s very eye-catching too![/box]

[box type=”spacer”]The “spacer” is another cool feature you can use for transitions[/box]

Add Options to Thesis Theme Editor Menu

Installing Thesis Awesome will upgrade the Thesis options menu in your WordPress dashboard. You will now have the option to edit your Skin (in my case you can see that the last line reads Edit BlogSkin).Edit Thesis Awesome Blog Skin

Navigate to this page and you’ll see that it has the same look and feel as the other options pages that come along with the basic Thesis theme. What’s new is your access to a wide variety of enhancements to choose from on the control panel. Take a look at the screen I get when I click Edit BlogSkin.

Thesis Theme Blog Skin Options

Thesis Awesome has truly made a huge difference in my experience with using Thesis Theme. Here’s a short list of my favorite features:

  • I can change theme colors with ease
  • I added RSS and social profiles for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube above the header
  • I have cool social sharing buttons for posts that load very quickly
  • I have convenient access to AdSense and other ad placement options
  • I can offer guest bloggers an attractive bio box at the top (or bottom) of their guest posts
  • I can easily incorporate list building opt-in forms
  • I can eliminate a laundry list of WordPress plugins!!

There’s a lot more you can do with Thesis Awesome so look forward to more from me on this topic. Head over to the Thesis Awesome Skins Gallery and pick out your favorite one. Of course you can always expect the best of support from Hesham, the developer and owner of You might even decide to become a Thesis Awesome affiliate like me.

Are you using Thesis Theme?

What do you think about the new look of my blog theme? I’d love to have your feedback. Are you using Thesis theme yet?




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    • Thanks for stopping by Mark. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see that I added the “latest contributor widget” to give an additional shout out to guest bloggers like yourself. That widget comes as one of the freebies for Thesis Awesome members. Hope you like it. :)

  1. Viggo Andersen

    Hi Ileane.

    This is rather funny. For quite some time now I’ve been pondering if maybe I should ask you for some advice regarding Thesis. But as it turns out, you beat me to it. lol

    I’m running Thesis 1.8 on my WP blog but I’m not that happy with it. It’s to complicated for me to customize due my lack of any coding skill.

    So I’ve been looking at Thesis Awesome Blogskin but also been tempted by the Studiopress Genesis Framework. I also read Heshams post regarding moving from Thesis to Genesis but he doesn’t provide an easy solution on which framework to pick. (Then again, the post wasn’t aiming at appointing a winner).

    I do like Studiopress but it would feel like a waste if I go there since I already have the Thesis Framework.

    Well, I’ll stop my ramblings now and just say that I will appreciate your opinion on this (even though I have a pretty good idea in what direction you might point me ^^) and knowing that you just changed to a Thesis blogskin makes me think maybe I should stay with thesis after all.

    Thanks for this post, Ileane.

    Cheers! / Viggo

    • Hi Viggo,

      I really couldn’t tell which one is better, thesis or genesis, because it depends on your needs as you are the person who will use it!

      In my case, I am a designer and developer, so I will pick up the one that I am more comfort with, and by the way I didn’t pick Thesis… but Thesis picked up me!

      The good thing is you can actually try Genesis if you would like to, and stick with the one that you are more comfort with!

      But what’s better than that is to ask yourself a question “Why do I need to change framework?”, if you have an answer to this question, then you know what to do :)

      • Hi Viggo! Welcome to Basic Blog Tips! It’s a small world and I guess I should have known you and Hesham have crossed paths before :)
        I also considered Genesis for a while after seeing it on and my friend Kissie uses Genesis framework also. But to tell the truth I didn’t see any advantages with it over Thesis and besides that I knew Thesis Awesome would be a better choice for me because of the support and guidance from Hesham.

        Let us know what you decide Viggo, I’m anxious to know how you make out. Thanks for the comment.

        • Hi Ileane, congrats on the change. I see this theme is bringing BBT a lot of options that didn’t appear on the old one.

          I don’t know why but I’ve never been a fan of Thesis Themes and even this Thesis awesome skin. I intend to change theme for my blog next week too and maybe it will be a Genesis theme. I am trying Genesis on my another blog and very surprised with its performance till now.

          • Hey Tuan, thanks for saying that. It means a lot coming from you. Your blog always looks good and it’s easy to navigate too. When you get a chance, send me the link to your blog with the Genesis framework. Are you using a skin with that too? Does it have a control panel? The control panel is one of the greatest features of Thesis Awesome skin. Hesham did a great job of matching the panel to the standard Thesis panel.

          • Yeah, I am trying Genesis framework with its Exposed child theme on my gadget blog at Genesis also has a control panel but it is quite simple and can’t be compared to Thesis’. I see many famous bloggers like Darren Rowse at Problogger or Darren Rowse at Copyblogger move to Genesis, so I decided to move to Genesis too. I thought it was a big mistake when I saw its control panel, it is even worse than ElegantThemes’. However, its performance till now is outstanding, that’s the reason why I will change tek3d’s theme to Genesis soon.

          • Tuan, I really like your new site TechWalls. I’m following it on now. Have you thought about adding a photo gallery – slider to the home page. You have some great images to highlight. Good luck with it. :)

          • Thanks very much for reviewing my site, Ileane.
            I really like the design of this child theme and trying to make the homepage look like paper notes on wall. I want to keep it that simple and won’t add a slider. Anyways, thanks for your suggestion. :)

  2. That’s awesome Ileane…. ummm literally?!

    Hesham certainly knows what he is doing, and the best part is that buying a product from him gives you the peace of mind that it will always work or you will always have support. I would pay for the satisfaction of knowing Hesham was only a skype call away alone. The skin is just a bonus 😉

    Thanks for sharing your experience with this theme skin

    • Hi Alex, great to see you here. You are so right. It’s one thing to have a support forum but it’s something else to have one that is being run by Hesham. :) Hey – I just realized I need to get my hands on his Skype user name too. LOL!! Thanks Alex.

  3. Hey Ileane!

    So glad you love the Thesis theme! I just passed my 2-yr anniversary with Thesis and I never thought I’d stick with one theme for so long. Welcome to the Thesis family!

    • Hi Lisa, ever since you the first time you introduced me to Thesis, I wanted to get my hands on it. I kept putting it off but now seems like the perfect time to become part of the “Thesis Family” (I like the sound of that). As always, thanks for your super advice.

  4. Wow that is an awesome list of options available in that theme, I do have a little knowledge of CSS but it sure is much easier to use options than to modify the CSS manually.

    • Hi Nishadha,

      Most of the features are coded already in the skin to save you time, and you can enable or disable it by one click!

      It’s good to hear that you know CSS, this will allow you to make the most of the skin!

    • Rajan, I love Thesis Awesome too! I must tell you a story. I did not have the money to invest in Thesis right now either because I already purchased 2 other premium themes (Elegant Themes and Magazine Premium)! A wonderful thing happened when I entered the personal finance blogging contest and I won second prize (along with Kiesha from WeBlogBetter. Kira won the first prize).
      The good news for you is that there are two guest blogging contests going on right now that you should check out. The first one is from CommentLuv/FamousBloggers/iBlogZone/MyGuestBlog and the other one is from Blog Engage. You should think about entering them because there’s a lot of cash prizes up for grabs!
      Let me know if plan to enter or if you need help picking a topic. Thanks for the visit!

  5. I don’t have any offense but I think ThesisAwesome should add some free blog skins into its directory. I have been searching for quality free Thesis skin for sometimes and I think the folks at Kolakube did a very good job. My blog currently runs on their skin and it’s good :)

    • Hey Derek, I’ll have to ask Hesham about free skins. I think it might be in the works but I’ll double check.

      I visited your blog and I can see why you look Kolakube. It really fits you needs for now.

      In my case I need more flexibility and options in order to shine the spotlight on my guest bloggers with extra widgets, bio boxes and custom footers.

  6. I moved to Thesis Theme in mid-February. I love the grey color scheme.

    Just a suggestion, remove the second Author Bio info. The font you’ve chosen for the headings are awesome.

    P.S. Hesham I’m coming to design a few of ThesisAwesome skins!

    • Hey Mani, Thanks for the feedback. Which author bio box do you like the best? The one at the top has the number of posts and the one at the bottom has links to Twitter and Facebook. What’s your favorite?

  7. Dennis Edell

    Lookin’ good so far Ileane. :)

    Not a fan of thesis myself. DEDC is custom from the ground up, but further blogs will be done with the Flexx framework.

    • Hey Dennis, another friend of mine uses Flexx themes and he let me try them out a while ago. I remember they used to have some awesome templates for ladies clothing and jewelry blogs. The one I liked had a nice pink background that my daughter might want to take a look at for her fashion blog.

  8. Richard

    I don’t use thesis, but I am an admirer of their clean looking themes. Part of my hesitancy is my lack of knowledge of CSS. Thesis awesome sounds like a great solution for people like me.

  9. Hey Ileane,

    Well, I’ve used Thesis for a couple of years now. I do NOT know CSS or any coding but all I did was Google what I needed help with or headed over to the forum and I got my answer. Most of the information I located, they easily walked me through exactly what I needed to do. So if you are a dummy at coding like me, you can still do this.

    I haven’t upgraded to the latest version because I’ve been scared that it would through off everything that I have done so far. Yep see, I told you I was a dummy when it came to this. I like a plain simple look, I don’t care for busy themes. Although I’m sure mine needs a little updating, I’m still nervous about taking that step.

    Love that you updated your theme and you are thrilled with Thesis. It’s inexpensive and if people are looking to upgrade to a paid theme, I don’t think they can go wrong. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


    • Adrienne, you’re making an excellent point about not wanting to upgrade without help. But if I were you, I would try to get that done asap – because doing the upgrade is always are the most secure way to go.

      I know someone that can give you a hand with that it the fee would be fair. Please reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook if you want his contact info. In fact most likely I’ll send you a DM.

      Thanks for all of your comments Adrienne, it’s a pleasure to have you around.

  10. Hey Ileane,
    I love the new looks. I am using Thesis and loving it. I also got it after Lisa recommended it, although I sent her about 1.000 e-mails with additional questions before I bought it, lol.

    I am not using any skins and doing the CSS myself. Although I am using some simple things nothing special. I just love playing with CSS all the time.

    • Hi Brankica, thanks for the feedback. I’ll probably ask you 1,000 questions once I start learning some CSS. Are you good with PHP also? Talk to you soon my friend.

      • Hey Ileane,
        I suck at PHP but I am pretty good at finding help, lol. And CSS is usually not a problem, at the moment, except for the sign up widget in the sidebar, I did all the other customizations.

  11. First of all I want to congratulate for the new look! I see more and more people are using Thesis and this puts me on thoughts. Probably in one month or two i will purchase Thesis because it makes me curious.

    • Patel, I’m sure you will be pleased with Thesis. You’re welcome to use my affiliate link when you make the purchase :)
      Thanks for the visit.

  12. Your thesis skin is definitely awesome. I am looking for thesis skin for an e-commerce site. Do you have anything to recommend?

  13. Hi Illeane!

    Wooooooooow, this is great!!! I did not know that your theme is changed, I have not visited this blog for a few weeks, look at the changes, really great.

    But if you don’t mind, I want to be honest on the review LOL..

    I like the theme, but the feeling is, I feel like in Hesham’s blog and not yours..

    Somehow, it is not unique, because the theme is really identical to FamousBloggers :-)

    But may be its only me..

    Nice to be here again!

    • Kimi, I actually think of it as complement for this blog to look like Famous Bloggers :) But for now, I’m just getting started using Thesis Awesome, I’m sure that as I learn more I can add my own personal touches. Thanks for your feedback, it’s always great to have you here.

      • Ileane,

        I would think it is a compliment too, plus, I forgot you use it not so long ago, so it is definitely time to add your personal touches!

        Can’t wait!


        • Kimi, I’m getting a new logo soon and most likely I will change the color scheme of the skin once I upload it. I’ll send you a tweet so you can come back and have a look when it’s ready for your review. Thanks Kimi!

    • Ash, yes Thesis Awesome is helping my traffic. First of all it’s easier to navigate my blog now, so people stay longer :) I see you’re finding your way around nicely and commenting on several posts so I guess that’s a little confirmation right there.

  14. You are making Thesis irresistible. I thought of grabbing it and again thought “I am not earning money yet” so I can not spend for theme. But after reading all positive reviews, it tempts me a lot. On the top of that here is Thesis Awesome again. I guess we need to pay for this too!

    One more item is added on my wish list.

    • Suresh – I feel you!! I mentioned in an earlier comment that I won second place in the personal finance blogging contest and that’s how I “earned” my way to Thesis Awesome.

      Suresh, why don’t you enter the traffic generation contest?? You’ve got the stuff to write a winning post and you know that you’ll have my support with promoting it on Twitter and Facebook. Think about it my friend, consider it a wise investment :)

  15. I have to say Ileane that just by having an awesome thesis skin here, it really helps you look even more of a problogger! It suits you down to the ground :-)

    • Ok Mr. Bailey, now you just made my day with that “pro-blogger” reference. Maybe I’ll just float around on a cloud for the rest of the day now thanks to you – and Hesham with his awesome Blog Skin. :)

  16. Hi Illeane,
    This skin by ThesisAwesome really makes your blog look very awesome. I already have Thesis with me and I plan to use it in any new blog I create and when I do so I am surely going to be getting a ThesisAwesome skin for it. Thanks for reviewing it, since previously I was having twominds seeing some other Thesis skin providers too. Now I am sure to get Thesis Awesome.


    • Hi Shiva – how are you? It been awhile since we talked. I’m sure you’ll find that Thesis Awesome will suit your needs. Thank you for stopping by.

      • Oh like that. As of now I will not buy any premium theme as I have not started earning from my blog. Once I earn then I can think of that. What do you say about this Ileane?

        • Pavan, that’s the same approach I took when I started with a blog almost two years ago. Have you decided what approach you’ll be using to generate revenue streams? Affiliate marketing might be the way to go versus using just Adsense.

          • I can’t earn more from adsense?
            At present I’m much interested in getting more visitors to my blog. I want to get more visitors from search engines, specially from google. So what I got to do in order to get more visitors from google?

  17. No one other can compete with thesis theme because it’s outstanding! Well I have read lots of articles of Hesham and must say he is a great person and also a blogger.

    • Hi Rakesh, Hesham has a huge fan club and I’m proud to be part of it for a long time :) Did you ever see the post and video I made called Grand Tour of Famous Bloggers I just realized that it has been exactly one year since I made this video, so now is a good time to dust it off and share it again:

  18. Very illuminating Ileane and if there are people who still have doubts, then you have certainly given them an “extra” hand to make a decision. I have already noticed that you had changed quite a while and was wondering when you were going to talk about it :)

    Anyway, I think you have made a good decision choosing Thesis and Hesham’s awesome blogskin. While I do not run BlogSkin, I do have the iBlog skin, which is also from ThesisAwesome. Best part about ThesisAwesome is Hesham’s awesomeness in providing support. That alone is worth a “million”, lol.

  19. Hi Rajesh, what theme are you using now and in what way is it more useful that Thesis? I love to hear more about your ideas on this.

  20. Hi Illeane,

    Oddly enough, I just looked at that Thesis Skin today!! Really looks great. I’ve been unhappy with my theme lately. Been having some issues with it lately, especially in IE.

    I’m new to Thesis, so my question to you is, do you have to buy the basic template from Thesis first and then buy the skin? Or can you just buy Thesis Awesome buy itself?

    I just may hold off until Silver Skin is released. That looks pretty neat!

    Thanks for sharing this. :-)

    • Hi Michelle, great to see you!

      When I was using Magazine Premium theme, there was no way for people to navigate from my home page to the previous posts. In order to fix this problem I tried several plugins. Eventually I found out in the forum that I would have to edit the theme php files. That sounded WAY too scary for me. LOL!!

      You need to get Thesis theme first and after you install it, I would advise you get the Blog Skin right away before making any changes to Thesis. You might find that Hesham’s Silver Skin will provide a place for you to make changes from the control panel.

      The good thing is that you already have your logo and header designs. I’m still waiting for mine but right now I don’t mind the wait. The important thing is that people can come here and easily find what they’re looking for because the blog’s navigation has improved 100%

      Talk to you soon Michelle, have a great weekend!

  21. Hi Ileane,
    Your blog look great now, i like it. About the Thesis theme, i wonder if is a video tutorial to see how i install the theme and all that stuff ?

  22. Salman, I’m really seeing the impact of making the change to Thesis Awesome. Here’s an example – my Alexa Rank was hovering between 52,000 and 51,000 for the last few months. The same day I got Thesis Awesome, my Alexa broke the 50,000 mark and today (only 10 days later) my Alexa Rank is 45, 774 !
    That’s some powerful stuff don’t you think?

    • Tony, that’s the beautiful thing about WordPress. There are thousands of theme out there for us to choose from. Genesis looks great. But so far I’m loving Thesis Awesome!

  23. Dana

    Yeah, I has heard the best of Thesis for a lot. It seems the features and SEO that made it popular amongs the bloggers.

  24. Wonderful post, and the skin look pretty interesting.

    Funny thing is, after I started using Thesis, I dropped about 10 different plugins…but then found 20 more that I’d like to use. lol I think plugins can make junkies, just saying.

    Nice site, was referred to you by Andy Bailey at CommentLuv. Nice to meet you, and I’m looking forward to more. Cheers!

    • Hey Wayne, welcome to Basic Blog Tips. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look an the decor.
      I’m going on a plugin diet and I’ve promised myself to trim down before the end of spring :)

    • Hi Ayden, I think I took a look at Woo Themes a while back too. In my head – I put them in the same category with Elegant Themes. What I mean by that is they have so many different versions to choose from – that I can’t really narrow down my favorite. I want a little of this one and a little of that one – which means making customizations that I don’t have the skills for.
      Maybe one day Hesham will take me under his wing and teach me how to code blog skins – but in the mean time I’ll stick with Thesis Awesome :)

      Thanks for the visit Ayden. I notice you are a CommentLuv member. You’re always welcome here, so please come back again soon.

  25. I’ve heard of Thesis (hasn’t everyone?!), but since i always like to take the hard way, i prefer simpler themes that i can/have to modify to obtain what i want. That’s why my first blog wasn’t built on wordpress, it was some skeleton cms script on which i spent tens of hours trying to modify it.
    But that’s only because i had a lot of free time and will to learn programming. In other situations, themes like Thesis are the perfect solution.

      • Wouldn’t really call them skills, since i’ve never coded something from zero, i just get around a little modifying scripts and such. Mostly following directions. But i find it fun, that’s why i chose the hard path whenever i can.

  26. Hi Ileane,

    The website looks cool and professional . I have been using thesis theme and being a little code geek myself, I love to play around with it. It is a very good theme for blogging on wordpress . Congratulations.


    • Hi Ashvini, thank you for taking the time out to leave a comment and I’m glad you think Thesis Awesome looks very professional. I kinda like that :)

  27. You are using Thesis awesome blogskin which is brilliant and I also found this skin on too so Congrats for switching to thesis.

    • Hi Raj, Thank you.
      Yes @ShankerBakshi and I were chatting on Facebook about how much we love Thesis Awesome just yesterday. To be honest, I think we got the theme at around the same time but he might have been first. :)

  28. Thesis is by far the best theme available now. I just switched to it a few days ago and absolutely love it. I just wish the prices were a little more approachable, or of they could include everything in one price as suppose to paying for every theme or service separately.

    • Hi Goran, congratulations on getting Thesis too! A few people have mentioned other premium theme options like Genesis too and I’m glad they are happy with the results. Can you imagine how much they could charge for Thesis if the other premium themes didn’t have comparable functions? I don’t even want to think about it :) Thanks for your comment Goran, let’s chat again soon.

  29. The Thesis Awesome theme looks good, but like I tell a lot of people, nothing special with Thesis. I would recommend Genesis by StudioPress. I got my hands on it and in comparison to Thesis, I was really impressed with Genesis. Some of the frameworks I have worked with, plus the ones I develop from scratch just really miss the point in what it takes for easy design that can be applied. I am though glad to see designers out there making an effort to target the Thesis market to get rid of all the obvious look of the original theme.

    I do want to say, aside from my lack of enthusiasm about Thesis itself, that BBT looks a lot better. If you have not arranged for a logo, hit me up for one (‘on the house’.)

    • Hi Nile!
      What a nice surprise – thank you so much for offering to create a logo, how sweet :) Honestly, I have an artist working on it right now and I’ve already narrowed down the selection out of over a dozen options he prepared. The artist is a co-worker of mine so I have easy access to face-to-face meetings.

      Thanks again Nile! You’re awesome.

  30. Congrats on switching on thesis 1.8 .i heard about this tool befor eon the shankar bakhshi’s post but i never used it ,but now after this useful post i am thinking abou to grab this …i also wonder how Lisa’s advice brings a big change in your online life

  31. Ileane, thanks a lot for letting me know about Thesis Awesome. I am using the standard Thesis theme on my blog and It seems that with Thesis Awesome skins I will be able to do wonders with my design.

    All the best, Jane

    • Hi Jane, Thesis is very easy to customize when you have a beautiful skin like Thesis Awesome. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  32. Congratulations, your blog does look amazing. I’ve been meaning to get around to checking Thesis out for a while and considering it for my next blog project.

    • Hey Fabrizio, welcome to Basic Blog Tips!
      You should go for the developer version of Thesis if you have several blogs. Let me know how you make out. Best wishes.

  33. Hi Ileane,

    I have been using Thesis as well, and I think it’s brilliant. I have replaced it, but that’s because I discovered Elegant Themes, and my old design wasn’t anywhere close to what I got from Elegant Themes. I still believe Thesis is brilliant, I just had to find the perfect design as well :)

    • Jens, I like how I’m having this conversation with you by popping back and forth from your blog to mine. Wish you were here :) (I’m just being silly)
      Seriously, I just saw a FeedBurner post on your blog that I must read right now!! Chat with you later….

  34. Ileane,

    I do like your new look. Very nice!

    You may have convinced me to pick up Awesome and give it whirl. I have worked on Thesis, and anything added to make it easier would be a bonus.

  35. Hi all, I have used the thesis for my blog too and apparently I have similar questions as previous bloggers. I see this post as very useful, I will take a lot from your advice. Thanks,
    All the best, Alice

    • Hey Alice, if you have any more questions about using Thesis Awesome or any of the Blog Skins from Hesham, just let me know. Thanks for stopping by.

  36. I love thesis ileane and hesham is doing a wonderful job with thesisawesome the only thing now is for the creators of thesis to fire up some releases the rumour about 2.0 is out long enough for us to see an update i am running on one of the awesome skins too i just love it

    • Hi Gary! Have you heard any details about the new options Thesis 2.0 will offer us? It’s been coming for a long time so by now we should know what to expect from it.
      I’ll stop by and check out the skin on your blog later today. Thanks for the visit.

  37. Hi Ileane,

    Its a good skin and you have already modified from the original one, however very long commenting list. If any breakup in comments it will be an added advantage and possible more page views.

    Your blog looks good and happy you have shifted to thesis theme. It is really Awesome skin from Hesham.

    Great Looks

    • Hi Imran, that’s a great suggestion. But I have to be honest with you, personally I don’t like when people have comments split on to a different page. I always have a hard time finding my way back to the earlier comments and I get frustrated and leave the blog altogether.
      But I do appreciate the feedback and I’ll think about it some more now that you mentioned it.
      Great to have you hear and I hope I can get some more comments from you soon!! Thanks.

  38. Thesis has always been awesome for people using it :) . I liked the social icons in this theme and how all stuff around loads fast.

  39. I think that the new design looks great, and the additional tools that you’ve provided to track down content (generally cleaner look). I look forward to exploring these and seeing if they have the desired effect on further cultivating functionality.

  40. I have heard from may sources that thesis theme is one of the best theme for them and here also it is looking great. I am not using it and hope to use it for one of my blog.

  41. Wow!! I have been using Thesis for some time now and didn’t realize that they even had skins until I came across your site, thanks for the great content. I will have to invest these are awesome.

  42. Hi Ileane,
    Your review and looking at your site has sold me to buy the Thesis Product Skin from Thesis Awesome. It does seem to have al the bells and whistles most people would need. I do have other sites running on Thesis and this skin will help make them better and easier to manage.
    Thanks for the post.

  43. Thesis is getting more advance than ever I am using thesis for many websites since it is structure to customize to meet client requirement .

  44. I just love this theme, not just beacuse of thesis but overall factors are really good. There is no need of coding, just install and enjoy.

  45. nam

    how do i add information into author box. i can’t do it with my thesis blogskin. It just show as:
    “Article by nam
    Nam has written 89 awesome articles for us at Basic Blog Tips”
    I want to add more information into my author box as you. Please answer me.
    Thank you so much!

  46. Hello great blog i wondered if you could help me out i noticed at the bottom of your blog you managed to get rid of the thesis attributes from thesisawesome how did you manage that? Also i love the share feature that scrolls down the side how did you manage that is it a plugin. Would be really great if you could help. Thanks alot.

    • Hi Bill,

      I use the ShareBar plugin. I decided to add it because Thesis Awesome doesn’t have the Google+ sharing button (yet).
      In order to change the footer, go to your BlogSkin Options page and add your new footer in the box called “Footer Text”.

      Hope that helps!

  47. Wooooah! Its a great theme, the redness makes it better, am in love with the genesis on my blog using green color but yours loves great!


  1. This Blog Runs On Thesis Awesome…

    I’ll bet that countless times you’ve seen a blog owner make this sort of announcement: Basic Blog Tips is now using Thesis Theme! You can add me to the list because it’s true, I replaced Magazine Premium theme with Thesis…